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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news at 11:00. the ban on boy scout leaders thrown out. >> for far too long, this issue has distracted. >> new reaction and exceptions to the rule. boston's out. is d.c. back in? >> and we are ready to do it. >> what has to happen to give
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the capital region another shot at the olympics. >> and trending on-line tonight, the nfl team that just hired a woman as part of its coaching staff. >> first tonight, it's effective immediately. boy scouts of america lifting the ban on gay adults serving as scout leaders. >> it was a landslides vote to prevent criticism and future lawsuits. darcy? >> reporter:er with live outside the council offices of the boy scouts here along rossville pike. it's important to note that this policy change does have a religious exemption and one advocate told me tonight, this is a monumental decision. >> the boy scouts lifting the ban on openly gay and dults. the national president, former secretary of defense, bob gates, continuing to fight legal challenges to the policy would
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result in staggering cost. >> due to special, political and legal changes taking place in our country and in our movement i did not believe the adult leadership policy could be sustained. >> the vote means gays can serve as employees and in troop leadership roles. the decision still allows individual troops to reject leaders from leaders fromlead leaders if it is a religious belief. it is being celebrated by the group called scouts for equality which changed policy. in support of the decision to lift the ban on gay kids two years ago. >> this means that people like my moms, jackie and terry, can participate safely in the program without worrying about
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being outed or having their association revoked. and not worrying about not being able to give back to the organization that made them who they are. >> a statement says they are deeply troubled by this decision and plans to examine its future relationship here with the boy scouts. back to you. >> darcy spencer thank you. another hot day today in our hot wave is far from over. in fact it will feel more uncomfortable out there tomorrow. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica john son has details. vj? >> yeah, the remainder of july both hot and humid. today briefly our heat index value got to around 99. next couple of days expected to be even higher. er with 75 behind storms and temperatures back up and humidity in the air that 82 feels like 89 degrees. well, today we were there. this week, way up here. with triple digit heat index
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values. what is it going it feel like? and yes while the storms faded on radar, most of them south of 64 will not only be dealing with high heat and humidity as we get ready to wrap up july. but also, our storm chances will be going up. i'll show you what day we have the best chance of seeing those strong storms roll through here and just how oppressive this week will feel. guys? >> thanks, vj. new at 11:00 two murder investigations right now in the district. the first occurred right outside d.c. police headquarters. investigators say just after 3:00 this afternoon two people pulled out knives and attacked a man at 4th and e streets northwest. they took off. not clear what led to this attack. >> man found shot to death just blocks from national park on 1st street. he was found at home with gunshot wounds to his chest.
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officers are still searching for gun mep gunmen. he wanted to retaliate against koreans. new details came from court documents that were released tonight. frederick county sheriff's he dep deputies say kim stabbed his wife last note in you are banna. 61-year-old chung wong park died in that attack. his wife was hurt trying to save him and she remains in the hospital tonight. deputies say kim had been contemplating an attack against koreans for years. church-goers are still stunned by what happened. >> unthinkable. you know. it shouldn't happen. >> have to pray more hard. these days, in this society. >> deputies say kim confessed to stabbing the couple. he had been staying at the retreat for five days but the reason for his stay there is not known. >> we saw no indication that our federal government was going to step up to the plate beyond just the security clause.
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>> and just like that, boston is out. the u.s. olympic committee has less than two months to submit a bid for 2024 summer olympics. but its pick to host the games, boston boston, says too much of the cost burden relies with the host city. that could mean there is another chance for d.c. we could take another shot, jackie? >> it could be a long shot but d.c. may not, hear me say it, may not be giving up just set on the chance to hear that olympic theme music right here. >> when we want something, we good for it. >> remember this? >> together. >> together. >> it may be time to pull out that tv commercial again. the news that boston is out for the picture for the 2024 olympics means the runner up city, including district of
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columbia, could be back in the picture. jack evans tells news 4 the olympic ball is rolling. >> we talk about whether or not we should reach out to the u.s. olympic committee and say, what is your plan? we are still interested, and we would like to be the u.s. representative. >> the original plan included using venues in d.c., maryland and virginia. the rfk stadium sites featured prominently and evans says that problems hosting the games would hurt the district financially are unfounded. >> other cities have not done well. but just remember who those other cities were. beijing. where the country was intent on doing whatever they were going to do. moscow, inwhere there was a point to prove. >> i'm just not willing to give public money. >> d.c. resident derek blackman says to him the numbers don't add up. >> we are us a talking about our
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schools. and infrastructure and everything. fix that first. >> now there are a couple of very big ifs in all this. even if the district decides they would want it pursue this, nothing can happen unless the u.s. olympic committee chooses to submit another u.s. city for 2024 and i can tell you that deadline is september 17th. the other cities in the building, bidding rather, are san francisco and los angeles, which is the city seen as the front-runner. back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you. the u.s. olympic committee said tonight that boston will not be on the hook for $25 million cancellation fee written intoity into its contract. they said boston gave its best shot. >> a wild chase through two states. came to a dramatic end. pursuing this white van, the man inside was wanted for armed robbery and at one point it
