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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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scene all morning and will have a live report in just minutes. but first we're tracking a line of winter weather as it pushes into the area. just as you're getting ready to leave for work. so far we are mostly seeing rain inside the beltway, but that is changing over to snow in the hours ahead. our team coverage is helping you prepare you' face in the day ahead. right now we're watching for delays and a lot of schools are closed, as well. d.c. city schools are open. the federal government is open as well. do you have the option of unscheduled leave or telework if you're a federal employee. >> in virginia, we've learned rappahannock and clarke county schools are closed so are fredry count ry frederic county, virginia closes. winchester city and fauquier county and page county schools closed. >> in maryland, montgomery county schools say they will be open on time.
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howard county schools are on a two hour delay. prince georg charld maryland county all closed for scheduled teacher workdays thought because of the weather. in west virginia weather is closing schools in mineral, hampshire, grant, berkeley and jefferson county schools today. watch news 4 all morning download the nbc washington ach as well for a list of all the closings a and delays. tom kierein begins our team coverage with what you can expect during your morning commute. a combination of rain and snow. right now in the viewing area, right around washington we have a sharp dividing line of where the rain meets the snow. all this in green is rain. it's right along washington, inside the beltway, and inside the district and then into fairfax and loudoun cou and points south. north in montgomery county northern prince george's county, howard county, southern frederick, all this gray and white, this is some wet snow that is coming down. it's beginning to cover some of
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the grassy area. but it is melting on all of the roads this morning. big area under winter weather advisory all these counties in purple most of virginia, most of maryland including the immediate metro area. higher amounts western maryland panhandle of west havairginia for the r of the d today into tonight. they have already had about 3 inchesn gashrrett county. and all these temperatures are above freezing except right near the pennsylvania border. mid and upper 30s to near 40 now. so for the morning commute, just wet roads with the wet snow and the rain and afternoon commute, though we could get slushy roads as we'll have most areas changing over to snow and temperatures hovering right near the freezing mark for the afternoon hours. total amounts of snow a couple of inches, metro area, nearby suburbs farther north and west. next we hour r break down of the day ahead. now a look at road
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some snow coming down. this is in frederick. of course it will start sticking at some point here this morning. so just a warning for you this morning as you're getting ready. overall, no major problems. lots of green on the map. everything flowing pretty well. beltway at old georgetown road, you can see the wetness on the roads. montgomery county seeing a lot of precipitation. seeing some of it turn into snow north 270. 95 at route 1, you can see everyts flowing quite nicely. and the wilson bridge into virginia and maryland no issues there. back in ten minutes with travel times. your time is 6:04. and we have continuing coverage.
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snow is falling in some area. this is a live look in maryland. in montgomery county salt trucks did a lot of preparation for this morning's snow. meg ap-mcgrath is live along 270 and rockville thousand with more. still snowing where you are? >> reporter: it is. the temperature dropped from 36 down to 34 and then we started to see some of the snow mixing in with the rain. you can see some of e flakes here clinging to my jacket. if you pan up to the light pu can see all of the flakes that have mixed in. the didgood news is that the road crews have been very busy overnight. they have out here on 270, that's the road that you see behind me here. and they ever been pre-treating the roads. so while we are starting to see that wintry mix, we're not seeing any of it sticking to the roadways. we just have wet conditions. but even with that people will want to keep their speeds down. it can be a little bit slippery. but so far so good. we're seeing traffic along this
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stretch of 270 in rockville traveling at speed. but we just started to see that switch over to the wintry mix. so we'll be keeping an eye on it and keeping an eye on those temperatures as well, which is of course a critical piece to all of this. megan mcgrath, news 4. right now in virginia, 900 e on standby. trucks were filled up with salt. they received their marching orders early and put down a good layer of salt ahead of this morn.e you download the app and turn on the breaking news alerts. that way you'll get the latest information. and there is breaking news right now at the white house. secret service found a device on the grounds there. molette green is live in laya fayette park. >> r we're working to learn more about exactly what
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type of device the white house secret service agents found on the ground. there is still a very visible presence of officers out here despite the fact that la fayette park is still open. we were first on the scene before the white house actually confirmed that this device was found on the ground. we saw officers searching using their flashlights. of course the secret service expected to give us more details on what type of device where it was found, how it got there, and if there are any suspects involved. the white house telling us that this device posed no immediate threats to anybody inside the building. of course the president and first lady are traveling. they are in india. so not in the white house this morning when all of this went down just a few hours ago. we're live outside the white house, i'm molette green. back to you. and while we're watching for snow here, people across the northeast are bracing for a power it will winter storm.
