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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the prince william county police officer killed on her first day on the job. >> services for officer ashley gr guindon will be held tomorrow. the viewing is at 10:00 a.m. and the service is at noon. >> her accused killer is being held without bond aftbond after first court appearance. julie carey joining us live. >> reporter: two days after the fatal shooting, crime scene investigators still here on lashmere court. just minutes ago the commonwealth attorney and several other prosecutors came here to the house. they were briefed on the front sidewalk by investigators then went inside to take a tour of this crime scene to see it for themselves and to begin preparing for one of the most important capital murder cases they have handled in years. meantime, you see right across the street there, the memorial for the alleged killer's wife crystal hamilton continues to grow. ronald hamilton appeared twice in court thisrn
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circuit tv. he first faced the first-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing his wife, crystal hamilton. then he appeared to face the capital murder and other charges filed in connection with officer ashley guindon's death. hamilton is accused of opening fire with an assault rifle on guindon and two other prince william county officers as they tried to respond to a domestic violence call. these court documents reveal after hamilton surrendered, he told investigators he shot his wife and the officers. now, his wife's sister is hopeful this tragedy puts a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence and the danger of remaining silent. >> i see this as being an opportunity, a platform for other women who are being battered, women who are experiencing either mental abuse, physical, verbal, emotional to come forward. this is your opportunity. don't hide it from your family. don't hide it from your friends. >> reporter: now, a vigil for
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front of the house tomorrow night at 7:00. her sister tells me she is so very grateful for the outpouring of community support. she also shared with me what she's learned about what happened in the moments before her sister was shot. i'll have that for you when i join you on juice news4 at 5:00. a former uva football player is honor atmosphere guindon. cornerback maurice kennedy wore cleats with her name on them when he ran the 40 yard dash. one of the cleats will be given to guindon's family. the over auctioned off to benefit is memorial fund. kennedy's cousin is a police officer in prince george's county. prince william police confirm go fund me pages were frauds. police say money is not needed for the funeral services. they urge people to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers. to some breaking news we sent you on the
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app. prosecutors say jesse matthew is expected to enter a plea agreement on wednesday for both the hannah graham and morgan harrington murder cases. scott macfarlane has been working his sources and getting more details at the live desk. he's going to join us a little bit later in the newscast. right now presidential candidates are working hard to round up some last-minute votes in virginia. right now a rally for hillary clinton is about to get under way in fairfax, and in about the next ten minutes she'll be speaking at a get out the vote event at george mason university. here is a live look at the rally. virginia is an important state and wide open because of the way delegates are allocated. polls in virginia are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00. republican front-runner donald trump is heading to georgia after wrapping up the day in virginia. protesters interrupted his rally at radford this afternoon. as they were escorted out, trump said all lives matter. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is in
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fairfax where both -- where voters on both sides are waiting for clinton. >> out. get out. out. >> reporter: voters here in virginia gearing up for what is their primary day. it feels like we've been talking about everyone else's from iowa to new hampshire to south carolina. super tuesday, virginia part of that, and this is one of the lines that's leading up to one of the rallies. it's for hillary clinton today but they have seen candidates from both sides, republicans and democrats, passing through. particularly here on the campus of george mason university. in fact, they just had john kasich here last week. this line though for hillary. we've been talking to few of the folks in the line. you have people on either side. talked to republicans actually who are here. they have got some questions they hope to ask hillary clinton. some of the democrats trying to decide whether or not hillary is their choice or if it's bernie sanders. you will hear from some of them when we join you on news4 at 5:00. we have to remember, virginia is a battleground state. a lot up for grabs here. in
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news4. some local zunts astudents getting an early week break after being sent home after a bomb scare. mclean high school was checked. they didn't find a bomb but an e-mail threat was sent to the school before 8:00. they took students to the sports field and then sent them home. they have canceled all school activities for tonight and tomorrow there's no school in fairfax county because of the primary. right now we're getting new reaction to a shooting that put several schools in prince george's county under lockdown today. the victim in this case is 17. news4's pat collins is live at the scene on greenbelt road in lanham. what have you haelearned about this? >> reporter: wait until you hear a description of one of the suspects in the case. it's something i have never heard before. first, let's talk about the shooting itself.
