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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the legislature and the courts. >> reporter: the fbi says it's running out of options as it tries to recover potential evidence stored on the shooter's phone. mark barger, nbc news. news4 at 5:00 begins right now with some breaking news out of northeast washington where police are on the scene after two men are shot and killed. >> it happened on 58th and eads street. >> reporter: i can tell you we are one block from drew elementary school. school was in session at the time this happened, but the school was not placed on lockdown. now, police were called here to a home behind me on 58th street just after 1:00 this afternoon. it's believed the shooting took place inside the home. we actually saw investigators looking at a bullet hole in the wall of the building. we can tell you that police told us that two men were fatally injured.
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>> right now we have a look out for a black male around 6'0" in height which shoulder-length dreads. we don't know if he left in a vehicle or on foot from the area. so if anybody has any information, we would appreciate if they'd give us a call. the person who fled from the area obviously fled during the daylight hours, so if someone from this neighborhood saw something suspicious, we'd appreciate if they'd give us a call. >> reporter: and police tell us they're not sure if the suspect left the scene on foot or in a vehicle. back to you, doreen. >> jackie bensen, thank you. the work of an alert arlington county police officer may bring an end to a series of convenience store robberies. northern virginia bureau chief julie careyrxc7v joins us from 7-eleven on washington boulevard to tell us what he saw that led to an arrest.
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>> reporter: well, it has been a nerve-racking time for 7-eleven store clerks. there have been five 7-elevens in arlington robbed in less than a month. this one might have been number six except for an officer who noticed something suspicious and followed up. just after midnight an arlington officer was in the area of the 7-eleven on washington boulevard when he noticed a car that seemed to be circling. >> i observed a vehicle circling the area. eventually that vehicle turned their lights off and that piqued the officer's interest. >> reporter: a man then got out of the car and approached this 7-eleven. but suddenly a customer walked up and the suspect ran back to the waiting car. that's when the officer moved in. >> the officer was able to perform a traffic stop and at that point they searched the suspect and did locate a ski mask on the subject. >> reporter: the same kind of ski mask worn by a guy who robbed this 7-eleven on carlin springs two days earlier only that incident happened in middle of the er
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21-year-old cameron richardson of arlington has been charged with the february 16th robbery and he faces possible attempted robbery charges for the incident early this morning. this map shows the locations of all five 7-eleven robberies. police will try to determine if richardson is responsible for any others. and you might also remember last fall the fbi created a couple of wanted posters spotlighting a series of 7-eleven robberies across the dmv. when i join you on news4 at 6:00, i'll let you know whether arlington police think the guy they just arrested could be connected to any of those. back to you now in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you. d.c. police hope this surveillance video coming up will help track down a group of people who attacked a marine at a mcdonald's downtown. this happened at 9th and e street location last friday night. coming up, you will be able to see the victim who left the restaurant. one person knocked him down to the ground, and others began to
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the sidewalk. >> the victim told police that his attackers approached him while he was eating and called him racist. police say after the attack, the group stole the guy's wallet. there's the video that we were just talking about from that mcdonald's downtown. also tonight a developing story, a big announcement about d.c. street cars. we've learned the street cars will finally start running next saturday. there will be a grand opening ceremony at 13th and h streets. the project kobs $200 million. it's been delayed for years because of safety and equipment issues. the street cars will run along h street from union station to benning road. we don't know yet how much it will cost to ride the street cars, but at first it's going to be free. to our weather now and what's going to be an interesting week ahead. >> buckle up, folks. let's go straight to storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in our storm center. what's the word now, doug? >> right now the word is some nice blue skies, plenty o
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not a cloud in the sky in most locations, but temperatures have been down today. take a look at the numbers. the high so far in d.c., 39. only 36 in frederick. 43 in warrenton. that coming with a little bit of a breeze today and we had a windchill in the upper 20s to lower 30s. so, yeah, it's been a little bit on the chilly side for sure as we move through the day on our thursday. temperatures tomorrow will be on the cool side and with more cloud cover i think it will feel even cooler tomorrow, but then we're in for what i think will be a beautiful weekend. temperatures in the 60s on saturday, near 60 on sunday. sunday could be a chance of a shower but then tracking our next storm system. the latest information on the next storm, what it could bring to the area. plus the timing coming up in 10, 15 minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, doug. thanks. it should be a smoother ride tonight for those of you who take macarthur boulevard in the district. repairs to a broken water main is complete and the road ha
