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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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temperatures in the low and mid-60s. a few showers at 7:00 a.m., breezy, cool, dry at 7 ob and a dry start tomorrow before are more rain chances come in mid week. more about that in a few more minutes. now it is traffic time. here is melissa mollett who loves mondays. >> i do love mondays. not really. not at all actually. little river turnpike at prince william drive, all lanes blocked because of a crash. trying to get more information on this one for you. as we zoom in, you can see that it is red in both directions. inner loop after colesville, left lane still getting by that work zone and outer loop after new hampshire, again those two right lanes getting by the work zone here this morning. outer loop after alexandria, left lane blocked. prince william parkway, no worries there. back in a few.
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that was the essence of ashley and who she was. and service was in her very being. ♪ >> we've lost somebody and i'm sad and i'm mad. >> just know that we all miss you. but we will revisit where this accident took place. >> two communities in mourning today after five violent deaths over the weekend. we begin with the shooting of a prince william county police officer. >> 28-year-old ashley guindon made the ultimate sacrifice on her fist day on the job. officer guindon was shot and killed responding to a domestic disturbance call in woodbridge. two other officers were also shot and wounded. at a vigil last
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police chief remembered how much guindon wanted to be a police officer. >> it was in her blood. she felt a passion for doing it. and she felt like she hasn't give it a fair shot. those were her words to me the day we rehired her. >> officer guindon was sworn in on friday. she served in the marine corps reserve for six years and interned in 2011 with the police department. and in just a few hour, the suspect will make his first court appearance. >> ronald hamilton is charged with killing officer guindon and his wife crystal. with more on the charges achd hamilton's military background, we have derrick ward live in woodbridge this morning. >> reporter: yeah, we are just a few hours away from his initial appearance in the courthouse here in manassas. as you said, he's facing some pretty serious charges. among those charges there is a capital murder charge in connection with the
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it is unclear whether there will be military charges or any kind of procedure there. and where they will fit into the whole scenario with the charges that will be brought here today. we'll have that hearing for you later when it happens. we're live in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. >> and the two other officers that were shot are in the hospital. the chief says that they have a long road to recovery ahead of them. they are currently being treated at inova fairfax hospital. >> and we will be at the suspect's first court appearance today. watch news 4 and our app for any breaking information. ♪ a community gathers to remember the family including a teenager killed in a horrific crash this weekend as his sister continues to fight for her life. today will be a
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students and staff at walt whitman high school. last night there was a gathering to honor the family. megan fitzgerald live with how the school will deal with the tragedy. >> reporter: yeah, you can bet it will be an emotional day today and in the next several days ahead for many of the students here at walt whitman high school. they're having to cope with the fact that they lost one of hair fell their fellow classmates and what will happen with his sister is still uncertain. but grief counselors will be on hand today as students return back to school. and we want to show you this is where it all happened. it was saturday evening at around 7:00 on river road. montgomery county police say 17-year-old tommy bark dehas dough, his sister and parents were in a car heading to a school play when they were struck near pyle road in bethesda. investigators say tommy and his parents didn't make it. last night a vigil was held for
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a kind guy with a bright future. >> i know you're watching from somewhere, and just know that we all miss you. >> reporter: now, we understand that there will be grief counselors as we said today to help students cope with this. we also understand that tommy's sister who is a sophomore at walt whitman high school is in critical condition, but her uncle is telling us that they are cautiously optimistic that she will survive and make a recovery. now, coming up this morning at 6:5, we'll have an opportunity to speak with the school principal on how the school will move forward in these tragic days ahead. back to you. >> megan fitzgerald live for us. thank you. the two leading presidential candidates have set their sights on voters in our battleground state of virginia. hillary clinton will hold rallies in fairfax this afternoon and then norfolk later tonight. e
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saturday. republican frontrunner donald trump is in the southwestern part of the state today. he will speak with students at radford university around 10:00 this morning. >> senator marco rubio battling for virginia votes, as well. he crisscrossed the state on sunday losing his or course after three sold out rallies including this one in loudoun county. the florida senator is sticking to his all out assault on donald trump. from roanoke to northern virginia, he vowed to never let the republican party be taken over by a, quote, con artist. hundreds of delegates are at stake in tomorrow's republican elections. winning virginia is especially important because voters control a big chunk of those delegates. all nine of the states holding primaries tomorrow distribute delegates differently. in virginia, they are distributed proportionately. there is no threshold a candidate has to meet to earn a delegate. angie goff is live at a polling place in fairfax this morning getting you ready for tomorrow. her live report in about 10
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to the minute with our nbc washington app. just search candidate tracker. there are some hit and miss showers moving across our area. chuck bell tracking how much an impact they will have on the commute and when we can expect some heavy hours in the next few days. and after years of delays, it's the first week day commute with the new street cars. where you can catch a ride and how much it will cost you.
