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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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sworn into protect her just hours earlier. ♪ and in maryland, two parents and their son remembered as their daughter continues to fight for her life.follows thos stories for you. you're looking live at walt whitman will students will return today where one of their fellow students and another fighting to stay alive. and we also want to give and you live look at the prince william county government building where in just 2 1/2 hours, the man accused of shooting and killing his wife as well as a police officer on the first day of the job will head to court. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is a sad start to the week if a lot of people in our area. people trying to cope with the deaths of a
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>> from woodbridge to bethesda, we have team coverage for you including what we can expect in the day ahead. >> let's begin with chuck bell, though, to find out what kind of day we'll have. >> good morning, everybody. your monday off to a quiet start this morning. grab the little pocket umbrella. there is the chance for showers before lunchtime, but it will be all sunshine and gusty winds later this afternoon. another mild day with temperatures in the 60s. but it's march, so that's a cruel month. could have a snow chance later will this the week. rain chances out in the mountains of west virginia. could reach harrisonburg by 7:25, winchester 8:00 planned parenthood a.m. if they hold sewitogether, metr area between about 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. temperatures in the 50s now.
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muncaster road, chopper up in the sky. they are trying to get those vehicles out of the way. you can see the tow truck on the scene, as well. route 1 south of the beltway right near fort hunt road, a crash in the southbound lanes. southbound new hampshire avenue at metzerott road, still have some lanes reported blocked. and taking a look at 66 and 95, no major problems. or line also clear. that has gone away. want to take a look at travel times in ten minutes. ♪ full honors for a police officer who was part of the force for just two days. 28-year-old officer ashley begin done oig died working her first shift. this morning the prince william county police department is in
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mourning as they gbegin dealing with her death. the man charged this make his first court appearance. news 4 will be in the courtroom for 32-year-old ronald hamilton's hearing. derrick ward is live at the courthouse now with more on how this situation unfolded. >> reporter: it all began with a call on saturday evening. it was about 5:30 saturday evening when crystal hamilton made a call from her home on lashmere drive in woodbridge. report of an argument. but police say that she had already been killed when police arrived. thousand her husband and the suspect, the man who has been arrested, rodney hamilton, opened fire on police officers. ashley guindon was killed. officers david mckeown and jesse hampton were wounded. they remain hospitalized. they're expected to recover, but authorities say that they have a long road to recovery. now, hamilton eventually surrender surrendered, held without bond. he faces serious charges. they include a capital murder charge,
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charge, assault on a police officer charge, three counts of that. and weapons charge. they say he was armed with a .45 caliber happened gun oig as well as a rifle. he is an active duty sergeant in the united states army. he is working out of the pent gop. he is in the communications i.t. area there. so once we hear from him in court, or at least this appearance is made, we are expecting to learn more about the motive behind the shootings rocking this neighborhood. commonwealth attorney says that he hey indeed seek the death penalty for that capital murder charge. live in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. 6:04 now. officer begguindon had degrees m embree riddle aeronautical university and george w
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>> because that was the essence of ashley and who she was. and service was infused in her very being. >> this is not the first time her family has faced tragedy. their local newspaper in new hampshire reports guindon's father took his own life after returning from military service in iraq. two other officers were shot at the home on lashmere court. all three were responding to a domestic disturbance call when the officers attempted to enter the home, police say hamilton started shooting. the two injured officers are 33-year-old david mckeown and 31-year-old jesse hempen. the police chief says they have a long road ahead for their recovery. and another community in maryland is mourning. a family is killed in a crash on
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saturday night. tommy buarque de macedo and his pafrpt parents were killed and his sister helena is fighting for her life this morning. meagan fitzgerald is live at walt whitman hfs. >> reporter: and you can bet it will be a difficult couple day and weeks ahead as teachers a students try to deal with this terrible tragedy. tommy was a senior here at walt whitman high school and shortly after that crash many of his classmates quickly learned that he did not survive. tommy's friends say he was the guy that you wanted to know. he was smart, funny, and he was kind. a vigil was held last night for the 17-year-old. his two parents who also died in the crash and prayers were said to his sister. school principal was emotional when he addressed the crowd last night.
