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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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breaking off the top, the inner loop of the beltway is closed in montgomery county because of crash successtivity. an accident. maryland state police said all lanes are closed between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. >> the crash happened at 3:00 this morning and crews took all passengers to the hospital. no word on injuries. we are going find that out. angie mentioned the shut down will continue. >> other top stories right now, new video from the moment that controversial police shooting in northern virginia. police we have our hands on the 11,000 page report detailing why police shot and killed a father.
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>> biting cold temperatures might keep you inside this morning. wind chills in the single digits. the sun might tempt you to step out. they have an eye on possible snow and sleet for the other half of your weekend. good morning to you. >> good morning to both of you. a good saturday morning and clear skies and a biting north wind that made for a cold saturday morning. bundle up before you dream of going outside to get the newspaper. it's a cold one for sure. 21 degrees and that's one of the warm spots. 15 in haegerstown and 19 in winchester. yes indeed, wind chills are barely above this morning. single digits all over. you will need your heavy coat and wool cap and fuzzy gloves and later your sunglasses as well. sunny, but windy and cold and highs inching their way up over
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the freezing mark for a couple of hours. most of the afternoon will be spent in the low to mid 30s. for tomorrow a chance of sleet or light snow and it will become all rain. more details on the timing is coming up but a not so super sunday and we will let you know if that impacts the monday morning commute as well. >> we are following a developing story. you are looking at new video showing fairfax county police forcing their way into a man's home in august of 2013. police shot and killed the man in the accident. the virginia man was not armed at the time. the police releasing 11,000 pages of documents related to the case. this morning a group supporting justice for dear will protest at the town meeting. it happened at 10:00 on old mt. vernon road in alexandria in the
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section of fairfax county. looking through the documents released last night. >> in an interview after the shooting with detectives the officer as he and officer torres encountered them in the doorway of the house. barnes said he said he had a gun and indicated it was on the floor behind him. the documents indicate he said gear kept his hands on the screen door. hands up. gear told him if i drop my hands, i'm going to get shot. gear would presidentically ask to scratch his nose and raise his hands. at one point he spoke in the direction saying can you not point that gun at me. he asked torres to go ready gun with his finger off the trigger and the barrel pointed at the ground. barnes as said i heard pow and described how he fell back inside the house. he looked around and asked who shot and he said to both i did
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it. i'm sorry. my wrist. oh man. i'm sorry. >> they told investigateorsinvestigators, i was missed. he said did you see it sn i said no i was mad. i didn't see what he saw. >> news 4, today. >> officer torres was asked to clarify his comments and he said that he felt justified in shooting because he made a jerking motion that looked like he was going for his gun. >> hetero breached the duty to operate a safe system according to a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman who died. they filed a $50 million lawsuit yesterday. she died of smoke inhalation in the tunnel near the plaza station. it took crews 45 minutes to reach her and the other passengers. >> why did metro not have the train in the station back out so that the train with the
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smoke-filled passengers can pull into the plaza and discharge the passengers sn. >> the lawsuit said that it did not work properly. the arguey accident report was it was foreseeable. >> sentenced for hitting a university of maryland student with his car and driving off. he said he was ashame and sickened. the video said he was stumbling out of a pub last january. he pleaded guilty along group 1 after his prison sentence. he will be on probation for three years. >> all new this morning, efforts to free a japanese hostage being held by isis have come to a grinding halt. the deadline has passed. the group said it would kill both the pilot and a japanese journalist if a suicide bomber
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was not released. they're working hard to secure the release. >> there is new disturbing information about the deadly attack in a paris grocery store earlier this month. nbc news confirms the gunman was wearing a go pro during the attack. he killed four hostages before being killed by police. it came days after the other men attacked "charlie hebdo," killing 12. >> a federal judge is questioning whether the no-fly list is constitutional. it centers around a man placed on the no i fly list in 2011 barred from flying back to the u.s. from kuwait and effectually allowed to return to virginia after a lawsuit. they questioned why people have such few options to challenge their status. the fbi put his brother on the most wanted terrorist list.
