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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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kristen wright in for angie goff. it is wet and cold. some of you dealing with rain, others snow. loudoun and fauquier county schools are canceling all events today because of the weather. >> and arlington and fairfax both telling me the schools are not canceling any activities. so the s.a.t.s are a go. >> sorry, guys. rain for most of urks but but some of us got snow. >> elevations above 1,000 feet is where the snow was able to pile up but even there, very few snow reports of more than an inch. if you've had more than an inch send to me on twitter twitter @chuckbell4 or send us a pekt picture on our facebook page. no snowflakes in downtown washington. we continue with the winter weather advisory until noon.
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it's all rain in the metro area. there are still wet snowflakes way north and wegsst. but that is even coming to an end. all of this should be over by no later than 3:00 this afternoon. temperatures are all above freezing. 37 in washington, 36 in fredericksburg. 34 in leesburg and ashburn right now. storm team 4 radar shows most of the light rain and snow is over for now. still just a little bit more town to the southwest and out to the west. so can't completely give you the dry forecast because of those two chances. but today your warm coat, hat, umbrella all will be needed as temperature will hover upper 30s and low 40s. maybe a break or two of sunshine right before sundown and some clearing overnight. better chances for snow coming sunday night into monday morning. this one could be a little bit more impactful. more of that coming up. and as chuck just mentioned it was a mixture of rain and snow overnight with northern maryland being hit will the
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hardest. darcy spencer is live this morning driving around northern virginia. how are the roads where you are? >> reporter: if you are a snow lover, you'll be awfully disappointed this morning. we searched and searched but couldn't find a single flake. let's show you the road conditions. we're live along route 7 here in the leesburg area. you can see traffic is starting to pick up a little bit here in town. roads are simply wet. we've seen a little bit of precipitation this morning mostly rain a little bit of freezing rain mixed in there. but at this point, it doesn't look like it's doing anything. vdot was prepared though. yesterday afternoon they sent the trucks out, they salted major roadways and some of the heavier traveled roads in the area. so they were ready. they have more trucks on standby should there be any problems take today. but every looking pretty did good in northern virginia out on 66 as well as dulles toll road and right here in the historic area of leesburg. but it looks look the worst is
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yet to come. darcy spencer, news 4. and as darcy mentioned, another storm headed our way. so be sure to download the nbc washington app. it's free and easy to use. developing this morning, we are working right now to find out more information about a huge apartment fire in prince george's county. this is a big one. the fire started overnight at a complex on greenbelt road in greenbelt and that is where molette green is morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah the last fire truck left just moments ago here at the chelsea woods condominium complex. we still don't have an update from the fire department as to the cause of this but the residents have told me they believe this fire started on a lower level where an elderly gentleman lived in that unit. that man was able to get out of his unit and he was taken to the
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hospital with possible smoke inhalation. i have one of the residents here with me. you were inside your home sleeping just before 5:00 when you were awakened. >> yes. we had a bang on the door and we came outside and saw smoke. so our neighbor was shouting it's a fire it's a fire. so we just grabbed our coats and came outside. >> reporter: and you can believe the extent of the damage here. what are you going do? i know now you guys will be able to get back in there and collect some of your things? >> well, we hope to. we hope we'll be able to go in, get some personal effects. i think the manager of the condo says we one be able to stay in for a couple of days. we didn't know yet the extent of the damage. but we'll try to work things out. >> reporter: and you'll try to stay with relatives at least for the time being. how are you holding up? you've been out here since 5:00 in the rain sitting in your car,
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watching all of this. just thankful that everybody is okay everybody got out fine. for us life is more important than property. the damage, we'll work something out. we'll see what is going on. >> reporter: i know is this a tough time. thank you so much for your time this morning. she lives in one of the units impacted by the fire. six to eight units in this condo complex impacted. some of the residents are meeting right now to discuss what to do. we still don't know the cause of this fire. we can tell you that greenbelt road has been reopened where they had blocked it off while they worked the massive fire that start just before 5:00 this morning. that is the latest. we're li here in greenbelt. back to you. >> year gladwe're glad everyone is
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okay. this morning we're going through a recently released report on metro's underground emergency. the report highlights communication problems between d.c. first responders and metro. d.c. department of homeland security says communication was sporadic and rescuers at first went in to the wrong tunnel at l'enfant plaza. d.c. fire and ems tested its new encrypted radio channels and experienced problems just day before the deadly emergency. in one test d.c. fire says there were issues in the tunnels. metro's ktacting general manager says the district did not them before making changes, but the new report contradicts that saying they coordinated for two years on the project. the district began using the new encrypted radio channels in december. still unclear why those new radios did not work. our digital team posted the full report on the news 4 app and
9:07 am should you want to read it. in annapolis, search crews will return to the scene of that massive house fire that has shattered a family. a fifth body was recovered yesterday. one person who was in the home at the time of the fire is still unaccounted for. monday's fire burned the mansion to the ground. investigators are still trying to figure out what started it. the atf has brought in specially trained dogs to help in the investigation. four children and their grand parts were believed to have been in the house. similar lat charlotte boon was # and wanted to run an animal rescue business. her brother, wes, wanted to build 8. she wanted to be a vet. katie who was 7 liked to play soccer and sing taylor swift songs. their grand parents don and sandra pyle were also in the home at the time of the fire. police say a former u.p.s.