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>> reporter: now, tommy's sister, helena a is a sophomore here. she is in critical condition. her uncle says she are cautiously optimistic that she will recover. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. we're also learning more about the driving record of the other driver involved here. back in 2013, ogulkan atakoglu pleaded guilty to speeding. and last september he was charged with neglect gipt driving but that causes was dismissed. his attorney offers his condolences to the taem bfamily that the other vehicle made a left in front of him. right now water continues to spew from a broken water main and it could impact your drive to work. the area you will have to avoid
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morning. and speaking of your drive into work, you might need wiper depending on where you are this morning. chuck bell says some of could you see some scattered showers. a closer look at where the rain could fall. and new details this morning about a university of virginia student detained in north korea. p what the stints alle
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crews are working to fix a water main break in hyattsville. crews from new jersey had to travel into help out. it will take more time. this happened on a 90-year-old main at 38th and hamilton streets. and i'm tom kierein on the weather deck here in tenleytown. we have increasing clouds. check the advance of rain with the
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wa waits for the bus and metro. the rain is beginning to move in from the west. it is tracking off to the east and it will be coming right into the metro area. that will be generally right around, oh, 9:00, maybe 10:00 this morning as the rain moves on through. we'll have the potential. and then blustery winds this afternoon. dry pavement for the afternoon commute. let's check the commute now with melissa. chopper 4 over the crash we've been talking about this morning. new hampshire avenue at adelphi road. some lanes blocked both north and southbound here this morning. as far as travel times, 66 inbound and 95 northbound looking good. 270 and 95 top of the beltway, # 5 over to 270 there is looking good as well. see you in a few. if you're just joining us, we're following the latest will in the death of a prince william county police officer gunned down just one day after being sworn in. and this morning we're learning this is not the first tragedy to happen to officer ashley
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guindon's family. and they were involved in a stabbing at a kkk rally this weekend. why several of the members are free for go.
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast
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or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. now at 6:15, we're just a little more than two hours away there ronald hamilton's first court appearance. the 32-year-old is accused of shooting and killing his wife this morning. and then prince william county police officer ashley guindon. a closer look at hamilton's back
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learning more about that prince william county police officer who died. officer ashley guindon was 28 years old and had degrees from embree riddle aeronautical university and george washington university. >> ashley was a very dedicated student. >> this is not the first time the guindon family has faced tragedy. guindon's father took his own life after returning from military service in iraq. still ahead, we'll have information on the charges the suspect will face later today. developing this morning, a strange turn of events in charles county where maryland state police say a motorcycle crash may actually be a homicide. the crash happened sunday afternoon on route 5 near old leonard town road in hughesville. investigators say the victim died after being loan from a
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road. but after a forensic examination, police say the man may have been shot. police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to come forward. a pastor's murder in dayton, ohio being blamed on his own brother. police say they will charge the brother with murder today. one of pope francis' top advisers says the catholic church made enormous mistakes in failing to prevent repeated child abuse by priests. over a video link, the church treasurer testified in australia. he previously served as a priest there. during his testimony, he said individuals were to blame, not the entire organization. he was questioned about current vatican efforts to address the scandal and his own past working this australia. >> the church is in many places search australia h
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things up, that let people down. i'm not here to defend the indefensible. >> and now in other news, a prince george's county police officer finds himself on the other side of the law facing assault charges. >> officer olaseha was suspended after being arrested for a domestic disturbance on friday. the three reyear veteran of the department was off duty at the time. the victim was taken to the hospital. d.c. circulator workers are calling for changes, they will rally to protest safety concerns in what they are calling poverty rages this morning. workers say they make close to $8 less an hour than metrobus drivers and it's impossible to make a living foreign policy kind of pay. the rally begins at 10:00 this morning outside of the wilson building. a driver is set to testifity council oversight hearing also set today at