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5:11. today jurors could get the case of a daycare worker accused of abusing nearly 20 toddlers in prince william county. kierra spriggs faces 57 charges, 19 are felonies. both sprigs and sarah jordan were arrested in 2013 after complaints from parents at minnieland academy. earlier this year jordan was convicted of all charges depends her. > against her. the
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are hitting the street again today. crowd give them good review and people get another chance to ride them starting at 6:00 a.m. rides are free for all passengers. let's turn right to your forecast right now. chuck bell helping you get out the door. >> that's right, commuter forecast time. commuters need to know you will need both the umbrellas and the sunglasses today. rain chances are inbound and will be breaking up as they come east of the hadn't willmountain can't give you the all clear just yet. you will need umbrella this morning, but a t-shirt later today. temperatures they're 50 this morning, so hardly cold at all. up into the low 60s depend today. so it will be a fantastic finish to an otherwise cloudy start to your monday. another check of the weekend forecast and a chance for snow later on. that's coming up in ten minutes. it is traffic time. good morning.
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there at prince william drive, westbound lanes are blocked. eastbound lanes are open. this is because of a crash investigation there. outer loop local lanes after route 1, alexandria left side still blocked there because of that crash and you can see perhaps a little bit of the slowdown here kind of coming there on the woodrow wilson bridge. 66 as wap he wiles mill road, n problems. 70 down to the spur going to take you 27 minutes. you are on time. going to take a look at bw parkway coming up in a couple minutes. it is one of the biggest deciders in decision 2016. how presidential candidates are rushing to get ahead in virginia with super tuesday only a day away. and oscar goes to -- >> the biggest night of hollywood, the upset surprises and winners who took home gold.
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friends do not let friends vote to con artists. >> the last thing i am is a con man. >> the only candidate in a position to beat trump on super tuesday is us so let's stand together. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we're not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them. virginia carries a lot of weight. angie goff is in fairfax this morning. virginia is a battleground state. angie, good
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it is. especially t minus one day. a lot of attention here in virginia. take a look at this map. we had candidates from both sides hitting the trail hard trying it to lock it in the undecided voters. hillary clinton will rally here in fairfax this afternoon we're here at the fairfax elections office. then she will head to norfolk later. recent poll numbers out showing that both front of runners are expected to win here, but we know that marco rubio spent a lot of time here over the weekend making four stops. he's been working the state pretty hard. and bust, virginia will prove to be a real big test for him after the huge loss to hillary clinton in the south carolina primary. just a reminder to break it down for you, 49 republican delegates at stake here, 95 on the
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democratic side. and 15 superdelegates, as well. a key battleground state indeed. and election officials here expecting turnout tomorrow when the polls open up at 6:00 a.m. across the state of virginia to be big. reporting live here at the fairfax county government center, back to you. >> angie, thank you. developing this morning, a strange turn of events in charles county where maryland state police say a motorcycle crash may actually be a homicide. the crash happened sunday afternoon on route 5 near old leonard town road in hughesville, maryland. investigators say the victim died after being thrown from a motorcycle that went off the road. but after a forensic exam thai n examination, police say the man may have been shot. police in prince george's county are investigating a shooting in upper marlboro. the victims were taken to the hospital. the bullets apparently hit two houses on that street, as well. no one e
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it is 5:20 now. some maryland lawmakers want to set up a state run insurance program to help workers who need unpaid leave. the insurance would be for employees who take off for family or medical reasons. tom hucker positions this is a great idea and has invited the legislation sponsors to explain their proposal. it will happen at the silver springs civic center this morning at 10:00. coming up on 5:21 right now. weather and traffic on the 1s. a warm 54 degrees outside our studios. >> i like that. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here now with your forecast. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, yesterday turned out to be a winner. today will be a nice day as well later, but we have clouds running if here this morning with at least a chance for some showers between now and about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. nothing major. but there are at least chances for rain today. may want to have the pocket umbrella ready to go. rain chances are higher the tart north and west you live or travel from the d.c. metro a.
