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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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right now on new4 today, it is a weather alert day. he is slowing down your drive. >> and tom kierein is tracking when snow will be a problem. i'm richard jordan in for aaron. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 today. the first school closes and delays are coming in. mineral, hampshire and grant count tirs in west virginia are closed. berkeley and jefferson county schools also this west virginia montgomery says its schools and offices will be open today. the federal government is alst you have the option to telework or take unscheduled leave. download the app and you can scroll through all the list of closings and delays. >> let check in with tom. >> we've been forecasting we'll get rain and snow starting late
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sunday night into monday morning and e seeing right now on the storm team 4 radar. the area in green is all rain. however just to our north and west we're seeing that change over to some wet snow right now in montgomery county in northern prince george's ho county and much farther to the west a few flurries in the darker gray zones. frederick, washington county panhandle of west virginia. skyline drive getting wet snow there thousand. east of th this green is rain. here in northwest washington and northern prince george's county these little pockets of white there are bigger wet snowflakes reaching the ground. much of montgomery county now getting some of that wet snow as is howard county. so we have a winter weather advisory all these counties in purple including the immediate metro area. higher snow totals out here in the panhandle of west virginia and in western maryland. right now we're still above freezing so any wet snow that is faulting is melting on any untreated surface. so the morni rush mostly rain. a little wet snow wet roads. and then mostly snow for the
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afternoon rush. it's the afternoon rush hour into this evening that will be a problem. so wet roads this morning with that rain/snow mix in the mid-30s. and then the afternoon slushy roads, temperatures in the low 30s. and some snow accumulating on grassy areas, especially during the afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s the hour by hour breakdown on this rain/snow changes through the day ahead. back to you. >> let's take a look now at those wet roads. >> amelia segal is live in the 4 x 4 near hagarstown. >> reporter: we're making our way toward hagerstown right now on 70 west just passing the myersville middletow exit. we went over braddock mountain, one of the higher elevations just over 1,000 feet. and there was snow at that point. but now that we're at a lower elevation, more in the valley if you will just a very light rain. the road conditions are absolutely fine although the temperature is at 32 degrees.
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here in the storm team 4 x 4, driving this morning. we've seen about 10 salt trucks here on this road alone treating the roads in preparation for this evening commute like tom says. that is looking to be a little bit more messy than this morning commute. you can see here in the storm team 4 x 4 with our camera looking out, the roads here they're barely even wet at this point. we've hit a dry spot right now as we head toward hagerstown. we are tracking rain on radar right now on the storm team 4 x 4 weather app. so when we head there we'll bring you the conditions in hagerstown. for now, we'll send ove to melissa. we're looking pretty good here. 270 at old hundred, you can see a tiny bit of wetness on the road but otherwise really no problem at this point this morning. wide look at the beltway inner loop and outer loop, everything moving nicely. no issues right now. a lo earlier typical construction that we see on a
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normal monday morning not in the way this morning. so that is good of course as folks are treating the roads and getting ready. 66 here theat 95 no problems there either. prince in and out of town look going. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything rolling along quite nicely. same thing a little to the north, 95 in maryland and then bw parkway into and out of town. we'll take another live look at the top of the beltway coming up. this just into our newsroom. fauquier county schools are closed this morning. stay with us as we continue to update the closings and delays that are coming in. 5:04 now. we're keeping an eye on the changing weather conditions. make sure you download the free nbc washington app and turn on those breaking news alerts. breaking news right now. thk willed security around the house p. molette green is live. what is happening there? >> reporter: richard good morning. yes, we just got new
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information. the white house spokesman josh earnest confirming that there was a device found on the white house grounds. and early investigation of that device shows that it poses no immediate threat to anyone inside the building inside the white house. just a few minutes ago, we saw more officers patrolling the grounds with flashlights. this video was taken about 15 20 minutes ago. but the officers are still on the grounds using flash flights, searching the area. the secret service is expected to give us more information on exactly what type of of device was found, where exactly it was found on the white house grounds. and what is going on with that. of course the president and the first lady are not inside the white house. they're not there. the president traveling overseas not expected back in washington until a little bit later on this week. but again we still see a lot of activity here outside the white
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house, we park where the secret se cars right behind me not heletting anyone inside. la fayette park closed. secret service police are patrolling the area on in their patrol cars as well. again, we are expecting to get more information on exactly what type of device was found on the white house grounds in just a little bit. we're live this morning. back to you. the time is 5:06. don't look for gas prices to get any cheaper. what the experts say you're about to see happen to those free falling prices at the pump. medical marijuana for children. the new guidelines by the nation's top ss on when it's okay to treat your child with marijua t is a weather alert day. you can see rain falling in parts of our region here. tom kierein will let you know hour by hour when er
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we're keeping an eye on the road conditions. everything looks good so far. there is a live look at connecticut avenue. coming up tom kierein will tell us when you can expect a winter mix of rain and snow. and remember some sections of i-66 will be closed overnight tonight between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. the eastbound lanes just before the fairfax county parkway underpass will close intermittently.
