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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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monday off to a quiet start. weather headlines to get you out the door, enjoy the quiet weather while it is here for today. chance for a little light rain coming in early tomorrow. and it might be cold enough we could see a little chance for some sleet. primarily in the shenandoah valley about this time tomorrow morning. and then again a big storm coming our way for the wednesday/thursday time frame. temperatures will rise from the 30s to near 40 now, upper 40s and low 50s for later on this afternoon. tom will be back in a few minutes. now melissa mollett with the latest on more trouble on the roads. chopper 4 over this right now. so this is the outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue. you can see the problem right there in the left lane cause something pretty big backups as people are trying to get off of the outer loop and on to connecticut avenue. this is not aor
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this out of the way. 270 south, a little slow through hyatts town at 109 headed southbound. also a brand new problem near 15 near 50. follow police direction. we have a crash there blocking both sides. 66 at 234, accident there. travel times in ten minutes. right now we're working for you to get a better description of a man who police say broke into a woman's home and sexually assaulted her. this happened in the mt. vernon area in fairfax county. molette green is live on the scene with more on what we hope to learn from police today. >> reporter: yes, good morning. in a case like this, police really are in need of getting a police sketch out of this suspect right away. we're hoping to get that sometime today. all 1of this happened saturday morning. the 51-year-old not a new resident here says she was sleeping and she
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this man inside her apartment. and the suspect threatened her and sexually assaulted her. we're at the woodlawn gardens apartment just off route 1 where neighbors say this is uncommon. fairfax county police again working to release a sketch of this man. we don't have much of a description to go on at this point. police are telling us that they want residents in the area to double check their doors and their windows to make sure they are locked. because they just don't know what they're dealing with at this time. that is the late st live from alexandria. know comple molette green, news 4. montgomery county police say a car dref rigove right into a store and then drove away. it happened at
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you can see that there is going to be some major cleanup there today. ♪ amazing grace >> hundreds of people remembered the victims of saturday's deadly shooting ram pain in kalamazoo, michigan. the community gathered to pray for the eight people shot at the hands of jason dalton. the shooting spree happened over a seven hour period at an apartment complex, car dealership and a restaurant. six people died, two are critically injured. vigil organizers asked people not only to pray for the victims and their families, but also for dalton. >> comfort those who are so deeply hurting. come beside those grieving, those struggling to make sense of all this. >> the suspect jason dalton is due in court for arraignment today. it is
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happening today, there is concern that some new shelters meant to help mothers and children will only hurt them. this is a site on 25th place in northeast washington. mayor muriel bowser wants to put one of eight family homeless shelters at this location. right now there is just a vacant building that sits an industrial area next to rain tracks. there is a meeting tonight with council member kenyon mcduffy to talk about getting the location changed. and to virginia where the state legislature has two new plans for taxpayer dollars. neither includes medicaid. but both the house and senate plans to set aside more money for state employees and public schools. the proposals are an answer to governor mcauliffe's $109 billion budget that he outlined back in december. neither proposal gave the governor as much money as he wanted to e
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week away from super tuesday. and candidates are spread out across the country asking for support. most of the republican hopefuls are in nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucuses there. donald trump won saturday's gop primary in south carolina. democrats have a whole week of campaigning before their primary on saturday in the palmetto state. hillary and bill clinton will be in texas today. bernie sanders is in massachusetts coming off of a loss this weekend in the democratic caucuses in nevada. a direct appeal to voters here today in virginia. republican hopeful john kasich has three events in virginia. starting at 10:00 this morning, with a town hall at george mason university in fairfax. this afternoon he will speak near the university of virginia in charlottesville. and tonight the ohio governor speaks with students at virginia commonwealth university in richmond. today track work could affect you even if you don't take metro. there could be more cars on the road for the evening rush in
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beginning at 8:00 p.m., workers will replace rails between the smithsonian and federal central southwest stations. trains will run every 15 minutes because of the single tracking. silver line trains will only run between balance stop and wehle reston east. this work will happen again tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. elevator problems have the washington monument closed again today. national park service says it will be closed until further notice. a damaged elevator box shut down the iconic building over the weekend as crews actually worked repair the problem. contractors damaged the box on friday. the monument has been closed at least eight times since may because of different elevator problems. on the mend. the big step toward recovery for a number of birds that were hurt in that potomac river oil spill. also ahead, if it seems like more people you know are coming down with your flew, it's not your
