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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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building. and how the child died and what social services is saying about it. first here we go again. we're showers moving through and a dramatic change in temperatures. >> so dramatic in some parts of the state, it is snowing. let's get right to veronica johnson with the details. tell us that's not headed our way. >> no. we won't get snow. talk about a crazy, dramatic change all coming just inside of a handful of hours for folks who went to work. now when they step back outside, they'll need the jacket. i hope you have one. we've been telling you about it since material part of today. we had a handful of thunderstorms here to the north. now the actual weather front starting to make its way right through our area now. that's the line. the showers out ahead of it. not seeing any lightning. just some showers. and it is a bit breezy. right now, prince william county. that little area of rain about
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ready to cross over 95. some more more 301 where roads are wet. and it is gusty. we'll talk about when these winds will settle down and i'll take you hour by hour and show you what you can expect this evening. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we've learned the building is back open for business as after a hazmat investigation. a powdery substance had been reported in the office of mike doyle. the office of barbara comstock is also close by. offices had to be shut down but the police have given the all clear. nothing hazardous was found. new details about an inflight emergency that turned out to be less serious than first reported. sky west flight 5622 from chicago to hartford made an emergency landing in buffalo. the pilot told air traffic controllers the plane might have
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a preferization problem. several passenger lost comfortness. they now say a -- a passenger lost consciousness. ka'ron mason lived if fredericksburg. he was just 12 months old when he died. police believe he died from burns sustained during a hot bath. his foster father david marcussen is now in jail. he had cared for the boy since last summer. the boy had been in foster care since he was born. the department of social services released the statement saying the foster father had passed the requirements. a mother and daughter killed in last month's german wing plane crash were remembered today in virginia. friends and family gathered at the sacred heart church for a memorial service in honor of yvonne and emily. news4's darcy spencer talked
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about the legacy. >> it is still so unreal. >> reporter: jill and other relatives turn out for a memorial mass at sacred heart catholic church. they are remembering them. yvonne was her cousin. >> heart break. shock, tragedy, something, it will take the family a long time to heal. >> reporter: the mass is meant to bring healing to the family. the co-pilot of a german wings air bus deliberately crashed the plane in the alps. 150 people lost their lives. elizabeth is also yvonne's cousin. >> my flower girl. i saw her often. i saw her daughter often. >> reporter: the church family says the family wanted to do something as the search for
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debris continues. yvonne selke was an active member of the church. >> to bring closure to our communal and especially to the family so they have something to so we can gather and pray. >> close to 700 people turned out for today's service. the family says a funeral service will be held but they have not yet set a date. the man who shot president ronald reagan fight to leave a mental hospital for good. during a hearing, a lawyer for john hinckley jr. said that hinckley is clinically ready to live full time outside the hospital. prosecutors fought back saying more restrictions and conditions are needed to keep hinckley and others safe. right now he can spend 17 days a month at his mother's home in virginia. the hearing could last several more days. montgomery county police look for more victim after arresting the man for sexual assault. warren giddings was accused of assaulting a 20-year-old woman with learning disabilities in
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february. police tell us he met the woman online. he is also charged with stealing her tablet. officials fear there may be other victims who haven't come forward yet. >> the thing is this 20-year-old female is a woman who functions at the level of a middle schooler. she has developmental issues. he took advantage of that assaulted her. >> giddings is in jail on $150,000 bond. it is not your imagination. fire incidents have become more common on metro's tracks. documents show there were 108 fires last year. that compares to 86 in 2013. metro will talk about the trend during a safety briefing tomorrow. metro is also working to replace aging equipment. millions of chickens set to be euthanized. up next what officials are
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doing to keep you safe. and a terror plot foiled. how a woman's murder led police