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the impact that system is already having on travel in our area. and the snow is starting to fall in parts of the d.c. area as well. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein shows you when you'll see flakes in your neighborhood with your hour by hour forecast. also ahead, opening i-66 to more driver during rush hour. the plan that could give solo drivers access inside the beltway and when
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right now some of you are starting to see some snow as the winter weather pushes either way into the d.c. area. our crews are seeing snow in frederick county and still a little rain mix in montgomery county. >> tom kierein is tracking when you'll see snow where you live with your hour by hour forecast. >> yeah just heard from amelia segal in the 4 x 4 saying it is
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starting to stick on some of the sides of the roads and on grassy areas. but the main roads are all just wet. right now storm team 4 radar showing this area in green yellow that's rain. most of northern virginia is rain so is most of southern maryland northern neck. but it is some wet snow now in northwest washingt across montgomery county, these areas in gray and white as well as northern prince george's county. that extends farther up toward frederick where amelia is in the 4 x 4 and in northern loudoun county as well, get something wet snow there from leesburg on up toward brunswick on the potomac river. we'll have this with us, the same pattern through the morning hours. rain south and east, snow north and west. and then mostly snow for the afternoon, all this ending by dawn tomorrow with 1 to 2 inches metro area, # to 5 farther north and west. a duing practically nothing farther south and east. hour by hour timing coming up at 6:21. overall we're looking pretty good.
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this is from amelia's live camera. again, she is in frederick and you can see some of the snow coming down. looks like the roads are pretty wet. 270 at mopntrose road, you can sedown. 270 pretty wet. the 5 northbound is closest spot at # #33 minutes. otherwise travel times look good. if you want to weigh in on the proposal for new toll lanes and tolls on interstate 66 you'll have a chance this week. virginia transportation officials are holding public meetings to discuss proposals to ease congestion. one proposal would require rush hour tolls for solo drivers inside the beltway. that could happen as soon as 2017. other ideas include new toll lanes on 66 outside the beltway widening 66 between 495 and fairfax drive. we're tracking the complains you'll face on the roads. we'll take you live to a meal i
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can't seeamelia segal. and we'll show you why a popular
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our storm team is tracking
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winter weather for this as you get ready to head out right now most of you are he seeing rain but parts of maryland is starting to see snow as the system pushes in. >> tom kierein has been watching the system's advance. he's here now with more. >> we're getting combinations of rain and snow this morning. most of it is rain in the metro area and points south. as we take a look at the storm team 4 radar, right now it is showing just north of the metro area where you see the areas in the gray and the white, that is snow. and it's a wet snow now reaching the ground and accumulating a little bit. panhandle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley as well as over toward northern loudoun county and into montgomery county. where you see these areas here in in bright white, the biggest flakes are now falling from north of reston up toward great falls and montgomery county west of there into central
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loudoun county. >> tom, thank you. let's take a look now at how the wintry mix is impacting your commute this morning. amelia segal joins us live from the storm team 4 x 4 with a look at the roads where you are. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we were planning on montgomery county, b then we decided to stick ad frederick because it is snowing at a pretty good rate. it's stick to go roads and the fwras city areas areas. the temperature is below freezing. temperat on 180 west at . you see the snow is falling and if you look it the right happened side, the white line you kind of see the white that's not just our headlights reflecting off of wet roads. that is snow sticking to area roads here. so the secondary roads are starting to see snow stick on them. we'll stay in frederick county