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our area. chopper 4 over the issue slowing things down on the outer
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today camille cosby is set to give her deposition in the civil suit related to sex assault allegations against her husband, bill cosby. it's part of a case brought against the famous comedian by seven women. bill cosby has repeatedly denied the allegations. cosby tried to stop today's deposition saying his wife knew nothing about the allegation. a federal judge denied his motion. an encouraging sign of
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fuel spill in the potomac river. today animal rescue ares will release several geese back into the wild. at first the rescuers said they weren't sure if the birds would make it. they will release 20 geese into the bell haven park avenue at noon. dominion virginia power has admitted the oil came from its crystal city sub station. soo go so good to see progress there. 11 after 6:00. tom kierein is out on the storm team 4 weather deck. how does it feel out there? >> you feed your winter coat this morning. you can check the weather where you are with the nbc washington app. don't have any rain. clouds are beginning to break up. we do have wet pavement with temperatures hovering in the lowe 40s. later this afternoon with the sunshine, that will dry everything out and temperatures should be up around 50 degrees by late afternoon. more on that big active pattern here for the week ahead.
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minutes. big problem on the beltway, right? >> beltway near connecticut, outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue, have a crash on the ramp slowing things down quite a bit there. also have a brand new report here 295 south near east capital. an accident reported there. going to debt moget more informn that one in a minute. 66 looks good, 95 north to the beltway no issues there this morning. 2 270 south to the purchase okay. five minutes behind because of the problem near connecticut avenue from the outer loop. listen to wtop 103.5 when you top in your car. a big day ahead for some local leaders on a historic trip cuba. the work the group is doing in the day ahead and how it could benefit our region in the future. also ahead giving therd and first lady a run for their hone. the video clip that will have you talking today. what had this 106-year-old woman so excited.
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a historic trip cuba. moments after touching down yesterday, the delegation toured a popular tourist destination. today the delegation which includes mayor muriel bowser will get down to business. they will meet with high level cuban officials as well as hair counter parts in local havana government. david culver is traveling with
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counter parts in local havana government. david culver is traveling with that delegation. >> reporter: a very busy day for the delegation here in cuba. they have got several meetings set up with officials from the cuban government. they will be meeting with foreign ministers as well as the equivalent of the mayor here in havana. and those meetings are for the purpose of bringing some ideas back to the united states. that's what the delegation says they're doing. it's an exploratory mission. they say they're not making any firm deals while they're here, but certainly a lot to see here. i'm david culver, news 4. today for the first time this 30 years, the supreme court will hear cases without vjustic antonin scalia. the court is now split ideologically. as a sign of mourning, black drapes hang over the doors swellings scalia's seat. president obama plans to no
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fall to the next president. happening today, a connecticut judge will hear from the gun maker which made the rifle used in the sandy hook massacre. the shooting killed 20 first graders and six teachers and staff. the company that made the gun, a bushmaster ar-15 says federal law protects from a wrongful death lawsuit. the victims' families says the gun is too dangerous to sell to the public. this morning we are getting new video of the aftermath of devastating and deadly attacks isis claiming responsibility overnight. you can see walls ripped from the buildings in damascus and homs. more than 120 people died. militants are fighting for control of a nearby town while world powers including the u.s. and russia are working to negotiate a
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in iraq has now been found. officials have been looking for that material since at least november. it was reported last week that it was taken from a u.s. oilfield services company near basra. the material was stored if it a protective case and was not damaged. there are no concerns about radiation. a scary story but a happy ending. investigators are now working to find out why a ski lift failed if in west virginia. stranding more than 100 people midair. 25 people fell off the lift, a few had minor injuries. everyone else stuck for hours. this was at the timberline resort. the lift is now closed indefinitely. >> we're keeping an eye on a vote that could raise property taxes in spotsylvania county. school board wants an 8 cent increase. that money would cover teacher raises and 47 new positions. the county administrator says
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funding for schools, but lowers property taxes for residents. supervisors will consider both plans tomorrow night. high levels of carbon monoxide found inside a prince george's county church after members got sick during sunday's service. six people including two children went to the hospital after a faulty hvac system caused a carbon monoxide leak at the refreshing spring church of god in riverdale park. another 12 went to the er. the good news, everybody is expected to be okay. carbon monoxide is blamed for the death of a family in michigan. the bodies of a couple and their four young children were found by a relative on sunday. investigators say the family was using a generator after a power outage friday night. this news 4 your health, hpv infections are down in the u.s. a recent study for the center for disease control shows that the vaccine made a difference. researchers looked at infection rates before and after 20006 when the vaccine was introduced.
