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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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enough ambulances on the street. but first, here is chuck bell with your out the door forecast. welcome back. nothing but raindrops everywhere this morning. first day of your spring break, the good news is second half of the day is looking much nicer. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. so kind of a chilly one out there. here is the way the next 24 hour look. all rain and temperatures near 50 this morning, but by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, the rain should be out of here. by 5:00 this afternoon, temperatures mid-60s under a clearing sky. very blustery. west to northwesterly winds today. off to a chilly start tomorrow, back down into the 40s. looks like slowdowns on i-95. slowdowns i-95
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near 610 garrisonville. disabled vehicle out of the roadway, but a couple slow spots. westbound maine avenue at raoul, a lane blocked. 270 after montrose is where the crash is. we can see some sort of flashing lights there in the distance fan's where we're slow here this morning. not terrible traffic volume overall quite a bit lighter because of spring break for a lot of folks. southbound bw parkway at 197, a disabled tractor trailer. and today big changes in how d.c. responds to your medical emergency. private ambulances start operating in the district taoda. derrick ward is live to explain the move. >> reporter: we're outside fire company 26 in northeast.
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hospital and looked at the e.r. outside, you may see a d.c. ems ambulance parked there. chances are they're not just hanging out. they have to stay there when they take someone to the hospital until that person is treated or admitted. d.c. fire chief wants to change that. he wants to put that ambulance back this service to the people who live and work here about in the district. as of today, 35 ambulances from a private company called amr will be roving about the city. they will be positioned so that if needed, they can respond to take you to the hospital. now, you call 911, a d.c. fire and ems response will happen. d.c. fire ambulance will show up with the emt. but if it's determined that you're not critical or you don't need immediate transport to a hospital, they will call one of those private ambulances and they would be positioned based on the frequency of calls to the specific area and the traffic in that area to maximize that response. now, this is a pilot program put in place by the fire chief. it will last for about a year, thil
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actually works. and if it does, they may actually expand the program and it may be the new way of doing things here when it comes to fire and ems responses in the district. derrick ward, news 4. and the stafford county fire and rescue department is also working on improving its response time. that department will enact a new set of policies this comes after two firefighters were suspended last month for taking a child to the hospital in a fire truck. the policies include having all ems workers certified in virginia. one of the firefighters in that incident was not virginia certified. all ems first responders must be approveded by the department's medical director. now to the latest in the investigation in if to the brussels terror attacks. death toll continues to rise this morning. belgian's health minister said four hospitalized victims have died bringing the death toll to 35. also new this morning, belgian prosecutor says three people are being held on charges of participating in terrorist
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out raids all over europe. metro lines that had been closed since the attacks reopened over the weekend except for the station where the bombs went off. the airport will be closed until thursday. the state department says four americans were killed in those attacks. on sunday, president obama called the family of justin and stephanie shults. the couple died in the bombing at the airport last tuesday. they had been listed as missing for days. two dutch sin liblings who live new york also died. a sunday tribute to the victims turned violent when members of a right wing group crashed the vigil. the group was shouting anti-immigrant and anti-islamic rhetoric. officials had asked people not to gadhafi forevigils so as to not take away police resources from securing othar
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city. he was killed on the job and now the prince george's county county detective jacai colson will be laid to rest about 30 minutes outside philadelphia at noon today. thousands attended his funeral friday in upper marlboro. colson was killed earlier this month by friendly fire during a shoot-out at a county police station. the teen shot and killed at the deanwood metro station over the weekend was a ninth grader at lar go high school. davonte washington was with his mother and two little sisters when a gunman walked up, asked davonte a question and shot him. what they say happened after the shooting was even more disturbing. >> there was no police officer in the station nowhere. my daughter says she's running looking for help and there is no one in sight. >> grief counselors will be on happened at largo high school when students and staff return. a d.c. firefighter seriously hurt in northeast. yo c
