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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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have major difficulties getting out. >> a lot of people are actually opting to walk into the snow. a surface where you can get some traction at least. all of that means be extremely careful out there today. that is the message for this morning's commute on this weather alert day. we're finding extremely icy conditions on roads all over our area. >> the streets are not the only thing that is dangerous. parking lots, sidewalks and even your own driveway, the railway, railings. they send you for a tumble. a lot of changes as school leaders are waking up and seeing the conditions that we're all dealing with. >> the federal government is opening on a three hour delayed arrival status. you do have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. as for schools, fairfax county schools were opening two hours late but they now close
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alexandria, falls church and manassas closed. montgomery, mostly cloudy arlington and prince william county and loudoun county closed. >> and warren, rappahannock, shen dough, a page and king george closed. fredericksburg, manassas city and winchester closed as well. westmoreland county schools are on a two hour delay. >> in maryland, howard, anne arundel, st. mary's, charles and calvert county schools are closed. washington county are on a two hour delay. allegany county schools are closed. hampshire county and grant closed. >> hardy, jefferson, mineral closed today, too. all that information on the nbc washington app. and molette green and derrick ward are
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and the big changes. >> we'll go from ices ice baby to here comeses rain again over the next two hours. winter storm warnings remain in place for all the bright shaded counties here. heavy rain is due to come in, it will quickly take all the ice out of here. freezing rain with an icy glaze out there first thing on your way out the door. heavy rain, rapid melting could lead to some flooding concerns by later this afternoon. so stay away from high or fast moving water. what to expect? sheets of ice early this morning. heavy rain moving in to the metro after 8:00 a.m. should be dry and breezy no later than 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. right now washington national has jumped eight degrees in the last hour alone. we were 32 last hour, we're now 40. 39 gaithersburg, 32 leesburg, 32 in warrington here comes the rain, this is all changing quy
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planning out your day today, hovering in the 30s this morning, heavy rain at noon with temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. we'll talk about how long the -- how much rain you may expect coming up. it's been a slippery morning here. 270 at west montgomery avenue, you can see we have police response on the left side. and now the right side. they're flipping it around to take a look at some of the delays. it is slow now southbound on 270 as you're passing 28. another problem 301 north just before you hit 4, left side blocked because of a crash. you can see nice light volume. you're going to have to take it slow this morning. it is just a mess on a lot of roadways. northbound bw parkway at 197, the bridge deck very icy. they have been treating that several times overnight. it is still very slick. northbound indian head highway at
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vre, regular service with some snow detours for metrobus. our storm team 4 x 4 driving the roads. they are ice covered and dangerous. one big trouble spot we found, leesburg, virginia. that is where molette green is live right now. i'm guessing not a lot of melting yet. >> reporter: not yet, but it's now raining. and i had to put my hood on. just got an update from vdot. se steve shannon telling me that the major roads are still tricky, crews are out there doing the best they can. folks are driving way too fast he tells me. schools are closed out here in loudoun. government workers can take the unscheduled leave. but some folks just have to get out this morning in these icy conditions. just spoke to a man who has to ut
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despite these conditions. >> i mean roads are pretty sens you're careful and not stupid, should be fine. >> reporter: and we're here in this gas station where a truck, a plow truck driver gassed up his vehicle telling me he's working in an apartment community and scooping up the ice and the snow and working to get that neighborhood back to safe conditions. that is the latest from ree ees where it's now raining. >> be careful out there. we're working to learn if ice caused this crash in loudoun county. an suv slvalue this had to slam back and the driver died. route 7 was plow and cleared, but there were some icy spots. and conditions in prince
