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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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all but emergency personnel in baltimore. we're in west baltimore where about 15 hours ago things got started with rioters throwing rocks and boling -- bottles at police officers. the violence escalated. we saw about 15 officers hurt here. this all started in response to questions about freddie gray's death. right now, national guard troops are coming into the city. maryland governor larry hogan declared a state of emergency here. as many as 5,000 shoulders could be made -- soldiers could be made available. at at least 100 on the ground as we speak in different parts of the city. we know one police officer who was injured here is in grave condition this morning. several others released over night and there have been fires burning across the city of baltimore, particularly in west baltimore, but the fires did spread into east baltimore as well. news 4 darcy spencer is going to have more on that for us in just a moment. city schools are closed today and the mayor here has -- while we are in the state of emergency
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here in baltimore, the mayor has decided there will be a curfew put in place at about 10:00 tonight and that will be until 5:00 tomorrow morning and that will happen for the next week or so as conditions might warrant, but again the flashing lights you see around me this morning are not the blue and red and white lights that we typically see from law enforcement. they are the yellow lights from crews trying to clean up the mess. back to you now. all right. we'll check in with aaron throughout news 4 today. more on the riots in just a minute. storm team 4 meteorologist is trying to help you prepare for the day with your weather headlines. quite a chill in the air. we're in the low to mid 40s in the metro area that includes montgomery fairfax, prince george's counties in the mid 40s there. and to our north and to the north and east from near baltimore over to annapolis and around the bay, it's in the
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upper 40s to around 50 degrees. storm team 4 radar had a few sprinkles on the eastern shore. those have dissi patd. there's a live view showing the brightening sky. we'll have a cool morning and a breezy and mild afternoon. rain chances will be moving in later this week. we'll look at your drive time forecast for the morning commute and the afternoon commute. that's next weather and traffic coming up at 6:11. we have an update on a fatal crash. >> police still blocking part of the roadway here. we're talking north van dorn street and west braddock. the alternate is howard street to get around that. westbound, dulles toll road got
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a report of a wrong way driver. southbound georgia avenue between layhill road and randolph road they are dealing with a water main break. brand new crash here bradley boulevard at river road it sounds like it's off to the shoulder here in a few minutes. just little things here and there. 95 bw parkway, everything looking good. live pictures of 66 coming up in a few minutes. we are following the breaking news in west baltimore right now. violence broke out across the city in response to freddie gray's death. you are looking at some of the locations where we saw some of that violence yesterday. this morning, as we watch some of the police presence here and the clean-up that's happening here right now, my colleague darcy spencer is joining me in baltimore as well.
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she's outside city hall which we now learned will be closed today. what's the latest you are learning? >> good morning, it seems to me that some of the most devastating things that happened here are these fires. if you break a window of a business that window can be replaced. if you steal some merchandise, that can be replaced. but what we're seeing going up in flames here in the city that's going to take a long time to recover from something like that. we have picture and video of a three-alarm blaze over here on pratt street. we understand it's a commercial building. fortunately, no one is hurt but you never know when a building is set fire you never know if someone is in that building or if that fire could spread to another building or another structure. so that's the incredibly dangerous part of what is happening here in the city. these arsons. there was another arson last night as we understand of an
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apartment complex that was built for senior citizens. the curfew is going into effect at 10:00. darcy, thank you. of course the death of freddie gray is what was the -- what precipitated a lot of what we've been seeing in the city here. his funeral was held yesterday at new shiloh baptist church. we can show you there was a large presence of family and friends and community leaders at that funeral service yesterday. there were social media messages black lives matter that were seen inside the church and community leaders were adamant they were going to continue to search for answers into what happened for freddie gray and they want people to get out and ask for answers and hold the city leadership accountable but they want people to do that piecefully. >> we're not interested in prejudging the situation. that's what young people do.