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the closures will last up to 30 minutes east, part of an effort to insta kroefr head signs. wednesda i be the west bound lanes. gas prices have dropped more than 13 cents a gas in the past two week. but don't look for prices to go much lower than that. analysts say crude oil prices won't come down much more this winter if at all. take advantage now. fill up while you can. >> exactly. these are some really low prices. we're keeping an eye on the weather. we'll be getting and snow and rain mixing in later today. >> yeah getting rain right now in the metro area. starting off now almost 5:11 on this monday morning, we have mostly rain this area of green, virginia nearby suburbs. just to the north and west the gray and white, there is wet snow starting to fall. about a quarter of an inch already accumulated on the
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grassy areas around winchester and over toward frederick. much of getting some wet snowflakes. i looked out our window here, we should be getting some of this, but it looks like it's mostly rain here as well as northern rouk. mondaycounty. elsewhere, just all rain this morning. saving great here for any problems driving is these it bes. look at this, we're well above freezing. we're in the 30s to near 40 degrees. only places near freezing are near hagerstown along the pennsylvania border. so we'll have this rain and snow a little bit this morning, a greater chance of that during the afternoon as we'll be hovering in the low 30s through the afternoon and by dawn tomorrow all the totals around the region could get a couple inches of snow maybe a little bit more north and western suburbs. highest amounts 4 to 6 inches in the panhandle of west virginia. a dusting to an inch southern and eastern suburbs. we'll have a look at the hour by
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hour timing coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. melissa, how are the roads? looking okay. just a little bit wet here top of the beltway at connecticut avenue. a little bit wet on the roadway and you can see we have clouds here waiting in the wings. 95 at powder mill road southbound we do have a crash with the left lane blocked, so watch out for that. wide look ats overall no major problems at this point. 66 and 95 looking pretty good. 66 at virginia visitor center picture of 95 in virginia coming up. home security systems can get pricey but you new technology can help you secure your home for half the price. we'll show you how. bryceacing for a possible record setting snowstorm, we're keeping an eye on the storm that is about to pound our neighbors in the northeast. and let us do the driving. here is a live look we're hitting the roads to alert you of any.
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good morning. another check on our radar. all this area in green is rain. northern virginia, they're by suburb we're get always wet sout montgomery county, where you see the fwra. that is showing up in howard county, up into frederick county. northern l county too, getting a little wet snow toward winchester. a little bit of that wet snow already accumulated about a quarter of an inch on grassy areas there. it will stay rain for much of the morning commute. a look at the hour by hour snow/rain timing and totals expected coming up at 5:21. we're watching a monster storm headed to the northeast. new york city could see up to 30 inches of snow. the state of norg, thatfof new york. there is a blizzard warning there right now. the new york city mayor saying this storm could be the worst the city has ever seen.
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everything from northern new jersey on connecticut bracing for the big hit. if you have travel plan take note, we got in that more than 1700 flights for today expected to be canceled. you'll definitel we have you covered for winter weather. megan mcgrath has more on your commute. check the temperature and we've got 36 degrees here in rockville. so we're just seeing a steady rain. wet conditions on the roadway. traffic is traveling at speed this morning. but we are seeing the steady rain. so keep the speeds under control. we do have wet conditions and that can cause fenr bep dernders.t it is warm enough so we're not seeing the snowy icy stuff. so in terms of this area so far
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so good. of course we'll be keeping an eye on those temperatures and we may see some wintry mix move into our area a little later on today. but for the morning, so far so good. back to you. coming up in ten minutes, tom kierein backtrack when your neighborhood will see the snow. that's at 5:21. right now four children are recovering in the hospital after being rescued from an icy popped. the accident happened yesterday at landsdown high school in baltimore. bystanders jumped into the water and pulled tleeft children out. emergency crews found the fourth child after a lengthy search. we don't know why the children were on the ice. at least two of them are in critical condition. today in annapolis search crews are hoping to find the final missing body in the rubble oft burned done. five bodies have been recovered so are far. don and sandy pyle owned the home. their grandchildren were spending nighth helpthem. all four were also killed.