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smoke pouring out of this apartment building on east capitol street. in two residents were hurt, one seriously. investigators are trying to determine the cause. a lot of you are sharing the same feeling over busted brackets. final four set for this coming saturday. three out 9 four number one seeds lost this path saturday. no game was more surprising than the syracuse win over uva. but tell that to syracuse fans. the cavs were leading over the orange last night only to be outscored by 20 points in the second half. after the game, there were a lot of emotions in the locker room. >> it's tough. tough to end this way for the seniors. we went through so much. but stuff happens. and we just have to find a way to get through it. >> villanova, oklahoma, north carolina and syracuse the final four. national championship game is
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one week from today. oklahoma and north carolina, but i had michigan state, so i'm way out. it is now 6:07. happening take, the last easter egg roll of the obama administration. here is a live look from the south lawn at the white house. preparations understand way. angry birds, aaron. 35,000 children will be joining them. >> you sound so happy. they're angry. >> they will be happy today a little bit. meagan fitzgerald will join us live in a few minutes with a look at how the rain may change some plans today. chaos not mother nature put an end to one easter tradition. the problem organizers claim forced them to cancel an annual easter egg hunt. gla. and pushing for another change at the republican national convention. what candidates are saying about a petition to let people bring guns to the
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6:11 on a monday morning. chuck bell tracking the ra raindro raindrops. back of the rain moving in to central parts of west virginia. rain should be out of most of our neighborhoods by lunchtime or shortly thereafter. but your commute today, the morning commute is lost to the brain drops. temperatures near 50. back into the mid-60s later on this afternoon. clearing out, turning quite breeze zi. i-95 north to new york city or boston, the rain will follow you. but no problem at atlanta, chicago, dfw, all green light nd
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a look at the weekend in ten minutes. >> 270 southbound just after montrose, still have just a tine any bit of volume there as you're hitting the spur just before democracy in the main lanes because of an earlier crash that should be getting out of the way shortly. 66 inbound looks fine. 95 north bound as you're approaching quantico, we do have some slowdowns there. talking about travel times as far as other routes, 270 bettge up to to the spur, you're on time. 66 inbound to the beltway going to take you 12 minutes. quantico to the beltway going to take you 25. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. the american airlines pilot arrested for supposedly trying to fly drunk is now out of jail. detroit metro airport officials are not releasing the man's name nor his blood alcohol level. when police arrested him last saturday. the pilot the could face
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the incident and says it's investigating. a celebration on metro today. metrorail is now 40 years old. the anniversary of the system's grand opening was yet. metro is celebrating with giveaways and discounts at several stations. and here's where you will see some street teams all going to be on the red line, metro's oldest line. union station, judiciary square, between 7:00 and 9:30 this morning. you've probably noticed a surge in gas prices. we'll show you why you're still save something money. plus a live look at the south lawn where work is under way to get ready for the annual white house easter egg roll. we'll take you there for a look at the events.
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welcome back. belgium continues to recover knolli following last week's terror attacks. you can see here the memorials to the 35 victims continues to grow this morning. this is a live picture. this morning metro lines that were closed since the attack have reopened. the bombing scenes remain closed. this morning a taliban splinter group is claiming responsibility for an easter sunday bombing in pakistan. at least 65 people died. mostly women ach
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christians celebrating the easter holiday at a park. officials say the bombs went off near the child's rides. more than 300 were hurt. the government has declared three days of mourning following the attacks. government troops say they have taken back palmyra from isis. syrian forces had support yesterday from lebanese militias and russian air power. we're working for you this week to get you ready for a major international conference that is coming to the district this week. the nuclear security summit starts thursday. today police will talk about increase the law enforcement presence you'll probably see. the event also going to change how you get away up to. parts of mass avenue and new york avenue northwest will be shut down. k street, m street, parts of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th stet
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metro trains will not stop at the convention center station during the summit. p closures apply to sidewalks and bike lanes, too. centers for disease control report more than 270 cases of travel-related zika virus in the u.s. now scientists plan to meet at the national institutes of health in bethesda today, they want to find out what is not known yet about the virus and what can be done to speed up the creation of a vaccine. the mosquito-borne virus is a worldwide public health emergency. new developments in the past hour in a shooting in southeast washington. d.c. police thousand telling us both of the people shot on bass place were women. officers say both were breathe when taken to the hospital. a deadly shooting happened at a truck stop they're washington boulevard in jessup. when officers arrived there, they found one map dead, another critically wounded. a bu