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we begin with some words from a merchant who has a store here. >> i heard one gunshot. at first i thought it was a tire pop, and then about five or six seconds later i heard a second one. then i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: it happened around 8:40. police say a 17-year-old was walking on the sidewalk on greenbelt road. he was approached by two young men. shots were fired, and the 17-year-old ends up staggering to the middle of the street. they say he has life-threatening injuries. now this happened nearby duvall high school. duvall high school and a number of other schools were on lockdown for about an hour while police investigated the shooting. police sources say there is no known connection between the victim and duval high school. sources say the shooting came as a result of an ongoing dispute between the victim and the
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right in front of the store, it's really scary. >> reporter: now to the description of one of the suspects. i talked to a witness today who said he saw one of the suspects running from the scene with books under his arm. the suspect running from the shooting scene with books under his arm. we're going to hear from that witness coming up at 5:00. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. a very nice day across our area on this monday after what was a beautiful sunday. yesterday's high 65. today so far we've gotten to 64. take a look at the numbers around the mid-atlantic. beautiful conditions. 59 in philadelphia. near 70 in richmond. 75 in virginia beach. that's not bad at all. hagerstown a little cooler at 54. we're nice and mild. i think we have one more really nice day tomorrow, and then turning muchoo
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day on wednesday. we'll talk about the system that could bring us some rain, even some thunder tuesday night into wednesday d then winter not over yet. you didn't think it was over, did you? my full forecast in just a few minutes. well, a couple questions just got social media all fired up. the big issue that made one member of the supreme court do something he hasn't done in a decade. hidden devices that steal your debit card info and your cash. where police found them and what to do to protect yourself first at 4.
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we're working for with you a consumer alert from maryland. someone installed skimmers and cameras on atms at three 7-eleven stores in bowie. e devices were discovered last thursday and thiefs use this stuff to tell yosteal your pin other information. if you happened to get some cash out of an atm in bowie, you should check your accounts. we have posted a list of those locations on the nbc washington app with additional information on how to protect yourself from these skimmers. ed leapt across the room and threw himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullet. >> a navy s.e.a.l. now has the medal of honor. president obama recognized the bravery of the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in 40 years. in a 2012 mission he pinned a taliban f
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hands until other s.e.a.l.s could take over. he has been deployed 11 times with 9 combat tours. neighbors say it's a danger that should have been fixed years ago. the tragedy that is reigniting the debite over what some say is a dangerous intersection. a recall affecting a very
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this is scott macfarlane at the live desk. breaking news. the feds have expanded their case against deonte carraway. you will recall this case. carraway was charged with producing pornography while working as an aide in judge sylvania woods elementary school in prince george's county. a few minutes ago the feds have increased the number of criminal charges against carraway from 8 to 13. they say now the number of victims in which they're charging has increased from 6 to 11. all of the children between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. all of them, they say, victimized by carraway featured in child pornographic videos. they also specify carraway engaged in crude sexual acts with a number of those children. deon tai carraway scheduled to appear in federal court in greendale friday afternoon. i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk. it's going to be hard for everyone just
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another tommy. >> reaction from walt whitman high school students back in class today for the first time since a fellow classmate was killed in a car crash in bethesda. 17-year-old thomas barkuarque d macedo was killed with his parents. his 17-year-old sister is still in critical condition. it happened saturday night on river road near pyle road. the family was headed to a school play when a bmw slammed into them. there has been a lot of concern about safety at that intersection. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is working that part of the story from river road, and, adam, i mean, what is it about this intersection that makes it so difficult to drive? >> reporter: well, chris, it's really a tough place in general. take a look right here. this is the intersection right here off to the left. that's where you would be coming inbound on river road, and the fact that people make a left right there and have to go against traffic like that metrobus that's mi
