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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 28, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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hamilton. he's being held at the prince william county detention center. police also just sent this picture of ashley guindon's cruiser. and they captioned it blessed are the peace make makers for they will be called children of god. >> and three officers as you know were shot responding to a call about an argument at that woodbridge home yesterday. >> neighbors reported hearing several rapid gunshots and then saw the swarm of police officers arrive. let's show where you there this happened lashmere court in woodbridge. kids were playing outside when the shooting began. but not clear what led up to it. but prince william county police do say all three officers were shot by one suspect. officer guindon had worked for prince william county police prior and had just returned as an officer. >> her shift was
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their first day working. so the whole thing is just tragic. >> her first day. guindon served in the that reas marine corps reserve. she's not from the area, so the police department are working to get her tafamily here. >> and with more on the condition of the two injured police officers, let's get right to derrick ward. >> reporter: good morning again. well, this is where the two officers who were wounded in that shooting are now. we don't have their identities or their condition, about you they still indeed hospitalized. as for the suspect ronald hamilton, he faces serious charges. among them, capital murder, first-degree murder, firearms charges and also there was another woman believed to be his wife found dead in that home. you now,
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on lashmere court when police were called for this domestic disturbance. and we talk order neighbed to n. one woman described hamilton as an ideal neighbor. >> i met the dad and he is a cool guy. quiet. he's nice. he's always, yyoyou know, polic arng pleasant, respectful. i've seen the wife in passing. i've met his mother. >> reporter: commonwealth attorney paul ebert has scheduled a news conference for 12:30 to update us on the information. we will live stream that on our website and go to and we will bring you news from that conference later today on news 4. derrick ward,
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derrick mentioned the live stream happening on the nbc washington app. download that now. as soon as we get new information threw that press conference, we will push that out as well. best thing to have is that nbc washington app on hand and we'll be putting it out throughout the day. so stay close to this. meantime we want to tell you the last prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty is officer chris young, husband and father of three died new year's eve of late 2012. a driver hit and killed him as he was responding to an emergency call on his motorcycle. officer guindon's death is the fourth prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty since the department's inception. more now on the developing story in bethesda. we've learned the names of the victims killed in a horrific car crash that happened around 7:00 last night. parents michael and
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and their 17-year-old son thomas died. their teen daughter was also badly hurt as they collided with another hurt. both teens attended walt whitman high school. the other driver was taken to the hospital because is expected to be okay. the crash is still under investigation. and we're getting a taste of spring on this sunday. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. around the region now, we have lots of sunshine and you can track the latest weather when you're out enjoying this day with the nbc washington app radar, too. looking now at national harbor's live camera there in prince george's county, a beautiful scene there. sun pouring down and a calm wind on the potomac river. looking off to the west on the horizon is sugarloaf mountain in frederick county. great place to take a home hike. and we have a few high clouds
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temperatures will be quickly climbing by noontime, we should be in the upper 50s. and then hovering in the low 60s around midafternoon between 2:00 and 4:00. it should be beautiful. just a very light breeze. great day to get out. big changes on the way for the week ahead, even some snow in the forecast. we'll look at that in a few minutes. 10:05. marco rubio going to be in loudoun county today. he's hosting a rally at patrick henry college. supposed to start around 1:00 this afternoon. this is one of four stops to rubio. this is ahead of what is super tuesday. tornadoes left some major damage across parts of virginia. where thousands say they didn't get a warning and what is being done to fix emergency alerts. we're less than six months from the start of the olympics in rio and there is major concern about sewage in the water. why protesters say it's not safe to swim in.
