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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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t tom, good morning. >> good morning. thankfully for rain threatening us yet. looks like that may not arrive perhaps until this sunday evening between now and then, a lot of clouds around. here is a live view from the city camera. you can see a lot of people at the tidal basin. and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom there now. even under a cloudy sky, still a he spectacle to see as people come from all over the world. this there is the rain south of richmond over to williamsburg and lower part of the eastern shore. it's advancing north and east, so this will stay well south of the metro area for the morning showers and much of the daylight hours. hour by hour forecast, by 10:00 in the low 50s. upper 50s by 2:00. and then just a slight chance of some sprinkles late afternoon, back down into the mid-50s by then a likelihood of that rain coming in tonight. i have new hour by hour timing on that in just a
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developing this morning, the alexandria police department is investigating an in-custody death. a 54-year-old male inmate had a medical emergency last night at the adult detention center. he was rushed to inova hospital, but died. the man was in the custody of the sheriff's office at the time of the medical emergency. he was being held on federal charges. now to the race for the white house. it was a big night for bernie sanders. he con all of the saturday caucuses, alaska, hawaii and washington state with this latest group of wins, he's looking ahead. this is the campaign of energy, of momentum, will lead to it a large voterno
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>> he's still about 700 votes behind hillary clinton in delegates. the next chance to add to his delegate count is at the wisconsin primary on april 5. and in our 10:00 hour, meet the press moderator chuck todd will be joining us to break down the results coming up on today's show, he will talk to bernie sanders and governor john kasich about the race for the white house. that's this morning at 10:30 right after "news 4 today." thousands celebrated easter at one of the nationest larnati masses. service was held on the steps of the lincoln memorial. derrick ward is there live for us talking to some of the folks from near and far. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. indeed the service has ended. take a look, it's amazing how quickly they can strike the stage and things return to as they were before this a
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but there was a good crowd here today. 7,000 people the last time and probably more than that this time. they started gathering before dawn to sit on the steps of the lincoln memorial and on the grounds of the lincoln memorial to hear this service from the capital church. they have been doing this for 39 years. started back in 1979. it's in-der denomination al service. the sun didn't show up as it has in past year, but that did notdy might beinotdy diminish the spirit of those who came. >> this is our first visit and it was our son's daughter-in-law's suggestion. no zu ssunrise, but, yeah, it w great. >> and this is how a lot of people begin their sunday. folks go on to church services and other
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of course cherry blossoms a short distance away, but a good way to ring in the morning. we're live here at the steps of the lincoln memorialmemorial, d ward. a traffic alert in old town alexandria. street closures are in effect 8:30 to 12:30 mainly along route 1, duke and alfred streets. last year president obama and the first family spent their easter sunday at the historic al tread street baptist church. so if you're traveling or attending church in that area today, give yourself some extra time. here is a look now at pope francis delivering map at st. peter's square. tens of thousands came out for the pontiff's traditional easter blessing and speech on world affairs. pope francis has spent the past few days denouncing those carrying out terrorist acts while profaning god's name after the latest attack on brussels.