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shut down the street for the entire rush hour. that pipe was more than 100 years old. we know many of you are dodging potholes left and right. one particularly rough spot, beach drive, where tom sherwood joins us with major effort to patch up all those holes. hi, tom. >> reporter: that's right, doreen. this is part of the rush hour here on beach drive in rock creek park. you have t watch out for the traffic and the potholes. rock creek park, a national park urban oasis in the middle of the district. except for the hundreds of potholes that pockmark beach drive. beach drive runs north/south for more than six miles from the maryland line in the north to calvert street near downtown. it carries more than 12 million vehicles a year. casual visitors and commuters alike can't help but notice all the potholes. >> they can be hazardous to a
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drive it every day and dodge the potholes. >> reporter: pretty dangerous actually. >> some of them are huge. >> reporter: park service crews are out every day working to fill potholes as fast as they can closing off sections to traffic. >> potholes are going to develop and grow but we're out every day. the potholes behind us were just repaired. we hit them yesterday, we hit them again today. >> reporter: this temporary work could continue for weeks. the park service suggests you take alternate routes or pay attention. >> in the interim, to drivers, slow down, stay alert, but we're out doing our past to patch the potholes for you. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, potholes are bad, but later this year commuting here on beach drive will get a lot worse before it gets better. i'm tom sherwood at rock creek park. back to you, doreen. >> thank you, tom. here is a live look from our
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patrol. we're kicking off a new campaign to help you avoid and report potholes. there's one there. you can tweet us at 4 pothole fix. follow along to see where other drivers are running into trouble and open our nbc washington app for information about how to report potholes. >> wow. i'm bouncing around just watching that. now to a cautionary tale to a young woman who became a crime victim before she even realized what was going on. pat collins is on this story and it involves a cell phone theft. pat, what are you learning in penn quarter? >> reporter: well, let me tell you, jim. police say when thieves see an iphone, their eyes just light up. in fact, on the street they even have a name for it. they call it apple picking. now, hear now the story of a woman who traveled 8,000 miles to come here to visit friends only to get apple picked here in penn quarter. this is lauren.
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she's an education consultant. she's from here but she lives and works in hong kong. lauren has traveled all around the world. she considers herself to be street smart. >> everywhere i go in the world, you know, i've got my purse on me, i'm looking around, and then, of course, i come home and this happens. >> reporter: it was tuesday night. it was about 8:00. lauren gets off the metro near the verizon center. she's on her way to penn quarter to meet some friends. she's looking at a map on her cell phone to find her way. as she gets to the intersection of 7th and e, that's when it happens. that's when she's ripped off by a teenage girl. >> i'm holding the phone in my hand staring at it, and out of nowhere this girl runs from behind me, snatches it out of my hand, and books it across the street. e
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i couldn't run and catch her. she's laughing. i'm screaming. >> reporter: but it didn't stop here. you see that teenage girl had some friends, and they were around too. >> a couple of her friends ran in front of me, and they were laughing and i was hysterical so i approached them and said i'll give you whatever. i'm from out of town. the phone is worthless. it's got a cracked screen. i just need it. i'll give you whatever you want. >> reporter: so what happened next? let's just say this didn't have a happy ending. the rest of the story coming up at 00. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. cell phone thefts are becoming more and more common in our region, and police tell us there's another troubling trend. people holding those devices for ransom. tonight at 11:00, we have a story you have to see. the news4 i-team goes undercover as police meet up with a woman who demanded 200 bucks to
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back to the breaking news we learned about in the past half hour. six baltimore police officers have been charged in freddie gray's death, but now all of their trials have been put on hold. all of this centers around the testimony of officer william porter. his first trial ended in a mistrial. it was a hung jury. the prosecutor still wanted to use his testimony against the other five officers. originally a judge said that was okay, but porter's attorneys argued it violated his fifth amendment rights. the trials of officer caesar goodson and alicia white were already put on hold. the trial of officer edward nero was set to begin monday, but, again, all of those now on hold. doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. a big push being made for changes after a volunteer at an elementary school was arrested on child po
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abuse charges. the steps the prince george's could you please at this school board hopes to take to make sure children are safe in their classrooms. and a child shot when two men invade a barbershop. now there's word of an arrest tonight. we'll find out why police tell us this case isn't closed yet. this old building used to be a residential facility here on the campus of st. elizabeth, but now it's coming down to make room for the new washington wizards training facility and the home of the washington mystics. the wizards have reportedly made a trade but that trade could come with some controversy. i'll tell you why coming up after the break.