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appeared the suspect was cornered but he gave officers the slip, crossed the river into philadelphia. when the suspect veered off on to an offramp an officer performed what is called a pit maneuver flipping that van. that did it. he was quickly arrested. >> new at 11:00, the woman accused of helping two convicted killers who escaped from a prison is expected to plead guilty tomorrow. hiding hack saw blades and other tools in prosen meat to get them to richard matt and david sweat in the new york prison last month. she he was also supposed to drive the get away car but changed her mind at the last minute. nbc news learned mitchell spoke to investigators for 20 hours over four days about her role in the escape plan. mitchell could reduce a possible seven-year prison sentence if a judge accepts her plea. >> new tonight, the search is on for a driver who hit a pedestrian and kept going. man was crossing plaza street
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northeast when a pickup truck hit him. the man was flown to the hospital in critical condition. police just released this picture of the truck they believe hit the man. temporary virginia tags. g 85514. the truck was last seen about 10 minutes outside of leesburg. witnesses say a child was also riding in it. someone sexually attacked the woman while she was talking home for an evening out in the claire clarendon area. a woman was force need bushes and was sexually say salted saturday night. the woman escaped without getting hurt. only on news 4 tonight mounting frustration from a community that fought for decades for a police station only to be told today that that station will sit empty. the district 7 station in fort washington just a month from completion. prince george's county doesn't have the man it staff it. so the $14 million building will
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sit empty until next september at the earlier. >> that's a tragedy. people have worked for 15 years to get this station here. >> let me assure citizens why they want a new police station. we will continue to fight crime in that area. >> county executive is blaming the council for the delay because the council didn't pass his budget. council franklin says that makes no sense. i'm jason here from the live desk. the nfl hired its first female coach of any kind pf arizona cardinals announcing they hired jen welter as an assistant intern. she is 37 years old. she played professional football in the women's football alliance. once the news came down, welter took to twitter to show her appreciation saying quote, thank you arizona cardinals and bruce
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aryans, their head coach. welter will be introduced tomorrow. >> next at 11:00. >> i know he is coming home. >> the search for two florida teenagers stretches on to midnight. what the coast guard says about their search at sea. a maryland man found after nearly a week, the mystery tonight. how long he spent trapped under this tree. and the silver line falls short in year one. why metro says it's confident more riders are on the way.
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it's terrifying to know that your child sought there without you. and that if they need help that you can't reach out your hand and give them the help that they need. >> two mothers waiting and hoping tonight for the safe return of their sons. 14-year-olds missing since friday. the search is growing now on the theory that boys may be caught up in the gulf stream sweeping them north up the coast. nbc's curt gregory has the latest on this from florida. >> monday the u.s. navy joined the coast guard as the search continues for perry cohen and austin safanos. who teens who left the jupiter inlet on a fishing trip friday and are now missing at sea. the boys were thought to be head together bahamas but the coast guard released this footage of the boys' capsized boat found 677 miles east near cape canaveral. >> we just confirmed nobody is
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on board. trying to find any other gear. >> no sign of the boys. it is positive news and that it helps validate our search effort that we were looking in the right area. so so to find that and the boys were not clinging to that boat. >> disappointing news for parents who remain optimistic. >> i just want them home. i know he's coming home. i just want him home now. >> monday morning parents friends and neighbors, including nfl hall of famer joe namath walked the beach near their jupiter home looking for clues. vowing they are not giving up hope. >> this is about our children. and we believe in them. we know that people have been out there longer. people have survived. we have to keep going. >> the search area is enormous. as of midnight tonight we will have executed 32 different searches covering over 27,000 square miles. that's about the size of west virginia. >> now focussing to the north in
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60 to 70-mile area off the coast of jacksonville. curt gregory, nbc news. >> and man missing for a week was found. he was wedged beneath a fallen tree today. he had apparently been there the whole time. 66-year-old larry shade disappeared from his senior's home in springdale, maryland. but someone spotted the vietnam veteran today and the fire department rescued him. no one knows why shade took off. we he do know that now he is safe. >> that's the bottom line right now, i'm just happy we found him in one piece. >> he also has dementia, which i don't think he was being treated for. and i think once he went for a walk that morning, he became extremely confused. just couldn't find his way back. >> firefighters believe shade may have slipped down an embankment and he he became stuck under that fallen tree. a year after the silver line started running metro says ridership is falling short of
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expectations at a birthday party for the silver line today officials said traffic is 30% below projections. tyson's corner and mclane stations are showing weakest ridership. metro is optimistic that new development at tyson's along with the second phase out to dulles will increase numbers dramatically. phase 2 is supposed to be done by 2019. >> well it's not too bad out there right now in terms of the weather. >> and it is actually okay. not disgusting out there. >> but the winds get disgusting. >> back began for afternoon hours. tomorrow, then the day after then the day after that. hot summer continues. we have had twice as many 90-dehegree days, twice as many as last year. we have temperatures and humidity and will gets owe possessive as we hit midweek.
