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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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is. our area has seen it all this morning. rain snow and even a little freezing rain right now. we're seeing heavy snow in northwest washington with more to come. not out of the woods until tomorrow morning. good morning, everyone and welcome to news 4 i'm barbara harrison. a dozen school closed most in the north and we of our area. roads across maryland and d.c. pre-treated and police reporting no major problems at this hour. and most of the area is under a winter weather advisory until tomorrow morning. storm team 4 meteost tom kierein begins our coverage from
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the weather center. good morning. >> since 4:00 this morning a combination of some rain snow and went back to rain and went back to snow. we've been sort of seeing this battle zone right around the metro area between the rain and snow. the area in green is rain. the areas in the whites and grays that is snow and we're getting a band of that a large one in western pennsylvania down into west virginia. that's whas likely going to swing in here by later this evening. between now and then periods of snow and rain right now rain in southern prince george's county and rain in fairfax towards prince william but getting a burst of moderate snow now right here in washington and southern montgomery count and quite a bit of heavy snow falling right in northern princ prg's county over to bowie and farther, the beltway, 95 snows hard now and rain farther south and east and we do have winter weather advisories up until the afternoon hours.
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temperatures a little above freezing. that snow falling, isn't melting, but will start sticking on roads later today. we have more from frederick county. >> rep here on capstein road driving around all morning and temperatures below freezing coming in at 29 degrees. the weather station is reporting this at this time. traveling secondary roads, because the major roads for the most part of just wet pu's can see a live look outside now. there's kind of slush on the roads here. in fact we just passed a plowed ed truck. looked like they were actually spreading a chemical potentially on the roads with temperatures below freezing and continuing to remain right around freezing throughout the day today. certainly some slick spots are possible on area r we did stop and talk to one gentleman who noticed the roads were d. >> on the verge of getting kind of slippery and slushy.
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just be careful out there. it's starting to get slick. >> reporter: like i said for the most part the major roads are just fine. we'll be back with another report coming up at 11:30. we're going to continue to head south. we'll have updates on 270's condition in a little bit, barbara? >> thanks amelia. well it's a wet start to the week and the winter weather is not over. rain and snow are still falling in parts of our area this morning. this was megan mcgrath live in rossville, how everyone overprepared actually did over prepare for the storm. megan? >> reporter: yeah brash. we didn't get a lot of snow. still coming down and light and not accumulating a lot. they had a ton of road crews out there overnight, pretreating the major roads and actually roads like 270, you see behind me here in good shape. ju the rain switched over to a light snow early this morning, just as rush hour was getting
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under way. but the roads, they had been pre-treated. so the pavement was just wet. >> the roads are pretty good. i was surprised. they're clear. not slippery at all. >> snow plows could be seen on standby along major routes like 270. with off and on snow showers expected all day and into the evening, they'll continue to monitor conditions and salt when needed. snow did cover cars and stuck to the grass. the port 0er family would have liked to have seen a little bit more accumulation though. >> we actually love it. my kids want to go sledding. we need another couple inches. >> i would like more. >> reporter: how much more? >> hmm. maybe like -- i would say two more inches. >> reporte then you >> reporter: and you're taking a live look now at 270. that's the southbound direction that you see there, and traffic is running at speed. we really did not have any major problems this morning. the roads were in pretty good
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shape. now we're getting still these little snow showers and that's going to be happening the next several hour and after the sun falls tonight. so we could see additional accumulation but the roads, with all that pre-treatment on there, they're really doing pretty well. they're in good shape. brash, back back to you. we'll follow the storm throughout the day. follow our nbcwashington app and turn on making news alerts to get the latest information while on the go. the white house no longer under lockdown after a drone crashed into the south lawn early this morning. the secret service is now investigating. live in lafayette park here to tell us what's happening. what's >> reporter: barbara, good morning. we now know it was a commercially available drone about two feet in diameter called a quad copter and a uniformed secret service officer saw it all play out. flying at a low al.
