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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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mainer hi little sisters and their parents escaped only seconds before. a back taillight the only part of the car not submerged. a water main break on the road set off the disastrous chain of vents. walter from the broken 12-inch pipe underground rushed in every direction, into a newly finished basement. >> something in my mind told me why don't you go to your basement. when guy in my basement it was water everywhere. >> reporter: the family that escaped their car lost their vehicle and their home is flooded. they trudged through the wet street in the dark night carrying what they could of their belongings. >> a car was sitting on top of it so when the ground and asphalt got washed away, the car basically dropped into that area. >> reporter: with a huge mole in the middle of the street many are wondering what's next. tonight at 6:00 we'll talk about the sinkhole, the repair and
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there was any more danger. live in bladensburg, kristin wright. we've already seen hundreds of water main breaks in the area. we'll break down the numbers and try to explain how they compare to last year. a leaking pipe called this mess in the middle of k street in downtown d.c. today. water came bubbling up a manhole in the middle of to a crosswalk. no businesses or offices in that area lost water or water pressure. d.c. water says it started with a leak in a 30-inch pipe. crews are digging up the ground near that pipe to try to find the source of that leak. some people in springfield had to do some shoveling this morning but it is the cold that is impacting the water mains right now. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to talk about the cold weather and what we can expect. >> things will get a lot colder. would not be surprised to see a few more water main breaks across our region as
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temperatures drop well below the teens. on the radar, not a whole lot happening. wasn't too far for snow. gaithersburg picking up 3.5 inches burke at 3 inches last night. martinsburg, 4.3. not too bad on the storm. shower activeity coming fru loudoun county. these are very light snow showers, flurries that will pass to the south. you may see them in manassas in the next hour or so. it's all spinning around that big area of low pressure. you can continue to see the blizzard really continuing to pound the boston area already over 30 inches of snow in many portions of that region. blizzard warnings up towards maine. this evening we'll be seeing
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temperatures that will continue to drop. it will be cold tonight so heading into the city, 33 at 7:00 31 by 9:00 30 degrees by 11:00. a very cold day tomorrow windchills in the single digits. those are coming up. up in massachusetts, thousands still without power as that snowstorm packed some near hurricane-force winds, really walloped the coastal communities there. police tweeted out pictures of the conditions. it forced evacuations on the island of nantucket. the waters there surging seven feet in some low-lying areas. the power and the cell phone service was cut to the entire island. we've been monitoring the storm's impact on travel from flights to bus rides. transportation reporter adam tuss has the latest on how travelers have been and will be affected. >> i'm getting live updates on flight delays and cancellations on my ipad. take a look. saying more than 200 cancellations today at our local airports. we'll take a look at what's going on in the d.c. region.
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baltimore, washington international, dca and iad. we have a number of cancellations. from new york city down into d.c. we're also monitoring bus service. now, both buses canceled all service to the northeast corridor today and tomorrow. greyhound hasn't said how service will be impacted tomorrow but the d.c. area was not impacted today. moose bus suspended service today but says it will resume normal service tomorrow. now to amtrak just in the last few hours the rail service announced it will operate on a nornl normal schedule tomorrow for routes between new york and d.c. but trains will be on a modified schedule with reduced frequencies between new york and boston. we'll continue to keep track of any travel updates and put them on and our app. he's no stranger to tragedy on the rails. tonight a local attorney who remitted families of riders killed in the 2009 red line
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crash is now very much involved in the deadly smoke incident at l'enphant plaza. news4 news4's pat collins joins us live with details. pat? >> reporter: powerhouse attorney patrick regan is on the case now. he's representing the family of the woman who died in that yellow line incident. and he had some strong worlds about what happened here. >> you have to get folks out of there safely and quickly and nothing went right. everything they did do went -- they did wrong. >> reporter: the words of patrick regan. he was traveling today. i talked to him by phone. regan, an accomplished high-powered attorney now representing the family of carol glover. she's the woman who died in that l'enphant plaza metro incident. at district court this week regan says he plans to file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit on behalf of the glover family.