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sort of a scuffle and then three gunshots. >> a senseless murder on easter. nobody had any idea that you would wake up and this would happen. >> we're told the surviving victim is in stable condition this morning. howard county police believe this was an isolated incident and they're still looking for a suspect. it is 6:19. to decision 2016. candidates in both parties are focusing on next week's vote in wisconsin. bernie sanders has new momentum after three landslide wins in alas alaska, washington state and hawaii. hillary clinton is more than 600 delegates ahead of sanders. donald trump says he wants a closer look at a petition that calls for allowing people to openly carry guns at the republican convention in cleveland this summer. the group that says it's behind the effort doesn't appear anywhere else online. the petition may be a joke. this summer's
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happening at the quicken loans arena. it does not allow guns. joke or not, as of yesterday, it had more than 35,000 signatures. chaos and violence at and he's ter eeaster egg hunt in connecticut. adults were pushing kids around. this happened at the annual says easter egg hunt. the staff put out 10,000 eggs over three big fields. different age groups were supposed to hunt for the eggs at different times. some of the parents, though, didn't listen and one parent said her son got a bloody nose after another parent pushed him to the ground. another boy says a grown on up stole his eggs. >> by the time i had found my 4-year-old, he was hysterically crying. >> they were taking eggs and they broke my bucket. >> pez released a statement saying in part we made efforts
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candy and tried to make the best of an unfortunate situation before they had to shut down the whole event there. >> this is outrageous. the poor kids went there to have fun and adults couldn't control themselves. >> and kids are watching our behaviors. that just goes generation after generation. >> too bad. well, you and the children can head over to the national zoo today for some family fun. the stew zoo is hosting annual r monday activities. there will be a visit from the easter panda. you don't know about the easter panda. the easter panda has her chance. there will be talking about what it's like to care for animals. panda cub bei bei has proved that the most ordinary things can become extraordinarily cute. i love be
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bei bei enjoying an easter apple. the zoo tweeted this picture earlier in in the day with the caption this puff ball is the apple of our eye. i love me some bei bei. >> the one he ate and the one he painted. a nice pattern. >> imagine who could sell those, bei bei paintings. >> you think bao bao gets -- >> they actually have different animals do some painting and we feature them here in our hallway. so the bei bei, they get the most money for sure. outside this morning, nothing but fog and drizzle and mist and ugliness. it looks and feels like a monday and lo and behold, it is a monday. outside the rain continues from the news 4 nation northbound into pennsylvania. westbound into
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there is the wag end of the rain now. that's a cold front that will come through here a little after lunchtime today. that will be the official he said of our rain chances once the front goes by. rain should be off of i-81 around 9:00, 10:00 this morning. should be off of i-95 shortly after about lunchtime. but it is all rain out there this morning. kind of chilly, mostly in the upper 40s to near 50. here's the way future weather handles it. solid rain for now, and i think the computer is being a little optimistic. it has the rain out of here by 8:30 and i don't think that will happen. here is noontime today and that i think will be the last chances for rain as the actual front itself blasts through here around about lunchtime or so. so between now and then, plan on getting wet early this morning up through about lunchtime and then skies will clear out quickly there after. we'll be clear by tonight. sunshine and a blustery west wind by later
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sun upat 6:58 this morning. rain starting to taper off around noon. and by the afternoon, turning noticeably breezy. could be in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range sustained with gusts up closer to 40. next couple of days, tuesday, wednesday will be dry. as we head toward thursday and friday, that will be our next chance for rain to come on into the area. so keep that in mind. but the weekend looks dry. that's how i get paid is if the weekend stays dry. >> keep the weekend dry and everybody very happy with you. southbound bw parkway at 197, this is our slowest spot around town. backups building because of a disabled tractor trailer in the right lane. we're quite slow through that area. plouk ov prince george's county overall look good. 66, a little bit slow inbound in the manassas area. and then 95 north as you're approaching quantico, we had a disabled vehicle there that slowed things down just a bit.