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says the killer who gunneded down a teen at a metro station will be wrougbrought to justice. someone shot the teen as he waited on the platform at the deanwood station. darcy spencer has more on why police say the boy was targeted. >> it was wrong. it was totally wrong. >> reporter: this woman was with her daughter and grandkids getting ready to ride the train at the deanwood metro station when the shots rang out. >> all i heard, they shot my son and the baby was crying. so i was trying to console them. >> reporter: a teenager shot and killed in broad daylight on the platform at the station in northeast d.c. >> what did you do. >> >> grabbed my kids. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital where he later died. the station was shut down for hours as police scoured the
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crime scene. shuttle buses were offered to riders who were stuck at the station. police are reviewing security camera it footage as they search for the shooter. police say the victim was targeted. >> any idea what this was about? >> don't know. we don't know what the subject matter was. but it doesn't seem to be random. >> reporter: mayor bowser promised police would find whoever opened fire. >> we're going to make sure that all of the resources of this government brings these people to justice. >> reporter: the shooting is the latest act of violence on metro property. >> i will not catch deanwood train no more. >> the shooting happened in ward 7 where there is a highly contested city council race. yvette alexander and vincent gray were both campaigning when they heard about the shooting and say someth
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needs to change. >> we need to take hold of our young people and do it now because it's out of hand. >> another example of young people, juveniles, having access to guns and being exposed to gun it is this ways that shouldn't happen. >> gray and alexander faceoff in the june democratic primary. an american couple missing since the brussels airport bombings have been confirmed dead. family members confirmed justin and stephanie shults were killed tuesday. the couple was dropping stephanie's mother off at the airport and watching her go through security when the bomb went off. the two moved to belgium two years ago for work. at least 31 were killed and more than 200 hurt in the terror attacks. and the first criminal charges have been filed in connection with the attacks. belgian prosecutors say the man had a core role. he was arrested thursday in a raid and charged with terrorist murder. two other men have also been
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arrested and charged with involvement in the activities of a terrorist group. an officer holds on for his life as a suspect tries to run him down and speed away. we'll show you how this entire thing ends. and it's a sight many of us see every day, but never like this. the new way to
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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the astronauts at the international space station got an early easter treat. a supply ship full of fresh food and experiments arrived on saturday p. the orbital holds nearly 8,000 pounds of groceries, equipment, experiments. easter eggs may also be on board for the crew members. a russian cargo ship will liftoff next week followed by
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spacex supply run a week after that. a police officer in china tried to stop a suspect from using a fake license plate and ends up clinging to the hood as the guy takes off. take a look. you can see just as officers try arresting the guy, he hits the gas. one of the officers grabbed on to the hood, police eventually catch up to him and arrest him. the officer involved was not injured. well, it will be a much cooler and cloudier easter sunday. storm team 4 is tracking showers that could impact your plans this afternoon and on your monday morning commute. were pushed over, mostly buby by adults. >> chaos at and he's
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good morning. i'm tom kierein and we're overlooking with our camera the tidal basin. cherry blossoms in full bloom and a lot of people there. what to wear if you're about to head out the door, you'll need a coat this morning and then a jacket this afternoon. right now it's only around 50 degrees. and have an umbrella ready, as well, if you'll be out and about by late afternoon into the early evening hours. we may see some rain coming our way. right now don't have any rain in the area.
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right, that's moderate to heavier rain richmond over toward norfolk and that will stay south and east as they track off. and then some of the rain arrives later this evening. more on that coming up. rockville's hard times cafe has reopened after a cyber attack forced them to close. the restaurant had to temporarily shut down after its computers got infected with what is known as ransom ware. according to wtop, the restaurant had it either pay toe $10,000 ransom or rebuild the computer system from the ground up. close to three sten employees lost income while it was closed. the restaurant reopens normal hours tomorrow. okay. connecticut easter egg hunt turns chaotic when parents start rush to go find eggs for their kids. >> and witnesses say a adults were pushing the kids as they
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tried to find the eggs. this all happened at the am peez easter egg unit in orange, connecticut. the staff put out 10,000 eggs across three fields. different age groups were supposed to get to go at different times, but some parents didn't listen. several parents trampled signs, shoved other participants and one boy says someone stole his eggs. >> someone took the eggs and broke my bucket. >> it was ridiculous husband. the parents were literally a poster for everything not to do. >> the staff says they were so overwhelmed with the crowds that they didn't know what to do. members of fairfax county county board of supervisors have to find somewhere else to swim this summer. they're beginning up free access to county pools an golf courses because of virginia's stricter ethics laws. board members were advised to stop using the passes because
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illegal gifts. the new policy is in response to tirt ethics standards in wake of a scandal involving bob mcdonnell. and this is the first weekend that the cherry blossoms are in peak bloom. you're looking at a live picture and it is absolutely beautiful. hopefully you've had a chance to get out there and check out the blossoms for yourself. of course people come from all over the world to see the cherry blossoms and organizers say they are ready for the crowds. >> it's been fantastic. people have been coming all week and we anticipate that throughout the entire festival which continues through april 17. >> keep those pictures coming. tweet us your pictures as nbc washington and we'll add them to our gallery. and if you don't want to brave the crowds, we have a list of alternate spots for viewing chair blossoms. and with the nicer weather, more people are heading out to
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soon you'll be able to see it in an entirely new looight. and mark segraves got a sneak peek. >> one of the best kept secrets. >> reporter: as a teen, steve and his friends would swim in the anacostia. but it's been nearly 60 years since the river was clean enough for swimming. >> i don't think people can appreciate it. >> reporter: it runs from prince george's county into the district. this is the stretch most people are familiar with from crossing the bridges. but a few minutes upriver, it's an entirely different view with abundant wildlife and wetlands. >> the good news is that it is getting cleaner. we're seeing a lot of wildlife coming back. we'll be teaching people about the history of the river and about the wildlife and ecology.
