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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 14, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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10:00 is your time. and bring on the big freeze. we are dealing with bitter cold temperatures. on top of that, storm team 4 is tracking when more snow may be hitting our neighborhoods. mourning justice scalia and the battle brews over who should pick his replacement. and disturbing new developments, the growing case involving suspected sex abuse of children at a school and church. a lot of news to get to. thanks for being with us on valentine's day. i'm david culver in for adam. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to news 4 today. hope you have someone to snuggle with this morning. it is so chilly out there. you talked about the snow. and it seems like tom is tracking a little bit of everything because we have the
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even sleet? >> yeah, by tuesday we could be dealing with a bit of a mess. i was hugging my furnace so glad the furnace is working. you probably no doubt heard yours working overtime. shear a live view. many of the grassy areas, only a bit of snow left, but accident visibility.right now way off on the western horizon, there is sugarloaf mountain, that is about 30 miles away from the vantage point here. so quite excellent visibility here on this send morning. a good place to go hiking, too, if you have a a chance to get out and get some exercise. we'll get into the 20s during the afternoon. right now we're in the teens. we do have a winter storm warning the pink zone. the blue zone is the winter storm watch. this is from tonight into
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tuesday. watch out, we could have some robs with snow and a wintry mix. 1 to 4 inches much of the region and ice on top of that. a look at the new timing just coming in and my snow draft for in a few minutes. a person is dead after a crash in clinton, maryland. the person was driving the wrong way on branch avenue near malcolm road. one driver killed, the other had to be cut out of their vehicle. police do not believe alcohol was a factor. this morning flags flying at half-staff as the nation mourns the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he passed away apparently of natural causes. he was consistently a conservative voice.
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brian mooar now with the impact of his passing. >> reporter: outside the u.s. supreme court, a flag at half-staff. president obama paid his respects from california. >> we honor his extraordinary service and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> reporter: justice scalia was 79, but his death came without warning and in the middle of a landmark court calendar. his passing sets the stage for a political battle royale over his successor and supreme court balance of power. he was as well-known for his sense of humor as his fiery dissents, influenced the law of the land on issues ranging from gun ownership to free speech. but he was a firm opponent of
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proponent of the letter of the law, not the intent. >> i do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: the nation's first italian american justice was appointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he was known as an unapologetic but fair conservative. >> i'm not going on to the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> reporter: and he was confirmed unanimously, an unlikely scenario for his successor. president obama says he will choose a nominee, but leaders of the republican controlled senate have already made it clear they do not want to move forward until a new president is seated next year. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> this morning a memorial is growing on the steps of the supreme court. since last night, there has been a steady stream of people stopping by to pay their respects. and that's where we find derrick ward. >> reporter: good mornin
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court, curiosity and a please to see this morning in light of the happenings of last night. take a look, there are flowers here at the foot of the supreme court steps, but this also represents the passing of a certain balance to the ott court. justice scalia was a reagan appointee ruled from the originalism perspective, that is trying to figure out the intent of the framers of the constitution to make those modern day decisions. but it also means the familiar 5-4 slplit that we've seen coul be a thing of the past. could be 4-4 decisions coming on the agenda that is here and they can indeed to the work without a full complement of justices. but if there is a tie, the lower court decision would remain in place and essentially be open season on that decision because it wouldn't have the same binding and same power that a
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nonetheless, those are things to be considered later as now it is a time for remembrance agrief. derrick ward, news 4. 10:06. we're working to learn the name of a man found dead inside a prince george's county home. someone called police to do a welfare check yesterday afternoon. when officers got to the home on armstrong lane, they found the man had been shot. police have not i had tied afild any suspects. p. we're learning about more victims in a case involving a teachers aid. there are now 16 alleged vict victims. and they say a child was victimized at the lutheran church in bowie. deonte carraway is charged. incidents happened at judge sylvania woods elementary in glenarden. we have much more on this case in our nbc washington app, including a statement from the carraway family. a maryland lawmaker wants to
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involving a mom and her young daughter who were killed in prince george's county. state senator muse says he will sponsor a domestic violence bill named after neshante davis and her daughter chloe. both were shot by the little girl's father over a dispute of child support payments. we should tell you muse is the husband of news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. we've been telling you it's dangerously cold outside. and you don't want to be out there for too long. tom is tracking a big change that could lead to a messy monday morning commute. two officers hurt in a shootout in louisiana. why police say a man took off and led them on a violent car chase.
