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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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poring over every inch of this woodbridge home, the scene of one of the worst shootings in years of this county. more evidence collected to try to answer the question of what caused army staff sergeant ronald hamilton to allegedly turn a pistol on his wife, then open fire with an automatic rifle on three responding officers. rookie ashley grun done was killed, two others wounded. on the lawn, the memorial to victim crystal hamilton grows. >> her life was not taken in vain. i feel like this is just the beginning of something that is bigger than all of us. >> reporter: wendy howard is crystal's older sister. she says she never imagined ronald hamilton would turn on the woman who was his high school sweetheart. >> i even said it to her. i'm like this is your protector, and to say that to her and this is the same person who turned around and took her life, it's a hard pill to swallow. >> reporter: howard tells me when the couple's 11-year-old son returned home from a
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could tell his parents had been arguing. things got worse. howard says her sister yelled at her son to run. as he fled, he reportedly saw his dad pick up his mom and throw her down. howard says, the boy heard gunshots as he ran down the stairs and out of the house. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> i thank ashley so much because she sacrificed herself and her life for my sister. >> reporter: but wendy howard is hopeful her family's terrible loss will open others' eyes to the issue of domestic violence and the danger of staying silent. >> if you know of people going through the same thing that my sister i'm sure was going through and never said anything about it, don't be afraid. this is your opportunity. if you don't get out for yourself, get out for your kids. get out for your family. >> reporter: in woodbridge, julie carey, news4. >> this evening the community is being asked to come out and honor officer ashley
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news4's darcy spencer continues our live team coverage with the details on that and the funeral arrangements which were announced today. >> reporter: wendy, we are live here at the garfield station of the prince william county police department. take a look here. you can see the police cruiser with all the flowers and mementos that have been dropped off here. people continuing to come out to pay their respects to this officer. here are the funeral arrangements. they were just announced today. services will be held at the hylton memorial chapel here in woodbridge. the view something set to begin at 10:00 tomorrow morning. funeral services will begin at noon. the public is welcome to attend the services but the priority will be given to fellow law enforcement and government officials due to limited space at the chapel. >> with the family coming in and with all the different arrangements, officer guindon is going to be interned up in massachusett
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turnaround. we understand that, but we also wanted the opportunity as a community, as a department to be able to grieve and mourn and honor her. >> reporter: now, officer ashley guindon was shot while responding to a domestic call on lashmere court here in woodbridge on saturday afternoon. she later died at the hospital. as julie mentioned, the alleged shooter has been taken into custody. also new today, the medical examiner ruled her death as a homicide. she had been shot in the torso and the right arm. now, you also mentioned there's going to be a procession this evening to take the officer from mount castle funeral home to hylton memorial chapel. that procession tiwill begin he at 7:00. prince william police asking res donts line the route of the procession to scho that support. it will pass in front of the garfield station here in woodbridge. if you want additional information and more details about the services and that procession that's going to
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website,, and search under officer funeral. chris, back to you. >> thanks, darcy. and police are warning folks do not donate to go fund me pages that were supposedly set up for officer guindon. the prince william county department says it's received reports of a number of pages but hasn't been able to determine if any of them are legitimate. officials say there's no money needed to cover her services. the prince william county police association has created an account for anyone that wants to donate money to the family. they will take all that money and then send it directly to ashley's mother. we're also following a developing story in virginia where the man suspected of killing two college students is going to enter a plea agreement in both of those cases. the prosecutor in albemarle county said jesse matthew is set to enter a plea agreement in court on wednesday. he's charged in the murders of morgan harrington and uva student hannah graham. he's already serving
