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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. right now, a 15-year-old's life cut short after he was shot in front of his family at a metro station. tonight, grieving relatives are sharing their pain. dozens killed as
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celebrated easter in pakistan. the confusion facebook caused for people thousands of miles away. and a firefighter was injured while battles these flames at a local apartment building. off the top at 11:00, we are learning more about the teen shot and killed at a d.c. metro station. news 4's darcy spencer spoke to his family and they say metro needs more security and police at their stations. >> reporter: the grandfather of a 15-year-old boy shot and killed why standing on a metro station platform says the family is in shock. devontae washington was with his mom and two younger sisters when a gunman took his life at the deanwood metro station in northeast saturday afternoon. >> it's been a very somber easter. we're just trying to be here for each other and it's very shocking, vy
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family were waiting for a train. devontae was going to a barbershop to get a haircut for the easter holiday when he was approached on the platform. >> so they were on the platform and she said the guy walked up, asked him what's going on. the guy said i'll shoot you, and shot him. >> reporter: just like that? >> just exactly what happened. >> reporter: he was a ninth grader at largo high school where he was enrolled in the junior rotc program. police say the shooting was not random, but family members have no reason to believe he knew the guy who shot him. >> if they followed them and something -- for a reason that we don't know that was between them, we don't know that. it's so early to assume it was not random. >> reporter: the council member speaks of the surveillance systems. >> it's among the best in the u
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known fact if you commit a crime around the metro, we have a good record of catching anybody because of the great surveillance. >> reporter: the grieving family says more than cameras are needed. >> there was no police officer in the station nowhere. my daughter said she's running looking for help and there's no one in sight. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> grief counselors will be on site at largo high school tomorrow. the school district released a statement tonight expressing its condolences. we posted the entire statement on devontae on the nbc washington app. a maryland truck stop turned into a crime scene after two men were shot, one of them did not survive. this happened at around 1:00 at the truck stop near washington boulevard in jess is up. police aren't saying what led up to the shooting when they arrived. officers found one man dead, another critically wounded,
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gunman nowhere in sight. a witness told us he heard some sort of a scuffle and then three gunshots. >> a senseless murder on easter. nobody had any idea you'd wake up and this to happen. >> the surviving victim is a man from baltimore. his condition is described as stable. police investigators believe this is an isolated incident but the man they're looking for is still out there. firefighters having a battle after fire ripped through this building in northeast. the building is on east capital street. the fire went to two alarms. one firefighter and one person were seriously hurt. another person had some minor no word on how that fire started. a third party ambulance service will start taking calls tomorrow in the district. amr ambulance company will deal with calls that are nonlife threatening and nontime sensitive. that
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ambulances available for critical calls it the fire chief says it will provide more time for training and allow additional time for preventive maintenance. 35 amr ambulances will be used for calls. well, it wasn't the prettiest easter we have seen but at least we didn't have rain all throughout the day. we're getting rain right now. you know, it's just spotty right now. we have plenty of clouds and some more rain headed our way. as we continue into the overnight. temperatures right around that 50 degree mark. that's pretty much where they're going to stay. a few showers early tomorrow morning. it is going to be a foggy start as well. temperatures in the 0s tomorrow. the winds are the main story. we're going to be talking about those winds and how high those gusts go coming up. somebody's easter dinner was interrupted when
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apartment on donnybrook court. we know one person had to be taken to the hospital but that person is expected to be okay. the gas company was also called but officials say everything is looking secure right now. kchaos in pakistan after a suicide bombing at a park packed with christian families celebrating easter and most killed were women and children. this happeneded in pakistan's eastern city of lahore. 65 people are now confirmed dead. nbc's barry errant has the story. >> reporter: the bomb went off near the children's rides in a park crowded with christians celebrating the easter holiday. in the aftermath, scenes of chaos. people tending to the dead and injured. relatives looking for missing loved ones. women and children standing on bloody ground. others help the injured get to hospitals. ambulances transporting the dead and wounded. a vendor at the park said he was