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girls and 34% in women in their early 20s. experts say most teens are not getting all three doses of the vaccine which gives the full protection. it seams liutection. it seams li s it seams lieem like the flu hitting communities pretty hard. new numbers show across the country the number of flu cases is going up. the cdc reports the flu is now widespread in 12 states. the flu is concentrated regionally in 18 states including maryland. virginia follows into the next tier. the cdc reports two children tied from the flu between february 7 and 13. well, apparently social media fame for the just for the young. a 106-year-old woman visited the white house and just completely took over facebook this morning. >> she is so excited. virginhave virginia mclauren shh her dancing sues on at
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still dancing at 106? >> first lady trying to keep up with her. the secret to still dancing at 106 is just keep moving. you heard it right there 37 ms. mclauren is there d.c. and has always had a dream of visiting the house. she was invited to take part in the black history month celebration there. >> and she said it was her life long dream to visit the white house and meet the obamas was such a treat for her. the video apparently posted eight hours ago, 14 million views. >> hundreds of thousands of shares, too. just mice to see somebody excited like that, being able to visit our house, the white house. >> and dancing. >> good for her. 6:21. and no dancing for us in the weather department. >> let's check in with chuck bell. well, many just to today. >> a little sxhitexcited about ? >> no dancing for
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singing for you, aaron. outside this morning, yes indeed a quiet day forget the week started. the rain showers from yesterday are gone. you can be umbrella-free for take. what to expect, a mix of clouds and sunshine. roads are damp, but no actual rain. we'll be in the mid-50s for most areas and then clouds come back tonight and lead us to unsettled weather for the middle of the week. so weather impacting your plans. not much of an impact on your outdoor plans for today. for tomorrow, chances for at least light rain showers coming in, but by wednesday and thursday, start planning on moving outdoor plans inside for wednesday and thursday. could be very stormy around here and risk of thunderstorms wednesday afternoon and evening. and rain could be heavy enough to introduce a bit of a flooding concern, as well wednesday night into thursday. so middle parts of the week will be quite impactful from the we
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today right now sits at 40. some breaks of sunshine, mid to upper 40s by monoon team and 49t 1:00, 52 by 3:00. and going out this evening, leave the umbrella at home, chilly with temperatures in the low 40s. for tomorrow, a chance for some rain and very light rain could be in early enough tomorrow morning where there could be a loan lonesome sleet pellet or two. saturday and sunday, both the sun will be out but noticeably chilly. we'll talk more about the impact bad weather will have coming up. for now a look at 270. 270 here, you can see all the traffic headed southbound. a big snake of white coming down 270 morning. looks like pretty normal volume. it's show, but that's how
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outer loop at connecticut, still slow. outer loop all the way over from 95 because of that earlier problem ramp to connecticut avenue. 295 south near east capitol street, a crash there, as well. inner loop p at little river turnpike, a disabled vehicle. and this is pretty slow, as well, 66 inbound at washington boulevard, that is a disabled vehicle off to the right side of the roadway. really slowing thing as bit more than we would like here at this point this morning. we'll take a big look at the beltway when i'm back at 6:31. 6:24 now. developing right now, a new possibility your car could be recalled because it high school a deadly defect. u.s. regulators investigating whether to recall as many as 90 million more cars that have takata air baegs in them. they have been linked to nine deaths. if the recall happened, it would nearly quadruple number will of cars recalled just here in the united states. and there is a traffic alert for you.