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fairfax, but without this plea agreement he could have faced the death penalty in the hannah graham case. in the race for the white house, it is the final sprint to super tuesday. candidates on both sides making their cases to voters in virginia today. donald trump was in southwest virginia speaking at radford university. ben carson courted the evangelicals by visiting regent university in virginia beach. hillary clinton is in fairfax holding a rally at george mason university. that rally for clinton at george mason just got under way less than an hour ago. the crowd includes undecided democrats and republicans who want to hear what she has to say. david culver is live there now with that story. >> reporter: hi there, wendy. yeah, behind me is the hub center, the student center, here at george mason university. as you can see, hillary clinton is on the stage right now speaking to a crowd of about 1,000. they waited hours to get in
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introduced by virginia governor terry mcauliffe. it was interesting talk taing t some of the folks waiting in line to see her. some of them were not even clinton supporters, but most of them seem to be curious voters trying to find the right candidate. spring-like weather on this last february day. making the wait outside feel not all that bad. many in this crowd students here at george mason university. >> i'm actually still deciding, but this might change my mind. >> reporter: they're lined up to hear democratic hopeful hillary clinton. some for obvious reasons. >> because we like hillary and my daughter really loves hillary, so we came out. >> reporter: others not so sure. are you leaning towards one or the other right now? >> right now(
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swayed her either way yet. as somebody undecided trying to get the issues, do you feel like you're getting them? >> no. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: really? >> absolutely, yeah. the debates, nothing. we don't get anything out of the debates, i don't think. >> the back and forth insults is really getting under the skin of many voters including myself. >> reporter: tyler was a republican who was just in marco rubio event yesterday. >> on the republican side we're not being offered many positive candidates. on the democrat side we're offered just a few positive candidates. everybody is doing negative. we're in a situation of which one is the least worst. >> reporter: if you're a voter here in virginia,
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they will close at 7:00. the event is still going on behind me. we're working to catch up with some of the same folks you saw in the piece. we'll let you know if their opinions have changed. that will be ahead in the next hour. chris, back to you. >> thanks, david. virginia is part of a wave of primaries tomorrow. all told, voters in 12 states and one u.s. territory will head to the polls on super tuesday and three new polls give us a lot of insight into how things are shaping up in the south. the nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist college poll shows donald trump leading in georgia and tennessee, but georgia is the tighter of those races with trump up by 7% over senators ted cruz and marco rubio. now, dr. ben carson and governor john kasich are polling under 10%. but in tennessee the poll predicts a much wider margin of victory. right now trump has the support of about 40% of
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republican voters. cruz and rubio, they're in a tight race for second. but in his home state of texas, very different story. senator cruz is up by 13% over trump and more than 20% over rubio. over on the democratic side, well, it's a lot easier to sort out. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in all three southern states by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. nbc news is going to have special coverage of super tuesday. tune in at 10:00 tomorrow night for results and analysis from lester holt, chuck todd, and the rest of the nbc news politics team. that's going to be followed immediately by news4 at 11:00. spring fever is definitely taking root, so talking about rain and snow may not be the one thing you want to hear about right now, doug. are you going to talk about that? >> yeah, we are talking about that later on this week. really is hard to believe that winter is going to make a comeback after a couple of beautiful days. yesterday a high of 65. today we were right back there
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again. plenty of sunshine. look at the temperatures. a high of 61 in frederick. 63 down in leesburg. 66 in warrenton. 64 in d.c. 67 patuxent river. so a very nice monday across the region. one more nice one. tomorrow will be a nice day but then turning much cooler for wednesday. we'll talk about that and, yes, winter not over yet. there is a chance for snow in the five-day forecast. i have got that for you coming up in a couple minutes. thanks, doug. today a montgomery county community remembers a high school student who was killed in a crash over the weekend. tommy buarque de macedo died saturday night along with two of his family members. their car collided with another vehicle on river road and meagan fitzgerald has been talking to people who knew him. >> reporter: there's no question about it. things are different here at walt whitman high school. >> he was a part of the debate team. he was really smart. >> tommy is the kind of kid who is larger than life and he's always doing something crazy.