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3,000 people in appomattox people were not notified before the tornado hit. county officials are trying to figure out what happened. the system notifies verizon land line phones when triggered. the tornado left one dead, seven others hurt and close to 100 structures destroyed. uc berkeley alerts 80,000 after a major cyber attack. hackers got information to the information of alumni, current
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of patching a flaw when the intrusion happened. this is back in december the fbi was notified and they say the flaw has been fixed. just a few months from the start of the owe rlympics and protesters say brazil has a serious sewage problem. activists picked up trash yesterday. olympic events such as sailing, open water swimming, triathlon races set to take place there in august. environmental authorities say they will have it cleaned up by then, but protesters say they haven't seen progress. an independent report found dangerous high levels of viruses and bacteria in the water. take a look at this, a warm and sunny sunday expecting temperatures in the 60s. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking when you can expect some showers. that is in the week ahead. and it is the biggest night in hollywood. the controversy over this year's academy awards and the movies and actors hoping to walk away big winners. (donkey so
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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airbnb is causing a big fight in the general assembly. lawmakers trying to regulate short term rental websites. bed and breakfast oerps swners they should have the same licensing requirements that they have to go through. both the house and senate have passed versions of the bill that would require
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awards happening tonight. >> and everyone will tune into see if leo can finally take home the golden statue. mark barger has predictions. >> reporter: anticipation is not just about the awards. >> i'm looking forward to chris rock. i can't think of a better host. >> reporter: rock will have the academy's diversity issues squarely in his sight, but keep it from dominating the event. >> you want to feel historic. >> reporter: and it could be for alejandro, favored to be the first back to back best director winner in 65 years, his film "the revenant." >> the first time ever that one director has directed back to back best picture winners. >> reporter: "the revenant's" competition includes spotlight and "the big short." >> i think a lot of people love
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it's something everybody embraces. >> reporter: more certain is the love for leonardo dicaprio. it would be his first oscar. >> i think he's at home writing his speech right now. at least he should be. because i can't imagine anyone else winning. >> reporter: the feeling similar about brie larson. she's dominated the best actress field. >> and no other performance in that category this year that goes through wringer like her character does and she portrayed it beautifully. >> reporter: supporting actress has a tight race. >> i kind of think it will go to allessia. and sylvester stallone should have won for rocky. >> reporter: winning this time could be a knockout moment on a
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mark barger, nbc news. >> we have to take you to the other side of the aisle, too. 50 sh"fifty shades of grey" cam on top of the razzie awards. dwafd is david is so disappointed. and the awkward adaptation of the novel scored five razzies including worst actor and worst actor. fantastic four won the super hero flop. the awards were launched in 1980 as a spoof of hollywood's award season. hillary clinton landed a big win in south carolina beating bernie sanders by about a 3:1 margin. >> and joining us now to break it all down, chuck todd. chuck, we have super tuesday coming up. you have
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>> lthree states out. if you look at south carolina and the polling on the democratic side, how good will hillary clinton's night going to be. she's targeting more states with more delegates. bernie sanders it look like he's in retreat in how he's targeting states on tuesday. almost trying to ignore any state that has a large piminori population. and he got hammered in south carolina, but you won't win the democratic nomination if you narrow cast your campaign to just trying on win states that have small minority 307 lapopul. >> this past week on friday, i was catching up with some voters and it was interesting to hear from both democratics and republicans. john kasich seemed to be the one that a lot wanted to hear more about. >> it will be fascinating to me the northern virginia vote. i always say northern virginia and here we are virginia being a super tuesday state, northern vgi
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most informed voter. they're more likely to be the a voter that decides to not just go with somebody they're passionate about, but at least extra teemg extra strategic strategic. so i'll be curious to see who carries it. i'll be shocked if trump carries it, but if he does, it tells you where the party is headed. but when i think of the three big voting blocs there, it will be interesting to see if it's kasich or rubio. if rubio made the consolidation case. >> and he's in loudoun today. >> and what is going on with trump and rubio? it's getting kind of nasty. >> i know you're a big world wrestling entertainment fan, right? >> that's right. >> it's the rick