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welcome back to news4 at 5:00. i'm jason pugh at the verizon center. the nba trade deadline has come and gone and multiple reports have the wizards making a significant trade. they bring in mar keefe morris. he brings a lot of baggage to the nation's capital if the trade goes through. some of the controversy happened earlier this month. he got into an altercation with a teammate on the bench. last season he even got into it with his former had
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star. the fifth year player set new career highs in points and rebounds per game last season. the wizards reportedly sending kris humphrey and blair in and a projected first-round pick to phoenix. a lot of people have questions about will the team have the cap space to sign a guy like kevin durant or a big-time free agent. the answer to this question is absolutely yes. the wizard well under the cap. from the verizon center, i'm jason pugh, news4 sports.d=k÷ okay. take a good look. that's d.c. mayor muriel bowser at the controls of a bulldozer as demolition begins today at st. elizabeth's campus in southeast washington. the building is being torn down to make way for the wizards' new practice facility. >> it will also be the home of the mystics, and that's just the beginning. news4's mark segraves is in southeast d.c. with the s
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>> reporter: hey, doreen. this has been a long time in coming both for the wizards and the mystics. the owner has been looking for a spot for years to build a new facility, and for this neighborhood. congress heights in ward 8 that is in desperate need of an economic boost. mayor muriel bowser today led the charge saying this project is going to cure both of those problems beginning here at building 119. the former mental health facility on the campus of st. elizabeth's hospital. we got an exclusive look inside this building before the demolition. just about 30 minutes ago the mayor got inside that hydraulic excavator and she went at it tearing this building down. now, by 2018 this property will be the home of the new washington wizards training facility, a 5,000-seat arena that will also be home for the washington mystics' home games. but on this campus, the development will go much further. there will be new retail, med
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use, as well as residential here. by 2018 this entire neighborhood is going to look a whole lot different. now, coming up at 6:00, we'll take you back inside this building and we'll also show you what happened when protesters stood between mayor bowser and that bulldozer and this building. doreen, back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. the family of the late justice antonin scalia is suggesting three charities for donations in memory of the late supreme court justice. they are the supreme court historical society, catholic charities, and benedictines of mary, queen of apostles. scalia will lie in repose tomorrow at the supreme court where the public can pay their last respects. the funeral mass is saturday at the basilica. it's open only to family and friends. he's taken on jeb bush. he's taken on ted cruz, and he's taken on marco rubio. >> but the latest target for donald trump tonight is outside the typical political
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chris lawrence is in the newsroom working this story with details on trump's latest feud. >> all this stems from a question he was asked about donald trump's proposal to build a wall on the border and deport illegal immigrants. the pope responded and seemed to question trump's faith saying in part, quote, a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. the pope did say he hadn't heard direct specifics of this particular plan and would give the benefit of the doubt. quote, i only say that this man is not christian if he has said things like that. it didn't take trump long to respond. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. for a religious leader to question a person's faiths
5:20 pm
disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> now, trump mentioned his faith. he says he's presbyterian and a spokesperson with the presbyterian church of america confirmed to nbc news trump was baptized at a church in queens and his family used to worship there but they say there's no factual evidence to show that he currently holds membership in any presbyterian congregation. jim, doreen. >> chris lawrence, thank you. the pope also making headlines today with his comments about the zika virus. we'll have the latest on that and how the efforts to find a vaccine are proceeding. and you have heard the promise while shopping. your favorite store won't get beat on a price. coming up, our susan hogan talks to the experts who put those policies to the test. and -- ♪ >> and adele opens up to ellen about her disappointing grammy
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appearanc what she'e.s kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through
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s, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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your storm team4 forecast. >> and that forecast right now has a little bit of a cold day today, kind of cool tomorrow, and then a spectacular weekend. put away the coats, at least for a couple days. plenty of sunshine across the area today. high te
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30s, and that's where we are right now. only 38 degrees. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. temperaturewise across the region, we're only in the 30s. 34 gaithersburg, 40 degrees in fredericksburg. 36 in martinsburg. and 36 as well over towards annapolis. what we're going to see as we move through the night, we will cool again but we won't see any rain or snow. what is coming our way is a warm front. you can pick out the waffle fairly easily not on this map. notice the white right around here. that is snow to the north. if you're thinking about getting out there and going up to ski liberty, they have snow. snowshoe has a lot of snow back there, too. you can see the cloud cover moving our way, but this is a warm front that's making its way our way. behind this it gets a whole lot warmer for the weekend, but tonight still going to be rather chilly. 26 degrees in d.c. tonight. 22 frederick. 26 down towards culpeper. now, we will see some cloud cover overnight tonight in parts of the area. so those clouds will move
5:25 pm
early tomorrow. tomorrow will be mostly cloudy. starting off with a few clouds, temperature at 27 degrees. tomorrow afternoon we warm to 42. it will be cool but with more clouds tomorrow, it may even feel a little cooler than it did out there today. but then look what comes our way. 38 degrees in our area right now. look at memphis, 70. 76 in wichita. 74 in dallas. it was 90 toward kansas and that warm air will move our way for the weekend. it won't last long but it's here just in time for the weekend so that makes some good news. the impact forecast, on the low side. mostly cloudy, just feeling on the cool side. what about the storm next week? as i said, this weekend we're going to be very warm. so we're starting off a lot warmer than we have with past storms. we're watching a couple of different pieces of energy, one of which coming in towards the pacific. another one coming down there california. those will meet down toward the south and whichever one kind of takes p
5:26 pm
faster, that kind of depicts what we're going to get here. warm air ahead of this, then cold air moving in. we know we're going to get a storm next week. that's what we know, tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. but which day exactly, just how much of a storm, the pattern is right for a storm, but is it rain or is it snow? there are way too many questions out there for us to give you any kind of a real forecast on exactly what will happen but stay with storm team4. we should have a much better idea as we make our way towards the weekend. speaking of the weekend, how about 63 on saturday? 42 tomorrow. so pretty nice friday. 63 on saturday. 60 on sunday. 30% chance of showers late in the day. kind of reminds us of springtime. spring training. you know it started today, by the way. spring training starts today. how about that? >> that's a nice thought. he's really helping us to try to think positive. >> we're not looking past sunday. thank you, doug. coming up, president obama announcing a historic visit down to cuba but it's met with s
5:27 pm
criticism. what he's saying to those who say he shouldn't go. plus some local leaders get ready for their own visit to cuba. child sexual abuse and pornography charges for a volunteer leads the school board to review some of its policies. we'll have that story coming up on news4 at 5:00.