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schools closed there and with good reason. ice covering many of the side roads and really, really bad on the sidewalks throughout the county. let's send it over to derrick ward in chillum. and you showed us it seems like it's safer to walk in the snow. >> reporter: indeed it is, you get a littleologically makes yo better and physically less of a chance of slipping. something else people will be dealing with when they come out for the first time, ice encrusted cars. this car has been ice encrusted since we got here. you can feel it warming up again, not balmy by any measure. but here is the snow that is now the favorable surface to walk on because you can do it. but with the ice, it's a whole different deal. i'm over here now on this sidewalk area that has been ice encrusted all morning. we actually caught a guy having a tough go of
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beginning. it was a man who came out of his apartment building here expecting tractionable surface. and sadly he fell. that gentleman is okay. we helped him up, he managed to get to his car, scrape it off and be on his way. but that is the tale of it all. until we get some sunlight and warmer temperatures here, there will be ice issues to deal with on the sidewalks swellings the streets. derrick ward, news 4. metro is running on schedule for this morning's commute. metrorail s normal service. metrobus also running a normal weekday schedule, but there are a few routes that are experiencing a snow detour. last night icy conditions forced metrobus to shut down. marc and vre are both running on a normal khual todaschedule tod. but frederick transit to get to a marc train, there are some delays. icy conditions have slowed that
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speaking of slowing things down, several crashes around town. backups 270 southbound. we'll talk more about this in a couple of minutes. one thing you'll notice out there, the icy conditions are putting a lot of stress on trees. that is a recipe f power outages. where we're seeing trouble spots. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks
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assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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a weather alert day for you as many of you get ready to head back to work after the long holiday weekend. you will find some pretty uninviting conditions out there before you get ready to hit the streets with dangerous ice coating most sidewalks and parking lots, railings. derrick ward almost fell while he was showing you some of the conditions out there. >> and chuck bell is here now with your travel conditions. chuck, it's never good when we walk into the newsroom and you're putting together an ice
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>> no, neff what you wa rk, nev to see, but that's what waef had to deal with. freezing rain has coated nearly everything across the area. so icy roads, major impact on early morning travels. if you can delay even until 8:00, 9:00 this morning, things will get better really quickly. f from 8:00 this morning, lots of rain. a quick inch is possible. temperatures have warmed considerably the last hour or so. we're now in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. still pockets of freezing rain west of leesburg, north of warrington from winchester to hagerstown. and rainfallment as today on average three quarters of an inch to a solid inch of rain coming. we'll rise to the upper 40s and low 50s by later on today. more about the mild weekend in ten minutes. what you don't want to hear about is another problem on the roads. d
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you're headed through the rockville avenue. krau crashes at west montgomery avenue and slowing folks headed south past montrose road. 301 northbound before 4, the left side blocked. and inbound indian head highway, still slow. travel times overall looking pretty good. slow 270 southbound top of the beltway is okay. 66, 95 in virginia rolling along pretty nicely. allow that extra time just because of the ice. right now i'm digging through a new poll at was just released showing which way virginia voters are leaning in the race for the white house. just a few weeks before they vote on super tuesday. i'll have that story for you here at the live desk. but first we want to make sure you're prepared for the morning commute with the ice we're seeing out there. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 x 4 with what you'll see when you get behind the wheel.