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>> reporter: it's a view few get to see, but starting next month, you can take this boat tour for free. thank to a partnership between the department of environment, water head society and river keeper. while the river is getting much healthier, it's still risky to swim or eat fish from the anacostia. he's boat tours are aimed at getting people involved. >> we've brought a couple people out already and it's remarkable to see their eyes when they see the change. getting them to see it and care for it. >> reporter: while for now steve only has his memories of swimming off the banks of the anacostia, the 71-year-old d.c. native is hopeful these boat tours will help change that. >> swimming in the river, that's what i like do one more time. swim in the river. we're almost there. >> trying to clean it up, so
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some day perhaps. >> along the water, it's a little breezy. kind of cool. so if you're going to check out the cherry blossoms, have a little jacket, right? >> yeah, it's still rather chilly. it's around 50 degrees. even with the clouds, cherry blossoms are still a spectacle to see. walk down any neighborhood, most of the neighborhoods full of beautiful spring color under the cloudy sky. and if you're going to be out visiting family today, no travel problems. dry pavement through the morning with temperatures in the low 50s here another hour or so, might have a peek of sun, but overall mostly cloudy. there is a slight chance of a few sprinkles by latt later afternoon. temperatures right now near 50. farther west, mid tourts shenandoah valley, out of the mountains low to mid-40s there. nearest rain right now, this area of color, sprinkles up as far north now around williamsburg, jamestown and then
9:21 am
norfolk, the heaviest rains right now are just right advancing off northeast over the atlantic ocean. new hour by hour timing showing staying dry through much of the day. this is as of 5:00, area in color the spectacles of green, maybe a few sprinkle, a little drizzle. but the steadier rain not arriving until this evening. after midnight tonight, all the way through the morning commute tomorrow, we'll have our temperatures hovering in the low 50s with the rain tapering off and ending by 10:00 on monday morning. at the bus stop tomorrow morning in the mid-50s with showers, and then drying out heading back home upper 60s with a blustery wind tomorrow afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, sunshine back, highs low 60s. another chance of rain thursday and perhaps again on friday. drying out next weekend. one of the most famous names in history and a mystery hidden in his final resting
9:22 am
we reveal the answer an age old r rumor. and the democratic primary race isn't over yet, but hillary clinton is beginning to make a pivot towards the general election. and she's sounding more and more each day like a candidate eyeing election day in november. >> she's been to go things like speaking about counterterrorism and national security, deploying a the who lot of surrogates nat. >> and what's more, republicans are still keduking it out and taking on a nasty tone. >> here is a risk for clintocli. she hasn't wrapped up the democratic nomination yet, but the advantage is assuming she ends up being the democratic nominee, her party will have had a hamg jump on republicans when it comes to
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it looks like shakespeare's skull really is missing there its dwragrave. that's what an archaeologist concluded. researchers say the findings are, quote, very, very convincing. they were p
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documentary last night. no word though on whether they will try any other techniques to try to locate the alleged missing skull. march madness continues tonight as syracuse tries to stop uva. it is the first time the cavaliers have been in the elite eight since 1995. but tonight they hope to advance and make it into the final four. >> it's a challenging zone, but i think some experience makes you respect it even more. >> uva takes on syracuse tonight at 6:09 in chicago and we wish them good luck in tonight's game. and switching gear, we're work to learn the new name of the eaglet hatch. >> this is the third one this month. the latest guy hatched in a mess in east washington. this is a live look at the eagle cam. >> so cute. so
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love it. >> must be hidden under mom or dad there. >> and again, we don't know the name of the baby eagle yet. well, the easter bunny might get a little wet today. storm team 4 is tracking how long rain and cool temperatures will be sticking around. >> and we're following a developing story, syria makes new grounds in the fight against isis. the battle for key territory in a violent battleground. new controversy in the fight over the new gun shop. why some virginia home own hers
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good morning. it's 9:30 and here are the top stories we're following for you. the alexandria police department is investigating an in-custody. a 54-year-old had a medical emergency and died at the is being held on federal charges. a teenager was shot and killed on the platform at the deanwood metro station. d.c. police say he was targeted. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says police will catch the suspect. and thousands came out to one of the nation's largest easter masses on the steps of the lincoln memorial. the annual service attracts visitors from a0
9:31 am
