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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the postal service called off delivery in connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. parts of new england are under 30 inches of snow and it hasn't even stopped falling. new york city meanwhile has lifted its travel ban after getting less snow than anticipate. >> thousands of travelers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. today alone 5,000 flights across the country have been canceled. dozens of those include our region's three airports. >> and people using the rails aren't having much luck either. along the northeast corridor amtrak is still on a reduced schedule between d.c. and new york and completely canceled from new york on up into boston and new england. >> let's get an update from storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. v.j. >> the big story for us will be the refreeze. a lot of melting taking place today from temperatures getting just above the freezing mark. so i think a couple hours after sunset and we're going to have to really watch for those patchy spots. 30 deegts rightgrees right now in gaithersburg a cooler spot. a lot of the neighborhood still above freezing.
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35 huntingtown, 36 in annapolis. again it's a couple hours after the sun sets. i think around 9:00 10:00, certainly 11:00 if you have plans to be out late you need to watch for that. the melting today, icy patches will carry right into tomorrow morning. the other thing that we've seen today is the wind. it's been gusty out there. windchills bringing down the temperature, what it feels like by some 10 degrees so, in the 20s right now. if you're going to be out walking the dog, watch for the isolate. temperatures actual air temperature, 28 degrees by 11:00 p.m. watching another system that will move in this week. we'll show you when coming up. while frozen pipes can be common in this weather, the dramatic and scary aftermath of this pipe break was anything but common for a local family with young kids. >> news4's kristin wright is live at the site of that sinkhole in prince george's county. she has the latest on the impact to the entire neighborhood stretching into the evening and beyond. kristin. >> reporter: this road between
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chesapeake and decatur, this block will be closed all night because of this huge sinkhole. it is 6 to 8 feet deep and crews are going to have to bring asphalt here to fill it. so this sinkhole and a water main break as well have cawed big problems for people in this neighborhood. the ground opened up and swallowed a car. a family with small children was in the vehicle second before. a back taillight the only part of the car not submerged. a water main break on ed monmonston road set off this disastrous chain of events. water washed out the area and the earth under the mendoza family's car gave way. if that's not enough their home flooded. in the cold dark wet morning they carried out what they could of their belongings. it's a trying day for the entire neighborhood. >> i look outside and i see lot
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of water like a river. you know i said maybe some pipe burst, you know. something in my mind said go to your basement. when guy in my basement it was water everywhere. >> reporter: today we spoke to a very brave little boy who was in this car. his story tonight on news 4 at 5:00. also we do have a photo gallery on our website,, that shows the moments that this car was literally sinking into the ground. live in prince george's county kristin wright news4. here's something you don't see every day in the middle of k street water bubbling up through a manhole right in the middle of a crosswalk. people have been sidestepping the construction cones trying to cross 16th street in northwest. d.c. water tells us this is not from a broken water main but a leak in a 30-inch pipe. no businesses or offices in the area lost water. a sad update to a story that we've been following since the
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weekend when four boys who fell into an icy pond outside of baltimore. we just got this picture of 13-year-old chiron aikens who died last night. authorities say he was in the water for more than an hour before a county rescue team pulled him out. the boys age 8 and 12 fell lu the ice at this pond near landsowne high school sunday afternoon. one remains hospitalized tonight in serious condition. a high-profile attorney says he'll file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against metro later this week. pat regan is representing the family of carol glover. she died from smoke inhalation after that underground emergency at l'enphant plaza earlier this month. regan calls the incident completely foreseeable. still ahead at 5:00 news4's pat collins will have more details about the lawsuit. >> new developments in the bowe bergdahl story. you know from the push alert, nbc news is reporting bergdahl will be charged with desertion.
