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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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witnesses led police to jess you matthew after a nationwide manhunt that led in texas, police took matthew into custody. in february they charged him with hannah's murder. just a short time before the court started, we saw jill harrington the mother of morgan harrington walking into the court house. we spoke with her ahead of time. you remember her daughter's case still has no formal suspect. jesse matthew has been linked to it but hasn't been charged. >> i think that it is an obligation of mine to be here and to watch what happens. i want to learn. i want to see what happens when evil intersects with justice, and i will pray fervently that justice, whatever that may be eventually will prevail. that is my hope. >> reporter: we expect a lot of developments to come out in the next couple hours, so keep it here with us. we'll also update you on social media, on twitter and facebook for any news that comes out of this court proceeding. in charlottesville, i'm david
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culver, news 4. turning now to storm team 4 as they track a line of showers sweeping across the dmv, doug cam kammerer is in. >> every once in a while we get a little lightning bolt but these are just heavy rain showers that continue around the area. you can see here over the last two hours how these have moved across the region back along i-66 mostly through northern virginia. that's where they continue to be in through loudoun county really hugging route 15 all the way down to the south. let's move down to the south. heaviest rain right now right on top of manassas, the testifycity of manassas. more showers just developing in through fairfax county around the city of fairfax, around arlington, now around newington and springfield. one more shore around the upper marlborough area. so we'll continue to watch these showers throughout the night. the storm chances remain and now watching a coastal low that
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could affect your weekend. i've got the forecast in a minute. we have a developing story in montgomery county where a recent candidate for county council is now facing abuse charges. news 4's pat collins just spoke with the man. he's live in bethesda with the details on this. pat? >> reporter: wendy, he was once a candidate for the county council. now he's a criminal suspect. the charge, abuse of a vulnerable adult. police say the victim is his mother. his 87-year-old mother. >> i'm a libertarian style republican. and the reason i'm running is to support truck owners car enthusiasts, single people millennials and the night life community. >> reporter: 57-year-old james kirkland a one-time council candidate in montgomery county charged with felony abuse of a vulnerable adult. police say the victim is kirkland's 87-year-old mother
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who lived with him in this house in bethesda. >> there were severe wounds on her backside and her legs and they were not maintained properly by the defendant. >> reporter: and there were compression socks that she had on as well? >> correct. and they had been on so long that they were fused to her feet. those had to be surgically removed by doctors at the hospital. >> reporter: a short time ago i talked to james kirkland on his doorstep. >> james, james kirkland tell me about your mother. >> i don't think i have a comment, pat, sorry. >> did you abuse your mother? >> no. bye. i did the best i could, pat. >> reporter: now kirkland is out on bond. his mother is in the hospital. they describe her condition as serious. coming up at 6:00 more about how police say he fed and cared for his mother. now back to you. >> pat collins. we have a developing story as well this one in prince
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george's county where a section of a 14-inch sewer main in oxen hill is leaking. some of that sewage is spilling into oxon run. they are trying to fix it but they say it could be several days. we'll have a live report a little later. a former fbi agent charged with assaulting police and making violent threats at the main gate of the cia was a no-show in court today. tanisha davis had been expected to face a judge late this afternoon. scott mcfarland broke this story about this bizarre story late last night at 11:00 and just got new charging documents in the case. >> reporter: moments ago federal prosecutors filed these documents in federal court here in alexandria detailing their case against tunisia davis. it's going to be a misdemeanor charge for forcibly assaulting resisting, opposing impeding intimidating and interfering with cia protective services
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officers. she was to appear in court this afternoon to answer to that charge but the judge says she was so uncooperative it would have required force to get her from u.s. marshals' custody into her chair in the courtroom, so the hearing went on without her. tunisia davis' chair was empty as attorneys argued over whether she needed a mental health evaluation. the judge ordered the evaluation be done likely in a day or two, but in her absence there were no questions asked or answered about the allegations against davis. a cia investigator says davis drove last thursday to the entrance of the nsa in maryland was turned away then tried to enter the front gate of the cia. court records say an officer had to physically stand in front of her car before she was stopped. they say davis reached towards an officer's gun belt soon thereafter and later threatened to shoot cia police. her facebook page includes many videos she recorded of herself. in some of them she's deeply critical of the federal government and sometimes she's
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vulgar. the page was taken down shortly after news 4 broke this story last night. at her alexandria apartment, no answers at the door nor family seen in court today. but her friends tell news 4 davis seemed eager to challenge police. >> she tried to be in the position what's going to happen is she going to get arrested? will she get the same scenario as giet in baltimore? >> reporter: you think she tried to get arrested? >> yes. >> reporter: it will be a misdemeanor case inisia davis. she was a special agent from 2004 to 2010. tonight at 6:00 the surprising decision friends say davis made just a few weeks ago, before her arrest. again, that part of the story tonight at 6:00. for now, live in alexandria i'm scott mcfarland. back to you. >> thank you, scott. a d.c. police officer who's accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls is now charged