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the atf is expected to release the cause this week. today we'll learn the sentence for a man arrested last fall with a rifle, knife and ammunition near the white house. he approached the secret service officer saying quote, someone in iowa told me to drive to the white house. pl guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm and up lawful possession of ammunition. each charge carries the possibility of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2500. today the saudi arabian embassy in northwest will begin sending condolences to the family of king abdullah. you can sign a con dl lense book between 1:00 and 4:00 today and also tomorrow president obama is back at his hotel in india preparing for a forum with the country's prime minister. just hours ago, he and the first lady are were the guests of honor in a parade. here is the video from that.
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you can seedancers and floats. the parade celebrates hair independence. president obama be is defending their counter terror strategy after deciding not to send more u.. john mccain and dianne feinstein called on more special forces to be sent to yemen. mccain says the forces could blunt iranian influence and feinstein says the u.s. needs better intelligence. however, president obama says the instability won't affect u.s. efforts to beat back an al qaeda affiliate. he is not willing to commit to lengthy deployment for u.s. troops. thenew england patriots start their trip to super bowl 49 kn today xlix . e party is already you said way thisin phoenix. >> the countdown to sunday is
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on. hi sarah. >> reporter: good morning. an event of this magnitude doesn't happen without a lot of work a lot of preparation. luckily organizers have a little expe here. this is the third super bowl that the metro phoenix area has hosted. it will be the second here at this stadium. of course last night, it was packed with fans a lot of excitement going on in the area. off the gridiron as well. downtown phoenix, you can see g the finishing be touches on some of the attractions like the nfl experience. a million people expected to fill downtown and visit these attractions that feature things like a rock climbing wall and 40 yard sprint so you can test your time against nfl's best. these attractions really designed to give people a sense of the excitement sr. rounding even about it they can't afford a ticket, which are averaging $4,000 a piece. game day forecast to be pretty much perfect weather.
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sunny and in the 70s. the plan for now is to leave the retractible roof on the stadium behind me open, just one of the advantages of holding the super bowl in somewhere like arizona. back t >> thank you sarah dallof live in phoenix. nbc is your super bowl station. look for live reports from jim hanley all week for full coverage leading up to the big game on february 1. and we'll have the find the football contest this week on our nbc washington facebook page. so check it out. >> we have to find out what find the football is all about. sounds kind of fun. we also have to see what is happening with our weather as we take a live look outside at reagan national airport. tom kierein e on our weather. >> i looked on has beenly's lyhanley's desk couldn't find the football 37 by the now we're seeing rain on the radar. all rain around washington most of virginia. the area in green. the fwragray and white is snow.
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east of 270, there is some wet snow. along 95 29, route 1 to the north, up toward baltimore, some wet snow there. howard frederick that is continuing to come from the south to the north as the rain comes into that colder air changes into that wet snow just north and west of the metro area. temperatures anywhere it is snowing above freezing most locations. so it's melting on roads. road temperatures are above freezing. only temperatures near the freezing mark ft. meade and up toward hagarstown and martinsburg where it wi be sticking on grassy areas. winchester about an quarter of an inch so far. the green area is rain. pink is a mix of rain and snow. that's true around 9:00 this morning. and that snow line gets farther to the south, it's accumulating snow tries to move its way in by noontime. but then warmer air tries on push rain back up over the metro area into the afternoon.
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but remaining snow to our west. then finally as this system pulls off to our east it draws the colder air in brings any accumulating snow for washington coming in this evening. and by dawn tomorrow leaving in its wake a couple of inches in the metro area. temperatures through the day staying above freezing for the morning hours. but then by this evening, we will have it dropping back down into the upper 20s and low 30s leaving 1 to 2 inches in the met troer area 2 to 4 farther north. 4 ton the mountains. next chance of snow thursday and then again on sunday. roads are wet all around town. 95 in virginia is where we'll start. a live picture at cardinal drive into and out of town, you're completely fine. seeing a little bets ofit of a slowdown northbound. beltway at st. barnabas a lot of moisture on the camera lens.