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we're too old for that. we want a responsible investigation that's thorough complete real unbiased and then we'll add it to the investigation that we're doing. >> to the daughter of eric garner the man who was killed in new york after police tried to arrest him and put him in that choke hold he died after that happened his daughter was at the funeral service, she spoke there and spoke about the -- how of what she's seeing in baltimore was similar to what she saw in new york city with the police department there. back here live now though we continue to watch as the police presence has grown here. the national guard presence has grown here and the presence of folks who want to clean up and to start to rebuild and to try to return things to normal has grown here. if you can see some -- these are state troopers across the street here. they have lowered their shields through much of the night, they had been holding them up in their sort of ready stance and as folks are coming through this area to clean up it's an interesting image to see that
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those shields are now on the ground and almost saying -- embracing folks who are coming out here to try to get the city back together. that's the latest live here in baltimore. much more as the morning continues for now, back inside to you. baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-break is delivering -- blake is delivering regular news on the violence. >> to watch a group of criminals go through our city with an intent to destroy, what does that solve? you hear people saying that they care about their community and they want to be heard but you can't care about your community and do what they did. >> the mayor also said she will quote, bring order from the chaos. we will update you with everything that she says today on all our platforms. from the call to start the riots to a plea for prayer and
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peace, this is a story that continues to unfold on social media right now. take a look at the "baltimore sun." the ugly side of all this chaos. here we see a couple of photos with an inside look at the result of the out of control looting. and this what we can expect more today, a strong police presence and peaceful protesters and their message still widely circulating. also disturbing this morning, we are tracking some posts that are calling for people to get out and riot again, using the #baltimore loot crew. they are too vulgar for us to share with you. let's just hope that doesn't happen. we'll continue to keep you posted on what we find online. right now, crowds are building outside of supreme court as the debate over gay marriage comes to a head.
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how the different possible rulings could impact states across the u.s. breaking news on the beltway, two-mile back-ups. how to get around this problem near river road. we have breaking news tonight in baltimore where we're seeing a heavy police presence this morning. the darkness of light did little to stop the rioting and looting in the city there. police in full riot gear standing guard.
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four buildings are burning right now on pratt street in baltimore, that's ten minutes from the inner harbor. right now the national guard is on the ground by order of governor larry hogan. today, baltimore city schools will be closed.
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mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has set a 10:00 p.m. curfew tonight. let's check the weather. >> it's a nice morning but there's a noticeable breeze out here this morning and temperatures are in the 40s. you'll need an extra layer of warmth on the daymorning. weather this morning and afternoon and evening, nothing to be worried about. all green lights. drive time forecast just a few clouds. nothing to worry about in the weather department. breaking news now from first 4 traffic with melissa. the outer loop of the beltway at river road a mess right now. we're talking about two-mile backups. take a look at this. this is a big problem. you're going to have to go to
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the right to get around this or wait a little bit longer. north van dorn at west braddock still have that closure again from alexandria. blueline delays also. beltway outer loop 95 to 270, 12 minutes and 270 you are on time from germantown to the beltway. make sure to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for latest on traffic. our continuing coverage from baltimore this morning where the city is starting to wake up and the governor has moved his offices from annapolis to the city of baltimore, so he can stay on top of the situation here. the latest with what governor larry
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baltimore city was in charge. when the mayor call me which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, is instantly we signed the executive order. we already had our entire team prepared. >> and that is maryland governor larry hogan makering -- making what some perceive is a slight dig at a baltimore mayor.
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hogan says he didn't want to question what baltimore officials were doing. we did hear from the baltimore mayor's office for several hours. governor hogan says he declared a state of emergency less than 30 seconds after the mayor requested it. aaron gilchrist is anchoring our coverage in baltimore live with more on the governor's call for help. aaron, good morning. >> good morning, to you. the governor has decided that he is closing his office in annapolis this morning and moving his executive operations here to the baltimore area so that he can stay on top what's happening here. of course he's in constant communication, we understand with the mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake and with president obama and the white house. the governor spoke with the president yesterday at length with what's happening here. we understand the justice department is sending resources. the attorney general quite possibly among the folks coming here. late last night, larry hogan says he spoke with president obama and he called up the
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national guard as a last resort. it was something made with a lot of thought and not made lightly. >> he thanked me for the action. said he thought we were doing the right thing. he said i assume you and your team will be exercising due restraint. i assured him that we were. the last thing we want to do is escalate the violence but i also assured him that we weren't going to stand by allow our city of baltimore to be taken over by thugs. >> the call for the national guard came after people set cars on fire looted businesses. we all saw that video yesterday. threw bricks at police cars and even at officers and even at fire engines as they were moving through the city. of course these firefighters here in baltimore and across the region are having to do a lot of work in the last several hours. firefighters trying to figure out too what started a massive fire in east baltimore yesterday. that fire at the mary harvin transformation center started at 8:00 last night, got up to three
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alarms. that center is a senior housing and transition center that was still under construction. we're working to find out more about that. no information just yet available on how that fire started. we told you too a curfew will take effect in baltimore at 10:00 tonight. the city is effectively shutting down at that point. the city schools are closed today. both johns hopkins and the university of maryland baltimore asking everyone on campus to stay inside. if they live on campus. prince george's county montgomery county have canceled all school field trips to baltimore baltimore for the time being. thank you, aaron. it is now 6:20 and we have new developments this morning out of nepal. all climbers who were stuck on mount everest have been rescued.