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with child pornography. as news 4's mark segraves reports, the charges reveal how the officer was first caught. >> reporter: d.c. police officer darrell best was engaged to be married. court documents just released today show it was best's fiancee who first discovered he was assaulting teen girls at their church. today best was charged in federal court with child pornography. according to the charging documents, best had taken at least seven pictures of a 16-year-old girl he's already been charged with sexually assaulting. police found the pictures on best's phone. he's been in jail since he was arrested in march and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. today prosecutors added child pornography to the list of charges. the 45-year-old police officer was the senior pastor at god of a second chance ministry church on southern avenue where one of the victims says she was assaulted. the pictures were taken inside the church according to
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prosecutors. the other victim says best took her to his office inside police headquarters just down the hall from the chief of police office where he sexually assaulted her. best's lawyer points out the charges are only allegations, and best looks forward to addressing them at the appropriate time. nearly 20 people from his church showed up for today's court hearing. >> he does have a lot of support and it's obviously a very difficult time that they're going through as well watching these serious allegations come to light. >> reporter: best remains behind bars awaiting another court date next month. mark segraves news 4. more now on a story mark broke on twitter today. d.c. mayor muriel bowser acknowledges she asked the director of the 911 call center to resign. >> we're moving in a different direction. we've had several months to evaluate our whole public safety cluster, and we decided to move in a different direction.
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>> jennifer green served as police commander before being picked to head the district's office of unified communications. that agency has come under fire of late after several delayed responses were traced back to errors at the call center. they include the failed response to a child who was choking on a grape and later died. bowser says she's look for a new director who can integrate new technology into the district 911 call center. and we have an update on some breaking news about a former red skin player who is now in jail. fred smoot is being held in the fairfax county jail tonight awaiting a bond hearing. his trouble came when he was a no-show for a child support hearing yesterday. after that hearing was delayed by a day, the judge said that he showed up late today, so he was cited for contempt of court and he was locked up. he will have a bond hearing tomorrow. news 4 contacted his attorney but we have not heard back. loretta lynch told a group of baltimore police officers
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today that they are among the hardest working in the country. the newly confirmed u.s. attorney general visited the city to meet with community leaders. lynch also met with the family of freddie gray and baltimore's mayor. the attorney general thanked a group of officers for the work that they have been doing since last week's protests and riots. >> you are representing all of law enforcement when you are out there. you're allowing peaceful protests you're helping people rebuild, you're helping people clean up. you really have become the face of law enforcement. >> lynch also told the police officers that they can't always choose their moments. she told them how they get through this will determine the type of officers they are. a teenager accused of knocking out a man inside the eastern market metro station is now facing felony assault charges. transit police took elijah smith into custody last night. investigators say the 19-year-old is the person seen in this surveillance video punching a man on the escalator last month. that victim ended up in the
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hospital. smith will be back in court later this week. isis claims responsibility now for that attack in texas. what investigators are finding at the suspects' home in arizona. convinced your car is a lemon? consumer reporter erika gonzalez will show you where you can go for help and why it won't cost you a dime. and running towards the flames. the heroic roadside rescue in nort
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the terror group isis is now claiming responsibility for the attempted attack on an anti-muslim art event in texas over the weekend. isis praised the two suspects today killed in that shootout. roommates elton simpson and nadir soofi. they also threaten larger and more brazen attacks on america during a radio broadcast. the group has not offered any evidence of involvement, leading some to believe it could be an opportunistic claim to grab attention. >> we know that there are extremists around the globe, including some who are affiliated with isil who are trying to capitalize on the opportunity that's presented by social media, to try to communicate with individuals around the world, including inside the united states. >> meanwhile the attention of
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federal agents and investigators has turned to phoenix and the apartment that the two men shared. neighbors say s.w.a.t. teams warned them about hearing possible booms from detonation. agents are searching a car where they apparently found books on islam inside. the president introduced his nominee for the joint chiefs of staff today. president obama has tapped marine general joseph dumpford jr. to replace martin dempsey as the nation's top military officer. the 59-year-old was the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan in 2013 and '14. officers say dumpford is one cool customer. one retired commander told "the new york times" he once watched a rocket-propelled grenade screech over general dumpford's humvee blow up 100 yards away. dumpford the times reports, barely glanced up and went right back to writing his orders. well they are calling him the other man from hope.