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dough was just 17 years old. a focused senior with big dreams. gee got into georgia tech. he was really excited to go there next year. >> reporter: but montgomery county police say on saturday evening tommy, his sister helena, and their two parents were driving down river road near pyle when a vehicle collided into them. tommy and his parents died. his sister, who is a sophomore at whitman, was left fighting r for her life. >> it's going to be hard for everyone just because there's never going to be another tommy. >> reporter: but today tommy's spirit was remembered. >> apparently he liked to wear some crazy socks and that's just something we're going to do for him. >> reporter: a spirit that touched many students and faculty members too. >> did write his letter of recommendation for college so i did know him personally. >> reporter: today wasn't the same here at walt whitman high school, but a reminder of perhaps the most important lesson of all. >> life is
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treasure it and you got to treasure everyone you know. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> i think that student said it all. adam tuss has been talking to folks who live near this intersection. ahead in our next half hour, we're going to hear from them about the attempt to make this stretch of road safer for everyone. he helped rescue is hostage in afghanistan, shielded him with his own body. we'll introduce you with the s.e.a.l. team member awarded the highest military honor. >> reporter: a shooting on green nti greenbelt road. be on the lookout for a suspect with books under his arm. that story coming up, news4. coming up on news4, an exclusive look inside the new private ambulance service that will hit the streets of d.cin the ne. xt
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now get something that only fios offers: 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for a price we've never offered before: just $69.99 a month online. and there isn't even an annual contract. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. in just a few weeks, how you get to the hospital if you have an emergency in the district will be changing. a private ambulance service is going to start responding to 911 calls and mark segraves got a look at how that company will handle transports in a report you will see only on news4 tonight. >> reporter: hey, good evening, chris. yeah, this is what people mostly think of when they think of where ambulances are
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a firehouse, but that's not how the private ambulances are going to be deployed. for 18 hours a day between 12 and 24 private ambulances will be posted across the district, but they won't be sitting around waiting for calls. they'll be constantly moving and strategically deployed based on data. >> you actually can within reason start to make predictive models of where calls are going to come from, what neighborhoods they will come from, and what times they will come from. you always have to build in a buper. >> reporter: amr is a nationwide medical transport company. the district is paying amr about $9 million for the first year. not only will they use data from 911 calls to predict needs for service, but they'll also be paying attention to rush hour when it comes to deployment. >> predict where we're going to see calls, what time of day we will see calls, and we actually are getting to the point now where we have geospatial guides that are overlaying traskt pffi patterns over top
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>> reporter: they will be staffed with two certified emts as well as the same monitoring equipment as d.c. fire. when you call 911 for a medical emergency, d.c. fire will still be the first to respond, but if it's a nonlife threatening emergency, d.c. fire will then request an amr ambulance for transport. but amr won't wait for the call from d.c. fire to deploy. they'll have dispatchers working inside the 911 call center. >> if a call looks as though we're pretty certain it's going to wind up being triaged to us for transport, we can proactively start moving ambulances in that direction in a nonemergency basis until we get the actual request. >> reporter: so a lot of people have been asking us at news4 how is this going to impact the billing for your insurance should you have to use an ambulance, and the answer is it won't change anything. amr will never send a bill to anyone who they transport. that will still remain the function of the d.c. government to bill your insurance company. coming up at 6:00, who is going to get all these jobs, t
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new ambulance service? and what will it mean for you if you have to call 911? wendy, back to you in the studio. a special moment as a navy s.e.a.l. steps out of the shadows to receive the nation's highest military honor. senior chief edward byers was awarded the medal of honor today for his role in rescuing a doctor who was held hostage in afghanistan in december of 2012. byers was the second man through the door during that rescue attempt. the first was shot immediately. byers then took on two guards while he shielded the doctor from harm with his own body. >> in just minutes by going after those guards ed saved the lives of several teammates and that hostage. you're safe, the s.e.a.l.s told the doctor. you are with american forces. and that hostage came home to be reunited with his wife and his children. >> byers' teammate nick check