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lower down to the south. probably not much of a rain chance at all today. fredericksburg and southern maryland. but a little better chance out toward winchester and hagerstown and frederick. rain chances this week, take it's between 30 and maybe 40%. again, higher rain chances the closer you get to the pennsylvania border. dry day for most tomorrow. rain chances come in after dark tomorrow. rainiest day of the week this week likely to be wednesday. cooler but dry on thursday and then on friday, a chance for what could be a little combination of rain or snow. we'll keep a close eye on that. for this morning, here is the reason you have the rain chance for the front half the day today. a cool front zipping our way. cool instead of cold because even top behind the front we'll be back up into the 60s once again. so timing out the rain showers as they come into the area between about now and 7:00 along i-81, frederick, maryland. and 8:00 and 9:00 inside the metro area. so you may need the umbrella quickly for thorn. not a big threat. rainfall amounts will be
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out the door weather this morning, temperatures are in the 50s already. these temperatures now are 20 to 30 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. manassas is 27 degrees warmer thousand than the same time yesterday. so much milder start will allow for a delightfully mild finish. highs take up in the low to mid-60s, but it will be blustery at times. could have winds gusting to over 40 miles per hour at the high spots. and then again a chance for rain on wednesday. all rain wednesday. there is the chance for rain/snow combination coming up on friday. all eyes on the weekend on a monday, both days look dry. crash update now. brand new crash in derwood. no word on how bad it is, but muncaster road at least a couple lanes blocked. 66 east before the beltway, the right side blocked because of a
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the beltway here this morning. little river turnpike there at prince william drive, again all westbound lanes blocked because that crash. eastbound lanes are open. doesn't look like any eastbound lanes should be shutting down because of that problem. 95 north bound going about 60 miles about per hour after woodbridge.bound going about 60 miles about per hour after woodbridge. brch bw parkway rolling along just fine. well, i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> you knew he had to do it. from the very first moments of the show, diversity took center stage at the academy awards. there a lot to talk about and not just chris rock. >> lady gaga. vice president joe biden. of course the winners, too. jennifer bjorklund is in hollywood with some of the big stories from the big night. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good mng
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they are wrapping things up here. the hard hats are out, the high heels have gone home. and it was a really, really interesting night. if you think about some of the surprises, one of the biggest ones was best picture. everybody was expecting one thing and they got another. spotlight was a film about boston globe's investigative reporting on sex abuse by roman catholic priests. spotlight won for best picture this was a surprise. a lot of people thought it would go for. >> referee: of "revenant." and mad max won six technical awards. and director a second year in a row. he won last year for bird man. so he got two in a row, which is a very rare thing to do. best actor went to
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dicaprio, finally. it was his sixth nomination. best actress went to brie larson for the movie "room." both of those very much expected. "revenant" winning in big categories, but not best picture. >> all right. thanks, jennifer. >> and also featured in the annual golden raspberry awards for the worst films of the year, best actor nominee eddie redmayne was given the worst supporting actor for his performance in jupiter ascending. he was nominated for best actor for his work in the "danish girl." and then sylvester stallone also the razzie redeemer. and he was a favorite to win the best assuming actor for his work in creed. he did noet
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>> i saw 50 shade of grey. >> why would you do that? >> i had to go. >> you had to go? >> dragged. a birthday, but -- it wasn't that good. developing this morning, more violence in syria. even with the cease fire now in effect, take a look, you can see smoke here and the destruction from sfrooiks reported there this weekend. the cease fire took picture saturday long after fwoesh ya negotiations. right now it's not clear who was behind the latest attack. a prince george's county police officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law. officer olaseha was suspended after being arrested for a domestic disturbance. the three year veteran was off duty at the time. the victim was taken to the hospital mm. a gorgeous weekend, but how long can we expect the