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authorities say more than 4,300 people died. that number will continue to rise as aid workers try to access isolated areas near the epicenter. search crews are also still searching for advisers in kathmandu. at least four americans are among the dead. others are still missing. we're hours away from the supreme court hearing arguments that could decide the future of same-sex marriage across the country. we have a look at what we can expect to unfold today. >> reporter: good morning. as you would imagine, there is a lot of interest in this case. we've changed locations since we spoke to you about an hour ago. you can see the growing line that we have here this morning. it now goes along the side of the supreme court, around the corner into the front, and in talking to a gentleman who was at the very front of the line he secured that spot friday morning. he's one of many interested parties trying to secure seats inside the courtroom to watch
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the proceedings. now, the justices in just a matter of hours are going to hear arguments on a case that could legalize same-sex marriage across the country and there are two questions at the heart of the case. do same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, must state issue marriage licenses and do states that do not allow same-sex marriage have to recognize gay marriages performed in states where it is legal? this is a case with a potential for far-reaching impact here. the justices are going to listen to two hours of arguments later on this morning. a decision is expected sometime in late june. back to you in the studio. thank you, megan. it's time now to turn our attention to the forecast. we have a chilly start. be. >> you need a jacket before you head off to work and school this morning. look at your television. a beautiful pinpoint sun rise piercing the eastern sky.
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live view from the storm team tower cam this morning. radar all clear, virginia maryland eastern shore and around the bay. we did have a few sprinkles about an hour ago but they have dissipated. right now, it's in the low and mid 40s. fairfax, virginia law deny now in the mid 40s. a little bit of a blustery wind will be with us as well. noontime low 60s and a partly cloudy mild afternoon into the upper 60s by mid afternoon, but those winds, they may be gusting to around 20 to 25 miles per hour and that's going to be much nicer tomorrow as the winds diminish and partly cloudy near 70. then on thursday rain looking likely that will help wash some of the pollen out of the air. a few lingering showers on friday and cooler with temperatures in the low 60s.
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as we get toward the weekend, a warming trend returns as sunshine returns on saturday just a small chance of a sprinkle on saturday with highs around 70 and mild on sunday all the way into mid 70s on sunday afternoon. it may even be near 80 degrees as we start off early next week on monday. a look at neighborhood highs coming up at 6:31. we have breaking news on the roads again. we're talking about this problem in bethesda on the outer look of the beltway at river road. we only have the right lane getting by. we are jammed for three and a half miles approaching this crash. just after montrose it basically stops. if you can avoid it please do. take your alternate if you can do that. it's kind of hard not to take the american bridge if that's what you need to do to cross the river. north van dorn at brad dock are
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still closed due to a fatal crash. 66 headed into town 95 headed into town no major problems same thing when you are looking at prince george's county and i'm back in ten minutes with more on this issue on the beltway and how that delay could be growing. thank you, melissa. 6:25 is your time right now. we have breaking news in baltimore. chopper 4 just arrived over the scene of one of many fires in baltimore. take a look here. this is a live picture. there is smoke coming from that building. it looks like the middle section of the building is burned out right now. firefighters on the scene as well. four buildings are burning right now on pratt street in baltimore. that's about ten minutes from the inner harbor. we're continuing to follow the breaking news and all the developments in the baltimore riots this morning. we're hearing that this particular fire that you are seeing from chopper 4 is related to the riots from last night. 6:26 now.
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in less than one hour d.c. voters will begin voting in a special elect for two council seats. the ward 4 seat was left empty when muriel bowser was elected as mayor last year and the ward 8 seat was held by the late marion barry. pope francis will host a service on wednesday, september 23rd. the arch die oses in washington will not release any other details. the pope will address a joint session of congress the following day. breaking developments this morning as chopper 4 r fire here in baltimore. this is a series of row houses and businesses that caught fire early this morning, getting a large fire response. we are also seeing a pretty
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significant response from folks here on the ground who are now trying to clean up the city of baltimore. that part of our continuing coverage as
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staying on top of the breaking news in baltimore, it is coming up on 6:30 right now. you are looking at chopper 4 images right now of the latest fire that started here this morning. we understand this fire that the fire department believes was started by rioters, by looters here in baltimore, was a three-alarm fire meaning 100 plus firefighters quite possibly on the ground there from baltimore and surrounding jurisdictions as well. we believe these were vacant buildings when these fires started. we're seeing a lot of smoke still billowing from that fire as the sun starts to rise on the city of baltimore. things as you can see have calmed down significantly since yesterday afternoon and into the late evening. things have calmed down quite a bit. we're seeing a clean-up effort from yesterday's violence.