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eight months after the taliban released him in a controversial prisoner swap. the pentagon is push back hard against that report. steve handelsman has more details. >> reporter: the charge of desertion is so serious it can mean decades in prison. and the pentagon today denied that prosecutors have agreed to that charge. >> no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none. >> reporter: but military sources tell nbc news bowe bergdahl will be charged with desertion, abandoning his combat post in afghanistan in 2009 putting at risk fellow soldiers. >> he deserted not only the army but he also left myself and my platoon and my company to clean up his mess. >> reporter: six soldiers died during the fruitless search for bergdahl. >> there are still people out there that never came back and it's because he walked away. >> reporter: bergdahl became a taliban prisoner locked up for five years, but when he was free picked up by u.s. special
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forces there was little celebration. even in his hometown in idaho. bergdahl had been swapped for five taliban leaders. critics warning the five would rejoin the fight against the u.s. president obama, who had flown bergdahl's parents to washington to play up hi release, quickly went defensive. >> we still get an american soldier back. >> reporter: if bergdahl is charged with desertion, once -- what's his lawyer's defense? >> he did leave but didn't intend to desert to join the enemy, he simply was going awol for a limited period and they might throw in something that he was captured and therefore against his will he was not able to return. >> reporter: if he's charged, bergdahl could make a deal and plead guilty. at least 20 years in prison is possible but sources tell nbc news bergdahl could get less if he agrees to leave the u.s. military and give up $300,000 in back pay. i'm steve handelsman news4. no delays right now for
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metro riders at east falls church this morning service was slower on the orange and silver lines because of a broken rail. metro was single tracking trains while replacing the rail. officials say everything is fixed now and service is back on schedule. >> a routine meeting suddenly turns to chaos. who was the target of a sudden burst of violence inside this meeting? and it was all caught on camera. talk about a close call. a reporter who was in the thick of all this intense winter weather gets quite a
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investigators say they expect to be at the scene of that deadly mansion fire in annapolis for another couple days. they still haven't determined what caused the early morning inferno that they believe killed don and sandra pyle and their
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four grandchildren. the sixth set of remains was recovered yesterday a full week after the fire. investigators also hope to figure out why the family couldn't get out of the house in time. we're tracking a new threat from isis terrorists. japan and jordan say they are working around the clock to win free dom for japanese journalist kenji goto and jordanian fighter pilot. isis released a new video today showing goto holding a picture of the pilot. in the video he says both will be killed by tomorrow if jordan doesn't release a suicide bomber. her bomb vest failed to detonate during a terror attack that killed 60 people at a wedding in amman in 2005. a new poll finds most virginians agree with the punishment give on the former governor bob mcdonnell. he's been sentenced to two years in prison. the poll by christopher newport university find 62% of virginians agree with that. meanwhile, for the first time more than half of those polled 52%, say current governor terry mcauliffe is doing a good job.
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90% say campus sexual assaults should be reported to police rather than being handled by schools. 69% favor legalizing medical marijuana. 71% favor decriminalizing small amounts of pot. the countdown is on and the excitement is building. we'll take you behind the scenes of one of the busiest days leading up to the super bowl and all the excitement is off the field. in the midst of a major snowfall social media is bursting with some strange reports around new england. and we haven't seen the last of this winter weather.
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#blizzardof2015 is trending on twitter. the massive snowstorm bypassed us but take a look at the scene in rhode island today. parts of the state are digging out from under 20 inches of snow and it's not over there yet. a blizzard warning remains in effect until wednesday morning. storm team 4 is tracking the storm system. veronica will join us in a moment with more on that. prove to be one of the most expensive ever according to ticket resales, a site called tiqiq. the current listing price is $6,500 up from an average of just $3,000 this same time last year.
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tiqiq says the current actual sale price far ticket is nearly $4,200 a ticket. wow. when the big game is still five days away the focus today was on the fans. >> our own jim handly is live in phoenix with a look at the fan frenzy that is media day. jim, how frenetic has it been for you? >> reporter: oh what a show pat and barbara. media day brings out a crazy cast of characters. the fans got a chance to see, meet, and hear from the entire rosters on the two best teams in the world. check it out. this is a sample of what we saw. some fans suited up today. you needed a helmet for the crush of cameras and media in the arena. how about wearing eight go pro cameras on you to cover every angle of the day like this telemundo reporter? and you don't have to be in shape to run around in a barrel and bowling shoes. that was it. it was also a family affair today. some players brought out their children and their team colors.
