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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 30, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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on this thursday night, the critical evidence in baltimore turned over to prosecutors who refused to make it public. tonight, what the autopsy reveals and what a man who was held in the police van with freddie gray says he heard. found alive, survivors pulled from the rubble five days into that devastating quake in nepal. an eruption of ches and celebration in a sea of destruction. embryo battle. one of tv's biggest stars, her former boyfriend and a very personal dispute gone public. who decides what happens to frozen embryos when the relationship ends? and clash of the titans. the richest prize fight of all time. hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. we're in vegas tonight. "nightly news" begins right now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, lester holt. good evening. we start with several new developments out of baltimore. as peaceful protesters take to the streets there for another night, key findings from the medical examiner and the story of a man who says he was held in custody with freddie gray are shedding new light into gray's death. the protests meantime, have expanded to other cities. here's what it looks like this evening in philadelphia. the demand for action in the wake of gray's death intensifying tonight. hours after baltimore police put the results of their investigation into the hands of prosecutors. peter alexander is in baltimore tonight. peter. >> reporter: lester good evening to you. the rain has come and gone but these protesters have not. as you can see they're demanding answers and accountability and today law enforcement sources tell our nbc station here in baltimore that freddie gray's catastrophic injuries according to that police
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investigation occurred inside the police van and not during his videotaped arrest. it's these images that thrust baltimore into chaos, 25-year-old freddie gray being hauled into a police van. but determining what the video doesn't show may prove just as explosive. today, the 30-man police task force in charge of investigating gray's death turned over its findings to prosecutors ahead of schedule. >> i understand the frustration. i understand the sense of urgency and so has the organization and that is why we have finished it a day ahead of time. >> reporter: "the washington post" reports a sealed baltimore police document quotes a prisoner who shared the van with gray. the prisoner is dante allen. this surveillance video shows the police van stopping to pick allen up. freddie gray was already inside. they were separated by a solid metal partition. they couldn't see one another. today allen spoke to jane miller. >> we went straight to the police station. august i heard was like a little banging for like four seconds. >> reporter: miller has been briefed by law enforcement
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sources on the autopsy report. >> the autopsy contains no evidence that mr. gray was banging his head on his own against anything. >> reporter: the decision whether to prosecute any of the six officers involved now falls to baltimore's newly elected state's attorney marilyn most by. at 35 the youngest chief prosecutor of any major city in the country. the police department's decision not to release the results of the investigation tomorrow is fueling frustrations and fears of more violence. >> regrettably, somebody has put a metal plate in the microwave and when you see it spin around you're getting red toy to see flares go off and that's why we're working so tirelessly to try to subdue this. >> reporter: trace di williams worries about her herdaughter and wants justice to be served. >> this is not the 1940s or ''50s or '6 os. we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: they won't have to go it alone. several baltimore ravens including ray lewis who's had his own serious legal issues delivered a
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powerful message to student. >> what is happening in baltimore, we have ang opportunity to change baltimore. everybody in this room. >> reporter: and tonight the white house tells nbc news that it has been contacting celebrities and athletes with strong ties here in baltimore hoping that they'll help defuse this situation. among those in attendance during this protest, the nba star carmelo anthony. lester. >> peter alexander tonight, thanks. the 235 people arrested during all that chaos in baltimore on monday more than 30 of them were juveniles. many with no prior records. including a young man who is now learning some very hard lessons about what happens when he disobeys his dad. both the teen and his father spoke with our rehema ellis. >> reporter: when baltimore streets erupted in flames earlier this week carlos brooks couldn't believe what he was seeing. >> i was sitting in the house looking at the tv and was just shocked that it was going on. >> reporter: he immediately thought of
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his second oldest child, his 16-year-old son. >> my dad called me and told me don't go out there. don't go out there. >> reporter: but what did you do? >> i went out there at nighttime. thought i was slick. >> reporter: for the first time ever with no previous record carlos jr. was arrested. his dad says for looting. being in police custody was beyond expectations. with chain ainin kles. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: what wa that like? hard? >> yeah kind of hard to walk. thought i was going to fall. caged animal. that's whey felt like. a aged animal. >> reporter: you felt like a caged animal. >> me and his mother might not be together but he was still raised with morals and god. >> reporter: learning his son was arrested brooks' next thought was freddie gray and wondered what happened to his own son. >> my kids are my life so you know that's
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all i think about. >> reporter: brooks doesn't want his son to benother statistic.c.c. >> don't want the streets to have my son. i will fight to not let the streets have him. >> reporter: how much do you appreciate that he stands here with you? >> a lot. most kids don't have fathers that would do this. most kids don't even know their fathers. >> reporter: if you had to do it all over again what would you do? >> i would have stayed in the house. >> reporter: for carlos jr. who returns to court in a month on misdemeanor charges an encounter with the criminal justice system that both he and his father hope never to repeat. rehema ellis, nbc news baltimore. we turn overseas now as the death toll in nepal climbs towards 6,000, there's still more new video from the moment that devastating earthquake struck. shot by a tourist in a square outside kathmandu, people frozen in place crouching to the ground as ancient buildings began to crumble around them. meantime the increasingly grim search for victims took a welcome and
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emotional turn today as people with cull pulled from the rubble alive five days after the quake. nbc's miguel almaguer was there today as a survivor was found beneath the rubble. >> i need a metal saw blade. >> reporter: when rescue team as rived they couldn't believe what they were hearing. from deep beneath the twisted metal in slabs of concrete. a faint voice, a boy buried alive for five days crying for help. search and rescue teams from virginia and california among those called in. >> the floors are within feet of each other, floor after floor after floor within a five foot span you have three floors. >> reporter: pancaked in between there. to save the boy's life crews would risk their own. these rescues are always dangerous. the buildings above us here several stories high are teetering on the edge but this is what it takes to save lives. as the life and death drama unfolded the
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crowd grew holding their breath waiting six hours hoping for this moment. the boy pulled from the rubble alive carry add way by the same men and women who promised he would survive. >> the person has been rescued alive. that is miraculous. >> reporter: they're calling this a day of miracles. across town another rescue a young woman pulled free after 120 hours alone and afraid. tonight the rescued boy, 15-year-old pemba lama is recovering at a nearby field hospital. he says he tried to escape the quake but couldn't. this is where he had been trapped. surviving in this tiny space amid so much devastation. >> it's a miracle. it's a here cal. eating nothing and drinking nothing is a mere kachlt it's a miracle. >> reporter: fortunate two miracles in the rubble. moments that rallied a nation desperately in need of hope.
