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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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tomorrow. we'll time that out in a few minutes. >> i'm eun yang. we have breaking news this midday. d.c. police are investigating a homicide in northeast washington.
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a man was shot to death in 44th street at around 7:00 this morning, a busy time of day. we're working to learn more about this investigation and we'll have any updates on the nbc washington app. at the live desk i'm eun yang. now to a news 4 i team investigation, federal a former virginia teacher behaved inappropriately with students. his teaching license was revoked after a trip to germany. a disciplinary record that details he encouraged students to engage in sex acts. he never appeared to the a disciplinary hearing on the case. he provided no statement about what happened during the trip, and he's been unreachable by phone or e-mail. county police say
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launch a child abuse investigation because the alleged misconduct happened overseas. no criminal charges were filed against rademacher. the i team will follow the story and we will update you on air and online. a vote is expected in annapolis on noah's law, named for fallen montgomery county officer noah liota who was killed by a suspected drunk driver. now other families are rallying around the proposed law. it would require convicted drunk drivers to use an ignition interlock device after a first offense. first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband in california. relatives of every president will attend the funeral including first lady michelle obama, former president george w. bush, and wife laura. nancy reagan's two children will spak
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she is said to have planned every detail. there will be a report at 2:00. you can also watch it on the nbc washington app. >> there are two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him. and that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of. >> it was a surprise to some but it became official this morning. ben carson, formally endorses donald trump for president. carson says he believes that trump is the right person to do what needs to be done to get the country back on track. ted cruz, marco rubio and kasich would argue that point and did so last night at the latest gop
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highlights in the next half h r hour. after the break, president obama is headed to austin after last night's state dinner at the white house. the formal fashions people are talking about this morning.
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the obamas hosted the canadian prime minister and his wife at a dinner last night at the white house. embracing spring with a gown. the deep blue dress was designed by mr. wu. the world's largest cruiseship is taking to the seas appare apparently. the ship is called "harmony." "harmony of the seas," actually. stx france built it at a cost of
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you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. get fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. it seems the severe weather just won't stop in louisiana. today it made for a rough morning for the weather channel's mike seidel. >> reporter: and right now -- oh, boy, that was too close. >> that was mike on our show
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thunder. he's in new orleans where they're getting inches and inches of rain. not long after that, he was pretty shaken, again, when he was on the weather channel this morning talking to stephanie abrams, and after that he just called it quits. he went inside. >> oh, man. it is relentless down there. they're going to get a little bit of a break later on today and they have more rain in the forecast tomorrow for new orleans. that rain shifting to the east today, thank goodness for them. a few sprinkles this morning. temperatures, we're going to be getting some sunshine later on. winds will be calming. it is a little on the breezy side out there tonight and today. as you head for tomorrow morning waking up, limited sunshine and a little cooler than what we've been dealing with but eventually the low 60s tomorrow. could have some passing showers by the time we get to sunday but, again, a little bit warmer once we do get into sunday. let me show you real quick those skies will clear as we get into
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enjoy the rock 'n' roll marathon. throw a few sprinkles but most will come after lunch time and then, of course, more rain as we get into sunday. guys? all right, thanks, lauren. and thousands of runners will race through d.c.'s streets in the rock 'n' roll marathon tomorrow. it looks like the finish line is moving. race organizers changed plans because of all the melting snow and trash at rfk stadium. our news partners at wtop are reporting marathon officials are moving the finish line from parking lot seven to parking lot three. it's the same finish line they used a few years ago. well, she won the hearts of the first couple and the country with her excitement and her dance moves at the white house. this weekend virginia mclauren turns 107. after the break see how she is celebrating.