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we know that baltimore city schools will be closed today. right now, the national guard is on the ground by order of governor larry hogan and the mayor here has set a 10:00 p.m. curfew for tonight. we're going to have much more on what's happening including a pretty significant clean-up effort has been getting up in the last little while. we'll send it back to you. thank you. we want to turn ourn attention to the forecast now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierran what's going on? >> look at our highs today, it will be 60s today. the warmer spots, prince william county stafford and spotsylvania up near 70
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degrees. winds will be gusting again later this afternoon to around 20 to 25 miles per hour and that will get the pollen swirling in the air, pollen count now is high for the trees. now the grass and weed pollen that is absent. a look at your bus stop and what to wear coming up at 6:41. breaking news with the beltway. right here in bethesda is looks like we're getting some of these emergency vehicles off to the right side of the roadway. hopefully they are going to open more lanes up. we had one lane getting by with a six-mile backup now. 270 at democracy, you can see we're completely jammed and stopped. alexandria north van dorn at
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braddock a fatal accident. it is still shut down. the problem down at river road at the spur. 95 in maryland bw parkway, not too bad. we have close-up video to show you of the confrontations between police and protesters here. you can see some protesters taunting a big line of officers before police chase them away. some protesters told can't trust the police here without answers about what happened to freddie gray and that is part of the reason that we saw so many people out yesterday protesting and then we did see rioters begin to destroy different parts of the city west baltimore in particular businesses we're standing in front of the cvs that was looted and burned yesterday. you can still see a significant police presence in riot gear. baltimore city police and
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maryland state police as well. if we look down at the street which was covered with debris and trash for all of the nighttime hours, at a significant point this morning, a lot of that is cleaned up right now. i got to tell you it was remarkable to watch suddenly as people came out of their homes, walked up north avenue here. pennsylvania avenue here to this intersection and came out with brooms from their kitchens and trash bags from their kitchens and started picking up the mess. i want you to hear what one woman told me as she came out here early this morning. >> i decided to get out of the bed and high pressure clean -- and help clean up my community. i used that cvs for my medicine. there's no cvs to use this morning to actually supposed to pick up a prescription. >> this is -- >> senseless. >> she also told us that her -- coming out here she's hoping that people who see her out here will do the same thing, go into their kitchens pick up a trash bag, come out and start to clean
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up here in baltimore because she said that this is her city it's a city that she loves and she doesn't want is to see this type of violence and damage happening even though she believes that there are a lot of questions about freddie gray that still needs to be answered. she doesn't want to see destruction here in baltimore. baltimore city police officers are and out of the hospital this morning. 15 were injured. baltimore police tweeting that several officers are still being treated. chopper 4 was able to capture some video with one of the officers with what looked like a head wound being carried by some of his fellow officers yesterday. a police captain says officers had broken bones. one was knock unconscious in some of the confrontations yesterday. prince george's county police tweeting several of their officers were hurt too, though not seriously. maryland transit police say one
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of their lieutenants was also attacked. police presence will continue today as will presence of soldiers the with the maryland national guard. social media played a big role in the baltimore riots. >> reporter: it appears it played the main role. rumor is on social media is what sparked these riots. the on line call for chaos was to start at 3:00 p.m. at mondawmin mall. hundreds of students made their way to the mall where police in riot girl were stationed. that is where the rock throwing back. reaction was overwhelming on line. you had a range of emotions from disbelief, outrage, pictures like this. many calling for peace and pleas for prayers.
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we're seeing some posts calling for more violence. it's now 6:37. we're waiting to find out whether tonight's or yol's game will be -- orioles game will be canceled. last night, the game was called off because of the riots about four miles from the ballpark. and breaking news on the beltway, six-mile backups, more on this and it looks like we might actually be making some progress here. that's coming up in a couple of minutes. also ahead, a new setback for metro riders the issues that will delay the opening by the second phase for more than a year. we're tracking developments in baltimore this morning where clean-up is under way after a night of fires and looting. the problems they are dealing
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with right now and the message that freddie gray's mother has for the people of
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we're staying on top of breaking news in baltimore. chopper 4 is over the scene of one of many fires in baltimore right now. four buildings are burning on pratt street in baltimore. that's about ten minutes from the inner harbor as you can take a live look here at chopper 4, a city scape. we're hearing this fire is related to the riots. it's time for weather and traffic on the ones. chuck bell is on the weather deck with a look as what's happening outside. >> temperatures are in the 40s and there is just enough of a breeze going on out here.