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former arkansas governor mike huckabee officially launched his presidential bid in his hometown of hope arkansas. that's the same hometown as former president bill clinton. huckabee is once again appealing to social conservatives. he also worked to differentiate himself from democratic candidate hillary clinton. >> i don't have a global foundation or a taxpayer-funded paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a family dynasty, but a working family. i grew up blue collar, not blue blood. >> huckabee is now the sixth republican to jump into the race for the white house. next up he'll head to iowa and south carolina for what he calls a factories, farms and freedom tour. so week after week if there's always a problem with your car and you're worried that you might have a lemon on your hands, consumer reporter erika gonzalez is looking into what really defines a lemon and where you can go for some free help.
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>> that's right, wenldsdy. we have gotten so many viewer e-mails. we know how frustrated you are trying to find someone to help you with what many of you say is a sour deal. before you pay for help let us give you a free option. >> i bought this in february of 2013. >> new? >> yes. >> reporter: vince marshall once enjoyed driving his car. >> this was comfortable. i liked it and that's why i bought it. >> reporter: but he says repeated repairs on a leak -- >> water has leaked in through the driver's side front frustrated him to no end. >> how many times have you been to the dealership? >> oh my gosh at least a half a dozen times with this. >> reporter: his car under warranty has been repaired at no charge by the dealership but he says the process has left a sour taste in his mouth. >> i think this car was a lemon from the start. >> reporter: your owner's manual indicates turning to the better business bureau for help. while it's not the only
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solution it is the free solution. i sat down with derrick sweetman of the bbb to understand how this works. >> it's a free program to consumers because it's an opportunity to resolve the situation in aess heightened environment. you're not arguing in court, you're not hiring a lawyer. >> reporter: every state defines a lemon differently. you can find the definition for your area on the consumer watch facebook page. when you notify the bbb, it contacts the manufacturer tries to get it settled in one call. >> we're talking to somebody who actually has the power to address the situation. if that process is ineffective, then you move to a formal arbitration. an arbitration is an informal setting that is like court but without the objections or without -- even without the dressing up sometimes. >> reporter: raaccording to the bbb, more that you known 170 were eligible. nearly 60 went to arbitration.
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out of those cases, 39% of the vehicles were replaced or repurchased. 15% were repaired and more than 42% got nothing. >> so the goal is to make the vehicle operable. if it can't be then to get you another one. or to have it repurchased. it's not a way to replace a car that you don't like. >> none of this has cost you anything out of your own pocketbook but it's cost you time. >> time and frustration. >> reporter: marshall says he's already filed a complaint with the manufacturer and now he's going to the bbb. at his wit's end, marshall tells me that he wound up selling his car, but you don't have to let the frustration consume you. once a complaint is filed, the bbb says it can usually have a solution in just 40 days. jim and wendy, back to you. >> all right, thank you. developing right now in bethesda teachers parents and students are rallying to get millions of dollars in education funding. they're outside walter johnson high school here.