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the vehicle is now out of the way. 270 southbound after honest tro montrose road, volume down to the spur. when we come back, a live look at 66. gas prices still going up, but they're still a lot lower than they were this time last year. a aaa spokesperson says drivers are paying the least amount for gas for spring break trips since 2004. nationwide it's 2 bpt$2.04 a ga. closer to home, $1.90 in virginia, $2 in west virginia, $2.06 in maryland and the average in the district, $2.16. take a look at this massive volcano eruption in mexico. the ash could be seen for more than a mile high into the sky. just after 9:30 sunday morning. the volcano is roughly 40 miles southeast of mexico city. authorities are trying to keep people from getting toose
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perimeter in place. this volcano last erupted in 2000. march is women's history month and we are profiling women of washington on the nbc washington instragram. women including paris hines. paris has her finger on the pulse of d.c.'s night life and works to design and operate and launch some of the area's newest hot spots. she says women should not be defined by a title or role and should do everything they want to do. if you want to check out all the great women, check out our nbc washington instragram page. a number of college students thrown to the ground as the roof gives way in maryland. what we're learning about the injuries this morning. >> reporter: a star-studded event expected here at the white house ahead of the easter egg roll with the first family and celebrities expected to greet thousands of kids. but will the rain affect the
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folks at the easter egg roll will have to brace for rain as we watch this line of showers push through this morning. chuck bell shows us when you can expect to see the sun pop back out.
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not ideal weather for these folks on the south lawn, but she's smiling, right? crews work to get ready for the annual white house easter egg roll. we'll take you there for a look at the events in just minutes. i don't know how much that umbrella was covering her little bonnet. >> of course the rain pushing through the area right now could soak some of the festivities. chuck bell here with four ts
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head out. >> good morning, everybody. it is raining all over the place this morning. if you're headed down to the easter egg roll, you need to know that it is going to be a rainy start for sure. all the morning will be wet. rain will be tapering off as we head toward lunchtime today, but it will be all wet between now and then. turning windy and a little milder later on this afternoon, back into the mid and upper 60s. but blossoms should be able on hold on today and tomorrow, but they may not make it through the end of the week. another rain chance shows up on thursday. there is storm team 4 radar. lots of rain all over the region. so today rain, mist and fog outside this morning. temperatures near 50 now. we'll climb into the mid and upper 60s, but it will turn blustery as the sunshine comes back in to the picture. so blossoms may have a little issue hanging on here early this morning. >> hang on tight.
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crash there off to the right side. so you don't have to worry about that slowing you this morning. southbound bw parkway at 197, still have a disabled tractor trailer there in the right lane. chopper can't go up came becato because of the weather. all of this this green is moisture falling across the area. big look at the beltway, no major problems here. going to take a look at 66 and 95 and travel times coming up. it is 6:32. happening today, 35,000 children are headed to the white house for the annual easter egg roll. rain or sunshine, it's on. meagan fitzgerald is out on the south lawn as preparations wrap up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you got it, rain or shine, this event is going on. of course nobody likes the rain, but it won't put a damper on things. there are so many fun events planned out here. just walking around this morning, even while it's still dark, we have some
6:33 am
we've seen the easter bunny. so just little signs that fun is ahead. this thing will get kicked off at around 7:30 this morning. we'll take you to some video of last year. memories of sunny and dry weather p. but that's okay. there will be the first family making an appearance, there will be a lot of celebrities, a lot of athletes from the redskins and the wizards, there will be different stations for sports and arts and crafts. of course the iconic event here, the egg roll itself which is just behind us here. so much to do. there will be celebrity chefs cooking smup fooup some food. the first lady will run with kids on a short run. so a lot planned. live music, as well. it starts at 7:30, goes close to 7:00 tonight. and then of course there are goody bags. the kids will have a good time. s