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heads up if you are taking metro today. expect delays on the red and orange line trains that run every 16 minutes while crews do traffic work. they will go back to regular service tomorrow. all lines supposed to be on regular service this week. a major concern for parents. the measles outbreak. we are hearing from a mom and dad whose son was hospitalized after getting the vaccine. why doctors are having a hard time treating it. >> why sprinklers could have
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welcome back. six family members were killed when a raging fire tore through a mansion and the cause was an
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electrical failure fuelled by a dry christmas tree. it shows how quickly a dry tree can go up in flame. they believe a sprinkler system could have stopped it. we hear about an apartment complex where sprinklers did make a difference. >> this video shows how sprinklers can diffuse a fire and buy precious time. >> you are almost guaranteed survival with the working sprinkler system. >> this man remembers that deadly fire in 2005. we do too. we covered it. >> the impact on the community with significant power loss and dozens of people were displayed and tragically two people lost their life. >> those buildings were never required by law to install sprinklers at the time. >> there were a number of buildings that did take the lead and voluntarily installed a
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retro fit with sprinklers. >> when a fire killed six people about a week and a half ago, officials were asked would sprinklers have helped? without a doubt they said. fire sprinklers contained the fire and he believes saved lives. >> the sprinkler system a couple gallons of water activate and put the fire out. >> it's still happening at a cost of millions. if you are not convinced that sprinklers are worth it -- >> you can get a one-time 50% break on your property tax. it reduces your experience premiums a bit. over a few years, it will pay for itself. >> reporting there and worth noting the house was corrected in 2005 prior to legislation requiring a sprinkler system in a family dwelling.
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>> a snow day pastime is facing a ban in one part of the country. why they are looking out for your children. >> that's right. we have an extra cold start for you first thing this morning and your super bowl weekend may not end so super. we will talk about the
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the white house is weighing in on vaccinating your kids amid
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the recent increases of measles cases. president obama believes vaccinations decisions should be made by parents and good science. halle jackson reports on a case in arizona that is boosting the super bowl. >> u ria never says no to his favorite game. a couple weeks ago when he couldn't get out of bed, parents thought it was a cold until he woke up in pain with a rash. >> my first two responses are measles? what is this? 1950. he had a shot for that. >> the kruegers did everything doctors recommend. the first of two shots was not enough to immunize their 3-year-old. >> he has never been sicko a stethoscope scared him. >> like 15% of the patients he was hospitalized. >> i had to be there strong for him. i'm crying. >> there is nothing you can do
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for measles rather than make them comfortable. >> benadryl tylenol and iv fluids helped but except for constant visits -- >> they would come in and look at his rash and asked can they take a picture. >> he was isolated from almost everyone since it is so contagious contagious. just a handful of patients may have exposed a thousand others where huge crowds are arriving for the super bowl. >> measles can spread in any setting especially where many people are unvaccinated. i wouldn't expect the super bowl to be a place to be where many unvaccinated people are congregating. >> in california a doctor is refusing to accept new patients who choose not to vaccinate. >> doi what i do to keep them healthy. not vaccinating makes them vulnerable to measles. >> luckily it never got that serious. >> he is happy and healthy and back to normal.
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>> she eating more and playing more. his smile, the only they think is still contagious. >> halle jackson reporting there. >> we have been following the story of a 6-year-old boy in virginia who remains in critical condition after a sledding accident. there 20,000 visits to the er each year from sleddingmany communities are taking ax and argue that the injuries are leading to expensive lawsuits. the city paid out $2.5 million and the city pate more than $12 million. we are waiting to learn if joshua star intends to stay on the job. they obtained a memo detailing concerns. they need more opportunities to communicate with star. he sent the board a memo outlining accomplishments. they have until march to let him know if he will get a new contract. he has another day to let them
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know of his intentions. >> the moncore standards are the set of high quality standards in math and english to outline what a student should know or be able to do at the end of each grade. they voted to prohibit schools from adopting the scannedards unless the assembly approves. they said there is widespread opposition to the standards and now the bill goes to the house and delegates. virginia has no plans to join the 43 states that have adopted common core. >> you can connect an icy reception if you are headed to the leesburg area as ice carvers go head to head in the mega block ice carving challenge. they are hosting the second annual winter ice fest starting at 9:00 this morning. grab your winter favorites as free s'mores and hot chocolate. the cheerleaders will be there.