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and continue to bring you updates here. i'll have another update it in about 30 minutes. and right now the same storm system is expected to bring tons of snow to the entire northeast corridor. looking at a live picture here of boston, where more than 2 feet is expected to fall today. the weather channel's stephanie abrams joins us live from new york city. when is the show going to start falling there? >> reporter: so we have a little bit of snow right now. but it's really going to pick up in intensity as we head into the afternoon hours. and that's when the wind will kick up as well. so anywhere from 18 to 24 even perhaps a little more th as you head up into new england. that's how much snow we'll see. blizzard warnind jersey. winds out long island 60 to 70 miles per hour because you have the wind going over the smooth surface of the ocean. once you get closer here to new york you'll get a little more friction so our winds will be around 50 miles per hour. 1800 flights are canceled. and this is all going to get
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really bad as we head tonight into tomorrow. it costs about a million dollars to clean up an inch of snow here in new york city and for your you view i stay warm in these store, it will be hard for you to guess. i'm keeping this family oriented. it looks shady, but it's not. i wear a wet suit underneath all of high gear and i have heating pads also underneath it that people wear for a hurt back, wrap those puppies around to you keep that heat in and you stay dry, too. that's how you do it. >> a great tip. innovative. >> i'm really impressed. stephanie know what is she's talking about. >> well, good luck. it looks like you'll need all that stuff. >> thanks guys. if you're traveling today, make sure to check your flooit before fl. hows have already thousands have already been canceled. in our area 64 flights are
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grounded out of reagan national. one flight is delayed. right now two flights are delayed out at dulles international. 21 flights canceled there. and we are seeing six delays at bwi marshall with 17 cancellations. united is canceling all flights for tomorrow at all airports in the new york area boston and philadelphia. and we are starting to see some snow. tom kiern will have the rain and snow timing coming up at 6:21. deal we'll learn the sentence for the man arrested last fall with a rifle, knife and ammunition near the white house. according to prosecutors, he approached the secret service officer in november saying, quote, someone in iowa told me to drive to the white house. he pled guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. each charge carrying a possibility of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2500.
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let's get back to the weather draft now p because it's about to get a little messy out there. >> tom kierein is tr >> right now the saving grace for the metro area and nearby suburbs are the temperatures. they are above freezing. so even where that wet snow is falling, it's mostly melting close to the metro area. farther north and west it is beginning to stick on roads an grassy area. right now the storm team 4 radar showing the area in green is all rain across virginia and southern maryland, eastern shore. but the area in gray and white, that is snow right along skyline drive, northern shenandoah value i lrk beginning to creep into fairfax county. so as this rain hits colder air aloft, it changes to snow. right now getting wet snow near mclean and into montgomery county. farthewest the bright white areas, big flakes are faultlling near leesburg.
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all snow across most of howard county and frederick counties in maryland northern prince y getting a few wet flakes. but these temperatures this is the saving grace. we are in the mid and upper 30s to near 40 most of virginia and in the nearby suburbs. but farther north and west down to near freezing and we're seeing some of that sticking. here is the timing. green is rain, pink is the wet snow. white is the accumulating snow. and we'll see that as we get into the after hour accumulating snow creeps farther and farther south all the way west of fredericksburg while rain south and east of us. we get the wet snow in the afternoon hours. 11:00 p.m. still snowing west of washington and moving right over the metro area the rest of the night and quickly moving across the eastern shore by this time tomorrow morning. leaving in its wake 1 to 3 inches. in the dusting to an inch south and east but 3 to 5 farther north
