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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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for the republican presidential nominee as the candidates begin shifting their focus to virginia. plus our pothole patrol helping you get results. the new campaign in prince george's county aimed at making your commute a smoother one. coming up on 6:01 on your tuesday morning. your weather headlines for today, it's going to be a cold rainy tuesday across the area. there is an opportunity for some milder air, but that comes with a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. and just like the song oklahoma says, the wind comes right behind the rain. the rain ends late wednesday and it will be very win ddy around here wednesday night into thursday. could have gusts in the 45 to 0 50-mile-per-hour range. what about tuesday morning? awash with raindrops right now. it will rain on everybody during the course of the next 24 hour.
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43 with occasional showers this evening. s most of the rain is done by lunchtime, bull mt moderate rai moving back in tomorrow morning. people are hitting the brakes this morning. 95 north bound as you head into quantico, a little slow. no reason for that one. but southbound through woodbridge,bound as you head in quantico, a little slow. no reason for that one. but southbound through woodbridge, a crash near route 1. not seeing it on camera, but you can see the rain falling. 295 forget this, no more worries there. 5 northbound at herbert, left lane getting by the crash cause something delays. travel tyimes in ten minutes. a daycare employee will be in court today. keara sprigs pleaded not guilty
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she faces 57 charges after accusations that she and another daycare worker it things like step on children's toes and spray them in the face with water hoses. and a disturbing assault on a school bus has two middle schoolers facing sexual battery charges. wtop reports that the 11 and 12-year-old students assaulted a female student on a bus last november. the bus was still parked on school property. the female student told police the boys held her down and grabbed her body parts. the victim said she yelled several times to stop. to decision 02016 where votr ares in nevada will choose from five presidential hopefuls today. 30 delegates are at stake. a win for marco rubio would be his first this election season and could dramatically change his campaign. a win for donald trump could represent his strength in the
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virginia primary. after the gop caucus in nevada, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders have to get through south carolina's primary on saturday. then march 1, super it tuesday, voters in 13 states and tear togo to the polls. we expect many candidates to visit before tuesday. to see where you can see them, open the nbc washington app and search candidate tracker. and if you're hoping to vote absentee in the virginia primary, today is the deadline to ask for a ballot if you want it mailed to you. most voter registration offices close at 5:00, but a few will stay open until 8:00 to give you more time today. news 4 is the only place you'll see inside a historic trip cuba. today mayor bowser is
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that company, one idea being if youed is having public schools and universities in the district and cuba work together on foreign exchange programs. david culver is the only local tv reporter with this delegation. we'll check in with him live at 6:45. thneighbors this warin warda meeting to talk about how unsafe a proposed location for the shelter is. the site is at 25 theth place i northeast. it's surrounded by barbed wire and close to adult entertainment clubs. >> families normally entail children. i wouldn't want my children there. >> i do not support the current location in ward 5. >> that list of 15 alternate locations is expected to be sent to mayor bowser today and she's expected to get the shelter plan passed on march 17. a woman is in the hospital hit by a car in
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washington last night. p d.c. police shut down wisconsin avenue where this happened. it was at the intersection with 35th street northeast. take a look at the damage. police say the woman who was hit had serious injuries. the road should be reopened right now. we're working for you this morning to find those potholes and get them fixed. molette green live in college this morning. and she has an update on the pothole progress in prince george's county. >> reporter: and i guess i should be glad i'm standing in the rain and not in the snow and ice. we can just blame the pothole problems on the wintry weather we've had. we found two bumpy spots at this location on cherry hill road just off route 1. and in just days, prince george's county is launching what is calling its pothole blitz. last year the county says it had to fill more than ,0
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the public works crews, they are he on the move again getting calls about craters wreaking havoc on your cars. >> we received approximately 80038 calls thus far. and we've actually been able to fill 555%. so we have about 369 remaining. >> and she says the county pothole blitz starts march 1. if you want to contact them directly, call the nonemergency number 311. molette green, news 4. and of course you can send us your pothole problems, too. @4potholefix, you can e-mail 4 pothole fix at nbc a bus driver to the rescue
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woman's purse. what metro is doing. and chances are you know someone dealing with the flu. as the number of cases multimu t multiply in our area, we'll show you the best ways to combat the flu. plus tracking a line of showers pushing its way into the metro area. what you can expect as you leave to work.