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briel. a woman's murder may be tied to a former terror plot in paris. police arrested a 24-year-old man after he accidentally shot himself in the leg and called an ambulance. officials searched his apartment. found loaded guns. plus evidence he was planning to open fire inside church that's same day. now authorities believe a gymnast shot to death sunday morning is also somehow connected to the suspect. millions of chickens and turningries being euthanized because of a massive avian flu
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outbreak. the center for disease control said flocks of birds in at least 12 midwest states got sick. it is unlikely it can spread to people. still the cdc said it is watching the situation closely and is working on a vaccine for people just in case. the mother of murdered police officer sean collier was so grief stricken after his death, she could not get out of bed for months. that's part of the witness testimony in the penalty phase of the boston bombing trial. collier was an m.i.t. police officer. prosecutors say dzhokhar tsarnaev killed him in a failed attempt to steal his gun and escape from the boston area three days after the deadly bombing. jurors also heard graphic testimony from bombing victims. jay gray is at the courthouse and will join with us a live report in our next half-hour. we had known it was a possibility. the vatican confirms the pope will stop in cuba on his way to visit the u.s. cuban bishops and government officials extended the
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invitation. pope france sis credited with playing a crucial role in the restoration of relations between havana and washington. he is said to visit new york city philadelphia and washington this fall. on september 24 he'll become the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. lost and found. a precious class ring missing for four decades. how a virginia man found the ring and finally gave it back to his rightful owner. and she was just named "people" magazine's world most beautiful woman. we'll reveal who she is and why she says the title is ridiculous
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the man accused of killing his wife in the marylandin dunkin' donuts is being haunted by the fbi. the agents release ad wanted poster for him today. there is always 20,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest. patel is accused of killing his 21-year-old wife. about two weeks ago at the dunkin' donuts where they both worked which is near the arundel mills mall. police say she was struck several times with an object. the fbi says he was last seen near newark new jersey. he was originally from india. he was in the u.s. legally but his visa did end in march. one of six officers involved
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in the arrest of freddie gray has decided not to provide a statement to investigators. baltimore police said five of the six officers did provide statements. police did not say why the sixth officer chose not to give a statement. the update said that a second person riding in a prisoner transport van with gray will not be identified. police will turn over the investigation to the state's attorney's office next friday. a possible candidate for the white house in 2016 is holding a town hall tonight for d.c. residents. independent vermont senator bernie sanders is off a series of town hall meetings on the proposed republican budget. it is a unique opportunity for d.c. residents who have no representation in the senate. sanders said he wants to know what people in this town think about federal spending. >> i'm the ranking member of the budget committee. we wanted to take this republican budget on the road, so to speak, to allow ordinary people to understand what's in the budget and to hear their
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input. what they think a federal budget should be. >> the meeting takes place at 6:30 tonight at st. steven episcopal church in northwest. sanders planned similar town hall events next month. a man and his metal detector helped return a piece of history to its owner. priceless piece of history. a treasure hunter came upon a class ring in fairfax county. it was close to 90 years ago. news4's jackie bensen tells us how they found the family and how this ring is linked to an important part of the u.s. history. >> actually i can show you exactly where i found the ring. >> reporter: when tom coles ran his metal detector over a wooded area on the property he had no idea he was about to find something that would link him to bate of military history. >> i found a gold ring, a class ring. it was a class ring from the
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united states naval academy from 1928. the name in it was william eager and then it had an h. it was all worn off. >> reporter: an nept search led to william howard. also in fairfax county. he is the son of the ring's owner. there he died in 1972 and is buried at arlington national cemetery. >> he says i think i've discovered your father's naval academy ring. >> reporter: howard said his father wore the ring his entire career including when he helped research and design the amphibious craft that would help in normandy leading to the victory. how on earth did it end up in a patch of scrubby woods in fairfax county? howard learned the ring bequeathed to his now deceased brother had been found about a quarter mile from this home which his brother had owned forle years. family members believe the ring was stolen during a burglary in the 1980s. it is likely the burglar discarded the ring worried could it tie him to the crime.
