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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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that looks anything like that. d.c. is a popular spt and we want them to actually come here. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. it is 5:00 a.m.. good morning, everybody. aim aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for your friday january 30 2015. your top story today is the weather. >> grab the coat and hunker down. the cold is coming before some 50 mile-per-hour wind. >> yeah not as cold as it has been. we are above freezing. so a little bit of that rain and sleet we had yesterday late afternoon, early evening, still kind of wet on some area road but not icy. but we'll stay chilly through the morning above freezing though. and then as we enter the afternoon, the winds will really pick up. and then a snow chance still looking like for sunday into sunday night and monday. temperatures right now we have it in the upper 30s in the metro area. and that includes nearby suburbs
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in prince george's county montgomery and fairfax. near 40 in washington right by the bay. farther west now shenandoah valley into the mountains, most locations in the thirt30s. drying roads for the morning with the breezes that will begin to pick up. we'll have sunshine breaking out mid-30s for the morning commute. and then dry roads for the afternoon, but strong gusty winds. you'll need to grip the steering wheel. winds could be gusting to 50 miles per hour. a look at the timing on when it gets wind yis next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:11. right now a water main break in northwest washington could complicate the morning commute. megan mcgrath is live on 14th and a streets with more on this. >> reporter: well, i've got an update and the's good news to report. what i've been told is that they have actually fixed the leaking water main. so that repair job is done.
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and all they need to do is patch the holes on 14th street. an as you can see behind me here they are making very very quick work of that job. we had two holes in the street pep when i talked to you last. one of them has already been patched up and they're starting to remove some of their equipment. we just have one right here. as you can see, they're aulie at this point compacting the soil so they can put a patch over top of it and allow traffic to once again drive down 14th street. so this may not drag into the late rush hour as we had originally feared. at this point, however, until they finish the patch job, we do have two right hand lanes 14th street and southbound direction closed right around r street. i should mention northbound not affected. those lanes are okay. we'll be keeping an eye on it and let you noknow when they start opening things back up. we still have construction not the quite out of the way
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yet. expecting to clear out here in just a minute though. 66 west at the beltway two left lanes blocked there. that has been the past couple of hours here. 270 into and out of town no problems. 55 miles per hour. beltway at connecticut avenue rolling along nicely, as well. outer loop here. wider look overall no major issues as you're taking a big look at the beltway. and again, a lot of the normal construction we see which just wasn't around this morning. so that's good for all of us of course. prince george's county branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything flowing quite nicely. i'm back at 5:11. 5:03. hork the family of a former northern virginia man are defending him against the fbi. liban haji mohamed is charged with providing support to somali terrorist organizational shabaab. he's been placed on the fbi most wanted terrorist list. he was once a cab drive are in our area. the fbi also ichlti said he has connections
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to a convicted terrorist also from northern virginia. he left the u.s. in 2012 to join al shabaab. the woman of the woman died at l'enfant will file a lawsuit. carol glover died from smoke inhalation. her family's lawyer patrick reagan will file the lawsuit today. we're working to get more details on the claims in that lawsuit. reagan is the same lawyer who represented victims' families after the deadly crash on the red line in 2009. happening today, the man who was behind the wheel drunk and killed a student last year will learn his sentence. last january, liam adepo left a bar in college park. he hit and killed a student cory hubbard as he crossed route 1 and then took off. adepo later told his roommate and family member what happened. more than 20 supporters are expected in court today for
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adepo who faces up to two years in prison. 6:05 now. nationals outfielder jayson werth heads to jail today. he pled guilty to reckless driving. werth was flying down the beltway at more than 100 miles an hour last summer. he will serve five days at the fair tax county jail on weekends to minimize disruption to his rehab after shoulder surgery. he also faces driving restrictions including a six month ban. if you live in montgomery county your property taxes may go up soon. this is according to the "washington post". the increase may lift an annual cap for property taxes. it's a pretty tough political sell. the county face as $200 million shortfall. state funding cuts and revenue losses from the recession are making matters worse. news 4 will be watching for leggett's decision. new this morning, crews just arrived to a home blackened by
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flames. new information about a victim who barely made it out of this fire. they can be a danger while you're driving. we're talking about deer. how vets are teaming up with police and wildlife officials to target deer plus protect you you and them at the same time. and things will get windy today. tom kierein is putting the final touches on his hour by hour forecast.
