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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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270 coming up. new this morning, a two-alarm fire in montgomery county september one man to the hospital. this happened on the townhouse in brewer house road on north bethesda around 1:30 this morning. when firefighters arrived, it was fully engulfed in flames. one woman was taken to the burn center at medstar washington hospital with second and third degree burns. 4:30 is our time. today the family of a woman who dade in the l'enfant plaza metro emergency will file a lawsuit against metro. carol glover died on january 12 from smoke inhalation. her family's lawyer will file the lawsuit today. we're working to get more details on the claims in that lawsuit. reagan is the same lawyer who represented victims' families after the deadly crash on the red line in you 2009. the loudoun county man accused in a murder for hire case remains in prison. dallas brumback jr. is charged with offering a hit man $5,000 to kill his ex-wife lindsay. prosecutors are sharing
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frightening new allegations saying the would-be hit man had asked what to do if lindsay alone. he asked what if there is a blood bath. brumback's answer i don't care erase them all. behind zi her current boyfriend says lindsay has felt threatened for years. >> she's felt that way since she left always looking over her shoulder like if the phone rings at night and somebody hangs up is that somebody trying to get information for him. >> lindsay and brumback are reportedly in a bitter custody battle over their daughter. brumback has past ties to the kkk, but his current wife says that is behind him. nationals outfielder jayson werth heads to jail today. he pleaded guilty to reckless driving. he'll serve five days on
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weekends to minimize disruption to his rehab after shoulder surgery. he also faces driving restrictions including a six month ban. >> time to look at our forecast. a lot of people saying it felt warmer this morning. >> what are we at 38? that's warmer than it was this time yesterday. still 30 something, though. tom kierein has your weather headlines. >> it's above freezing so that's great news because many area roads are still damp but no patchy ice because temperatures are aboutve freezing. way out in oakland, it's at 23. but it will be hovering in the mid-30s to near 40 over the next hour or so. later today, the winds pick up and it gets colder. so wear your warm coat hat gloves. you won't needs the umbrella. you'll need some sunglasses as we'll have bright sunshine breaking out by later this morning and into the afternoon. for the drive time this morning, we'll have drying roads with temperatures mid-30s
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much of the morning commute. then during the afternoon commute, that's when we'll have the strong wind gusts. if you're driving a high profile vehicle, you'll notice things rocking and rolling because we'll have gusty winds. but the roads will be dry. back down to the mid-30s by then. a look at hometown highs for the day ahead, that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. when we came in this morning it wasn't quite as cold not so terrible here. 270 at old hundred road everything flowing just fine. all these folks headed southbound. 95 in maryland and bw parkway into and out of town everything there is actually looking quite good. still have a situation 66 west at the beltway, two left lanes blocked and that is supposed to be some construction that is in the way until about 5:00 this morning. so no big deal, but it should be out of the way in just a little bit. and this water main where megan is 14th street between 4 and s, two southbound lanes blocked for you. so we'll keep you updated on
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twitter about that throughout the morning. i'm back with a live picture of 66 coming up. it's 4:34. this morning we're learning more about a local man now on the fbi most wanted terrorist list. mohamed is charged with providing support toing a al shabaab and he also has connections to a convicted terrorist. his people says the terrorist allegations have no basis in fact. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following a developing story in afghanistan. a man dressed as a police officer storms a military section near an airport and kills three american contractors. there was one afghan man that was also kill and a fourth american that was injured here. this all unfolding in the north kabul international airport, a military section right next to that airport. now, initially it looked like an insider attack from a police officer, but now investigators
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have been able to determine that this was a taliban fighter. and it was dressed as a police officer to pull off the attack. it's 4:35. today a man charged with a kidnapping of a montgomery county judge is back creighton is a montgomery county judge, so the montgomery county state's attorney's office has recused itself from the case.prince george's county state's attorney's office will handle it. he got behind the wheel drunk and killed a student at the university of maryland. today lee am a depo will learn his sentence. he left a bar in college parg and hit and killed cory hubbard as he crossed baltimore avenue and then he took off. he later told a roommate and family member what happened. more than 20 supporters are expected in court today. he fays up to two years. a sprinkler system would have practice a difference at a deadly fire at an annapolis
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mansion. montgomery county fire officials did this test yesterday to prove that point. you can see a fire start in both rooms. the fire is quickly extinguished by a sprinkler system while the other fire continued to burn. inbound right hand lane of mass avenue south of white haven street will be closed. repairs to the bridge there will start after the morning rush hour about 10:00 a.m. and repairs around 3:00 p.m.. repairs will be ongoing until tuesday. you'll be waiting on the platform longer than usual this weekend on metro. tomorrow there will be track work on the red and orange lines. trains will run every 16 minutes and those lines will foe back to regular service on sunday. all other metro lines will run on regular service all weekend. starting today, your kids
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can start applying for a summer job. it's a six week subsidized program for young people ages 14 to 21. it's billed as a chance for them to gain experience pick up some new skills and to network. for more information, you can check out summer jobs a franktic search coming you. and tom kierein is tracking how warm it will get. and we're crunching the numbers on how much you have to make to enjoy living in the nation's biggest cities. if you feel like you don't make enough, you might be right.