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hopefully they will wear their sweats. >> no worry about the ice melting. >> no that will stay there for the entire weekend, it looks like before raindrops start to interfere with it in the second half of the day tomorrow. for now if you are planning to be outside, it's the perfect day for ice carving or any of the like. bundle up because wind chills are waiting for you on the other side of the door. here's the view from city camera. a cold start in washington. clear skies and man, a biting north wind. if you were out for dinner and a movie, it was a two-scarf evening. 21 degrees is the current temperature. you factor in the wind and the wind chills are back to around 9. temperatures on the cold side this morning. upper digits and teens in northern maryland. it's 9 in thurmont. the ray in warrenton.
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18 in menassis and 18 in virginia. wind chills all over the area in the single digits to low teens. you will need your heaviest winder jacket and the overall impact on the day, we will call it a low impact as the sunshine will be out. wind chills will stay in the teens to around 20 degrees all day. it's not going to be much of an improvement. hourly temperatures in the teens and 20s and mid 20s to near 30 most of the afternoon will be temperatures in the low to mid 30s. going out for dinner and a movie, clear skies at 5:00 to 8:00. temperatures dropping back down into the upper 20s between 8:00 and 11:00. it won't be as cold as it is because of increasing clouds and the return of a south breeze. no advisories in any part of the news 4 nation, but stormwatches are up for pennsylvania and the
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northern half of ohio and warnings towards chicagoland. that's all for this area of moisture off the gulf and the pacific throwing moisture into the cold air where the snow chances are highest. we will be on the line. what to expect on your super bowl sunday? clouds when you wake up and late morning around lunchtime should start as sleet and snow and will be all rain after the sun goes down tomorrow. it won't be a pretty day compared to today. sunny and breezy and nothing to complain about. we want to have that app ready to go. five different isolated zones on the app so you can have the specifics for your neighborhood. here's the seven-day-forecast 35 with breezy and sunshine for today. 80% chance of what should mostly be a pm mix of sleet and snow becoming all rain. temperatures don't go below freezing. it will be slowed down because of the raindrops around and
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staying cold all through next week and a chance of winter weather on thursday. back to you. >> already, chuck. thanks. super bowl weekend. it's official low here. your super bowl station for the big game. we have you covered on everything leading up to kickoff. >> amid the excitement roger goodell addressing the problems that plagued his league this season. nbc is live in phoenix goodell's state of the league. hi, sarah. >> hi angie and david. let's focus on where we are. it is super bowl weekend and they are saying it's going to be a great game. the top two teams. the weather here the last two days has been gray and grizzly and that shut down the outdoor activities and had to put a damper on enthusiasm. both coaches speaking to the media and saying each team ready to go at 100% for sunday. very excited.
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roger goodell gave his state of the nfl address. in that he discussed the recent year saying it was a tough year and a humbling and a learning year. he pledged continued focus on that new personal conduct policy. there will be a thorough investigation into deflate gate and promised to make the final report public. interesting news from him. speak of deflate gate all of the balls were handed over to officials yesterday. each team allowed to give 54 instead of 12. they will give the extras to charity and the nfl said there will be extra security on the balls until kickoff. back to you. >> i bet there will be. live for us in phoenix. if you are betting with someone on the super bowl and you win, those winnings are actually taxable. the super bowl is the most gambled on sporting event of the year. according to the american
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gambling association, they will generate $3.8 billion in illegal bets. whether it's legal or illegal, they are taxable income. >> and have we mentioned, the super bowl station. just stick with us. game coverage starts at noon and kickoff at 6:30. stay tuned after the game for an all new episode of the black list followed by news 4 at 11:00. >> a college is coming under fire for promoting healthy lifestyles. what's the deal? it's what they targeted that has them saying sorry to students. >> a warning for wssc. scammers after your personal in
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>> back at 6:27. a philadelphia college apologizing to advertising a fitness program to overweight students. they sent an e-mail to students with an elevated body mass index. they were invited to take part in a fitness and nutrition program. having an elevated bmi was required to take part but the school used health records to determine which were overweight. they called it unethical and an invasion of privacy. >> the fryers at many restaurants will be going full throttle in just a few hours.