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northern virginia police and veterinarians are team willing up to deal with a deer problem. the plan hopes to deal with the quickly growing population without killing the animals. the city of fairfax has hired darters. daerts darters shoot thedoes with a tranquilizer and then sterilized. >> a lot of deer get hit by cars so there are health concerns for people. >> we want to stay ahead of the curve and would it as a preventive measure. >> after the surgery, the deer gets an ear tab with a number and a radio tracking collar after some recovery time, the doe is sthen released back into the wild. a traffic alert this morning. you might face some delays if you're driving into the district. the inbound right lane of mass avenue over rock creek parkway south of white haven will be closed. repairs to the bridge will start after the morning rush hour and
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finish about 3:00 p.m.. repairs are expected to be ongoing until tuesday. it's now time to look at our forecast. we've been talk about you how warm it feels today. and it's actually only 39 degrees outside. but because we've had a string of really cold weather, it's a nice break. >> this is a live look into the district for you this morning. tom kierein has your weather and traffic on the 1s. we have some clouds passing over ultimate. we don't have any sleet or rain like yesterday. 8:00 a.m. mid-30s. upper 30s to they're 40near 40 by noon and early afternoon, but winds will begin to pick up. strongest winds probably around 4:00 5:00 p.m.. that's when we could have some gusts howling through the trees up to around 50 miles an hour. it may bring down some tree limbs and a few isolated power outanswer as the system does move on through. all these counties in tan under the wind advisory. noon to midnight.
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including shenandoah valley northern virginia nearby suburbs in maryland, eastern shore. and we'll have those winds canitycan ity diminishing overnight. the next snow forecast coming up. how is the friday commute? overall looking quite good. 66 west of ox road no problems there. same thing as you're taking a look 270 the at shady grove road. all these folks headed southbound. beltway at kenilworth rolling along quite nicely. taking a look 95 in virginia out of town and into town quite good. 14th street northwest between r and s, two south bond lanes blocked for the water main repair. they're making some patches right now. megan mcgrath tweeting about that all morning. alarming news that could make even those who consider themselves casual drinkers think twice. the number of cocktails experts are linking to stroke. molette green is on the scene of a townhouse fire.
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new this morning, a fire in montgomery county has sent one man to the burn unit. molette green is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. yeah this is still a very active scene. fire investigators are still inside. you can see the damage to the top part of the townhouse behind me. the fire broke out about 1:30 this morning. an elderly man, a man in his 70s, suvffered second and third degree burns. listed in critical condition at the hospital. lots of fire trucks. i counted about 7 or 8 of them. and this gentleman who was taken to the hospital is a long time recent of this resident of this townhouse community. there is significant damage to the townhouse and firefighters had to evacuate others from the
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nearby homes for their safety while they try to put out the blaze. joining me this morning to give us more information on this gentleman who tried to fight the fire and suffered those burns is the assistant fire chief, scott goldstein. tell us about his efforts to fight the blaze himself. there as we understand it he was alerted by a smoke detector, came downstairs and discovered a fire in the living room near a couch, something in that nature. he attempted to use a fire extinguisher and potentially a pot of water to combat that fire. both of those attempts were unsuccessful. and during that process, he received these burns that you were describing. one of the components about combatting that fire is it delays the 911 call. the earliest thing that all the residents can do is once you're alerted to a fire or smoke condition, call 911, evacuate your occupants out of the