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and there it lay until tom cowls and his metal detector found it to find a patriot and a beloved father. admiral howard said he was last at this home decades ago when he came back today, he said he was surprised by how little the area had changed. news4. >> you never know what you'll find. >> exactly. and take a look at what we found on one of our cameras. the skies around the area looking a little ominous. that's been the case today with the fast moving clouds and the cold moving in. the gusty showers ahead. we do have some cloud cover out there. still need the umbrella a while longer. that's all the green showing up on our map and we have quite a bit of it. a couple hours left here. to frederick, maryland and around winchester. montgomery county howard county still off to the west.
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that's playing into 18 areas of howard county. then more showers through winchester. we drop it to about a 20 to 30% chance. the rain will be ending again as far as the shourds. showers go but not the wind. we'll hang on to the wind at least in the higher elevations. the wind advisories remain for western fauquier county rappahannock don't. hagerstown winchester still gusty. the temperatures went from 74 down to 41 during the overnight. some other locations will be dropping to the 30s. that is cold. and why we said a dramatic change. 51 in martinsburg and there has even been some snow in some areas. if you're going to the game first pitch at 7:05. you will need a nice warm jacket. it will be a little breezy. with the temperatures in the mid
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to low 50s, it will be chilly and turning cold by early tomorrow morning. we start clearing out a little bit. there will be some clouds funneling back in tomorrow. a cold start for sure. and the high spots could see a few more snow showers and flurries west cumberland. meanwhile tomorrow morning, a mixture of clouds and sunshine. especially during the afternoon hours and cannot rule out some sprinkle that's could be taking place throughout the area. this is the rest of the system. the upper levels supporting the system that will be rotating through. it will be a cool afternoon. your morning starts out. 36 to 46 degrees. quite chilly and cold in some neighborhoods. i'll take a deeper look at which areas a little later in the newscast. in terms of what to wear you won't need thick heavy scarf or the umbrella in the late evening hours, a nice warm jacket for sure stepping out the door on
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thursday. a high of 53 often in germantown. 56 in d.c. 57 in la plata. these temperatures are more like march than they are april. a look at your four day forecast from 56 thursday to 57 degrees on friday. there's your average high. typically at 69 degrees. we're there through the weekend. we'll talk about the rain chances. i'll give you a detailed look on which locations we'll see with the wet weather moving through over the weekend. "people" magazine named an actress from the washington area the world's most beautiful woman. sandra bullock won the title this year. she is originally from arlington. her first response was that this is ridiculous. she told "people" magazine her vision of beauty is being mother to her 5-year-old son. virginia's own. there you have it. call it spring cleaning for your health. >> dr. jackie joins us with a look at what you can do around your home. >> and later, why fairfax p
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there are incentives to
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reduce waste. the average new yorkers creates 15 pounds of garbage a week adding to millions of tons a year. right now the city exports some of its waste to virginia. >> in honor of earth day, we're going inside your home. is your house you sick? four ways your house can improve your health. the doctor is a family and allergy care doctor. how do we get rid of the dust and the mold? >> patients come in all the time complaining about the dust and the mold at work. what i need to do is to recognize it is he at home too. so find and it get rid of it. if it is mold you have to cut and it cut it out. if it is dust go after the dust mite covers. keep it as clean as would you like your workplace to be. >> smoking. some people live with smokers. you can't do much about that. >> you can.