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just days after a cruise ship had to turn
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luxury line ser setting out again. you've probably seen this video of 30-foot waves crashing and pounding 9 bothe boat. the anthem of the seas has been cleared to set sail again. it left new jersey yesterday afternoon. two louisiana police officers and a suspect were hurt during a shoot-out early saturday morning. police say the two officers responded to reports of a man damaging property at an apartment complex in baton rouge. that's when the suspect took off and led police on a two mile chase. the suspect eventually stopped, got out of his car with a rifle. police say at least two dozen shots were fired. there are only so many ways we can say it, the bottom line is, it's cold outside. and we may be see something flakes. tom tracking when and how much snow you can expect. and when you
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kiddos, there could be a hidden danger. what parents need to watch to keep children safe in the car.
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if you have to head out in these frigid temperature, you'll likely bundle up your kids. those big warm puffy coats and car seats together can be dangerous. >> susan hogan with a warning
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>> there is a real danger for children wearing puffy winter coats. it can be a serious concern, but there are easy ways to keep your child safe. a bulky coat and car seat can be a dangerous combination. emily thomas says the harness might not be tight enough to secure your child in a crash. she demonstrates a quick way to check. they put ben in a snowsuit and properly secured him in so there was no slack in the harness straps. and then removed ben's coat and put him back in the seat to see how loose the straps were. >> in the event of a frontal crash, all this extra room means that there is so much more space for ben to ride up and his head to be outside the protection of
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the shell, which would mean that he could have a head injury. >> reporter: use the same test for bigger kids to see how much room their puffy coat puts between them and their harness. >> in addition to not wearing a coat, make sure that your child is properly harnessed every time. you should not be able to pinch any fabric and their chest clip should always be at arm pit level. >> reporter: for a baby, consumer reports recommends first securing her into her seat and then putting a blanket on top of the harness. and for bigger kids, teach them this cool trick of wearing their coat over the harness for riding in the car. consumer reports also suggests you periodically go to a car seat checkup event to make sure your seat is properly installed. susan hoe gap, began, news 4. the gop candidates went head to head last night. sdl and joining us now to break it down,
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before we get to what obviously was a lively debate last night, it started out with a tone about justice scalia. and this will have a huge impact. >> it will reshape the political year in many ways. number one, it puts candidates and the direction on the bam lot and most voters don't really pay attention to that. i think this now front loads it and prioritizes it and the supreme court will be a top these or four issue come november especially if we do have gridlock in the u.s. senate. and that is the near term here. obviously the president is going to nominate somebody. is that the republicans said they won't even consider the nomination. i think senate democrats will shut down all work in the senate until we get this and i think it will make the government shutdown showdown. it will be a rough period. mcconnell v
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don't know who benefits politically. i can make scenarios either way. but this is high risk stuff here. >> and we talked with how this has already turned to politics. and we saw that last night. >> body barely cold and everybody went political. right and left, it was boom. >> and first question out of the gate. >> as it should have been. >> and trump didn't get a lot of applause all throughout the night. they weren't very warm to him, but the audience did cheer him when he said delay, delay, delay. but what i thought was interesting is that kasich, he was given the second question. what does that tell you? >> all the candidates remaining on stage have shown some electoral strength somewhere thousand. we're no longer having people on stage even ben carson still is sitting at 8%, 9%. we had been putting people on stage that didn't belong.