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structure. and let the fire department arrive and begin to determine the source of the fire. >> good morning, chief. about 75 firefighters had to fight this thing, this fire went to two alarms. again, we're in a townhouse community just off tuckerman lane. back to you. a sprinkler system would have made a difference in a deadly fire in an annapolis mansion. fire official disthis test yesterday to prove that point. you can see the fire start in both on the left is quickly distinguishextinguished while the other fire continued to bush.rn. a sprinkler system would have saved lives. a 6-year-old child is in a coma after a sledding accident in mclean. the boy and his friends were sledding down a neighbor's driveway when he was hit by a car. the driver did stop and helped give first aid until emergency
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crews arrived. they flew the boy to nova fairfax hospital. list say no charges will be filed against the driver. trading in slot machines for table games.say no charges will be filed against the driver. trading in slo 9 commission approved the question for maryland live and horseshoe to eliminate 300 slot machines each. horseshoe will now have 177 table games. maryland live will have more than 200. 5:18. news 4 iteam broke the story on twitter. two d.c. fire department workers are on leave after alledgedly stealing thousands of dollars in gas for their personal cars. a 45-year-old woman apparently used her government issued credit card to charge more than $11,000 in gas. she mostly filled up at a pair of gas stations on pennsylvania avenue not far from her home in southeast. the second employee a 32-year-old man, is accused of making off with about $2600 in gas. investigators tell the iteam that man also sold some of that gas for 50 cents on the dloor the
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dollar. more one-on-one time is coming to your child's classroom. loudoun county approved a new budget that reduces the high school class size by one. the board also approved $3 million to hire 40 more teachers. in addition to new hires, all employees will be getting on average a 2.5% pay raise. the budget go to the board of supervisors next. some maryland lawmakers sent a letter to governor hogan calling his cuts in school funding unacceptable. the maryland legislature's black caucus is concerned about the cuts hurting prince george's county and baltimore county schools. hogan's office responded by saying his budget ensures all students are getting the best possible education. happening today, the faa is expected to issue new rules for droughns. drones. drone advocates say clarity is
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needed for how, when and where the small machines may be used. and because many drones carry cameras, privacy advocates will be watching closely, as well. most recreational drones are legal and most commercial drones are banned but you loopholes have been creating confusion. the rules have been in the works for years. 5:20. in new 4 your health a new warning for folks who take the edge off with a few drinks every night. researchers found increased risk of stroke for middle age people who have three or more drinks a day. this was regardless of their genetics and health habits. having more than two drinks may be riskier than having high blood pressure or diabetes. the study followed more than 11,000 twins for roughly half their lives. watching hours of your favorite tv show is bad for your health. a study suggests that tv binge watching has become linked to depression and loneliness. binge watchers are more likely to lack self-control as well.