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dangerously icy conditions outside. rain and sleet are falling across our region as the winter storm pushes through. and that's not helping the conditions especially on the side streets, parking lots and sidewalks. you'll want to be careful. >> and we're keeping an eye on the roads this morning. tom kierein is with the storm team 4 x 4 and they are in chantilly this morning. and i know, tom, you have labeled today treacherous tuesday. >> reporter: evything is ice covered that has not been treated. this side street just got a little coating of some sand on top of the ice. so it is pass possible, but side streets are treacherous this morning. here is video of a parking lot at
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this is just off of lease corners road near chantilly and that, paing lot was like a hock hockey rink. good thing the school buses aren't having to pick up children. and in addition ice melting offer of trees this morning. so you may be hearing that on the roof of your house this morning. but the pavement temperatures are below freeze. so the ice will stay unless it's treated for another couple of hours. right now there are some people experiencing power outages. dominion has the most without power. totaling more than 3400 at last handful. pepco has 61. you're probably sharing the same feelings as half the united states right now. the country was slammed with the
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it caused slippery conditions west of indiana. in kentucky the roads were so slick the plow slid right off the road. and tornadoes hit alabama and florida. and in louisiana, one ripped the roof off of a car wash. you see that right here. it fell on to a nearby pizza hut. multiple people hurt here. we don't know how seriously. much of the northeast is dealing with similar conditions like messy snow and ice right now. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel live in charlotte for us yesterday, it was dry. he's in buffalo downtown for us right now. what a difference a day makes, mike. >> reporter: yes, we're in the cold air and in the air below freezing in the clouds. so snow and not the freezing rain. there will be an area from western pennsylvania into western new york that could pick up as much of a foot of snow. here in buffalo, we're look anywhere from 5 to 8 inches today on top of the 2 inches we had overnight. you can see the roads are snow pack
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a lot better driving around than what tom kierein is dealing with the ice there in d.c. this morning. our temperature at 28. we have the winter storm warning in western new york until 7:00 evening. so it will snow about another 10 to 12 hours and will slowly add up. this is kind of another day at the office here, but it's been a very snow free winter. they have only had half their snowfall so far. 3 feet. they're down 3 feet. so we'll pick up maybe 8, 10 inches today and kind of chip away at that deficit. back to you. >> sounds like it will be a long winter in buffalo. mike seidel live for us in buffalo, thank you. an make sure you download our nbc washington app before you head out the door and you'll get the breaking news alerts and we'll update you on any new school closures for the day. new this morning, police in
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investigating a deadly shooting. police were called to greenbelt road around 11:00 last night. they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. right now there is no motive and no suspect. if you do have any information, police would like to hear from you. it was 0 ye20 years ago tha marc truck collided in silver spring. 11 people were killed, 29 were injured. the ntsb determined an apparent failure of the train's engineer caused that crash. the time is 6:21. and we want to get the latest check on your weather. and chuck, i guess the question is when will we get above freezing here. >> national airport is just above freezing here in the last hour, the temperature went up eight degrees from 32 to 40. that is a big improvement right there. and there is more warm air where that came from. but what it expect first thing
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freezing rain still out into the shenandoah valley and blue ridge p . up to a tenth of an inch of ice. but the heavy rain will help watch that away. still have the winter storm warnings north and west of town. temperatures now 40 at national airport, 42 in prince george's county, still 32 in fredericksburg. storm team 4 radar honed in the pink here from hagerstown to winchester along i-81, that is freezing rain. also here some of the dealership valleys just west of leesburg to warrington to culpeper to luray, still a chance of freezing rain here. this is all light to moderate rain now pushing in to the metro area. that is excellent news because it's much warmer aloft and that will write the wilder weather in with it. heavy rain down to our south, that is the pinch of heavy rain chances coming our way here
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morning and about 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. here is future weather to time out the arrival of the heavy rain. by 8:00 a.m. this morning, light to moderate rain in the city, but heavy rain winchester to charlottesville. by 10:00 a.m., coming through montgomery, fairfax and western charles county. by 11:00 this morning, heavy rain pushing through to the eastern side of the city and toward the chesapeake bay. by 1:00, most of the rain should be done, but we could get a quick inch. so flooding concerns will increase with time. so freezing rain to heavy rain this morning. rain coming to an end quickly after lunchtime today and we'll be all dry to the right home from work and for the few places that have to go to school as well. most places will touch 50 today for a high temperature. upper 40s tomorrow. coldest day is sunny on thursday with highs in the 30s. but much milder air comes our way just in time
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when melissa mollett wants to is the outside and enjoy. >> in a bathing suit or something. breaking news here this morning. 2 mile backup now on 270 southbound at 28 west montgomery avenue. i have a report of one crash 1/2 area in the main lanes slowing things down. i'm seeing other reports from waze users of other crashes along 270 southbound as you're passing 370. so you can see that slowdown. 301 northbound, before 4, left side blocked. ice beltwotherwise beltway look quite gi g. .indian head highway at swan creek, a crash in the middle of the road. overall when we look at 95 here in virginia, you can see of course this rain moving threw, but right now roadway looking pretty good southbound through quantico is a tad slow because of an icy spot there. 66 at fairfax county parkway, when it looks wet, it could still be icy in little patches here and there.
