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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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developing right now, this water main break in prince georges county has a potential to cause a lot of problems for people living nearby. how soon crews will be able to get this fixed. i'm in fairfax county where an arrest has been made in a sexual assault. and voters hit the polls in south carolina as hillary clinton looks to extend her momentum. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> first up tonight, we have a developing situation in maryland, still a big mess at 38th and hamilton streets after a water main break that happened early this morning. the main broke around 2:00 a.m. look at that. part of the road buckled. water
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nobody doesn't have water, but they are having problems closing the valves on the 90-year-old main and repairs could take a while. police crediting the power of social media for helping them catch a suspected rapist who broke into a woman's home last saturday. darcy spencer joins us now from the alexandria section of fairfax county with reaction to last night's arrest. darcy? >> reporter: that's right, social media did play an important role, but police were able to put out the composite sketch and with help from the community they were able to identify the suspect and make the arrest. people here are telling me they do recognize the suspect from the neighborhood and many were very fearful since this happened and feeling some sense of relief now with this arrest. here's another look at that suspect, edwin martinez, as we said, he was arrested last night about 11:00 when police spotted him sitting in a car just a few miles from re
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police have released that composite sketch just a couple of days after that 51-year-old woman was raped inside her own apartment here on blankenship street in the mount vernon area of fairfax county. he was charged with rape, burglary, and providing a false i.d. to police. >> we feel good he's been caught. right now, we are a little bit relieved. >> at the beginning, people were very concerned. actually, my neighbor next to me was thinking about moving out, because she also has kids, and we didn't hear anything from the apartment managers, but now that he's arrested we feel more relieved. >> reporter: we heard that from numerous neighbors here this afternoon. the police are saying that the suspect is being held without bond. we were told by police that the victim was treated at a hospital and later released. we are live
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county, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you so much. we want to show you live pictures now tonight from orangeburg, south carolina, as voters make their choice in the first in the south democratic primary. polls show hillary clinton with a big lead there. hillary clinton appears poised to win south carolina. she's hoping to wipe away some bad memories from 2008 when barack obama beat her, but this time around clinton has the support of a majority of black voters in south carolina. meanwhile, bernie sanders isn't even campaigning here today. he's at events in texas and minnesota, and is hoping for a better showing on super tuesday. meanwhile, republican candidates are spending their weekend in super tuesday states. donald trump campaigned in arkansas today, fresh off his big endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie. meanwhile, both marco rubio and ted cruz continued their assault on trump, saying he'd be an unworthy gop nominee. trump will be on "meet the
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morning. chuck will also talk to cruz, sanders, and governor john kasich. that starts at 10:30 right here on news 4. tonight, we are hearing chilling new details about that deadly shooting rampage in kansas. he had no remorse. those are the words today from one of the workers that was hit as bullets started flying. melissa torres was inside the manufacturing plant thursday when she heard five gunshots. she then saw the shooter walk into the building with two guns and open fire. >> he looked like he was ready to do damage, no remorse, had his hands up, bam, bam. just evil, he didn't care, trying to kill whoever he could. >> she was struck in the hand, and back, ford was killed in a shootout with police. a desperate search for a
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little girl right now kidnapped during a home invasion in ft. lauderdale. armed gunmen burst into the home late friday night, snatching the 2-month-old. the girl and her mother were asleep when the men broke in. the sheriff's office says the 24-year-old woman is a person of interest in this kidnapping. authorities have issued a statewide amber alert. next month a new gun store is set to open in arlington county, the nova armory says it will focus on firearms for recreational use. thousands of residents are fighting back, saying the store is not a good fit for their community. >> nova armory characterizes their new store scheduled to open last month in arlington as an outlet for sporting firearms. pieces they say are intended to become family heirlooms, but some people in the neighborhood say it's just not right for their community. >> it's not necessarily a business that's keeping with the value of the neighborhood. a lot of retail, a lot of things that cater
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restaurants, cleaners, there's a school, obviously, in the area. >> but opposition to the store isn't unanimous. while there's an online petition opposing the store, there's also one in support of it. folks in the community say there's usually lots of notice and discussion before a new business or even a home addition is done here. not so with this business. >> whether it's a sidewalk cafe or a yoga studio or music, and we didn't hear a single thing. >> reporter: they say word didn't get out until last week. in a written statement, nova armory says theirs is a family business and the company owner respects the rights to protests and hope they respect their second amendment rights. eric ward, news 4. more star power in d.c. today, natalie portman shooting a movie about jackie kennedy. why not everyone is thrilled the oscar winner is in
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your summer plans? the changes you need to know before you book that trip. plus, we had a beautiful day out there today, little on the cool side in terms of temperatures. wait until you see the temperatures i have on the seven day.