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you are expected to eat a billion chicken wings tomorrow. the king of wings is preparing. the owner of jimmy's old tavern has been voted the top wingman for four years in a row. >> you had professionals for the super bowl. we are doing lobster, macaroni and cheese and traditional lobster rolls in honor of the patriots in the game. from seattle we are doing the mar shawn lynch beast burger served with skittles. >> he is from buffalo. he even has a chicken wing hat. i like what he is wearing. the traditional hot wings sell the most. they use the sauce shipped in from buffalo. news 4 is working to keep you safe and secure. a warning from a water company. how to know if scammers are targeting you. >> a local organization is
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helping millions. >> a live look over washington. sunny, breezy and cool. it will bite you. chuck bell said we will see it all. he is timing
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breaking news in montgomery county. the inner loop is closed on new hampshire avenue. they are investigating a
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three-car crash. it happened about hours ago at 3:30. all passengers taken to the hospital. no word on their injuries. >>. >> the family of a woman who died on the metro emergency filed a $50 million lawsuit against metro. carol glover died of smoke inhalation. attorneys for the family said the accident was foreseeable. >> efforts to free a japanese hostage have come to a grinding halt. a deadline in a prisoner swap has passed. the group said it would kill both the pilot and a japanese journalist if a suicide bomber was not released. >> looks like we have a cold chilly gusty start to the weekend. >> it is a biting cold out there. >> welcome to news 4 today. we want to start with a look at the forecast. we are hoping that the winds will work their way out. >> we will keep hope alive. a cold start for now. the gusty winds are here with us
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through at least lunchtime. with time the wind will start to lay down a bit. that won't do you much good on a saturday morning. the current temperatures in the teens to around 20 degrees. when you factor in that north wind wind chills remain in the single digits. if you want to paint it that way, they are above zero instead of below zero. that is little consolation on your early saturday. outdoor activities, cold and windy for the front half of the day. temperatures in the 20s through the morning hours. by later on this afternoon, the wind letting up a touch. temperatures should eventual legal make their way up into the low and mid 30s. you will think of it as a windy and cold day. wind chills are not so super sunday in a messy monday morning commute. we will talk more about all of that with chances of sleet and snow coming up. >> there is a scam alert in the area. the washington sanitary
6:34 am
commission sending out this alert to its customers. if someone calls you and said you are getting a discount on water, it is a scam. someone is calling customers asking for personal information. so far there have been cases reported in prince georges and montgomery county and one case in fairfax. >> no matter what the utility and the business and the bottom line is don't give out personal information whether it's your account number or anything else. my personal rule is i don't give out anything unless i initiate the phone call. >> wssc said you should call police if you are a victim. >> the president is coming to the defense of outraged students. that comes after the national chapters of sororityies banned their members from going to frat parties. they said it's unfair. on the grounds of uva, anger ahead of a celebration weekend.
6:35 am
fraternities welcoming new members saturday. it's a celebration known as bid night. sorority sisters need to keep away. >> the students themselves felt singled out and i don't like my students to feel singled out. >> after a widely discredited article made claims about gang rape with a frat teresa sullivan suspended all greek life. they had to agree to several safety changes and were reinstated in time for bid night, but even after the changes, sullivan questions why the national chapters are now banning their members from the celebrations. her words to those young women who feel left out? >> the advice i would give is consider they voluntarily joined an organization and they have to weigh the rules of the organization against what they want to do. >> they said they are doing it for safety but widespread
6:36 am
prohibition may not work. >> you take a data driven and not drama driven device. >> he runs self solutions. his expert cease on eliminating the conduct with data derived from research. suspending all greek while banning them is not the way to end sexual assault long-term. >> think of the university of virginia as a human body. there is a problem. there is a cancer there. it's not scattered. all we have to do is isolate where that problem is. you are not cutting off the wrong foot. >> they have a big game to look forward to. that may be an option for the sorority members forced to stay away from the frats. >> sullivan said the school will be watching watch parties for those who don't have tickets to the game today. >> not all the a, did s you see in the super bowl will make you laugh. one woman is taking calls for roger goodell to step down to
6:37 am