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in honor of earth day, how about we ask all those people to have the air clean at home? you have to realize what it is doing. really increases the chance for second hand smoke and poesh you are with causing cancer and particularly asthma. so this is a great day to make that not just outside but inside the home. >> the air is important and so is the water. i use a filter but attempt water won't hurt you. >> it is perfectly fine. it is a good thing to use but if you come upon a pipe that handle been run in a while, run the water a while to get the lead out of the pipe. and don't forget that cold water is better to use than hot. hot allows that particulate stuff to dissolve. use that filter. you don't need bottled water. >> many people use more natural products to clean their homes. how many does that help or do you just need to open the windows from time to time? >> i wouldn't do it right now. right now you'll let the pollen in. realize all those fumes are pretty toxic. again, try to use ones that are
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earth friendly. it is not just friendly for the atmosphere. it is friendly for your own lungs. when you talk about food your points are planting and plastic. >> so first, plastic. you see this again happening all time. people will take food in plastic and stand in front of the microwave. now we've got chemicals from the plastic being heated up in your food and be careful of those microwave rays. be careful what you do with your food. in terms of earth day, why don't we take the chance to go plan your peoplers plan your tomatoes plant your basil. it will be a quick farm to table and you will have control over how many pesticides are being used. >> and do it now in honor of earth day while it is on your mind. >> thank you. up next controversial cases. we tackle the issue in our talk around town segment.
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and the potluck church
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look at the stories we are following at 4:30. a foster father is charged with the murder of a baby boy. ka'ron mason lived in fredericksburg. he was just 12 months old when he died. police believe he died from burns he received during a hot
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bath. his foster dad david marcussen is now in jail. man who shot president reagan spent the day fighting to leave a mental hospital for good. a lawyer for john hingeley jr. said that hinckley is clinically ready to live permanently outside the hospital. prosecutors fought back saying more restrictions are needed to keep hinckley and others safe. and montgomery police are looking for more victims after assault. he was accused of assaulting a 20-year-old woman who has learning disabilities in february. ? new details in the death of a woman in the custody of fairfax county police. police tell wtop they're awaiting report on the taser and the medical equipment used on natasha mckina before she died. police saying she resisted deputies who were trying on move her. deputies have completed the
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interviews. when the equipment test is completed, they can determine the cause of her death. a community meeting in the works tonight following the murder in arlington county. a body was discovered in her aurora home on friday. her children were found wandering outside. there have been no arrests in the case. tonight's meeting takes place at our lady of lords church. frederick police are looking for the driver of a car that hit a person riding a bicycle and kept on going. this happened around the same time yesterday afternoon near broadway street. the the car may have sustained damage to the passenger side mirror. some high-tech lasers could help truck drivers with a notorious trouble spot in laurel. nearly a dozen times a year trucks like this get stuck under a low bridge at main and first streets.
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now department of public works has installed lasers that can detect the height ahead of the bridge. if the truck is too tall, they trigger a sign with flashing lights warning drivers they will get stuck. the driver of a mega bus in indiana will get only a ticket. police cited the 50-year-old driver for not doing enough to prevent the crash. a police investigation determined she did not drive over the speed limit. it found there was nothing mechanically wrong with the bus. the driver crashed the bus into a semitruck near johnson city on i am a 13th. 19 people suffered injuries. and one person is dead after botulism. an outbreak linked to a church potluck if ohio. the cdc is delivering anti-toxins to help trees those people. about 50 attended the event on sunday. many started showing symptoms yesterday. some had blurred vision or
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difficulty swallowing. prosecutors don't believe any others are affected. it is not contagious. ? demonstrators are hitting the streets of baltimore once again to protest the death of freddie gray, the man who died on sunday one week after suffering a neck injury while in police custody. whur's troy jaugstalk with our talk around town. there seems to be a resurgence of these police protests. >> three thing i took away from folks today. anger and resolve and they are frustrate as well. this is something that we've been following for several months. we've been seeing these repeating situations. the shooting of unarmed black men. the beating of unarmed black men. they are saying it is happening across the country. it is something we need to address. and right now as you see a resurgence of these marches, they intend to have their voices heard. i talked to karen who says it is a running theme.