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the university of texas says watching tv is no longer a harmless addiction. physical fatigue and problems including obesity and other health issues are related to binge watching. you get sucked into whatever is on your tv and you can't get up. you probably aren't connecting to people, not getting up to exercise. >> moderation. nothing you do in best is good for you. we've learned that. 5:221 is our time. some people and i we're not getting enough snow, but i'm good with where we are. >> tom kierein telling us more about the rest of our day and some changes coming. >> yeah the new models overnight have shown that the storm track for sunday/monday has changed and pushed farther north which would allow warmer air to come in. so it's looking like less snow for this system sunday neat into monday. right now if you're choosing what to wear i'd dress like this lovely drunk lady. wear your the hat, coat scarf
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and you'll need your gloves. you won't need the umbrella today. you'll need your sunglasses. we'll get more sunshine breaking out. temperatures all above breezing from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. we're in the mid to upper 30s to around 40 degrees. some of the moisture from yesterday is just wet on area roads. hour by hour through the day today, we'll have our temperatures still above freezing by 8:00 a.m.. then by noontime upper 30s. that is when winds will really start to increase. gusting to 50 miles per hour during the afternoon with sunshine. back down to the mid-30s by 5:00 p.m.. we'll have our windchills in the teens by then with gusts of wind to 50 miles per hour might have a few scattered power outages later this afternoon. so karnlg your cell phone. as we get into the evening hour winds diminish by mid night. by then down to the mid-20s. by dawn saturday just the upper teens. so quite a cold start tomorrow morning. during the day on saturday mid-30s with sunshine and later winds. on sunday, cloudy upper 30s. but a mix moving in starting out as some snow looks like by early
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afternoon as you're having your nachos and chips and dip we'll be in the mid-30s with light snow. maybe a dust to go an inch on the ground by 8:00 or 9:00. then a mix of sleet and rain after that by 11:00 p.m., down to the 30s. by dawn on monday down to the low 30s and by then we may have about 1 to 3 inches on the ground on monday morning. so we could have some slippery roads to monday morning and some travel delays. then near 0 in40 in the afternoon. tuesday cold again. coming up, a look at where it will be windiest later today. smooth start to this friday morning. 95 in virginia here justnorth of occaquan, looking good. woodrow wilson bridge a little bit of volume, but it is moving. wider look at things, overall no major problems. inner loop and outer loop nice and green. 95 in maryland, no issues.
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bw parkway northbound and southbound hooking quite good. beltway at new hampshire avenue rolling along nicely as well. i'm back in ten minutes. we have a busy friday shaping up from super bowl central. the rain head indoors. there is something for everybody. you got to check this out today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. also at 11:00 tonight, we'll introduce to you a prince george's county player who is now playing for the patriots in the championship game. we'll talk to him and his coach, it's all coming up on news 4 later today. you can now binge watch the super bowl ads. dish network letting you skip the game and just watch the commercials. the temporary feature is called reverse auto ou have to record the game. then on monday you can skip over the play by play and just watch the commercials. >> there are a lot of people who actually will probably tune into that for sure. well, we all know there is a population boom going on right
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now in northern virginia. thousand we have new numbers to back it up. uva's weldon cooper center for public service finds loudoun county is growing at the greatest rate 15.8%. fastest growing city is fredericksburg with a 16.2% increase. on the flip side, wise county at the kentucky state line is losing the most people. you you may be shocked to know that more than 1100 children are sleeping in homeless shelters in the district. that was the count as volunteers hit the streets two nights ago to count the homeless population. homeless families in the district are housed in the old d.c. general hospital and seven hotels. there are close to 3,000 men, women and children living in d.c. shelters and possibly thousands more on the streets in our reemg region. it does seem the number of homeless people is on the rise particularly teens. new concerns about the measles outbreak. the alert to keep thousands of travelers safe. keeping your family alive in
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the event of an accident. a handful of cars that have never been involved in a deadly accident. winds will pick up today. we're talking about 50-mile-per-hour winds in some neighborhoods. tom kierein will show you where you it will be the windiest. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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looking at the stories making headlines a big fire in a townhouse in montgomery county september one person to the hospital. it happened on brewer house road in north bethesda. one woman was taken to the burn center with second and third degree burns. the family of the woman who died at the l'enfant emergency will file a lawsuit. carol glover died from smoke inhalation. we're work to go get more details on the claims in that lawsuit. and you'll need to make more than $100,000 takea year to live comfortably in d.c.. and you'll need to make more than $100,000 a year to live comflawsuit. and you'll need to make more than $100,000 a year to li and you'll n an expensive place to live. >> welcome back to "news 4 today" as we come up on 5:30. want to get right to your forecast and tom kierein. not much wind this morning, but when you're heading back
5:30 am
home you will need that. it will be a little above freezing between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.. winds will start to pick up we may have gusts 20 to 25 by then. temperatures will be in the mid-30s. then stronger gusts, here's where it will be windiest. northern virginia the metro area just about all of maryland and especially the higher ridge ridges. we'll have gusts to 50 miles per hour. that is between noon today all the way until midnight tonight. could be some scattered power outages. so make sure your cell phone is fully charged as there could be a few outages late afternoon and early evening. and by then, temperatures by early afternoon will be up near 40 degrees. dropping below freezing during the evening hours. winds gradually diminishing overnight. coming up next a look at hometown highs for the day ahead. 270 at old georgetown road, no problems there as you're approaching the spur.