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major construction at american university could slow your commute for months. the department of transportation says that there will be moderate delays starting this morning around nebraska avenue. large trucks will be delivering materials for american campus construction project. delays are expected to continue until may. a reason to hit the town on a monday night, stars from house of cards owing will waig will w carpet tonight. a screening of the season four premiere starts at 8:30. kevin spacey will be there. robin wright who laplays the fit lady won't be able to make it. season four will be available march 4. 6:25 now. growing controversy with the academy awards less than a week away. a new report says hollywood is not only, quote, white washed, but fails on every level
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diversity. hundreds much films were examined. they found female characters represent less than 30% of speaking roles in film and less than 40% in tv shows. minority characters made up 28% of speaking roles, about 10% less than the population. 2% of all speaking characters were lgbt. and now to a developing story we're watching in fiji after a powerful cyclone slammed the island nation where the death toll stands this morning as the clooenup begean upbegins. and calm skies here, but big changes could bring changes. chuck bell is preparing you for those changes. plus fighting back. the stern messages from the head of the fbi it has for apple as it tries to gain access to the smart phone of a suspected terrorist.
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they owe it to the victims. director of the fbi is sending a stern response to apple after the tech company refused to access one of its phones. but first our storm team is tracking some big change on the horizon. you see the mild temperatures? they will be gone before you know it. >> chuck bell is tracking another round of rain, though, and storms that follow that in your four things to know. >> good morning. yeah, we'll start seeing the battle between winter and springtime. a little hint of spring today and the next couple days before another shot of winter comes our way later in the week. so a tdry start. today will be rain free. rain back in to the broadcast tomorrow. a powerhouse storm coming our way for the wednesday/thursday time frame and then another snap back to the cold as we head toward the weekend. so here is the way your monday
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that's when i'll see you with the "7-day forecast." today a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures running about four or five degrees warmer than average. we will take it. a check on the school forecast with tom kierein coming up in about ten minutes. for now it is time for first 4 traffic. melissa mollett working hard digging in to all the traffic cameras trying to spot where the worst of the worst is. >> worst spot right now is 66 inbound inside the beltway. four mile backup. we'll keep you updated. but 66 inbound there at washington boulevard is where the problem is. right now chopper headed to the inner loop at little river turnpike, we were told it was a disabled vehicle. sounds like there a report of a dog on the highway. so we'll see if we find anything there. inbound 14th street bridge, have a crash there slowing things town here right now. top of the beltway outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue, we push this had o
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pushed this out. a bigger that were normal backup approaching connecticut. today two maryland mothers will appear in court on charges they were involved in the deaths of their young children. mental competency will play a w big role in both. katheri katherine h ocho xwchlt gle whee begin with. >> reporter: a mother who is the only one who may have clues to the whereabouts of her missing children. and today there will be a hearing in district court in maryland to determine if this story moves forward. it all started back in september of 2014. katheri kathericatherine hoggle says
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the care of someone. but she wouldn't say who or where. she was arrested while a search was taken on by police, friends, family members. even strangers all over montgomery county to try to find these kids, but she hasn't talked. there has been competency hearings because she was since placed in a mental facility. she's dealt with mental issue all hr life. the last competency hearing was in november where it was determined she was not competent to stand trial. the judge tried to have charges against her dropped. those charges included abduction, neglect and hindering an investigation. her attorneys rather tried to have those charges dropped. the judge said no, we won't drop the charges, but she's not competent to stand trial. come back in a couple of months for another hearing and that brings us to where we are came. that hearing takes place at 9:00 and authorities are hoping that they can learn more about the whereabouts of the missing hoggle children. back to you. the other case we're following is the charles county mother charged in h