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hollywood stars recreating that somber scene after president john f. kennedy's
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oscar winning actress natalie portman starring at jackie kennedy in a new movie called "jackie." the closures had people complaining after we posted the story on the news 4 washington app. the details on tomorrow's road closures are under the search term jackie. montgomery county police are asking you to keep an eye out for this missing teen. she's from rockville and she disappeared this morning. the 15 year old may be traveling with a 21-year-old man. if you've got any information, you're asked to call police. today friends and supporters gathered to remember an activist who stood vigil outside the white house for 34 years. she dedicated her life to fighting against war and nuclear proliferation. she was remembered at a service today at the luther place memorial church in northwest d.c. it was back in 1981 that she set up an ti
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weapons camp in lafayette square. she passed away in january. her lawyer says they'll decide on monday if the camp will remain or be donated to a museum or history project. it was a beautiful day to spend some time out in dupont circle. maybe this is you, but lauren says there's a possibility of some snow back in the seven day forecast. we'll have that coming up next. along 8th street in d.c., check it out, the streetcar absolutely packed as people come out and want to take
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> after years of waiting longer than it was supposed to take, the d.c. streetcar is finally open for business. news 4's adam tusk went along for the ride. >> reporter: the streetcar is here, plenty of excitement. >> we've been waiting with bated breath for this to come. >> reporter: and it's opening day. >> so, everybody, let's ride. >> reporter: eastern high marching band getting a big crowd warmed up on a chilly day to ride. d.c. mayor murielle bowser on board for a packed trip. >> i knew it would come.
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already being planned into ward 7. >> our next focus will be connecting. >> reporter: this ride was definitely the main attraction. long after the mayor had taken her inaugural ride on the streetcar, people are still excited, right? >> yeah. >> everyone still excited? streetcar is definitely catching a lot of buzz here today. no doubt there have been challenges. this line is years behind schedule, it faced rising costs, safety concerns, but the city says it's committed to making it work. riders like wendy bridges, ms. senior d.c., remembered the last time streetcars rolled in 1962 and she sees promise. >> especially for my seniors, because we're looking for another mode of transportation so we can get around. >> reporter: some had to ask themselves is this really happening. yep, streetcars now back in d.c.. along h street northeast, adam tuss, news 4. >> a
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now free to ride. when you go, may make a big difference in how much you pay. disney is rolling out seasonal prices for single day tickets at their orlando and anaheim theme parks. they are putting out a calendar to help tell people which days are considered value, regular, or peak days, which, of course, will cost the most. some of the top wheelchair basketball teams in the country tipped off today in prince georges county. med star sponsored the sixth annual kpl wheelchair basketball invitational tournament in fort washington. many of the athletes in the tournament are military veterans or victims of violent crimes. top honors for the boonsboro high school cheerleaders. they won first place to become national champions. next they set their sights on the u.s. finals in may. congratulations to them.
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>> well, would have been a great day to get out, maybe play some sport. absolutely beautiful, temperatures in the 40s. we should be around 50 for this time of year, so just a little bit below normal, but all in all we're staying dry, not only today, but tomorrow and we're also warming on up. the next chance of rain has a few sprinkles for monday, but other than that, the next chance of rain is going to be on wednesday. and then, yes, we've got some snow and some rain chances possible for friday. hate being the bearer of bad news, i'm over the snow, as well, but looks like we could have a couple more shots as we head into march. temperatures out there right now all in all not bad, because we don't have the wind. 44 right now in d.c., 44 in frederick, 42 in gaithersburg, so a little on the cool side once you get into southern maryland, but right now in d.c. 45 degrees under clear skies, little chilly as we continue into the evening, but if you're headed out, not
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worry about too much out there. few clouds out there this morning, but otherwise we're clearing as we continue into the evening. high pressure in charge to the south of us and we're going to be clear tomorrow, too. even more sunshine tomorrow, believe it or not. that's why we're going to warm up a bit. if you're planning your day for tomorrow, sunday brunch action, maybe want to try a restaurant with a rooftop, because it is going to be nice. dress in layers, cool in the morning, not quite as cool as this morning. spring cleaning, good day to get out and jump start it, or you can wait like me. traveling looking good and dry, the eastern 39 states maybe a little snow towards buffalo, but that's the norm it seems like usually in winter for them. future weather for us here in d.c. looking good for your sunday morning, plenty of sunshine, even sunday night. we do have a frontal system coming through on monday morning. it looks to be moisture starved, but i do have a few sprinkles possible. i think this is overdone a bit, but i want to show you there could be a few isolated sprinkles as we