5:19 pm
the president says check is one of 55 s.e.a.l.s to have died since 9/11. >> amazing what they did, but, you know, if you think that fearless is a quality that's confined to the u.s. military, you haven't met sidney barda. >> she's 12 years old, and she's a young hoops player from our area and she turns heads with her talents and inspires with her story. carol maloney joins us with more. >> i was blown away by this little girl after watching her play basketball this winter, and i knew i had to tell her story. at the age of 6 at a weekend school event, scaffolding collapsed right on top of sidney. the accident took her leg but not her spirit. at first glance, sidney barda looks like like a prototypical highly talented preteen hoops player, but look again. >> some people stare and they're like, oh, wow, what's going on here? some people are like that's really weird and some people don't notice. i don't
5:20 pm
>> reporter: she picked up basketball after the accident. her leg was crushed. four months in a hospital and a few more in a wheelchair. she was down until her first prosthetic. >> five months of like not even walking and then i get my leg and i walk around and my walk was a swagger walk. i remember thinking i guess i'm going to go to space now. >> reporter: for now the court is her cloud nine. at first jumping was hard. >> first couple times i saw her play, i literally cried. they told us originally if she had an amputation she could walk but not on sand and not on grass. the first time she played basketball after the accident, i literally cried. >> she brings it every single game and she wants to get better, and she's coachable and she listens and she works her tail off day in and day out. >> reporter: some
5:21 pm
spirit, visible from head to toe. >> i don't like pity. i have to show for everyone with a prosthetic that you can do whatever you want. >> she's just amazing. sidney, she plays on a number of teams year round but she's currently in the playoffs with her arlington all-star teams. she's a starter and she aspires to play in college like her mother. >> how much do we love her attitude? she's amazing. >> she is so bright and happy. >> good for her, as she should be. good for her. >> well told. >> thank you, carol. an arrest in a sexual assault case in northern virginia. it could help solve other crimes against women in our area. and a motorcycle crash in southern maryland was being investigated as a murder. now there's been a big develop in the case. and in the last hour sportscaster herin andrews take the
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> what beautiful weather we've had over the last couple days. great yesterday, high temperature of 65 degrees. pretty nice so far today. a high of 64 unofficially. tomorrow we'll get back to those numbers, but then we've got some changes. let's take a look outside right now and show what you we're dealing with now first. plenty of
5:25 pm
across parts of the area. 61 in d.c. winds out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. winds have been gusting upwards of 30, 35 miles an hour during the afternoon today, but, again, that warming wind has really helped us out. down to 54 right now in b gaithersburg. 63 in manassas. rockville at 56 degrees right now. we have some nice, mild air on this monday and nothing else to worry about, no rain, no snow. you're not going to need the storm team4 radar. we saw that little system move by early this morning. that one well out into the atlantic. the next system we have is way back here. notice some snow back here towards the dakotas. that's the next system that will move our way. that system will come in tomorrow night into wednesday. it will move across the country fairly quickly. way tonight show you how it's going to play out. future weather, here is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. watch what happened as we move through the day. tomorrow another great one. a few more clouds in the afternoon but nice and
5:26 pm
upper 50s to low 60s. and then by 11:00 we see a lot of cloud cover and starting to see a chance for showers. the front actually comes through overnight. this is wednesday morning at 4:00 p.m. we may have a brief heavy downpour and very gusty winds. winds could gust 30 to 40 miles per hour on wednesday night. the rain moves out of here, it's gone by 7:00, 8:00. by wednesday afternoon you will notice the change. breezy and chilly conditions. highs on tuesday again in the low 60s. on wednesday it's going to be in the 40s all day with windchills in the 30s. so we're talking about a much colder day on wednesday. so get out and enjoy tomorrow if you can. a nice start tomorrow at the bus stop. temperatures around 43 degrees as the kids step out. between 3:00 and 4:00, nice and mild. temperature around 62 degrees. so once again we're looking at one more nice day and then you see the change come through. 45 in the afternoon on wednesday. chance of rain early in the morning. again, most of us will not be
5:27 pm
it's all done by 7:00, 8:00. 40 degrees on thursday. and then look at friday. high temperature of 39 degrees. rain and snow, yeah, could happen. especially thursday night into friday. we could see some snow. could affect our morning commute on friday. that is something we'll continue to talk about, guys. if you thought or you were hoping that winter is over, not quite yet. you know in march it tries to hold on a little bit. it tries to hold on. >> yes, it does. as spring teases us. >> exactly. >> over in february, a little too good to be true. >> of course. >> leap year. right now at 5:00, a high speed police chase doesn't end with just this crash. see how this wild scene played out. and shots are fired in the middle of the morning just as kids were settling into school. pat collins talked to a witness who saw it all go down. his live report is coming up next. i'm adam tuss in bethesda. a community in mourning after a horrible accident here over the weekend, and now calls to make this intersection saer
