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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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all the counties you see here in pink on this map, this includes winchester martinsburg and hagerstown. a winter storm watch has also been issued by the national weather service for the counties here in blue. northern fauquier montgomery frederick, howard county this will also run through monday evening. rain arrives later today as we work toward midnight. temperatures tumble and snow will start to mix in. through tout day tomorrow very little rain mixed in tore the d.c. metro air making delies likely. to track the system. all my latest snowfall totals coming up in a little bit. another round of winter weather is headed our way. at 4:00 p.m. the d.c. snow team will fully deploy ahead of tonight's snowfall. more than 200 trucks will hit the roads. more trucks could join them monday morning in the rush hour.
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homeowners, you're being a pes on your sidewalks before the storm starts to be safe. you can get the latest storm team 4 forecast in our nbc washington app. it's free so easy to use. news 4 will be working for you during the storm as well. "news 4 today" starting early tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m. this is so we can get you the latest cancellations and delays as those decisions are being made. >> new ts morning, montgomery county police investigating a homicide in silver spring. we're working to learn more about what exactly happened. right now news 4's zachary kiesch live on weeping willow court where the man was found. what's going on zach? >> reporter: folks are waking up here with news that somebody was murdered here in their neighborhood. just to take a peek and look at where we are, this is a set of apartment homes and townhomes just behind me here. last night about 12:30, a
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resident found somebody slumped over the steering wheel of their car. police determined that that person was shot and killed. you see the police tape here. you can see it's been an active scene. take a look at the video from last night, it was busy busy down here. detectives checking out the silver sedan, trying to pull some information there. it's very limited at this point. we do know again it's a male victim. the i.d. of the victim is not yet known. they h have it out to us later today. many residents here have been trying to walk down this path here this police tape here is blocking this path. folks trying to walk their dogs get a start to their sunday. they're learning that a gentleman was shot and killed just behind their homes here. we'll continue to have updates all day long. reporting live in silver spring zachary kiesch news 4. a person was shot in the head overnight in the district. d.c. police tell us this happened just after 3:00 in the morning on georgia avenue,
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northwest d.c. this is not far from the washington hospital center. right now we're working to find out the victim's condition. no word on any suspects yet. trying to figure out how a man is doing after being stabbed at a metro station. this happened on the platform level at the morgan boulevard metro station just after 11:00 last night. metro says the man was stabbed in the back. police recovered the knife and say they do have suspects and are questioning them right now. the victim was rushed to the hospital. today search crew also be working against the clock to find the sixth and final person killed in this mansion fire in an nap sis. five bodies have been recovered so far. don and sandy pyle owned that waterfront home that burned down last week. their grandchildren, they were spending the night with them. all four of the boone kids were killed. lexi and katie were 8 and 7 years old, charlotte was also 8 and wes was 6 years old. the atf is expected to release a cause of the fire tomorrow. this morning in prince george's county firefighters
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trying to figure out what sparked a blaze. the fire broke out at the chelsea wood condos in greenbelt. the two-alarm fire broke out just after 5:00 a.m. yesterday. neighbors were up to the smell of smoke and firefighters banging on the doors. a man in his 80s was hurt when he jumped out of his window. investigators say possible hoarding conditis inside his apartment may have led to the fire. >> that amount of materials is nothing but fuel for the fire. the fire grew in intensity very quickly and rapidly extended to the upper floors. >> we just thank god we're out. life is more important than property. a condominium's insurance policy will take care of the structural damage. the 18 people forced out are on the hook for personal property lost frmths an outrageous unforgivable act of violence that. is what the japanese prime minister is callina new by isis terrorists. right now the japanese government is working to verify a video by isis showing a
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japanese hostage being killed. he's one of two the group was holding. they say the other one, a journalist is next. president obama also reacted to the news condemning the killing and saying the u.s. stands shoulder to shoulder with japan. the president is in india right now to talk to leaders there. at this hour he's talking with the president. you can see he met with the prime minister just a few hours ago. it's just after 7:00 there right now. president obama and the first lady arrived about 10:00 a.m. their time. the president also planted a tree to honor gandhi today. we'll travel to saudi arabia later this week. still ahead on news 4, not getting deep enough sleep? how about just not getting sleep at all? why you might be able to blame it on your light bulbs and what you can do about it. training service dogs. we take a look at how t
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any of today's light bulbs have the potential to do more than just turn on and off. >> with the edition of cfl l.e.d. light bulbs, you have more choices but which offer the most value. erika gonzalez has the results of new testing. >> reporter: consumer reports' light bulb lab i of l.e.d. bulbs that can do lots of things. for instance this one changes colors. this one is supposed to keep you awake and alert and the good night l.e.d. fords $70 says it it proves your sleep. using this machine consumer reports measured the amount of blue light in the good night bulb and found it has lower levels than other l.s, but is that worth $70?