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95 into and out of town here in maryland just fine. that earlier crash at powder mill road is now out of the way so you don't have to worry about that. and bw parkway in a-to- at river road just slick. a lot of plows off the side of the road heading in to town this morning. 66 and 95 no problems. a little slow northbound at dale city. 5:5. the 25l marijuana for children should only be used if there is no other treatment option. some parents insist that medical marijuana has cured their kids seizures or led to other improvements. the american kad any of pediatrics says there is virtually no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children. the group also says there is evidence that it may harm developing brains. home security systems can be expensive, but there is
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affordable new technology that can help you keep an eye on your home when you're not there. wi-fi cameras are a cheap option that can beam a signal to your phone or web bruzer. the drop cam is a popular model that features an hd camera. it's easy setup and has a free remote video feed. pre-apps like presence can use devices you already have at home such as an old phone or ipad. >> wheel you're out of you can watch what is going on through the cramamd device. >> the do it yourself security subpoenas are a great option if you're renting or living in an apartment. but you going that route means that no automated calls to fire or police. so that is a risk you do take. so up to you. preparing for the snow the unexpected surprise shoppers ran into at stores while trying to get ahead of today's snowstorm. and it could happen to you, as well.
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hi securt near the white house where a device was found. we have a cr heavy rain showing up on radar. tom kierein says it will turn into snow. more on the conditions you'll see on the b
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breaking news at the white house. we've learned a twice was found on the grounds about two hours ago. molette green is there as a large police presence including secret service and d.c. police are investigating. we'll knowmolette in a few minutes. lots of schools are starting late in our area. take a look here at your screen. fauquier county is closed. frederick county schools in virginia also closed. page county is closed. winchester city schools also closed. >> in west virginia mineral, hampshire and grant county are closed as are berkeley and jefferson county schools.
5:31 am
and montgomery county says all the schools and offices will be open on time today. the federalt is also open right now. you do have the option of telework or unscheduled leave. be sure to download the nbc washington app to through a complete list. >> there are some schools that had already been planned to close. >> we'll keep you updated. but first, good morning. >> today is monday january 26. let's go to tom kierein for more on the forecast. >> getting rain now in the metro area and points south. points north, the area in the gray and white, that is some wet snow panhandle of west virginia northern shenandoah valley. montgomery county to the east of 270, into northern prince george's couy and across howard county line as well. so along 29, route 1 and 95 north, there is some wet snow there. and then right along 370 along the icc, there will be a little bit of wet snow.
5:32 am
but it's betmelting on roads. south of there all rain. windy weather advisory all the counties in purple in effect today and tonight. winter storm warning for higher amounts of snow in the mountains and western maryland. the saving grace this morning for the morning commute, these temperatures just about everywhere before freezing in the mid and upper 30s. so the wet snow is melting on roadways. so rain and snow for the morning bus stop. have an umbrella with you. we'll be in the mid-30s. then during the ap, low 30s mostly wet snow that may start getting a little slushy. you'll need that umbrella heading back home frk and school. next weather and traffic on the 1s we'll talk about the hour by hour timing. all this ending by around dawn tomorrow with a couple of inches in the metro area. practically north farther south and east. 2 to 4 a little farther west and 4 to 6 in the mountains.
5:33 am
another school delay to a county schools on a two hour delay. storm team 4 is working for you to get you on the roads safely this mol is live from the 4 x 4 in hagarstown. >> reporter: good morning. for the most part we've only tracked wet roads not slick roads this morning. and leak tom says that's all because of the temperatures. here in hagarstown temperatures are in the low 30s. temperatures in the storm team 4 x 4 coming in at 33. and you can see as we take a live look outside, tracking snow mixing in with rain here but nothing is sticking because of that temperature that is above freezing. but as we head throughout the day today and on in to tonight especially as temperatures continue to drop we'll start to see accumulation out here. now, a live look outside, you can see we have our windshield wipers on, but for the most part the snow is very light in nature. our plan in the storm team 4 x 4 is to stay here on 40.