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down a hill off river road, that makes it a lot tougher. this is a cut-through to get to a back parking lot at whitman high, so a lot of students, a lot of staff, even school buses use that, but as you take a look this is river road headed toward the beltway. cars will come over a hill at a posted speed of 45 miles an hour, and, of course, we all know that cars don't always obey the posted speed. they go a little faster than that in some cases. we're still not exactly shufer what happen sure what happened in this case. as a car here tries to make a left-hand turn, it can present a pretty tricky situation. >> of what does the state highway administration say about this today? >> reporter: the state highway administration had been told back in 2008 from residents in this community that they were concerned about this particular intersection. this community here has been asking for a traffic signal, some sort of safety device here at this intersection. today the state highway administration said that they would come back out here and do
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but they say they have made changes here to the intersection as you try to make this left turn to get to pyle road and whitman high. >> and, adam, you have great sources with transportation officials. i mean, what else, if anything, could be done to make this intersection safer? >> reporter: so one of the things, chris, that the community here talked about is a way to just get rid of the left-hand turn altogether. how would you do that? say you extended the median and connected these two places right here. you would lose your cut through and lose the way to the back parking lot at whitman high, but you completely take away that left-turn possibility and the possibility that there could be any collision between a left-turning vehicle and the cars coming down river road. we'll see if any of those changes make their way here. >> thank you, adam. turning to the weather, it's been pretty nice out there today, but is this going to last? >> is the clock ticking already, doug? >> you know that. you know it can't be this nice
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else coming in to change everything, and that something else comes tomorrow night. we have one more nice day just like today. look outside. just beautiful. plenty of sunshine today. high temperatures well above average. the average high is now up to 51. we got to up 64 a little bit earlier. 62 degrees right now. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. nice sunshine across the region. look at these numbers. 67 right now in fredericksburg. 64 in huntingtown. 54 in hagerstown, 55 in martinsburg. so it's been nice everywhere today. noain or snow to talk about. we're not going to see any chances of this until tomorrow night, and that's the next storm that's making its way our way. not much happening around the mid-atlantic but back to the west watching a storm developing back here. has some rain and 12340e associasnow associated with it. you will notice a big change on tuesday night into wednesday morning. so tuesday morning, no problem. as a matter of fact, tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine. nice and mild conditions, but then tomorrowg
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to see some shower activity around. most of the area dry, but by 11:00 some showers and by 4:00 in the morning we see a front move through. could even see a rumble of thunder or two. it's a very strong front that's going to come on through. mild out ahead of it, very cool back behind it. you can even see the snow back towards portions of garrett county, maryland. by 7:00, 8:00, the rain is out of here. we will see breezy conditions if not windy conditions and rather chilly conditions, too. windchills will be in the 30s all day on wednesday after another day like we've seen today. so if you're getting out, tomorrow is the day to do it. 47 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 56, perfect by noon tomorrow and just beautiful around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. but say good-bye to the 60s. say hello to the 40s and the 50s. 45 on your wednesday. 40 degrees on thursday. a high only 39 on friday. and, yes, that does come with a chance for rain or snow thursday night into friday. that's what we're going to be tracking because right now it looks like friday morning could have some delays as far
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how much snow, how much rain, what will this one be? still trying to work all those numbers out for you, but one thing for sure, it's looking a lot colder. bye-bye 60s. >> all righty. thank you, doug. for the first time in a decade, justice clarence thomas asked a question during a supreme court argument today. it came in a case involving a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. justice thomas asked prosecutors whether the violation of any other law suspends a person's constitutional rights. in explaining his usual silence, thomas says he relies on written briefs and doesn't need to ask questions of lawyers appearing before the court. we've learned a voluntary cheese recall is expanding. a may tag bleu cheese is recalling its cheese wedges, wheels, and crumbles because it could be contaminated with wisteria. the products were sold between late november and fekbruary 11t. giant is the onlyr
4:22 pm
sold and you can return the items to get a full refund. a lot of emotion inside the courtroom as a jury hears about a reporter's terrifying ordeal. the man accused of secretly physical amming her finally telling his side of the story. and did you watch the oscars. we know how many people watched last night. did the diversity controversy though overshadow the evening? and on the eve of the presidential primary in virginia, do you think the country is on the right or wrong track? >> that's our nbc washington flash survey today. call or text the number on your screen. you can also vote on the nbc
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it was of a social media milestone last night. during the oscars when leonardo dicaprio finally one best actor. it generated 440,000 tweets per minute making it the most tweeted minute of an oscars telecast. other most tweeted moments included "spotlight," when it won the best movie and "mad max: fury road" when it won its sixth oscar. were you surprised by any winners? >> the only one that surprised me was sly not getting the big hollywood moment.