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not just for 2015. something that has been happening for decades. >> just like in boston this police brutality is getting out of hand. we have to hold them accountable. bringing forth charges in the same marijuana, in the same way as if the crime was committed against a police officer. it is so disturbing when an individual particularly a young black man is murdered in cold blood. >> and this is something the black community has talked about for a long time. people are now seeing what they've been telling police about for years. because of the ad vent of technology. these video cameras are telling a different story. >> they're capturing it and it is going everywhere. >> in addition to the rallies, the week long march from new york to washington is wrapping up on capitol hill. there are more activities planned for today. >> there are some marched
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planned today. specifically not only to talk about this ongoing police brutality but also to support the confirmation of loretta lynch. president obama's choice for attorney general. her confirmation has been held up by republicans in congress over abortion and human trafficking bills. i spoke to reverend bryant who is a pastor in baltimore and has been instrumental in both these marches. he says with both the situations going on it is critical for miss lynch to get to work. >> what we're seeing is a culture that has been unraveled. they wanted to say it was isolated. then staten island happened. then cleveland, now baltimore. we're seeing this is a culture that has zero respect fortunate live of black men. this is the new jim crow. >> definitely. people are trying to be focused on what will happen-on these marches. and protesters are working.
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in what ways beyond the marches? >> they're looking for some legislation to come out of congress. that focuses on the interracial profiling. they want this to stop the militarization of police departments. that heavy gear that's been coming from the military. flowing to police departments across the country. they want to put an end to that. and improving the conditions for juveniles who may be entering the system early on. they want to make sure that they are safe and also that they're not going down that path. >> all right. troy jaugs, thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> potentially dangerous glitch and a grill you may be using to cook your meals. we're looking at what could put your safety at risk. plus the big giveaway that is making prom night extra special for some local students. and storm team 4 is tracking the changing weather. >> we have some showers out there. this is our second strong
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weather front in threaten days. the second one is coming through our area. you can see the lingering showers. some cooler air. cool and breezy. coming up the air will turn cold. i'll tell hue could see frost. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising
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crust pizza. no other pizza tastes like freschetta because no other pizza is made like freschetta. and try great tasting gluten free freschetta. ask for it at your local store.
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a warning about a gas grill. >> we were there earlier this year at the consumer reports facility when they began testing grills for the 2015 season. and now, it has uncovered a potential safety problem. this $130 brinkman two burner patio gas grill failed routine consumer test. it is designed to see whether the flame stay on when you drop the lid. flame go out and the gas is still on gas can reignite in a hazardous way. >> consumer reports found the same problem on two grills. it passed on the high heat setting. on low, the flame on one of the two burners occasionally went out. >> the safety risk is low and we're not aware of any injury
4:41 pm
reports but no grill should have this flaw. none of the other 136 grills we tested failed this test. >> the brinkman spokesperson said it meets safety standards and does not pose a risk but quote, we believe we can make an improvement on the crossover channel. consumer reports says it will test the updated grill when it becomes available in stores. until then consumer reports has rated the brinkmann two burner pat row grill a don't buy safety risk. consumer reports does recommend other brinkmann grills clugt this one with the model you see on the screen sold at home depot. it passed all safety tests and costs. 170. if you own a brinkmann two patio grill, consumer reports suggests only use on it high heat.