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that money is part of a state program called the geographic cost of education index. it's earmarked for schools where education is most expensive. teachers groups say if the money is not released there will be layoffs. hogan says he's reviewing all options before making his decision and he says he's committed to making sure every child has a quality education. the debate over taxing e-cigarettes in montgomery county will continue at a public hearing tonight. councilmembers are considering a 30% excise tax on electronic cigarettes. the money will go tol schools, first responders and other county programs. the county's ban on smoking e-cigarettes in some public places takes effect next month. tonight's hearing is set for 7:30. one of the nationals minor league teams could be moving across the potomac from maryland to virginia. spotsylvania county supervisors can vote this evening to approve
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funding for a new ballpark for the hagerstown suns. fredericksburg turned down the deal. the examiner says former nats manager davie johnson will lobby for the move at a public hearing tonight. well after the caps big win last night, it's the wizards' turn tonight. we're monitoring the status of two of the team's stars. we have the latest on john wall and bradley beal's injuries. >> we've got good news. john wall and bradley beal will play in game two tonight against the atlanta hawks. so will the injuries affect their play tonight? that's the big question. wall's hand bandaged up at this morning's shoot-around after he suffered a sprained left wrist in game one. there was still some swelling today but much improved. wall said he can now open and close his hand which is important. something he really could not do yesterday. as for beal he suffered a sprained ankle in game one but also says he is a go tonight. wall and beal combined for 46 points in both game one and two
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and will certainly be huge for the wizards to have him tonight. excuse me that was just game one. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from the wizards on how wall and beal's determination is actually inspiring this team right now. jim, wenldsdy. >> thanks diana. they suffered burns and smoke inhalation. new tonight, the local officer who risked life and limb to pull a man from a burning vehicle. news 4 examines the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested and its struggles with few resources and few opportunities. we're talking rain across parts of the area, some thunder, some lightning too. we're tracking the storms right over i-95 in through portions of northern virginia. also in through montgomery county. i've got the latest for you. we'll track these storms and a potential coastal storm for the
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels
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sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. tracking showers and a couple of thunderstorms out there right now on storm team 4 radar. take a look at the radar and we are really seeing some heavy rain right now right along i-95. we told you yesterday this would most likely coincide with the evening rush. that's exactly what we're dealing with right now. look at i-95 down towards fredericksburg and back toward the west into montgomery county. this storm just east of leesburg right now. a little lightning and thunder with this but very close to
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gaithersburg too. so heads up for that one, brief heavy downpours with that. some really heavy downpours right along the beltway where it meets with i-95 back down towards manassas between manassas and woodbridge and right around burke. let's zoom in and i'll show you where this is. notice springfield, right over towards annandale. here's burke city parkway. here's braddock road and some of the that rain on the heavy side. not a lot of lightning or thunder, but there is a little bit. the biggest issue will be the heavy rain. the heaviest rain will move right along the beltway towards alexandria towards mt. vernon. farther south, stafford county seeing some of that heavy rain. this will come right through quantico within the next 20 minutes, down towards culpeper county madison and orange counties moving in towards spotsylvania county and the city of fredericksburg. heads up once again the heaviest threat will be heavy rain. still warm 81 d.c. 86 fredericksburg but behind it we
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cool quickly, down into the 60s. culpeper, only kwix66. but right back up to 77 in winchester. now, future weather showing these showers moving out. even by 11:00, still some shower activity around the region. we'll see the chance for showers right around 8:00 9:00 10:00, 11:00 even though this first round should be about it for most of us. there it goes. you notice the next round starting to form here and it's all because of the system making its way to the north. you see this little area down to the south. now, speaking of down to our south, a little change in the forecast for the weekend and it has to do with this coastal area of low pressure down along the coast of florida. this could make its way up the coast and impact your weekend. so if you have weekend plans, we're no longer talking about mid to upper 80s. we're cooling things down a bit. 82 on saturday with a chance of some showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. right now still not thinking too big of a storm but it's something we're watching. tomorrow 80 degrees, another chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and then dry thursday and friday. temperatures still well above
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average. 79 on thursday 83 degrees on friday. here's your weekend. 82 saturday 83 sunday. could even see a chance of showers on sunday but we're trying to keep mother's day dry at least for now. next best chance for rain and warmer weather comes on tuesday with a high temperature around 86 degrees, guys. we'll continue to track the showers and storms for you right here from the stormcenter. >> thank you, doug. people who live in baltimore know the recovery process is going to be long. >> others wonder whether recovery is even possible. new tonight, our zachary kiesch examines the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested and why recent officer indictments will likely do little to solve deep seated issues. locked up and left behind. a mother's frightening discovery at a day care. >> and new tonight, fighting flames to save a life. >> that is when i grabbed him, not really thinking about it. i just kind of grabbed him as best as i could. again, his clothes were
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. one of the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray says the knife that led to his arrest was an illegal weapon and today he filed a motion asking police and prosecutors to produce it. the motion was filed by lawyers forredward nero seen in the top right here.