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>> they should have been able to get these people out of that train long before carol glover suffered any injury never mind passed away. >> reporter: 61-year-old carol glover was a commuter in that smoke-filled yellow line train back on january 12th. passengers were trapped for more than 30 minutes before rescue workers came to their aid. fellow riders tried to save carol glover's life but it was not to be. she was a mother grandmother, longtime federal contract worker. corinne inman is carol glover's mother. she says she hopes her daughter's death will lead to some safety changes in the metro system. >> her purpose was to make a change somewhere in somebody else's life and this is a change that's coming. the change is coming. >> reporter: do you think her death will result in a safer -- >> yes. i really do.
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>> reporter: a safer subway system? >> yes. >> reporter: there were scores of people injured on that yellow line train on that january 12th day. there are a number of civil suits in play. live on l'enphant plaza, pat collins, news4. metro is running smoothly this afternoon. a problem at the east falls church station is fixed. service slowed on the orange and silver lines because of a broken rail. metro was single tracking trains while the rail was replaced. officials say everything is fixed now and service is back on schedule. and a young woman who was charged in the murder of virginia teenager is about to be sentenced. prosecutors tell us that deander samuels pled guilty to second-degree murder in the death of kenny diaz. she and her friend confronted diaz and his friends in 2013 after an alleged drug-related robbery. they say samuels and the others abducted diaz took him to a park where they stabbed him to death. samuels will be sentenced in may.
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this could be a big moment for the washington area and the military community. we've learned the washington navy yard building 197 is going to reopen next week. scott mcfarlane was first report this story on twitter and has the new details. >> reporter: technically the u.s. navy takes possession of building 197 back from the contractors who have been refurbishing it on saturday but the first employees to arrive and take their new space in the building happens monday. there will be an 8:00 a.m. ceremony reopening building 197. the command of naval sea systems command will speak at the event. and 400 employees, human resources employee will move in for their first day on the job in the new building 197. we're told 400 more employees will move back in each week until all 4,000 employees of unit are back inside building 197. the i team has showed you some of the renovations inside the building. they have been exhaustive. they have taken months. we've also shown you the temporary headquarters at which naval sea systems command has been housed in recent months
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so-called nav-sea west an old coast guard building in southwest d.c. $63 million in cost to renovate building 197. workers will find a new cafeteria, new office spaces new cubicles and a new remembrance area in honor of the 12 people shot and killed here in 2013. new details about the desertion charges that are expected against army sergeant bowe bergdahl. nbc news has learned that he is not expected to face the lesser offense of awol because he allegedly abandoned his post in a combat zone. the pentagon says no decision has been made. bergdahl was captured by the taliban soon after he left his remote army outpost in 2009. he was held for five years before president obama agreed to a prisoner swap. comments on our facebook page show people in our area hold strong opinions about bergdahl. a high school football player is accused of shooting
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two of his teammates. we'll find out how the school community is reacting to this as we learn more detills about where the teenager got the gun. and d.c. is losing money by the millions. find out why some of that is being blamed on the city's speed cameras.