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i'm eun yang at the live desk. developing out of south africa, a teenager claims he found a part of a wing from missing malaysia airlines flight 370 during a trip to mozambique. he is convinced it is part of the plane wreckage because it has a five-digit number on it. it's about three feet long, he says. authorities have reportedly made arrangements to collect the debris and correctly identify it. flight 370 vanished two years ago with 239 people onboard. at the live desk, i'm
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>> what's the secret of success still dancing at 106? >> this 106-year-old d.c. woman became a viral sensation last month as she busted a move with the president and the first lady and now grandma virginia, as she's known, is turning 107 years old tomorrow. and in honor of her milestone, the community threw her a party in southeast. we were there for her bash that was full of surprises. >> reporter: a birthday bash like no other for grandma virginia as she's affectionately called. surprise, new furniture to spruce up her modest northwest apartment. >> love it. >> her tie-in with the school and the kids goes right up our alley. you can't help a better person than grandma virginia. being here is just an
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>> reporter: 300 of her friends in the foster grandparents program and at a local d.c. charter school celebrating her long lived life in southeast with whur radio personalities setting the stage. >> in her energy but more importantly her commitment. our seniors once they reach a certain age kind of sit down. but grandma has taken this, as she calls it, her other career and she's had about five of them. >> virginia mclaurin. >> reporter: she danced with president obama and first lady michelle obama at the white house. and this surprise gift from the white house and the nation, the presidential medal of honor for her tireless years of volunteer service. and you see the brand-new furniture here among the many gifts of love for a lady who has lived a lifetime giving to so many in her community. in southeast, molette green, news 4. >> sweet story no one more
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deserving than her. >> absolutely. we are start to go see a little bit more sunshine after a very cloudy morning. >> so what can we expect the rest of the day? we can expect some more sunshine. not as warm temperatures, unfortunately. we're still going to see cool temperatures but still above normal for this time of year. the winds are out there whipping around out there right now. so you may have that pollen up a little bit but not too bad. the occasional gust. mostly winds are between 5 and 15 miles an hour. temperatures in the 60s right now. we'll top it out right around 70 degrees which is about where we were early this morning and then those temperatures drop. in the upper 60s, lower 70s. by the time we get into your saturday, low 60s. could be a sprinkle the second half of the day. mainly you're looking fine. for sunday being looi inlookinge rain. just some light stuff. we'll see rain monday. temperatures again above normal. we stay above normal as we get into early next week, mid next week as we
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at least we're above normal f. you're having kids come off the bus later, i have that forecast coming up. right now president obama is heading to texas. he will not attend nancy reagan's funeral today. he'll be the keynote speaker at the sxsw festival. president obama and former president bill clinton did not attend betty ford's funeral five years ago as we reported earlier, michelle obama will attend mrs. reagan's funeral. >> and we see this in our current presidential campaign. after all where else could a boy born in calgary grow up to run for president of the united states. >> the obamas hosted the prime minister and wife at the white house last night. it was the first time a canadian prime minister has made an official state visit to the u.s. energy, climate change and the economy were all topics of conversation at the dinner
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200 people were there including canadian american celebrities like mike myers, actress sandra oh, and producer lorne michaels. after the break, who is taking the fall for spending questions? and don't forget you can catch news 4 midday from anywhere. all you need is your smartphone or tablet. open the nbc washingtonpp and hi at it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks
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democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. changes at a veteran nonprofit, the wounded warrior project, has fired its ceo and its chief operating officer. it faced recent accusations of wasteful spending including former employees accusing wounded warriors of making money off their injuries. eagle egg watch is on. they are due to hatch very soon on
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we've been watching since this morning and these are really incredible pictures. tens of thousands of viewers from all over the world are keeping a close eye on the cameras. the pair of wild bald eagles nest iing at the u.s. arboretum here in the district. it's that time again, time to spring forward. >> after the break, the health problems, thoughthat often ,