4:26 pm
have that big rocky moment taking home best supporting. i think was the only big shocker for me. >> liz, the big story going into this year's academy awards wasn't so much the movies. it was all about chris rock and what he was going to say, what he was going to do. overall, from talking to people who were there, how did he do? >> we're all here at the academy awards -- >> i think chris did a really great job. i think he did it with humor, with class, and he was still able to drive home the message that was needed to be said, and that's that more opportunities need to be had. you know, we need to make more roles available for minorities. >> and we talked a little about this on friday, about whether you thought there might be backlash. overnight ratings show it had the smallest oscar audience in eight years. so was there backlash? >> i don't think there was backlash. i think that, you know, more people are watching, you know, on their phones, on
4:27 pm
it was a great night, and i think everyone was there to celebrate, but also, you know, i think chris did a great job with taking that moment to drive home a message that, again, more opportunities need to be created. >> hey, liz, one last quick question. i know for the first time they did that scroll on the bottom where they listed their thank yous instead of having people read over this list. how did this go over? >> well, it's interesting because you had one party saying that it went over really well and then you had people on social media thinking that it was, you know, not tasteless but not really heartfelt. >> all right. >> got you. >> everybody has their own opinion. all right, liz hernandez, thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. >> yeah, thanks, liz. and we have a great gallery of photos from the "vanity fair" after oscars party. you can open it up and search oscars after party. a scare at the national zoo. what's causing leaders there to close one part of the zoo that's
4:28 pm
about ten minutes ago. storm team4 is tracking some changes. why you shouldn't get used to the sunny, mild weather.
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call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour and on our nbc washington app. prosecutors say jesse matthew is expected to enter a plea agreement tomorrow in the hannah graham and morgan harrington murder cases.
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enter a guilty plea in both cases, but a second letter only mentions a plea agreement that will, quote, resolve boeth cases. we've called the prosecutor's office, the commonwealth's attorney, to get clarification and we're still waiting to hear back. matthew had been charged with capital murder in the death of uva student hannah graham two van fished in 2014. her body was found in a rural area five weeks later. and he faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of virginia tech student morgan harrington who disappeared after a concert at uva in 2009. her body was found several months later. it's possible the plea agreement could keep matthew from facing the death penalty. we'll start our second half hour with presidential politics right in our area. a get out the vote rally for hillary clinton is under way right now in george mason university, but she herself has not arrived yet. clinton is the latest candidate to visit virginia ahead of tomorrow's primar
4:32 pm
super tuesday's biggest prize is texas and its 155 delegates. steve handelsman is live in houston with the latest from the lone star state. steve? >> reporter: all right, pat and chris. good evening from houston where texas senator ted cruz has an awful lot of support but will it be enough tomorrow to beat back what a cowboy, yes, a cowboy here in houston told me looks to a lot of folks in this state like a big push by donald trump. ted cruz is campaigning at home in texas, the only super tuesday state cruz figures he can win and must win. he vows to take texas tomorrow and then catch fire. >> at that point it will become abundantly clear this is a two-man race. >> reporter: at the houston rodeo today the cowboys are divided between trump. >> you bet, i'm in. >> reporter: and cruz. >> he's more of a constitutionalist type. he's not really a whiny
4:33 pm
new yorker. >> reporter: donald trump was in virginia. >> believe it or not, we're going to unify this country. >> reporter: but he's being called a racist. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: claiming he couldn't hear the question, trump on sunday refused to condemn the kkk. marco rubio today is adding that to his trump attacks. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> reporter: but trump got support from ex-new yorker frank vick. >> when i was small donald trump financed our basketball team and helped us stay off the streets. i know a little bit more about donald trump than a lot of people. he's not a raesist. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is jumping on the republicans. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the republican side. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota, besides vermont a state sanders hopes he can win, while back
4:34 pm
state. latest polling here in texas shows cruz with a widening 10-point gap over trump. live from houston, steve hnd, news4. chris and pat? >> thank you, steve. some school districts in virginia will be closed tomorrow because the buildings will be used by voters. among them schools in fairfax, loudoun, and prince william counties. some parents and educators had concerns about safety for students because access to the buildings on election day doesn't go through the usual security process. arlington county and the cities of alexandria and falls church will hold classes as scheduled. new at 4:00, e. coli concerns at the national zoo. the smithsonian temporarily closed an exhibit after zookeepers detected a strain of the bacteria in four goats and a cow. they were at the kids farm where visitors can touch the animals. they quarantined the animals and put them on a course