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and west. and in the mountains, 5 to 7 inches by the time this all ends by dawn on tuesday. next chance of any snow after today, follow all of this with the storm team 4 weather app. does look like maybe on thursday an maybe on sunday we have another chance of snow. cold weather in between as we get into the weekend. next weather and traffic on the 1s we'll take another look at that radar changte. report of a brand new crash 270 at west montgomery avenue. we're starting to see some slowdowns. we're not seeing the actual crash on our cameras. beltway at leesburg pike wanted to show you this because you can see all the moisture on the camera there. so very foggy with a lot of water on the lens. taking a look at 66 headed in to town about 38 miles per hour. out of town no issues. 95 northbound here dale city very close 17 miles per hour as you come around the bend there. beltway at central avenue that is rolling along nicely. have a crash 17th and
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constitution. we're tweeting about all this this @first4traffic. right now the seattle seahawks are waking up in arizona ahead of super bowl xlix. the patriots are traveling there today. and as you can imagine, the party is already under way in phoenix. >> sarah dallof is live in glendale where the countdown is on. >> reporte an event of this magnitude doesn't happen without a lot of work. luckily organize arers have some experience. this is the third super bowl that the phoenix metro area has hosted of course last night it was packed with fans cheering on football's best at the pro bowl. lots of excitement off the field, as well, in downtown phoenix. you can hear construction as crews put the finishing touches on some of the at tracks like the nfl experience and super bowl central. those attractions of course designed to give people an experience of the excitement surrounding the game even if they can't afford the tickets,
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which right now are averaging more than $4,000. so a serious investment to go to the game here. still a lot of fun to be had in the outskirts. back to you. >> should be fun. thank you, sarah dallof live in phoenix for us. nbc 4 is your super bowl station. look for live reports from jim hanley all week leading up to the game on february 1 and all week we'll have to find the find the football contest on the nbc washington facebook page. free falling gas prices may have bottomed out. don't look for prices on go much lower. right now in virginia you're paying an ave ever 1of $1.95, maryland $2.15, in the district $2.40. it will run you $2.14 in west virginia. sheriffs are campaign to go pressure google to shut down a police reporting feature on a popular smart phone traffic app. the waze is a combination of gps
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navigation and social networking. it has 50 million users in 200 countries. the sheriffs say the real time tracking puts poli i'veofficers' lives in danger. right now there are no knownl attack and the waze app. >> but they say it's only a matter of time. so far google has not commented. >> it helps you get around traffic. >> and try to beat the system. we're tracking winte weather. storm team 4 meteorologist has your a.m. and p.m. bus stop forecast. plus our crews are tracking the conditions you'll see if you're getting behind the wheel in the next few hours.
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we're tracking breaking news at the white house where the discovery of a device has the area around the executive mansion on lockdown. you're look live at the scene where a large police presence has been in place overnight. the president is not at home at this time. we'll have more on the discovery in a live report in 20 minutes. sdloo but intoarea. the rain is turning as to snow across much of maryland as the system advanced we wea moving in lots of schools are closed. frederick county virginia closed right now. so are rappahannock and clarke county schools. loudoun coun schools are closed but they have a planning day today. also in virginia winchester city and fauquier county and page county schools are closed. >> in maryland montgomery county schools say they are opening on time. howard county schools are on a two hour delay. prince george's county charles and frederick county maryland are all closed for scheduled
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planning days. not for weather. in west virginia now schools in mineral, hampshire grant, berkeley and jefferson counties are all closed today. >> d.c. public schools are open. on time today. if you work for the federal government that is open too. but do you have the option to telework or take unscheduled leave. you can scroll through all the closings on the nbc washington app. we'll also be putting them right 00 t on tv all morning long. we begin with tom kierein with your bus stop forecast. good morning. >> getting some wet snow here in northwest washington right now. and checking tweets and on facebook getting reports as well as some of the snow beginning to stick in loudoun county montgomery county and into frederick county panhandle of west virginia. the areas of white snow. areas of green rain.