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today you can take a look at the proposed new changes for the greenbelt metro station. the fbi hasn't decided yet if it will move its headquarters there. but you can see the plans at a public meeting tonight. it kicks off at 6:30, it's at the green lt
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t the. spring is eight days away for the washington nationals. the team is playing its first spring training game next week. all the players including bryce harper are expected in vee eier florida today. watch for jason pugh. we're sure he's probably enjoying the 80 degree high. good for you, jason. 6:11. traveling conditions today, yellow lights for local travel because it will be cold and rainy. regionally headed toward new york city and boston, no troubles up there, but the rain is headed in that direction. and nationally, might have big flight delays from houston to new orleans to atlanta today. some severe weather down there. that is our thunderstorm threat
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rain here this morning, temperatures near 40. showers this afternoon, temperatures mid-40s. look at the weekend in ten minutes. for now more slow downs from first 4 traffic. and the rain not helping on 95. you can see southbound at route 1, we are slow, he we had an earlier crash that seems like it's off to the left side still slowing things. 5 north at herbert road, in hughesville, left lane getting by the crash. 66 looks okay into town. 95 north quantico to the beltway, you're okay here this morning. about 30 minutes right now. 270 southbound on time. top of the beltway, 95 over to 270, also looking good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. struggling to reach safe ground. the fortunate break for a family after their daughter fallsnt
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a deep hall while snow shoeing. and we have breaking news from the live desk where i'm watching developments out of the netherlands following a deadly train accident there. what we're learning about the conditions of those on board.
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we're just getting new information in on that deadly train crash in the netherlands. one person is dead. we have video to show you here. investigators still on the scene. this after a commuter train slammed into a crane that we learned was crossing the tracks at the time. the train as you can tell derailed. looks like we have about four cars that flew off the tracks. getting new numbers just in. they're saying into people are in the hospital being treated,
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we'll continue to update you. we have made are arrests in virtually every one of the cases that the public has heard about that involve juveniles. >> that is a metro spokesperson and now the transit agency has more arrests to add to that list after an attack on the metrobus. and the driver stepped in. it happened at la la font plaza. the driver chased the teens and eventually they were arrested. >> i'm scared when i see that there is a group of teens. >> tend to make you clench your bag a little tighter. >> three teens were arrested and face robbery and resisting arrest charges. metro says you can text my m
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quickly. happening today, the prince george's county than who set up a hit on his uncle from prison will be sentenced. brian mayhew faces a life sentence. he ordered the murder from his jail cell. mayhew and two others will be sentenced this afternoon. the man who kidnapped and killed a 17-year-old virginia girl will not get a new trial. the virginia supreme court has denied randy taylor's appeal in that in 2014, he was convicted of murdering alexhe is murphy. taylor is serving two life sentences for that crime. governor hogan is getting more popular. a new poll out this morning, 63% of residents polled say they afternoon proof of the job hogan is doing. that is up from
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october. half of the residents who describe themselves as democrats say they approve of the republican governor's job. 90% of republicans feel the same way. and now to police use of force, 85% of residents felt officers should be required to use body cameras. less than 0% of african-american residents felt police were held accountable for misconduct. we should mention the results have a sampling error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points. you may soon be able to buy beer and wine in maryland from giant warehouse stores. state delegate alfred khar told lawmakers he wants to allow stores including sam's club, costco and other warehouse chains to sell beer and wine. but only if they are less tan ten miles from the state line. maryland is losing out on sales tax rev new. opponents say the bill would put local store owners
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business. we know this story is having a big impamct on our area. the massive breach, congress planning to hold a hearing about what happened tomorrow. however it's been canceled because yesterday the head of opm's cyber security division resigned. ton in donna see moore says she did not want to distract from the agency's work. teaming this morning,moore want to distract from the agency's work. teaming this morning, developing this morning, an evident to stop the zika virus. officials want to compare babies with microcephaly and their mothers on babies without the complain. health officials believe there is a link. doctors say once they understand what causes the birth defect, they can work to end it. congress has asked congress for more than a billion dollars to find re
