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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 6, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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and right now it's all about the battle for delegates. decision 2016 bringing key wins for candidates as hillary clinton and donald trump try to keep their lead and get further ahead. going out a champion. quarterback peyton manning is set to announce his retirement after leading the problem companies to super bowl victory. and metro general manager taking a hard look at safety and security as a big change for riders goes in to place. some of us saw some rain or snow early this morning. but we don't have to worry about that now. >> yeah, we'll be talking about a warm aup ov-up over the next days. larn ri lauryn ricketts is here with the week ahead. >> you'll love this week because it will feel more like
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march. not quite today, though. we have to get through take. it does look a little on the gloomy side. let's the show you what the it ps are doing. we're up to 42 here. so we keep improving each hour. eventually we'll top out around 50 degrees today. still cool in the shenandoah valley. looking good as we continue through this morning. we have limited sunshine out there. so if you're headed out to take the dog for a walk or maybe crust go out for a walk yourself, we have limited sunshine as we continue through the midday. again, temperatures will top out in the upper 40s to right around 50 degrees with decreasing clouds. so i think we'll have more sunshine this afternoon. and a lot of sunshine on the "7-day forecast" and of course warming temperatures. we'll talk about it coming up. developing right now, d.c. police are investigating a bizarre shooting in northwest. a man was apparently shot on clo columbia road but found at euclid and 16th streets. we're still waiting for an update on the victim's
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suspects or what could have led up to the shooting. now to decision 2016. a big weekend for the candidates vying to become the next president. ted cruz, bernie sanders, donald trump each racked up two primary wins a piece. hillary clinton also took home a win. chris pollone breaks it all down and has the current delegate count. >> reporter: on super saturday, texas senator ted cruz visited the winner's circle first, picking up 17 delegates in kansas and 12 more in maine. >> i think the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. >> reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win, too, in the straw poll at cpac, the annual gathering of conservatives in washington. cpac is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination, but donald trump is playing by his own rules. fresh off his win in louisiana,
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county of delegates is up for grabs in just ten days. >> i've taken more questions from reporters than any human being maybe that has ever lived. >> reporter: in a late night news conference, trump says it's time for the republican field to thin. >> marco rubio had a very very bad night and personally i'd call for him to drop out of the race. >> reporter: marco rubio brushed off that suggestion. democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up some momentum on super saturday entering the day with half the delegates of hillary clinton. he won the kansas and nebraska caucuses, but clinton had a resounding win in louisiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election. and we all know, we all know the stakes keep getting higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. >> reporter: sunday more delegates on the line, republicans have a primary in puerto rico and democrats cauc
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with contests in hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan following on tuesday. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. donald trump says if elected, he would relax the torture laws in order to fight terrorism. >> hard to be successful in beating someone, when your rules are very soft and their rules are unlimited, they can do whatever they want to do. >> trump seemed to reverse his stance on torture after being criticized by top national security experts. he previously called for killing the families of violent extremists and bringing back waterboarding. trump says he would use every legal power to fight terrorism. without violating international law. some hard truths and revelations from metro's general manager this morning. it's been 90 days since paul wiedefeld took the job and
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released a letter spelling out what metro is most in need of. derrick ward is live at metro center. >> reporter: three months in has given him enough time to do an assessment of the system and he sort of hit the ground running or rolling. started riding the system, talking to customers. and he's come up with some assessments but it's not without some pain. metro general manager paul wiedefeld says that safety, that's the first thing on everybody's mind and that's the challenge for them, restoring faith in the safety of the system. not only on the rails, but on the railcars. the other thing is keeping those trains, buses and parra transit running on time. and there is a lot of need for capital improvement. that means track work. and that means delays. that is one of the things that erodes passengers' faith in the system is those delays. of course the answer to problems like this so often is more money. and there is going to be a need for an increase in revenue. and he
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balance of combination of increases in the subsidy that the system gets in the various jurisdictions and from fare cards purchases and fares as well. so those are the things going forwardoff the next ten years. and we're already starting to see some implement tags before as of today, metro will no longer accept these old paper fare cards. i've got 40 cents left on this, so i will cash it in and buy me like that. derrick ward, new s. coming up, thieves that ran into cars and left a mess. and peyton manning expected to announce his retirement. the new report claiming the star quarterback is ready to leave the nfl.