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3-year-old's death. last may simms' son died of dehydration and hypothermia after being left in a swing for two days. over the weekend a court psychoe was not criminally responsible. her trial set to begin today. results of the report could impact the proceedings. it is 6:34. new this morning, fbi director james comey says he owe it is to the san bernardino victims to continue a fight against apple. he scissors tays the agency is g to set a resident. apple is fighting a court order that would force it to hack in the phone used by syed farook. apple says it would hurt security for millions. some of the victims in the san bernardino attack also planning to take action. a former federal judge now representing those victims told
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reuters that they would file a leave braef ief to support the . lawyers are preparing to question the woman at the center of a debunk "rolling stone" article about a gang rape at uva. according to the daily progress newspaper in charlottesville, a federal judge ordered the woman identified only as yakjackie to deposed in april. part of a civil lawsuit filed by a dean against several including the writer and magazine. the article said jackie oig was raped by seven men in a fraternity initiation. the magazine retracted the piece after police found no evidence to support the allegations. an october 11 trial deate has been set. mount vernon is celebratie ing george washington's birthday in a big way. there will be events happening throughout the day including a wreath laying ceremony, free birthday cake and chance to pose with the prez. according to a lot of historial
6:36 am
historical props. ghorn george washington would have been 248. 13 greers years in the maki this fall and this fall the national museum of african-american of history and culture will finally open with unprecedented access, barbara harrison was allowed inside the special collection center where they sort through thousands of artifacts that will help tell the story of the african-american experience. 34,000 historical items will make their way through this building before finding a permanent home inside the brand new museum. highlights include a practice glove worn and signed by muhammad ali. tonight at 5:00, barbara harrison will have a look at how the smithsonian is getting ready for their big museum open. concerns about a plan to open a new shelter. why people in one d.c. neighborhood say one proposed center will only hurt those who stay there. >
6:37 am
washington monument. which is closed. the problem that will keep visitors out. and right now, we have two problems in virginia. one on 66, the other one 14th street bridge. details on both coming up. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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18 confirmed dead in a cyclone in fiji. thousands don't have basic services. cyclone winston slammed the fiji islands this weekend. it was the biggest storm ever recorded in
6:41 am
physic help physical fe hemisphere. 6:41, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein out on the weather deck for us. >> yeah, here near tenleytown, northwest d.c., the nbc washington app says we're only at 39 degrees. quite a chill in the area. rather damp, too. a humid start seeing the first light of day if he bus stop, dress warmly, hat and warm coat. it will be near 40 for a couple hours. by early afternoon, mid-40s. late afternoon, by the time schools are dismissing we should be in the low 50s. breaking news on the roads. breaking news right now on t problems. inbound 14th street bridge, a crash has two lanes stopped. a one mile backup that is growing. 66 inbound at washington boulevard, disabled vehicle off to the right side.
6:42 am
we had a four mile backup, now five. so allow a little extra time here this morning because it is going to take a while. inner loop at little river turnpike, no dog spotted there running in the roadway thank goodness. travel times overall looking pretty tip cakcame typical for s time of day. sdloo we're working to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. people in michigan trying to make sense of a shooting that left six dead. >> we're also tracking developments in a violent assault in northern virginia after a man breaks in to a woman's home and assaults her.
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breaking news on the roads. pretty big backup inbound 14th street bridge. one to two mile backup here. also on 66 inbound, we are quite slow at washington boulevard is where the disabled vehicle is. and backups have grown to five miles. good morning, everybody. skies are awfully cloudy yesterday, but we're trying to get a little bit in the way of clearing. more clouds out across tyson's corner. and there is a look over the potomac river. nice looking way to get the week started, but is it going to be nice all week long? a stormy "7-day forecast" at 6:51.