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and international reporters were everywhere. some bringing soccer footballs for latino audiences. you know this is a tough room to shock. you got a barrel and a couple of overall straps. >> exactly, and pair of bowling shoes. >> what's your goal for today? >> to have fun and live it up. media day, super bowl, have fun, right? >> it's fun, though man. i mean it's only two teams fortunate enough to be playing still and so you got all the media outlets, you know, covering this event. this is the biggest stage, you know what we play for. so everybody's excited. >> reporter: and back live in phoenix, you know the fans pay about 30 bucks. it all goes to charity, but it sure beats that $6,500 a seat that you ladies mentioned a short time ago for big super bowl sunday. you never know who you'll pump into and run into on media day. it's one hour of new england patriots the second houritis all of the seahawks and their
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coaches. we ran into former redskin lavar arrington. we'll see you back here at 5:00 and 6:00. >> don't have to worry about the weather out there. >> what's it like jim? >> reporter: yesterday a little damp we had some desert drizzle yesterday. today you definitely need the shades. i just checked my phone. 78 degrees. don't hate the messenger. >> all right. >> wow. >> so even if you flip around your temperature of 36 this afternoon we still aren't there. >> we had a little iciness this morning. are we going to have any more of that tonight? >> there is a chance tonight. not everywhere of course but a lot of melting. a lot of neighborhoods above freezing today. you can see right now across the area well it is dry. storm team 4 scanning the area. nothing to show here and it's not until we get to thursday. thursday afternoon that i think we've got the next chance of picking up a little bit of snow and, yes, rain too, mix across
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the area. look at the temperatures. more locations now below freezing than above freezing. gaithersburg that pocket around gaithersburg you folks, sandy spring just below freezing. same thing here hagerstown to the north and west martinsburg near freeing, right down to winchester. evening planner forecast with that partly sunny sky, i think we'll see the clouds start to clear out more and more. we'll hang on to the wind a bit, still icy spots around the area as we get into the late evening hours, early part of the night around 10:00, 11:00. watch that if you've got to be on any area road. here's a look at this evening again. mostly clear sky even tomorrow morning. fairly quiet but again cold to start. we have a breezy afternoon with high pressure a lot of sunshine across the area. this is a look at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. sunshine throughout the area. now, what happens on thursday is we'll start overcast clouds will continue moving in throughout the kay dey. this next little weather system
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fast moving. it starts into the area here west to east cumberland, hagerstown, winchester east of i-81 a mixture of rain and snow down to the south. areas like cullpepper and around stanton. fast-moving system by 6:00 almost out of here gaithersburg baltimore around frederick, maryland, mixed conditions around d.c. with rain primarily to the south and east. 9:00 it's pretty much gone headed to the eastern shore. so what to expect on thursday very light, whatever falls, again, a mixture of rain and snow snow maybe up to the north. this event 3:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. i think roads on thursday are really fine until we get to the late evening hours. around 7:00 8:00 a couple hours after the sunset. 36 degrees tomorrow breezy sunshine. thursday, the high 39. that will certainly help with the road temperatures for that little system, that fast-moving system that comes through.
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clouds again start to increase. on friday right now we're left with windy conditions very cold conditions. we may have a high of 36 degrees but wait till you psi the windchill temperatures we're forecasting on friday. when i return later in the newscast i'll show you the areas that i think there could be maybe a trace of snow with that event on thursday. barbara barbara, pat? there's something lurking around in snow in boston. it's the boston yeti. people spotting him roaming around the desolate streets of massachusetts. his origin remains a mystery but he has his own twitter handle where he details his adventures during this epic blizzard. lift the car service, is getting a bit of a facelift. it will make vehicles easier to spot. the furry pink mustache on the front of the cars is being replaced with a smaller version on the dashboard. it even glows in the dark. lift is one of several ride-sharing companies that let you use a smartphone app to book
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and pay for rides in a private car. here's something now for you if you tweet. twitter is expanding the future that lets you share tweets privately and will now let you send direct messages to groups of followers. they're also offering new mobile video tools. now you can record ed difficult, and share short videos within twitter without having to get out of the app. it is spreading just as millions are on high alert with the latest measles outbreak. why a new case of the infection has a lot of doctors baffled. they're all over our area speed and red-light cameras watching you behind the wheel. now news4 has learned about a problem with them.