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well, it's not looking too bad out there. we're starting to see a little bit of clearing, a little bit of blue sky action out there. as we continue through the day, those temperatures will top out right around 70 degrees. thank goodness we're getting the clearing skies. we had a lot of cloud cover early this morning, maybe a few sprinkles you encountered. we're getting sunshine through the afternoon. we'll be dry. winds are calming. 10 to 15-mile-an-hour range. they'll
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the evening. now weekend brunch, if you're heading out, you may want to go ahead and bring an umbrella with you specifically on sunday, looking good for brunch on saturday. temperatures are warming. the coolest day saturday with temperatures in the low 60s. you're picking kids up today from the bus stop, well, this afternoon upper 60s but, again, we'll have some sunshine, very mild temperatures out there. pretty mild through the rest of the workweek and into next week. >> all right, lauren. we're going to lose some sleep as we spring forward on sunday to daylight savings time. you need to remember to move your clocks ahead one hour. the time change is a remind er o change the battery in your smoke detectors. that's an important message to get out. >> they work 24 hours a day, 365 da
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>> 80% of fatal fires happen in homes with no working smoke alarms. >> the loss of sleep with the time switch can increase your risk for heart attack or stroke. nbc's erica hill explains why. >> reporter: it's a seemingly small change with a big payoff and a rude awakening. losing that hour of sleep each spring is more than a tough adjustment. >> two days after the clocks move forward there's a spike in the number of heart attacks and it's a very real phenomenon. >> reporter: in the two days after we spring forward, heart attacks can surge as much as 24%. the risk of stroke increases 23%. an expert on the body's rhythms. >> in terms of the biology,
11:26 am
terrible thing. >> the abrupt change changes the body's chemistry. increased blood pressure, more blood clots making certain people more vulnerable. >> in order to increase your risk. >> you should start now. start going to sleep a little earlier every night beginning now and you'll be ready. also exercise, cut back on the caffeine, cut back on the alcohol, and start destressing. >> come november, the hour we gain from falling back lowered the same risk. erica hill, nbc news, new york. >> the republican candidates described as kinder and gentler. >> the one
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right now police in fairfax county are asking for help to solve a homicide. an 83-year-old man was killed on river drive in lorton this morning. police found his body there. they have not said how he was killed or who may have done it. more now on the race for the white house. a surprising display of civility
11:30 am
at the republicans' final debate before next tuesday's high stakes primary. it was a striking turnaround from their previous clashes. we report on that showdown in miami. >> reporter: for the republicans turns tut the 12th time is the charm. >> so far i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: instead of insults, a battle over trade and foreign policy. following his controversial comments that islam hates the west, donald trump refused to back down when asked if he meant all muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. i don't want to be so politically correct. i like to solve problems. we have a serious, serious problem of hate. >> reporter: his challengers look iing to capitalize. i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. if you look around the world at the challenges we face, we are going to have to work together with muslims who are not radicals. >> the answer is not simply to yell china bad, muslims bad. you've got to understand the
11:31 am
>> reporter: trump at times striking a conciliatory tone. >> we're all in this together. >> reporter: dismissing the likelihood of a contested convention. >> i think we'll have the delegates. >> reporter: even writing off marco rubio and john kasich's chances of winning the nomination. >> there's two of us up here that can and two that cannot at this moment. >> we have at this point beaten donald in eight separate states. >> i listened and watched ted on television when he speaks. he says i'm the only one that beat donald in six contests, and i beat him, but i beat him in 13 contests. he never mentions that. >> look, you have to earn the delegates in order to be picked. let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: try telling that to trump. >> i beat hill try in many of the polls that have been taken and each week i get better and better and, believe me, i haven't even started on her yet. >> reporter: but that's not really true. clinton has beaten trump head-to-head in all but three of 20 polls. days until super tuesday, cruz
11:32 am
>> what an incredible nation we have that the son of a bartender and the son of a mailman and dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage. >> that was peter alexander reporting. and, also, this morning donald trump picked up another endorsement, former rival dr. ben carson. local democrats are talking about the campaign. virginia senator tim kaine spoke at a conference of publishers yesterday. he criticized what he called republicans' racially charged rhetoric and talked about diversity and how virginia could play a huge role. >> there are a lot of states where the margin is so close, communities that might think, well, we're small in numbers, actually are difference makers in virtually every election. >> kaine is being talked about as a possible vice presidential candidate. he declined to answer our question about that. this morning he's at a