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umbrella. back to you. 6:34. now today supreme court nominee merrick garland will sit down with joe donnelly and ben cardin. so far merrick has only met with democrats. republicans say they may sit down with him, but they insist there will be no hearing on his confirmation and no vote. now to a case in front of the justices today. they will consider if a person's right to a speedy trial also applies to the sentencing phase of that trial. the question comes after it took 14 months for a man to learn his sentence. investigations are under way this morning into the death of an alexandria inmate. authorities say the inmate died after a medical emergency on saturday. he was being housed at the medical unit of the adult detention center. they say the unidentified 54-year-ma
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family and friends gathered to pay respects to baltimore ravens tray walker. his funeral was saturday in miami. he died after a dirt bike accident. walker grew up in miami. several ravens players and coaches were at saturday's funeral. walker was just 23 years old. now to a consumer watch. it happens in a split second. imagine driving when the sun roof of your car suddenly shatters. it happened to one virginia family. angela took this video after the sun roof came crashing down while driving long loudoun county parkway. her husband was driving and she and her 3-year-old daughter were in the back seat. >> it was a poof, almost like an explosion, and for a second we were just silent. and the glass just came down on to my husband who was driving. >> news 4 has learned this shattering sun roof is not an ice a late
6:36 am
susan hogan discovered hundreds of complaints around the country. tonight at 11:00, she takes a look at the problem and demonstrates how a certain type of glass used in making sun roofs can break. watch shattering sun roofs only on news 4 tonight at 11:00. we are on eagle watch once again this morning. a live look for you here at the eagle camera at the d.c. police academy in southeast. we're still waiting for one more egg to hatch here. it looks like the parent eagle is awake now. they trade off apparently sitting on the eggs. or so i'm told. >> that's the way it should be. >> you're right. share responsibility. one of the eggs hatched over the weekend. she looking like why are you looking at me. you can see this is after the egg hatched, a little feeding time going on. this is the third eagle born in our area this month. two eggs hatched at the national arboretum earlier this month. we're learning more abo
6:37 am
death at a metro station. what the boy's family is demanding this morning. and some major slowdowns on bw parkway. we'll have details on that problem coming up. a dangerous end to a college party after a roof giv way throeswi
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he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> scary moments here. one person seriously hurt after this porch roof collapsed. it happened during a party in frostburg, maryland. there were reportedly hundreds of people, including a lot of college students there. police were breaking up the party when the roof
6:41 am
the house. in addition to the person who was seriously hurt, two others are recovering. rain and fog outside. visibilities reduced in areas. raindrops all over the place. every road is wet and puddling this morning. you'll need your wind breaker for later on this afternoon as it gets very blustery. and you'll need your umbrellas and jeans on your way out the door. so waiting for the buses for kids that do have to go to school, near 50 with rain this morning. 65 and breezy this afternoon. 7 day coming up in ten. breaking news on the roads. break this backup has gotten so bad here. we're slow for four miles bw parkway at 197 is where the disabled track tractor trailer is. 202 landover, that one just
6:42 am
spur, typically slow. top of the beltway, 935 5 to 27 also slow. 66 and 95 northbound look good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a new push this morning to make sure help is there when you need it. the changes taking effect today in d.c. aimed at improving d.c. fire and ems response times. we're watching new developments right now in the terror attacks in brussels. where we've learned the death toll has climbed again. a live look at the memorial for the victims there and what we're learning about the new deaths of t two more americanhes.