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the resolution authorizing the purchase of an electronic board sign. [ bleep ]. >> get down, get down. everybody, get down. >> we're learning more about the man who shot and wounded two police officers outside a city hall meeting in suburban minneapolis. according to rel tich the suspect is a 68-year-old man
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with a history of making violent threats and he'd had previous run-ins with police. the gunfire was heard in this video and had city officials running for cover. another officer killed the suspect on the spot. illinois is on the list of the states dealing with the measles. this time health officials don't believe case is linked to the outbreak that started at disneyland. they're trying to get in touch with anyone who had contact with the illinois patient over the last several weeks. measles is spread through the air. it is one of the symbols of the horrors of world war ii. today those who survived one of the largest nazi death camps are remembering its liberation. the holocaust museum held a special ceremony today to mark 70 years since the soviet army liberated auschwitz. survivors spoke and there was a candlelighting in the museum's hall of remembrance. more than 1.1 people weremillion people
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were killed at the camp before prisoners with were freed on january 27th 1945. news4's chris gordon was at the ceremony and spoke with some of survivor who is had to endure the horrors of auschwitz. he'll have their stories coming up on news 4 at 6:00. here's a video going viral today. not everything can go as planned when you're a tv news reporter but that uncertainty doesn't always unfold on live tv. last night a reporter from our sister station in new york was out in the elements when someone got a lit tool close for comfort. >> as the snow continues to fall overnight, only time will tell. reporting live from nassau county stacey o'dell news4 new york. >> don't know just what happened there. >> wow. >> oh my gosh. >> someone wanted to show off. the person in that car took off. luckily no one was hurt.
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>> that's pretty scary. >> that is scary. millions of people in the crosshairs of intense winter weather. >> entire cities shut down and millions told to stay indoors. where people are seeing the worst of it. a live look at the white house this afternoon. startling new revelations about the person accused of landing a drone at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
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welcome back. we are following several developing stories right now. first at 4, a family that barely escapes as their car gets swallowed by a sinkhole as a
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water main break caused the road to open up and shut off water service to several homes. we have a gallery of photos of the sinkhole as it swallowed that car on our website, nbc news is reporting army sergeant bowe bergdahl could face desertion charges, this after a controversial prison swap last year. the pentagon is denying the claims. 30 inches. that's how much snow many people are digging out from under this afternoon just to our north. let's get the latest from storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. >> around here we have a little wind. our storm ended earlier today. very quiet across the area with nothing falling. 35 degrees by around 5:00. 32 by 7:00. yet still windchill and watch for icy spots late. by early tomorrow morning,
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temperatures as low as 19. 19 to start in manassas. and for high temperatures tomorrow oh yeah we'll get just above the freezing mark again from 35 leesburg 37 around waldorf, la plata. we'll have sunshine it will be cold and after that we'll be tracking the next little system which we'll talk more about that later. but of course one of the places that's seeing the worst is boston massachusetts, where around there folks picked up around 30 inches of snow. that's where we find nbc's chris pollone with more. >> reporter: the blizzard of 2015 unleashed its wrath on massachusetts, rhode island new hampshire, and maine, dumping 30 inches of snow or more in some towns. >> the snow is about up to just below my chest line. so it's pretty high slow trudging. >> reporter: across boston desolate streets, closed businesses public transporhalted. a travel ban remains in effect keeping most drivers off the roads except for the plows which are struggling to keep up with the heavy blowing snow.