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description of the man who police say broke into a woman's home and sexually assaulted her. molette green is live with more on what we hope to learn more from police today. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. fairfax county police trying to get a sketch of the suspect out there sso they can get some tip. we don't have much of a description to go on. police tell us that the man wrote into the woman's home 3:00 a.m. saturday morning here at the woodlawn garden apartments. the victim was sleeping. the 51-year-old woman says she woke up to find him there, threatened and sexually assaulted her. we're at apartment complex where neighbors say this is out of the norm. >> be careful here in the future, you know. >> reporter: police working on that sketch hoping to get it sometime today. in
6:47 am
urging residents to check and double check their doors and their windows to make sure that they are locked because we're just off route 1, a busy stretch of road. this is a busy section of town where a lot of people are coming and going and they don't know who this man is and they want to find him. that is the latest live from the alexandria section of fairfax county. molette green, news 4. ♪ amazing grace >> hundreds of people gathered last night to remember the victims of saturday's deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. it has been less than 48 hours since an uber driver went on that seven hour shooting spree. six of the victims died, two are fighting for their lives this morning. blake mccoy joins us live with details as the suspect heads to court. blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you from kalamazoo. it is in this courthouse behind me tha t
6:48 am
dalton is expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon. that because i spoke with the county prosecutor who says he is sure they have the right ght gud he is ready to file charges. dalton accused of going on this rampage saturday night targeting people seemingly at random. they have no connection to each other other than the fact that they were victims of this shooting. among the victim, you have a father and son, you also have four women who were killed after coming home from a play. they had stopped in a parking lot to just switch cars when dalton allegedly opened fire on them. now, the evidence against dalton prosecutors tell me that they have a gun, a .9 millimeter handgun that they're tying to the shooting as well as surveillance video from at least two of the three shooting locations. as far as a motive, we still don't know why and of course there is that chilling detail that we have been hearing about that he was an uber driver, even picking up people and dropping them off in between the time of the first
6:49 am
you will hear from one of those passengers coming up later this morning on "today." >> blake mccoy live in kalamazoo for us. thank you. and again look for blake's full report on the "today" show. there is concern that new family shelters proposed by the mayor will not be good for pers and their children. vacant building sits on this site at one of the proposed homeless shelter misnortheast d.c. this is on 25th place and sits in an industrial area. there are maintenance facilities here, very busy train traffic, as well. some ward 5 neighbors are worried it's not safe. >> young families, single parents, children. and i don't feel that it's okay to place them in the middle of industrial area. >> the mayor says they paid special attention to where they should fit in. a meeting tot
6:50 am
changed. no medicaid expansion, but more money for state employees and public schools. those are the big takeaways from newly proposed budgets by the virginia legislature. the house included a raise for state workers and more money for public schools. the senate offered a 2% raise for teachers. sunday's proposals are in response to ghuf terry mcauliffe's $109 billion budget that he announced in december. a direct appeal to voters in fairfax today. are not ho republican hopeful john kasich has three events starting at 10:00 at george mason university. this afternoon he will speak near the university of virginia in charlottesville and later tonight, the ohio governor will speak with students at virginia commonwealth university in ri richmond. kasich's visit comes eight days before super tuesday when 12 states have their first chance to weigh in on decision 2016. before that landmark day, south carolina will h
6:51 am
hillary clinton is already showing strength there in the polls. gaining support from south carolina's heavily african-american electorate may prove difficult for bernie sanders. saturday black voters chose clinton by a whopping 76% to 22%. and today most republican hopefuls will campaign in nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucus vote. donald trump won the south carolina primary saturday followed by senators marco rubio and ted cruz. how virginians vote could change depending on a case going to court today. right now voters must present an i.d. before casting a ballot. democrats say that is unconstitutional because it suppresses voting rights especially those of young and minority voters. plaintiffs filed for an extended trial last week saying they have so many witnesses ready to testify, they will need more than a week to make their case against the state board of elections.