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now coming up on news4 at 5:00 a bike recall that is tripping up local law enforcement. we're going to tell you which agencies have the recalled trek bikes and what they're doing about it. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send us an e-mail. we would love to hear from you. >> getting us ready for summer. >> it cannot get here soon enough. take a look. these girls are smiling because they will have dresses to wear to the prom and they won't to have worry about how much they cost. the prom dress giveaway took place at chevy chase high school today. the group once upon a prom works to give dresses to girls who can't buy them on their own. the girls behind the project seem to get as much joy as those who benefit from the dresses. >> it is important these girls have a dream night. you wait for prom all through
4:43 pm
your high school experience. i'm only a sophomore and i am already looking forward to this night. every girl is a princess. >> many prom dresses sell for hundreds of dollars in the stores. to donate contact the chevy chase high school. >> it is an amazing program. they've been doing it for years and my hats are off to the young ladies making a difference. the wrong fast food order leads to shots fired. >> what went wrong and how long that angry customer will have to spend in jail. plus major flooding turns some train tracks
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the temperature is heading in the wrong direction as we head toward summer. how long will it be like that? >> we can wave our finger at the wave on earth day. >> you still have some fleece out, right? >> when you get home each day, you're going to need it. we did have some showers across the area as we cool down the green is where the showers are. we have a few pockets where it
4:47 pm
is still coming down. just a little higher a little more intense clip headed toward la plata. then this little area that i'm tracking northern montgomery county northern fairfax, eastbound toward clarksville, toward wheaton, and eventually savage and elkridge. 56 and still hang on for the evening hours. then it gets chilly. i promised you that i would show you the areas where i thought there might be a little frost. for tomorrow morning, these are the locations that could see a little frost. leesburg as it drops to 35. warranton to 36. you can see slightly higher temperatures toward fredericksburg from 38 to 41 degrees. another location the mountains.
4:48 pm
shenandoah 36 degrees. it will be cold there. we start with some sunshine. that's the good thing. maybe some springs and we hold on to that sprinkle chance. the sprinkle that's come through, not enough to warrant the umbrella. a nice warm jacket will be in order for the day tomorrow. here's your exercise impact for tomorrow. the temperatures going into the 50s. we hit 50 degrees by around 11:00 a.m. and we do have some sunshine. more returning to our area that will take us into at least the first part of the weekend. so cooler tomorrow. a low impact type day for us. here's a look at the four-day forecast. temperatures in the 50s. we are talking about some showers late on saturday. i think that will mainly be south of d.c. starting at 8:00. making its way through into early sunday morning. by the time you hit the noon hour on sunday we should be
4:49 pm
dry. that's the way it is looking. a cooler pattern for sure. how long will this last? we'll talk more about. hopefully the rain coming our way won't cause flooding like this storm did in australia. check out this time lapse video. floodwaters turned the station's train tracks into a stream. heavy winds and rain have hit the region for days. 200,000 people are still without electricity. and a different story for folks in chicago. they got hail storms. no sign of spring there yet. the rest of the week will be in the low 50s. a michigan fast food customer gets at least three years in jail for shooting at a restaurant in february. this she fired a bullet through the drivethrough at a mcdonald's after workers got her order wrong twice shelf wanted bacon on her cheese burger when it was missing on the first order, workers remade the burger but forgot the bacon again. that's when she took the shot. today a judge sentenced her to
4:50 pm
three to seven years in jail. now some stories we're working on for you in the newsroom. a special grand jury will consider whether a fairfax county police officer should be criminally charged for shooting an unarmed man. they'll convene this summer. and a sports mouth officer after he shot and killed someone in the parking lot. i'm wenty rieger at the live desk. president obama's nominee for attorney general will be getting a confirmation vote in the senate. they just passed the anti-human trafficking bill which makes way for the vote for loretta lynch. it has been 55 days sense the senate judiciary committee approved the nomination. those 55 days are longer than the past seven attorneys general waited to be confirmed combined. senate majority leader mitch
4:51 pm
mcconnell held tim vote said it wouldn't be considered until the trafficking bill was completed. i'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. private parties in the capitol the may soon become a thing of the past. >> reporter: u.s. capitol police say people have been sneaking alcohol into the u.s. capitol on holidays like the fourth of july and memorial day. i'll tell you how much this has been costing taxpayers and why they're putting an end to it. ? a veteran is being thankful. the harm warming letter that he says he's been waiting for his whole life and the emotionally charged moments during the penalty phase at the boston bombing trial. a person confronts the bomber who changed her life forever.