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taking a wider look overall, no major issues. lots of green and no problems morning. a lot of construction not around here this morning. 66 at 95 looking good. you can see a little bit of a slow down starting authority boun in dale city. of course we expect that around this time of the morning. 5:30 is when that starts. prince george's county in and out of up to also looking quite good. no issues there. in northwest, megan mcgrath on the scene 14th between r and s. water main break. megan has brand new info about that. >> reporter: good news for folks who take 14th street downtown. we have seen them pull off the scene here just within the last couple of seconds. the two holes that were in the right hand lanes have been patch aed. the water main has been fixed. and everything is getting back to normal. just happened within the last couple of minutes. so no longer expecting any traffic tie ups through the
5:32 am
area. northbound also open. so they made a tremendous effort to get everything back up and running in time for the rush hour and that's exactly what they have done. things back to normal here on 14th street. >> megan, thank you. there are n this morning at the sprl. tracie potts live on capitol hill now. and we're talking more about a health alert here. >> reporter: yeah it's all about the measles. we've been hearing about what happened at sdizdisneyland, but in phoenix, as many as 1,000 people have been exposed. health officials all on top of it, not overly concerned that they will have a mass outbreak but they are certainly concerned about containing it and watching those people who may have seen some exposure. the cdc in atlanta now tells us that 14 states are dealing with the he's sellmeasles and they position it came from overseas.
5:33 am
it is airborne, it is highly contagious. so it's a concern not just for kids but adults, as well. if you can't remember if you ever got the shot, might be worth getting that because if you're good opposed and you're unvaccinated, the chance of getting sick is 90%. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. the recent measles outbreak is causing concern for parents quhoos children choose children are too young to being vaccinated. according to the centers for disease control, 9 of 10 people who are not immune sized will get the virus if they come into contact with someone who is sick. but cdc guidelines say children should not have the mmr vaccine until they are at least 12 months old. doctors will make some exceptions. talk to your doctor if you have any question. you can find the full guidelines
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another cdc got governor. today a man charged with kidnapping is back in rickley senning is charged with kidnapping and assaults judge creighton. because she's a montgomery county judge, they have recused themselves from the case. prince george's county state attorney's office will handle the case.accident happened in may of last year. the hearing will take place this afternoon in montgomery county circuit court. overnight a third person died from a gas explosion in mexico city at a children's hospital. take look at the scene. officials say there was a leak in the hose that a propane truck was using to deliver gas to the hospital kitchen. thank workers struggled to repair the leak before the blast. a baby and nurse were killed. 8 more children and 7 adults were seriously hurt. now to another developing
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story. taliban claiming responsibility for an attack at the kabul airport. a gunman shot and killed three american contractors and one afghan man there yesterday. today the first lady is building support for american's veterans. she will speak to potential donors about supporting the joining forces initiative. joining forces was started by the first lady and vice president biden's -- jill biden four years ago. it helps fund organizations that help service members, veterans and their families. start daging cametoday, your kid can start applying for the summer program. the six week subsidized program is for young people 14 to 21, it's billed as a chance for them to gain professional experience are pick up new skills and network. for more information, check out summer you'll be waiting on platform longer than usual this
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weekend. tomorrow there will be track work on the red and orange lines. trains will run about every 16 minutes and those lines will grow back to regular ser to regular service on monday. news 4 is working to keep you safe in your car. we have a look at the thine carnine cars never involved in a deadly crash. and starting the morning out cold but the sun will come out and tom kierein is tracking how warm tell get in your neighborhood.