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tourists are back outside the white house, hours after a drone scare triggered an alert, and set off a lockdown. >> but they stead wasn't dangerous. >> alex tapia and his wife were walking through lafayette square on their way to take pictures in front of the white house, a must-do before returning to south america, knowing just hours ago it was a very different scene. >> scary, yeah. you know all the technology and everything for something like that to happen here it's dangerous. when everything's that's going on. >> repor a drone crash landed in a tree on the southeast side of the executive mansion, just after 3:00 a.m. secret service used flashlights to search the grounds in the dark. lafayette square was closed and police would not allow foot traffic through pennsylvania >> a device that has been recovered by the secret service at the white house. the early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to
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anybody at the white house. >> and how could this those who work near by have lots of confess and concern about security. >> i think when it comes to the white house, and congress, we need to have more regulations on who can have thed now i guess that's another police have to loo >> reporter: the president and first lady are out of the country, and missed it all, but this latest security alert comes just a few months after a man jumped the white house fence and made it all the way inside. the secret service is on the hunt for suspects and a motive in this latest scare. live outside the white house at lafayette park. more on our weather alert. this storm will be even bigger a bigger problem for the folks up north and the northeast the next few days. blizzard warnings issued a and that could mess up air travel for a good part of the week.
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cancellations are already pouring
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. today is a weather alert day. kids in northern virginia like most around here had a wet start to the week. the rainfall outside white oak elementary school in burke, virginia. througho northern virginia
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vdot was prepared for serious snowfall. this was the vdot salt dome in fairfax county. 900 trucks were on standby all morning. many roads were treated overnight and into the morning, in case of any accumulating . coping with big winter storms like this potentially historic nor'easter we're hearing about isn't as simple roads. nbc's dylan dreyer has essential tips for keeping yourself safe and warm in any weather, winter weather. >> reporter: when we're using words like historic and crippling and life-threatening to describe this upcoming storm, you really need to take prep now to keep yourself safer and one is in regards to shoveling. so often we hear pulled backs and the pulled muscle but we get so many reports of heart attacks because of shoveling. stay ahead of it. take it easy throughout the course of the storm and just stay on top of the shoveling so you're not trying to do it all at once and stay hydrated because you don't realize how you sweat, because it is so cold outside, but you can get
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dehydrated easily from shoveling and make sure you have an emergency kit at home. you need blankets in case the power goes out. have non-perishable foods and canned goods. especially the can opener not electric so you can open the canned goods. make sure you have lots of water and also batteries and a flashlight and have plenty of batteries so you can keep the flashlight up and running. also make sure you keep ventilated your heaters and your generators oh that fires don't start and there's no carbon monoxide poisoning. keep those well ventilated and make sure there is plenty of gas in your car now. if you have to travel and get stuck in your car you want to keep the heat run tock stay safe. as for the pipes in your home if your power goes out and with temperatures as cold as expected we could see those freeze up. you want to keep a drip going to relieve the pressure in the pipes so they do not burst and also if you are stuck at home for days without power and feel shelter, and your zip code to 43362.