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there is a sharp dividing line across northern fairfax county in to northern loudoun county where this is snow. and the bright white area some big heavy flakes coming down ash leesburg all the way over toward martinsburg. farther east of there from near great falls to reston to mclean, getting these wet snow flakes. and across the potomac river, up toward poolesville and germantown now getting big fat wet snow flakes. darker gray areas coming down a little bit lighter. saving sgras grace, the temperatures generally above freezing. so any of the wet snow is melting. at the bus stop you'll need an umbrr winter coat as we'll have the rain and wet snow through the morning commute. afternoon mostly snow. you'll be glad you have the umbrella too because that will help you stay dry. we'll have temperatures in the low 30s through the afternoon
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commute. snow is falling right now in montgomery county. this is a lig i-2 in maryland. megan mcgrath is live in rockville with more on how the roads are looking there now. >> reporter: we saw this wintry mix start about 45 minutes ago and i would say that right new, we're seeing pretty much all snow. i'm not seeing any rain. it's just coming down as a steady wet snow. in terms of the impact on the road take a look behind me here. this is 270, that's the inbound direction that you're seeing there. and actually the traffic is running at speed. they have been out there treating the roadways. we've seen them putting down salt this morning. and so this precipitation that we're seeing this change over to snow, it is not sticking to the roads. we just have wet pavement at th point. but that still means there is potential for slipping an sliding out there on the roadways. and because people are traveling at speed we could start to see
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some fender-benders. people will want to keep the speeds down and of course we'll be keeping an eye on the weather and see what it does. right now, i'm not seeing any ac on the grassy areas, but the switch over occurred about 45 minutesing a go. as far as the morning rush hour, people are just fe at this point, just wet roads out there. but still, keep the speeds down. richard, back to you. let's get traffic now with melissa. >> a crash 270 south at falls road. we have two right lanes blocked. e a main lanes. if you're local, you can see we have volume there perhaps people looking at this crash right now. but it is slow southbound there as you're headed down to the spur. wide look at things, you can see we're starting to go slow stop of the beltway and bound 395 as you're crossing over you're slow. prince george's coun starting to see slowdowns again typical
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for this time of morning. beltway at kenilworth look going there. 95 in and out of town, same hinge. parkw looking good about that 95 in virginia, a little sl mort bound through dale city. 6:35. a lot of you you spent time at e getti ready for today. so we sent news 4 crews to rockville and alexandria. some stores are runningf supplies and others plenty. it was surprisingly warm last knight and they thought that's why they didn't see as many people stocking up. and our 4 x 4 is tracking the conditions you'll see on the roads. here is a live look amelia segal will join us live with what she's finding along i-270. maryland lawmakers are meeting with analysts to talk about the budget today. governor hogan submitted his budget proposal last week it includes cuts to education including cutting the amount of money montgomery and prince george's couy schools receive
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in half. it also cuts funds for the chesapeake bay and some health care. all the reductions come as maryland is facing a $750 million budget deficit later this year. we're tracking breaking news in the district where there is a large police presence surrounding the white house at this hour after a device was found on the grounds overnight. we're live at the scene with what happened. plus learning a dangerous lesson. the dramatic rescue of four local children after they fell through thin ice. and we're tracking this winter weather as it pushes into the d.c. area. the timing of the snow over the next 24 hours with your h
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more and more of you are stepping outside to a little bit of snow as this winter weather pushes its way into our area. our crews are seeing snow in fred rake and montgomery
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counties right now. >> tom kierein is tracking when you'll see snow whereive with your hour by hour forecast. green on radar is rain and the area of white and gray that's snow. and we're getting it in northern shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia loudoun county, northern fairfax, northwest washington northern pr coun montgomery howard and fredryk counties. big flakes from arlington west along 66 29, dulles it tollway. abeltway. t tyson's corner into maryland. southern loudoun county that's where they are getting some of that moderate snow and it's starting to pilen fwrasgrassy areas. tonight we'll see accumulating snow for the metro area. tomorrow morning, near 30 degrees. now melissa, what is going on? crash 270 south at falls
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road. it's now off to the right side of the main lanes but still a bit slow about 3 miles headed south. another new crash here springfield west old keene mill road at hillside. your alternate is fairfax county parkway. and in washington boulevard here at g blocked there. alternate is north fairfax drive. as far as travel times, looking pretty good. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, 31 minutes. 66 east from fairfax east to 15 minutes. 270 south, germantown road to the beltway 25 minutes. outer loop the 5 too 270, 19 minutes. four children are recovering from the hospital after being rescued from an icy pond. the accident happened yesterday at landsdown high school this baltimore. bystanders jumped in and pulled three of the children out. emergency crews found the fourth child after a lengthy search. at least two of them are in
6:42 am
critical condition. you you are going to want to leave for work a little earlier this morning as we watch the snow fall around the d.c. area. we'll check in live with amelia segal in the 4 x 4 for a look at the conditions she's seeing. plus breaking younews at the white house after discovery of a device on the grounds. we'll take you live to the scene for a look at how the discovery is impacting.