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an exploding air bag may have killed a texas man. the man was killed earlier this month when a takata air bag inflated in a low speed crash an sent a piece of shrapnel into the man's neck. he was driving a 2002 honda accord which was part of a recall. honda says it hasn't been able to inspect that car yesterday. if confirmed, this would be the sixth caused by the japanese auto parts makers air bags. and this is a really interesting statistic. there are nine types of cars sold in 2011 that have never had a driver death in an accident. >> this comes from the insurance institute for highway safety. honda odyssey, subaru legacy and mercedes-benz gl. there are other brands too. audi kia, lexus, toyota, volvo.
5:40 am
most of these vehicles are mainstream models and have four-wheel drive. we've listed all of them on the >> and i posted it, too. >> particularly with the suvs they have the ability to apply brakes on individual wheels if they start to spin so you don't have those sorts of accidents like we used to. >> and it's big herger and although sometimes they become overconfident during icy conditions. a live look outside, the picture here not showing too many clouds but of course we're waiting for rough weather to come our way. >> weather and traffic on the 1s. >> and you mentioned icy conditions. we don't have to deal with that. moisture left over from yesterday's sleet and rain still a little wet on the roads, but we're above freezing. we're in the mid to upper 30s. so just wet roads, patchy areas this morning. otherwise the pavement is
5:41 am
continuing to dry out. neighbors north and west of washington will start to drop to near freeze. neighborhoods in the mid-30s. near 40 by early afternoon. then later in the afternoon by 6:00 p.m. it will be down to near or below freezing metro area north and weather, all the way down into the 20s. look at the feels like temperature, windchill down into the teens with those strong gusty winds moving in later today. changing forecast for the snow on sunday and monday, overnight models looking different. i'll have the latest on that coming up at 5:51. have new construction here in hyattsville. queens chapel one lane blocked. that is a cut through people use. # 5 95 and bw parkway, no problems. 270 south, no issues there. beltway outer loop ten minutes on time. on time in virginia as well.
5:42 am
66 east to the beltway, 11 minutes. 95 north, to the beltway, 26 minutes. it is now 5:42. if you struggle to make ends meet you are not alone. a new study breaks down what many of you are doing to your finances just to get by. and how long you'll have until the money runs out. and the president of the university of virginia will be making a big announcement. plus what officials are not budging on in a
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welcome back. we're just two days now away from super bowl xlix. >> and we're learning more about the star-studded halftime show. sarah dallof joining us live from phoenix with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. katy perry walked into a press conference yesterday wearing this fantastic football themed outfit and she came armed with a
5:46 am
marshawn lynch joke. when a roert asked her if she has her eye on any particular player on the field she replied i'm just here so i don't get fined. she promised an equally fun halftime show with football field size graphics a surprise female guest as well as lenny kravitz joining her on stage. coming up today, things are taking a more serious turn. roger goodell the commissioner is going to at the media during his annual state of the nfl speech. this following a seen where it was the off the field actions really grabbing headlines. the league widely criticized for their inconsistent handling of events including domestic abuse cases and sexual assault allegations. goodell expected to taking the podium later on and talking about the league's new policies. >>sarah dallof thank you.