11:33 am
battlefield in fredericksburg to talk about the federal fund iin it received. we have temperatures right now in the 60s, so really not looking too bad as we continue into the midday and into the noon hour. we topped out right around 70 degrees when i came in to work early this morning and then we started to take the temperatures down. we had a few rain showers and now we're back up as we're getting a little bit of sunshine out there. so as we continue into the afternoon as you travel out and about, you're looking good. we'll have breezy conditions with sunshine. the wind will die down later on this evening and then cooler for your saturday morning. we will start in the 40s. but here we are sunshine this afternoon. this is 5:00 as you head on home and then as we continue into the overnight, partly cloudy during the overnight and then maybe a few sprinkles but other than that we're looking good for the rock 'n' roll marathon. we'll time out your sunday because we do have that on the seven day. we'll show that you coming up. thanks, lauren. right now firefighters are working to figure out what caused this
11:34 am
it's burned a warehouse down and you saw there it collapsed the roof. it took about 150 firefighters to be able to extinguish this. the good news nobody was hurt. some witnesses said they could see the fire from as far away as 20 miles. the tensions aren't letting up between north and south korea. north korean state tv is saying kim jong -un is ordering more nuclear tests. south korea is condemning the report saying the plans to keep testing missiles and any kind of missile launch from north korea violates united nations sanctions. governor terry mcauliffe has vetoed a bill that would have prohibited cities and counties from removing war memorials including civil war memorials. as "the washington post" reports supporters of the bill say it would have protected the historical record and legacy. opponents say it would have hindered local debate ov
11:35 am
confederacy and other wars. we're back in 60 seconds tracking the most popular i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. tracking the most popular my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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switch to better. switch to fios there are now nearly 200 cases of zika in the u.s. all have been traced to travel overseas. health officials are look iing congress for $2 billion to fight the virus in latin america and keep it from spreading here. capitol hill republicans have deferred the request insisting leftover ebola funds can be used. health officials say that's not enough. >> hoping to get in shape before spring break, technology may be a good partner to keep you on track. more on the latest gadgets. >> reporter: many people hit the gym before the beach, armed with trackers to meet their goals keeping track of
11:37 am
stir styles are evolving around the basics. they look more like jewelry. >> reporter: the new fitbit was released with custom options. the jawbone up 4 is $150 and has a heart rate monitor. some question that feature. >> you may not necessarily find that it's all that accurate. >> reporter: waterproof styles and a replaceable battery option. >> you want to keep in mind battery life. they can range anywhere from a week to a year. >> reporter: fossil is getting into the game. function meeting fashion with their q series. >> reporter: it's really intent not so much on new features but new materials, new looks, much the same way you'll shop for a watch. >> reporter: if the look is what you're after, the new fitbit blaze could fit the bill. but forll
11:38 am
any style fitness tracker you still have to do the heavy lifting. nbc news. >> you still have to do the work. you may look good when you're doing it but you have to do the work. >> that's it. coming up we have a frozen food recall to tell you about. >> and we'll tell you about the chances of rain fo
11:39 am
they may contain small pieces of glass and that may come from usage. it was a series of customer complaints that led to the recall. well, you know what, we're going to have a few showers as we go through this weekend. just a little bump here and there. better chance on sunday than saturday. so we're going to start this sunday morning at 7:45 in the morning. here are a few light showers,
11:40 am
and spotty for the first half of the day. then we get into the second half of the day and then it looks like a better chance of rain, could be hetchy at times that will last into monday as well. temperatures coming back up to that 70 degree mark and some sunshine out there. we'll be drip the rest of the day. our average temperature for this time of year in the low to mid-50s. we are doing pretty well. set those clocks forward one hour. some rain on sunday, monday, maybe tuesday morning. look at those temperatures. still above normal into next week. well, there seems to be no end to the rain and misery in parts of the south, ravaged by flooding. rivers are overflowing their banks. neighborhoods are under water. countless numbers of people stranded and forced to leave their homes. and more rain is expected there over the weekend. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: the rescues don't stop. life-th
11:41 am