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haen here coming up. pp
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but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. now at 5:30, a brazen daytime shooting along a busy road in prince george's county. it leaves a 17-year-old seriously wounded and this evening the search is on for two people wanted in connection to that shooting. >> it all unfolded just before 9:00 this morning in greenbelt road in lanham. several schools had to be put in lockdown. let's get tth
5:31 pm
collins. pat, what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris a teenager is fighting for his life right now after a broad daylight shooting here. a witness says he saw two suspects running from the scene. he says one of them was carrying books. >> started out to be a beautiful morning until i heard three gunshots. >> reporter: we call him mike. he was here this morning when it happened, when that teenager was shot as he was walking down greenbelt road. shots fired, the teen ended up in the median. he was rushed to the hospital. mike says he saw two suspects running from the scene. >> heard three gunshots, came over here, saw two boys run behind this building. that's all i saw. >> reporter: did they have anything in their hands? >> one of them had books in their hands. >> reporter: one of them had books in their hands. >> two teenage boys. >> reporter: duval high sch
5:32 pm
duval and a couple other schools, even a senior's home, was put on lockdown for about an hour as police investigated the case. a police source says there's no known connection between the victim and duval high school. police believe the motive may be an ongoing dispute between the victim and the shooter. people who live and work in the neighborhood are upset by this broad daylight violence. >> it's sad. it shouldn't be happening, but it continues to happen, and i think we need to bring a stop to it somehow. kids shouldn't be locked down in high schools. it shouldn't be how it is. >> reporter: people whot o own businesses here, who live here all speaking out tonight about what happened here. more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. chris, back to you. >> thanks, pat. over the weekend an accident killed three members of a family, but now it is renewing
5:33 pm
intersection in bethesda. a student from walt whitman high school and his parents were killed. his sister is still in critical condition. they were on their way to a school play at whitman when the family's car collided with another vehicle on river road near pyle. adam? >> reporter: let me give you an idea what that intersection is like where the accident happened. right there is where the family was trying to make the left turn to get to pyle road, but if you swing it around and take a look at river road, this is outbound traffic headed toward the beltway. it comes over a hill there and the posted speed limit is 45 miles an hour, and that traffic comes down fast on anyone making a left turn. sit here at the intersection of river road and the cross overto pyle road near whitman high and you start to notice a trend. the left turn lanes are tricky and the traffic coming down the hill moves fast. >> speed is one
5:34 pm
investigators always look at in every crash. >> reporter: while we still don't know what specifically happened, investigators describe the scene here saturday night as horrific. this left turn does provide a back entrance to the parking lot at whitman high. it's used by students, staff, and buses. the family was trying to make this turn on their way to a school play at whitman high saturday night. >> it's unregulated and it's extremely dangerous and hazardous. >> reporter: richard has lived in this neighborhood for almost 20 years. back in 2008 he collected hundreds of signatures and comments showing concerns about the intersection. the case is made for a traffic signal here. richard sent the petition to the state highway administration. >> we tried to work constructively with the state highway administration, but they viewed us as sort of a nimby effort to be defeated. >> reporter: council member roger berliner who represents bethesda telling the state hay
5:35 pm
hsa for some time to do something and now this trage dip has taken place. by god, they better do something. >> reporter: the state highway administration says that they will come back out to this intersection, take a look at it, and they do make the point that over the years they have made design changes to this intersection. they just haven't put in the traffic light that this community has asked for, but coming up at 6:00, i will tell you how this community says this whole problem can simply just go away. wendy, back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. there are more charges now against former prince george's county school aide deonte carraway. federal prosecutors say carraway is now facing 13 counts of sexually exploiting children to produce child pornography. all of those kids between the ages of 9 and 12. the indictment released today says carraway engaged in graphic sex acts with some of those chin.