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high winds cut power to thousands. cape cod and the coastal islands are among the hardest hit. wind gusts near 80 miles an hour. that's above hurricane force. the storm in new england was just what forecasters predicted, a lot of snow, a lot of wind but less damage than anticipated. >> it's incredible. just keeps coming. i don't even know when it's supposed to stop. >> reporter: not so in new york totals fall short. by midmorning the new york city subway was back up and running. lit take days for travellers to recover from the storm which saw nearly 7,000 flights canceled including at new york's laguardia and boston's logan airport. as new york gets back to normal tuesday boston hopes lit do the same wednesday. until then they're using humor to get to it. for example, this guy roaming the streets in a yeti costume. we're told his efforts to hail a cab were unsuccessful. about 30,000 homes in massachusetts are without power and the governor says that's a pretty low number considering. he believes it's because the temperature stayed so cold that
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it was a light, fluffy snow that fell instead of a heavy, wet snow which would have brought down trees and power lines. in boston chris pollone, nbc news. nowhere near that amount of snow here in the virginia area but the snow that did fall in southern virginia was enough to delay or cancel school. most arias around hampton roads saw a dusting to a couple of inches. no major problems were reported though. the snow stopped at around lunchtime and things are expected to get back to normal by tomorrow. i'm patrick regan at the live desk. we've just learned new details about the man accused of crashing that drone into the white house lawn. according to an nbc news source the man told investigators he was drinking before that accident. that man is a government employee. he did turn himself into the secret service yesterday and reportedly he admitted to investigators that he lost control of the drone while he was testing it during bad weather, and he had a feeling it may have crashed near the white house when he went to bed that night. that man is cooperating with authorities.
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no word yet if any charges are going to be filed. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. new questions about the speed camera program in the district. the city lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue last year. this is partly because police did not properly maintain many of those cameras. "the washington post" first reported the problem. today d.c. mayor mur yal bowser responded saying some cameras were not installed on time and the batteries in many units were not replaced. a police spokesperson tells us the cold weather in 2014 was a factor in not being able to change those batteries. that differs from the reason former mayor vincent gray gave last year saying a change in driver behavior led to the drop in speed camera revenue. news4's mark segraves will have more on what this all means for your taxes in our next hour. and earlier this hour we asked you to weigh in on our nbc washington flash survey of the day. so far an overwhelming number of you say fewer cameras, they're only collecting revenue. remember to keep on voting over
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on our nbc washington facebook page and the twitter page as well. for the second time in a matter of months the same old town gas station was robbed at gunpoint. about 6:30 last night, a masked gunman held up the cash here at the liberty gas station on northwest washington street. back in october a different cashier at the same station was robbed then shot. that clerk survived but no arrest was ever made. police tell news4 they don't believe the same person pulled off both robberies. right now president obama and the first lady are headed back home to our area. they spent three days in india. they had to cut the visit short by a day to travel to saudi arabia. in riyadh this morning they were greeted by the new king saudi king king salman. the president paid his respects to the royal family after the death of king abdullah. they were also expected to talk about the fight against isis and al qaeda, especially in light of the collapse of yemen's government. the state department says its embassy in yemen will reopen as soon as it's safe to do so.