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>> new information about a dwedly blast in mexico city. we now know what may have caused it. a leak in a hose servicing the hospital. they were trying to repair the leak and then suddenly xtthe explosion. three killed 70 others hurt. as of right now no evidence of any wrongdoing. we'll stay on top of it from the live desk. 4:40. today the faa is expected to issue new rules for drones. as you know a drone crashed at the white house on monday.
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just the latest incident for dren technology. drone advocates say clarity is needed for how, when and where the small machines may be used. and because many drebs carry cameras, privacy advocates will be watching closely, as well. most recreational drones are legal and most commercial drones are banned but loopholes have created some confusion. these rules have been in the works for years. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1st.. 38 degrees outside our studios. >> tom kierein is tracking your weather for us. >> good morning. happy friday. starting off, we have a lot of clouds around but don't have any more sleet or rain like we did overnight. temperatures have stayed above freezing, so any moisture left on the roads is just wet. and it should stay that way through the morning commute. we're in the upper 30s to near 40. here are future temperatures. by the time we get to noontime neighbors north and west of washington may be dropping to near freezing. right around the metro area, it should be mid and upper therts
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near 40 degrees to our south. then temperatures by late afternoon, by 6 ook p.m. we'll be getting down below freezing down into the 20s north and west neighborhood shenandoah valley only in the mid-20s. teens in the mountains. mid-30s just to our south. windchills will be in the teens by later this afternoon. look at our snow chances, things have changed overnight. we'll look at that for sunday into monday. coming up at 4:51. now what is going on on 95? brand new problem right lane blocked a medical emergency has the police and fire off to the right side of the roadway. so you might see that if you're heading out anytime soon. 395 north at shirlington, still have the accident on the shoulder. shouldn't be blocking things too much. 66 headed into town, out of town you're completely fine either way. no issues there. and then a wide look at things overall actually looking quite good. live picture of 66 doing up. new concerns about the measles outbreak. the alert going out this morning
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to keep thousands of travelers safe. keeping your family alive in the event of an accident. a handful of cars which have never been involved in a
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japanese officials say there is no new information about the possible priz they are swap for a japanese journalist jordanian pilot and iraqi woman. ed the can deadline passed yesterday and since then no new information has surfaced about a new deal. japan saying that it has strong trust in jordan to help save the japanese hostage. the japanese journalist and the jordan yan pilot was to be released in exchange for an ragky woman behind a hotel woman
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bombing in 2005. when asked about the well-being of the two hostages being held by isis, japanese authorities say they cannot comment because of the sensitivity of the negotiations whether or not they are going on or not. >> richard jordan thank you. a 6-year-old child is in a coma after a sledding accident. the incident happened on matthews mill road in mclean. police say the boy and his friends were sledding down a neighbor's driveway when he was hit by a car. the driver helped give emergency aid until police arrived. no charges will be filed against the driver. news 4 iteam broke the story on twitter. two d.c. fire department workers on leave after alledgedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of gas for their personal cars. a 45-year-old woman apparently used her go. issued credit card to charge more than $11,000 in gas. she mostly filled up at a pair
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of gas stations on pennsylvania avenue not far from her home in southeast. the second employee, a 322-year-old man, is accused of making off with about $2600 in gas. investigators tell the iteam that man also sold some of that gas for 50 cents on the dollar. new this morning, more one-on-one time coming to your child's classroom in loudoun county. the school board approved a new budget. it restores summer school and reduces the average class size, high school class size, by one student. the board also approved $3 million to hire 40 more teachers. in addition to the new hire, all employees would be getting on average a 2.5% pay raise. the budget gois to the board of supervisors next. we all know there is a population boom going on right now in northern virginia. thousand we have new numbers to back it up. uva's well done cooper center for public service finds loudoun county is growing at the greatest rate across the state.done cooper center for public service finds loudoun county is growin.