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temperatures to stick around? chuck is updating the four things you need to know about the forecast. and we're staying on top of two major developing stories. tragedy for the prince william county police department. what we're finding out about the man accused of killing an officer and his wife and in montgomery county, a high school deals with the loss of a student. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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at 5:30, two communities, two tragedies. prince william county officer killed on her first day on t
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today. and a difficult day as a montgomery county high school deals with the death of a student. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 5:30. we'll start with four things to know about the draforecast and chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. hope you enjoyed your weekend. yesterday sure did turn out to be a beauty of a day. a lot of folks running around yesterday as i was out knuckleh. best rain chances inside the beltway between about 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. breezy and mild this afternoon. another chance for mid week raindrops and a chance for late week rain or snow, that is on friday, long time to watch it, though. rain chances this morning are marching in from the west. not everyone will get rained on. if the rain chances hold together long enough, they should reach the metro in about four hours from now. so
5:31 am
50 now, showers to the west of us, in the metro by 9:00. but later today, sunny, breezy, 65. brand new crash new hampshire avenue at met zer rot road, not sure what is blocked. muncaster road at need wood road, that crash blocking both directions. little river turnpike, all lanes opened there. 66 and 95 looking good. orange line delays to new carrollton. travel times in ten minutes. now to a developing story. students returning to walt whitt map high school today in montgomery county mourning the loss of one of their classmates and praying to help pull each other lieu
5:32 am
tommy buarque de macedo and his parents were killed in an accident saturday night. his sister helena still fighting for her life. meagan fitzgerald is live with information about the other driver involved in this crash. >> reporter: yeah, we're learning that the 20-year-old driver has a history of driving dangerously. what we're learning, according to court records is that ogulkan atakoglu who collided with the family's vehicle on saturday evening on river road near pyle has a lot of things in his past. in 2013, he pleaded guilty to speeding and reckless driving on if 70. and last september, he was charged with neglectful driving in rockville. that case, though, however was dismissed. now, the attorney for the driver tells us that his client is
5:33 am
charged. of course they are expressing condolences to the family. but they say he's not been charged and he is innocent. now, coming up later on today, we will be speaking live with the principal of walt whitman high school who tells us that counselors will be available to help students as they continue this grieving process of this unexpected tragedy. back to you. >> megagan fitzgerald live for us. thank you. and in woodbridge, a husband shot and killed his wife during an argument saturday afternoon. as police officers came to the house, police say the suspect turned the gun on them. three officers were shot, officer ashley begguindon died it was her first day on the job. in a couple hours, the map who pull man who pulled the trigger will appear before a judge. derrick ward is live in
5:34 am
charges that he faces this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting that court appearance to happen in just a few hours. and as you said, ronald hamilton, who was an active duty st staff sergeant is facing a number of charges, including capital murder, three counts of assault on the police officers and murder for his wife. he faces some weapons charges. it's believed he was armed with a .45 caliber handgun and rifle. his wife was the one who made the 911 call that brought the officers to that home and we it talk to her sister yesterday. she went to the scene where she expressed appreciation and condolences to the
5:35 am
officers. >> the officer that sacrificed her life for my sister and my nephew, i thank you and god bless your family. >> reporter: and again, the court appearance expected in a couple of hours. he is being held without bond and we're told that the commonwealth attorney is expected at least to pursue the death penalty in this case for that capital murder charge. we're live in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. ashley was very dedicated student, she was motivated. she was the student every professor wanted. >> love and admiration pouring in for officer ashley guindon this morning. you just heard from her academic adviser from embree riddle aeronautical university. she graduated in 2010 and served in the marine corps reserve while she was a student. we want to remind yout