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for the second time in less than four months an armed robber has hit the same gas station in old town alexandra. the first time a cashier was shot. last night, the robber got away with some cash. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with a look at how quickly this robbery went down. >> well they are still a little shell-shocked here tonight at this liberty gas station. it seems unlikely place for an armed robbery. take a look right along side busy washington street in old town. but last night it took less than a minute for an armed robber to target this gas station yet again. it was rush hour still snowing a bit, when the robber took advantage of a rare quiet moment at this liberty station in old town. this surveillance video shows him approach the cashier, show a gun, get the money all-around run away down washington street. it's the second time since
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october this the station has been hit. last time it was even worse. that armed robber shot the cashier. station owner dennis cane didn't want his face shown on camera this time. he's shaken by what's happened -- twice. >> makes you wonder about the safety of your employees at any given time since this was much earlier than the last robbery. >> reporter: the october armed robbery took place around 11:30 p.m. fortunately the cashier who was shot has recovered physically. this time a more brazen strike 6:30 p.m. cane thinks the man had already cased the station. >> i think he was familiar with our place. he's been in here. he knew where my cameras were. so from the looks of the way he was acting. >> reporter: today in alexandria, a police detective met with the gas station owner. it's believed police are looking for two different suspects. longtime customers were surprised of news of the holdup. >> i think it's sad. i think it's terrible. >> alexandria is a pretty safe
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place. it's unfortunate they target family owned places like the liberty station. the people that run this do it at a great service, a great price, they work hard six, seven tays a week. break misheart. >> reporter: coming up a look at where armed robberies are becoming increasingly dangerous. julie carey, news4. the wild weather of this winter has left behind a mess along the east coast. here's what it looks like in north carolina right now. many kids woke up to a snow day. the weather also caused some travel problems in the form of slick roads and whiteout conditions. things are not much better in maine. by the time snow is done up there, they could be dealing with 2 feet. 60-mile-an-hour winds is making everything worse. everything is shut down throughout the state. the state police say there have been no major accidents because people for the most part are staying off the roads. shredders head to the hills of wolf trap when the snow piles
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up. riders say the runs are long and smooth and the hills are wide so lots of folks can sled at the same time. one parent calls it the perfect blending of speed and safety. among those who had to brave the elements to get to work in the middle of the blizzard were of course medical workers. one of the emergency medicine doctors cross-country skiing to get to the hospital. another photo shows a nurse with a police officer thanking him for helping her get there safely. >> doug has the latest on the weather. things have calmed down and thawed out a little. >> and now they're about to refreeze. that is just the cold air coming in here. you had that cold air with a little wind and windchills that may drop all the way into the single digits by early tomorrow morning. most of it melted during the day today. 35 degrees, wind out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour.
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we're already looking at windchills in the mid-20s. doesn't temperature 28 in gaithersburg 30 degrees toward winchester 35 towards the fredericksburg area. well eel continue to drop as we move through the evening. it will be a cold evening. still a couple of light flurries or snow showers up towards hagerstown, a couple down through louk and faulkier county most of this very light. you'll see a flurry here, a flurry there. up to the north, boston still seeing it come down parts of the connecticut area 30 inches of snow parts of boston over 30 inches of snow. nantucket reported a wind gust upwards of 80 miles per hour. they are seeing the worst of this storm for sure. for us we dodged a lot of that as predicted. tomorrow just cold. nothing on the radar. the house clouds will be back on thursday morning.
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how about more snow and rain? rain down to the south, mixture in the middle snow toward the north. we're not expecting much here. this is 5:00. it quickly moves on out. it's another clipper system but won't have a lot of moisture. if we see a coating from that next storm that would be about it. look at the lows tonight, down to 22 in the city 19 in gaithersburg 19 in manassas some areas below that and tomorrow morning you'll wake up to cold numbers so the impact forecast and this is for morning, we'll call it low to moderate because again we'll be so cold you'll be dealing with icy spot windchills will be in the single digits to the teens during the day tomorrow. it will feel about 10 to 20 degrees colder than this with wind gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. next couple day, we get to 39 degrees on thursday with the afternoon mix. right around rush hour unfortunately. on friday, windy and cold.
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winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour on friday. that's the high temperature of only 29 degrees. windchills on saturday will be in the teens all day. this storm coming up from the south will be will bring us a little more in the way of mild air. we get to 35. right now a rain/snow mix on sunday. some areas will see some snow. we'll talk more about this event coming up over the next couple days. we're still five days out from here. news out of libya, an american security contractor working for a virginia company is among the dead after an attack on a hotel this morning. libyan officials say nine people were killed when gunmen stormed that hotel in tripoli. one of them was an american working for out of fredericksburg virginia. the victim's name has not been released. we will keep you posted as we get more information. a new wrinkle on the story of the drone that dropped out of the sky and landed on the white
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house lawn. now the man who was operating it has a new revelation. >> and this is a rare sight. we'll share a unique view of the snowstorm in new york.