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays
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we're gathering new information out of belgium where we've learned in the last hour that the death toll has climbed yet again. you're looking at the memorial set up in brussels for the victims. those developments just one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we begin, though, with chuck bell. good morning, everybody. monday off to a rain soaked start this morning. rain all over the area right now. that cold front out across west virginia, that promises an end to the rain by later on this afternoon. we'll time out the return of the sunshine and look at the whole seven day coming right up. and our slowest spot around town, southbound bw parkway at 197. we had a disabled tractor trailer in the right lane. a four mile backup headed
6:46 am
southbound. take 95 instead. we'll take a look at other spots around the area coming up. at 6:46, we turn to belgium as that country heals from last week's terror attacks. life slowly getting back to normal there. this is a live look at brussels. you can see a memorial for the victims continues to grow. and new this morning, the belgian prosecutor says three people are being held on charges of participating in terrorist groups. over the weekend, police carried out raids all over europe and metro lines that had been closed since the attacks happened reopened. except for the station where the bops went off. the airport will be closed until thursday. this morning the death toll from the are terror attacks also has risen. four hospitalized victims have died. four americans among the dead. gabe guttierez is live for us in brussels. >> repo:
6:47 am
overnight the state department confirmed that two more americans were among the dead. that's in addition to the other americans who were confirmed several days as ago, justin and stephanie shults, that was the couple from tennessee and kentucky that was in brussels and moved to brussels in 2014 and were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport when the blast went off. the investigation continues throughout europe. more arrests and more raids over the weekend. three people charged with terrorism related charges just today. and some suspects being held in italy and the netherlands. later today, a memorial service is scheduled here. an interfaith memorial service to remember the lives lost. a group of mormon missionaries there utah, their conditions are improving and several hope to return back home later this week. one of them richard norby, he is now out of the medically induced coma and in an emotional facebook post, his
6:48 am
they burst into somebodies of joy. >> more from gabe on the "today" show. thank you, gabe. a tribute on sunday to the victims turned violent when members of one group crashed the vigil. the group was shouting anti-immigrant and api tanti-mu rhetoric. officials had asked people not gather for vigils so as not to take away police resources from other parts of the city. the burial for a fallen prince george's county officer will happen today near jacai colson's hometown. the burial is set for noon about 30 minutes outside of philadelphia. thousands including officers from across the country attended his funeral on friday in upper marlboro. colson was killed earlier this month by friendly fire during a shoot-out at a county police station. it was a somber easter for the family of a teen shot and killed at the deanwood
6:49 am
we've learned davonte washington was a ninth grade rotc student at largo high school. the 15-year-old was with his mother and two little sisters when a gunman walked up, asked davonte a question and shot him. what they say happened after the shooting was more heartbreaking. >> there was no police officer in the station no where. my taught says she's running looking to help and there is no one in sight. >> grief counselors will be at largo high school when students and staff return. it is now 6:49. today there is a big change to the way ambulances operate in d.c. private ambulances will begin transporting some patients to the hospital. derrick ward is live with more on which patients will ride in these private ambulances. >> reporter: so what happens when you call 911 in the district and need an ambulance? a d.c. fire and ems ambulance will show up, but they may not be the ones to take you to the
6:50 am
hospital. a new company, a private company, has been enlisted to take some of the burden off the d.c. fire and ems ambulances. they will be positioned throughout the city based on where the most calls come from. if d.c. emt crew determines that they aren't needed to get to you the hospital, they will call one of those private ambulances that will indeed take you to the hospital. this is a pilot program brought on by the fire chief in order to relieve some of the stress on d.c. fire and ems equipment to make their responses more efficient and also to make sure that the city stays safe at the same time. again, pilot ram in place for about a year and they will evaluate it, see if it's something they want to keep long term. we're live outside engine company 26 in the northeast, derrick ward, news 4. the stafford county fire and rescue department is also working on improving its response time. the department will enact a new set of pols,
6:51 am
after two firefighters were suspended last month for taking a child to a hospital in a fire truck. it includes having all certified in virginia. one of the firefighters in the incident was not virginia certified. all ems first responders must be of a prove approved by the medi director. the last four times in the ncaa basketball tournament getting ready for saturday. top seeded virginia not one of those teams. they lost in one of the tournament's biggest upsets here giant second half by syracuse accepts t sent the cavs back home. syracuse a ten seed. of course we know that oklahoma did make it into the final four. >> what? >> yes, oklahoma. >> chuck bell of course still gloating -- i mean glowing. >> happy about the big win. revenge over oregon from so many years ago. still remember that 2006 football game. we won't get