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that's 4-fema to find the nearer shelter near your home. and one other thing. we're so reliant on cell phones. if you have a land line and an old-fashioned phone in your home get it out now. if the cell phone goes out you want to keep in contact with people to stay safe throughout the storm. for "nbc news at sunrise," dylan dreyer just outside of pittsburgh. > storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. expect periods of rain and snow into this evening. i'll have timing and totals coming up at 11:30. plus a message from the president to the people of india and the u.s. and grading the possible candidates for president. a look at republicans who stood
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologis tom kierein, and radar showing this battle line of rain and snow across virginia and into maryland. it's centered right over columbia. this area in green is rain now. raining in prince george's county but extreme northern prince george's county a little snow. the snow in bright white them near the district line from northeast washington into northern prince george's county and over towards northern anne arundel. further west snow flouing in northwest washington. southern montgomery county and farther sbeeft northern fairfax
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county southern loudoun county and darker gray areas are some very light snow. timing and totals for this event, coming up at 11:30. barbara? >> thank you, tom. the potentially historic storm having a crippling effect on air travel already. more than 70 flights cancelled. all major airlines cancelled and delayed thousands of flights in and out of the east coast. nbc's tom costello has more from reagan national. >> reporte good day from reagan national airport. kind of a rainy day here with a few flurries but we are seeing already major operations affected at airports up and down the east coast. more than 2,000 flights cancelled today alone, and another 2,000 already cancelled pro akctively for tomorrow. boston and philly today, tomorrow listen to this newark airport already 80% of flights cancelled pro actively, because
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united airlines decided to avoid that airport if they can. not going to fly into or out of newark because of the snow and the storm that's coming. you can expect the same thing is likely at newark -- sorry, laguardia as well as at jfk airport. it's going to be a very tough period of air travel for the next 48 hours, 72 hours. keeping in mind of course the ripple naect will stretch across the entire country with planes out of position and people missing flights. amtrak also a big story. we've got about 720,000 people who ride the northeast corridor every day, amtrak says it's watching k5i678 ging carefully its 475 miles of track, 400 bridges and may have to proactively close down lines, cancel some train routes if you will because of this impact from the storm. so this all really kicks into gear tonight. most of the flights cancelled today are really affected tonight and then of course tomorrow it's going to be a very tough go then you're going to have a day or two of trying to recover from just if you are traveling
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today, you might want to try to leave as early as you can, if you're going tonight or tomorrow, you may have a rough go of it. tom costello as reagan national airport in washington back to you. another winter storm could hit our area at the end of the workweek. storm team 4 meteo tom kierein is back at 11:30 with a first look at the seven today the saudi arabian embassy in northwest washington begi sending condolences to the family of king abdullah. people can begin signing a condolence book today for the late king. the book will be open between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. today and also available for signing tomorrow and wednesday. king abdullah died last week at the age of let's make it easier for indians and americans to work together across the board, to buy one from another, invest in one another, to create with and in doing so lift the fortunes of all >> president obama is in new delhi right now pushing to improve the partnership between
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earlier this morning he attended a parade to celebrate 66 years of democracy there. nbc's tracie potts tells us what else he's focusing on while abroad. >> r barbara, the focus for president obama in india today is trade. this mornim at a business roundtable where he talk and new efforts to bring american and indian businesses together. $1 billion invested in made in america products sold in india. another $1 billion for small, rural businesses there. $2 billion for renewable energy and working together on defense technology. president obama made the comparison that we do almost six times as much business with china, and he thinks there's a huge opportunity to open that door between the united states and india. all of this came after he was the honored guest at their parade this morning, early this morning. and then after this trip it's actually wrapping up early, president to saudi arabia where
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he'll pay his respects to king abdullah who died last week and meet with the new king king salman before heading back home. brash? barbara? thank you. we'r folw the story, es special lit president going to saudi arabia. looking ahead to 2016 a big weekend for re are planning to run for president, or we think they might. a political writer for nbc news joins us with who got notice the most there in iowa. hearing a lot about governor scott walker who was there. that's the wisconsin governor. what made him such a standout? >> right. walker made a big splash at this. the governor of wisconsin. he's won election in that state, not a particularly republican state, by the way. three times in the last four years his first election re-election and a recall election. he is an electability toorgt make. great on paper it was a little boring. his address at the iowa event, rousing, got conservatives excited and you're hearing his
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name today. >> a lot of speeches made and shots taken at well jeb bush mitt romney and hillary clinton. all three of them. who took the most shots? >> i think jeb bush and mitt romney combined. remember they were not at this event. a lot of people who want to run against them with the republican party were there and have a vested interest saying jeb bush and mitt romney don't speak for the little guise. they're courting big donors. we actually want to get grass roots support, and even candidates or non-candidates for example, lik trump, who was there saying mitt romney is a loser. he's lost before. we need to look at somebody new. >> they seemed to have left the president alone. why? even sarah palin didn't attack the president. did she? >> definitely red meat. got the same old lines from conservatives about the obama administration and executive overreach and things like that, t right now these guy, looking at 2016. they're competing among themselves and really need to get this stage of the campaign it's getting a foothold to go forward into 2016
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and have a good shot about winning the nomination. they're taking aim at each other more than outside the party. >> kmop core got attention, common core. white? >> a lot of attention in conservative circles. standardized education reforms that went into effect that used to be supported a lot by a lot of republican governor but a lot of parents are upset the way they're affecting their children schooling. republicans took aim at this and heard it talked about more than immigration, expected to be a major topic of the conversationality this event because it was sponsored by an anti-immigration conservative. >> and some think chris christie made a step towards running. what did he do? learned today he's starting a leadership pac. what jeb bush did. it allows him to raise money, campaign hire staff, and get ready to see if he wants to run for president. -- more and more they --
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>> taking more and more steps. yes. >> see you tomorrow. for more from carrey and the rest of the political news team check out firstread on > students brave the weather to get to school in parts of our area. watching for delays and cancellations tomorrow morning. storm team 4 meteo tom kieran let's us know how likely it is we will see snow tomorrow and the movie "birdman" walks away with a big honor over the weekend. why it could be a ring ring!... progresso!