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the president accepsent the for asked for $1.9 billion yesterday. the money would go it fight the spread in florida, texas and has continue america. congress says the quickest way is to use leftover money from the ebola fight fund. congress authorized $2.7 billion for this health crisis. i'm not treeiying to contrat what your ma'am that said, but we're rooking at what really works and what can be pretty dangerous. doctors say the best course of action is always to stay in bed. eating soup or garlic can help, but sitting in a sauna can be dangero dangerous. eucalyptus can help open up your sinuses and at least alleviate some of the nasty flu symptoms. tried to come and help me, and i fell more. >> a 10-year-old girl
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to hold on as she fell deeper into snow covered hole. look at that, the girl was snowshoeing with her parents in the sierras in california over the weekend. her mom grabbed her cellphone thinking she was just stuck in the snow. the mother and girl both jumped in to help once they realized she couldn't get out. >> agonizing. your daughter is screaming don't let me go, daddy, wife yelling don't let her go, honey. the choiz wce was to let her god live with that if something bad happened or hold on and more than likely all three of us he said up in the hole. in the girl fell 10 feet and landed in frigid water. by coincidence another group of snow shoers came down the hill and they happened to be the county certainly and rescue team. the rescue crews worked pull the girl out of the hole in minutes. thank goodness the next group to come was a search and rescue team. the girl says she still wants to play in the snow, just not on
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lesson learned. >> and you make fun of me because i despise the snow. >> no, no. >> oh, let's go out and have a good time. >> no, especially around water and -- >> see, chuck? see? >> i'm a snow lover and i'm not dhapgi in changing my opinion. in i'll. >> i'll throw you a rope. >> you know you'd let go of it in a minute. >> i said i'd throw to you. >> oops. >> the weather will impact your day for sure. it will be cold and wet. seam story tomorr same story tomorrow. and a chance for thunderstorms. rain ending early thursday, but staying very windy. so if you had outdoor plans thursday, may want to consider bringing those inside as well. for now, storm team 4 radar awash in raindrops. could be a few wet
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blue ridge. if you see a snowflake, let me know @chuckbell4. road temperatures are all above freezing, so not expecting any fruls trouble troubles on the . 39 in reston, rockville, bowie, leesburg 37. so just cold enough here where we could get some wet snowflakes mixed this well north and west of the city. next thing we're really watching out for is tomorrow between noon and 5:00, a surge of warm air and moisture comes in, that bring as chance for storms. some of which could be on the strong side for tomorrow. that goes in to tomorrow evening, as well. primary threats for tomorrow will be gusty winds and an increasing threat for some flooding because we have the rain today saturating the ground, heavier rain tomorrow could cause some flooding concerns. for today, the heavier rains will be south and east of i-95 but again, you should take your
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out the door for today and tomorrow. thinking about your weekend? saturday it will be 20s in the morning. 47 for a high and much nicer coming up on sunday, but good news is friday, saturday, sunday, all look dry. melissa mollett now route 50 slowdowns. >> 66 right at you're approaching 50, we're slow headed inbound. a brand new crash popped up. so allow extra time. and pretty much anywhere this morning because of all of the green radar over my roadways shoeing in showing that it is raining. 95 near quantico, always spot near woodbridge seeing some sloe downs. 5 northbound at herbert road, left lane still blocked by the crash. top of the beltway overall looking good, but all of this green is all the rain this morning. southbound 15 at 40, slow as well because of an
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6:26 now. the community in kalamazoo, michigan isn't allowing tragedy and violence to define the community. hundreds packed a church for a vigil to honor the six people killed in this weekend's shooting spree. the mayor spoke to the crowd. a 14-year-old who was nearly killed is in the hospital in critical condition morning. the accused gunman had complaints filed about his driving.son dalton was an uber driver and had kc complaints against him. police want to you take a good look at this sketch. they have been working with the victim who says this man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her. police say the assault happened near route 1 and buck mann road in alexandria on saturday. the victim
6:27 am
attacker. it's not known whether she was targeted. showdown between apple and the fbi drawing a crowd now. the protests planned this d.c. in the day ahead. and it's supposed to be a family friendly environment. but someone forgot to tell this crowd. what triggered a brawl inside a chuck e cheese restaurant. and the rain really slow things for folks. 66 inbound, brand new problem there. details on all of the issues coming u