4:35 pm
the zoo will reopen the kids' farm if the animals test negative for e. coli for three straight weeks. our weather has been up and down, right? you're a little confused going what's going on? one day it's spring, one day it's winter. this week, spring to start and then winter at the end. take a look at this picture. the crocus. we're even getting reports of the daffodils starting to pop out of the ground. mild temperatures, low to mid-60s across the area and, yes, even again tomorrow coming our way. one thing that would have been helpful is if it wasn't so windy but our strongest winds were earlier today. gusts over 35 miles per hour. now that wind over 20 and around 25 miles per hour, but it will continue to settle. our temperatures currently across the area were in the low to mid-60s. 66 in fredericksburg. 55, a little cooler there up in gaithersburg. from spring to winter. tomorrow our second best day of the workweek but take a look at this. on friday we're back down to the
4:36 pm
we'll go from some spring showers this week. two weather systems. spring showers and then a little bit of snow. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. three maryland police officers are recovering from injuries they received during a traffic stop in aberdeen. they pulled a car over this morning near post road. police say brandon watson was a passenger in the backseat and he jumped out of the car and tried to run away. two officers were hurt when they got into some sort of scuffle with watson and a third was injured in a car accident on his way to the scene. police took watson into custody and charged him with assault and drug possession and resisting arrest. we want to show you this time lapsed look at what the first weekday commute on d.c.'s new street cars looked like. this video from our news partner wtop shows the shops whizzing by along h street northeast. streetcar service officially began on saturday after nears of delays. it travels east and west along h and benning road
4:37 pm
stops between union station and oklahoma avenue. the rides will be free until ddot announces the fares. >> it's a lot easier to watch that at normal speed than the time lapse. >> a little change of pace there. just to keep you awake. changes in the palm of your hand. the new smartphone options that you will soon have, and you can get it a lot sooner than you might think. from a nearby college campus to a north korean courtroom. the international ordeal unfolding for a student whose chol is just outside
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apple stock is down less than a quarter of a percent today despite reports of new iphones and ipads hitting store shelves soon. the new phone and tablet models will debut march 21st. according to multiple media reports, they're going to be marketed as the iphone se and ipad pro. they'll be smaller than current models. the new apple watch release is also expected soon and would come right before apple is set to meet with the fbi about that controversial motion to force the company to unlock a phone that belonged to the san bernardino shooter. the nation's top auto safety regulator says the government captain order an immediate recall on all
4:41 pm
ba air bags and it wouldn't improve safety if it could. they said a total recall would strain the replacement part system. at least ten people have died so far and dozens of others have been hurt. 14 automakers have recalled 24 million vehicles to try to fix those inflaters. shopping for healthy food is about to get a lot easier for pregnant women and moms and dads who depend on federal assistance. today the agricultural department announced changes to its women, infants, and children program. over the next five years, states will be required to transition from paper vouchers to electronic cards. secretary tom vilsack says it will allow parents using wic to shop for items as needed. with paper vouchers they have to buy everything in one trip. >> every time we make sure that youngsters are well nourished, we all benefit as a country because these kids will be more productive, do better in school, they'll
4:42 pm
>> about half the babies and toddlers in the u.s. benefit from wic in some way. it provides nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains to supplement their diets. it's leap day and if it's your birthday some restaurants are offering free food to celebrate you. hard rock cafe is giving out an entree on the house off a special menu. olive garden giving out free dessert. there were plenty of places getting leap day deals even if it isn't your birthday and they include morton's, legal saep foods, and krispy kreme. search leap day on the nbc washington app for a list of more local and national leap day deals. courtroom confession. a man in jail admits why he shot secret video of a nationally known sports reporter in an emotionally charged, high-profile trial. if your already starting to plan ahead for spring break or
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
first at 4, it has happened again. a cruise ship packed with people forced to turn around. >> the first time it was rough weather, now something else. that has some passengers
4:46 pm