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who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too.
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a reminder winter weather expected to affect rush hour this evening and tomorrow morning possibly as well. everyone is asked to stay informed and the nbc washington app p with that. download now for free and you're asked to check on neighbor pets and keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. today a huge asteroid is going to pass by earth. if you have strong binoculars or a telescene you'll be aible to a to see it. brightest around 11:00 p.m. tonight about twice the size of a football stadium. the biggest to fly by for the next dozen years. so you want to see it if you've got the means to do that. the backstage dark come "birdman" topped the 23rd screen actor guild awards. a category equivalent to best
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picture in the oscars. netflix's breakout series rrns rrns and the show took home outstanding female actor, in c more snow is on the way. take a look outside our stude some fairly heavy snow for the last 30 minutes falling. i think we had it up there a minute ago. we'll check conditions across our area and crews are on the road. we've got crews all over the place keeping an eye on thing. plus children fall into an icy maryland pond. a look how they were rescued, and how g and a developing story out of washington state pap mother accused of stabbr children. what police are saying about the father in this case. .
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right now roads are wet, despite the snow that fell this morning. a mild day helped warm up the roads and temperatures kept the snow from actually sticking this morning. storm team 4 meteo tom kierein joins now. seeing more snow later today? >> yeah. coming down right now and twitter followers people on facebook reporting it coming down around the immediate metro area and the nearby suburbs. this is a weather t kayday.
11:32 am
fr yul date throughout the day and evening. in our nearby suburb the area in green just to the south is light rain in prince george's county southern parts, and into southern frf a little 95 and light snow western culpepper count into northern faulk here. loudoun county winchester already had about a half inch to an inch of snow from this morning. one total east of hagerstown's three inches. heaviest snows where we see the brighter colors here in white. northern prince george's county coming down hard there as well as southeast washington. northeast washington getting moderate snow. farther west it's lighter snow in the gray area northern virginia in fairfax county loudon southern montgomery. an area of brighter echoes here on ray car, areas of heavier snow continuing to spread itself out a little bit into anne arundel county. for the afternoon, expect a slushy afternoon commute on some area roads, and then bands of moderate to heavy snow looking
11:33 am
likely moving in later tonight and into the pre-dawn hours tuesday. we do have a big area under a winter weather advisory. all of these contis in purple across vashgs the district nearby suburbs an the eastern shore. areas that may get heavier snow under winter storm warnings for tonight and into tomorrow morning. panhandle of west virginia and western maryland already they've had about two to three inches. three inches out in garrett county as well as parts of washington and allegheny county. mid-afternoon when we'll likely see here by 2:00 that band of snow that's way off to our west. dipping down farther to our west and come all the way into the metro area. this is as of 6:00 p.m. we'll have more moderate snow moving in a broader area of moderate snow across northern virginia the district and maryland by 6:00 p.m. then staying still, mostly rain in southern maryland and over the northern neck. then that area of some of that moderate snow by 11:00 p.m. is still across northern virginia. the district and into the northern part of the chesapeake
11:34 am
bay and north part of the eat begins to taper off as it tracks off to the east by dawn on tuesday. temperaturewise, into the evening hours down into the 20s through this evening and after midnight down to the upper 20s. any snow that falls will stick on untreated surface. g in its wake one to three inches around the metro area for total amounts by the time it's all done by around dawn. just a dusting to an inch for southern suburbs in eve sburns. more farther north and west. three to five inches perhaps northern montgy county. high spots out in the mountains to get five to seven. keep up with this with the storm team 4 weather app. love this photo posted in eastern howard county. about an inch there. post yours on twitter and facebook and i'll throughou the arn. snex snow on thursday and then again on sunday between now and then sunshine in and it out of with highs generally in the 30s.