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>> try a cfl. costs a lot left. >> reporter: this one is just over $1.00 a bulb. as for the $70, it claims mover blue light. consumer report find it delivers more blue levels. here is how it compared to the more natural light from this. this connects to your wi-fi and can be controlled using your smart phone. it changes color and even has a strobe light setting. if you just want to light a room the $99 is a long way to go. testimony report says this cree l.e.d. does just that for $8.50 pera gonzalez news 4.
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9:09 on this sunday morning. we have much more coming up on "news 4 today." i'm julie carey in arlington where animal welfare advocates and across the common wealth are applauding the attorney general for the creation of the first in the nation animal law unit. i'll tell you how it will work to combat animal cruelty coming up. rain showers move in between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. i'll let you know when you can
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in news 4 your health, doctors hope new technology will help better detect breast cancer among women in d.c.'s ward 8. breast care for washington launched the new 3d mammography service this weekend. researchers found the 3d exams are better at identifying cancers and reduce the number of comebacks. you have three weeks left to sign up for health insurance during open enrollment. the deadline is february 15th. in d.c. officials are working the make sure everyone is covered. you can see people stopped by the best cut barber shop on georgia avenue. they say they're making a big push in black communities in ward 4 where there are exceptionally low health insurance rates. >> there's a new effort in virginia to make sure animals including the pets you buy are safe. julie carey tells us about the new animal law unit, the first of its kin.
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>> reporter: across virginia not all pups are lucky. last summer this was the group rescued from a puppy mill. some had broken legs that hadn't been treated. . now virginia attorney gene mark herron is launching a of its kind help local and police welf group prosecute serious case abuse and cruelty. >> our community members c very deeply about animal w and would be very happy to k that their government is tak this issue very seriously. >> reporter: jennifer is a animal control officer in arlington. she says extreme animal cr cases are rather here, but they do happen, expert prosecutors can difference. >> the animal is already i or suffering. something is going on and have minutes, hours, to ge appropriate investigation these units have to be in
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prior to the dire situatio occurring. >> reporter: she sighs the attorney general's office has already proven themselves and she welcomes the decision to create t. >> we pride ourselves here the state of virginia in h some of the progressive an law ms. the country. we have some very heavy hi attorneys that know how to prosecute these cases. they do it routine and and to the bat for local agencie >> the attorney general sa policing cruelty is more than about protecting animals, it can also help prevent other those who harm animals are connected to drug dealing illegal gambling. for most of us, giving pet would be a difficu experience. for those who train servic dogs, it's a matter of rou. this little pup will be the to a better life for someo whose difficulty with rout challenges the days bring. sara lee is being trained service dog at mark and mi
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master's family. the dog will be part of th family for a year and a ha placed in service for some with special needs. >> we don't consider givin up, we consider giving the. it's a gift from us to the recipient. they always thank you and te you how happy they are you doing this for them. >> home trainers are neede if you're thinking about i would like the advice, information on the nbc washington app. search service dog. about nine hours and seven days from now pretty much everyone you know will be parked in front of their tvs to watch the super bowl. wel be airing it right here on nbc4. the seattle seahawks will play the patriots who have won three times in the last few years.