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watch our app for any breaking information. and just one last chance to weigh this on how and what d.c. city government spends its money on next year. mayor muriel bowser is hosting the city's last budget engagement forum today. it's happening at the green recreation center in southwest. the forum begins at 6:30 tonight. d.c. circulator workers are calling for change. they're holding a rally today. they say they have safety concerns. and they're concerned about what they call poverty wages. workers say they make close to $8 less an hour than metrobus drivers and it's impossible to make a living in the district from that kind of pay. the rally begins at 10:00 a.m. outside the wilson building. a driver will testify at the oversight hearing set for 11:00. we're waking up to light showers, but will it be clear by the time you send your kids out to the bus stop in chuck bel
5:37 am
and opponents call it a militia of toddlers. the effort to change state law to allow kids
5:38 am
5:39 am
big concerns this morning about stolen information for special education students. some montgomery county families told the "washington post" they're worried they will have their identity
5:40 am
addresses and phone numbers. the computers belong to a contractor. the contractor says there has been no sign of anyone trying to access or misuse the files. enormous mistake, that's how one of pope francis' top advisers describes how the catholic church handled child sex abuse by priests. over a video link, the vatican treasurer testified before an investigative investigation in australia. he previously served as a priest there. during his testimony, he said individuals were to blame, not the entire organization. two dozen australian abuse survives traveled from around the world to hear the remarks. good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. coming up on 5:41 on a monday morning. still all dry around the washington area here early this morning. there are rain showers out here in the mountains of west virginia, most of them will fall apart as th c
5:41 am
blue ridge, but there could still be a shower chance early this morning. so you may want to have the umbrella just to play it on the safe side. any chance for rain should be done by about noontime, so all you will need today, a light jacket for temperatures near 50 this morning. a little pocket umbrella, but you'll need your sunglasses later on today as blustery west winds will blow the clouds and rain chances out this afternoon. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times especially at higher elevations. so be ready for a bit of a blustery afternoon. but in the 60s, that's good news. 7 day in ten minutes. an update for you southbound new hampshire avenue at mez metzerott road. the crash southbound side of the roadway. northbound a turn lane blocked, as well. hoping that will be out of the way soon. muncaster mill at needwood road, still have some lanes blocked there because of that accident. orange line delays to new carrollton because of a malfunction at
5:42 am
so does 95 northbound. 270, no issues southbound. top of the beltway rolling along on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. do you feel like airline seats are always getting smaller? the new push for more comfort on planes. he led the denver broncos to super bowl victories.eyton manng
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>> the man accused of killing an officer and his own wife makes his first court appearance this morning. what we're fining out aboe inii about the success pe aspect. and the loss of a student. how the community is remembering a teen as his sister fights for her life. we'll have an update on both of those stories coming up at 6:00. and good morning. i'm storm team 4 meol
5:46 am
hours away if they hold together. i'll update your rain chance and talk about the day ahead coming up. and we have this crash southbound new hampshire at metzerott road. and 66 west at nutley street, a problem there. and delays on the orange line. it is 5:46. today a new medal for a heroic soldier. chief edward byers jr. will receive the medal of honor at the white house today. byers saved a hot damage in afghanistan by shielding him with his body four years ago. he won several awards before this one including two purple hearts and five bronze stars for heroism. in decision 2016, only one day left of campaigning before voters make their decisions about the republican and democratic nominees for president. hillary clinton trying to capitalize on her decisive win in south carolina over the weekend. gop
5:47 am