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a school volunteer accused of sexually abusing and videotaping children. >> tonight the prince george's
5:30 pm
policies it hopes will help protect kids in the future. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in glenarden with details on that. tracee? >> reporter: a prince george's county school board member tells us tonight's meeting is all about making sure they have the proper procedures in place. >> those kids knew him. he was able to get their trust. that takes time. this is not something that just happened overnight. >> reporter: the prince george's county school board wants to figure out how that happened, how deonte carraway, a volunteer and former teacher aide was able to allegedly molest and videotape mult it wiiple studen school grounds. ed burrows moved for the board to review their policies. >> to figure out if there are any gaps in the current policies and procedures and to figure out
5:31 pm
>> reporter: parents we spoke with at judge sylvania woods elementary say the review is a step in the right direction, but it's just a step. >> a background check is not going to bring out what type of person you are at heart. that is nothing but paper. >> that's the right thing to do, they have to do it because of the kids, and i feel sorry for the situation in this school. >> ultimately these are our students and we have a duty to keep them safe, and we need to do whatever it takes to make that happen. and that might mean adding teeth and penalties to certain aspects of our policies and i hope that there's a coalition of people who want to do that. >> reporter: so far 17 victims have been identified by the prince george's county police department. the school board meeting begins at 6:30 at the school board building. coming up on news4 at 6:00, if school board members do decide there are some problems with the
5:32 pm
policy, just how long will it take to make corrections? we'll have that report. reporting live in glenarden, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. back to you, doreen. >> thank you. a man is facing murder charges tonight in connection with a deadly nightclub stabbing in the district. officers arrested antawn byrd for a stabbing late last month at barcode. a man named robinson pal died in that attack. he had planned to travel to california the next day for a vacation before starting a new job. another man was also wounded but he survived. also in the district, two men are in custody for a barbershop shooting that wounded a man and his toddler as well. it happened earlier this month near the navy yard in southeast. investigators say three masked men opened the door of a shop and started shooting. they arrested two of the suspects in the past couple days but they're still looking for this guy, anthony chambers. if you recognize him, police would like to hear from you. it is a history-making trip, but it's also a diplomatic
5:33 pm
set to become the first sitting president to visit cuba in nearly nine decades. >> the u.s. government has already destorrestored diplomat relations with cuba. he will meet with raul castro and anti-government disdepartments. >> the president will travel with lawmakers from both sides but this trip is already getting a lot of backlash. >> not surprised he's going to cuba. it's not a surprise he's going to go bow down to an anti-american terrorist. >> my problem is it asks nothing with the cuban government. they're as repressive today as they have ever been. >> while there are loopholes, general tourism to cuba is still band and the trade embargo will remain in place unless congress decides to lift it. the president's planned trip to cuba will happen after a delegation of local leaders travels down to the island nation. >> it will include d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser. david culver will head back to havana to cover that t.
5:34 pm
41 people in all will take part this this exploratory mission. that's what they're calling it. it is spearheaded by the greater washington hispanic chamber of commerce. the focus, cultivating business relationships. we've shown you how cubans there are preparing for the changes. after decades of decaying relations between the u.s. and cuba, this past year has seen a new wave and now u.s. businesses want in. >> this is a really historic trip to cuba. it's our first trip as a region. >> reporter: angela franco is president of the greater washington chamber of commerce. >> we're going down now before the spotlight sort of makes all of its benefits known. we're down there early and i think that's critical. >> reporter: alomong those goin d.c. muriel bowser, montgomery county executive ike leggit and maurice jones.
5:35 pm
early, really get the relationships going, figure out where the opportunities reside. >> reporter: but talk of doing business with castro's communist regime uneasy for many, especially cuban-americans. >> we are visiting a country where you have thousands of people that are oppressed. >> virginia beach state delegate jason miata is the son of a cuban immigrant. >> anybody that has had a family who has fled cuba has so many story that is mirror my family's story and it stays with you your whole life. >> delegation members know it's a sensitive matter. >> it has been 50 years of history. you cannot pretend to change that in a month or in a year. it takes time and baby steps. >> and don't step heavily. step lightly. >> reporter: the dell gation says they're going to tour skoolti schools and hospitals. i will be there to cover it and bring you live reports. in the next hour, the changes that one cuban-american
5:36 pm
wants to see made before the u.s. even considers doing business with cuba. >> david culver, thank you. one of the most watched events in the summer olympics getting ready for a big weekend here in our area. why these gymnasts are in the spotlight months before the start of the summer games. and news of a promising development in the race to find a vaccine in the zika virus. the company that hopes to create a cure next on ne
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. i'm carol malone ni in the newsroom. march mad innocence foggy bottom isn't just for basketball teams but women's gymnastics. george washington ranked as high as seventh in the nation this season has an eye on the postseason thanks to experience and not just how they practice but how they start practice. >> we will! >> the sign doesn't say we will try. it says we will. >> we will. >> we're holding ourselves and our teammates accountable. >> we will. >> we're just getting in and doing our job. >> we will! >> we will give our all. we will conquer the day. >> they are committed and focused and ready to be taught. >> reporter: educated by a teacher with over three decades of experience in margie foster cunningham. >> people will say how can you do this for 31 years? it's different every year. it's never the same.