the national stage. >> let's take dome violence out of football. >> that ad was put together by ultraviolet, a women's rights group. they said the commissioner was despicable and disgusting in the ray rice scandal. under the leadership 55 cases of abuse had gone unanswered. they are asking them to resign immediately. this is not the only domestic violence act that will air during the game. >> patrolling the roads after the super bowl to make sure you get home safely. all police barracks will take part in the drunk driving crack down. troopers arrested 34 drunk drivers. according to a national highway safety administration deaths are up in d.c. and virginia. new laws have been proposed in maryland and the common wealthment while we are talking about the super bowl just
6:38 am
ahead, we will see how you are celebrating the big game and giving a boost to the local economy. >> parents at a local charter school said teachers were fired for teaching black history. now find out who is launching an investigation on the campus of the historically black college. >> the sun will be out, about you it might not be the best day to head out. it will be in single digits. really cold out there. timing out when things will hopefully start warming up and the next round of that wintry weather. >> the touching moment a child saw her mother for the first time. the groundbreaking technology that made it i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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a high profile lawyer speaking out about a woman
6:41 am
bitten by a police dog while she was under arrest. what witnesses say she was already on the ground when the officer released his canine on her. he represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. he compared this case to others. >> this young lady is horribly injured. so for you saying it was all justified, people in their family and those communities are saying why is it that values are not valued? >> scheduled to speak at the university before this happened. she is a college student there and a soldier hanging on the reserve. >> a dispute is growing over what is being taught at a charter school. parents say three social studies teachers were teaching black history. the head of the school's parents group said they were terminated earlier for teaching lessons
6:42 am
beyond what's in the curriculum. news 4 learned that members of the education committee are looking into this incident. one parent said she is angry this happened at a historically black school. >> these are black students on a historically black university. if you know your culture and from where you came it tends to build your self esteem. >> you reached out to school administrators and the charter school board several times and they promised to release a statement and so far they have not. >> i'm chuck bell and we are tracking sunshine for today. not so much sunshine for tomorrow. a little chance of a snow flake or a sleet pellet on your sunday for super bowl. complete check of the forecast and
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we have got the "today" show up next on nbc 4. let's see what they are working on. >> erica hill and lester holt join us. >> a beautiful sunrise. coming up on "today," we are gearing up for super bowl xlix. al roker is live in phoenix and his excitement builds for the big game. so do concerns about the measles outbreak. we will have more on that coming up. >> hearing from roger goodell addressing what else deflate
6:46 am
gate and what the league is doing to protect the footballs being used. >> the parties synonymous with the super bowl. we will take you to the hottest ones around. all that as we get started on "today." >> great show. thanks guys. a crash caught on camera. wow. you can see an suv passed a car with sparks flying and causes a chain reaction on the interstate near davenport, iowa. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital and now the man who hooked up the dash camera on his car said he got the camera in hopes of catching something interesting on his video. >> eating is as much a part of super bowl as watching the game. both sound good. it doesn't stop there. people spending big bucks on
6:47 am
team gear and tvs. how local businesses cashed in on the local celebration. >> very excited. >> matthew is so excited about the super bowl that he had to buy a seahawks jersey at hall of fame cards and collectibles in maryland. business is up 25% compared to last week because of super bowl fever. people are buying action figures, stickers pennants watches, even lunch boxes. >> it picked up quite a bit with people looking for patriots and seattle stuff. >> kevin manages capitol lounge the official patriots bar in washington, d.c. on pennsylvania avenue southeast. look at the flags. >> we are doing deflated kegs. >> this bar embraces the deflated ball controversy. cheers. >> we will give out free drafts
6:48 am
and clam chourdwder. >> what are about the seahawks? this is the official bar for the 12th man. >> we are so thrilled to be the official bar. >> julian manages it and this is the real deal. the legion of boom will be here with flags, banners, seahawks vodka and hawk teams. they are giving away free skidles for fans to eat after every marshawn lynch touchdown. >> who is going to win? >> seahawks. >> don't say that to pats fans. news 4. >> all right. we will be pc for that. good luck. your official super bowl station. game coverage starts at noon and kickoff is 6:30. stay tuned after the game for a new episode of the black list followed by news 4 at 11:00 with our all-star team of jim vance.