many for countries, as well. it's going to be much cooler and cloudy. but we want to wish and y you a easter. >> your kids might need a coat before they hunt easter eggs. tom kierein is tracking showers from the storm team 4 weather deck. so he hit the deck to tell us the latest on what it looks like up above. >> right now a cloudy sky out on the weather deck here in tenleytown. a little bit of a breeze out of the east. checking all of that with the nbc washington app and the latest storm team 4 forecast. and i have my own umbrella handy as you head out the door, maybe try to get some exercise this morning, here's your forecast. we'll have a cloudy sky here for the rest of the day. just a small chance at some sprinkles and drizzle during the afternoon as temperatures climb into the upper 50s between 1:00 and 4:00. and then back down to the mid-50s as we get into the evening hours. near he
9:32 am
northern neck and virginia answering north and east. but most of the rain staying well south of fredericksburg and the washington metro area for much of the day. and that rain activity, though, going to move in coming up out of the carolinas later tonight and into monday morning. developing this morning, syrian state media is reporting forces have driven isis fighters out of of palmyra. government offenses have been trying to retake the area. government forces were helped out by russian air strikes. would he retaking the town is a major victory for assad's government. today all want to avoid the around the washington convention center. items shut down for the nuclear security summit. the summit lasts until next saturday. yell loi and green line tras
9:33 am
convention center. starting today, there are some changes coming to metrobus service. metro is adding sunday service in greenbelt. buses will travel between new carrollton, greenbelt and langley park. there is also extended saturday and sunday metro way service to pentagon city. new express buses start running today on the z leine. and some neighbors in northern virginia neighborhood on edge after a deadly stabbing. it happened friday night on celtic drive in the alexandria section. police found william martinez palma unresponsive after being stabbed in the leg. it has folks thinking about relocating. p. >> my mom wants to move now, so it depends. i don't think we'll be here much longer after that. >> still no word on a motive or a suspect. a maryland man is facing dui ces
9:34 am
police cruiser in alexandria. the virginia state trooper was on a traffic stop friday night on i-95 near van dorn street. officials say he was in his cruiser with his lights on when a car hit him there behind. neither the trooper nor the driver of that car was injured. police arrested the driver and charged him with dui. and some people living in an arlington neighborhood say a eww gun shop doesn't belong in their community. the nova armory store opened yesterday. people rallied against the grand opening, but the owner says he's received plenty of support. >> a gun store down the street just doesn't really make sense. >> we provide a needed service to the community. we've had an outpouring of support. >> owner dennis pratt says his stores comply with all state laws including background checks. protesters marched outside a d.c. public library after a library police officer asked a woman to remove her hijab.
9:35 am
many gathered outside the library wearing hijabs and others donned hoodies in solidarity. earlier this week witnesses say the police officer repeatedly asking a woman to remove her head scarf or leave. the library is investigating the incident. >> an apology and to say that is this not okay and that wearing a hijab is not a crime and for the library to take proactive steps to make sure this never happens again. >> the executive director of the d.c. library system has said they're doing everything they can to address the situation. the library police officer has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. a sad update to a story that touched so many people. a 65-year-old woman saved by a d.c. firefighter earlier this mo
9:36 am
phyllis terrell his air mask while rescuing her from a burning building on minnesota avenue. terrell's grandmother confirmed that she has died from complications while in hospice. passengers were told their flight was delayed and then they saw their co-pilot in handcuffs. what the co-pilot was doing that got him in trouble with the law. and political protests have gotten violent. now there is new concern about safety. the effort to allow firearms at one of the biggest events in decision 2016. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
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she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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so imagine getting read to takeoff until you realize the pilot may be drunk. an american airlines co-pilot was arrested because authorities thought the man was intoxicated. a passenger on board the flight snapped this picture.
9:39 am
this happened at the detroit metro airport. the faa believes the pilot's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. passengers were told the delay was because of a seat issue, but then they saw the pilot in custody. >> police car, they're going to -- they're coming to get somebody. and then looked out and saw them walking and thought, oh, they really are. >> american airlines says they're taking this very seriously and cooperating with police. they placed passengers on other planes. north korea has released a new propaganda video showing a nuclear strike on washington, d.c. the four minute video was titled last chance. it was posted on youtube yesterday. now in the video, the north says if the u.s. provokes it, the country will not hesitate to carry out a nuclear strike. the u.s. and united nations just imposed tougher sanctions on north korea.