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out this morning. it is slick and pretty gross. just coming into the live desk, new polls showing which way virginia vote ares are leaning in the race for the white house. now, the christopher newport university poll says almost two thirds of virginia voters have an unfavorable view of donald trump. 30%. but he holds a solid lead in the republican primary at 28%. marco rubio has the highest favorability rating with 44%. ted cruz may be in striking distance at 19%. turning to the democrats, hillary clinton holds a majority among likely testimony i go primary voters. she leads bernie sanders 52% to 40%. ♪ the show must go despite audio issues during her
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song stressgot a standing ovation. it wasn't just the winners that made an impact last night. the eagles, stevie wonder and lady gaga were just some of the stars who paid tribute to legends lost this year. ♪ and taylor swift picked up best album of the year and it seems a feud between swift and kanye west is far from over. >> there will be peel aloople a the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> swift there making reference to -- >> that was rough. >> a lot of people say she got burped by kanye in his latest song there.
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"uptown funk" featuring bruno mars took home the much you have coveted album of the year. and megan trayner won for best new artist. i he thought they were friends and -- >> when it's good for frpress, cannot be friends for a while. 6:27. >> reporter: 4,000 pieces of road equipment, no match for the ice in loudoun county. i'm molette green. my live report coming up. and radar showing freezing rain falling across much of our area right now. and that is increasing the threat of flooding this tin the day ahead. a lot of school districts are
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class ca
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be careful. that is our word of warning on this weather alert day no matter where our crews have gone, whether across northern virginia, into maryland, d.c., we have seen extremely icy conditions. the worst of it right where you have to walk. those sidewalks and side streets in your neighborhoods. this freezing rain that you see falling here on storm team 4 radar, that won't help the situation. >> not at all. chuck bell here with four things you need to know including the threat of flooding. >> absolutely right. we have a lot of extra water in the snow pack, so the combination of rapid melting and heavy rain could cause a flooding concern later on this afternoon. avoid high or tax moving water at all costs. we are glazed over this morning. just about everybody has at least a thin coating of ice on just about every untreated surface. heavy rain and quick melting will lead to a flood threat later today. and if you're tired of dealing with wint
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mild for the weekend. so you can start looking forward to that. but right now temperatures still at or below freezing. northern maryland up through much of the shenandoah valley. just now above freezing from leesburg to manassas. still these areas of pink here western loudoun, northern fauquier county, up into parts of the panhandle of west virginia, those pink areas, that is all in the form of freezing rain right now. 24 hour forecast then freezing rain, temperatures rising this morning. we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s later today. tomorrow morning temperatures back down near the freezing mark. so melissa, moderate rain will rinse the chemicals and ice off the roads. all should be a distant memory by lunch. >> i like that. so the morning commute looking much nastier than probably the evening commute will. still have a major issue here 270 headed southbound west montgomery avenue. a for 2 mile backup headed south. also hearing about other crashes 270 southbound near 370 here this morning. so be careful. big look ath
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major issues. northbound here 95 through wood bridge, that has just gotten slow in the past couple of minutes. 34 301 before 4, still blocked. i said ya indian head at swan creek, a crash. you can see rain falling. neighborhood streets are slick and icy p. they are just pretty gross here this morning. be really careful heading out. travel times in 10 minutes. a lot of you impacted by this weather alert day. if you work for the federal government, you have a three hour delayed arrival today with the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. almost every major school district in our area is closed now. but not all of them are closed. >> first the changes fairfax county schools are now closed. district originally planned to open two hours late
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manassas park city also all delayed but now closed. >> d.c. public schools, washington county and westmoreland county all on a two hour delay today a. if you did not hear your child's school's name including montgomery, prince george's county, arlington county, they are closed today. >> we posted everything on the nbc washington app and you can of course just follow the closings right there at the bottom of your screen. we have team coverage now of the conditions outside including derrick ward tracking conditions in neighborhoods of prince george's county. >> but we want to begin with molette green live with dangerous ice conditions in leesburg. >> reporter: good morning. now that it's raining and raining pretty hard, temperatures above freezing, maybe the melting can begin. i tell you, vdot put out more than 4,000 pieces of equipment and they still couldn't fight this ice.