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you'll need a light jacket outside for this morning. there's a sun rise over washington this morning. it's going to be a partically to mostly sunny today. bus stop cool this morning, temperatures mid 40s right now. you will absolutely need your little jacket for this morning and you'll need your sunglasses for later on this afternoon. but on the whole, no weather-related problems today. i know melissa has got a different story than that in first 4 traffic. >> the crash has still cleared. as you are headed south on 270 or on the silver spring area on the spur and joining the outer loop of the beltway are we are very slow this morning. still have this problem as well in alexandria. north varn dorn street at west braddock still slow right now. that is because of a fatal crash. 95 north, quantico to the
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beltway, a little slow. 270 is slow all the way from germantown to the top of the beltway there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. a big setback for metro's second phase of the silver line. it won't open now until late 2019 at the earliest. official say that's because of the design changes that need to happen for your safety and for the safety of the chesapeake bay. as for phase one, that project will cost $76 million more than expected. that phase should be done by the end of the year. we are live with our continuing breaking news coverage in baltimore this morning where the clean-up effort has begun. the national guard is on the ground and fires continue to burn. we'll also hear from the family of freddie
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breaking news in the streets of baltimore. police trying to restore order as rioters spend the night looting and setting fire to businesses around the city. [ sirens ] the family of freddie gray pleading for peace. >> i want to get justice for my son but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him.
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that's wrong. chopper 4 is over the scene in one of many fires in baltimore. there were new fires set this morning, plus fires overnight that police and firefighters are still dealing with. there was a fire at a rite aid overnight that firefighters are still dealing with this morning. chopper 4 is over the scene trying to get a handle on all the different fires. there were four burning right now. countless fires throughout the night as well. we want to check in with aaron gilchrist to find out more about the situation in baltimore. what are you seeing? >> we should mention as you talk about those fires, the fire department here in baltimore has been extremely busy in the overnight hours with the help of departments from around this area. we've also learned this morning that both d.c. and prince george's county have sent fire units and battalion chiefs here to baltimore to help out with the effort there. those fire trucks as they go out to deal with these fires are
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being protected by some of the law enforcement that have been brought here into the city of baltimore because people were throwing cinder blocks over night. the violence has calmed down significantly this morning. we know that the governor larry hogan put a state of emergency in place yesterday. that allowed him to call up the maryland national guard. they have been on the ground here this morning. the governor has also moved his offices from annapolis to baltimore here so that he can be more close to dealing with the situation here. he's called up the national guard as we said. we have some video of the truck leaving their armory not far from here. at least 100 soldiers on the ground here right now. as many as 5,000 are available to be called up at any moment. a lot of what we're seeing overnight happened while you were sleeping. we know new this morning that baltimore city offices are closed. we told you last night the school system would be closed.
6:49 am
some of the 15 injured police officers were released from the hospital. we know at least one is still in very serious condition. four businesses burned and a new fire overnight. darcy spencer will have more on that in just a moment. a citywide curfew will go into effect at 10:00 tonight for everybody who has doesn't have an emergency or trying to get to and from work. this is a map we want to show you of everything that's happened since the violence started yesterday afternoon. i'm in west baltimore right now. we have team coverage for you this morning. darcy spencer is also here in baltimore. first, though we want to talk a little bit about the funeral service that happened yesterday for freddie gray. his family of course honoring his memory at a service before all the violence broke out here yesterday. we can show you some of the images there as they spoke kindly about the 25-year-old who was -- who died here.
6:50 am
there were also some social media messages that were up on big screens during the funeral services black lives matter. the clergy and community leaders at the service spoke about getting some answers but keep the peace. >> i want you all to get justice for my son but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him. it's wrong. >> a response investigation that's thorough complete real unbiased. >> the expectation is that the u.s. attorney -- the attorney general, loretta lynch will conduct a thorough investigation into gray's death along with the other agencies that are investigating here. again, right now, the city of baltimore under a state of emergency as the clean-up effort continues, really gets under way in earnest here this morning with daylight. that's the latest here in baltimore. back to you.