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this morning in a video being detained in north korea. the country put him in front of cameras today. he apologized for trying to steal a political banner for a church friend back home. north korea did not say what he was charged with, but called it an anti-state crime. new this morning, isis says it is behind a bombing that killed 38 people and hurt dozens of others outside an out door market in baghdad. attackers have been targeting commercial areas in and around that city. yesterday's suicide bombing was the deadliest in recent weeks. five ku klux klan members are released there jail after a stabbing at an anti-gun rally. police say as the will members marched toward a park, counter protestors confronted them. a fight proper out and three people were stabbed by the klan members. one man used the eagle on top of a flag
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the klan members were released after police say video showed that they you acted in self-defense. seven people are still in jail for that attack. a special say hone today, a navy s.e.a.l. is receiving the military's highest honor. senior chief petty officer edward byers oig jr. will be at the white house to receive the medal of honor today. he saved a hostage in afghanistan bri shielding him with his body four years ago. byers has won several awards before this including two purple hearts and five bronze stars for their heroism. love this early sneak peek of spring. >> that's right, tomorrow is march 1st, meteorological spring begins tomorrow because march, april and may are technically our spring months. but today is also going to feel a lot like spring time. a little chance for some spring showers here early this morning. notice here over time this band of what was solid rain is
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breaking up. so as it comes east of the blue ridge today, most but probably not all, but most of it is likely to break up as it comes east of the mountains. but nonetheless may want to have your umbrella with you just to play it on the safe side early this morning because i can't completely rule out a chance for a raindrop or two. the rate the raindrops are going, if they live long enough to make it here, they will be here inside the beltway between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning, but just a possibility. higher rain chances today northern maryland, eastern west virginia and along the shenandoah valley west of the blue ridge, medium chances there. low chances for rain in the metro. and almost 0% for chance for rain fredericksburg over to st. mary's county. best day of the week to get rain chances will be on wednesday and friday another chance for what could be rain mixing with snowflakes. we'll keep a close eye on that draft through the wee forecast through the week. out the door, temperatures in the low and mid-50s righ n
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same time yesterday. so planning out your day, sun up just 20 minutes from now. temperatures near 50 this morning. by 7:00, 8:00, a risk for a couple showers along i-81 and the shep valnandoah valley. a chance of a passing shower, but all of that is gone by lunchtime. a weather front coming could have winds gusting over 40 miles per hour especially at higher elevations. so our friends and neighbors this fr the blue ridge westbound, be on the lookout. today sunny and 60s. another day in the 60s coming up tomorrow. a chance for rain after dark tomorrow, but most of the rain this week shows up on wednesday and again there is that chance of a cold rain/snow combination on friday. all eyes toward the weekend. saturday and sunday look dry. give you the four things you need to know in ten minutes. so chopper 4 still over this problem here in silver spring, new ha
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looks like that crash will be clearing out of the way here shortly. 134 of it just to the right side of the roadway now. 270 southbound between 80 and 109 is where a crash is being reported. so you can see it is slow as you snake southbound on 270 this morning. hundred caster mill road at needwood, that crash is now clear. route 1 south of the beltway near fort hunt, not slowing anything. 66 and 95 overall looking normal. and the oscar goes to -- spotlight oig. lots of big winners and a few surprises at the oscars last night. spotlight took home the best picture in a contest where no one was sure who would win. >> a lot of people thinking
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favorites. also had max won a whole lot of other oscars last night. >> still scratching my head on that one. >> a lot of surprises for everyone. but the winner everybody expected, leonardo dicaprio finally winning for best actor for his performance in "the revenant". >> let us not take this plan fought granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> that was after six nominations. a big night to him. and i talked about climate change in his acceptance each. >> but that was not the big topic of the night. diversity took center stage starting from the very beginning. take a listen to
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rock's monologue. >> this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. okay? so you got to figure that it happened in the '50s, in the '60s. >> this was the 88th academy awards. the president of the academy also spoke about diversity calling on the crowd to make a difference. ♪ >> another big moment of the night, this song lady gaga had a show stopping performance to acknowledge victims of sex aual assault. and joe biden called on actors to do something about sexual violence. decision 2016 now. it could be voters from our area stoke the fire. how virginia's super tuesday races could impact the road
6:26 am
breakdown of what is at stake. sdloo sgloo and a live look outside where we are reveling after a weekend full of beautiful weather. i don't much even want to say the s word could be creeping back into the forecast. i'll let chuck bell tell all about that. and we continue our coverage on two developing stories. what is expected to happen in the day ahead after a prince william county police officer was shot and killed this weekend as well as what some maryland students can expect when they return to school without one of their own classmates.