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on the other side, wise county at the kentucky state line is losing the most people. you may be shocked to know that more than 1100 children are sleeping in homeless shelters in d.c.. that was the count last night as volunteers hit the streets to count the homeless population. the night before i should say. homeless families in the district are housed in the old d.c. general hospital and seven hotels. there are low to 3,000 men and women and children living in d.c. shelters possibly thousands more living on the streets in our region. despite the national progress it seems in d.c. the number of homeless people is on the rise particularly teenagers with no place to live. a developing story this morning as we learn exploding air bag may have killed a texas than. the man was killed earlier this month when a takata air bag inflated in a low speed crash and sent a piece of shrapnel into the man's neck. he was driving a 2002 honda accord which was part of a 2011 recall. honda says it has not been able to inspect the car yet.
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if confirmed, will deathh this death would be the sixth worldwide caused by the japanese auto parks maker air bag. an amazing statistic morning. there are nine types of cars sold in 2011 take have never been involved in a fatal crash. >> most of these cars are mainstream models and most have four-wheel drive. so which cars are we talking about? honda odyssey, subaru legacy and mercedes-benz fwchlt l suv. other brands that make the list audi kia, lexus, toyota and volvo. we put all nine makes and models on check out whether your car shows up on the list. 4:49. just two days away from the showdown between the patriots abz the and the seahawks. this morning there is a new concern that has nothing to do with concern, it's actually a health concern. that's after seven people in arizona came done with that highly contagious measles virus.
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that could threatenen some of the hundreds of thousands of people flying in to phoenix this weekend. clinics all over the area taking necessary precautions posting signs, warning that a runny nose, cough and fever could be more than a cold. >> rep have a busyis siusy friday shaping up. the rain is rolling in so we're headed indoors. there is something for everybody. tonight at 11:00, we'll introduce to you a prince george's county player who is now playing for the patriots in the championship game. we'll talk to him and his coach, all coming up on news 4 later today. a new report says you will need more than $100,000 to live comfort bring in the district of columbia. 108, $092 to be exact. cheat sheet put out that route. it says at least a half a million households in d.c. earn at least $150,000 a year. that's the third highest household income in the country. still the census bureau says the
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median income the last time they counted a couple years ago was $66,000 roughly. >> that's a big number. i had no idea. >> amazing. >> it's expensive to live in d.c. for sure. as we're talking about our weather here tom, my goodness it's sad when we think 36 feels warm. >> well, our beds get acclimated by this time of the winter. and it's been in the teens, we kind of get used to that as being super cold when it's in the mid-30s didn't feel so bad. and that's where we are right now. but the big story later today, the winds. they are going to bring back those teens by overnight tonight. strong gusty winds will get going here by around noontime. and really maybe strongest guests up to around 50 miles per hour. take will be during the afternoon, probably the strongest gusts toward the end of the afternoon into early this evening. all these counties in tan, northern virginia, east/west virginia all of maryland, the district of columbia all under a wind advisory from noon to
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midnight today. temperatures are above freezing. shenandoah valley all the way to the bay, we're in the 30s mid to upper 30s, only spot below freezing is in thur month, northern frederick county and way out in oakland in garrett county and western. and i'm going to sneeze. i think it went by. western maryland. and then as we -- you know how they sneak up on you. as we take a look at the forecast for today, we'll still be above freezing by 8:00, then by noontime, that's when the winds will pick up. we'll be in the upper 30s, but it will feel colder only in the 20s for windchills. and then the winds will be whipping in by 5:00 p.m. mid-30s. may briefly touch 40. then overnight tonight, the winds still whipping in through early evening, but below freezing near 30 by 8:00 p.m. by midnight the mid 20s. then the winds will be diminishing. after that going almost calm by dawn on saturday but only in the teens tomorrow morning. post your pictures like candace did of this gorgeous sunrise. this was taken yesterday in