6:49 am
doug hammer and coming in for the big game. >> on a sunday night. this is probably chuck bell the best weekend for a big game. it is so cold. >> who do you think is going to win? >> i'm not going there. >> patriots. tom brady, you can love him and hate him, under pressure he performed. >> i will go with the seahawks for some balance. >> i was born in massachusetts so i will go with the patriots. they beat my sooners for the championship. no love for the seahawks. all you need is your warm blanky. that's what you need for this morning. you may want to go out with the blanket wrapped around you. it will stay awfully cold. don't be fooled boy a beautiful picture outside first thing this morning. sunrise after 7:00. now early morning color in the eastern sky, but it's cold. 21 degrees right now at reagan national airport. wind chills in the single
6:50 am
digits. that blanket may be an electric blanket with a long extension cord. 9 in thurmont. 19 degrees in oval and warrenton. 20 degrees in spotsylvania. hovering in the single digits and gaithersburg is cold with a wind chill of minus 1 degrees. boy later it will be a full day of sunshine but breezy and a bit breezier in the morning and the wind will lay down a bit. you can see the temperatures are staying alone and the mid 30s at best. for the evening, sun is down at 5:28 and temperatures will be staying in the 20s for your evening. it will be a cold afternoon and a cold night. it won't drop as low tomorrow is what we are seeing this morning. stormwatches are posted in pennsylvania and parts of ohio and illinois because of this next weather maker. the cold air is just far enough to the north where most of what
6:51 am
we will have to worry about is in the form of rain. it may start out with sleet or light snow between noon and sundown. this will change over to rain. future weather for today, breezy and sunny and staying cold. clear skies early, but the clouds come in before you are waking up tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow the computers are not having success picking up on the sleet and snow chances, but there is a real chance for that with the cold air trapped at the surface and the moisture riding in over the top. i wouldn't be surprised to see light snow or sleet. shouldn't be heavy, but should be enough to hear that on the window. it will stay that way for your monday. the seven-day forecast forecast 35 and sunny and breezy no problems. temperatures getting up to near 40. we could have that mix of sleet and snow in the afternoon becoming all rain with temperatures in the low 30s and staying chilly all the way through the next coming week.
6:52 am
>> how these glasses are bringing a mother and daughter meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me and i was like well can you fix it can you paint it back on and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make.
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now here's a story getting a lot of comments and shares on our facebook page. >> a baby girl with a rare disorder is able to see her mother for the first time. kevin has a report from denver.
6:55 am
>> there is something special about a bond between a mother and daughter. such is the case with megan and luis. >> can you reach it? good job! >> perhaps theirs is more special given the condition. you smiling some. >> it affects 1 in 17,000. >> it's a block of pigmentation. >> the condition made her legally blind and her sight looked something like this. >> it was one of the things with albinos that is hard for me as a mom that she never makes eye contact with me. >> for mom, it's difficult. not having her baby girl experience that connection. fortunately megan discovered a specialist in minneapolis who introduced her to a special pair of prescription glasses. >> here's her glasses for the first time. >> it gives me goose bumps
6:56 am
because it melted my heart. >> the moment she tried them on their lives changed forever. >> hi! hi! >> for the first time in her life she was able to see her mom as clear as she ever has. >> her body language changed. she was like oh, there you are. i feel in that moment she really saw me. even if it was a brief second. it was like our moment together. >> the glasses are by no means a cure but she has a better view of life. >> it is supposed to help flow because she is focusing on objects more. she is able to see better. >> you like that? >> so far mom noticed a huge improvement. just watch. >> good job. >> every minute show is awake she has them on. she is doing really well. >> they made a huge difference down the road. but the fact is that this
6:57 am
allowed a baby girl to see her mom and experience something most of us take for granted. >> so many people take advantage of eye contact. it's a blessing. >> here's the story of a mother and daughter and how they both taught us to see life a little differently. >> it was the best moment. i will remember that forever. absolutely. >> for nbc news kevin torres reporting. >> sweet story right there. that does it for news 4. we will be back in 25 minutes with local news update.
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good morning. not again. another round of heavy snow and frigid temperatures set to impact up to 100 million people across the country this weekend. from the midwest to the northeast, up to a foot of snow expected in areas. dylan is tracking. ready for the big game. the super bowl a day a way and we will hear what roger goodell has to say about deflated footballs. will a measles outbreak keep people from going to the game? and will star player richard sherman miss the game if his baby boy arrives early? bruce jenner's journey. the report that the olympic cham


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