trump for his response to a question about some of his backers yesterday. senator marco rubio says he failed to denounce the kkk. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan. >> now, we checked donald trump's twitter account but so far no reaction from the gop frontrunner on this. he will be this havein virginia. when and where you can expect the visits coming up in the next half hour. prince william county police need help finding a hissing man. nicholas messi needs help and could be in danger. he was last seen near his home on and i deny road in nokesville. he's 2727, '7 5/7". a militia of toddlers is what one state represent sif says will happen if revisions to
5:48 am
the current law doesn't allow children under the age of 14 to use hand guns. in iowa, kids under 14 can legally handle any other kind of gun. the measure passed the 00 i with a house last week and goes before the state senate this week. the faa is looking into what caused a fatal plane crash in texas. there were no survivors after the plane went down in a wooded area. two adults and two children were killed when it crashed near the airport about 75 miles from houston where the plane took off. the anthem of the seas cruise ship seems to be cursed. the royal caribbean ship damaged in a major storm at the beginning of february is returning to port early again because of a forecasted storm developing off cape hatteras. and some guests have come down with thur ro newer
5:49 am
so a lot of us are drinking a lot of sugar every day about seems. one this three americans have a sugary drink at least once a day. the cdc put out the new numbers. one serving of a drink that has that kind of sugar, eight teaspoo teaspoons. younged a did yo ad dued a did unemployed are more likely to have a sugary drink every day. a religious festival in southern i said i can't went awry when an elephant went on a rampage smashing cars in its way.i can't went awry when an elephant went on a rampage smashing cars in its way. the elephant was taking part in a holly ritual when it started flinging motor bikes. oh, my goodness. and cars. it took hours to get the elephant under control. i think there are people on top of the elephant. what a scene. no one was hurt in the incident.
5:50 am
and even not wild animals -- anyway. some in hyattsville are still without water after a water main broke on saturday at 38th and hammel ton street. crews from new jersey travelled to help stop the flow of water. the main is 90 years old and crews have had a tough time finding where the pipes were connected. coming up on 5:51 now on this monday morning. chuck bell is going to walk us through the week here with starting with some rain. >> just a chance here this morning. not ebb will get rained on today, but there is at least an opportunity good now and about early lunchtime hours. may have a raindrop or two to dodge. rain chances today are relatively low in and around the metro area. even lower down towards fredericksburg and southern maryland. best chances to get rained on today along i-81 and up across northern maryland up close to the maryland/pennsylvania border. rain chance today 30% to 40% north w
5:51 am
lower than that down to the south and east. everyone is dry for most of the day tomorrow. but rain chances come in after dark tomorrow. raine rainiest day of the week is wednesday. and a chance for snow on friday. here is the rain this morning. this little ribbon of raindrops is falling apart, so not all those raindrops will live long enough to make it over the blue ridge. that's why rain chances today are higher north and west of the city. if they hold together, they're about four hours from reaching the west side of the metro, take puts them this here about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. future weather, and here is the reason my confidence is relatively low. this is our high resolution model and this thing is updated every hour. and by 8:30, it has all the rain completely broken up. maybe a risk of a spot shower or two between about 10:00 and 11:00. i think that hey be underplaying the rain chances just a bit. but just keep in mind not everyone will get rained on. we're in the low 50s on your way out the door this
5:52 am
than yesterday morning. so a mild start to the day today. so even with the rain chance this morning, and a gusty blustery wind right around lunchtime, sunshine will put temperatures today back up into the low and mid-60s and tomorrow looks like a nice day, too. highs tomorrow also mostly in the 60s. next change in the weather arrives late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. could have a few showers as early as about 8:00 or 9:00. rainiest day is wednesday. here is the 7 day. 65 today, 62 tomorrow. rain wednesday, chilly thursday, and rain/snow threat coming up on friday. no one cares about that as long as it doesn't accumulate and it's nice for the weekend. so far that's the way it looks. taking a look at one of our problems still hanging around this morning in derwood, muncaster mill at needwood road. a crash blocking some lanes. we're sending chopper to that crash to see what it l l
5:53 am