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in phoenix, they're putting the l touches on the stadium. the stadium has all energy efficient lights and upgraded internet for all the people they expect will be posting pictures and videos online. you can follow news 4's jim handly on twitter for some of those posts. he's in phoenix right now. he's got the right p brings us live reports from there all week long. >> i read somewhere they have all these fun super bowl facts that are flying. they said arizona 300 out of the 365 day haves sunshine. how lucky are they. >> it tease desert. >> there is a chance monday night and again on saturday. that's a little unusual. >> what's the chance we might get precipitation? >> 100%. how about that for a forecast. rain showers will move into the area this weekend as temperatures cool snow is going to start to mix in. we could see showers as early as 4:00 p.m. likely 7:00 p.m. would be the arrival time. temperatures right now, though
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well above freezing. this is why as precip moves into the area it will fall first as rain and slowly change over to snow. 42 in washington 37 in gaithersburg. temperature right now back in winchester coming in at 41 degrees. cloudy skies throughout the day today. most if not all the day will be dry, good for running errands, outdoor activities just fine. noon a temperature of 44. by 2 clog p.m. a temperature around 46. our high today will actually be 47 degrees. here is the latest satellite and radar image. th is our system right here trying to push into ohio as it moves through indiana and illinois. this is going to be our clipper system. but once it leaves our area it becomes a monster nor'easter. blizzard watches in effect for massachusetts, new york connecticut and rhode island. a historic storm in the northeast in the mid atlantic. we'll have some snow accumulation that will have impacts on our area but nothing
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like what they'll see north of here. timing nonetheless on future weather, this is this evening when rain starts to move in. by 10:00 p.m. snow along the mason-dixon line. once we get to 6:00 a.m. snow in the district maybe some rain mixing in. this also includes parts of prince george's anne arundel and fairfax counties. i've also added the temperatures on here so you can get an idea. we could have a dusting the an inch of snow on the ground for washington and areas to the north and west for that morning commute, that's why i think delay also be likely. we'll continue to track snowshowers throughout the day. potentially rain mixing in at times around the d.c. metro area. those of you in southern maryland looking at mainly rain only. on stopping overnight tomorrow night into early tuesday morning right around midnight. notice this blue shading, this is potentially a burst of heavy snow. this forecast is the tricky part. do we see more snow late monday night into tuesday morning, or
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does that not really materialize? these are my snowfall totals not fact in the chance of snow. one to three inches in the d.c. metro area three to six for howard county loudoun county southern maryland the northern neck talking an inch to a dusting of snow. we could see more delays on tuesday with the chance of snowshowers lingering again late monday into tuesday morning. tuesday is otherwise cold and blustery with a high temperature of only 34 degrees. wednesday, a break, 35 mostly sunny and maybe another system moves through thursday night into friday with rain of snowshowers. temperatures on those day also be in the upper 30s. tomorrow will be a weather alert day. we'll start at 4:00 a.m. >> looks like tuesday could be the real challenge as far as calling it. >> i think it will catch people off guard. oh school is canceled again on tuesday.
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we'll see. >> a lot of variables with what's going on. >> absolutely. >> thanks amelia. >> just in case you're looking for something to do to stay warm inside we're going to show you what's going on at the really cool d.c. car show. >> it is very cool. polar plunge thighs people braved the cold temperatures and the water for a good cause. 9:21. stay with us. i'm nbc's mark murray. >> i'm carrie dan. >> when it comes to the 2016 presidential race the first was thursday's meeting between jeb bush and mitt romney. both men are vying to become the republican establishment favorite. >> on saturday there was iowa republican congressman steve king's summit in the hawkeye state. the speakers ted cruz, mike huckabee, rick santorum rick perry and even sarah palin and donald trump, outside of a couple of exceptions these folks are competing in the conservative bracket. >> on sunday night, ted cruz
9:22 am
rand paul and marco rubio were participating in a panel with the koch brothers. they're vying the win the koch brothers primary. >> call it 2016 bracketology lots of activity and lots of politi thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years!