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search teams say earthquake victims can survive for up to two weeks in the rubble if they have any access to food or water. the americans say they'll be back out here again tomorrow to search for any survivors. lester. >> all right, miguel almaguer tonight, thanks. in colorado today dramatic testimony in the movie theater massacre trial. we heard from some of the first officers on the scene describing the horrors they encountered. one over so shaken she broke down on the stand. we also heard about the chilling moment police first spotted the gunman james holmes who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. nbc's jacob rascon reports. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> reporter: the officers were ready for a gun battle. >> number 9. >> reporter: what they found was much worse. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: patrol cars became ambulances for the most critically wounded. officer natasha cabway took ashley most sure
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to the hospital. >> she lost consciousness and i really thought she just died there in front of me. >> reporter: i physically helped at least ten probably. >> reporter: behind the theater officer jason oviatt saw someone in full body armor and a gas mask. >> as i got closer i noticed everybody was dog something and this person was relaxed standing by the car not doing anything at all. >> reporter: it was james holmes who didn't resist and asked when there were other shooters said it's just me. >> did he cooperate with you? >> yes. >> did he answer questions that were asked? >> yes. >> did he seem confused about anything. >> not at all. he looked like he was sort of taking it all in. >> reporter: his sanity is the central question in this trial. it was critical testimony today and it picks up again on monday. lester. >> an emotional day.
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jacob rascon thank you. hillary clinton is facing new obstacles tonight on multiple fronts. her first official challenger for the democratic nomination independent bernie sanders of vermont running for president as a democrat and coming at her from the left. this as clinton is working overtime to separate herself from some of the policies her husband put in place. nbc's andrea mitchell is on the trail. >> reporter: hillary clinton arriving for her third washington fund-raiser of the day on her way to what is expected to be a billion and a half dollar campaign. even as she got her first official rival, independent vermont senator bernie sanders. >> we're in this race to win. >> he's not your typical blow tried politician. a one time socialist mayor of burlington vermont challenging clinton over her fund-raising and possible conflicts of interest. >> we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and
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candidates. lease into the kid ourselves. >> reporter: even as hillary clinton is run ago way from her husband's policies on wednesday, blaming his 1994 crime bill for some of the problems that exploded in baltimore. >> it's time to end the era of mass incarceration. >> reporter: on trade he's known for nafta. she's skeptical. >> what about the trade deal? >> any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages and increase prosperity. >> reporter: he signed the defense of marriage act now both clintons endorse gay marriage. as she moves left clinton hopes to blunt support for senator elizabeth warren not a candidate but a constant critic. as for bernie sanders he's got his own fan base. >> when i mentioned in many european countries how much does it cost to go to college in scandinavia and the guy said in scandinavia, they pay you to go to college. [ laughter and applause ] >> reporter: the clinton campaign says
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that she's breaking away from some of her husband's policies because times change. and speaking of change nbc news confirms that the obama presidential library will go to chicago, not new york or hawaii expected to be connected to the university of chicago. the big loser columbia university in new york real estate in manhattan just too expensive. lester. >> all right, andrea mitchell. we know that well. when we come back one of the biggest stars on television a private battle goes public over frozen embryos raising serious questions tonight for so many couples who use ivf. still ahead tonight tom brokaw on the desperate race for the last ride out. who years ago today, the final chapter in a saga that is still argued over today. why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active
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she is the highest paid actress on tv. he is a florida millionaire. once they were in love but now sofia vergara and her ex nick loeb are locked in an ugly fight over their frozen embryos. their dispute raising tricky legal questions about not only their embryos but the 600,000 or so others in deep freeze in this country. nbc's stephanie gosk has our report. >> what did you do? >> reporter: she's part of a "modern family" on tv. >> you ring our bell many times and you accuse us of taking your dog. >> reporter: now in real life sofia vergara can dealing with an actual "modern family" dispute. a court battle over the two frozen embryos that she and ex-fiance nick loeb created
7:17 pm
through in vitro fertilization. loeb and vergara are now split but he wants control of the embryos writing in "the new york times" "in my view keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them" loeb wants a surrogate to be implanted with the embryos so he can raise the babies on his own. but in a statement to e! vergara's attorney says she is content to leave the embryos frozen indefinitely as she has no desire to have children with her ex. an agreement both partners signed states any change to the embryos must be mutually agreed to. in court documents loeb argues the agreement doesn't state what would happen in the event of their separation. ultimately the agreement may not matter. >> unless there is a compelling reason to force somebody you know to potentially become a parent the court has decided with sofia's side. >> reporter: loeb asks when we create embryos for the purpose of life should we not define them as life rather than as property? >> it sounds like he
7:18 pm
atrying to bring this very fiery philosophical religious debate into the courtroom. >> he's really trying to hang his argument on the idea that these are little people and whatever else happens, they ought to become bigger people that is to say babies but courts have never recognized never embryos as people. >> reporter: but the law surrounding frozen embryos is still a work in progress. cases like this one continue to shape it. stephanie gosk nbc news new york. >> we're back in a moment with the fight of the century. and you won't believe how much people are paying to see it. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh. the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in.
