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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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rfect time to get in a jog. mid-70s by lunchtime. high temperatures in the along side of the roadway. expect to hit delays moving up the hill. if you're in southern maryland, we also have a crash on branch avenue after birch hill road. it's on the shoulder, but it's causing you some delays. be careful headed up there. if you're in frederick, south market street is closed for wiresn
6:01 am he's in the hospital in night. we are still workoto this. and suspect information we can tell you there is a lookout for a gray mercedes with paper tags. that it vehicle seen leaving going southbound along 14th street. you can see back live here just how close the metro station is to the crime scene. it's right
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back to earwed the man suspected in that attack was arrested in d.c. kyle odom, a former marine, is accused of shooting a his church idaho last weekend. the secret service they say he threw objects over the fence. authorities say documents and a computer flash drive were among the objects. idaho police have been involved in the effort to track odom down. >> the information that we glean through our interviews and through review of the evidence on scene, the videotape of his actions causes quite a bit of concern. so we took this very seriously. >> police
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flew from d.c. to ido. underway it was delayed on monday. the co-defendants are protectins motr afternoon. police say 37-year-old john conroy got into an argument with his girlfriend and that's when the woman's 15-year-old son stepped in. police say he shot shot him
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ng the american >> we do know that we are coming into this election with incredible momentum. we know that we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. >> there was a big upset in last night's presidential primary voting. bernie sanders took home a big win in michigan, a state that was favored to go to hillary clinton. ted cruz took first place in idaho and that helped him put a dent in donald trump's momentum since it carries a lot of delegates. trump won three states, hawaii, michigan and mississippi. it wasn't a terrible night for hillary clinton. she managed to come out first in mississippi. marco rubio and john kasich finished without any wins. after last night's wins, we'll see
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delegates to secure the side, donald trump is in first place, but ted cruz is only behind by 99 delegates. trump and cruz need more than 700 delegates to secure the republican nomination. we're learning that one of the prince william county police officers shot during the domestic violence call is back home. department released that photo of officer jesse hempen yesterday. it was taken as he was leaving the hospital. today a fundraiser will be held for hempen and the other officer wounded in if the incident. he's expected to be okay as well. the fundraiser kicks off at 5:30 tonight. another officer was killed in th
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parents say they were given little notice and don'tnt suitland. a new warning about the dangers of the zika virus. that warning from the world health organization. especially if you're planning to travel. another mild work as you look live at the national harbor. meteorologist chuck bell is tracking the conditions you'll see on your way to and from work with the commuter forecast. plus we're looking at the impact the rising temperatures are having on the cherry blossoms wh you can
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and it's because of the above average temperatures. the national park service bumped up its prediction for the peak bloom dates to march 18th through the 23rd. a week ago that prediction was for the peak to be march 31st through april 3rd. >> they never get old. i have lived in this area my entire life and they are beautiful every year. meteorologist chuck bell, i'm just gasping over this amazing weather. >> this is super warm super early for us. if we make 80 today it will be our earliest temperature in the last 16 yea
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was ma 8 ifts yo g well towards the beltway. if you're traveling on i-66 inside the beltway after route 7 there'sepe left lane. so be careful making your way past the dulles toll road. if you're traveling on southbound 270 or the beltway, speeds are starting to drop. pay attention out there. when you get in your car, tune in for traffic and weather updates on the 8s.
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putting down the or t coinue to in. now we are lookinha votehi it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
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more winsdonld tmp inher o t nomination, but there's a new poll about his chances in november. angie goff is breaking down the new numbers at live desk. >> this was just released. a new "wall street journal" poll that would show how the gop would do up against hillary clinton in november. first according to that, it says by double digits. surprising for some sanders would beat trump by an even bigger margin getting 55% support to trump's 37%. if you
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cruz, that would be a close one. clint n and minlmt it says most amer against the plan by senate republicans to block whoever president obama nominates to replace antonin scalia. some senators said they won't even meet with a nominee. 28% of people in the poll said they approved of what the gop was doing. 48% want the senate to vote on a nominee this year. one person who doesn't want to be considered as a supreme court nominee is u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. her name has been tossed around as a potential replacement, but lynch asked she not be considered. she says he wants to continue her work at the justice department. new this morning, he produced some of
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iconic the rock and roll hall of fame. he was 90 years old. new this morning, alexandria police say a17-year-old was seriously injured after crashing a home made go cart. it happened in alexandria on tuesday. the teen was taken to the hospital. police are now investigate iinge crash. the world health organization says pregnant women should not travel to areas where there are zika virus outbreaks. that's a stronger warning than those previously issued by the cdc that said to take precautions. the recommendation came during an emergency meeting yesterday. health officials also said sexual transmission is more common than previously thought.