everywhere from memphis to mississippi. for residents of the flood ravaged region it's likely to be days before they're even allowed back to see how much damage has been done. >> the last time it was over two weeks. so it's probably going to be longer than two weeks at a time. >> reporter: decided to ride it ou, they now admit they put themselves in serious danger. >> the water came so quick, people don't understand that. i've learned a lesson. >> reporter: this is the work of the national guard right now doing wellness checks in the flooded out neighborhoods to make sure people who decided to stay are safe. national guard trucks are the only way out of flooded neighborhoods like this in louisiana. each time a truck rolls through stranded residents beg for a ride out. >> you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. >> reporter: you can drive for miles and it all looks like this. >> devastating. it's devastating. nothing you can do. just keep going. >> reporter: tens of millions dollars. >>
11:42 am
around. >> reporter: and possessions for which there is no price tag. >> it's my grandfather's bible. it just means a lot to the family. we have new information on a house fire in germantown that left one firefighter injured plus the funeral of nancy reagan happening in just a few hours. how four first ladies will come together to celebrate helife todar y. i do everything on the internet, but it's kinda slow.
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first lady michelle obama will represent the white house today at the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. the service is expected to get under way two hours from now. gina kim is live at the reagan presidential library with more on the funeral that nancy reagan planned herself. gina? >> reporter: that's right, erica. ever since her husband died in 2004 the presidential library spokesperson told us they have been kind of preparing for this day to eventually come. so a lot of preparation came together very smoothly. and today, of course, is the big day. the private funeral of nancy reagan. about 1,000 or so expected guests are set to arrive. though the funeral is about two hours away, a lot of bus loads have come by dropping off many guests and some of the big names include george w. bush. he's the only former president expected to be here today.
11:46 am
actor mr. t, who was a key part of mrs. reagan's just say no anti-drug campaign. for two days thousands paid their respects to the iconic first lady as she lay in repose inside the ronald reagan presidential library. today hundreds of dignitaries, celebrities, and political elite will join family and friends at a private funeral to remember and honor nancy reagan. former first ladies rosslyn carter, hillary clinton, laura bush, and michelle obama will be among those paying their respects at the service. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace, and she was a passionate advocate for so many important issues. >> reporter: reagan was 94 years old when she died in her sleep of congestive heart failure on sunday at her home in los angeles. during her time as first lady of california and the nation, nancy reagan was known for a lot of things, style, grac
11:47 am
for her just say no anti-drug campaign, for her fight against alzheimer's, for being a mother to two children and two stepchildren. >> she told me once she was not afraid to die. she said i don't want it to hurt. i'm not afraid to die and seeing ronnie again. >> reporter: the service will feature patriotic music, bible verses, tributes. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her late husband on the grounds of the simi valley presidential library. president obama will not be here today. he is in austin giving a keynote address at the sxsw festival. jinah kim, back to you. >> there will be an nbc news special report starting at 2:00. you can also watch it on the nbc washington app. and we have new details this morning about a house fire in maryland. officials thinkhe
11:48 am
started in the garage of the house on aspen dale court. a firefighter was hurt in boyds, maryland, but is expected to be okay. the house partially collapsed, but the good news is everybody got out safely. damages are estimated at more than $750,000. well, we've got some clearing out there right now and that's going to continue to be the trend. as we go through the day today looking good from our live tower camera. now you can see the clouds on the satellite right now kind of dissipating as we get through i'd say central northern virginia up through prince william county, fauquier county and then also going up to the mason-dixon line. we will get some sunshine as we get into the afternoon. at least we're not seeing the rain. look at the rain down there in louisiana where they're continuing to have rain through there and also mississippi. pretty heavy stuff down there. thank goodness we're not going to see any of
11:49 am
maybe a few sprinkles as we get into the weekend. we will be dry as temperatures top out around 70 degrees. tomorrow right around 60 degrees. so just a little bit cool er. we do have warming temperatures on the way next week. that seven-day forecast is coming up. five years after japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami, more than 2,500 people are still missing. the nation observed a moment of silence today. the anniversary at the moment the magnitude 9 quake hit. the disaster killed nearly 16,000 people. well, it could be a sign that isis is starting to lose control. nbc's richard engel reports a leak of thousands of documents that could reveal about recruits has surfaced. a syrian man says he stole the documents on a flash drive and hid the drive in his baby's diaper. nbc identified six americans among the people named in the document. some analysts questioned whether the documents are authentic. however, two security experts told nbc news they appear to be.