5:36 pm
sylvania woods elementary in glenarden. maryland state police now say the biker who was killed in a crash on route 5 was not shot. robert anderson died sunday after being thrown off his bike in charles county near old leonardtown road. a forensic examiner who was first on the scene initially said there was evidence of a gunshot wound, but an autopsy determined it was a puncture wound from when the motorcycle crashed so anderson's death has now been ruled accidental. an e. coli scare at the national zoo. the kids' farm exhibit temporary closed because the bacteria was discovered in four goats and one cow. zoo officials say that e. coli was detected after a routine screening earlier this month. the animals now quarantined. they will be monitored and will be released from quarantine after three consecutive negative tests. zoo officials also say that so far no humans have shown signs of being affected by e. coli. a sexual assault case
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5:37 pm
suspect is already behind bars. hear what the victim did that helped lead to an arrest and could help solve some other cases as well. i'm susan hogahogan. cell phone di
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opening at
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woman accused of killing her grandmother in maryland. prosecutors say harris stabbed lily morris at the home they shared in frederick county. this happened back in december of 2014. harris told police she saw a man in a ski mask running from the home, but officers later focused their investigation on her. the defense says if she's convicted, it will present evidence of mental illness. a man is in custody for a sexual assault in arlington and police are trying to figure out if he could be connected to a series of attacks. investigators say dna evidence connects santos vasquez lopez to an attack along north pershing street last summer. they say a woman was walking home at night when a man grabbed her and tried to remove her clothing. police are looking into the possibility this guy could be involved in a series of attacks that occurred along a bike trail in that area. we're following a developing story right now. sportscaster erin andrews is on the stand in a
5:41 pm
stalking her. michael david barrett spent 30 months in jail after he was found guilty of secretly recording nude videos of andrews in a hotel room. now she's seeking $75 million in a lawsuit against both barrett and that hotel in nashville. it claims negligence, emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. just a few minutes ago andrews broke down while testifying about having to watch that video in front of her family and fbi agents. >> i put my hand over my body because it was so embarrassing. the fbi had to watch that in front of me. we were just trying to look around at the room to figure out what it was. >> the hotel says barrett is to blame and hotel managers should not be held responsible. the murder of a prince william county police officer hits home for a new england community where she grew up. how they are honoring t
5:42 pm
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress.
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this message. cell phone service, what would we do without it these days? >> curl up in a ball, cry, whimper. it can be frustrating when a call drops out but imagine one guy in virginia who couldn't even get through to 911. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has his story. >> reporter: that's right.
5:45 pm
all been there, lost connections, dropped calls. now news4 has learned how some cell phone carriers are making sure we stay connected no matter where we are. james of sterling, virginia, had just arrived home from the hospital to recover from surgery when less than an hour later -- >> i was bleeding through. i even bled through the cast and all the bandages. >> reporter: when he dialed 911 emergency from his upstairs bedroom, he said his cell phone would not connect. >> it was terrifying, to be quite honest with you. to not be able to call for help. not able to get through to help. >> reporter: james' wife took the cell phone downstairs. >> the other three calls were made here and she's walking back and forth trying to find the right signal. >> reporter: and on the fourth try she got through. an ambulance eventually came out and today james is recovering at home. it's been a few months and he's still trying to figure out why he couldn't connect to 911 a
5:46 pm
>> standing just right here or standing on this side of the room, it changes towers immediately. >> reporter: a t-mobile technician came home and said his town home stands between two cell towers. >> i went to here and it dropped a bar. >> reporter: t-mobile sent out an engineer and sent james four different phones. still no solid answer. we sought out an answer for a possible explanation. joseph kennedy is a cell phone tower mapping expert. >> and a tower will try to communicate with the cell phone, and if it has difficulty, it can only do so much. >> reporter: it's no surprise when you don't get a signal in a rural area or, say, a parking garage, but living in the d.c. metro area, what else can cause a call to drop out? an overloaded cell tower. >> if it's loaded up, it can only handle 50 people and you're number 51, you're not getting
5:47 pm