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the loud bang but could not make out what happened. the scene at the hospital also chaotic. one after another, the wounded, many of them women and children, carried in. friends and family crying and comforting each other as they waited for news. a health official saying many of the injured were in critical condition. a breakaway faction of the taliban in pakistan said it was behind the suicide attack. a spokesman telling nbc news the christian community celebrating easter was the, quote, prime target. >> we are very sad and feeling so upset because it's our worship, it's a day of our holy festival and it is innocent people. >> reporter: the u.s. national security council said the united states condemns the attack in the strongest terms. the provincial government in pakistan declared three days of mourning and pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice. barry errant, nbc
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safety check after today's pakistan attack but the feature malfunctioned. prompting at least one user in our area to get notification suggesting she was in pakistan. cnn is reporting social media was flooded with confused facebook users who were not affected by the crisis but still got a notification. the feature was most recently launched after the brussel attacks. it's not clear how widespread the folks was. facebo facebook ac facebook acknowledged the issue and apologized. some tense moments in brussels as demonstrators crashed with police, is what you're seeing video of. this was supposed to be a memorial for the victims. and then a group of nationalists arrived. police had to use water canyons to disperse the group. also tonight, we have just learned two more american citizens were confirmed to have died in brussels. the latest victims were not
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died in the attacks. a silver spring family is out of a home this easter after fire tore through their house. the fire broke out around 9:00 this morning on timber line road. fire officials say the flames started in the garage and they quickly spread throughout the house. the damage is estimated at about $250,000. but the good news to report here is that nobody was injured. and an inmate in the custody of the alexandria sheriff's office died after a medical emergency. authorities say the unidentified 54-year-old died last night at a nova, alexandria, hospital. he was being housed in the medical unit of the adult detention center. the sheriff's office and alexandria police are investigating this incident. we want to move to politics now where bernie sanders says he still believes he can win the democratic nomination for president. sanders had resounding victories yesterday in alaska, washington and hawaii. nbcs
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need to win more than 50% of the remaining states for a chance to beat hillary clinton. on the republican side, front-runner donald trump continues to deny involvement with the national enquirer story about ted cruz. the story says cruz had extramarital affairs. cruz says the story came from trump. meanwhile, john kasich says he is taking the high road and urged people to get behind his campaign. thousands packed the lincoln memorial for easter sunrise service. we're going to show you the holiday celebrations from here in our area and around the world. adults acting like children at an out of control easter egg hunt. find out what sparked the chaos that left kids in tears. and a roof packed with college students in maryland collapses. you are just minutes away from a spor
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terrifying moments for college students enjoying the holiday weekend. a porch roof collapsed yesterday in allegheny county. police were on the scene at the time breaking up a big party. somebody at that event recorded the video. the collapse injured at least three people and one person had to go to the hospital with some very serious injuries. ♪ tens of thousands gathering in st. peters square. pope francis celebrated easter sunday mass. woven into his message of hope, a denunciation of terrorism. pope francis spoke about the victims terror attacks in europe and africa and also touched on the refugee crisis. a former king and queen of belgium attended today's mass in vatican city. from the steps of st. peter's basilica to the steps of the lincoln memorial. thousands gathered for
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sunrise services. the tradition goes back 40 years. now, the sights and sounds from today's very moving service. >> reporter: the grounds around the lincoln memorial began to fill as night yielded to easter morning. thousands have made this an annual tradition. for others, this was the first visit. >> we knew we'd go to church, we've been to the cathedral before and other churches in the area. we thought this might be a little special and different this year. >> reporter: overcast skies shielded them from a spectacular sunrise but there was no darkening of the inspiration of this yearly sunrise service. >> so we come today with faith in our heart, with hope for the future and for the confidence that we serve a risen savior. he is risen. >> it was wonderful. no sunrise that we could see but we knew it happened. >> reporter: for some of these same people, the next stop would be a distinctly d.c.
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cathedral. a near capacity crowd. >> happy easter. >> reporter: the bishop was out after emergency surgery but the pageantry of these events was a theme. >> it's not a religious occasion, it's a spiritual occasion and it's a beautiful place and i love the charm. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. a rumble at a children's easter egg hunt and it was the parents who got out of control. pez organized this hunt in orange, connecticut, saturday. things got out of hand when parents rushed the field. a lot of pushing, shoving. as the grown-ups stuffed their baskets with easter eggs. the chaotic scene even left some kids in tears. >> it was ridiculous. the parents were literally a poster for everything not to o.