5:40 pm
you as an athlete and as a person too. >> physically we came here, we had our skills, but she's amazing at like tweaking our mindsets and like putting us into like that competition setting. >> there we go. that a girl. >> i enjoy the challenge of putting what's in my head and trying to get it into someone else's and, you know, i really know that sport teaches life lessons. i believe it down to my core. everything goes to the finish. >> reporter: the next colonial lesson, springboarding to a national title for a team that believes in tight bonds. >> it's an uphill battle the entire season, but we're only going to get there if we get there together. >> we just have to stay focused and we can be in the game at the end. it's all about that one moment though when, you know, who is going to be great that day and we believe gw can be there. >> we will! >> the ladies host a meet friday night at 7:00 p.m. inside the smith center. they will learn of their
5:41 pm
late march. definitely a team to keep an eye on. carol maloney, back to you guys. ♪ >> award-winning singer adele back on stage fresh off that disappointing appearance at the grammys. what she's telling exclusively to ellen. you will only see it here, about that night she performed. plus, susan hogan talks to the experts who put retailers' price-matching policies to the test. and is this your frustration with the winter, the cold, the snow, the ice that we've had? yeah, fairly high. we're all fruts trastrated. i have the details for the potential for some rain, some snow midpart of next week.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
price matching, you hear a lot of retailers offering it, but customers don't always take advantage of it. >> tonight consumer reporter susan hogan talks to the experts who put retailers' price-matching policies to the test. >> reporter: first off, what is price matching? very simple. you find a product for a cheaper price at one retailer and ask the competitor to beat that price. so when we learned how many retailers out there actually offer price matching, we had to share it with you. lots of stores offer price matching but do they toll through with that promise? >> we did find really big cost savings for dozens of items that
5:45 pm
>> reporter: but kevin brassler with says price matching doesn't take a ton of time and you can save a bundle. there are dozens of apps that allow shoppers to scan bar codes of products at a local store and it will show you prices offered by online retailers. recently checkbook gathered the price matching policies for dozens of retailers. it found the big three, target, walmart, and best buy all publicize their price matching, but many more retailers aren't that obvious. >> what we were surprised is so many stores do have these policies. often the policy is buried deep within their terms of use on their website or another kind of pricing policies small print somewhere. >> reporter: checkbook searched online for the lowest price on particular items and then sent mystery shoppers into the competitor's stores to put their price matching policies to the test. >> it didn't take long to
5:46 pm
that we'd save a lot of money by either buying it online or getting them to match that. >> reporter: checkbook said one shopper saved $70 on a vacuum when bet, bath, and beyond matched the cheaper price found online at another retailer. staples gave another shopper a savings of $94 on a wireless printer after price matching the same printer online. and best buy saved another mystery shopper $140 on a sound bar speaker system by matching the lower price. some other stores with price matching policies, sears, a.c. moore, pets mart, merchant's, tire store, nordstrom's and then home depot. it not only will match a competitor's price, it will beat it by 10% and online purchases are subject to price match only. sounds generous, but checkbook found it difficult to get a price match at home depot. even visiting nine locations.