9:40 am
right now, a wildfire is raging out of control in kansas. the blaze has burned more than 620 square miles since tuesday. the military is now helping firefighters battle the flames. two black hawk helicopters from the kansas national guard were dispatched this weekend, each carries a 600-gallon bucket to dump water on the flames. so far two homes have been destroyed in the fire. in florida, people are dealing with a different kind of natural disaster. strong winds and hail caused a 040-foot oak tree to fall on the home. and roof of a car wash was blown off during the storm. while there was a lot of damage, there hasn't been any reports of injury. and here it's a cloudy day for those of you going to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms. tom is tracking the best days to go next week while the trees are still in pea
9:41 am
political protests have gotten violent and now new concern about safety, the effort to allow firearms at one of the biggest events in d narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model,
9:42 am
kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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good morning. there is the tidal basin. it's
9:44 am
this easter sunday morning. even under the cloud cover with the cherry blossoms this full bloom, quite a sight to see. it's worth it even with all the people there. and if you are going to be getting out and visiting our gorgeous cherry blossoms, it will be cool with temperatures only in the 50s. and we'll have the clouds thickening up and they might be producing a little bit of light rain. that's not until late afternoon, maybe a few sprinkles. new hour by hour timing coming up. two people are dead and police officer wounded after a shooting in tampa. the officer jose rodriguez and two other male suspects were shot during an altercation. one of the men was killed at the scene, the other was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators believe it was the bulletproof vest that likely saved the officer's life. still no word on what led up to the altercation. a big chanto
9:45 am
minimum wage could have an effect on the minute hundred wa minimum wayges. wages will steadily increase a dollar a year until it reaches $15. at $15, it would be the highest in the nation. and to decision 2016. a petition to allow the open carry of firearms at the republican national convention in cleveland has over 25,000 signatures. now, ohio is an open carry state, but quicken loans arena where the convention is being held bans all weapons on the property. ohio's conceal carry law allows private entities from banning firearms on their property. new york city police
9:46 am
cruz for suggesting that police step up patrols in muslim neighborhoo neighborhoods. the gop candidate made that suggestion after the terror attacks in brussels. the police commissioner william brat p says the presidential hopeful is exploiting the tragedy and quote knows nothing about counterterrorism in new york city. tom has a look at our easter forecast. a little cold out there. we know well need to cover up a little bit. but then some showers? >> and this scene behind us, a live picture right by the capitol. if you're going to the tidal basin, cherry blossoms looking beautiful. or the magnolia are out. as we will have temperatures gradually climbing into the low 50s for the rest of the morning and then by 2:00 upper 5
9:47 am
scattered sprinkles around 7:00 and then a grart chance of some rain moving this after that. right now getting a few scattered sprinkles spectacles of green on storm team 4 radar. it's all advancing to the north and east. for now, new hour by hour timing showing we'll stay dry here the areas of color where we might get rain, there is time by 7:00 p.m., maybe a few scattered sprinkles in central virginia. and looks like it might be moving slower than the previous model run. so by 11:00 to midnight is when we will see the steadier rain moving in and then after midnight all the way into the morning commute on monday, moderate showers around all the entire region. but by 10:00, most of it done and a little sun breaking out by noon. but it will be rather gloomy tomorrow morning at the bus stop with showers and temperatures in the mid-50s. but heading back home, upper 60s. a bit of a gusty wind up to
9:48 am
get the sunshine back on monday afternoon. storm team 4 four day draforeca turning chillier tuesday. afternoon highs around 60. near 40 wednesday morning, but wednesday afternoon low 60s and poug. another chance of rain moving in on thursday. 7 day fraugoutlook showing that chance. and then friday afternoon and evening showers likely. highs low 60s. right now next weekend looking dry with highs in the 50s and sunshine returns. all month we've been celebrating women making a difference in our community. an today, we meet a history making judge in maryland. >> as aaron gilchrist reports, she overcame many obstacles in her rise to the stop. >> associate justice michelle hauten has set on the highest court since december. she wants history to remember her for a career dedicated to
9:49 am
>> when you tell me no, i'm not listening. >> reporter: she doesn't call that in-so he lent, she calls it drive, never accepting no or you can't as an answer. it has said decided her climb to being the newest judge on the maryland court of appeals. p it came after 21 years in the judiciary and a lifetime of perseverance. >> i started out not having much of anything. and my mother worked three jobs. i had two grand others that absolutely loved me. and taught me a number of lessons. >> reporter: strong women who taught that hard work pays off and there was nothing she couldn't do, including becoming a lawyer. an idea she got from television. >> watching perry mason, i was absolutely fascinated that this person had paid so much attention to detail in terms of human nature and
9:50 am
>> reporter: that led hotten to graduate from law school in 1979. >> that was perceived as being an obstacle makes you stronger. >> reporter: a district court judge, circuit court judge and now the first african-american and first woman from the county to serve on the state's high court. governor larry hogan appointed hotten calling her impeccably prepared. but for her, it's not about apgs of power. she says it's about a commitment to service and trying to help people dig a little deeper. >> not creating a brand new persona, but having you be in touch with the person inside of you because that person can do great things. >> reporter: as part of the his am, she recently scared with young women high schoolers who she encouraged to think critically about their choices. >> it's not going to be easy. it shouldn't be.