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monday, then we'll clear out quickly. sunday afternoon through about monday afternoon, we'll have a little breeze out there, but other than that, you know, we are going to be very, very nice as we continue into even monday and tuesday. so rain chances with the exception of just a little bit of sprinkle on monday, wednesday, and friday look to be the days we'll have some rain chances. again, friday maybe some rain and snow chances. here's your hourly if you are headed out on sunday. looking good for your sunday. again, temperatures will warm up to around 60, breezy by tomorrow afternoon. and then a little breezy on monday when the front comes through with temperatures again around 60. feast your eyes on this. again, breezy, but mild conditions continue. few sprinkles on monday, then rain on wednesday. thursday, not looking too bad, but friday we've got that chance of rain and snow. we'll continue to watch it for you guys. >> if you left it on the four day, it would have been okay.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by
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your home for the most live sports. >> chris miles here from the csn studios. the idea the hoyas getting an at large bit to the ncaa tournament disappeared with their play in february. georgetown has just one win and six losses in their last seven games. another loss against butler today, the hoyas would dip beneath .500 in both conference and overall play. senior day on the hilltop. davonte smith rivera hoping to end his home career with a "w." butler tossing behind the back passes and three pointers, plus fouls. kelly dunham finishes with 29, butler up nine at the half. second half, tyler wiedeman, captain of 16-0 bulldogs run. looked like it's over, right? but here comes the hoyas. reggie cameron somehow comes up with the ball and the layup, part of the run in the final two and a half minutes. hoyas force overtime. butler up three. las
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campbell is denied. georgetown falls by a final score of 90-87. back under .500 for the first time since november. huge game in the big ten, tenth ranked maryland visiting 20th ranked purdue. four of the terps' five losses have come on the road. terps in trouble early, but battling back. cleaning up the offensive glass, cuts a 16-point deficit to just two. that guy did not miss in the first half. hit four three-pointers. maryland down five at the break. second half, another slow start for the terps. vince edwards vying for the alley-oop, pushes the lead to eight. the terps close down the stretch but fall asleep at a critical time. johnny hill down broadway, terps drop their fifth road game this season 83-79 the final. vcu, gw. parents on hand, first time dad oscar has seen his
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live. he also got to see this guy. team high 17 points. vcu up seven. we get a good game down the stretch. joe mcdonald gets the shooter's bounce, gets the lead to one. final 30 seconds. g.w. down two. for the lead, oh, can't get it to go, but he gets the rebound, gets a second chance. that's not good either. vcu moves into first place in the a-10. winners 69-65. some sweet music and some sweet hoops. george washington visiting george mason. g.w. led by 19 at the half. keeping it going in the second half. taylor brown steps up for mason, hits six three pointers, brings mason to within nine. the colonials still too tough down low. washington cleans up two. her team leading 18, george washington over mason 73-66. william and mary, james madison battling for the three seed in the caa
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second half, up by four. goes back door, and we got a two-point game. ron curry, he's good, and the colonials had no answer for him. hits, game high 21. dukes win it 71-65, lock up the three seed in the tournament. cavaliers tip off against the tar heels in a few minutes. virginia is two games behind carolina in the acc standings, but ranked four spot higher in the national ranking. they have lost 2 of the last 3. need a win tonight to stay alive for the acc regular season title. college lacrosse, fourth ranked maryland on the road visiting seventh ranked yale. tied at two in the second quarter. terps on the man advantage, fires it home, two on the day. terps up 3-2, but yale dominates the second half. keeps it on the rush, calls his own number. one of five straight goals for the bulldogs. they get the upset victory
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the caps have continued to cruise the best record in the nhl without two key players. carlson and beagle both placed on injured reserve in december. both are back and the team that's lost 9 of the last 10 finally at full strength. beagle healthy and ready to return to the lineup, the caps had to make a tough decision to clear a roster spot. today they waived brooks laich. caps travel to chicago to play the blackhawks. >> really the hockey side that's managing the cap, all those things. haven't had a chance to talk to brooks at all. just because i had other things going on, but it's the way to give us more flexibility, it's a way to allow more -- mac to do more. if there's anything out there that can help our hockey club. >>
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success with those good problems. when your roster is so good you have to part ways with players contributing, that's what they are going through now. erika, back to you. >> thank you so much. beautiful next couple of days, then maybe some snow in the forecast. then it goes downhill after day four. >> i know, i know, looks like chilly next weekend, as well. we've got 60s, enjoy them. maybe a sprinkle passing through on monday, otherwise rain on wednesday and rain and snow possibly on friday. >> thanks, lauren, that's the news for now. nightly news is up next, then we'll see you again
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