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he's charged with assault, misconduct and false imprisonment. now remember in announcing those charges last friday prosecutor marilyn mosby said the knife was legal under maryland law and that meant officers had illegally arrested gray. nero's motion says that under stricter rules in place in baltimore, the knife is illegal and officers were right to detain him. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. a fiery rescue for a fairfax county police officer who pulled a driver from a flaming car. tonight that officer is cleared for duty as he recovers from his burns. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us from the area of the beltway where this incident took place. jules. >> reporter: it happened just a little ways back there on the outer loop of the beltway near i-66. the officer responded to a report of vehicle struck but what happened next nobody could have predicted. this was the scene officer ramirez drove up on friday april 24th.
5:33 pm
a camry in flames after striking two other vehicles and the jersey wall. ramirez tells me he was greeted with good news initially. everyone was out of the their cars and seemed okay. then suddenly the man who had driven that camry, jumped back in and locked the doors. >> that's when i mae the decision to break out the driver's side window. upon doing that the flames started coming out of the driver's side window so i wasn't going to be able to make my approach that way. >> reporter: ramirez didn't give up. you see, he was a long island firefighter before he became a fairfax county police officer. he broke out another window still no luck. but then the man climbed out the broken window and just as quickly tried to get back in. >> that is when i grabbed him, not really thinking about it. i kind of just grabbed him as best as i could and again, his clothes were smoldering. you could tell he was still on fire. and as i pulled him, that's when i burned my hand.
5:34 pm
but i was kind of determined not to let him go back in that vehicle. >> reporter: this smudge on the jersey wall marks the spot where the drama all played out. two other officers and a firefighter arrived to help and finally they subdued the man. he and ramirez were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns, but the officer's hand healed quickly. only a few tiny blisters visible today. >> i would do the same thing all over again. >> reporter: and ahead at 6:00 you'll hear the dispatch calls, how it all played out that night. back to you now. well now to a brazen afternoon robbery. police say the three men in these surveillance images went up to an open garage and stole two expensive road bikes this past sunday on grove street in chevy chase. that's just over the d.c. line. we're told the thieves took a silver trek 5000 and specialized tarmac bike. each are valued at $5,000. two people and their cats need to find somewhere to live after a fire destroyed their
5:35 pm
home. chopper 4 over the scene on mcdonald drive here in bethesda today. smoke alarms alerted the residents this morning. they managed to get out safely. firefighters rescued their two cats. the blaze began on the first floor but the cause is still under investigation. the house is a total loss. a woman is in custody after police say she rammed a deputy's cruiser and intentionally pushed it down an embankment. we're told she hit the cruiser with her truck, then came back and hit it head on. investigators say the deputy fired several shots at her, but the woman bailed out of her truck. this all happened in the middle of the afternoon yesterday in calvert county. at this point police have not released the woman's name. and there is a push to reform the police assault laws here in the district. d.c. councilwoman mary shea introduced this bill today. it would narrow the definition of assault on an officer and apply only to people who deliberately assault an officer. the current law says anyone who
5:36 pm
interferes with an officer could be charged with assault. for example, someone could be charged with assault if they stiffen up while they're being handcuffed. she says she'll reach out to the police union and law enforcement for input on this bill. it was in the works before the unrest in baltimore. now to that breaking news we began the 5:00 hour with in the hannah graham case. the capital murder charge against jesse matthew. our david culver is in charlottesville outside the court house now. david? >> reporter: yeah jim. for folks who have our nbc washington app, you saw that push. as soon as that news broke about 30 minutes ago. this is an additional charge capital murder during an abduction. i asked the prosecutor as she came out just a short time ago does that mean they'll seek the death penalty? she said yes. if this goes to trial, they will seek the death penalty against jesse matthew. i mentioned this is an additional charge. that means the first-degree murder and the abduction with intent to defile charges, those