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in aberdeen, maryland. three police officers were injured early this morning during a traffic stop. our affiliate this baltimore reports that this happened around 2:00 this morning. two officers pulled over a car with three men inside. one allegedly tried to toss
6:30 am
altercation. the officers called for backup. the officer on his way to help was in a serious accident. that officer taken to shock draw that. we're waiting for an update on all three officers. and right now at 6:30, the virginia man accused of killing his wife and police officer in cold blood gets ready for court. what we're learning about ronald hamilton's past as well as his alleged victims. and another story we're staying on to which of, the trangic deah of three maryland family members as another fights to live. and this morning we're talking to the principal at the school where the two teens attended class classes. but first your forecast. four things you need to know about the weather. first thing, there are a chance for -- there is a chance for a few showers here this morning. may want to have the pocket umbrella just to play it on the safe side. but after lunchtime, breezy and
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afternoon. another chance for rain coming up mid week. rain likely on wednesday this week. and friday a chance for raindrops or a combination of rain and snow. rain this morning out in the mountains of west virginia. it's falling apart as it comes eastbound, but as it does, may still be a shower trance in here between about 9:00 and 10:00. here is your planner no today. sun up at 6:#41 and sunset at 6:00. just two more weeks and we'll be in daylight saving time. sounds like spring. >> harder for us to sleep, but nicer for everybody else. taking a look at this problem on bw parkway, chopper 4 over this crash northbound bw parkway at powder hill road. looks like it involve as bus and vehicle. we are seeing some backups as you head out of town and northbound. 270 south before 109, still a bit smoke snaking southbound between 80
6:32 am
this morning. that is because of a crash, as well. route 1 south of the beltway near fort hunt road, not slowing anything right now. 95 northbound at courthouse road, crash on the right side of the roadway is slowing traffic just a bit. travel times in ten minutes. your time is 6:32. in just a couple of hours, an army staff sergeant will appear before a judge on multiple counts of murder. ronald hamilton is accused of gunning down his wife and a police officer. saturday afternoon crystal hamilton called police to their home on lashmere court in woodbridge. sometime after that phone call, police say ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife. when officers arrived, hamilton reportedly turned the gun on them. three officers were shot. ashley guindon died on her first day on the job. >> we sometimes have the very unenviable task of dealing with true evil. it is us who have as to
6:33 am
fight and that is exactly what these officers did. >> hamilton is facing capital murder of a police officer and other charges. this could end up being a death penalty case. virginia allows for the death penalty for the murder of a police officer. ♪ may the wings be always at your side ♪ >> a community is remembering the family involved in a deadly accident. the crash happened at river road and pyle road in bethesda saturday night. tommy buarque de macedo and his parents were killed. he was a senior at walt whitman high school. tommy's sister, helena, a sophomore, is fighting for her life this morning. coming up at 6:45, we'll hear from the school principal ahead of what will be an emotional day for the community there. the driver of the other car has not been charged. and we have much more ahead on each of these sad stories inin
6:34 am