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we'll then hop on to 270 heading toward montgomery county. the eastern parts of the county where tom says it is snowing, we'll be bringing you reports from there, letting you know road locations in eastern montgomery county and the storm team 4 x 4 in the 6:00 hour. melissa, how are the roads elsewhere? >> right now seeing a lot of that wetness. do have a situation here 95 southbound at lorton road, brand ne we will get more information on that coming up. beltway at old georgetown, again, seeing moisture on a lot of these camera lenses here this morning. beltway at goodluck road that is looking fine. moving along nicely. same thing prince george's as a whole. everything is nice and green. we have lots of movement there this morning. beltway at braddock again rolling along nicely. outer loop left side of your screen. and 66 in and out of town no problems there. have some live pictures for you again and also travel times coming up. your time is 5:35. if you're traveling today, make sure you check your flight
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before heading to the airport. thousands of flights around the country have already been canceled ahead of a major snowstorm. we just checked and in our area 64 flights have been grounded at reagan national, two flights delayed out of dull let and 21 canceled. and we're seeing nine delays at bwi, marshall and 17 cancellations there. >> and we're keeping an eye on the changing weather conditions. download the free nbc washington app and turn on those breaking news alerts. that way you'll get the latest information when you're on the go. we have breaking news right now. there is increased security around the white house. and the secret service is searching the grounds. know letn is live in la fayette park. >> reporter: things down a bit. we're much further inside la fayette park. the park now open. people are working through the park. you can see the secret service patrol cars behind me.
5:36 am
there is increased police presence. the white house confirming that there was a device found on the lawns. we were first here on the scene when we saw all of the patrol cars and the flashlights, officers on foot walking around the white house. the lawn area and on the sidewalk area patrolling the area in their search that has been on since about 3:30 this morning. la fayette park is a park where people come in the morning this time and do their jogging their morning stroll. of course it's been raining out here all morning long. so people are just walking through. we did hear from the white house spokesman josh earnest about this device. >> a twice that has been recovered by the secret service. early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to
5:37 am
anybody at the white house. >> reporter: we're waiting on the secret service to give us the information on what it was and where exactly on the white grounds this device was found and how it got there. that is the latest live from outside the white house. i'm molette green. back to you. just in right now clarke county schools in virginia closed today. 5:37. more ways to use drones including one way that could cut down your grocery bill. it appears the new i-95 express lanes are a hit with drivers. but that popularity could cost you. why the price to ride could go up. most of our regi weather advisory. our storm team 4 is everywhere checking on the roads. we're timing out when theer
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it is a weather alert day here. we've already seen some rain in the area and we are expecting some snow later on. >> let's check in with tom kierein right now it is just rain around the immediate metro area but there is snow fal just to the north along 270 from the beltway up to frederick and east of 270 over toward howard county northern prince george's coun and northern anne arundel county as southern fred rake county, as well. and northern loudoun county, too. they're getting some of this wet snow there. and farther to the west
5:41 am
martinsburg down to winchester, a quarter of a an inch. 3 inches in garrett county around frostburg and east of there, it's all generally in the mid-30s. so any of the wet snow is melting on the roads. we'll have the mix in the afternoon and any accumulating snow for the metro area is late afternoon and overnight tonight as we get down below freezing. tomorrow morning could get a couple of inches around the metro area. 2 to 4 farther north and west. up to six in the mountains. an hour by hour breakdown coming up at 5:51. melissa is checking the roads. >> and mosley wet right now. amanda sent this picture of driving down 270. seeing a little bit of a flurry coming down at this point. wide look at things overall right now no major problems. travel times look good in maryland. 66 east to the beltway, 12
5:42 am
minutes. 95 north closest quantico to the beltway 33 minutes. about ten minutes behind. 5:42. drones could soon play a critical role is n. how your food is grown. they could be used to herd cattle or even apply pesticides. the first permit has been issued for agricultural use of unmanned aircraft. an idaho business will use a light we fixed wing drone to survey field of crops. it will make it easier for farmers to locate problem spots in huge fields or ranch land. we're getting a better idea of what google's new wireless phone will let you to with a dropped signal that you cannot do now. here is another look at storm team 4 radar. if you look out your window you'll see a little rain out there. but tom says get ready the snow is coming. he's timing out which neighborhoods will.