5:47 am
jim handly is in arizona. you can go to his facebook page and read all about his experiences there. he's having way too much fun. we also have some super bowl party ideas on the nbc washington pinterest page. today the university of virginia's president will address the student body talking about new university initiatives. those include new economic environmental and social programs designed to benefit the school and the charlottesville community. meanwhile the national leaders of 16 sororities say that they will not budge on advising members to avoid frat parties this saturday for big night at uva. on this issue, uva's president says students can exercise good judgment and consider each other's safety. a loudoun county man accused in a murder for hire case remains in prison this morning. dallas brumback jr. is charged with offering a hit than $5,000 to kill his ex-wife lindsay. prosecutors sharing frightening
5:48 am
new allegations at a hearing yesterday saying the would-be hit man asked what to do if his ex-wife wasn't home, what if there was a blood bath. brumback's answer i don't care erase them all. lindsay urged the judge to keep brumback behind bars. her current boyfriend says she felt threatened for years. >> she's at the time thatfelt that way since she left always looking over her shoulder. if the phone rings and someone hangs up is that someone trying to get information for him. >> brumback and his ex-wife are reportedly in a bitter custody battle over their daughter. brumback has past ties to the kkk but his current wife says they are no longer associated with that group. more testimony in the murder trial against aaron hernandez. he's charged with the murder of semiprofessional football player oweden lloyd in 2013. yesterday prosecutors told the
5:49 am
jury hernandez's dna was found on a joint found near lloyd's body. prosecutors also say it was found on a bullet in rental car lloyd was seen getting in to. breaking news into the live desk. a hip hop mogul turning himself into police after a hit-and-run accident. knight saying it was a tragic accident. there is the new video just coming in. he drove his truck into a group of people killing one, injuring a second. knight was arguing with two men outside a burger joint, he drove backwards, hit the victims and put the car in drive, driving forward striking them again. the truck was later found abandoned. he's had several stints in prison for drugs, assault robbery back in august. he was shot several times at a
5:50 am
hollywood night club. now it looks like he could be going back to jail. that's the latest from the live desk. today montgomery county wants to know what you think about more transportation options. the county wants to develop a mass transit system independent of metro. you can give your two cents at a public hearing tonight at 6:00 p.m.. you have to sign up by noon today. a newly proposed bill in virginia hopes to ease breast feeding restrictions. if passed, it would allow women to nurse children in anyplace that they're allowed to be. virginia heavily restricts where women can breast feed. current law allow it is only on property owned, lesioned or controlled by the common wealth. natural alliance for breast feeding advocacy claims breast feeding is becoming an endangered practice. we have two school grays. p grant county schools opening two hours late. sfla
5:51 am
. >> and tom kierein back with us. any guesses why? >> they will get a few snow showers. and also strong winds. i know you're both snow lovers. >> as much as a football player love as hernia yes. absolutely. >> i like conversations, though. the receipt kind that sdwnt cause problems on the roads. >> it looks like lighter amounts of snow for sunday into monday. the latest trend for that and more immediately wind. we'll have that picking up by noon into the afternoon. all these counties in tan, all of northern virginia, most of maryland the district eastern west virginia, the wind gusting to 50 miles per hour. may cause scattered power outages. download the weather app to find out where the strongest winds are as we get going into the afternoon and you're away there your tv. right now we're all above freezing. because we had moisture still lingering on area roads and streets and sidewalks from yet's rain and sleet.
5:52 am
so it is still just wet. and will likely stay above freezing for most of the region for the rest of the day. temperatures will be in the mid-30s by 8:00 a.m. lots of sun by noontime, but that is when the winds will pick up. they could be gusting 30 40 miles per hour. and then the strongest gusts around 5:00 p.m.. back down to the mid-30s of a we get up around 40. those windchills will be down in to the teens this evening as we drop below freezing. still strong winds by 8:00 p.m.. but then down to maybe gusts to around 20 miles per hour by 11:00 p.m.. then nearly calm on saturday. love this gorgeous sunrise from yesterday morning. call this raspberry sorbet. there is the view looking over shenandoah valley. tomorrow afternoon, highs mid-30s. sunshine. then we have the increasing clouds on sunday. afternoon highs upper 30s.