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we're watching for new developments in that child pornography case involving a prince george's county teachers aide. what we expect to learn in the day ahead. but first, storm team 4 tracking big changes for you as you get ready to head outside. you can see the line of rain pushing into your neighborhood right now. pretty much enveloping everybody. so don't to gforget the umbrell like i did. >> chuck bell has the pouin
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>> you won't get completely soaked. the rain isn't all that heavy, but heavy enough to get you wet. pour things you need to know, it's good-bye sunshine for a while. next chance of seeing a sunny day isn't until friday. and the rain comes to an end late wednesday into thursday, some strong west and northwesterly winds set up shop for thursday into early friday. storm team 4 radar filled up with raindrops here this morning just about everywhere in the news 4 nation is getting wet right now. planning out your day, not much of a rise in temperatures either. hovering in the low to mid-40s all day long with most of the rain here during the front half of the day. showers, though, will tip back into the 4:00, 5:00 time frame for this evening. so that is not good news. raindrops on all the local roadways this morning. here is interstate 66 at route 50 and weather showing
6:32 am
we have a couple of different problems very likely because of some of the rain. 66 inbound at 50, a krar. 95 south at dumb friday, brand new accident there. all of the screen is my radar showing us what is going on as far as where it is raining. and pretty much it's everywhere. top of the beltway, typically slow. bw parkway south and 50 inbound slow. 210 northbound a little delayed this morning. 5 north at herbert road, left lane getting by the crash. it is 6:32 and we're following a developing story right now. new charges could be announced against a former prince george's county county teachers aide accused of abusing children. derrick ward is live outside the school where the abuse happened. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting to hear later
6:33 am
whether there will be more charges. but this is a very it is turning case. it started here at judge sylvania woods elementary school this glenarden and it's broadened in scope. this involves 22-year-old dioeoe carraw carraway, a volunteer school aide. he worked here and charged with ten felonies right now involving young children between the ages of 9 and 13. he's said to have given them cellphones so they could videotape sexual acts among themselves. and this happened at the school and church and community center, several places, even private home around the county. there is a task force that has been formed. some of the things that the task force will look at will be the existing policies here in the prince george's county schools, whether they need to be revamped. they will specifically focus on volunteers. how they use -- whether they should be left alone with students. and they will come out with some
6:34 am
any new policies that need to be put in place. the news conference also speaks to a broadening here. there is a federal presence and will becomes a federal crime anytime these pornographic images are transmitted over the internet. and that could be one of the things that they will talk about later take. but it's expected that there are more disturbing revelations in this case. we're live in glenarden, derrick ward, news 4. the disturbing child pornography case at a prince george's county school has one lawmaker pushing for change. state senator anthony muse will introduce legislation allowing employers access to juvenile sex offenses if the person will be working with children. deonte carraway had a cleaned a tut reco adult record, but juvenile offenses. senator muse is the husband of news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. 6:35.
6:35 am
turn tragedy into purpose today. officer noah liota was killed by a suspected drunk driver this december and now maryland law enforcement leaders are rallying in annapolis for a tougher interlock law. if it pass, anyone convicted of driving drunk would feed an in-c in-car breathalyzer. the man accused of killing his house mate near the university of mary washington will be in court. steve briel is charged with killing grace mann last year in fredericksburg. today the state's attorney will ask for a mental health evaluation on briel. prosecutors say he sfraadvantag gelled mann after an argument. in hthe day head on metro, workers will replace rails between the smith seassonian
6:36 am
a it is an exciting time for those involved in the soon to open national hugh smuseum. this week barbara harrison is getting unprecedented access inside the top secret collection center. one highlight, a prize piece from a prize fighter. the smithsonian will celebrate the story of muhammad ali's career through this small training glove. tonight at 5:00, how ali signed the glove and the prediction he made years before he became heavy weight champion of the world. another key show towne in the race for the white house as republicans try to win support in nevada. chuck todd will join us live with what you should be watching for. pushing for change.
6:37 am
neighborhood say the location of a planned shelter needs to change. and two chances for rain, one today comes with a cold 40s, another one tomorrow comes with a risk of thunderstorms.