the principal of whitman high school and what they're doing for students to try to cope with the loss. also the latest on ronald hamilton who is expected on make his first court appearance in just a few hours. and a closer look at his background as we start digging deeper into that story still ahead. to decision 2016 and tomorrow's super tuesday voting. nine states holding primary elections including virginia. angie goff at the fairfax county board of elections with more on why virginia matters in just a minute. first, though, an update on where the campaigns stand. bernie sanders says he's looking ahead after this weekend's crushing loss in south carolina. he was clearly it is appoendisa speaking with chuck todd yesterday. >> we got decimated. among older african-americans, it was pathetic. >> hillary clinton now has 544 delegates. candidates need nearly 2400 on qualify for the party's
6:35 am
delegate count with 82. candidates need just over 1200 delegates to qualify for the gop nomination. only virginia voters could have a significant influence on the course of the election. angie goff is in fairfax, a contested county within our battleground state. >> reporter: yes, i'm right outside the fairfax county elections office. and this will be a busy place tomorrow. but talking about today, it's all about the candidates and how they are courting the commonwealth hard for try to get the undecided voters. take a look at our map here. we have been track them. hillary clinton will be in fairfax this afternoon and then authorize folk. and best will be in virginia beach at 2:00 and donald trump will be rallies at radford and 10:00 a.m., all of them trying to get the attention of voters here in the state ahead of super tuesda
6:36 am
a poll saying clinton and trump are ahead in most super tuesday states, including virginia. now, even though clinton is expected to win virginia, bernie sanders as you know could exceed expectations. there are high stakes for marco rubio and ted cruz. not so much for trump. as we look at the breakdown of things, republicans have about 49 delegates at stake. testimo democrats looking at 110. and remember virginia is not a winner take all state. delegates are distributed proportionately. so there is no threshold that a candidate has to meet in order to earn a delegate. regardless of where you stand, there is a lot riding for both sides here in virginia. and hearing from election officials, they're saying that loudoun county and prince william county will be key. big concerns over stolen information about some of you and your children. swn stole laptops with special education students'
6:37 am
addresses and phone numbers. the "washington post" says the students all go to montgomery county schools. the post says a contractor had students names, tones and addresses on computers it was using. the contractor says there has been no sign of anyone trying to access or misusing the files since then. happening today, the long a waited d.c. street cars are rolling again this morning. crowds gave them good reviews this weekend. people get another chance to ride, they're on schedule until midnight tonight. for now the rides are free for all passengers. you might want to pack the umbrella in the kid's backpack this morning because some areas could see some scattered showers today. tom kierein back with the school day forecast. and it was forced to turn around once after it sailed right into the storm. why the anthem of the seas cruise ship was forced to turn around once again.
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anthem of the seas cruise ship seems to be cursed. it was damaged in a major storm at the beginning of february and now returning to port early again because of a forecasted storm developing off cape hatter hatteras. that's not all. some guests have come down with the thur ro neurovirus. it's affecting 9 to 10 people per day and there are more than 6,000 people on board the ship. sg you might want to pack some rain gear with the kids. >> tom kierein is on our weather deck with the school day forecast for you. >> good morning. you need a coat this morning. the wind makes it feel chillier. have the umbrella handy.