5:37 pm
still hold. i want to tell you what the commonwealth's attorney had to say about that additional charge. >> the commonwealth received some additional forensic information in late february that led to this increased charge but it does provide the opportunity for the possibility of a capital verdict and capital punishment in this matter. >> reporter: this is a case that we have covered from the beginning. it dates back to september of last year. it has been eight months of agony for john and sue graham of fairfax county. their daughter hannah graham a second year here at the university of virginia. the center point in this case. now, from here it's going to continue on to june. that's when the case has been continued. they will meet again to discuss some further dates and then set a trial date. we should also mention this is a case that also continues in fairfax county with a separate investigation that has to do with a sex assault from 2005. we'll bring you more information
5:38 pm
at the top of the 6:00 show but for now back to you guys. >> thank you, david. the big fight is in the books and now a new legal battle is brewing. why people who streamed the fight may find themselves in some hot water. and we're following a developing situation in prince george's county. it's a sewage leak and it ain't
5:39 pm
♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge, got a visit from her great grandmother today, the queen. she drove through the gates of kensington palace so she could meet the princess for the first time. she was sleeping in her mother's arms as the royal family showed them to the world for the first time on saturday. well periscope said it responded within minutes but as floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao duked it out in the ring thousands of people ill lyle -- illegally watched the fight. the company received 66 complaints over illegal streaming. one of those streams had as many as 10,000 viewers. a periscope spokesperson says unauthorized broadcasts of protected content is a clear violation of its policy. now, you may be wondering how periscope works. so i've got my apple, my
5:42 pm
smartphone here. it is a twitter app that allows users to broadcast video from their phone. so this is going out to my 12,000 followers and nbc nbcwashington's followers too. you have two matching purses it looks like too. >> stripes are trending. >> we're already getting something. somebody is responding. this is how you do it. you text or tweet. >> do you want me to change into these shoes? >> this is a little bit tmi but this is a lot of how our reporters are engaging. as i around the world back to our other monitor here behind me. this is the story today but it could be any story. a lot of our reporters are using this out in the field to engage viewers. it's a great tool for breaking news. we'll be tweeting out at nbc washington every time we do periscope giving you behind the scenes at news 4. wendy, back over to you on the other side. >> on the old medium all right.
5:43 pm
we're working on a developing story that you may not want to see on periscope in prince george's county. it's raw sewage overflowing. a estimate of 10,000 gallons. tracee wilkins will have a live report coming up next. also day care workers explain how they locked up for the night and left a sleeping baby behind. and we've got rain across the area right now. take a look our national harbor camera seeing the rain coming right across the potomac from alexandria. we'll continue to see rain (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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now to that dirty mess in prince george's county. a sewer main is leaking wastewater tonight. >> and some of it is spilling
5:46 pm
into oxon run. it is in oxon hill not far from indian head highway. tracee wilkins is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: as you mentioned, it is messy and absolutely smelly for people who live nearby but they want to make it clear that this is not going to impact drinking water. yes, it is a sewage spill. they're not sure exactly how long it's been going on. it was discovered by a neighbor on sunday. if you take a look behind me here you can see what they're doing right now is laying down temporary pipe. they have to get 7,000 feet of temporary pipe to get closest sewer manhole. and that is going to be where they are -- sewage manhole. that is going to be their temporary fix until they have an opportunity to actually get in there and fix the actual pipe which could take several weeks. in the meantime they do have lots of signage all around where this leak happened. again, it was found by a guy who just happened to be cutting his grass. he smelled it he saw it.