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4:54 pm
i thank you so much for fighting for our country. your dedication will always be appreciated. >> a vietnam veteran found this on his note yesterday. he said it made his day. he has never received something like this before and is grateful to the strange here took the time to write it. >> i'm very happy that somebody did that for me. and thank them if they're watching tv. >> the veteran hopes for more
4:55 pm
kindness like this from the men and women still serving our country. for the second straight day at the boston bombing trial, graphic evidence and emotional testimony forced jurors to wipe away tears. jay gray is tracking the penalty phase of the trial for us in boston. jay? >> reporter: yeah. it has been two years since the attack but the images are still jarring. even for the jury still very difficult to hear. the music still plays. though the steps are incredibly difficult for the dance instructor who lost her leg in the marathon bombing attack including the one she took today, describing the horror of the blast saying i thought because i couldn't hear myself, i was dead. i looked down and there was blood all around me. several jurors wiped away tears as her testimony continued, describing the intense pain of her wounds and the fear that her husband, still recovering in a v.a. mental facility was going
4:56 pm
to die. as she left the stand, the haslett davis paused a foot or so from the defense table glaring at him for an extended period of time though he never appeared to make eye contact. as prosecutors continued to make the case that tsarnaev should be put to death the defense team working to save his life has yet to address the jury. the opening statement will come next week. >> the terrorists like this gentleman, they want to die. that's what they really want to do. >> something that could ultimately keep him alive. >> the jury won't give him what he wants. they haven't yet in a terrorism case in america. >> though most agree there has never been a case like this one. >> and the trial is expected to last the penalty phase the next three to four weeks. jay gray. news4. 4 at 5:00 starts now. right now, a baby dies in
4:57 pm
foster care and now his foster father is charged with murder. new tonight, we are asking social services how did this child end up. >> this was from today. back toward west virginia. and that is just a sign of the very chilly air making its way in here right now. we have a major, major temperature change moving in. and wanted for kidnapping and sex assault. new video of a man making a run for it after an attack in a local park. pat collins will have the story live. first up turning to storm team 4. fast moving showers and a chilly blast will swoop in behind it. doug kammerer is tracking all the temperature drops. >> a chilly blast for sure. we saw temperature of 74 degrees. that was right before those showers moved on through. once they did, they brought winds upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hour and they brought in the colder air. take a look.
4:58 pm
i'll show you what's happening. we are looking at the number really moving in as far as 50s go. here's where the rain is. we've got that rain sweeping through the region. right now, some of the heavier rain and showers in and around portions of i-270. look at the showers here around howard county. saint mary's county. we'll zoom in. i'll show you right where these showers are just to the north. and just north of the beltway around rockville, and then up 29 toward columbia and savage maryland. that's where the showers are. the cold air is just about everywhere. 78 in virginia beach. 42 toward pittsburgh and 30s in the mountains of west virginia. that pattern change looks like it wants to stick around a while. now to that robbery and sex assault 94 a popular park in the district. and the suspect seen running
4:59 pm
away. >> pat collins is live with the details. >> a kidnapping leads to a robbery and then a rape. a morning run turns into a time of terror. police say they're looking for this man. they're calling him a person of interest in connection with a kidnapping a robbery and a sexual assault that targeted a jogger in the meridian hill malcolm x park. this is how police and sources tell the story. yesterday morning, around 6:30 there was a woman jogging in the park. when she left she didn't leave alone. there was a man behind her. following her. tracking her every move. when she crossed 15th street he crossed 15th street. when she cut through the parking lot of the josephine butler park center he was right behind.
5:00 pm
they say he grabbed her and dragged her into this alley. and over here near this dumpster he sexually assaulted her. steven coleman is the director of parks and people. for 25 years he and others work to make this park safe. in fact yesterday they just marked the anniversary of that effort. >> it was most violent crime in the that park in the region. >> and then this happen. >> on the same day. it is a very sad reminder that our work is not done pat. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll have some reaction from people here in park. now back to you. >> thank you. developing only the, we are working to find out the powdery substance that shut down the cannon office


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