6:35 am
>> it is slick out. very slick. this morning coming to work, i was getting passed by cars doing 60 miles per hour at least on route 7 and 28. but it's treacherous out right now. it will be a couple of hours before roads are a little bit safer. >> reporter: here is an example of possible melting starting in this particular gas station. it's now slushy. this was a sheet of ice not too long ago before the rain started coming. now that the rain is coming, the temperatures above freezing, expected to continue to rise, this is a good sign of possible change happening right now. back to you. 6:35. neighbors in prince george's county are waking up to slick conditions, too. ice covering the sidewalks, some of the side streets. derrick ward joining us live now in chillum with an
6:36 am
there. >> reporter: more ice on the sidewalks and even on the side streets, you'll find some slushy lanes and that little area that where the plow has pushed snow across or away from the actual road surface. but here again, people are opting to walk in what is left of the snow. it's crunchy and gives you traction. earlier today we saw a gentleman who fell coming out of his doorway. he was on his way scraping that ice off of his car. but still time and reason to be cautious. we're live in chillum, derrick ward, news 4. good news this morning is that temperatures will rise throughout the day. and that snow is going to get washed away. but it's also some bad news because that means possible flooding as chuck has mentioned. the runoff will make river levels rise. that could be a problem this places like the georgetown waterfront. >>
6:37 am
biggest backup, 270 southbound at west montgomery. we'll take a look at this and also your travel times for the rest of the routes coming up. and it's not just cars struggling with all this ice. we're also watching the impact the icy conditions are having on metro, marc and vre. live team coverage of the weather alert day rolls on.
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be weather alert today. many of you getting ready to head back to work after the long holiday weekend. you will find dangerous conditions out there before you even get out on to the street. take a look at this parking lot in leesburg. cars are on it, but it is a crunchy icy mess. >> and chuck bell is here now with your travel conditions. not too safe to be out there early. a lot of people the question we're getting online is when is it going to be safer g
6:41 am
or two, things will get better very, very quickly. but for now, stick pockets of freezing rain and some locations still below freezing themselves. so now through 8:00 in the morning will be the worst of it. many, many icy roads. from 8:00 in the morning up until about lunchtime or 2:00, period abouts of heavy rain. and it should take the ice off the sidewalks. rain ending after 2:00. for the few kids that to have to go to school, very icy in pockets. temperatures they're 32. 52 later on today, but again, temperatures still below freezing in pockets especially northern maryland and shenandoah valley. so use extreme caution on your way down the sidewalk, hold on to the rails tight. they're coated with ice this morning. breaking news right now, 270 southbound at west montgomery avenue, a two mile backup because of an earlier crash. have report of other crashes there on 270, as well. 95 north in virginia, you can see as you're headed out of wood
6:42 am
slowed down quite a bit because of the icy roads. of course they have been treated. people just being careful because of the slick spots. 270 germantown to the spur going to take you longer than normal. top of the beltway is over 95 to 270, typical 11 minutes there. 66 inbound, 95 north not so bad right now. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist tom kierein in the 4 x 4. a layer cake of misery. we have snow, ice on top of that, and now rain falling on top of the snow. update coming up. and it's not just the roads you have to watch out for. the problems we've seen on driveways and sidewalks. derrick ward will tell us about that when we come back.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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there is the ramp just getting off the dulles tollway that has not been terrible, too >> so you a guy doing a little shuffle. that's what you have to do. >> my street was awful, the street getting on to 270 was awful. 15 before the hour. some of the sights and so you had sounds already on this weather alert day. >>
6:46 am
you've been busy this morning. >> absolutely right. it doesn't take a whole lot of freezing rain to glaze everything over and that's what happened while you were sleeping last night. still areas of freezing rain from winchester to martinsburg to hagerstown. other pockets of freezing rain across loudoun county and fauquier county. this will all coming to an end soon. two mile backup 270 south at 28 is building. we're slow in the main lanes. local lanes not so bad. also get something slowdowns just starting 95 northbound just after woodbridge all the way up to the beltway. team coverage continues, tom kierein keeping an eye on roads in northern virginia from the storm team 4 x 4. >> reporter: and this is a neighborhood off braddock road. eye reas irene johnson at the wheel. the rain is helping out.