cursed. a little rain a little snow, a little spring, a little winter. we'll talk about our pattern as we head into the first few days of march. right now live pictures from a nashville courtroom. espn reporter erin andrews just took the stand in her $75 million lawsuit against the man who secretly videotaped her nude in her hotel room. as the jury also heard from the man today, the man convicted of stalking sportscaster erin andrews. >> he also talked about why he did it, and nbc's jay gray has the latest from nashville. >> reporter: erin andrews walked out of the courtroom this morning leaving just before her legal team showed the jury these videotaped depositions. >> your plan was to videotape her without her knowledge, correct? >> correct. >> that's michael david barrett, the man convicted of stalking the popular sportscaster in three cities, altering the peepholes in her hotel rooms and secretly recording nude
4:47 pm
>> why did you decide to do that? >> it's a great question. >> i'd like to hear the answer. >> i would too. i don't have the answer. i have done it over and over in my mind. a huge, huge mistake in judgment. >> he spent 30 months in jail after admitting to that mistake, and now andrews is seeking $75 million in a lawsuit that names barrett along with the nashville hotel and its management company at the time of the incident claiming negligence, emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. attorneys for the nashville marriott say though they were duped as well. >> he deceived. he connived. he stalked. that's what mr. barrett did. >> reporter: they claim barrett manipulated the reservation system to get the room next door to andrews which allowed him to make the videotape. jay gray, nbc news. now to developments in north korea where a university of virginia student detained in that country for almost two months has appea
4:48 pm
he bowed his head as he walked into a room full of foreign media today. it's the first time he's been seen publicly since his arrest january 22nd. he's accused of allegedly trying to steal a political banner from a hotel as a souvenir. today he read a statement acknowledging he committed a crime, and he begged for forgiveness. in previous cases people who have been detained in north korea and given a public confession often recant those admissions after they're released. he is from ohio and he was visiting the country with a tour group. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> we had a little bit of rain this morning, but all in all not a bad day. that was during the morning rush. our next two chances to get anything coming through here will also be right now the way it's looking also during the morning rush. that's wednesday as well as on friday. the first midweek, some rain showers. at the end of the week looking like we could still get some snow
4:49 pm
winter. it's late, but it's happened before. so that means we're going to see our weather start to slip off by wednesday when we get a c minus. not talking about rain for kids at recess time. again, that's during the morning rush we get it, but it is going to be windy. thursday you have some b plus weather, same thing for tomorrow. in fact, i really think tomorrow will be the best day out of the workweek because it's going to be so mild. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. by 7:00 we're at 54. breezy but nice out there. again, our winds starting to settle. for tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s. so lots of sunshine across the area. it's not until late after sunset when we start to see more clouds move into the area. so the weather tomorrow is going to have a low impact on our area. another nice one coming up. get out and enjoy, especially if you didn't get a chance to today. the neck chan next change you'ro
4:50 pm
wednesday. we have that morning rain, some rain showers probably ending around 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. maybe even a little earlier depending where you are but we'll see falling temps. these temperatures are correct. they're not wrong. 54 degrees at 4:00 a.m. the way it's looking. the front comes through. temperatures start easing down into the mid-40s at 8:00 a.m. then it looks as though we'll hold steady. here is a look at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. rain still across the area. we're not going to get a lot. this is not going to be a heavy rain event and it will be a fast-moving rain event. what we get is a lot of wind. showers moving out of here. there you are, 45 degrees at 7:00. at 9:00 a.m. we're 42. with wind it will feel quite chilly. rainfall totals somewhere between a tenth and just around a quarter of an inch. by the end of the week you will need the coats, break them back out. we have a 60% chance of a little bit of rain and snow.
4:51 pm
the high temperature 39, but look at this. we'll be starting out around freezing most areas. area roads will be slushy and there might be some delays, a handful, across our area. great weekend coming up. we'll talk more about the wednesday/friday system coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. there's an effort under way on capitol hill to help travelers. claire mccaskill wants to outlaw the hidden fees some hotels are charging because they, quote, nickel and dime people to death. the ban would apply for nonoptional fees when they charge for newspapers or using gyms and swimming pools. her legislation would require hotels to include those fees in advertised rates. now demand pricing is coming to the happiest place on earth. disney's new ticket pricing policy is in effect this afternoon. it means visitors will way a little less than they had been paying if they visit the parks on slow days and a little more if they visit on peak days.