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roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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it's sunday morning everyone. we are just one week away super bowl xlix, patriots-seahawks right he nbc4. usually this time of year everyone is talking predic what kind of food is going prepared for super bowl pa this year all anyone can t about is deflate-gate. did the patriots deflate footballs in the afc championship game against colts? head coach bill belichick is tired of talki >> i'm embarrassed to talk the amount of time that i've into this relative to the important challenge in front us. i'm not a scientist. i'm not an expert in footb. i'm not an expert in footbal measurements. i'm just telling you what know. i would not say i'm mona l vito of the football world she was in the car exp >> if you didn't catch tha belichick was making a ref from the 1992 film "my cou
9:26 am
vinnie". moving on, terps tryin move on from one of their losses of the season, taki northwestern later today. on thursday, maryland lost points to indiana, their t loss of the season. >> they could have beat an they played really well. for as well as they shot it, we were right there for a whi. we put that quick and regrouped got after it. >> tip-off between the ter wildcats 7:30 from the xfi center. that's a look at your mornin sports. hope your sunday is a good today you could head down to the washington auto show going on at the convention center in downtown d.c. you take part in the camp jeep demonstration between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. spongebob will be there making an appearance about 11:00 this morning. the washington auto show runs
9:27 am
now through february 1st. some of you may still be warming up after a massive group plunge into the frigid chesapeake bay. okay. about 7,000 people taking part in the polar bear plunge. this was in an nap sis. you can see some actually wore some warm weather gear. others not so much they didn't wear much of anything. the event raises money for the maryland special olympics. it raised more than $20 million over the last 15-plus years. so diving in for a great cause. good for them. i'm staying on land. 9 koot 27 on this sunday morning. coming up next in the half hour of "news 4 today," d.c. mayor mural yell bowser responds to the latest report on metro's underground emergency and the firefighter response. possible to make your compute easier in the district and why it could cost you. >> taking a look outside. rain and snow on the way. storm team 4
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the time right now 9:30. here is a look at your top stories. a man died overnight in silver spring. montgomery county police say it was a homicide. the man was found in the front seat of his car. police say he had been shot. they don't know who shot him or why. we're working to learn the man's name right now. >> a was stabbed on the platform level at the morgan
9:31 am
boulevard station in landover. metro police say knife and are questioning suspects. a person shot in the head overnight in the district. d.c. police say it happened just after 3:e morni on georgia avenue in northwest d.c. this was n f from the washington hospital center. right now we're working to find the victim's condition. no word on any suspects. good morning. we're working on a lot of news early this morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. today is sunday january 25 2015. we're tracking a winter storm coming into our area. storm team 4 meteoro amelia segal is looking at the timing of the forecast right? >> exactly, adam. most of our sunday is going to be dry, cloudy. temperatures not too bad, a high of 47. once we get into the very late afternoon or early evening hours, this is when rain showers will start to move into the area. as the system moves in temperatures still well above freezing. the numbers here on future weather are the temperatures at 7:00 p.m. you can see everybody in the upper 30s or even low 40s at
9:32 am
that point. by 10:00 p.m. starting the t w mix closer to the mason-dixon line. by 1:00 a.m. montgomery county frederick county, loudoun places there are below freezing. so snow will start to stick in those areas. here we are at 5:00 a.m. the monday morning commute tracking snow for areas north of washington. snow and maybe even some rain around d.c. parts of prince george's county and fairfax county. mainly rain in southern maryland how much snow could you expect? i'll have my latest totals coming up and the latest weather alerts with this system. >> thanks amelia. as we prepare for the next round of winter weather heading our way, d.c. snow team will fully deploy at 4:00 pvm. 200 truck also begin salting roads. you're being asked to treat your own sidewalks. we're working to find out what the storm plan is in maryland and the th. before the storm arrives, sign
9:33 am