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narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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it's a tradition that's become a big show in the days before the super bowl. whether you're dressed up or dressed down it's pretty hard to shock people media day in phoenix. jim handly takes us inside. >> reporter: welcome to the madness of media day. you have brady and belichick at adjacent podiums. with deflategate off the table, the real show is walking around this place. work out for this costume? >> i'm fortunate enough to get paid >> reporter: a barrel and a couple straps. >> and bowling shows. >> i'm from telemundo, so we're working here with all the angles of the media day. >> reporter: oh. >> how many cameras you have? >> reporter: we've got two. >> i got eight. >> reporter: eight! >> i just wanted to see the two most arrogant teams i've ever witnessed. >> reporter: really? >> really. you have a coach who knows every rule but doesn't know you need the ball inflated to pound per square inch. insane.
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another team with the largest amount of bandwagon fans i've ever witnessed. >> reporter: give me your pose. >> you can go with the handsover the hip, with the i like the crossed arms but if we're teaming up we're going back-to-back. >> reporter: back-to-back. this works. yeah. deflategate behind us? >> not yet. unfortunately this story's ongoing because the investigation is ongoing. but it's a bummer that it's put this sort of pal over things. >> i wish i had an opportunity to sit in the booth and get interviewed instead of being the one who's doing the interviews. but nonetheless, great experience great opportunity to see how all of this is going on. >> reporter: who's your pick for sunday? >> i really think the patriots are ready for this game. i know it will be a tough one for them but i'm thinking that the patriots might pull this one off. >> the coach and every patriot had to field questions for a full hour at media day. coming up at 6:00 tonight, the seahawks take over this arena.
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for the 700 fans who paid about 30 bucks a seat it was worth every penny to watch this sideshow before the real show sunday. in phoenix, i'm jim handly. the mortgage company that helps people get new homes is getting a new home. fannie mae plans to move its headquarters to 15th and elm northwest in downtown d.c. where "the washington post" is currently located. for years fannie mae has been located on wisconsin avenue. it wants to consolidate its employees into one building while "the washington post" plans to vacate its 15th street location early next week. new details about the man who crashed a drone near the white house. a source tells nbc news that man told investigators he was drinking before the accident. the man is a government worker and turned himself in to the secret service yesterday. he reportedly admitted to investigators that he lost control of the drone while testing it during bad weather.
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the man is cooperating with authorities. no word yet on whether charges will be filed. a view of the winter storm you don't often see thanks to a drone. ipts a view of the blizzard as it blew through harlem. jonathan harper was operating the drone. he's gotten hundreds of views of his video after he posted it on youtube and social media. a sinkhole swallowed a family's car. we have learned whether we're seeing more water main breaks than usual in our area for this time of year. police want you to take a look at this video. it was a wild day on the job for a parking attendant. find out where these robbers decided to
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everybody get down. >> hundreds of water main breaks in prince george's county just this career. new at 5:30 why officials say that's an improvement over years past. a high school in prince george's county is taking steps to help the students there deal with a violent inconsistent. >> three of their classmates were shot and wounded last weekend following an argument over a video game. tracee wilkins joins us live at frederick douglass high school. tracie? >> reporter: three of these students who were involved in this are also star football players at frederick douglass high school. and the gunman was one of the football players. now, the school was closed today
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because of the snow but tomorrow when students return they have to deal with this tragedy. 16-year-old delano dunnmoor will be charged as an tult after prince george's county police say he shot two of his classmates. all three of the young men were on the football team together. >> the prince george's county public school system is shocked and deeply saddened about the circumstances surrounding that incident. >> reporter: just weeks ago the team won the division ii state championships. now students have to deal with this tragedy. >> right now, our thoughts and prayers are gout to the students and we're hoping for a quick and speedy recovery. we're going to send out letters to parents on wednesday, send those home with students to update parents. >> reporter: the shooting happened in a clinton home on sunday afternoon after an argument over a video game. dunnmore shot the 16-year-old and 17-year-old teammates then shot himself in the stomach.