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4-year-old, he was hysterically crying. >> my word. pez said it did not widely advertise the event and more people showed up than anticipated. a spokesperson said their staff pleaded with the parents to follow the rules. my goodness. hopefully things will run smoother tomorrow at the annual white house easter egg roll. the first family will host young children rolling eggs on the white house lawn. this is video from last year. the tradition is one of the largest events at the white house. we will of course be there for all the fun and you'll see the highlights tomorrow on news 4. a lot of you have been commenting about this picture on our facebook page. this is bei bei enjoying an easter apple, fonot a peep. they tweeted out this picture earlier today with the caption this puff ball is the apple of our eye. how cute. from pandas to eagles. this is some new video from the
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training academy. you can see mom feeding her new eeglet. this is the third chick born in our area this month. we're still waiting for one more egg to hatch at the training academy. two eggs hatches at the national arboretum earlier this month. >> people love that eagle cam. it is so cute. it's so cute. i hadn't seen that panda picture at all either so that is adorable. happy easter to everybody. if you're heading out to the white house easter egg hunt, pack a poncho, pack a jacket. it's going to be on the windy side but not as cool. wet morning commute. we've got some windy conditions. we'll get some sunshine. temperatures warming up to around 70 degrees. it's going to be fairly windy. winds out of the northwest. i'll show you that in a moment. not only will we have sunshine but tuesday and wednesday ns
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that is it. pretty much where we'll stay, upper 40s for overnight lows. rain headed our way. an area of low pressure just to the south of the frontal system that will cross to our area for tomorrow morning, bringing us more rain. it does look like this weekend a little bit as it travels over the mountains. let's look over here, you can see some rain moving in, picking up in intensitntensity. it will pick up in intensity as we go into the afternoon -- i'm sorry, into the evening, into the overnight, there we go, into the overnight, into early tomorrow morning. again, early tomorrow morning. then, just spotty during the morning commute. again, road spray, probably dealing with wet roads so if those kids are home from spring break and going back to school tomorrow, maybe sure they have rain gear. they're not going to need it in the afternoon because we're going to clear out by about 9:00. the winds will pick up by tomorrow afternoon and going
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but tuesday, full sunshine. to the rain intensity tomorrow, say grab a small umbrella because we're just going to see some light rain showers. we've got some fog out there right now. some more fog as we continue into monday morning. so low visibility tomorrow. but it will improve by the time we get into the midmorning. again, the rain will end. the clouds will clear quickly. here's a look at your wind gusts. all right. we start this 11:15. so it is going to be breezy after that rain gets out of here. but not until then. but windy all the way through tomorrow. those winds don't die down until tuesday so hopefully you got a chance to see the cherry blossoms because a lot of petals will be missing. kind of looks like snow out there. hopefully we won't see any more snow in the forecast. we want to plan it out for you. temperatures, although they're going to be mild, we'll have showers in the morning and windy conditions in the afternoon. same goes for your commute to
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with temperatures nearing 70. i do believe we'll be right around 70 on the eastern shore for tomorrow. so road conditions, road spray in the morning, drying out in the afternoon. 70 by thursday, but a chance of some showers and thunderstorms leading into friday. nbc's hit singing competition "the voice" is getting two new judges when it starts back up in september. pop megastar miley cyrus and r&b powerhouse alicia keys are joining the show. they'll be looking for the next big superstar alongside blake shelton and adam levine. still ahead, final four dreams fade away for the cavs.
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uva wasot
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without a fight even to the very last second, boy, they wanted it bad. >> you felt so bad for tony bennett who's an excellent coach, great person. we thought this was the year. you know, they did come up a little short. it was set up for virginia to head for their first final four in 32 years. the cavaliers, they were up big. nobody gave syracuse, a ten seed, any chance against the cavs. this was supposed to be the year tony bennett's team broke through that wall. instead, they'll be broken hearted after an epic meltdown. we can't show you highlights because of ncaa regulations. but after the crushing loss, you see the cavs walking off the floor. they led by as many as 16 points in the second half. this is one of the most accomplished senior classes in uva history. the team visibly upset as you can see because they know they were really close to getting it done. >> it's hard when you have it right
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it's 20 minutes away from halftime. to let it go, it's crushing. >> we went through so much but it's not where it should have ended. >> we've done so many great things for this program and this program's done so many great things for us. >> the pros now, the wizards out west visiting kobe bryant and the lakers. just rock the blue uniforms tonight. first quarter, kobe was feeling it. knocking down the three. the good news for the wizards, john walsh starring out in hollywood. watch this drive. the defender. nice layup. wizards within one. third quarter now. just have the lead. now j.j. hixen
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leaves this game big in the fourth quarter. in florida. the nats, their bats were hopping early on. first inning. there you go. drive. daniel murphy. close play at the plate here. murphy with a nice textbook. he scores. very next batter. ryan zimmerman. slinging some good wood there. nats. they take a 2-1 lead off this rbi. in midseason tomorrow. gonzalez on the pound. rocking the long locks as well. the dugout after striking out and missing there. four strikeouts in the game. they go on to win this one by a final score of 7-2. seven days away from opening day
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here, lads and gentlemen. ie but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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