5:53 am
good news for snow haters p. we'll have light snow coming this during the super bowl. we'll be in the mid-30s. might be a dusting to an inch on the ground by 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.. then sleet and rain that will keep the totals down. monday it may change back to a few snow showers. by then maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow on the ground around the metro area. maybe somewhat higher amounts. maybe 4 inches or so near the pennsylvania border but there could be slippery roads and travel delays as we'll be below freezing. above freezing that snow melting monday afternoon. then we refreeze on tuesday with highs only near 30 near 40 again on wednesday. and another chance of a mix maybe on thursday. melissa here now with a look at an accident. brand new crash in riverdale, kenilworth avenue at east-west highway, trying to get more information on that for you. and then we have chopper 4 over the scene here, kenilworth at the beltway. northbound lanes, just the
5:54 am
shoulder actually getting by. had some debris in the roadway, so that is completely blocked off on the right side. northbound kenilworth over top of the beltway just the shoulder getting by. 270 at montrose everything headed south looking good. authority northbound no problems there. beltway at braddock rolling along quite nicely. taking a look at 66 headed in and out of town, you're fine. same thing looking at 95 in virginia. slow spot dale city you're going 27 miles per hour there. just kind of around the bend there. and then prince george's county overall being hooking quite good. no robs there. branch avenue indian head highway, everything rolling along. going to get more information on that crash there in riverdale and again more information about the situation on kenilworth. northbound only one shoulder getting by. fwloo you might be one of half of u.s. households going into debt to make ends meet.
5:55 am
landon dowdy has more on a new study out this morning. good morning. a new study finds nearly half of u.s. you households are exhausting their income and savings to meet their annual expenses. average expenses including housing and health care are up 6% in the past 30 years. $51,000. but wages have been relatively flat. if a tip dal household went through a period without a job or income they would exhaust their savings in about three weeks. if the same family cash this had their retirement investments to get by, they would burn through that in about four months. >> that's troubling. landon dowdy, thank you. virginia say the employtate employees could see a raise soon. under a proposal state employees like police officers and teachers would receive an increase of between 1% and 2%. republicans say the total cost of that pay $130 million. house appropriations committee chairman says they can give the raise because state been higher than
5:56 am
expected. a big hurdle cleared for advocates who want medical marijuana. for some it treats seizures without causing the so-called high. the bill goes to a second committee. of aafter 30 years, eddie murphy is coming back to "saturday night live". the comedian could be firming that he will appear on the show february 15th. murphy last stepped on the snl stage in 1984. he became known for his impressions of stevie wonder and james brown and gumby and buck wheat. >> hilarious. >> wooking for love in all the wrong places. >> it's rare that you'll ever
5:57 am
see a production crew filming in the city. and it's not because of security concerns. it all boils down to bureaucracy and money. d.c. council members are trying to change that. they say the first step is to get pennsylvania avenue under local control. they also want to offer studios tax incentives to film in d.c.. one of the biggest benefits it brings hundreds of jobs. >> we're setting up tents, feeding the crew, we need carpenter, electricians, a whole army of people. >> most of the d.c. shows have pretty bad stand ins for the nation's capital. you can easily spot the fakes. >> the most obvious are listed on our facebook page. we're tracking a new story for you from overnight after a fire gut as home in a community in montgomery county. we've learned one person was
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today, a busy night for firefighters in montgomery county after a fire breaks out in a townhouse community, seriously injurying a person inside. we'll take you live to the scene with what we're learn building that victim. a bit of a surprise for you as you step outside as we are seeing temperatures inching toward 40 degrees here in the district.
6:00 am
but it's the wind you'll be talking about this afternoon. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with your friday weather headlines. >> good news the temperatures are above freezing as the pavement continues to dry out. you'll be dealing just maybe a few patches of wetness, not the ice. it will stay above freezing and increasing sunshine. then during the afternoon dry roads, but winds will be getting very gusty. you'll need to grab on to the steering wheel. we'll be back down to the mid-30s by later this afternoon. headlines this morning, a windy afternoon, maybe a few scattered power outages. then snow chances are changing for sunday and monday. more on that coming up this half hour. temperatures right now cold, but above freezing. mid-30s montgomery county upper 30s most of prince george's county. it's near 40


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