up for push alerts through our nbc washington app. we'll keep you updated. make sure you downloaded the storm team 4 weather app before the storm. our meteorologists will update it throughout the day. "news 4 today" will start early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. we'll keep you posted on any school closings delays and what's happening on the roads during the morning commute. also new this morning, we or working to learn when water will be turned on for lots of people in washington. a 24-inch water main broke overnight right by the bridge over four mile run. we're told cust mrs south of route 50 and west of george mason drive are all affected. a news 4 crew is on the way to the scene. we'll bring you the updates. >> we have a viewer who says they are turning it on and off intermittently. still no eta as far as when everything will be turned back on. this morning a maryland man is in jail charged with stealing
9:34 am
more than $20,000 worth of jc penney merchandise. robert palmer was arrested by maryland state police and the fbi. they say he was a driver for the department store and started taking things he was supposed to be transporting last year. they found stolen shoes, clothes, even kitchen appliances and a tag sensor remover at his home. in d.c. police arrest 25d people in a prostitution sting. it happened friday in northwest, not far from the washington convention center. police say some of the people they arrested were johns who solicit prostitutes. according to police one of the johns was carrying illegal drugs. d.c. mayor muriel bowser responding to the latest report into the deadly smoke incident on metro's yellow line. the d.c. department of homeland security release add report about communication n the transit agency and d.c. fire and ems. metro had gone on the record saying that the fire department changed some communication settings in a central control
9:35 am
room without telling metro. here is what the mayor said in response. >> in fact our fire department and homeland security department believe it was equipment that is located in the tun. >> we put the full report from d.c. on metro says it believes that the homeland security report is not impartial. it says it believes in investigation by the ntsb is the only unbiased one. the d.c. fire department was under scrutiny one year ago today, the day medrick mills outside a fire station in northeast and later died. today his family will hold a candlelight vigil in the same spot. when mills collapsed one year ago, his family asked firefighters for help. they were told to call 911 instead. two firefighters were later suspended, but none fired. today marks one year since a lone gunman killed two people inside the mall at columbia in
9:36 am
maryland. th morning before a wall opened a white wreath in the shape of the ribbon was laid in the center court of that mile. it was to remember the two who were working inside a store when police say darion marcus aguilar walked in and began shooting. aguillar then turned the gun on himself. two memorial funds have been set up in the victim's honor. we have that information on our website. there's a new proposal that could radically change the way you travel inside the beltway. transportation officials want to ease congestion on 66. one of the ideas they're considering, charging drivers in virginia. as news 4's derrick ward reports, its eats part of a bigger strategy to improve traf. >> reporter: i-66 headin from the b. at night, sm pleasant.
9:37 am
during rush hour the dif is, well, like night and. vdot is looking at ways smooth sailing more comm regardless of the time o one idea that's getting attention, high occupancy toll lanes. >> the lexus lanes. they call him that, too. it's sort of like we've stretches of the beltway express lanes fee to speed your commut >> time is valuabld of life. i would pay a nominal am get going home a lot fas >> reporter: the idea is catching on with transpo planners all over the co though not n motorists all over the cou >> i'm from georgia. they actually tried that you pay ahead and depend certain amount of miles, charge you. it ended up not really w out. >> me personally, i prob wouldn't. i know some people would they're travel where they can live a cheaper. >> reporter: opinions ab idea can vary like night day. your first chance to tal publicly about turning n into day on 66 will come here at oakton high in v derrick ward, news 4. bad credit or no cre you can still get a smar we're going to show you company is providing so- smart phone
9:38 am
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9:40 am
2014 was a year riddled with major hacking scandals. while many people know the dangers of weak cyber security some of you still aren't getting the message. splash data has compiled a list of the worst passwords. many of you arl using passwords like 123456 the word password baseball dragon and football were some of the other passwords that made the list. the moran dom and longer it is the much stronger it will be against hackers even though it's probably going to be hard to remember. >> hard to come up with all those passwords. t-mobile is starting a new wou ignore your credit history. it's called smart phone equality. the company say ifs you pay your bill on time each month, it will
9:41 am