crowded stadium when a lot of people are on the phone at one time, uploading photos, making calls, you may not get service. so what's being done to fill the gaps of spotty cell service? a concept called wi-fi first. >> it's still very new. it's making kekts connection to wi-fi to make the phone call. >> reporter: it would connect to the nearest public wi-fi or your own. we reached out to four major cell phone carriers to see who offers it. two of them got back to us. t-mobile and verizon both say they have the technology and call it wi-fi calling. verizon recently offered it on certain samsung galaxy phones and in the spring will be available on the latest iphones. verizon says the wi-fi calls will be free to u.s. numbers. t-mobile told us wi-fi calling is available on all of its current phones. >> it's a primary focus, and if if has the extra features, great. >> yeah, phone works great if it works but
5:48 pm
technical team is still looking into james' problem and remains in close communication with him. the most reliable way to stay connected to 911, especially in those emergency cases remains, of course, your land line. many people are doing away with house phones because of cell service, but it is a good thing to have it even as a backup. my kids wouldn't even know what a land line is. >> i didn't think they still offered them. >> cell phone companies are listening to our complaints. this has been happening for years and at least they're making some effort to at least have these wi-fi services available where it's going to jump from one to the other to the other when it's available. >> how about just another tower? >> i know, right? >> four bars to one bar in a matter of three feet. >> exactly. crazy. >> it will drive you to the bar. >> thanks. thousands of people around the world are celebrating a rare birthday today, and people who are born on leap day, they call them leaplings and they just added another area from our area. mike
5:49 pm
he just sent us this picture on faish of his adorable new daughter. she was born at 2:30 this morning. if this is your special day, there are some leap day deals out there from expedia to krispy kreme. i guess in her case it would be her parents taking advantage of that. open up the nbc washington app and search leap day deals. it's certainly a day that's already if you're a leapling. >> you feel special. >> absolutely. did we have some special weather for them. >> sunday, today, tomorrow was very nice. >> who wants winter back? >> no one. >> no one. >> but we're going to get it anyway. >> exactly. >> can we vote on that? >> wouldn't that be nice. no, we cannot vote on it, but we're talking about a little bit of winter coming our way at the end of the workweek. a little snow, but first more of the springs. those temperatures once again tomorrow second best day out of the workweek, heading up into the low and mid-60s. by the end of the week friday, look at the cold
5:50 pm
so, yes, it will be cold enough to support snow. your chances with weather fronts coming through the area midweek wednesday, that's rain. very low chance and especially when it comes through our area as you will see later. then on friday a chance for some snow and a chance late saturday of getting a few rain showers moving through the area. evening impact forecast from the upper 50s to about 50 degrees by 9:00. a little breezy but certainly nice out there. we had the winds earlier today that were really cranking. got up over 35 miles per hour. no wind expected tomorrow or very light winds. so the weather tomorrow will have a low impact on our area. another nice one, partly sunny, back up to the low and mid-60s. for tuesday's weather we give it a "b." for wednesday, a "d." the rain coming through here and then we get a lot of wind. for thursday back to the "c" type of weather. partly sunny with temperatures more seasonable or at least feeling chilly to cold around here. 62 the high in d.c. tomorrow. 58
5:51 pm
60s in fredericksburg, stafford, ant quantico. the next change for us will be wednesday morning. told you about the rain, showed you that chance. it comes early in the day. i think by 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in the morning the rain chances will be moving out of here. we'll have rain, yes, with falling temperatures. 54. that's at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. 6:00 a.m., 49. and then 46 and holding at about 45 to 46 throughout the day. so there's the rain coming through the area. we're really not expecting a lot for that early morning hourush. i wouldn't go for the golf-sized umbrella, but a typical size umbrella to get through your day on wednesday. 40 degrees the high temperature on thursday, and take a look at friday. that high 39. right now we're expecting with such a wild week out ahead of it, the first part, we're expecting some slushy light snowfall amounts. right now we're thinking that this system will have a low to moderate impact. maybe delays
5:52 pm