11:35 am
barbara? >> tom, thank you. and storm team 4 meteor amelia segal is watching the wintry weather from the roads for us. she joins us live now from the storm team 4x4. where respect you now? >> reporter: continuing to come in temperatures below freezing at 30 degrees. however, despite that temperature, the roads here are fine. they've obviously been treated, and we haven't been tracking any snow for the last so here. so you can see only wet roads as we take a live look outside. like tom was saying we are expecting more snow overnight tonight and very early tomorrow morning, bs salutely nothing like they'll see in new york and parts of new england, where blizzard warning, going into effect. we talked to one gentleman today who's actually thinking >> it wasn't too bad, but, yeah. i'm driving my dad's truck, compared to driving a car. >> me and a couple buddies thinking about heading up north to do snow removal and make some
11:36 am
money off the storm and make it >> reporter: barbara, i have to say with the roads, it's fun to look outside. it's a winr wonderland as we check out secondary roads. like i said for the most part motor are okay only wet. just isolated spots of slush people wan. >> it is really beautiful out there. you're right, amelia. thank you for sharing that with us and i guess we might see more snow out there later. we're going to keep up with our meter theologists as they tell us what to expect later today. the meteorologists. thanks amelia. a wet start to the week and it is not over as we keep hearing. rain and snow still falling in parts of our area this morning. this was megan mcgrath live in rossville with how people are dealing with this latest round of morning weather. good morning again rt good morning, barbara. we had the snow taper off a little bit, but as you can see now, it's comi down once again. it's just really really light. we had heavier periods earlier
11:37 am
this morning, but you can see we have accumulation on the grassy areas, on the bush. the good news here is that we really have seen no acoupe lakesn the road. we out and about all morning long and saw plenty of snow plows out there, in some cases actually salting the roads. in other cases, the roads were pre-treated. so when the snow started to come down it melted with the contact on the pavement. we saw a pretty accumulation on some of the bushes and grassy areas. so this is one of those snows that's kind of nice to look at but didn't cause any major problems this morning. it all hit during rush hour but, really, there were no major traffic ti fender benders because of it. we did a great job with pre-treating those roads. so we really are looking at just wet peeveavement out there and will get off and on snow throughout y and possibly more snowover night. the crews will remain out there
11:38 am
and people should use caution. keep the speeds down. back to you. >> thank you. and right now four children are recovering from the hospital after being rescued from an icy pond. the accident happened yesterday at lansdowne high school in baltimore. bystanders jumped into the water and pulled three of the children out. emergency cruise found the fourth child after a lengthy search. we don't know why the children were on the ice. at least two are in critical condition this morning. we are less than a week way from the big game. coming up the contest to make the best super bowl ads, and a look at some of the contenders. and the smart phone app some poli
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it's a weather alert day. so far the impact of the winter weather has been more annoying than anything else. chilly wet weather that could change later today. look at storm team 4 radar. white and gray the snow green the rain. tom is back in a few minutes with an update. free-falling gas prices t have bottomed out. prices dropped more than 13 cents a gallon over the past two weeks. don't look for prices to go lower than that. paying average $1.95 a gallon. in maryland $2.15 on average in the district.