6:47 am
ice covered has been sanded about half an hour ago, now just getting wet. so things are quickly improving here with the rain that is now starting to come down here in centreville. this neighborhood right off of braddock road. but there are still icy patches and the sidewalks are just completely ice covered or packed with snow as the rain now starting to come down, though. it is going to help tease streets to improve quickly here over the next hour or so. back to you. and we're working to learn if ice caused this crash in loudoun county. an suv slammed in to a backhoe on route 7 last night. this happened near the intersection with route 9. the driver in that suv died. we're told route 7 was plowed and cleared of snow at the time of that crash. but there were icy spots. take a look at this. this is our storm team 4 x 4 driving through northern virginia. the roads are covered in that ice and it is very
6:48 am
finding out in leesburg, virginia. that is where molette green is live. is any of that ice melting yet? >> reporter: things are starting to get better, at least from my vantage point. it's been raining pretty hard for about 45 minutes, maybe an hour now. that should help the road crews work on those icy spots. take a look as the temperatures rise, take a look at some of the video we shot that shows how iced over leesburg has been. we're along east market. we know the neighborhoods and side streets just terrible earlier this morning with the ice. and we talked with one plow driver working in three apartment communities not too far from my vantage point telling me what he had to do. >> right now it's coming up pretty easily. did some salting and
6:49 am
last night. so with the road temperature being up a little bit, it's a little bit better. >> reporter: so right now conditions are slushy now that the rain is coming down. temperatures rising. and vdot has a warning for drivers, slow down because there are some tricky spots. this rain is coming down making things a little slick and slippery this morning. that's the latest. back to you. it's 6:49 and right now, this ice is taking a toll on some power lines in our region. thousands of dominion virginia power customers are without electricity this morning. the number has grown to more than 3500. novec, b fwchltge and pep rco r minimal outages. metrorail has normal service and no delays. metrobus also a normal weekday schedule, but a few routes are experiencing snow detours. last night icy
6:50 am
metrobus to shut down. marc and vre both running on normal khual today. marc is reporting minor delays however and there are also some connection delays taking frederick transit. be very careful when boarding those trains. another snow stick challenge is under way. it is the presidents day edition. >> this time we're asking folks for send us your best patriotic snow pic. or that was the challenge yesterday. pat collins received a lot of entries. show you a few of them right here. best patriot in the snow makes an official pat collins snow stick. the winner will be announced later on today. not quite the boat george washington was in, but you got to work with what you got. >> i love it. >> so rain is good. >> rain is good. because we're dealing
6:51 am
like the word you used frictionless roads. >> when i say glazed over, it is friction-free out there early this morning. even i took a tumble last evening walking the dogs. current advisory, we still have a winter weather advisory in and around the washington metro area to points just to the east. winter storm warning remains in effect for all the shenandoah valley, blue ridge and western suburbs. so be careful. temperatures this morning have rich dramatically. national airport has gone up 18 degrees in the last 90 minute ins. it was 32 degrees here at 4:00 in the morning. it's now 50 at national airport. 34 manassas, 32 fredericksburg, 50s out on the eastern shore, as well. so much warmer air aloft, it's coming down with the raindrops. so as the rain moves in, temperatures go up. the exact opposite of the summer tile. usually thundershowers cool you down, but now they're warming us
6:52 am
pockets of freezing rain i-81 corridor, northern loudoun county down towards culpeper and luray. this is the worst of it from leesburg to warrington and whin che winchester to hagerstown. heavy rain to our south is coming our way and fast. we'll have a pretty solid hit this morning. here is future weather 8:15, r heavy rain. it blasts out of here by about 1:00 this afternoon. might even see a little sunshine before the day is done. "7-day forecast," 52 eventually today. 48 tomorrow with a mostly cloudy sky. cold but sunny and dry for thursday and friday. and super mild. how about some 60s just in time for your weekend. tough day on the roads, rae hme mollett has the latest. we still have this this problem here 270 southbound about a 2 of this mile backup near 28 west montgomery avenue from an earlier crash. be looks like it's raining