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rick flare had a phrase that if you want to be the man, you got to beat the man. and -- >> is that become the man is this. >> what i mean is rubio made the calculation and i understand why he did it that you have to outtrump trump. if you want to beat trump, you have to be like him. so he went the insult route. nothing else has worked. i think it's a risky strategy for rubio. i understand why he's doing it. i think it has helped get under trump's skin. the question is does it benefit rubio. rubio has a stature gap as it is. and it looks less presidential. but trump hasn't looked presidential, and it hasn't punished him. so we'll find out tuesday. >> and the show coming up. >> trump, cruz, sanders. >> any plea credictions on osca? >> nos on a s os on oscar
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watch. >> all right. we are looking at 10:18. and just a reminder that just in a matterertter of minutes is "me press." time now for a check of our forecast. tom kierein making a lot of folks happy with what is looking to be a pretty nice end to february. >> i'll make an oscar reference. i'll be happy to accept the award for best day in february today. thank you very much. it's going to ing to be climbin the low 60s. it's already near 60 in the shen skrally. that mild air is coming our way and a southwesterly breeze. so g
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hike or bike ride or take a run. we'll be in the upper 50s by 1:00. should be around 60 near 2:00 and then low 60s around the 3, 4:00 this afternoon. just a few blustery winds. we're all dry, don't have any rain, any snow anywhere this our vicinity. way here in the upper midwest, there is a little disturbance producing snow, changing to rain. that will come close to us tomorrow morning, but it will be too warm for any snow. so at the bus stop tomorrow morning, there may be a few sprinkles of light rain between 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. we'll be in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. but then for the afternoon, when you're heading back home, it will be in the mid-60s much of the region tomorrow afternoon, some sunshine does return. so a terrific pattern over the next several days. the four day forecast showing a springlike pattern continuing on into tuesday. tuesday morning the mid-40s. tuesday afternoon the
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so wonderful pattern here. and then the big change occurs on wednesday when we'll get another front coming our way. and before then, climbing in to the upper 50s as the front sweeps through, it will likely trigger some showers. that looks to be late wednesday afternoon perhaps into wednesday evening. quickly coming through. and then after that goes by, we'll get temperatures back below the average, a high of 50 5 1. so we'll be above that the next four days. but then thursday highs may only make it in to the hmid-40s. and we do have a chance of some rain maybe changing to wet snow on friday. so stay tuned. we'll keep an eye on that for you. way too early to predict any accumulations if any for friday. but chilly with temperatures staying in the 30s. so if we do get any snow, it will be that wet kind of snow and slushy. metal
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melting sby saturday for are sure. next weekend looking nice. chilly on saturday, but sunday should be back into the mid 50s. so a cool pattern as we get toward next weekend. but still less and for outdoor activities the first weekend in march. so quite a few changes here on the storm team 4 seven day outlook after the mild three, four days. we get the chill moving in. and again, we'll keep you updated on that possibility of any snow on friday that may cause some travel problems. >> tom, thank you. 10:22. four things to know, police have identified us spects in the shooting that took the life of officer ashley guindon. ronald hamilton being held without bond this morning. pl police hawill have a press conference at 12:30. p. and three killed in a car
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two parents and their 17-year-old son died. their teen daughter and the other driver were hospitalized. neighbors in arlington going to meet to talk about a gun store that is supposed to open there next month. the nova armory will be located on pershing drive. many residents say they didn't learn about the store until last week. marco rubio will be in loudoun county this afternoon. he is hosting a rally at the patrick henry college at the 1:00. he led the denver broncos to super bowl victory, but will peyton manning be back to play next year? a new report
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according to the denver post, peyton manning may be ready to pack up his pads. they claim manning will announce his retirement sometime next week. the broncos quarterback who turns 40 in march just claimed his second career super bowl title earlier this month. the broncos have disputed that report. if the report is true, manning will retire as the nfl all-time leading passer with over 71,000 yards through the air. a big congratulations to the boonsboro high school cheerleaders from washington county. they won first place to become national champions in
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on saturday. we wish them huge luck on their next big competition. that is no easy feat. >> a nice day for folks to get out. >> it will feel like spring the next four days and then big change end of week. maybe a little snow on friday. we'll keep you posted on that. again that possibility on friday. >> we want to thank you for joining us. on facebook, we had over 31,000 of you watching online. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this
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need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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