we have more on that on news4 at 6:00. a local connection to a big winner at last night's oscar awards. >> "spotlight." >> "spotlight" was about a boston globe investigation of the sex abuse by priests. the newspaper editor behind that case now works at the "washington post." martin barone launched the investigation in 2002 that revealed decades of abuse. that film also won for best original screen play. and the white house is thanking leo dicaprio for mentioning climate change in his oscar acceptance speech last night. the thank you appeared on the white house instagram page. dicaprio, who is also a well-known and well-respected environmental activist, said climate change is the most urgent threat facing our species. with a new spotlight on maryland's drunk driving laws, we're taking a look at the smart known breathalyzer apps. it's a high-tech way that a lot of people are relying now to tell them if they have had too
5:53 pm
station in l.a. took a few of them to a hollywood restaurant to test out. he had three women try the apps three times increasing the number of drinks each time. tonight on news at 11:00, we look at how well each app performed and compare the results to the breathalyzers police use. the virginia police officer killed on her first day on the job, she grew up in new hampshire and now we are seeing how her high school is honoring the life of the former student who left a lasting impact. on the howard university campus, the historic founders library. since 1979 the cornerstone of academics and activism. today named a national treasure. i'm tom erwood. sh
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the department of immigration is defending its decision to grant citizenship to one of the boston marathon bombers just a few months before the attack. they say no errors were made in the application process. the boston globe obtained some federal documents that show tamerlan tsarnaev denied links to terrorism during his citizenship screening. he died in a shootout with police and his younger brother dzhokhar has been sentenced to death. a high-speed chase in detroit didn't end with a violent crash. take a look. the suv being chased slams into a tractor-trailer but then three suspects hop out and go on the run. they split up
5:57 pm
able to catch them just a short time later, even pulling one man from underneath a trampoline in someone's backyard. police say the chase started at the scene of a home invasion earlier this morning. as the wood bridge community prepares to honor ashley guindon tonight there's a different community coming to grips with her death. merrimac, new hampshire, is where officer guindon grew up. she's being fondly remembered at her former high school. >> so at this time i ask you to please join me in a moment of silence. >> reporter: merrimac high school principal ken johnson leads his school in a moment of reflection to honor the life of his former student, 28-year-old ashley guindon. he was killed saturday, her first day on the job as a police officer in virginia. >> to see a young person go off
5:58 pm
service, to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable. >> reporter: flowers sit at the home of her mother. merrimack police have lowered their flag to half-staff and a childhood friend fondly remembers guindon. >> i remember her being a kind person, so brave, cared for everybody. she was so strong. >> reporter: principal johnson says ashley embodied the school motto, believe, go forward, and inspire. her high school yearbook quote reads live for something rather than die for nothing and gives ode to her deceased father. >> this is a young lady who chose to move forward in her life and commit to a life of public service. at one point it was a discussion about medical and aeronautics and marines and then she goes to work for the police force in virginia. she would have made a great police officer in
5:59 pm
the principal here. he says ashley is the sixth member of the class of 2005 to die so young. ashley's family tells us she will be buried in west springfield next to her father. reporting in merrimack, new hampshire, necn. >> the school also plans to honor officer guindon at graduation later this spring. we're going to have more on the suspect's arraignment in court today now on news4 at 6:00. right now at 6:00, the final push before super tuesday. ted cruz and marco rubio both trying to stop the so-called trump train in its tracks. >> believe it or not we're going to unify this country. >> reporter: we're here in battleground virginia. several candidates will be coming through the commonwealth just to win over your vote ahead of super tuesday. new details tonight about the man charged with murdering his wife and a police officer. >> i see this as being an opportunity, a platform for other women who are being battered. >> we've learned this isn't the first time he's been in
6:00 pm
trouble. and good evening. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. hillary clinton and donald trump both visited virginia today. >> but we begin this evening with steve handelsman who is in texas, the only super tuesday state where anyone other than trump is now leading in the republican polls. hi, steve. >> reporter: that's exactly right, wendy. it's ted cruz, and this state tomorrow is make or break for the texas senator's campaign. he's as much as admitted that with appearances here in houston, dallas, san antonio. he's not going around all these super tuesday states. he's right here at home where a cowboy, a real cowboy i talked to today at the houston rodeo said cruz is popular but that cowboy said a lot of folks in the state are also seeing a serious move by donald trump. ted cruz


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