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the embassy closed to the public yesterday hours after a u.s. drone strike took out three al qaeda members. there are about 200 americans still working inside the embassy even though it is not open for consular services. the smithsonian says it's another chance to tell america's story. the museum is working on plans to open an exhibit space in london. the new culture and arts facility would be built near london's 2012 olympic stadium. if an agreement is reached, it would be the first time in the smithsonian's 120-year history that the museum would have a permanent exhibition venue outside of the u.s. it would open in six years. seeing something from the irs in your mailbox can be pretty unnerving. but now you're about to see them a lot more on your smartphone tablet and computer. we'll tell you why. talk about a surprise. what a family found in their car hidden away for more than a decade. firs
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i'm patrick regan at the live desk. we're getting information in about a pedestrian accident that involves a metro bus. this is new video into our newsroom. that accident happened near rhode island avenue and 5th street in northwest d.c. according to witnesses, the man deliberately jumped in front of the bus and was knocked to the ground. paramedics say he is conscious and breathing. back to you. you may not want to follow the irs on twitter but the agency is hoping you'll turn to social media with your questions
4:40 pm
this tax season. as we are reporting, agency officials are warning that budget cuts have take an toll on staffing levels and there are fewer people available to take calls on that irs hotline. the agency is planning to make greater use of twitter and youtube to get more information online to taxpayers this year. facebook and instagram are working properly again this afternoon, this after widespread outage last night. some users thought the service was attacked but facebook tells nbc they went down while the company was making some changes in the system. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is breaking his silence about the doping scandal that destroyed his career. he sat down with the bbc today. this is the first on-camera interview since he went on oprah two years ago and confessed to using drugs to help him win. listen to his can dade answer when the reporter asked him if he'd do it again. >> if i was racing in 2015 no i would don't it again, because i don't think you have to do it again. if you take me back to 1995 when
4:41 pm
it was completely and totally pervasive, i'd probably do it again. >> armstrong says the scandal has taken a toll on his family but he sees a light at the end of the tunnel he says. he lost tens of millions of dollars in endorsements and he was stripped of seven tour de france titles. it's the storm that's left millions of people digging out this afternoon. how so many are dealing with it despite incredible odds. and veronica is tracking conditions here in our area. v.j.? that's right. all day long since the snow moved out, it's been cold, a little breezy too. now get ready for some icy patches tomorrow morning and we're tracking more nasty weather for thursday.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00 4:00. the weather continues to impact so many here and to our north. reporters and meteorologists standing by with information for you. we'll start with an update from veronica johnson. >> we could have some icy patches again tonight setting up across the area so that's what we need to watch out for. after 9:00, 10:00, we could see that across the area.
4:45 pm
some of the untreated surfaces with the melting today doesn't take much. that melting snow on the side of the road pushed back and refreeze. latest look at storm team 4 radar as it scans the area live. i think our next chance of seeing light snow and even rain mixed in will be around thursday. so you can plan our forecast if you are planning on going out across the area again, those icy patches we'll have to deal with. we're cold and still breezy. it's been breezy today, not quite as much wind for your evening overnight. nonetheless, it will take down the temperatures some with lower windchill readings from 32 to 28. icy spots late and early tomorrow morning. i don't think we'll see any widespread delays across the area but it could be a few, a handful to our north and west up around areas like washington county hagerstown area down into spots like mt. airy or frederick, maryland tomorrow. so not everywhere. because of that the morning icy spots and those windchills that will be in the teens starting out tomorrow our impact forecast low to moderate.
4:46 pm
but at least we've got sunshine. and with sunshine that of course means more melt across the area. but bundle up if you're going to be going out. not only in the teens, there could be a pocket of spots starting out in the single digits tomorrow morning, 8 degrees in leesburg and gaithersburg early tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. wednesday, 9:30 look at this, in the teens and 20s by the afternoon. so again, it will start to feel a little better by tomorrow afternoon as that wind starts to settle a bit. here's where i think we could have on thursday during the afternoon from about 4:00 or 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. to till 9:00 p.m., a trace of snow leesburg frederick, martinsburg, hagerstown winchester area too. this for us will be nothing more than i think a nuisance event to deal with a low-impact kind of system. so at the bus stop on thursday for recess, for dismissal, all a green light. any refreeze that takes place or any slick roads i don't think will happen until very late on thursday around 9:00. okay. so that's the next system coming