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we're getting you ready for the storm as it will be a hectic next 24 hours. >> we start with tom costello at reagan national airport. >> reporter: good morning. only rain here today so far as you know but as this relates to the big travel picture nationwide we've already got 2,000 flights cancelled for today. almost all of those into are or out of the northeast and that number is only going to grow especially as we get into the evening hours. most affected airports later on tonight and into tomorrow starting if washington going up to baltimore and then philadelphia. in new york you've got laguardia likely to be most affected. jfk and newark, hartford boston, up into maine, all of those affected. out west you'll have pittsburgh, as well as columbus ohio and tn residual affect in
6:46 am
chicago. amtrak, 457 miles of track. amtrak this morning says they're watching the situation very carefully and it is entirely possible that as the storm progresses tonight and into tomorrow they would have to close parts of the track fendingge on dependin on where servi heads. so a difficult 48 hours or so. back to you. >> tom costello thank you. as tom just said flight delays are quickly piling up., in our area 64 flights have been grounded out of reagan national, 7 flies delayed. 3 out of dulles and 21 cancels. 6 delays at bwi marshall and 17 cancellations. and to find out where the storm is let's check in with tom kierein. right now we have a battle going on between rain and snow and the battle line is right
6:47 am
through the metro area as we look at the storm team four radar, area this green is rain, area in white is snow. and it's snowing just north of washington into montgomery county and northern fairfax county and loudoun county. that area of snow is beginning to stick now in much of fairfax county and loudoun county. and some lighter amounts where you see the darker gray that is in montgomery county, northwest washington and into frederick county virginia. and maryland. i'm back at 6:51 with the storm total forecast. we're working for you on the roads to make sure you know what your commute will look like this morning. amelia segal is live in the storm team 4 x 4 if frederick. >> reporter: we went through downtown frederick where the roads are still okay but the secondary road traveling along some roads jefferson pike and even some less traveled roads, the snow is actually sticking here in frederick county.
6:48 am
over the last 30 minutes, the snow has lightened in intensity. it was snowing at a pretty good rate earlier. but when it was snowing heavier, we were seeing that snow stick, not only to the side of the road but on the road as well. and again that was secondary roads. a live look outside right now with the storm truck as we make our way toward 70 270 split, you can see the roads are wet right now. and the temperature here is still below freezing. the storm team 4 by x 4 tracking a temperatur 31 degree as. rag i'm on twitter and you can fo me there for the latest. 6:48. right now the d.c. snow team is fully deployed and ready for the winter weather. more than 200 trucks are out on the roads. you're being asked to treat and shovel your sidewalks, though. make sure to download the free nbc washington app and turn on the breaking news alert so is you have the latest information.
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breaking news at the white house. just minutes ago, we confirmed it was a drone that landed on the white house grounds overnight. secret service agents are still there right now. news 4 molette green is live in la fayette park watching it happen. >> reporte we still have visible presence of security outside the white house here. we just got thafrom federal law enforcement it that the drone actually landed in a tree on the white house grounds about 3:00 a.m. this morning. secret service quickly went in responded, an determined that it did not pose any threat. we were first on the scene and saw the increased presence of security outside the white house. we saw officers walking on foot searching, using their flashlights. now, earlier this morning, we heard from white house spokesman josh earnest.
6:50 am
>> a device that has been recovered by the secret service at the white house. early indications ist it do pose any sort of ongoing threat to anybody at the white house. >> reporter: la fayette park again back open to foot traffic here outside the white house. we're still working to get are more details on exactly what type of drone device this was and how it got there. and also if there are any suspects in the search for all of this morning's activity. we continue to see officers patrolling the area on foot on their bikes. and standing outside the gate. i'm live outside the white house, molette green. back to you. likely a lot more to come on that later on throughout the day. >> and this just into the newsroom. county schools has canceled the professional day it had for teachers. so that proves al dayfessl
6:51 am
canceled these a live pictures of rockville. the rain has turned over to snow and the snow is picking up. >> it looks like it will stay that way for a while? >> if newgood news, it isn't really sticking to the roads or sidewalks because pavement temperatures are above freezing and so are the air temperatures. that has been a gift for the morning commute. but that wet snow pretty much melting on most roads. and the area in green on radar, that is rain. you can see there is a lot of rain. that is falling in virginia and southern marylanr partrlower part of the eastern shore. but it changes over to snow when it gets closer to the metro area. there is the battle line. laurel up toward montgomery county line and from there, west it is snow. and it's snowing across northern fairfax county into loudoun county. there a battle between the rain and snow.s the rain advances north, sometimes the snow advances farther to the south. and we'll see this off and on as we get into the rest of the day.