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beenothe cigarettes to lung canf foods had a 49% higher risk of developing the disease. they elevate your blood sugar quickly and include foods like white bread, rice, potatoes and popcorn. today for the first time ever the american academy of pediatrics will recommend that pediatricians screen children for poverty checkups. it's to help eliminate toxic health effects by catching it early. the aap called poverty one of the biggest health risks facing children in the united states. living in poverty can damage a child's brain development and long-term academic and ca
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children living in poverty are also more likelyo xp ideally start at birth to promote healy will and experts even after your child learns how to read on their own, make it a family activity. it means something when the parents spend that time. right now, dangerous flooding in louisiana. take a lock at this new video from the scene here. heavy rains are causing not just flooding but fallen trees and road closures. they are expecting so much rain that a flash flood alert is in effect for tomorrow.
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new video of a rare sight. take a look at sted more than fu indonesia and hundreds of small islands. the next solar eclipse visible in the u.s. won't come until 2045. wo't be looking up.eror that. we can step outside and really enjoy today. >> this is double bonus material from a forecast perspective. another day with temperatures soaring to near 25 degrees above average. there's our early morning colors. sun is up in eight minutes from now. already a little bit of a spike of sunlight coming over our eastern sky. a great
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outside. a great picture of theer d fill sunny skies and temperaturnight. back-door cool front is going to sneak into the area. it might be able to ring out a couple rain showers during the overnight hours thursday night into the predawn hours of friday morning. by friday afternoon, sunny and mild but not quite 80 degrees. closer to 70 on friday instead of 80. still well above average. sun is up at 6:28. temperatures in the 40s for most of us here the next couple hours. but 60s by 9:00. 70s by lunchtime. planning out your afternoon, nice day to be outside. uppe70
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a i'm forecasting 80. we'll be within a degree or so of equally or tying or breaking days. the only real chance for rain is late thursday night into early frud morning. the weekend, cooler on saturday. highs in the 60s. maybe a little shower chance on saturday, but most of it will be dry. a better chance for some hit and mi ssshowers on sunday. mild and temperatures near 70. kim mccormick, any snags on the roads? >> one is on gallows road south of route 7. watch out, it's causing a delay for you. if you are traveling through on 66 just after route 7 inside the beltway, there's a crash reported in the left lane. if you're in the district, there's a crash to watch out for. it's on penn street. this is south of new york
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towards kenzi ingkenzington. another traffic alert. expect lane closures on the 495 express lanes starting tonight. crews are installing new signs. the express only signs will be changed to match the purple top of the regulatory signs along the express lanes. the work could last until june. with millions expected to come to the nation's capital, metra will scale back work. trains will run at five straight weekends starting on saturday, march 19th. metro thinks this will ease congestion. tips to make your ride
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es o federal trngle iwomes is rch we're highlighting the strong, successful women who make our region great. this is dianna jordan from puerto rico and she's getting her degree in international studies at american university. she's focusing on latin american rights. she said she struggled with the decision of moving from puerto rico to d.c. to pursue her education, but once she arrived she said she hasn't regretted taking that leap of faith in order to advance her career. you can see her story and other incredible women on our nbc washington instagram. prince william county will not appeal a plan to treat and release toxic water. they plan to release 215 million gallons
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water inle aua from january's blizzard. it'sed a h the environment en the department of public w say it is will protect the river with hay bales and spread the snow out to melt to safely remove the trash and debris. in the 2016acc basketball tournament, virginia tech is playing at the verizon center. the game starts at 9:00 p.m. their opponent will depend on the outcome of a game earlier in the day.
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road. teorologist chuck bell has goo gonzalez outside the white house. a manhunt ends in d.c., but questions still remain about how a man accused of shooting an idaho pastor was able to get on
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developing story this morning, we're working to find out more about a shooting in northwest d.c. a live look at the scene for you right now. this is right by franklin square about a block away from the busy k street. >> a man was shot around 1:00 a.m. on i street. we'll bring you the latest in about 20 minutes.
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good morning, i'mn chces low for now, but as we head towards the weekend, rain chances will be creeping up. these mild days near 80 speeding up the cherry trees could be out here in three week's time. we'll take a look at the school day forecast coming up. we're looking live at i-66. just after the fairfax county parkway. heavy volume headed into the sunshine. apparently they don't have a heavy duty
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shington. erika gonzalez is live atrt:oot times on sunday. they apprehended him last night. here's what police are telling us this morning. police say kyle odom managed to take a plane from boise to d.c. on monday.
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>> i'm angie go live desk. check out this video after a rocks athis. devastating here. we know that buildings have been levelled. windows totally ploun out the firefighters are in the hospital recovering right now. at least 17 fire vehicles were on the scene. a lot of people saying the loud boom woke em
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rended a relationship and he couldn't move on after the breakup and that's what led him to kill the sisters. the homicides highlight the issue ofdo violence. it brings the total number of deaths due to domestic abuse to eight. that's one homicide in the county every eight days since the start of the year. state's attorney is backing a bill that's moving through the general assembly
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unit that responds to violence ers from buyinge terror watch l they plan to visitth morning and then attend hearings on those bills this it afternoon. chris van holen is testifying at one of those and now we're learning more about edwards. they are in a tight race
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is ye arclose. >> mourners will be able toenbu will be potholes, nbc 4 is working for you as we contueto to the people who can get them fixed.