4:47 pm
our way. and there's even another one as we look toward the weekend and doug kammerer has more on that. >> that's the big one everybody is talking about now. we've heard bigger stories from this storm and it will have a little more of a punch to our area coming up on sunday into the day on monday. let's take a look at it before we get too excited about snow. the weekend shows that saturday there will be cold air in place. we'll see a lot of it. we have high temperatures in the 20s on saturday. so it's set for a storm. but this storm is coming from way back to the west. we're talking act areas down toward the southwest, getting snow into -- or rain in california. that same storm system moves across the country and brings up a little bit in the way of mild air. so it's a stronger storm but it may be too warm. i do think we may have a chance to see some snow but snow to rain is the best chance right now, not putting too much on that storm, but of course it is one we are going to watch as we've seen the last couple day, we'll watch it all the way until it makes its way our way. v.j.? >> of course we're days out so, here's a recap on what you can
4:48 pm
expect the next four days. tomorrow breezy sunshine, the high 36 push it up to close to 40 on thursday. that'll help road conditions with that system that comes in late thursday. it's gone by friday morning bug maybe some theys for your friday morning. high temperature 36. this weekend, as doug said will be a cold one with a high temperature on saturday of just 29 degrees. look at that start in the teens some areas north and west could be starting out in the single digits. the high temp for sunday 35 degrees. again that system is out of here by early on monday. that's the way it's looking right now, guys. we'll have more on news 4 at 5:00 with the next system headed this way. i'm patrick regan back at the live desk.cember -- i'm wendy rieger. the sinkhole was so big it call swaul lowed a family car. it was caused by a water main break that shut down service to homes in the area for several hours. the water is back on tonight. at the top of the hour kristin
4:49 pm
wright talked to resident who is had to deal with all this mess today. it may be snowing on the beaches of new jersey but that didn't stop some people from getting a little dose of summer out there. check this out. these people decided it was time to do a little bit of surfing. they rode the waves in the near-freezing waters of the atlantic. others resorted to more traditional means of winter recreation nape got their sleds and a rope and went riding on the back of a pickup truck that pulled them down the beach. new yorkers don't let -- didn't let a mere 8 inches of snow stop them from going outside today. check out this time lapse video as the snow starts to pile up in times square. as the blizzard moved to the north, new york city got back to business pretty quickly. the driving ban was lifted this morning and buses and the subway will be back to full service by tomorrow. now some stories we are working on right now in our newsroom. a lawsuit could be in the works after the deadly metro
4:50 pm
consistent. our pat collins looking into what's in store. and almost a year and a half later, big plans now in the works for the washington navy yard after the mass shooting there claimed 12 lives. talk about a shocking surprise for a family. what they found in their car hidden away for more than a decade.
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the intense snow is affecting people up and down the east coast. >> it's bringing everything from snow to very strong winds.
4:53 pm
the weather channel's chris warren is live in providence, rhode island. chris, how is it up there? >> reporter: well it is still windy and it is still snowing. good news is they are making progress. the crew, the snowplows have been working around the clock. people have for the most part stayed off the roads. the travel ban does come to an end at 10:00 so, those are signs that things are returning to normal. also buses will start operating again tomorrow morning. what people are dealing with here are the aftereffects here getting onto the street this is a look at what happens when all of this snow gets piled up. usually it's a sidewalk you can walk right onto. then we'll show you something else. you have now to deal with digging out because of the plow because the plows came through, may have buried parts of your car or blocked you in. then you have the wind-blown snow. i dug this out right here. and you can see with the wind it's just a couple inches right here and then the wind when it comes, it slows, the snow settles and then out here i
4:54 pm
measured it perpendicular from the grass hill right here 3 feet. so some places got a couple of feet. many more places got three feet of snow that has been drifting. so there's going to be problems that are going to linger. another shot of snow at the end of the week and things get even colder this weekend. back to you guys. >> looks like it's almost up to your shoulder where is you're standing. is it really that deep? >> reporter: well i'm on a hill, so it makes it -- if i lean into it it makes it look deemer nap'shy i go perpendicular to the hill and straight out it's full on a yard three feet. >> wow. and tell us what that is behind you. are those trucks behind you there? >> reporter: yeah. okay so, these truck, all of these trucks are utility trucks. the commute started early yesterday because they knew the storm was coming here to providence, rhode island so all the cars the workaday people cleared out. and then later on after dark we started seeing some trucks rolling in. these are utility trucks.