5:47 pm
he said it was bubbling up through the ground. this is right near forest heights elementary. it's right there near their playground area. it's also near oxon run creek where a lot of kids play. we've seen neighbors going back and forth in that area as well. wssc say they do believe this is contained. it will take several weeks to get this temporary fix done and then who kno couple of weeks to get the temporary fix done and several weeks to get the actual pipe done. now, coming up on news 4 at 6:00 again, we talk with the neighbor who actually came up on this and he had a very interesting story of how he found it. we'll have that report coming up. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. a tree was planted at the united nations headquarters in new york city today to honor victims of world war ii. u.n. secretary is the president of the u.n. general assembly. sam co tessa and all of those
5:48 pm
who lost their lives in that war. the secretary general said planting the tree of peace and unity represents the ideas of the united nations when it was formed back in 1945. doug is here now with a look at the forecast. i saw tracee had her umbrella up. >> yeah we have some showers and heavy downpours, mostly from d.c. down to the south. a couple even toward montgomery county too. let's get right to it and show you what's happening out towards reston. we are looking at the rain coming through reston. you notice the dulles toll road which is all wet and notice that rain moving just off to the east of reston. you can see that right now, some of the heavier rain located right here. see that darker area right here? that's that visibility as a result of that rain. rain downtown too or down to the south, down towards the airport seeing a little rain. your evening planner, 81 with rain coming through. 79 by 7:00 and again we'll stay warm i think right on through the rest of the evening. look where we've seen the rain. leesburg 75.
5:49 pm
manassas 81 right now after that rain and 79 over towards camp springs. we'll cool a little bit with these showers. here they are. one shower back towards washington county another back to the west and there are a few more to the west but this is the bulk of the shower activity right now, mostly through northern virginia. really getting hammered by shower activity. here's one shower right around the gaithersburg area up towards clarksburg right along 270 so that's going to make it for a slow go this evening. fairfax county really getting hit hard around herndon and reston right now. this coming right towards the d.c. metro area in about the next 20 minutes or so. the nats game might be postponed a little bit. i don't think they'll cancel the game but you may see some rain. down i-95 seeing more rain and again some of it is on the heavy side. there are a few more showers behind it but that's going to be about it. tomorrow's forecast sun and clouds warm afternoon thunderstorms. we'll see temperatures 77 to about 83 degrees. the kids today out at drainsville elementary i want to say hello to the fourth
5:50 pm
graders out there. they were asking about this weekend and saying hey, doug what's up for the weekend? guys, we're tracking a system that could impact your weekend. that impact would be from a coastal storm. could even be a tropical storm, at least a subtropical storm this weekend. good chance of storms tomorrow. friday and then we get to the weekend with a slight chance of showers on saturday. once again we'll continue to watch that potential tropical system make its way toward the southeast coast over the next couple of days. guys. >> honoring our heroes in blue. hundreds of law enforcement officers lining the streets near st. patrick's church in d.c. today. this annual blue mass praise for those who serve and remembers those who lost their lives in the line of duty. tom sherwood has more on this tradition that dates back to the 1930s. >> reporter: they came by horseback and they came in formation, traditional bagpipes
5:51 pm
leading the way as archbishop donald wuerl and officers gathered for the 21st annual blue mass. at st. patrick church in downtown washington the law enforcement community honored all those who died in service the past year. >> it's recognizing the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty this year. there was over 120 across the country and ten right here in this region. >> reporter: norfolk assistant chief, ed ryan 31 years on the job here to honor one of his officers killed on duty. >> you don't get into this job for the pay or the pats on the back. you get into this job for a sense of community. >> reporter: many officers taped over their badges in the traditional note of loss. they noted the police controversies around the nation. >> it has been a tough year for law enforcement, some bad things have happened. but 99.9% of the officers that are out there doing the job are doing it the right way. >> reporter: the crowd outside watching the ceremony seemed to agree. >> there's bad people
5:52 pm
everywhere. so -- but the good guys deserve all the credit. they take care of us, no matter what. ♪ >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood news 4. we are learning more tonight about silicon valley exec dave goldberg's sudden death while vacationing in mexico but there are still a lot of questions. mexican authorities say he was on the treadmill when he hit the back of his head. they say he died from head trauma and blood loss. his brother found goldberg on friday in the gym of a luxury resort in puerto vallarta. an autopsy was not performed in mexico so it is still unclear why he may have fallen. imagine you go to pick up your child at day care only to find that the place is closed for the night, it's locked up and your child is inside alone. this happened in winston-salem, north carolina last night. the mother of a 1-year-old went to pick him up at 9:30. she says the day care center is supposed to be open until 11:00.