6:42 am
radar showing rain though still about 90 miles west of us. it may be in here around 9:00, 10:00 this morning. so at the bus stop, there might be a few showers off to our west. for the afternoon, mild and in the mid-60s again. promise of spring in the air. melissa, what's going on with traff traffic? chopper 4 over northbound bw parkway at powder mill road is where the crash is off to the right side of the roadway. we have pretty good backups headed northbound on bw parkway. so reminder on that one. brand new crash inner loop at van dorn street, that crash in the right lane this morning. and 270 south before 109, again a tad slower than we normally see for this time of morning because of that earlier accident. taking a look at the rest of 270, no problem germantown to the spur. to whi top of the beltway and 95 in virginia, no major issues. we continue to follow two developing stories that
6:43 am
>> in minutes we're live in bethesda with the principal of a high school reeling from the dwet of one of his students. and water leae're learning about the man accused i have killing a police officer and his wife. a look into his background when team coverag
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
two developing stories right now. tragedy in prince william county after an officer is shot to death while responding to a domestic situation. and wi in bethesda, a famil killed in a horrific crash and their teen daughter still fighting for her life. meagan fitzgerald is live at walt whitman. >> reporter: and you can imagine it will be a very difficult and emotional day and days ahead as kids here and students and faculty members try to cope with the loss of one of their fellow students and hoping and praying that the second student will pull through. we understand when school starts at 7:45 this morning, there will be a moment of silence to remember tommy and to pray for his sister, helena. i want to bring in here the principal of walt whitman high school, dr. alan goodwin. thank you to joining us and our condolences to you and to the
6:47 am
first, you were at the vigil last night where a lot of family members, parents, teachers, students were there. can you kind of talk a little bit about what the sense was there, what you're getting from students? >> well, we hold those vigils to give a chance for students to express their sorrow. and in this case also hope for the surviving daughter. and of course a wonderfully sad occasion to gather, but it was important for them to talk. and the best thing about it were the student voices. the students gave testimony to the relationships with tommy. >> so moving forward, how do you even tackle something like this? you've got two studenstudents n hopefully one will make it. what is the game plan moving forward? >> fortunately we have a lot of support from surrounding ho
6:48 am
in montgomery county. so there will be extra come counselors on hand today and tomorrow and that always helps. and then we've talked to the teachers. we'll talk to them again about being flexible with students and letting them go to the counselors. but there is no real sure cure for sadness. but those are the kind of things that we do. >> dr. goodwin, thank you so much for joining us. our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and the students and faculty moving forward in the days ahead. >> thank you. >> reporter: so again school will get under way at 7:45, it will start with a moment of silence remembering the fallen senior. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. we're also learning more about the driving record of the other driver involved in that crash. back in 2013, he pleaded guilty to speeding and reckless driving. last september he was charged with negligent driving in rockville, but that
6:49 am
dismissed. his attorney offers his condolences and that the other vehicle made a left in front of him. if somebody can pull it done on the ga mg are a, i know he has a long begun. we have people who need some assistance over here. >> you can hear the radio calls from police as prince william county police officers tried to get wounded officers help. the officers were shot as they responded to a domestic disturbance call. 28-year-old officer ashley be n guindon last her life. in a few hour, ronald hamilton will make his first court appearance. with more on the charges, let go live to derrick ward. >> reporter: yeah, this all started out as a domestic c
6:50 am
you these are some of the most dangerous calls that they can respond to. and that is born out by what happened saturday evening and what will transpire later here today. it was 5:30 saturday evening when crystal hamilton the wife of the suspect placed a call to prince william county police. she said this was a domestic situation. but she'd already been killed by the time officers arrived because hamilton is alleged to have opened fire on those officers outside of the house killing officer guindon and wounding officers david mckeown and jesse hampton. now, they are recovering in a hospital. he is a staff sergeant active duty army. he was at the pentagon in the communications field. and he is due in court here today to face some serious charges. those charges include capital murder, first-degree murder, assault upon please officers and weapons charges. now, the commonwealth attorney says that he plans to seek the death penalty.