11:42 am
$2.40, and runs you about $2.14 a gallon for regular in well as many of you know, big chans have been proposed for interstate 66. now you have a chance to weigh in on that. virginia transportatio officials are holding public meetings to discuss plans to ease congestion. vdot would like to add two new toll lanes, though specifics are still in the works. another proposal requires rush hour tolls for solo drivers inside the beltway. that could happen as soon as 2017. find out where meetings are held in your area. head to virginia share's are pressuring going toll shut down a police reporting feature on a popular smartphone app. the ways app a part of gps nv gatien and social network wig 50 million users in 200 countries. the sheriffs say the realtime tracking puts police officers' lives in danger. right now there are no known
11:43 am
connections between an attack on a police officer and the ways app. so far, google has not issued a comment on this. we're following a developing story out of washington state. a mother accused of stabbing her children. how the injured children were discovered. > plus it was a snowy commute to work for people in parts of montgomery county. this is rockville just before 7:00 this morning. see the snow coming down? could be a snowy ride home tonight. tom is back with. >> he's a free agent out there. do you think he will play? >> i don't think so. >> why do you say that? >> well i mean for me i wouldn't want hi >> that's hines ward talking about ray rice with meredith vieira. watch the whole interview at 1:00 here on nbc 4.
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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too.
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i'm storm team 4 meteort tom kierein. the storm team 4 radar showing rain and snow across northern virginia into the met troer areatroe area light snow. areaing in great off to the north across fairfax, loudon into montgomery. and the district coming down harder in northern prince george's county stremping into ann "e arundel and this may be sticking a bit on some untreat surface. most for now. getting more late other than. chuck bell joins us live on the storm team 4 weather deck.
11:47 am
what's happening now? >> reporter: temperature out here you're right. barely above freezing mark. snowing lightly but steadily. nothing but black pavement for now, though the grass behind me you can tell harks turned a winter shade of white. total snowfall amounts? well you know we were all hoping for at i city wouldn't rule out the opportunity as much as three inches of snow. as you get up towards gaithersburg and germantown, probab closer to the one to two inch amount getting into downtown washington and probably lower than an inch from southern prince george's county into southern maryland. big winners, as usually is e case higher elevations up farther north and west. hagerstown frostburg, a couple reports already of upwards of 30 inches. so definitely looks like a solid hit of snow for northern maryland into the shenandoah valley. in and around the metro, light snow evening rush to midnight
11:48 am
tonight. looks pretty if nothing else. >> chuxck what does the snow feel like? wet or something that could stick? >> reporter: small granular things as opposed to big flakes and probably 20% to 25% rain drops still mixing in with the snowflakes. it will stick to untreated surfaces branches anything with a chemical or salt on it it's having great success eating up the snowflakes. >> do you expect it to keep going throughout the jarch or intermittent? i. wouldn't count on heavy snow but like we're getting now. light snow mixing in with rain drops. gradually more snow and less rain with time though. >> thanks a lot. and come on inside. >> reporte okay. well you can be the first to know about changing weather conditions when you're away from your television. download our free nbc washington app and turn on those breaking we have a developing story out of olympia, washington, right now. a mother in jail amp aemgedly stabbing her three young
11:49 am
children. police say the father called 911 in the middle of the night saying his 6-month-old twins and 2-year-old were bleeding from their necks. the mother 29-year-old christina booth was arrested on three counts of first-degree attempted murder. neighbors say they are stunned. police say the father was not involved. the children remain in critical condition. a family of a murdered virginia tech student is trying to keep girls alive. morgan harrington's family has set up a nonprofit called help save the next girl. five years ago today, today, morgan's body was discovered in a field. to mark that moment, help save the next girl is selling team justice shirts. the money raised will help support the nonprofit's personal safety education and advocacy campaign. a teenager is in critical condition today after a triple shooting in prince george's county. police say the shooting happened at a home yesterday on glen dennin drive and in clinton
11:50 am