4:55 pm
good news is these utility trucks have been here all day. the power outages were in the hundreds. it wasn't as bad as it could have been. the bad news for the people that drove these trucks they're from south carolina here to help. now they're here in the northeast. hanging out here at the hilton. >> all right. thank you so much chris. stay warm out there if you can. >> thank you. we'll take another look at our weather with veronica to see what's going on. >> we're going to be careful for any icy spots late tonight, not widespread but again all it takes is one or two, especially on sidewalks as well. then it's another little event that will come through on thursday. it starts during the afternoon i think after 3:00 4:00 a nuisance event for us certainly a low-impact storm. these are the areas where i think by late evening, early morning hon friday where there could be a trace of snow setting up on mainly grassy surfaces leesburg up towards martinsburg, frederick, we have more in this
4:56 pm
thursday storm, and a weekend storm system coming up on news 4 at 5:00 straight ahead. >> all right, veronica. thank you. a shocking surprise for a new mexico family when they took their van into the shop. they found thousands of dollars worth of marijuana hidden in the passenger door and it had been there for decades. the family even made it through border patrol checkpoints undetected. pat has that story for us tonight. >> it's insane. my mind is so completely blown about this happening. >> reporter: melody peele, mother of seven, has been driving her kids around in this van for 13 years with no clue there were 13 1/2 pounds of marijuana inside the whole time. >> i think it's just crazy to think we've been driving around our whole life with this and didn't even know. >> reporter: a family friend found the pot on friday when he was replacing a door handle. it was stashed inside the passenger door. >> there was about a two-pound brick and i was, like holy cow. i put it on a chair and looked in there and there was six more
4:57 pm
grips. >> reporter: police believe the marijuana is at least 15 years old. >> it was packed so hard like a brick. it was wrapped maybe i'd say 10 to 12 times with saran wrap. >> reporter: kaylee has rid en in the family van since she was 3. on the window it still says mom's taxi. >> i'm surprised we never smelled anything. >> reporter: and new mexico authorities never suspected anything. >> i think it's kind of funny they've been riding around it in so long without being caught. >> reporter: police say holes in the back doors indicate the van was likely searched for drugs before the family bought it but finally the van's secret is out. >> we never would have expected this to happen to us, you know just normal smalltown family. >> she's drif than van through border patrol checkpoints at least ten times and police believe there could be nor marijuana somewhere else in that vehicle. news4 at 5:00 starts now with pat and wendy. 30 inches and counting.
4:58 pm
live now at 5:00 wye these conditions are changing in new england and why the national weather service is apologizing to the folks between d.c. and new york. plus you've seen the incredible video. now for the first time we hear from a child who escaped from this car. >> i thought the car was going to go deep down. storm team 4 coverage begins with new images just out of new england and area getting clobbered by the storm. the blizzard zeroed in on massachusetts and postal town where is whipping winds now join 2 1/2 feet of snow. >> being 2015 some of the most interesting video of the barren streets in new york city overnight came from drones. but the travel bans there are now lifted. and while here at home the big story is the cold. and that could mean more water main breaks like this one in prince george's county. now new at 5:00 a 7-year-old boy explains how hi family's car was swallowed by this sinkhole.
4:59 pm
news4's kristin wright is live with more on the story and to tell us what progress the crews are now making. >> reporter: well wendy, everyone in the neighborhood fortunately does have their water back on right now, but it's really going to be sometime before things get back to normal here. the street edmundston will be closed for the rest of the night. crews have to ship in asphalt to fill this sinkhole which is quite big. it's just going to be a while before things return to normal here. >> the water was cold. >> reporter: maynard mendoza has a story to rival that of many 7-year-olds. >> my dad didn't know the -- the hole was right there, and then he said to get out of the car. >> reporter: the ground opened up and swallowed the car. mainer hi little sisters and
5:00 pm
their parents escaped only seconds before. a back taillight the only part of the car not submerged. a water main break on the road set off the disastrous chain of vents. walter from the broken 12-inch pipe underground rushed in every direction, into a newly finished basement. >> something in my mind told me why don't you go to your basement. when guy in my basement it was water everywhere. >> reporter: the family that escaped their car lost their vehicle and their home is flooded. they trudged through the wet street in the dark night carrying what they could of their belongings. >> a car was sitting on top of it so when the ground and asphalt got washed away, the car basically dropped into that area. >> reporter: with a huge mole in the middle of the street many are wondering what's next. tonight at 6:00 we'll talk about the sinkhole, the


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