6:52 am
be closed until further notice. we just checked with the national park service. and a damaged elevator box shut down the iconic building over the weekend as crews worked repair the problem. a contractor damaged the box on friday. the monument has been closed eight times since may because of various elevator problems. breaking news on the roads. we are slow inbound 14th street bridge because of an earlier crash. about a two mile backup there. also slow 66 inbound at washington boulevard, we had a four hemile backup. it's now grown to five. so it has grown here just a little bit there in the past couple of minutes. outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue, still slow top of the beltway because of that earlier problem. big look at the beltway overall looking pretty typical here on the beltway. inner loop at little river turnpike still a little slow there, but thankfully no dog in the roadway as chopper 4 was
6:53 am
looking for. taking a look at 95 and 66, again looking pretty normal there. prince george's county county slow inbound to 10, inbound branch avenue, inbound pennsylvania avenue and then up top here, we do have one new issue, 98 -- or 198 at 29, a brand new crash just being reported there. chuck. outside, rain chances over the next few days. nothing to worry about today. but rain chances jump back up tomorrow. rainiest day of the week, might even have some thunderstorms to contend with, that will be wednesday especially wednesday afternoon and evening before some wind whipped raindrops blow out of here on thursday afternoon. weather impacts for wednesday and thursday, arrivirisk of som thunderstorms. gusty winds likely wednesday afternoon and night and into early thursday. and there could be a flood threat. so deal keep close track of that. but monday morning is a dry start. on the chilly side. mid-30s in the
6:54 am
area. we'll be rising into the upper 40s and low 50s by later on this afternoon. today's high in manassas 51. in fredericksburg, 54. next thing to watch out for comes early tomorrow morning. cloudy skies at 11:00 tonight. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, probably some light rain moving in, but there could be temperatures cold enough to support just a little sleet threat in the shenandoah valley first thing tomorrow morning. so just keep a close eye on that. here is future weather through early tomorrow, the shades of pink means there could be pockets of sleet or freezing rain early tomorrow. things become all rain for the remainder of the afternoon. as we get into the day on wednesday, depend looks like it could be much more impactful weather. here is wednesday afternoon at 2:00, a line of possibly heavy thunderstorms rolling through between about 3:00 and 10:00 wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening. so again watching out for the little chance of sleet tomorrow before it becomes all rain and your seven dfo
6:55 am
busy one. a little sleet possible early tomorrow and then rain and th thundershowers likely wednesday and then windy on thursday and cold aer air in time for the weekend. i'm angie goff. apple not backing down. that is the message from apple's ceo this morning regarding the fight brewing between the tech company and the fbi. tim cook says the u.s. government should withdraw its demands that apple help the fbi hack into a lost iphone used by the shooters in the san bernardino attack. cook just sending this e-mail out this morning to his employees. he says in it that the company is not acting out of its business interests and maintains the judge's order would create a back door to the encrypted iphone which set as dangerous precedent. yesterday we heard from the fbi director and he says that apple owes this information and cooperation to the victims of the c
6:56 am
the fbi believes there is valuable information to help the investigation. back to you. new this morning, a dramatic crash to tell you about and show you. a car drove through the front door of this liquor store in gaithersburg. montgomery county list say tpole driver then took off. nobody hurt here. police say they have someone this custody and they're working to find out if the crash was deliberate. four things to know, today is the day that d.c.'s kell gags will meet with the country's foreign minister and the mayor of havana. follow david culver on twitter. he's traveling with the delegation. fairfax county police work to go release the sketch of a sexual assault suspect, it happened in the murounts vernon area. he broke into an apartment and sex li ually assaulted
6:57 am
in court. she's charged with the abduction of her children. and suspect in a seven hour deadly shooting spree goes before a judge. jason dalton killed section on saturday. 66 inbound at washington boulevard, slow. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. unstoppab unstoppable? with two wins under his belt and candidates dropping out of the race, donald trump in position for the nomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so tired. you're going to say please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again! >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton reenergized after winning in nevada. with two more contests this week and super tuesday eight days away, is there anything left that could shake up this race? facing justice. the uber driver suspected in the


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