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an airplane filled with smoke before it was about to take off. take a look at the new video in. people sliding out of the plane. four people were hurt, none seriously. firefighters could not confirm whether there was actually a fire that caused the smoke. not what you want to see at your child's birthday art party. at a chuck e cheese, a fight broke out when two women bumped each other. nobody seriously hurt, although
6:41 am
nobody was arrested because the group left before officers got there. >> yikes. good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. you will need your rain coat, umbrella and warm jeans on today. going to be cold and rainy all day long. radar covered up in raindrops this morning. could be a few wet snowflakes mixed in in the higher terrain, but not expecting any road troubles because the road temperatures are all well above freezing. so your bus stop forecast for the kid dough, rare them up with the rain gear. showers and mid-40s. we'll talk more about the thunderstorm chance tomorrow. beltway at connecticut area, have report of several cars damaged and pulled over because of a nasty pothole there. of course we are on pothole patrol here
6:42 am
66 inbound at 50, left side of the roadway is what we're dealing with as far as that delay. so a little bit of a slowdown. 66 inbound from fairfax county to the beltway, 17 minutes. quantico to the beltway, about 10 minutes behind. 270 slow headed south. and 95 over to 270, 25 minutes instead of the normal about 17 minutes. it is rainy and gross. p. making your commute a smoother one. we're live with the action being taken in prince george's county as our pothole patrol works to get trouble spots in our area filled. and david culver is in could you with a for an historic trip. he will join us live with what the mayor is say the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of
6:43 am
america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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we're on the ground are local leaders as they take part in a historic trip cuba. david culver will join us, but first weather and traffic. >> it's a very cold and rainy start to the day today. temperatures only near 40 degrees right now. we'll stay in the chilly low to mid-40s with the raindrops all day long today. it will be mild rain tomorrow, but that comes with a thunderstorm threat. >> and the rain
6:46 am
my roads this morning. you can see the green, that is all rain falling right now. problem top of beltway, outer loop at connecticut, cars damaged because of a large pothole. also an issue on 66. details coming up. it is 6:46. historic trip you'll see only on news 4 this week. today local leaders visiting cuba are turning their attention toward education. david culver is the only tv reporter with the delegation. good morning. so what are leaders hoping to accomplish today? >> reporter: well, yes, today as you mentioned, education is the focus. they will be headed into a local high school and an elementary school, touring it today. i want to introduce you to the president and ceo of the historic chamber of commerce. i know yesterday was a very busy day. you had several meetings.
6:47 am
>> well, i think that there is a great interest in looking for a way to continue the relationship with cuba. and we found that about many investment opportunities this cuba and also we did the business summit where we had the different business areas. the people from the baseball team and there was some conversation, the construction industry had an opportunity to continue the conversation in the afternoon. and i think that is the way anything starts. just a great starting point. >> you mentioned construction. you look around. in i i in-infrastructure is a big need here. what is the likelihood of direct flights happening about.
6:48 am
have to happen, but it will take some time. they need to work on the airports and build more infrastructure. but i think that the willingness to make it happen is there on both parties. so it's a great start. >> we'll talk with you more throughout the day. as i mentioned, the educational tour will happen today. d.c. chancellor of education will be touring the school and we'll bring you that report ahead on news 4 later this evening. but for now from havana, we'll send it back to you. today a step toward justice for the parents of 19 toddlers. kea kierra spriggs faces 57 charges after accusations of stepping on children's toes and spraying them with hoses. some of the victims were as young as 17 months old. sprigs pleaded not guilty yesterday. a disturbing aul
6:49 am
schoolers facing sexual battery charges. wtop reports that the 11 and 12-year-old students assaulted a female student on the bus last november. the bus was still parked on school property. the girl told police the boys held her done and grabbed her body. the victim said she yelled several times for them to stop. neighbors say the location for a new family shelter in ward 5 is too dangerous, so they are sending a new spot they want the mayor to consider. residents packed a neighborhood heating last night to urge con still member kenyon hk duffy for a change. mcduffy also thinks the location on 25th place northeast is unsafe. there is a vacant building there now surrounded by barbed wire. neighbors tdon't think an industrial area is good for mothers and children. >> it's an industrially zoned area full of
6:50 am
there is are night clubs 37. >> there should be one, about it should be safe, accessible. >> council member mcduffy plans to send those 15 alternate sites to the mayor today. mayor muriel bowser is expected to get the shelter plan passed on march 17. are you ready? baseball and spring almost here. your kids are probably excited to play outside. so are the pros. today all the national players will be together in viera, florida. jason pugh is also there following the team. it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees. so not a bad assignment, jason. not so warm here, though. >> no 80s for us. our average first 80 doesn't comen till usually the middle parts of april. so we have just a smidgeon to go.