11:50 am
calling it a homicide but we now know the former aid to putin died of blunt force injuries to his head. the medical examiner says he had similar injuries on his neck and on his body. this news comes nearly four months after he was found dead inside a dupont circle hotel. it was last november the russia-funded media company reported he died of a heart attack. d.c. police say the investigation is still very active. coming up after the break, the boss, the biggest structure rs the unive
11:51 am
i'm aaron gilchrist following the stories you're clicking on this morning. astronomers discovered a wall of galaxies 1 billion light years across. they say it's larger than anything else they've seen in the cosmos. it has a name called the boss. kind of makes sense.
11:52 am
it's an international effort to map galaxies in the early universe, made up of 830 separate galaxies. pretty cool stuff. icebergs are coming to the district. brittany johnson has the scoop. >> reporter: last summer the national building museum brought the beats to d.c. but this summer icebergs are taking over. it doesn't do justice to what you'll see when it opens up in july. the true under the seat experience and the perfect way to cool off. for more details because they do sell fast. >> a triple play and an inside the park -- there we go -- inside the park home run in the same game. welcome to spring training madness that happened during yestda
11:53 am
between the white sox and royals in arizona. the triple came first. the home runs coming in the seventh. exciting. back to you. >> an action packed rock 'n' roll marathon, too. after the break how to avoid the road closes. ur
11:54 am
your first alert traffic and a look at something that can be frustrating for drivers this weekend, every year when this happens and very fun for the runners. we'll take a look at the fun part of things. as far as metro goes for the rock 'n' roll marathon, opening early for all the runners at 5:00 a.m. on saturday. road closures will be in effect, of course, all over the place. we'll talk about that in a second. those closures mean we have some metro bus delays that will be happening on saturday.
11:55 am
use metro center. smithsonian or archives. your watch may look like it is 3:00 a.m. star line for the race, constitution avenue at 14th street starts at 7:30. now as far as closures there are a lot of them. here are some. constitution avenue, memorial bridge and rock creek parkway will be closed for the first leg of the race. as far as alternates, though, something to think about, key bridge, whitehurst freeway. 11th street bridge and rhode island avenue also open, again, other roads will be open as w l well. those are the main routes. we'll have all of this on our nbc washington app and see you next week for "news 4 today." >> it's been a great week. but what's tomorrow going to be like, lauren? >> tomorrow is not going to be that bad. we are going to have temperatures a little bit cooler than we've been used to but all in all not that bad.
11:56 am
we've had some record breaking temperatures over the last three days so we're not going to be as warm today. a few showers out there tomorrow and then most likely on sunday, sunday night into monday. temperatures staying above normal. normal temperature for this time of year low to mid-50s. we're doing well. it's going to be mild through the rest of today. temperatures right around 70 degrees. a great evening to get out and about. the only thing to complain about would be the breeze. it's not all that bad. then for the next four days low 60s tomorrow. a little cooler tomorrow and cooler start. and then as we go through sunday, don't forget to set the clocks ahead one hour. we're going to have a few showers possibly on sunday morning but more likely on sunday night and then also monday, tuesday morning but looks like we'll get clearing tuesday afternoon. temperatures are going to be in the low 70s by mid next week. >> sounds good, lauren. thank you. and that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we're back on this afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get your news and weather updates anytime with the nbc washington app until 4:00 have a great day, everybody. we'll see th
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