9:51 am
>> reporter: today this photo, a freeze frame of a key life lesson. graduation day surrounded by the woman who taught her that believing in herself can move mountains. >> it's a reminder of how far it took to get there and where i've come sense that time. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, aaron gilchrist, news 4. if metro is having delays, should you have to pay? th new plan for rireds
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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an emotional debate is expected this week over a new maryland criminal justice bill. it's on its way to the house of delegates. according to the "washington post," the proposal would send people quigtsed of drug possession to treatment instead of prison. it would also make it easier to have drug possession convictions expunged. the bill would also allow some 1700 people serving mandatory minimums for drug offenses to appeal their sentences. we have welcome news for metro riders when there are massive delays. >> yeah, this week the board approved a passenger grace period that means riders can leave through the same gate without being charged. as adam tuss tells us, that proposal is part of a broader refund strategy for the transit system.
9:55 am
most frustrating parts of being a metro rider. tapping into the system only to see a big delay and then you tap out and you still have to pay. now metro is trying to give you the ability to tap into the system, tap out when there a big delay, and not be charged. metro calls it the grace period. riders will have a 15 minute window to leave the station without being charged if there is a major delay. >> i think that something definitely they should implement. if you decide you have to get out, get an uber, you're pay $1.50 just to stand there and doing in. >> reporter: the change wouldn't take effect until july 1, but it is still expected to be approved. it's part of a larger strategy to refund riders when things don't go right. paul wiedefeld expected to also ask to waive fares. >> these are complex organizations. can we do a better job, yes. >> reporter: gm says he shouldn't have to think about re
9:56 am
learned. >> reporter: the first time any metro general manager has had the broad authority to give you your money back if the service level hits an emergency level. at the vienna metro station, adam tuss, news 4. tomorrow is the last white house egg roll for president obama and the first family. the president has presided over seven of these egg rolls. it's tomorrow on the south lawn. this year's theme is let's celebrate. frozen star idina menzel is just one who will attend. there will be cooking stations, story telling and of course egg rolling. we're dropping down to the 50s and you might hit some showers on your way to work tomorrow. tom is updating his r
9:57 am
but that didn't stop the sunrise service at the lincoln memorial.
9:58 am
he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done.
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sage. right now on news 4 take oig, an inmate days in police custody and investigators piece together an emergency in northern virginia. >> a teenage boy gunned down at a d.c. metro station. new concerns about safety for
10:00 am
rider as a family need neeplea answers. >> bernie sanders pulls off wins in alaska, hawaii and washington state. the challenges that lie ahead. happy easter sunday to you. >> those of you heading to easter services may want to bring along a rain coat or umbrella. meteorologist tom kierein is tracking some showers moving our way. >> right now starting off though with dry conditions. even though we have a lot of clouds, it's rather chilly, we have temperatures only around 50 free degrees now. if you'll be out visiting family, we'll be in the mid-50s with dry pavement. just a lot of clouds around and a slight chance of some sprinkles maybe when you're heading back home by late this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s mid to late afternoon. right now nearest rain on radar is well south and east of the metro he area. those areas in green mostly light rain, ar


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