5:47 pm
the customer service desk but they had to drag the manager over. they were unaware they had this policy at all and sometimes we couldn't get them to give us the match plus 10%. >> reporter: we reached out to home depot and it did not directly address checkbook's findings but did say it works to ensure nearly 400,000 associates understand the price match policies. the retailer says it's committed to its low price guarantee and gladly matches and beats competitor's prices of identical products sold in its stores. it will match identical products sold online other than wholesale or distressed products. keep in mind, a lot of retailers do have restrictions on what it will price match. clearance items usually are not part of the deal. now, we have a list of retailers that offer price matching on our nbc washington happen. just search price matching. back to you. >> thank you, susan. only here on news4 at 5:00, superstar adele gracing the stage on "ellen"
5:48 pm
news4 at 4:00. ♪ >> oh, it was flawless. adele sang "all i ask for" for the first time since her performance at the grammys last week. the singer explained the sound issues that affected her monday night. she also set the record straight on whether justin bieber's guitar messed her up. >> during the changeover they operate the microphones and it fell onto the piano strings. which is what the noise was. some thought it was bieber rehearsing but it wasn't him. >> the singer says next time there's an issue she plans to stop the performance and start over again. she also said she recovered by having an in-n-out burger and a beer. >> that will cure a lot. tonight the fairfax county school board will consider changing the name of a high school. over the past several months people have requested the b
5:49 pm
change the name of jeb stuart high school. he was a general in the confederate army. a petition to change the school's name has more than 34,000 signatures. you can get a look at rare and familiar flowers and plants from national parks all over the country and you don't have to go too far. just head down to the u.s. botanic gardens in southwest d.c. a new exhibit opened today showcasing artwork from more than 70 artists. it includes the giant sequoia at yosemite, ghost orchids, and magnolias. >> those are looking pretty, those look like spring flowers, and veronica, we'll get a little taste of springtime coming up this weekend, aren't we? >> we are. which is going to be kind of weird because when we get the springtime type weather around here i always like seeing the spring flowers but no flowers, just a soggy ground for us but still good weather for getting out. first though tonight it's going to be cold. our temperatures will drop
5:50 pm
next time though that we see our temperatures drop to the freezing mark will be early wednesday morning. just in time for a new storm to move in. it could produce some snow around here which we'll talk more about. even through the overnight to the next couple days, saturday, sunday, even monday and tuesday, those early morning temperatures will be above freezing. for tomorrow morning though, we're at 22 frederick. 26 in d.c. down i-95 around quantico, around fredericksburg, 26 the early morning temperature. it's going to be cold and then cool for tomorrow afternoon. the high 42. notice the cloud cover moving in. there will be some high clouds coming through the area tomorrow as we top out in the low to mid-40s throughout the area. then again, that warm-up starts as we make our way into the weekend. by lunchtime tomorrow if you do have some errands to run say around 11:00 a.m., noontime tomorrow, you will notice those high clouds around the area. the temperatures will be climbing into the 30s
5:51 pm
40 degrees, still holding at 5:00 and i want you to know, too, even tomorrow evening we'll see our temperatures stay again above the freezing mark. so if you have plans to go out friday night as we take a look at georgetown, 35 to 40 degrees, a warm jacket or a coat needed if you're going to be stepping out but not too bad at all. this weekend so much better than last weekend. last weekend was so cold and nasty. that's the next significant change you will notice. this weekend on saturday from the 50s and climbing, 60 degrees by 1:00. 63 around 3:00. this is saturday afternoon. a few clouds, nice and mild. and it gets a little breezy too saturday afternoon but some great springtime type weather coming our way saturday and sunday. could have a little sprinkle or light shower coming our way during the afternoon hours. late afternoon on sunday to sunday evening. here is a look at your future weather sunday, 4:00. showers moving through, not expecting a whole lot at all. the big talk though, the storm
5:52 pm
tuesday, wednesday, still looking like a storm likely, could lag and go into thursday. as far as the timing, the intensity, the amount of cold air still in question. of course, that's going to mean that we get some rain, some snow, but really too early to talk about amounts with the uncertainty we have with the storm system days out. make sure you keep it tuned to news4 and download the nbc washington app with all the changes that we've got coming our way. we'll know more on the tail end of the weekend. so make sure you tune in and watch amelia segal and tom. there's your storm. a cold week ahead. we have moren th on that coming. now to a potentially dangerous situation overseas where they are looking for roof active materials. >> it's raising new fears they could fall into the hands of eye sits. here is nbc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: it's a nightmare scenario, isis packing