6:53 am
right now. 4 x 4 driving through centreville for us. the lesser used roadways, you can see still have a little bit of an icy covering on them, so do be careful when you're heading out. main routes overall have been not treated here. big look at the beltway, no problem on the beltway. taking a look at 66 inbound, you're good going 59 miles per hour. 4 for example coming inbound 60 miles per hour. you can see the slowdown on 270. also slowdown 95 north 22 miles per hour headed inbound from woodbridge. and 95 at 198 looking pretty good. again, treated roads not so bad. neighborhoods going to be yucky today. well, the winter weather is canceling flights all over the country. if you are taking a flight or expecting someone, we just checked flight aware. reagan national has had 36 flights canceled today alone. and also we know that bwi is
6:54 am
as well. we know that 17 flights canceled. mostly we're talking about outbound flights. dulles, 19 flights canceled, mostly arrivals there. make chur sure to check the sta before you leave for your flight today. and in prince george's county, derrick ward live for us in chillum with the latest there. >> reporter: tom and chuck have been talking about the rain and it is starting to fall here. so that will help things. but first the ice will get wet and that will make it even more slippery. baby steps. that's the order of the day. we've been seeing people do that all day for this area because the sidewalks are a lot worse than the streets. these are the side streets and they're easily passable. could y kudos to the crews working hard. but these sidewalks are another issue. so just get to go your car
6:55 am
that you will have to take baby steps. take careful steps. measured steps. just be careful is the order of the day. don't assume that you have good footing because sometimes you don't. margin for error there could lead to some broken bones or some fractures. derrick ward, news 4. city officials are canning you to help neighbors by clearing off your sidewalks. it is shaping up to be a messy long morning rush shower this morning. right now there is a no snow emergency in effect. good news this morning is that temperatures will rise, or are rising. it will continue to happen and the snow will get washed away and that is also the bad news because it means possible flooding. the runoff will make the river levels rise and that could be a problem in places like the georgetown water front.
6:56 am
doesn't have school today. a lot of schools have canceled. >> federal government agencies are open, but working on a three hour delay. it if you are a federal employee, you can of course also take unscheduled telework or leave. here are the major school districts still open. d.c. public schools are on a two hour delay. in virginia, westmoreland county schools are opening two hours late. >> and a few have changed their statuses as we've rolled through the morning. take a look at the list. fairfax county made the decision to close. washington county schools and alexandria, falls church and manassas park city schools are all closed after they were originally delayed. >> and all other major districts are closed. you can see all the closings on the nbc washington app and we'll keep the crawl at the bottom of your screen running through the "today" show. >> "7-day forecast," icy rain this morning, temperatures surging into the fifth for a brief time today. cool weather to finish the week, but er
6:57 am
weather coming for both saturday and sunday. >> 2 1/2 mile backup southbound # 70 there at west montgomery avenue. looks like it's starting to seize just a bit. and then remember storm team 4 x 4 for us driving through centreville. looks like it's raining now. some of the roads still a little slick. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate your waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. winter wallop. nearly 50 million americans waking up to a sloppy commute. a massive storm sweeping across at least 17 states, from north carolina to new england. a tornado outbreak across the south. a 94-year-old woman trapped inside her home. >> hallelujah! >> first responders and volunteers form a human chain to pull the woman from the debris. ultimatum. donald trump now threatening to sue ted cruz if the senator doesn't stop running attack ads. >> ted is an unstable guy. i've never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> and trump doubles down on his attacks on the bushil


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