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new this morning, peyton manning will announce his
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conferen conference. the denver broncos confirm the news on their website. the broncos quarterback has been toying with the idea of coming back to the nfl after winning super bowl 50. peyton manning retires at nfl's all-time leader this pass touchdowns, pass yards and quarterback wins. going out on top. well, neighbors described it as surreal. a stolen fire truck smashed in to cars and houses. it happened in northern ireland. police say two people stole the rig from a fire station yesterday morning. the truck crashed in to a number of parked cars leaving debris everywhere. the truck went through the cars an ended up in someone's front yard. luckily no one was hurt, but the truck was seriously damaged. snow and cold are gone and it will feel like spring soon. the nicest days to get outside and when that rain will return. and their job is to save lives. how local firefighters though are joinin
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. they save lives every day and today nearly 2,000 firefighters from across the country will be saving lives in a different way. >> that's right. they will be racing up a 69 story highrise to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. mark segraves caught up with a team of local firefighters who say for them helping to bate
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>> our job is to save lives and we can do that more than just coming to work. we can raise money to help fight cancer. >> reporter: sean, troy and tim have been trained getting ready for this sunday when they will be representing the d.c. fire department at the 25th annual stair climb challenge in seattle. where they will race to the top of the columbia tower. 69 floors, 788 feet, 1311 steps, wearing about 70 pounds of gear. >> the society have placed little pictures on the landing as you go up to remind you of the people that are fighting cancer. we're climbing 69 flights and they're in the fight of their life. >> my mother-in-law is a survivor. >> reporter: the event raises millions each year. for firefighters, cancer is a real threat.
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in the incident rates are phenomenal. really seen a noticeable uptick and unbelievable it comes with the job unfortunately. >> reporter: d.c.'s new fire chief is from seattle and has done the stair challenge himself. >> i was probably the slowest man in history. >> reporter: and he says what these three firefighters are doing is just one example of how dedicated the men and women of the department are to their community. >> they are using their own money to fly out to seattle. >> reporter: it can be the littlest thing like holding an old lady's hand to pulling somebody out of a burning building. >> reporter: last year's challenge raised $2.2 million for cancer research. if you want to sponsor the climb, we have a link on the app, search d.c. firefighters. mark segraves, news 4.
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>> the presidential race is proving it's all about the delegates and not how many states you necessarily win. >> joining us now to break it down, moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. and that is an interesting thing. it really comes down to delegates and at this point you start to really to narrow the field. >> and ted cruz, they split four states last night, but ted cruz won the night in delegates. so ted cruz won saturday. he got a little bit closer to the mark. and think the question is this because of trump's bad debate performance on thursday, or what mitt romney has done, or were these four states more tailormade for cruz. i want to see what happens in michigan and mississippi. those are more open primaries. democrats an independents can vote. trump has done well in those types of primaries before. if we see a narrowing now, if we see him either bare
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even losing, we'll see something happening. >> and talk about bernie sanders. we know that he took kansas and nebraska, but not so much about the states. so really when we break todown e numbers, what sdw he have to do to really be on the path to the nomination? >> so we had trhree contests on the democratic side, bernie sanders won two but hillary clinton won more delegates. she cleaned up in louisiana. in kansas and nebraska, much smaller delegate hauls and hillary clinton did better than sanders in louisiana. so we are now at a point where sanders has to win more than 60% of the remaining delegates in order to win this nomination. to do that, you have to win some 70% of the raw vote. so explain -- i mean only vermont has he done that. and that's his home state. so we're getting to the point where
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viable -- two reasons for sanders to stay on. keep her from moving too far to the center on ideology, keep pushing her on progressive issues. and second to stay in because you never know what the fbi might come up with. and that's the other aspect. >> all that is great, but let's talk about the real buzz that is in this building. >> i did have a sitting president onset. >> i thought you were going to bring him in here. >> there he is. "house of cards." >> one sitting president on, yeah. and he has an interesting -- he talks about a fictitious potential debate between track underwood and donald trump and he will tell you who he thinks can win that debate. underwood/trump. >> what if they teamed up. >> and speaking of flexibility, nobody more flexible than frank underwood. he will cut a deal with anybody.