maryland saying the shootings stemmed from a fight between two 16-year-old boys and one 17-year-old boy. one of the teens is in critical condition today. the two other teens have minor injures after the shooting which police say stem from a fight. neighbors tell us they could hear the gunshots. >> we panicked. we was scared. we went right back in the house. we didn't know where it was coming from and then seen the helicopters. we just took precaution and went in the house. make sure everybody was okay. >> reporter: it is unclear whether the teens were shot inside or outside the house. our time now is 11:5. and coming up average people responsible for very good ads that could make it on-air on super bowl sunday. we'll tell you about that. and ask storm team 4 metet tom kierein is there will be a point of this evening that entire area will be seeing snow. stay wit
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right now we are six days away from super bowl xlix. the new england patriots are flying to arizona today. the seahawks arrived in phoenix yesterday. right now crews are purting the final touches on fan entertainment, hot spots, like the nfl experience and super bowl central. phoenix and glendale police are working together make sure the super bowl is a safe experience for everyone. and we're less than a week way now from super bowl xlix. one of the biggest nights in tv and some argue it's all about the commercial. one of those ads will be remarkable because of who made
11:54 am
it. nbc's janet shamli >> reporter: bet you can't remember who wont game the past few years. >> want to try out my -- >> it's really working! >> reporter: who c for eight years doritos had some of the top rated ads. >> use the cleaner. >> repor >> hmm. >> reporter: this year the contest exploded. 4,9 hvrn entries from 29 countries down to 10. ♪ >> reporter: online voters deciding who gets >> ah! >> reporter: and a year-long job at universal studios. part of nb >> really? >> when that phone rang from doritos letting me know i was a top ten finalist. i almost lost t. come on. three. >> r rhine own as gym in tampa. his commercial is about a spelling bee, the finalists are
11:55 am
trying to lose to get the second place prize. a lifetime supply of doritos. >> q-u-i -- >> p-u. >> reporter: saying he entered on a lark and shot it in eight hours for $500. >> as soon as i saw it i knew i had something. >> r whoever wins the xash the big brand. >> why is commercials that involve the public have become "the" commercials. >> an authenticity and talent. you have talented people throughout with a lot of young people knowing how to put together video and audio. >> his first words. >> reporte a high-stakes game far from the field. advertisers once again hoping to score with viewers. >> doritos. >> repor janet shamlian nbc news houston. nbc 4 is your super bowl station. look for live reports from our own jim handly all week for full
11:56 am
coverage leading to the game february 1st. all week we'll have to find the football contempt on our nbc washington fatebook page. look for that as well. watching several developing stories this north for you. right now the secret service is working to find out who sent that drone on to the white house lawn? it crashed on the south lawn early this morning, and we are there as agents lock the white house down. that lockdown has now been lifted. check as we learn more about what the secret service say actually happened out there. also keeping a close eye on the potentially crippling and historic storm that's about to slam the east coast. more than 2,000 flights are cancelled today. more than 2,000 flights already cancelled for tomorrow. we'll continue to follow the storm throughout the day and send any breaking weather alerts to your phone using the nbc washington app. time for a final check on the forecast. here's tom. >> when you're away from your tv track the snow on the storm team 4 app as well.
11:57 am
looking tat now on radar. what it looks like here at nbc 4 from the storm team 4 weather center. there it is. up see the area in white. that is snow around the metro area. a little green to ou light rain. that area of light snow is advancing off to the north and east and it's going to be with us off and on into the afternoon and evening hours. right now light snow loudon fairfax, northern prince william, the district of columbia and much of prince george's county. northern anne arundel and howard counties. snowfall totals for this by the them this all ends by dawn tomorrow because we may get a few bands of moderate snow tonight. may pick up a couple inches from what has already fallen. maybe an inch or so around washington. nearby suburbs, maybe two to three inches north and we679 of the metro area and practically nothing south and southeast. farther to the north and west maybe three to five inches. higher amounts in the higher ridges and out in the mountains could get five to seven by the
11:58 am
time this tapers off and ends by dawn on tuesday. frequent updates all afternoon. >> all right. thank you, tom. and that's news 4 "midday" for today. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00 five 6:00 and 11:00. and we'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for "news4 midday." have a gre.
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