6:51 am
and neighbors can't believe that it happened and that it was an ideal neighbor. >> a lot of us are prior military, so very humble, unbecoming, you know, dude. cut the grass together, you know. >> reporter: we do expect that this appearance will happen later today. we'll be in the courtroom and we will bring you report on it once it has ended. live in monassas, derrick ward, news 4. officer guindon accomplished a lot in her 28 years of life. she had gldegrees from embree middle aeronautical and george washington university. and she was a marine reservist. >> because that was the essence of ashley and who she was. and service was infused in
6:52 am
very being. >> this is not the first time her family has faced tragedy. their local newspaper in in that thp reports that begguindon's father took his own life after returning from military service in iraq. >> and crystal hamilton made the 911 call that brought police to her house and her husband killed her. their 11-year-old son was inside the house when this happened. he was not hurt. crystal's sister visited the neighborhood yesterday and thanked the officers for trying to help her loved ones. >> the officer that sacrificed her life for my sister and my nephew, i thank you and god bless your family. >> neighbors have set up a memorial for crystal outside of her home. 6:52. we want to turn to the forecast. 54 outside our studios. pretty decent way to start on a monday. >> 60s yesterday, 60s today and tomorrow.
6:53 am
turned the corner on winter -- >> yes! >> not necessarily. there is always a chance for snow in march. in fact the last couple of marches have all featured snow. no snow in 2010, 11 dwa'12010, but all three reporting have had some in the last three in a row. 2014, 19 inches in 2014. even last year, 3, 4, 5 inches of snow not uncommon here in the month of large. our snow chance this week is on friday and it's not a guarantee. right now we're watching rain showers out here in the mountains of west virginia. they're falling apart as they come ever eastward. most of that will drive up on its way over the blue ridge, but i can't give you the all dry until probably about noon or so today. there are the rain showers. for now we're all dry
6:54 am
city. and rain chances relatively he low, but not zero. so don't be surprised. so yellow light for a passing shower chance this morning. by this afternoon, and for tomorrow, mild and breezy and dry. temperatures today and tomorrow both in the 60s. in fact we're in the million dollars 50s on your way outside here early this morning. 53 in arlington and fredericksburg, planning to go on a jog or dog walk, may want the little pocket umbrella and light jacket. highs today low to mid-60s. a great way to get week started. 60s again tomorrow, rain likeliest on wednesday. and a chance for rain, snow and cold on saturday. dry for your weekend. good morning. chopper 4 over northbound bw parkway at powder mill road, still slow in the northbound lanes because of that crash. also southbound starting to get jammed. 270 before 109, that is looking bh better. inner loop at van dorn, still have the crash. an 95 north at courthouse road, crash on the right side of the
6:55 am
overall no other major issues. nothing else to really worry about. outside the fairfax elections office, where winning virginia on super tuesday is huge because there are so many delegates up for grabs. take a look. on the republican side of things, 49 delegates are at stake, democrats are looking at 110. and to put this in perspective on a national level, right now 2% of democrats and 5% of republican delegates have been allocated. by the time tomorrow is over, that will jump to 24% of democrats and 30% of de republicans. thousa with the new poll out, it shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading most super tuesday states, including virginia. both of them trying to keep the momentum by crisscrossing the common wealth today and you can keep track by going to our nbc washington app and searching candidate tracker. new this morning, a uva student
6:56 am
release from north korea. he was arrested last month. here is video this morning, north korea held this media event today where he said he tried to steal -- where they say he ride to steal a political banner. he called it, quote, losshostil act. after a day of routine maintenance, street car running again this morning. rides are free. and some people who live in hyattsville are still without water this morning. crews have been working since saturday to fix a 90-year-old water main there. crews in new jersey came into help. and tommy buarque de macedo and his parents were killed in an accident saturday night. his sister still fighting for her life. in a few hours ronald hamilton will make his first court appearance accused of killing his wife and a prince william county officer. stick with your nbc washington
6:57 am
hearing. slirt changht chance for a or two this morning. not a big threat, though. nice and mild first part of the week. rain on wednesday and rain/snow possibility on friday. slowest spot right now bw parkway near powder mill. a crash in the northbound lanes. should be out of the way here in just a bit. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us p. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie are live in hollywood with all the highlights from the show, the red carpet and, of course, the after parties. klan controversy. why did donald trump refuse to disavow support from the


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