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>> true. >> thanks so much, chuck. >> and lindsey graham in all of his lindsey glory today. if you enjoy lindsey graham sound bites, wait until you hear what he says on the show. so romney, glraham and underwoo. >> you can see mek secan see "m every sunday on nbc 4. a big push on get affordable housing for all. hundreds turned out for a rally on saturday. the group wants more than $100 million to be put into a trust fund to help homeless people secure affordable housing. the mayor says she believes that can happen in the next budget. she reiterated her support for housing subsidies. >> there is no government that can tell you they can reverse housing prices. so what we can do is make sure that they
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supporting subsidized units, in preserving housing and ending homelessness. that's what our focus is. >> advocates say rent control is critical. we're waking up to a cool sunday, but overall today will be pretty good. >> not bad out there today. tomorrow even as we go in to the rest of the week. >> some slivers of sunshine starting to come through. >> when i was outside around 9:30, we started to see a little bit of sunshine, so that is fine with me. yeah, it is a little cloudy in some areas. and i don't think we'll have full sunshine today. but mid week we will do that. and that's when the temperatures are in the mid-70s. yes, that is where we're headed. not the today, these. we have to get through today. temperatures will be in the 50s today after again a cloudy start. look at our city camera, pretty much clouds in a lot o
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up. so sunshine trying to move in from time to time. right now we're looking at temperatures in the low 40s, a light wind. all in all not too bad out there. temperatures across the board, we're at 42. 45 in manassas, 43 in culpeper. 39 in frederick. stanton at 51 degrees. so outlook for today, if you want to head to the slope, go ahead and do it. one of the last weekends as we're now into march. winds are light, looking good throughout the east coast. car wash, get it done because we'll be dry for days. the next chance of rain possibly friday and saturday. and a lot of races taking place today. at the time out and p joy. here is the break this sunshine that we're seeing. yeah, there it is. we did have some snow showers
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so the pavement could be wet. but i don't have any snow on this "7-day forecast." as we continue into the afternoon, i think we'll break out even a little bit more sunshine at 3:45 this afternoon. and then as we continue into the overnight, we'll go partly cloudy. but looking great as you make your way in into work on this monday, tomorrow. and then as we get into monday night, still looking good. everything is pretty calm and tranquil as we continue into this week. again, not a lot going on. but just that little bit of a winter warm-up going on. so if you're headed outside today, again temperatures will be they'ring 50 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. so it will be great running weather and great maybe to go out for a sunday night on the up to. partly cloudy and calm with temperatures in the 40s. we won't fall too far overnight. again the next chance of rain not going to be until friday. so enjoy it. do i believe we'll have full sunshine as we get into wednesday and thursday. and again that just happens to be when the temperatures w
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so right around 50 degrees today. tomorrow morning you'll wake up, temperatures will be in the 30s. but then we quickly rise. in fact temperatures by tomorrow afternoon are going to be right around 60 degrees. so looking good for your drive into work and your drive home. and looking good the rest of this week. again, 70s wednesday and thursday. next chance of rain friday and saturday. >> applaud for that. really nice. 10:22. d.c. police are investigating a shooting in northwest. a man shot on columbia road but found at euclid and 16th streets last night. heavy rain will continue today in northern california. a 48-year-old woman died after a car drove in to floodwaters. the driver drove around blockades which were closed due to flooding. paper fare cards on metro a thing of the past. starting today, all metro riders have to
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>> and peyton manning will announce his retirement tomorrow from the nfl. i really am running the best campaign, aren't i? the media is saying they haven't seen anything like this, not since germ any in tany in the 1. >> sat night live oig takes on all candidates. how they had fun at the expense of some of the biggest political moments. ♪ the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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he really is a sad desperate little potato back there, aren't you, chris? >> yes, sir, thank you, sir, please, sir, may i have another. >> no. >> oh, yeah. it's quickly become the social media moment of the week. chris christie's expression standing behind donald trump on super tuesday. so naturally "saturday night live" decided to make fun of it also. people said christie looked like a hostage that needed to be freed. and snl jabbed at hillary clinton for her push for minority voters. >> aren't these people great? they are strong, they're beautiful, and they have all been punched in the nose at a trump rally. >> snl alum even returned to join in on the fun and he revised his role as mitt romney. looks just like him. >> i love it. so you will want to activ
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this sunday, have the republicans found their anti-trump? ted cruz has himself a super saturday and donald trump, who won louisiana and kentucky, seems to agree. >> i won ted one-on-one, okay. >> cruz wins kansas and maine and wins the day on delegates. >> donald tru is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. >> meanwhile, whatever happened to marco rubio? three thirds and a fourth on a rough night. also, bernie sanders scores wins in kansas and nebraska, but hillary clinton takes louisiana and the most delegates for the day. >> you just want to pull your hair out when you see that insult fest that goes on among the


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