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all three survived but one is in critical condition. counselors will be on hand for students tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning when students arrive back at school we're going to try to have it be a normal school day as possible. i know this is a difficult situation, but we are also going to have resources available for the student who is may need it. >> reporter: police are still investigating all of this so there are many unanswered questions. did he shoot these young men if he is the gunman on purpose or was this an accidental shooting? and how did he end up turning the gun on himself if that is indeed what happened as well? all of this we're hoping to have more information on in coming days. counselors will be available for students tomorrow. reporting live here in upper marlboro tracee wilkins, news4. water service is back up and running for dozens of people in prince george's county after an old water pipe 90 years old, created this sinkhole that swallowed a car when it burst. that broken pipe burst early
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this morning in bladensburg on edmonston road. crews replaced 15 feet of that pipe but it will be a while before street repairs will be completed. so far the wssc, the utility that maintains these pipes in montgomery and prince george's county says their crews have already repaired 375 breaks just this year and that's just in the past 3 1/2 weeks. while that may sound like a lot, take this into perspective. last year while we were in the middle of that pea lor vortex they had nearly 600 breaks just in january alone. that's a huge number when you consider all breaks for 2014 were totaled just under 2,000. new at 5:00 a parking attendant robbed and it's caught on camera. take a look at the video. you see a man approaching a booth at a park garage near 21st and l streets in northwest. the suspect forces his way into the booth and assaults the parking attendant. no word on how much money he g away with.
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we never see his face but if you know anything about this crime, call police. investigators expect to be at the scene of that deadly mansion fire in annapolis for another couple of days. they have yet to determine just exactly what caused the early morning inferno that they believe killed an annapolis couple and their four grandchildren. the final set of remains was recovered yesterday. a full week after the fire. investigators also hope to figure out why the family couldn't get out of the house in time. and two men are in custody after a shooting in loudoun county. there was a gunfire near colton hall street and river point drive near leesburg. it was about 11:30 last night. when police got to the scene, a man and woman told them a car just drove up to their vehicle and opened fire. no one was hurt but investigators were able to track down the suspects early this morning. virginia voters appear to be skeptical of the current state of politics in the commonwealth. a new poll by the wason center
5:34 pm
for public policy find about a third feel virginia politics are exceptionally honest or ethical. more than 60% also say the two-year prison sentence for former governor bob mcdonnell in his corruption ace case is fair. and for the first time in wason's poll current governor terry mcauliffe's approval rating is above 50%. we check in with chief meteorologist doug kammerer with the latest on the weather. we got through yesterday. what's next? >> cold weather will be making its way in here continuing to come in courtesy of that monster storm toward portions of new england. for us not quite done with the snow just yet, a couple showers in faulkier county, one towards hagerstown but that's really about it. no more accumulating snowfall. up to the north an east that is not the case. parts of boston still under a blizzard warning, parts of maine continuing to see heavy snowfall. upwards of 30 inches of snow have fallen. worcester, massachusetts, 28.1 inches of snow. today that's in a 24-hour
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period that is amazing. that shaerts their old record by 7 inches. just amazing to see what that storm system has done for them. new york obviously did not see the snow they were predict, upwards of 2 feet of snow but parts of the bronx still got upwards of a foot. central park got about 10 inches of snow. philadelphia this is very interest was expected to get 14 to 20 inches of snow. this storm developed just a little bit farther out by about 90 miles. philadelphia was 14 to 20. they got 1.2 inches of snow guys. i got to tell you, took them a while to bring those snow totals back too. the governments were clowed down, the schools closed and then this morning they actually put them on a two-hour delay. last night supposed to be closed today to a two-hour delay. amazing to see what happened. north and east we got more snow out of this system. a police chase ends close to the capitol building during the state of the union. tonight the news4 i-team has uncovered new information about why the driver wasn't arrested.
5:36 pm
then why a problem with d.c.'s speed cameras cost taxpayers nearly $40 million and critics say it could have been prevented.
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a union official says a chase started in prince george's county and ended within close range of the capitol building. that official says officers were nearly hit by the driver. they eventually were able to get the driver in cuffs and they searched him. but the union says the capitol police management opted to let the driver go free rather than arrest him. a u.s. capitol police spokesperson declined to comment. senator roy blunt chair of the panel that overseas the u.s. capitol grounds, says he is looking into it. we've just learned an american security contractor working for a virginia-based company is one of the victims in a terror attack in libya today. gunmen stormed the corinthia hotel in tripoli. as people ran out of the back doors a car bomb detonated. eight people were killed including one american. he was a security contractor for a company based in fredericksburg. it's known as crucible.