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baltimore's mayor is delivering some regular updates on the violence. she held a news conference late last night at the site of the fire in east baltimore. >> i understand anger, but what we're seeing isn't anger. it's destruction of a community, the same community that they say they care about, they are destroying. you can't have it both ways. >> the mayor declared a curfew will take effect at 10:00 p.m. tonight. more than 100 officers from our area are in baltimore right now. you are looking at 30 prince george's officers in the city. you can see they are head-to-toe in riot gear right now. baltimore police asked for 5,000 officers from nearby counties.
6:52 am
we got to focus on the weather as well, tom, it's a chilly start and a bit breezy. the winds are dying down. >> they are a little bit. look at some live view from our capital camera. you can see golden sunlight skimming the tree tops. the winds are still gusting around 10 to 15 miles per hour. they will get even bluftier by noontime. we'll stay in the 40s between now and 8:00 9:00 and the upper 60s late afternoon. we'll be in the upper 60s with winds still gusting to around 20 to 25 miles per hour. right now, it's near 50 in washington and right near the bay. prince george's is in the upper 40s. rest of northern virginia allow -- lowdel are in the 40s.
6:53 am
i took a picture of these yesterday afternoon. the pollen count is now high for tree pollen but the grass and weed pollen has pretty much disappeared. it's going to stay rather blustery into the afternoon that will swirl that pollen around and lighter winds tomorrow. the pollen count continues high on wednesday, but then we'll get it washed out by thursday and friday. some likely showers coming through and cooler with temperatures in the 60s. 50s. weekend, sunshine returns on saturday. small chance of a sprinkle with a high near 70. sunday and monday partly cloudy both days. breaking news on the roads. >> once again, this problem on the outer loop at river road the actual crash is out of the way but we're slow for nine miles. down 270 as you are approaching the out outer loop here at river road. this is a slow morning. take a look right here you can
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see you are going 16 miles per hour. in zan dree i can't van dorn street at west braddock we are still shut down because of a fatal accident there. 395 into town is a tad slow. 95 and 66 here no major problems. same thing as you are looking at prince george's coin overall rolling along. 95 in maryland 270 at falls. it is nasty there this morning. in the after math of the baltimore riots, reaction is flooding social media. images like this one, baltimore in the shape of a heart. the person using the #peace in baltimore. more photos emerging that captures the chaos that overtook the city. this one by juliette linderman. and creator of the wire david simon, calling for an end to the
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violence. saying if you can't seek reform without a brick in your hand go home. be sure to follow aaron gilchrist this morning. he is on the ground sharing his firsthand account of this unfolding situation. thank you. take a look at the front page of today's "baltimore sun." the headline reads riots erupt. the picture of a protester in a gas mask. cars on fire people crying. the coverage on line is free today. we're staying on top of breaking news right now. 6:55 chopper 4 over the scene of the national guard standing guard today as police and law enforcement are standing by to find out what unfolds in the city after those violent and destructive riots overnight. school is closed today. baltimore is under a state of emergency. news 4 aaron gilchrist is anchoring our coverage in baltimore for us.
6:56 am
good morning to you. >> the significant imagery is what you'll see this morning. this is the cvs store we saw looted and burned today. these are the good folks of baltimore who said they don't want to see their city destroyed. they came out with their own brooms. they are cleaning up the storefront. they have been in the streets cleaning up as well, trying to get the debris out of the way. trucks have been here picking up some of the debris crews are bringing up. there is still a police presence here in the city of baltimore. you are going to find officers in riot gear trying to make sure that the violence that we saw yesterday doesn't happen again today. we just heard from the mayor, she's in the middle of the morning briefing as we speak. she said they are going to try their best to make sure that city services are able to happen as best they can today but for the most part offices will be closed. again, the effort to try to get
6:57 am
things back in order here. >> it's heartening to see citizens coming out to try to clean up their city. there are people calling for peace and who want to show that part of the story as well. >> absolutely. there are going to be calls to help the clean-ups. we hope to see that today. >> thank you for joining us. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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good morning. baltimore burning. the city plunges further into vi. protesters setting buildings and cars on fire looting stores clashing with police. maryland's governor activating the national guard. >> these acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated. >> were baltimore leaders too slow to respond? survivor. a man pulled from the rubble alive three days after that massive earthquake in nepal. but the death toll there keeps rise risi. one official says it could go higher than 10,000. and near miss. children about to


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