5:53 pm
explosives making a so-called dirty bomb. now, a key ingredient used by the oil industry to check for leaks in pipes has vanished in southern iraq. an iraqi government document seen by nbc news confirms that a highly dangerous radioactive material, iridium 192, was stolen from a storage facility linked to weatherford oil company in november. u.s.-based weatherford oil told nbc news we do not own, operate, or control sources of iridium 192 or the bunker where the source are stored and a different company held the material. nbc news has not been able to reach them for comment. >> we've not seen any indication the material in question has been acquired by daesh or any other terrorist groups in the region, but obviously we continue to take these reports very seriously. >> reporter: the state department said there's no evidence that isis, which holds mosul in northern iraq but no
5:54 pm
basra, pulled off the theft. but at this point the iraqis don't know who did. security sources told reuters news agency it looked like an inside job. no broken locks or skins of forced entry. kelly cobiella, nbc news london. we're getting our first look at some incredible new video of a helicopter crash in hawaii. our affiliate in honolulu says it's a tourist chopper that was flying near the arizona memorial in pearl harbor when it crashed into the water. five people were on board but there were some good samaritans nearby and they pulled all those people out of the water. a 16-year-old is in critical condition. witnesses say they saw smoke coming from the chopper just before it went down. that could be a key piece of evidence as investigators try to figure out how this happened. we'll stay on top of it, bring you any updates as we get them. doreen? >>
5:55 pm
hopes for developing a zika vaccine take a step forward and the comment from the pope that could reignite the d kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence.
5:56 pm
the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
pope francis suggests that contraception could be justified as the lesser evil in regions hit by the zika virus. the pope spoke on the papal plane today on the way back to rome after a trip to cuba and mexico. there are proposals that wom
5:58 pm
abortion or avoid getting pregnant to prevent the birth of children with defects. the pope distinguished between abortion, which he said is never acceptable, and contraception which the pope says could be used in certain circumstances. the pope's comments come as pop brazilian and u.s. medical researchers met today to work an a partnership for a zika vaccine. a company in pennsylvania says it's ahead of the curve and has already had some success in animal testing. >> reporter: she is cooking up peruvian delights in flower town. she's more than 3500 miles from her home of lima, purr ruperu. >> you're going in a couple weeks. >> i have to go to lima. >> carla is well aware of recent outbreaks of zika virus in
5:59 pm
anywhere near her family. >> townships, they don't have water. they have to worry about that because they have to -- they have a big barrels of water because they don't have water. >> reporter: the virus has been around since the 1940s and it's now in the western hemisphere. researchers based in plymouth say their using the research labs in california, kaund, and locally at the university of pennsylvania to test its vaccine. >> we're the first one to go into animal testing and we expect to be the first vaccine to be in human testing later this year. >> dr. joseph kim, the ceo says the company uses a manmade synthetic vaccine and not a live virus. that's why testing can move faster. he says the vaccine has already proven effective in mice and the company is moving to another stage of animal testing before humans. all of this is good news for carla who says she's watching what happens with the viruro
6:00 pm
afar. >> i'm very worried for children. now at 6:00, the pope, the hot topic on the campaign trail. why he's suggesting donald trump is not christian. it's been a nerve-racking month for 7-elevens across the dmv. the man police say may be tied to several robberies. and we're on pothole patrol. what's being done to make your drive home safer and perhaps even smoother. we begin with presidential politics. another injection of drama in the presidential race the likes of which we have not seen. today pope francis was asked about donald trump. the pope said a person who would build walls and not bridges is not a christian. as you might expect, trump fired back a couple times, in fact. steve handelsman on capitol hill with the latest. >> thanks. pope francis showed last september he's willing to get involved in u.s. politics when he came up here to the hill and urged congress to do more to fight poverty and global warming. but this i


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