consider you a reliable spender even if you have a low credit score. you have to pay your bills online for a year to be part of the program. if you qualify, it can help you get a better deal on a new phone. at just 11 this week's wednesday's child is trying to make up his mind about his future. donald is also clear on what he likes to eat best. >> milkshake and funnel cake. >> chocolate milkshake and funnel cake. >> we heard donald loves milkshakes. so parked nearby was a brand new z burger food trinside, the delicious smell of burgers and buns on the grill. >> what would you like? >> chocolate milkshake. >> coming right up. >> you want a hot dog, also? ketchup -- >> on bread, with bread, too. >> donald recently turned 11
9:42 am
years old and is anxious to be adopted. he's been in foster care for more than half of his young life. >> he was living in a home with a lot of chaos. suffering from neglect. >> we looked at the long list of milkshakes and donald was invited in to make a few himself. he watched carefully to see how it's done. >> you want to help me scoop the ice cream. >> while the lack of parental attention has left him with chal lngs social workers are hopeful having a family will help him to grow in many years. >> tell me about the family. >> i would like to have a mom and a dad and a dog and a brother or sister. >> we're looking for a family that has a lot of patience can really give him a lot of time and attention and affection. >> and perhaps a family that can turn out a really great chocolate milkshake. barbara harrison news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for donald or
9:43 am
another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. that number is 1-88-20-adopt-me or search and's child on > coming up harleys in cuba. how the american moat sukal survived during the trade embargo. new updates coming in. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for most of the area. this includes the d.c. metro region. i'll let you k
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
the relationship between cube band the u.s. is changing. soon there will be a new embassy here in the district. rules for immigration could change as well. however, a new policy isn't the only thing on the way. nbc's gabe gutierrez tells us about the american product about to get some >> reporter: it is an un love affair, cuban born enrique gonzalez. >> when you ride a harle feel you're owner of the w and enjoy every moment. >> reporter: now find a prouder owner of harley-davidson. before the revolution, t were thousands on the is now just a few hundred. how does this brand surviv more than half a century?
9:47 am
ingenuity. they call themselves har gatherings her showing off their rides country that long ag these as symbols of americ imperialism. >> to do restoration of harley is like an art. >> reporter: an art almo the trade embargo stalle import of harl replacement parts. >> this is a germa and this is russian? >> yes. >> reporter: luis moss sed for ten years to buy his ride. >> you're basically jerry rigging this thing. >> yeah. it's crazy, you know. these kind of bikes are classics. okay, after 70 years, th running well, that's ama. >> reporter: now on the st of havana, as cuba and t struggle to overcome decad mistrust, there's new ho. and for luis enrique gon
9:48 am
>> it's your harley-davidson dealer in havana? >> yes. >> reporter: it's a drea means much more than spa parts. >> when you have a harley, harley is part of the fa too. we are addicted. >> reporter: an addi allows him to feel free. in cuba that may be the mo sought after ride of all. gabe gutierrez, nbc news up and down the east coast we are all getting ready for a big winter storm. today thousands of salt trucks will be treating the roads. in the northeast they're cleaning up from a storm as well right now. take a look. you can see in massachusetts, the weather had bad accidents. a similar story in new hampshire and new jersey. watch "news 4 today" tomorrow morning, you'll be on the air tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to tell you about any problems and school closings in your neighborhood. amelia you have new information that just came in. >> winter weather advisory was
9:49 am
issued for pretty much the entire area. if you've been watching this morning, some of you have been under a winter storm watch. that watch coulde either gone to an advisory or a warning. obviously a warning being the more serious of the two weather alerts. here are the counties under this winter weather add vialsry, everybody in purple. this includes fairfax, prince george arlington, anne arundel county. all of prince william, all of fauquier and all of frederick counties under this winter weather advisory. this is going to beginning this evening and one through monday evening. the counties you're seeing in pink are under a winter storm warning. this includes washington county and maryland, th west and frederick county in west virginia. that winter storm warning runs through monday evening. temperatures right now will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. 41 in leesburg 42 in washington 37 in gaithersburg.