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mmm mmm live the regular life. they're calling it the fight of the century the bout between the two biggest names in boxing floyd mayweather jr. and manny pacquiao. this weekend in the richest match in history, they will determine at long last which one of them is the best. nbc's ron mott has the story. >> reporter: good things come to those who wait especially
7:22 pm
boxers floyd mayweather jr. and manny pacquiao. after years of flirting boxing's two biggest draws finally set a date saturday night and with a record pot of gold at stake, there are no losers here. >> we love the fans from around the world that have supported this event. i appreciate you guys. i'm pretty sure manny appreciates you guys also. >> reporter: mayweather considered the world's highest paid athlete is nicknamed money and is slated to earn 60% of the purse, $150 million, maybe more a super payday driven into record territory by extraordinary demand. pacquiao a congressman in his home country, the philippines is also forecast to collect a nine-figure check. so popular the fight has been declared a national holiday there. what would a victory saturday night mean to you personally and your country? >> it would mean a lot for me and for my country. >> reporter: most of the purse will come from pay-per-view a predicted 3 million buys at $99 in the u.s. though free to see in pacquiao's philippines. add in ticket sales of 72 million surpassing
7:23 pm
even the super bowl international broadcast, watch parties at bar, sponsorships and merchandising, a total take approaching a staggering $360 million. a conservative estimate by some projections. >> it's going to be mayan weather. >> i like pacquiao. >> reporter: the fight of the century a marketing bow than than have. t-shirts and hats moving quickly fans lining up behind their man with one question to answer is pacquiao the man to beat the un undefeat ed undefeated mayweather. when we come back tom brokaw on the desperate escape 40 years ago today.
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this is "nbc nightly news," wednesday april 30th with john chancellor. >> good evening, the city of saigon was renamed today. the victorious communists -- >> 40 years ago tonight the stunning news saigon had fallen. the war in vietnam was finally over a war that consumed this country and left deep division that is persist to this day. covering the story that day from the white house, nbc's tom brokaw on this anniversary we asked tom to look back on one of the pose painful chapters in american history.
7:27 pm
>> reporter: ever since the war's ugly end we have asked ourlselves what are the lessons of vietnam? the deep american involvement began as a trickle. we heard that if vietnam went communist southeast asia would fall like dominos. the south vietnamese couldn't do the job. so american ground and air power took it on in ever larger numbers with ever larger casualties. and still, the north kept on coming. at home another kind of war against and for, campus hell no we won't go but other dis go and paid a terrible price. >> i will not accept the nomination of my -- >> reporter: by 1968 a president was driven from office. >> gestapo tactics in the streets of chicago. >> reporter: the democratic convention was a brawl. in the hall and in the streets. richard nixon rose the
7:28 pm
turmoil to the white house and what his architect promised a way out. instead, escalation. mcgovern took onyxen and pleaded. >> come home america. >> reporter: nixon plucked him but he had his own demon. watergate. the scandal that drove him from office and took his finger off the trigger. then 15 years into this war, it came to a crashing dismaying end. what are the lessons of vietnam? here's one, don't use conventional means to fight an un unconventional enemy so far from home. here's another, there are people on that wall who had doubts about the war but answered the call. there are others who believed in the cause and they died as well. their common bond they died with honor serving their country. >> tom brokaw at the
7:29 pm
vietnam memorial for us 40 years after the end of that long and difficult war. that will do it for us on this thursday name. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news thank you for watching and good night.
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lights camera access. for nick yes, because he has never had a baby. hopefully, they will be fresh by the time i use them. >> sofia vergara's ex-fianc


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