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>> do you think his positive tone will work to his advantage? >> we'll see if south carolina voters reward that or not. in the past, south carolina has responded to feistier politics. so i don't know if this is the . we'll find out. but donald trump going after and you will see in the interview that i have with him this morning, he triples down on this idea of going after bush, blaming bush for 9/11, blaming bush for iraq war in ways that you wouldn't expect for somebody campaigning in south carolina right now. >> we put that graphic up pushing ahead to the show, but we have to add somebody to it. you have donald trump, marco rubio and john kasich and -- >> and ted cruz called late last night and he wanted this. nobody thinks this helps him more than cruz. cruz thinks when it there is a conversation about judges that's when people start thinking about cova
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in the field that will benefit the most. so not surprised that he was like, oh, you're available now. you weren't two days ago, but -- >> between show coming up. we'll see you at 10:30. >> "meet the press" right after "news 4 today." tom kierein with us now. a lot of folks walking out to -- well, if they they are going to walk out, a cold valentine's day. >> don't leave your house, right? >> stay with nbc 4. if you do look out your window and think a nice day for a run or walk, looks like the sun is out, blue sky, it is deceptive when you step out, you will be hit in the face with some frigid air that is with us. you can check the latest storm team 4 forecast and latest on the snow coming with the nbc washington app. right now looking at storm team 4 radar, don't have any snow locally, but the storm will be affecting us starting late tonight into monday. it's way out in the midwest. you see the moving area of
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down to the mississippi valley all the way down to western tennessee. that is on a track to come right up over us and pass to our north by late tonight and into tomorrow. leading emof that snow, new timing on this, similar to the previous runs on this local model. 10:00 tonight, shenandoah valley. and west into the mountains. and then the leading edge of that snow gets closer to washington by around midnight to 1:00 a.m. very light snow putting down a light coating initially overnight tonight late after midnight. and then by dawn mop, may settle down but another surge of snow as of 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. and that tcontinues into monday afternoon. all this purple is snow. but then look at this, this is rain in the area in green. that is at 3:00 p.m. coming into southern maryland. so south and east, it will be rain. and by 6:00
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washington. pink zone is sleet and icing. and then all rain melting the snow 2 to 4 inches of which will come before the rain. dark blue zone wefst of 95. and then south and east of washington, maybe only an inch or so. a couple inches perhaps downtown washington. and we have a winter storm warning where the high aer amous of snow are effected. winter weather advisory far south right in the northern neck of virginia for just very light amounts there. temperatures right now are in the teens. we'll stay in the teens another hour or two and then jump into the 20s. staying this the low 20s overnight tonight before the snow arrives. so below freezing, we'll have temperatures, roads will be sticking with the snow on untreated surfaces. so monday drive times in the morning could have some slick untreated surfaces. we'll be in the mid-20s. b
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should start getting above freezing an slushy spots. a lot of that snow will start to element in a bit. and then icing and then the rain. so kind of a slushy sloppy met on monday night staying in the mid-30s. maybe enough rain to cause some flooding, too. as we get in to the low to mid-50s on tuesday afternoon, maybe a few lingering sprinkles on wednesday morning and then sun back wednesday morning. storm team 4, acce7 day outlook next saturday it may soar to near 60 degrees. there your valentine's gift. >> calgon take me away. that's all i got to say to that. 10:22. here are four things you need to know today. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the 79-year-old was reportedly visiting a
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one person dead after a head-on crash on branch avenue. we're working to learn the name of the man found dead inside a prince george's county home. police found the man shot to death on armstrong lane in upper ha marlboro yesterday. and 16 alleged victims in a pornography case involving a prince george's county teacher's aide. police say dionne teteonte carr charged. 10:23. this was a visit from the police that was more than welcomed at the doorstep. how local officers gave
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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we call this the tom kierein move of the day. he at any time win the nba dunk contest, but he got new fans with this one. using his mascot, slow it down. zach lavine won the contest. hi. >> i'm from the police department.
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how are you? i wanted to drop off a little treat for you for valentine's day. >> oh, here is proof that you're never too old to have a valentine. fredericksburg police treated dozens of senior citizens with cards and chocolates. this is officer pastel as he greeted miss stevens at her home. yesterday was also her 85th birthday. happy birthday. >> thanks for joining us. >> "meet the pr
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this sunday morning, the sudden death of justice antonin scalia and the rarest of events, a vacancy on the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election. how the fight over his replacement could paralyze the senate and all of washington. we'll hear from four republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. plus, that wild republican debate last night. >> you are a principle -- >> you are the single biggest liar. >> when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> also, bernie sanders gets a taste of what he may face as he tries to win african-american


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