9:50 am
hard to believe we'll be tal t accumulating snow tomorrow morning when temperatures are so far above that freezing mark for a hichlt you can see in washington highs today near 50 degrees. 41 for a high in martinsburg and 44 at the pawtuxent river. cooler air is with it not just at the surface but as we travel into the atmosphere. this system ish cooler friday night into yesterday morning. so as rain arrives during the evening, temperatures cool and overnight. that rain changes over to snow. the school day forecast for tomorrow snow potentially already on area roads at the bus stop. so delays and cancellations are certainly a possibility. in washington and areas to the north, recess tracking snow rain mixing in. by dismissal still dealing with this event. it goes right on through monday evening. here we are at 10:00 p.m. tonight seeing rain and snow
9:51 am
areas north of the district. by 6:00 a.m. everybody is seeing something, whether it's rain in southern maryland snow and maybe a little rain in the district prince george fairfax and arlington areas or only snow for areas north of washington that kind of trend continues right on through out the day and on into the tomorrow night you can have a little additional snowfall into early tuesday morning. here is my snow totals forecast by monday night. the d.c. metro area sees one to three inches of accumulation. southern maryland and the northern neck once again for the most part you miss out in accumulation around an inch or less. up to five inches is possible in that winter storm warning. now, one to three inches certainly isn't a ton of snowfall but it's the timing the fact that it's going to be here arriving overnight and impacting that morning commute that we will be dealing with delays an cancellations. with snow continuing potentially monday night into tuesday, there could be more delays on tuesday.
9:52 am
with this system impacting us tomorrow we go on at 4:00 a.m. it's a weather alert day. we'll be bringing lots of updates throughout the day today and of course tomorrow morning. >> a lot of people ask why we go on to early, that's because that's when the decision makers are making decisions on whether to delay or cancel school. >> this storm is going to evolve. e eel be able to let you know what's happening. now here is something for that sweet tooth, a new doughnut shop just popped up in alexandria.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
welcome back. coffee doughnuts and a second chance. sugar shack opened this weekend in alexandria. and customers aren't the only ones reaping the benefits. >> inside it's standing room only at the small shop called the sugar shap. trays and trays of hand crafted doughnuts for every taste. yolanda adkins is one of the decorators. >> make sure you get a nice coating on it. dip and sprinkle. >> this is how it's made >> reporter: kitchen s the dough and cut it int will become the sish decadent sweetness. >> how many calories, or a secret? >> it's a secret.
9:56 am
they're made with love. >> reporter: this is t bacon doughnut. the hot item right now. i've got to be a littl adventurous and take a see how it is. >> it's pretty good. >> the shop has partnere together we bake, giving women like lakisha davis for a second chance. >> hanging wit crowds, getting into leg trouble. this job has actually gi another chance to live b >> reporter: the shop is co-owned by a virginia del who plans to add a speak the spring. yes, doughnuts and drink >> small place, about 30 really intimate. should be a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's about fu happ a sugar high. in alexandria, darcy spenc news 4. >> looks like a long line out there. you can stop by the shop at 804 north henry street in alexandria. as of this morning, the super bowl is exactly one week away. we know sugar won't be the only
9:57 am
thing on your table. in fact wings might be the most popular super bowl snack. the national chicken council decided to investigate, big investigation here. it says americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings on sunday. the super bowl is 6:30 p.m. february 1st right here on nbc4. watch news 4 this week for live reports from jim handly who is in phoenix, arizona, right now. >> you know what's good? buffalo wing deep. president obama just wrapped up a news conference with the prime minister of india. we'll check in on ring ring! progresso!
9:58 am
it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
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good sunday morning and welcome in to "news 4 today." i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. today is sunday january 25th. we're expecting rain that will turn into snow later today. >> you can see many areas under a winter weather warning or watch. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologt amelia segal. she's tracking it all for us. >> most of the area under a winter weather


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