from above. southbound new hampshire avenue at metzerott road, some lanes blocked southbound. also northbound one of the turn lanes is slowing down because of that response. big look at the beltway and all of those routes this and out of up to just fine. 66 west at nutley, reports of an issue off to the right side of the roadway. we'll take a look at metro coming up. 5:53 right now. and there are so many cooking oil choices, so how do you know which is the healthiest to use? >> are you going say just don't cook? >> i'm just trusting the guy at the restaurant. dietitians say some oils are better than others and also depends on how your it pl olive, pea nut and coconut oils are the best for cooking at medium temperatures, but there are some tropical oils that have saturated fats. >> because of the saturated fat, we know it's linked to heart disease and increased risk of stroke, cholesterol, so i would
5:54 am
>> what she said. dietitians say oils are not bad to your health as long as you cook with them wisely. >> there you go. new research shows most adults have problems with at least one of their senses. a new study of 3,000 seniors found 94% have loss of one sense. 40% have problems with two senses. taste and touch were the most common complaints. experts believe it may have to do with nerve loss. the environment or genetics. police say he killed a pastor, not only that, the pastor was his brother. that man is going to be charged with murder in dayton, ohio today. dayton police say the pastor was in his church office yesterday when his brother shot him. they don't know what the motive was there. dayton leaders say the pastor had deep roots in that community including decades of work in the town's schools. police say ku klux klan members who stabbed three people acted in self-defense. five klan membe
5:55 am
this all started at an anti-gun rally on saturday. police say as the members marched toward a park, counter protestors confronted them. a fight broke out. one man used the eagle on top of a flag pole to stab a man. the klan members were released after video showed the klan members agcted in self-defense. restaurants are rolling out discounts and freebies for leap day. if you were born on february 29, hard rock cafe will give and you free entree, olive garden giving a free dessert. pizza hut has a free one topping personal pan pizza. and chris krispy kreme is offer dozen for free when
5:56 am
you buy one at regular price. leap academy teaches new skills and the mayor will visit the mechanics garage where that training is happening. we've all experienced it, seats getting smaller and smaller on airplanes. now could change that. congress is working on a bill to reauthorize the faa. new york snur schumer says he plans to add a measure that would require a certain amount of leg room. he says seats have gotten thiner and shorter by several inches and that is a problem. there sha vote on that bill next month. we could find out the real answer about peyton manning this week and whether he will retire. the denver broncos dispute a report that says manning would not return to the team. . the vp of public relations say the sides are
5:57 am
is he to announce his decision by the end of the week. >> this week president obama wants your kids to get excited about science. he's launching a version of take your child to work today because instead of visiting corporate offices, kids get to visit science labs. today students from baltimore and d.c. will participate in a science fair type event. all week long more than 50 national labs will open their doors to students. we continue to follow two developing stories straight ahead at 6:00. >> first what lies ahead for the man accused of killing a prince william county police officer and his own wife. also this morning -- >> reporter: students at a local high school and an entire community in montgomery county are grieving after a weekend car crash kills an entire family and force as young girl to fight for her life. we'll tell you how the family is being remembered.
5:58 am
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plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amopé pedi perfect wet & dry. amopé. love every step. two communities suffering from separate but just as heart wrenching tragedies. >> that was the he essence of ashley. >> in virginia, the loss of a mother as well as the
6:00 am
sworn into protect her just hours earlier. ♪ and in maryland, two parents and their son remembered as their daughter continues to fight for her life.follows thos stories for you. you're looking live at walt whitman will students will return today where one of their fellow students and another fighting to stay alive. and we also want to give and you live look at the prince william county government building where in just 2 1/2 hours, the man accused of shooting and killing his wife as well as a police officer on the first day of the job will head to court. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is a sad start to the week if a lot of people in our area. people trying to cope with the deaths of a


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