5:53 pm
she frantically called the police who opened the place and found her child inside asleep. >> we didn't know how to feel anger, everything. i'm just so glad that he's okay right now. i hated for my son to have to go through it but it's an example for other parents to know that this is possible it can happen. >> three workers at the day care were arrested on charges of child neglect. the new attorney general meets with baltimore's top brass. >> but that's of little relief to those who live in the neighborhood where freddie gray died. news 4's zachary kiesch talks to people in that community about everyday life struggles, next on news 4 at 5:00. well how close is too close when it comes to the planes that are flying close to our communities?
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
american marines are now in nepal helping earthquake victims there. they arrived in katmandu sunday and their first mission delivering tarps to the distant villages. more than 7500 people are dead from last month's quake and the prime minister expects the death toll to get higher. emergency workers have recovered 60 bodies including those of nine foreigners. last week's rioting in baltimore has put the city in a spotlight with a lot of questions raised about issues of policing in minority
5:57 pm
communities. >> news 4's zachary kiesch 70 aspent a day in west baltimore. as he found out, the issues there are deep seated. >> reporter: a week later a new mural has replaced fires. the cry of police sirens are gone and in other places they're alive and well. this is west baltimore. this is normal. but the how and why of what went down last week still not clearly defined. >> when something of this nature or this magnitude happens, it automatically ignites the frustration that these people already have. >> reporter: this is harold perry's house. he says he was home when freddie was put in a police wagon across the street. he heard the cries. spend a day on the west side boarded-up homes, few grocery stores no amenities. just look around talk to someone. but there's also an underlying level of resentment rooted in opportunity, or lack thereof. >> there was a program called
5:58 pm
strive. they got rid of that. they had a program for the young guys that had kids called young fathers. they got rid of that. >> when we came up there was a guy that ran this wreck around the corner his name was fisher. everybody looked out for him because he looked out for us. >> reporter: the one thing i heard over and over were the cut programs. in 2012 the mayor announced that four community centers would close. all were located in west baltimore. >> they get out of school and they come see us. what are we doing? what we're forced to do. and then at the end of the day, they look up to that and then that's what they think is cool. >> reporter: that's fretddie gray. the residents around here told me they like the mural. they say the psychological effects of living in a ghetto didn't begin with freddie gray and won't be solved by indictments alone. >> it's always better to have some type of hope but i don't see it in the near future. >> reporter: here in west baltimore, they want more. here in west baltimore, they
5:59 pm
believe they deserve it. reporting in west baltimore, zachary kiesch news 4. now at 6:00 storm team 4 tracking showers moving across our area. what you could see and when. pat collins, knocking on the door of a man accused of abusing his mother. disturbing allegations against a man who was just on the ballot in november. first at 6:00 breaking news in virginia. the man linked to two murders of college girls in the charlottesville area is now on the hook for even more serious charges, and it could mean the death penalty. first at 6:00 some of you are seeing some steady rain out there tonight. showers are moving across parts of our area right now. doug is tracking it all in the weather center. doug? >> yeah we've got some of these heavy downpours right along i-95 right along the beltway just in time for the evening rush. if you're expecting someone to be home it might take them a little longer. look at the rain and this is a line of showers and thunderstorms. there are some thunderstorms embedded in this.
6:00 pm
one of them right down towards i-95 right along prince william/stafford county line. we'll do a couple of zooms here and shown you the rain up towards gaithersburg. look at this storm in and around the city of fairfax, very heavy rain right along 66 right along 50 and then this is heading right in towards arlington and right into the d.c. metro area. so downtown d.c. will most likely see this in the next 20 to 30 minutes. look down towards springfield, down towards mt. vernon and oxenon hill hill. this is the lightning right around quantico. they heavy rain along i-95. this is an area that alwayses has problems in the afternoon. stafford county yeninundated with rain. all of this continues to move off towards the east and will continue to move off towards the


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