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isis is claiming responsibility. and isis has made a new threat against two hostages. japanese journalist kenji goto and a jordanian fighter pilot. isis released a new video today showing goto holding a picture of the pilot. in the video he says both will be killed by tomorrow if jordan doesn't release a would-be suicide bomber. her vest her bomb vest failed to detonate during a terror attack that killed 60 people at a wedding in amman in 2005. and the blizzard is hampering a judge who was hoping to seat a jury in the boston marathon bombing trial. opening arguments were slated for monday but a federal court clerk says that's not going to happen because the jury selection is taking longer than expect. then we had the blizzard. the bombing left thee people dead and more than 260 injured. an enraged gunman opens fire on police officers at city
5:41 pm
meeting. the drama is captured on camera. tonight we have brand-new information about the shooter. it turns out many speed cameras weren't working and that will cost taxpayers.
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a seawall crumbles flooding a town in boston. virgin atlantic is trying to make amend for believing some of
5:44 pm
its passengers stuck on a plane with nowhere to go. that plane sat on the tarmac for about six hours at jfk last night. passengers sounded off on twitter and facebook and were eventually offloaded but forced to spend the night in the terminal. doug is standing by to tell us more about the cold that's coming. how cold are we talking snabt. >> windchills in the single digits early tomorrow morning, so yeah some of the coldest air we've seen so far this season and temperatures will be down into the teens and loyer 20s early tomorrow. already on the cold side down to 35 degrees at the airport, dropping to about freezing at 7:00 right on down to 29 at 11:00. the winds are going to continue to pick up as we move on through the night tonight and that's really going to be the factor. it won't be the temperatures. it will be the windchill. right now, current temperature, 28 degrees in gaithersburg, 31 reston 30 in dulles so we're already below freezing in many areas. so obviously we'll see a refreeze tonight of some of the snow that melted earlier today. just give yourself a little extra time watch out for black
5:45 pm
ice and some of those slick spots making your way out. still a few light snow flurries around hagerstown one area around the warrenton area but we're not worried about that. our snow is out of here for the most part. up toward the north and east boston hoping it's done 30 inches in worcester, massachusetts, a one-day daily record of 28 inches. boston set a one-day record of 18.5 inches. 18.5 inches in 24 hours. now, here's the feels-like temperatures. these will be the windchills moving through tomorrow. 7:15 in the morning, how about 8:00 in gaithersburg 8 in leesburg 10 in manassas 12 in the pawtuxet river area. cold tomorrow afternoon, right around the time a lot of us have lunch, 20 in gaithersburg 25 in cull peper, winchester coming in only around 22 degrees. so what to wear tomorrow. i don't have to tell you but my son still likes to go out in shorts. don't ask me why. i'm telling him warm coat hat and gloves. you will need them all during the day tomorrow.