5:43 am
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good morning. i'm tom kierein. getting rain across m of virginia. extreme northern virginia into maryland, it does change over to some snow where you see the gray. northern allow do that across 270, much of montgomery, wet light snow. most mixing with rain. farther south and east it's all rain melting on roads early this morning. a look at the hour by hour timing on this coming up at 5:51. this same storm system will slam new jersey. parts of the state are expecting up to 16 inches of snow today. tracy strahan is live outside a grocery store with how some people are preparing. >> reporter: i have to tell you,
5:47 am
if you think shopping before the snow storm, if you position it's not a big deal you'll want to talk to somebody who has been to a grocery store over the past 24 hours. we're at a 24 hour grocery store and we've 3:30 in the morning and not showing any signs of slowing down. even the county executives local municipalities are telling people to stockpile items that can last for at least two to three days because it's not often that the tri-state area is in the bull's-eye of this type of blizzard. but that's the very case this time around. they're talking 2, 3 feet especially in the city and long eye islands the hamptons. and another fear is that the stores may have to shut down once the blizzard kicks up later today and if to the evening hours and overnight. the other fear, that these workers will be able to get here later on today. so we're seeing a lot of places that are out of bread. this store in particular, the bread aisle is virtually empty
5:48 am
and a lot of the milk and eggs is going as well. so they're coming very early. >> it will be a long couple of days. thanks so much. we're seeing winter weather this morning here in our area as well about rain and snow are falling in parts of our area. storm team 4 is keeping an eye on the conditions from the "weather center" and we'll get to tom in just a few minute. we also have team coverage from the field. megan mcgrath is live in montgomery county where it looks like it's starting to snow. >> reporter: yeah within the last just couple of minutes, we started to see some snowflakes mixing in with the rain. and it's actually quite at a steady pace. the crews were out pre-treating the roads. so we're not seeing any of this sticking on the roadway here. this is 270 behind me here. but we did start to see the ch to this wintry mix. we can see that traffic is moving at speed. so no traffic tie ups in thie in rockville. but there is certainly the potential for some slippery road
5:49 am
conditions out there with this wintry mix and the fact that just the road surface is wet. you can always have fender bendsers whenever we have any kind of a wet roadway out there. so we'll continue to keep an eye on the temperatures. and the road crews out there. we have seen them all morning long. sometimes in the standby mode other cases they have been cruising along the highway putting salt down. and so far, things are still looking pretty good. eun, back to you. >> megan thank you you. and this just in, rap rappahannock county schools are closed. and look at this you can see it's very active this morning. that large section of green, tom is keeping a close eye on the storm as it gets closer and closer to us. his forecast is just a few minutes away with your weather and traffic on the 1s. we are waiting for new information morning on the condition of a teenage boy after a triple shooting in prince george's county. police say the shooting happened
5:50 am
at a home yesterday clinton maryland. they say the shooting stemmed from a fight between two d bs and a 17-year-old boy. one of the teens is in critical condition. the two other teens have minor injuries after the shooting which police say again stems from that fight. the neighbors telling us they heard those gunshots. >> we panicked. we were scared. we went right back in the house. we didn't know where it was coming from. and we seen the helicopters. so we just took precaution an went in the house. pa sure everybody was okay. >> right now it is still unclear whether the teens were shot inside or outside the house. if you're planning on taking the express lanes on i-95 there a good chance you'll be car pooling. trans urban says more and more people are car pooling to work so they don't have to pay a toll. that could cost taxpayers because the contract the state signs says it will pay transces
5:51 am
oig over a limit on that rides. we could leas sometime in the next few weeks. i'm is 5:51. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the 1s. and we're seeing snow in some of the area. >> coming down pretty heavy, too. >> but it's not sticking because thankfully our saving great grace is temperatures are above freezing. radar is showing a big area of green, that's rain across most of virginia and sout maryland. st. mary's and down to the northern neck charles, calvert. much of anne arundel just rain as well as south of washington it is just rain. this area of white and gray that's snow. we shall county, they have aly had about 3 inches. right how getting wet snow flakes north of lep frederick and 340 as well from charles town over to
5:52 am