4:52 pm
bucks on value days. $105 on regular days. $119 on peak days. three men who were wanted for a home invasion are finally in custody, but not before they led police on a high-speed chase near detroit. now, before we show you this video, we should warn you some of it can be very intense. now, this is an aerial view from today as it was happening. they were in a stolen suv and eventually crashed into a soda truck. the chase didn't end there. the suspects ran into a neighborhood, and one man tried to hide and you backyard trampoline. fortunately, no one was hurt, and police arrested all three of them. i'm mark segraves in the district. within about four weeks private ambulances will start running 911 transports. news4 got an exclusive look inside the private company, amr ambulance, to find out exactly how this is going to work. what we learned is that
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:53 pm
and 24 ambulances across the district, but they won't be in just one place. they will be moving around constantly. they're able to project 911 trends using data as well as traffic patterns. coming up at 5:00, you will see how they do it and you'll learn how it will impact your 911 service. it's a sale in a mega storm but today a cruise line makes headlines again. the problem on board that has it turning around for home. this is news4 at 4:00.
4:54 pm
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a massive fire destroyed hundreds of boats and yachts. take a look. fire consumes this boat storage house in portland, oregon, overnight, which had about 350 boats inside. still no word on what started the fire. a developing story now. some passengers believe this cruise ship is cursed. "the anthem of the seas" just turned around again. it's the same ship that was damaged in a storm earlier this month and had to turn around. wnbc has the story. >> reporter: more trouble on the water for "the anthem of the seas" as royal caribbean announced that the cruise ship will return two days early due to bad weather. and on top of that rough weather, cases of norovirus are popping up on board. >> it's like
4:57 pm
you want to be safe and that's the bigger priority for us. >> reporter: i talked to honeymooners on board the ship. via skype the couple from new york told me they found out about the weather and early return last night but staff notified them about the norovirus a few days into the trip. >> they said wie're heightening our sanitation. everybody is required to wash their hands before they go to eat, when they use the restroom. >> reporter: they told me staff has been cleaning nonstop and the couple has been able to enjoy most cruise ak tichts as normal. royal caribbean told us in a statement, the decision to return home was based on avoiding forecasted gale warning weather conditions along our original itinerary. this comes just weeks after the same ship was battered in a wild storm. we watched these videos from on board then showing the rough seas. as for the norovirus outbreak, royal caribbean says a s
4:58 pm
sick. over the past seven days we have averaged nine to ten cases per day from a total population of 6,000. these newlyweds told me they were looking forward to the stops ahead, about you they're all about an abundance of caution after what this ship went through before. >> we'd rather be home safe than have to worry about going through a crazy storm or something so it's disappointing. >> because health officials track illnesses on cruise ships, cases of norovirus are often reported more quickly on board than they are on land. now at 5:00, accused of killing his wife and a virginia police officer on her first day on the job. an army staff sergeant is arraigned in court today. so what set off this chain of tragic events? >> it's terrible, no matter what. >> and a plea deal
4:59 pm
the murder of two college students in virginia. could it help the man accused escape the death penalty? and we begin with team coverage of a deadly domestic shooting in woodbridge. the pentagon staff sergeant accused will be remaining in jail, no bond is set. >> ronald hamilton is accused of killing two women, his wife and a prince william county police officer. he appeared in court twice today to face capital murder and first-degree murder charges. he didn't show very much emotion, but tonight his wife's family is opening up about what happened. bureau chief ajulie carey joins us live from woodbridge. >> reporter: well, that house across the street where four people were shot on saturday will be the scene of a vigil tomorrow night at 7:00 to honor and remember the suspect's wife, crystal hamilton, also the mother of their 11-year-old son, and her sister tells me today she hopes this case will put a spotlight on the danger of domestic abuse and of keeping quiet about it.
5:00 pm
poring over every inch of this woodbridge home, the scene of one of the worst shootings in years of this county. more evidence collected to try to answer the question of what caused army staff sergeant ronald hamilton to allegedly turn a pistol on his wife, then open fire with an automatic rifle on three responding officers. rookie ashley grun done was killed, two others wounded. on the lawn, the memorial to victim crystal hamilton grows. >> her life was not taken in vain. i feel like this is just the beginning of something that is bigger than all of us. >> reporter: wendy howard is crystal's older sister. she says she never imagined ronald hamilton would turn on the woman who was his high school sweetheart. >> i even said it to her. i'm like this is your protector, and to say that to her and this is the same person who turned around and took her life, it's a hard pill to swallow. >> reporter: howard tells me when the couple's 11-year-old son returned home from a


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