5:46 pm
the kid just won't wear pants. tomorrow's forecast breezy sunny and cold 32 to 37 with the winds gusting upwards of 25 miles per hour. that's where it will be on the cold side. a lot of you on my facebook page and twitter asking about sunday's storm. we'll have plenty of cold air in place on saturday high temperatures on saturday only around 29 degrees. our storm system is coming from the south. also mild air to the south. so it's going to right now anyway looks like it may bring in a little too much in the warm air. it will be a stronger storm but right now the best chance looks like snow to rain. this is something we're going to be watching and trust me this forecast will change over the next few days as we get closer to te vent. 36 tomorrow and breezy, 39 on thursday. there will be a slight chance for snow on thursday in some areas, a mix in other areas. that's something we'll watch but once again not a big deal. 36 degrees on friday. friday winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. that's a day to be worried about too. on saturday plain cold 29. super bowl sunday 35 with an
5:47 pm
afternoon mix, yes, i do think it may start as some snow so it could affect your plans for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:15. all right, doug. a blizzard buries new england. at least 30 inches of snow fell in some parts of massachusetts. reporter katherine sutnick has the story from worcester. >> reporter: my goodness pat and wendy, i bet that you're here right now we're in worcester, massachusetts, where all of the talk is the record amount of snowfall that we received in this blizzard. more than 28 inches. you can just see that around me. i have my little trusty shovel here. this is just ridiculous. it's all powder absolute powder. people have been skiing around town toda town you really can't drive at this point. this is a side street right off of the main drag here in worcester. so they're virtually impassable. this is just some of what we're seeing here from the gas station, which is one of the only places that is open at this point because the city asked all of the businesses to stay shut to it is so dangerous
5:48 pm
out. now, finally the storm is starting to go away. we're still seeing a little bit of snow. the winds aren't nearly what they were last night. so the storm is pretty much gone. but the problem is the plows couldn't keep ahead of all the snow that was dumped here. therefore, again, as i said earlier, all the streets are impassable. the side streets, some of the main streets are plowed but they're slippery and the headline here just one car after the next just getting stuck right here. all day long. and there we have a bobcat. they're trying to make some progress on the parking lot over there, the hess gas station, trying to keep one business open. but pretty much people are hunkered down no school again tomorrow. that makes everyone very very happy, all the kids, the college kids at worcester polytechnic institute. one other thing to tell you, very slippery out here pip just took a little slip and fall not too long ago. so this will continue and people have to be careful. it's fun but, again, people have to keep their alert up. back to you. >> thanks a lot, katherine.
5:49 pm
the district is facing a budget shortfall tonight of nearly $40 million. and now we've learned one of the reasons why. police didn't replace the batteries in some of the many speed cameras around the city. "the washington post" first reported this problem and today news4's mark segraves spoke to mayor muriel bowser about how it could force spending cuts. >> reporter: district leaders had expected to collect nearly $100 million from moto enforcement tickets last year. they fell short by almost $40 million. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser acknowledged part of the reason was due to maintenance issues with many of those cameras that weren't issuing tickets. >> i think that they were delayed in being installed or turned on when they should have been. i don't know the details of which or really why but i do know that it's created a shortfall. >> reporter: last year d.c. police chief kathy lanier said the decline in the number of tickets being issued was because
5:50 pm
the camera program was working and drivers were changing their behavior. lanier never mentioned that cameras were not being installed on time and that the department had not properly maintained them. today a spokesperson for the department said "during periods of extreme cold and snow last winter, there were instances when we could not change the at bathries because they were not accessible or the temperature affected the charge:" we have taken additional steps to enhance internal temperature controls since last winter alleviating this problem." >> i'm not surprised that things didn't get done and as we go forward, as i mentioned, i want to look at not using this as a major revenue source for the city. >> reporter: the $38 million shortfall from the decline in tickets being issued will have to be made up. and that could mean budget cuts. >> we don't think we should be balancing our budget on red-light camera revenues. it's uncertain, secondly it's unfair. whenever we look to maybe lower
5:51 pm
the fines, we can't do it because we've balanced a budget based on it. >> reporter: the council and the mayor hope they can close that budget gap without cutting any public services. the problem they face is the shortfall from the cameras isn't the only budget shortfall. so there's a lot to make up. now, coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from the chairman of the d.c. council and why he thinks greed also plays a major role in this problem. in the district mark segraves news4. developing on wall street it was ugly dow jones had its worst session since october falling 291 points closing at 17,387. the nasdaq dropped 90 s&p fell 27. it was a string of disappointing financial results from the big companies like procter & gamble and pfizer. that's what helped fuel this sell-off. u.s. lawmakers are cracking down on human traffickinging and last night a number of bills to fight it passed in the u.s.