frederick and interstate 70 hagerstown and 270 all the way to the beltway is wet snow falling. most of montgomery county.area in the darker gray is just very light almost just flurries mixing with rain there. but the brighter light colors where it's coming down harder in southern frederick and poolesville and south of there toward potomac and bethesda wheaton, silver spring getting the wet snow as well. big area under winter weather advisory eastern shore all these counties in purple as well as most of virginia most of maryland the district. winter storm warning where heavier amounts of snow will likely be falling as this whole system moves on through. above freezing temperatures we're in the 30s. area this green is rain white is snow. by 9:00 still snowing to our north and west. raining south d ooefs us of us. the snow creeps farther south by
5:53 am
6:00 p.m.. and then the rest of the night tonight by 11:00, changes to all snow and east of u mrks to and around tomorrow. and leaving there about an inch or so, maybe a couple inches in the metro area. farther north and west, 2 to 4 inches. up to 6 inches out in the mountains by the time this all ends by dawn on tuesday. weep up up with all this with the weather app as well as connect with me on twister and facebook. next chance of any snow looks to be on thursday and perhaps again on sunday. stay tuned. otherwise just cold weather getting windy tomorrow too. we're see something wet snow and some slowdowns. as you're taking a look at 270, you can see headed southbound here we are getting a little about the of a slowdown here at this point headed out of frederick. it kind of clears up once you get through clarksburg and more open for you there. taking a wide look at things overall no problems inner loop
5:54 am
outer loop everything looking pretty about. we know that will change for the evening commute. prince william parkway, looking quite good. 95 north bound through dale city, a little slow. beltway at kenkenilworth moving along. at 6:01 another the live picture of 270. google's upcomin end customer's reliance on a single carrier. landon dowdy has that story 3 your# money. reports say google aims to end customer's reliance on a single carrier and will feature secretary knowledge technology that will hunt for the best signal. and the nfl is launching its own official youtube channel just in time for the super bowl. previously the league steered consumers toward its own website
5:55 am
or broadcast part nerts. the channel will have clips of game highlights interviews and fantasy football keptcontent. eun, back to you. virginia's a infrastructure was just graded and it's not good. overall commonwealth bridges, roads and drinking water earned a c minus. the american society of civil engineers handed down the grades. ten infrastructure categories were graded. roads and waste water facilities both received the lowest grades with a d. the best grade, a b went to solid waste facilities. that report card estimates that virginia's drinking water infrastructure needs $6.1 million over the next 20 years. today maryland lawmakers will talk about the budget new governor hogan submitted last week. it includes cuts to education including cutting thy montgomery and prince george's couy schools receive in half. it also cuts funds for the
5:56 am
chesapeake bay and some health care. all the reductions come as maryland faces a $750 million budget deficit later this year. christie is launching a political action committee. it will raise money for a potential 2016 campaign. christie is expected to run for president after months of late night foreign policy briefing sessions and repeat visits to key early voting states. and that's how six local high school seniors found out they were accepted to the university of maryland. caitlin was stunned when admission crews came to her door yesterday. the school says it chose the exceptional students based on their admissions essays. >> awesome. the family of a fairfax county map shot and killed by police more than a year ago just obtained documents pertaining to that
5:57 am
shooting according to the "washington post". the release came as part of a pretrial discovery in john gear's family civil wrongful death lawsuit against the fairfax police. gear was shot by police during a standoff in august 2013. he was unarmed. we're tracking some breaking news at the white house where there is a large police presence right now after a discovery of a twice on the grounds overnight. molette green has been on the scene all morning. she'll have more on what we're learning about the situation. we're also watching weather and traffic conditions. we're starting to see the first snowflakes arriving in the area. we also have a growing list of school delays and closure. we'll bring you up to speded on everyt
5:58 am
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that breaking news right now is at the white house where the discovery of a device has the area around the executive mansion on lockdown at this hour. you're looking live scene. molette green has been on the scene all morning and will have a live report in just minutes. but first we're tracking a line of winter weather as it pushes into the area. just as you're getting ready to
6:00 am
leave for work. so far we are mostly seeing rain inside the beltway, but that is changing over to snow in the hours ahead. our team coverage is helping you prepare you' face in the day ahead. right now we're watching for delays and a lot of schools are closed, as well. d.c. city schools are open. the federal government is open as well. do you have the option of unscheduled leave or telework if you're a federal employee. >> in virginia, we've learned rappahannock and clarke county schools are closed so are fredry count ry frederic county, virginia closes. winchester city and fauquier county and page county schools closed. >> in maryland, montgomery county schools say they will be open on


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