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front royal, virginia. thank you very much. i may need this later. an as we get into -- melissa always has my back. as we get into sunday that's when we have the increasing clouds. last couple days, it was looking like a quite baitit of snow. but right now maybe a dusting toen a inch by 8:00 or the9:00. maybe another inch by dawn on monday. so maybe only a couple inches in the metro area. maybe a little bit more north and west. cold after that. highs in the 20s on tuesday. wednesday up near 40 again as well as thursday. might get a mix on thursday. so stay tuned. thank you and ga zun height. >> as my german mother used to say. do have this situation still in northwest. just spoke with megan mcgrath. 14th street two southbound lanes
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blocked. right now the repair the patching portion, is just under way. so the repair has been made. did it you you hear him? he's blowing his nose. at least he's using something that i gave him. 66 road no problem there is. beltway moving along nicely. beltway at st. barnabas rolling along nicely as well. we're back 5:01. hopefully everyone has blown their nose. >> love the teamwork. thank you, guys. to make up for state budget cut, firs in montgomery county want to pass the costs on to you. the bill you could see increase. and moves are being made to lift restrictions on nursing mothers in virginia. the new freedoms moms and lawmakers are winning their fight for.
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welcome back at 4:57. a newly proposed bill in virginia hopes to ease breast feeding restrictions in public areas. if passed the bill would allow women to nurse children in anyplace that they are legally allowed to be. virginia is one of three states that heavily restricts where women can breast feed. current law allows breast feeding only property is that is owned, leased or rolled by the commonwealth. the national alliance for breast feeding advocacy claims breast feeding in the u.s. is becoming an endangered practice. a big hurdle has been
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cleared for marijuana in virginia. a state senate committee has approved legalizing two derivative gsz of the plant for treating epilepsy. last week news 4 brought you emotional stories of families of children who use cannabis oil for some it streets seizures without causing the so-called high. the bill now goes to a secretary committee second committee. k "saturday night live". the comedian confirmed he will appear on the show's 40th anniversary special on february 15th. murphy last stepped foot on the snl stage in 1984 in his four year run of the show murphy became known for some impressions of stevie wonder james brown and bill cosby. and gumby.gend for sure. it's rare that you'll ever
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see a production crew filming in the district. it's not because of security concern, it all boils down to bureaucracy and money. leak everything like everything else. d.c. council members trying to change that. the first step is to get pennsylvania avenue uncan tr local control. he theys want to offer studio tax incentives to film in the district. one of the biggest benefits it brings hundreds of jobs to our area. >> when we do big shoots we're setting up tents, treating the crew there the actors there. we need port take port a whole army of people. most shows have pretty bad stand dr ins for the nation's capital. you can see the list of most obviously fake d.c. sets on our nbc washington facebook page. i remember watching scandal one night and they were in the metro system and i was like there is no part of our metro -- >> look that looks anything like that. d.c. is a popular spt and we want them to actually come here.
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stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. it is 5:00 a.m.. good morning, everybody. aim aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for your friday january 30 2015. your top story today is the weather. >> grab the coat and hunker down. the cold is coming before some 50 mile-per-hour wind. >> yeah not as cold as it has been. we are above freezing. so a little bit of that rain and sleet we had yesterday late afternoon, early evening, still kind of wet on some area road but not icy. but we'll stay chilly through the morning above freezing though. and then as we enter the afternoon, the winds will really pick up. and then a snow chance still looking like for sunday into sunday night and monday. temperatures right now we have it in the upper 30s in the


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