6:52 am
all he's counties in purple under winter weather advisory virginia maryland the district winter storm warnings farther west. farther to our north, it is beginning to drop and it's beginning to stick that know farther north and west. as we got forward, the area in green rain staying mostly rain southern eastern suburbs in to the afternoon as of about 2:00 though we'll still have some wet snow falling northern western suburbs. the white area that's where we'll likely get the accumulating snow shenandoah valley western northern suburbs in to the afternoon hours. however, the metro area still not a lon into the afternoon. most of that will be occurring tonight is the way it looks right now. the timing will be several bands of snow overnight into very early tomorrow morning leaving in its wake about 1 to 3 inches metro area practically nothing farther south and east. 3 to 5 inches farther west.
6:53 am
mountains could get 5 to 7 inches. get the weather app. post all your be observations and photos, too. next chance of snow will be on thursday maybe in the away and evening. another chance coming in on sunday. we're back with frequent updates all day long. it's a weather alert day. stay tuned. seeing a lot of wetness on the roads. this is amelia segal's camera. she's in this frederick headed down 270 perhaps. 270 south at falls road all these folks headed southbound, that earsh las now completely out of the way. 395 inbound here 13 miles per hour slow as you're crossing the belt way. slow top of the beltway. most pretty slow as is 295 coming in from either side into the city. 66 headed into town running about 40 miles per hour there.
6:54 am
95 in virginia, at gordon that is move along so is the beltway indian head highway. overall the roads very well. and this is a live look from the 4 x 4, this is 270 in frederick. megan mcgrath is live in rockville with are more on the roads. >> reporter: gd morning. we saw the switch over from a steady rain to snow about an hour ago. and we are now starting to see it sticking here on the grassy areas. so a little bit of accumulation here. but the good news for commuter we are not seeing it stick to the roads. there was a lot of pre-treat has gone happened overnight. trucks were out. they were putting the salt and chemicals down and that seems to be doing the trick. right now we're just seeing wet conditions on the major roads, but keep in mind temperatures are dropping. we saw it drop two degrees a little while ago and we are seeing the volumes begin to pick
6:55 am
up here as we get into rush hour. so you still could encounter some slick spots as well as trafups. but we'll keep an eye on it. right now things are looking pretty good. back to you. and many of your kids can sleep in as lots of the schools in the area are delayed or closed right now. if you work for the federal government get to work. it is open. you do have the option for unscheduled leave or telework today. in virginia we learned shenandoah county canceled its teacher planning day. schools are closed for all staff and students. loudoun county schools also closed for planning today. fred where i can countk county closed, as well. >> washington county schools will be starting two hours late. howard county schools also. prince george's coun cha and frederick county maryland, those are closed for a scheduled planning day. back in virginia, rappahannock clarke, fauquier co and page county all closed. so are winchester city.
6:56 am
>> and schools in mineral hampshire, grant, berkeley and jefferson all closed today. watch us during the for the scroll of the closings and delays. >> and we will have frequent storm team 4 updates all day long. it's a weather al laert day. you canu can see it's very active r today rain and snow we might have a few l will time tomorrow morning. it will be cold. another chance of some snow evening. does not look like a major deal. another chance of some snow on sunday looking like flurries right now. again megan mcgrath's shot here 270 at montrose that's what it's looking like from the sky. once it gets to the ground not sticking on the roads. here is amelia segal's shot the out of frederick county. you'll need the wind shield wipers perhaps to sweep off the front porch this morning. but otherwise not sticking to the roads right now. wide look at things, we're typically slow top of the beltway and inbound 395 and 95
6:57 am
in virginia here gordon boulevard, no problems there. just a little bit of moisture on the roadways. >> we've really seen it develop here this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with updates.
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good morning. historic blizzard. >> prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> the northeast prepares for a crippling winter storm. white out conditions set to make travel impossible. this morning everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the blizzard of 2015. breaking overnight, another security breech as a drone lands on the white house ground. officials say there was no immediate threat as the secret service investigates. seattle seahawks star richard sherman takes the patriots to task over deflate gate. the patriots get s


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