5:52 pm
this afternoon a group of bipartisan lawmakers including virginia representative barbara come stock talked about the legislation that provides support to victims, boosts resources for police and targets trafficking among homeless youth. >> there is no higher duty or responsibility of government than to protect children from violence and predatory behavior. >> lawmakers today instituted 12 trafficking bills since monday. republicans planning to pursue legal action against the president for his executive actions on immigration. nbc news has learned house speaker john boehner told republicans privately today that the leadership is evaluating a variety of legal options. some possible actions include joining the 26 states that are challenging the order that will grant temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. family members say a man who opened fire on two police officers in minnesota was a disgruntled person whose anger
5:53 pm
was bound to boil over. [ bleep ] >> get down. get down. everybody, get down. >> that went right through the door. >> get down. everyone get down. stay down. >> this is a session of the new hope city council. you can hear shots fired in the video. police say the man shot two officers after they had been sworn in at city hall. they returned fire killing the suspect. both of those officers are expected to be okay. the state of illinois has identified its first case of measles for the year and it's a resident in the chicago suburbs. measles of course highly contagious. this case does not appear however, to be linked to the outbreak from disneyland. just ten cases of measles have been reported in illinois over the last five years. and instagram and facebook freeze is blamed tonight on an internal change not an external attack. facebook and related websites were down for about an hour
5:54 pm
yesterday. a spokesman blames the problem on a change that the company made to its internal systems. some users were worried that the outage came from an outside party. service is now fully restored. tonight lawmakers in montgomery county want to hear your thoughts about a bill that would affect the sale of puppies. >> the proposal would keep some soft them out of retail stores. the measure would prohibit pet stores from selling any dog or cat unless it comes from an animal care facility or nonprofit rescue. only one shop in rockville actually sells dogs and kapts. the bill is aimed at preventing it from the future. a public hearing starts at 7:30 in rockville. new tonight an update on that rescue in a maryland pond. one of the four boys pulled out of the icy water has passed away. just into the ring ring!... progresso!
5:55 pm
it's ok that your soup tastesender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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they called him a special boy who always put family first. now she's planning his funeral raf an accident on the ice. >> louwell melzer reports. >> reporter: he was a sbrigt sensitive boy. >> clouded by a shroud of grief, veronica remember what is made her 13-year-old son, kyron aikens such a special child. >> he had this gift where he'd just bring people together. you know he was a very awesome, awesome son. awesome grandchild. awesome brother. >> reporter: the lakeland middle school student and star wrestler
5:58 pm
was with his three other friends sunday when they took a walk down to landsowne high school and saw that the pond behind the school was frozen over. aikens' aunt says that one of the boys who was rescued said that they were well aware of the warning signs to keep out, but curiosity got the best of them. >> they saw the sign and that's the first thing he started out with we saw the sign. but we saw the ice and we just wanted to skate on the ice. >> reporter: aikens and the three others would fall through the ice. a 12-year-old was rescued by bystanders and the two other boys made it out on their own. aikens did not and remained in the water for almost an hour before being rescued. police say late monday into early tuesday morning aikens passed away. >> we can never project what's going to happen with our children. and she's in shock. and it's so hard for her and so difficult for her to speak of it. >> reporter: so now this close
5:59 pm
family is left with questions of why and what if. still, through all of their grief, they are also hoping that kyron aikens' death will not be in vain. >> we just hope it brings some type of awareness so that we can protect someone else's child from the same tragic moment that he had. now at 6:00 breaking news overseas involving a deadly attack by isis. one of the victims an american with ties to a company in virginia. blizzard warnings still in effect for a huge portion of new england at this hour. while in new york and areas just to the south of that they're focusing on the snow they did not get. and new information about the man flying that drone near the white house. what he's admitting to now a day later. first at 6:00, though, the local family that escaped a sinkhole. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we saw the pictures this morning, a car swallowed up after a water main break in bladensburg, maryland. here's how it looked this
6:00 pm
afternoon after all that water and the car had been removed. we're learning what's next for this neighborhood. will this hole continue to grow? news4's kristin wright is live with more on that. kristin? >> reporter: doreen the water main is fixed, but the sinkhole itself still needs to be filled. we're told asphalt is being shipped in from out of state for what wssc is calling large-scale repairs. so new tonight at 6:00 we wanted to know if the sinkhole poses any threat to people in the neighborhood tonight. wssc replaced the 90-year-old water main on eld eddmonston road in balance of trade. still left a six feet deep sinkhole that almost swallowed a car with a family in it this morning. 7-year-old mainer mendoza, his little sisters and parents got out just in


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