6:51 am
lay in bed and take a nap and have a bowl of soup weather around here. cold rain drops. first chance for rain arriving today. this first area of moisture goes straight down the spine of the appalachian to southwestern virginia. of more concern is what comes tomorrow. this area of storminess town here across texas generating severe weather today. if you have flight or travel plans that take you to there is, houston, new orleans, birmingham or atlanta, watch out. severe weather down south today. we have an opportunity for strong thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and early evening. for now it's all just cold rain drops out there this morning. light to moderate rain across the region with temperatures this morning only in the low to mid-40s at best. many spots even in the upper 30s. future weather, by 10:15 this morning, most of the moderate rain from washington to points east and south into southern maryland, higher rainfall totals today east of i-95, lowest totals more like a quarter of an inch toward northern maryland, more than half an inch likely
6:52 am
rain gradually tapering off and leaving us with just cloudy skies and occasional showers. tomorrow a big change. another rainy day. starting out with temperatures near 40 again, but during the day temperatures rising well up into the 50s, even low 60s in some spots as the warm aer air apinstability comes our way. between 3:00 and 6:00 tomorrow, the first chance for showers and were storms comes right through the area. and that could continue into the evening hours. so keep that in mind. my commu computer is frozen up. but windy and cool on thursday, sunny and cold friday into early saturday. but both saturday and sunday will be sunny and dry. traffic time. good morning. so right now, have a problem outer loop at connecticut avenue, to which th
6:53 am
report of a pothole or sinkhole causing some real problems here. 66 inbound at 50, still a bit delayed from an earlier crash. 66 overall you can see we're just a little slow there as you head inbound through that area. 95 southbound through dumfries, right side blocked. northbound approaching quantico a bit slower than normal. all of this green that you're seeing in the background, that is all rain falling. allow extra time. going to have to work the windshield vipers. 395 at duke, a new crash blocking the roadway. we turn to decision 2016. today five republican hopefuls competing for the delegates. for more on what to expect heading in for the caucus, we bring in chuck todd to give us an idea of what you're watching for today. >> ich w'm watch to go see if
6:54 am
what is they're doing. pour years ago, it was a mess. so i don't have a lot of confidence that we will know what will happen tonight.years . so i don't have a lot of confidence that we will know what will happen tonight. rules are different in every county, hours of race. so i wouldn't be looking for tonight to be any sort of grand statement. anything that isn't donald trump winning would be a surprise. >> what about the democrats in south carolina? >> i think right now is there any shot at bernie sanders getting this within single digits that's about the only drama that there is at all. hillary clinton is on the verge of assuming south carolina goes the way a lot of people think, double digit victory for her, she goes into super tuesday with an opportunity to build a delegate lead that would be very hard for bernie sanders to catch. >> all right. that's the breakdown. >> surprised to see in you town. >> yeah, and the neff they have thing will take ve
6:55 am
figure out. have you ever had a bumpier commute lately? we're working for you to find those pesky potholes. >> they're everywhere. pothole crews have been filling will in the treacherous spots. molette green is in college park with more on the progress. >> reporter: good morning. nothing like the rain mixed in with the busy morning commute and then you add the potholes in the mix, too. and it just makes it all miserable. prince george's county is launching its pothole blitz where they will try to get to as many potholes in the ground as possible. and fill them as quickly as possible. last year the county says it filled more than 10,000. public works crews now on the move again getting your calls about the creators in the roads that are wreaking havoc on your cars. if you want to report a pothole problem in your neighborhood in rou
6:56 am
pothole blitz campaign starts march 1 in prince george's county. i'm molette green from college park along route 100 cherry hill road. back to you. it is 6:56. four things on thouto know befo head out, one person dead and sell others hurt from a train derailment in the netherlands when the train hit a crane crossing the tracks. and nevada voterses will choose between five republican deaths. 3 30 delegates at stake. and new charges could be announced against a former aide accused of abusing children. news conference is set for 2:30 this afternoon. local delegation trip cuba focusing on education. mayor muriel bowser will tour two high performing schools. look for updates later today from david culver. today 45, cold raindrops today. near 60 tomorrow with a risk of
6:57 am
and evening. turns into it a rawind thursday and friday. this weekend sun ny and dry. outer loop at connecticut, cars damaged because report of a mo pothole. 95 slow through dumfries. >> and that is the show for us. >> the "toda you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
6:58 am
seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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good morning. winning hand. donald trump with a strong lead heading into today's caucus in nevada. he plays tough guy with the protester at his rally. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> as he and marco rubio take swings at ted cruz over alleged dirty tricks. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> while the other candidate s slug it out, it's trump on the way to the nomination. bill gates sides with the fbi, saying apple should unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> this is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information.


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