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campaign. repo them to the destruct now. know about it. a look at the winners and
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for today. temperatures near 80 dive for safety as a car comes speeding towards him.
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california. he was reporting on side of the road when the car you see there crashed and just came speeding toward him. you can kind of hear it in the background. he credits had hi cameraman for yelling get out of the way. when the cameraman yells that, no questions asked. >> our m
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our first line of defen they ar with us every single day. >> everybody is okay here. p ten minutes. if you're traveling this morning, i-66 at the beltway, we're looking live at the chopper. the heaviest volume is at the
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beltway. interchange.he beltway is when you hop in the ct peak blo. police have daylight to search the scene here at 14th and i after a man is shot in the face nea ther
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in idaho after police arrested him in front of the white house. first, weather and traffic. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. great way to get the day started. nice and cool out there early this morning. it won't stay that way long. into the 70s by lunch. how warm, how long coming up at 6:51. if you're traveling through d.c., be careful. southbound 295 before burros a
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lane. more information coming up >> reporter: in the light of day, police c the sidewalk. bullets flew in this part of downtown. when they got here police found the man with gunshot injuries to his face. ant to find the d just after lly person who did this. as they work to find a motive and a suspect, the man shot is right now in the hospital with very serious injuries. there is a
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this crime scene and try to put about is doing something very radical. we are telling the amer people the truth. >> we do know we're coming into this election with incredible momentum. we know that we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. >> there were big upsets in the presidential primaries. bernie sanders got a big win in michigan a state favored to go to hillary clinton. ted
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idaho. that helpedyou. big n states. florida is interesting because it's marco rubio's home state where he was hoping for a victory but right now rubio is leaving from a dismal night. e he took home zero delegates there and he's down by a wide margin here in the state of florida. ohio will be interesting as well. john kasich celebrating a victo speech last night, although he hasn't won a single state in 23 that have
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far but stunning upset win over hillary clinton. clin banders some conn and to force hillary clinton to focus some of her time on donald trump, but more of it on sanders, at least for the near term. >> peter alexander, thank you. we'll see you in a bit on the "today" show. right now a home destroyed in a fire. take a look at these images right now. no one was hurt when the fire broke out in fairfax station overnight. this is on pains church drive. everyone made it out safely. firefighters are working to find out what caused the fire.
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monday. they are accused of ndedal
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that previouson on plans that
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job. new england. we'll be also near records. temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees warmer than average. tons of sunshine. these days are speeding up the cherry blossoms. the earliest peak on record is march 17th for the beginning of peak plos some. we're going to be a few days behind that. no chance for rain
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big high pressure pushing into forecasting 80. so that would be a new record. . so we'll be within a whisper of a record the next two days. cooler on friday with highs near 70. that's well above average. mostly cloudy saturday. maybe a sprinkle or two. better rain chances this weekend on sunday. but it's going to stay mild all the way think the next seven to ten days. >> we're looking live from the chopper on 66 eastbound. that's the heavy traffic headed to the bottom of the screen right at route 50. no problems on 66 right now at this point. that's good news. just typical heavy volume to watch out for. i-270 just above the 270 spur.
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duke street. you see the o wnd the bridge into d.c. i'm angie goff at the live desk. vice president joe bidens after two missiles were fired. new video that we just got in. this act defies a threat of new sanctions from the u.s. biden saying if iran breaks terms of a nuclear deal, we will act. iran says the missiles are capable of reaching israel and come a day after more launches with the u.s. plan to bring that to the u.n. security council. that's the latest. back to you. it's now 6:55. a major break
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thenzalez is live at what was written in that manifesto. whose names were included. all questions that idaho police are looking into this morning. here outside the white house officials a swasi apprehended b service. he launched flash drives and a manifesto over the white house fence. again still lots to learn in this investigation including the
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we can give you an wmoh. the national park service bp its priction orst, but they wil still be nice. 6:56. before you head out the door, the man behind some iconic beatles albums has died. sir george martin was the beatles producer. viewing begins for nancy reagan who passed away over the weekend. she was 94. she will lie in repose at the presidential library in california. a private funeral is set for friday. four more primaries in the books. bernie sanders pulled
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upset in michigan.arnorthwest. right now there's no word onsper forecasts i have ever put out there in e it. >> that is the morning. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic d breakani
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business empire. >> make the finest wine, as good of wine as you can get anywhere in the world. >> we'll join us live. on the democratichillary clinton's hopes to lock up the nomination dashes with bernie sanders win in a key state. a pastor shot in a rally


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