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can you see fairly quiet until you look down south around charlottesville. a few showers lingering down there. that's where most of them were here for the late afternoon early evening hours. and most of them have been dying out down there. we will see i think more isolated storms popping up on the radar tomorrow as well as the day after. then a better chance coming toward the end of the week. 72 gaithersburg. to warrentown and around fredericksburg and 82 but heat right inside the beltway. and mid to upper 70s. we start out in the 70s warm yes, and temperatures rise quickly. any issues weatherwise. i think there could be patchy fog that should burn off not seeing fog advisories issued. but we could see a heat advisory issued. tomorrow 100 for an hour or so within for several hours during the afternoon on wednesday and
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thursday. check out the feel like temperatures. 102, 106 on thursday. that's the hottest day out of the week. and when we certainly could see some thunderstorms roll through our area. so get out early tomorrow with exercise. exercise impact forecast. yes also impact on the air quality. heat and humidity. in terms of storms take a look at tomorrow. isolated storms could be blowing up. best chance once again is areas south around southern areas of virginia. as well as southern maryland. wednesday heat index of 102. 94 the temperature. 96 on thursday. with strong perhaps maybe isolated severe storm coming your way. that's one reason this is a weather alert day likely for wednesday especially thursday and of course any changes to the forecast meteorologist tom curon will be on tomorrow at 4:30. at the end of the week, still 92. but we will see a lot less humidity coming our way at end of the week. nonetheless, temperatures will
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continue to run over 90 degrees. so oppressive for midweek. saturday, sunday 94 and 95 degrees. looking dry right now with sunshine at least and then the early part of next week where you're looking at a high of 94. so thursday is the day that i'm most concerned with right now that is still the high heat and humidity. back into that practice of you know -- >> nice and quiet to get some sleep tonight. >> yes. >> thanks, veronica. >> a familiar face back at camden yards tonight but the home team walked off a winner. but first, here's jimmy fallon. >> thanks, guys. tom cruise is here. for a lip sync battle of all battles. plus we have
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we're going to turn everything around? >> let's he hope so. feels like he hasn't played all season, that's how long he has been out with this injury. they start a three-game stint with the marlins in miami. joining the club in south beach for that trip, outfielder jason worth who hasn't played since mid may. if you remember he had the off season shoulder surgery. after that, a wrist injury. playing 27 games this season. only 65 games left. batting close to .300 with 82 rbis, 83 walks.
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starting rehab assignment on july 16 pj. yesterday was his last game for triple a syracuse. two rbis in that game. meanwhile baltimore a bird returned to the nest. >> nick markakis played nine years with the os. first time back in a uniform. but the atlanta braves. how about this. that's a double for markakis. second baseman taking away his shin guard. we will go scoreless. top of the ninth inning. garcia gets a hold of that ball wp 1-0 lead. another former oriole, johnson. j.j. hardy with the sac fly here. jones is tagging up. beats the throw easily. we are tied at 1 heading into
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extras. in extras 11th inning. matt weiner, rumored to be on the trade block. a walk-off home run tonight. orioles good on to stop the braves 2-1. baltimore has now won three straight games. os and braves back at it tomorrow. at nfl training camp, few days away. this thursday redskins hold their first practice in richmond. next several months it is all about football. rob irt for robert griffin iii, it is all about giving back. rg3 taking a trip to tragedy assistance program to help military and their families. giving $7500 to the cause sparked by his relationship with the deck family. crystal deck sma reason and her and her kids now call robert their friend after griffin gave her son custom made socks to help get him through surgery.
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her son, reese, loved the socks so much, he wore them for two weeks straight after the surgery. >> that is what made me spend a couple hours at their house and really getting to know them. comes from a real place and that's what i wanted to do. i didn't want to just start a foundation because it looks good. i wanted to do something that meant something to me. and the military means something to me. >> our coverage of redskins training camp starts this thursday. we have you covered all things redskins. >> we should say good-bye
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that's our news for now. "the tonight show" with jimmy
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tom cruise dick cavett,


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