6:52 am
>> receilet it go, chuck. >> looks and feels like a monday out there for everybody. if you didn't ride the sooner schooner to the final four, better luck next year. my bracket lives on. there is the rain all associated with a cold front which will dwradedly make its way through the area about lunchtime today. but out along and ahead of that front, rain chances remain very high for the remainder of your monday morning. and if you're traveling today, philadelphia, new york or to boston, all the rain will go right up the i-95 corridor with you. the back of the rain comes with the cold front, the front itself is just about ready to make to elkins, west virginia. at that pace, it should be reaching the i-95 corridor just about in time for lunchtime today. so there after, rain chances will drop very, very quickly. so rain likely before lunch, very unlikely by about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. so what to expect then? plenty of rain early. once the rain stops, it will turn into very blustery afternoon west to northwest winds today, 20 to 30 miles per
6:53 am
and upper 60s today. blossoms should be able to hang on through this first round of rain, but i think peak blossom is behind us. march so far nearly seven degrees above average. right now, though, we're in the upper 40s to near 50. as you plan out your day, sun just about ready to come up, but you won't see it courtesy of the clouds. rain taper back to showers and coming to an end about noontime or so. later this afternoon, plenty of sunshine as the clouds get scoured out by the wind. highs today mostly up into the 60s. 62 in gaithersburg, near 70 down towards fredericksburg. and tomorrow looks noticeably better. a cooler start, though, in the 40s tomorrow morning. only near 60 tomorrow. and again very, very breezy conditions. but tuesday, wednesday look great. those will be the last two days to see the blossoms because rain likely to come in on us thursday night into friday and that will take the rest of the cherry blossoms down. but the weekend looks dry and chilly. now time for melissa mollett with a check on traffic.
6:54 am
right now. we're still talking about this problem on bw parkway southbound at 197. four mile backup. the tractor trailer has been moved off to the shoulder. northbound bw parkway at annapolis road, right side blocked by a crash there. you can see 50 rewest at landov, still have that problem. overall no major issues in prince george's county. 66 looks fine. 95 north a little slow as you're approaching quantico. 395 south at glebe also have report of a problem there. big look at the beltway, you can see top of the beltway getting typically slow. and new crash 270 south at old hundred road. i'm landon dowdy. teens would be more addicted to their text devices than adults, but it turns out adults have a harder time putting down their phones, tablets or laptops. baby boomers are the
6:55 am
distracted age group.millennial. the stage is set for the annual white house easter egg roll. >> that's right, rain or shine, some 35,000 kids expected to make their way to the south lawn just about 30 minutes or so. meagan fitzgerald live there already at the white house this morning. excitement building. >> reporter: it really is. you know, the rain has let up a little bit, so that's some good news. maybe it will clear out here. but it doesn't matter, a lot of people are excited, so many planned today. just behind us, the egg roll is already set up and volunteers are out here. you can see they're just getting last minute things together ahead of that wave of children that will be coming in here in the next 30 minutes or so. a lot to expect today. just walking around here, we've seen easter bunnies, we've seen a lot of characters, some angry bird characters, a lot-and that
6:56 am
so here is what kids can expect. there will be food stands, live music, arts and crafts, of course competition, egg rolls, so a lot of fun planned and the doors will open up in just about 30 minutes. back to you. it's 6:56, four things to know before you head out this morning. baltimore ravens player tray walker was laid to rest in miami on saturday. the 23-year-old died after a dirt bike accident earlier this month. we've learned the 15-year-old killed at the deanwood metro station this weekend attended largo high school. davonte washington was a ninth grade rotc student there. starting today, a third party ambulance service will start taking calls in the district. amr will deal with calls that are nonlife threatening and not time sensitive. the death toll continues to rise this morning following the brussels terror attacks. belgium's health minister says four hospitalized victims died bringinghe
6:57 am
one more peek at the "7-day forecast," most of the rain should be done by lunchtime, maybe sooner than that. maybe we can get it tried off at the easter egg roll at the white house. taking a look at our biggest problem, southbound bw parkway at 197, disabled tractor trailer out of the way but it's slow for four miles. >> thank you, melissa. gang's all together again. one step too far, melissa. thank you for joining
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight -- belgian police release new video of the so-called man in white just moments before the bombing to the brussels airport. why can't they track him down? as authorities confirm two more americans are among the dead. death toll rising. at least 70 people killed, many of those women and children, as a suicide bomber targets a park in pakistan. > a taliban affiliated group claims responsibility saying it intentionally targeted christianseast er. truth or tabloid. ted cruz alleged donald trump


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