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worker was always serial killer. how investigators say he targeted women when they were their most vulnerable. sfwla sfwla. > a the washington auto show is in full gear. a preview of what the future of driving might look like. here is another look at storm team 4 radar. you might see rain out of your window now but we are tracking another storm before the weekend is
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. today you can fire up the car and head down to the washington convention center. it's the weekend a lot of you have been waiting for. >> the 2015 washington auto show is officially under way. veronica johnson shows us what is in store and what the future could hold for your car. >> reporter: the theme of this year's auto show is made across america.
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it's a salute to the auto industry's driving economy's communities and jobs. a big part of this is new technology. and as john o'donnell, producer of the washington auto show tells us, a convergence of technology with vehicles everywhere. >> that will bring the younger generation back into america's love affair with cars. which frankly was kind of dissipating. and i see that doing nothing but getting more exciting for at least a decade. >> reporter: if it's lly sound that you seek, check out the all electric spark ev. it's the most efficient u.s. retail electric car on the market. it delivers 119 miles per gallon equivalent. due to customer demand, the spark ev will start selling in maryland this spring. in addition toyota is debuting their heightened fuel cell vig. it runs on hydrogen and emits nothing but water vapor from the tail pipe.
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its range 300 miles and refuels in five minutes. consumers are realizing there is more now in a vehicle. >> and before you go to the show veronica johnson will take you behind the scenes. catch our drive time auto show special this morning at 10:00. it's right after news 4 today. the
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back at 9:15. latest storm brought mixed conditions. we want to show you our live drive cam. they're heading down loudoun county they're in leesburg. you can see the roads look great. but as chuck was saying, that could change tomorrow into monday. we'll check in on your forecast coming up. and you want to check with your airline before you head to the airport. more than a dozen flights have been canceled because of weather elsewhere. reports 7 canceled flights at reagan national 8 at bwi marshall and 3 at dulles. turns out jason scary a peeping tom as investigators had ever seen. >> willthere is videotaping women without their knowledge. it was part of a "dateline"
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story last night. prince george's county police believe jason scott is responsible for dozens of crimes. investigators say no one saw the former u.p.s. worker for the man he really was. >> he was soft and mild mannered when he wasn't wearing a mask or brandishing the handgun. >> police still don't know the motive behind scott's crimes. he investigators. you will not see terrence in a baltimore ravens jersey next year. the team announced they are releasing him. cody is under investigation for animal cruelty. the baltimore sun reports cody has not been arrested or charged. the case deals with a death of his dog, ap-8,000 bull mastiff super from spain. we're a week out from the super bowl but last week's game still has everyone's attention.
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the nfl has released its investigation plan into the so-called deflate-gate scandal. ted wells is heading up the investigation. he also led the inquiry into the bullying scandal last year. the nfl has interviewed 40 so far. patriots head coach bill belichick and quarterback fom braid tom brady say they have no idea how the game balls game deflated before last week's afc championship game. nbc 4 is your super bowl station. next week we kick off super bowl week with jim hanley hivelive in arizona for full coverage leading up to the game. all week we'll have a find the football contest on our nbc page. >> and there are some unusual bets ahead of next week's sprl. here are a few that stood out to us. one is how many times will deflated balls be mentioned during the game. another bet is how long will it
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take idina menzel to sing the national anthem. she's the voice from "frozen". two years ago gee, alicia keys took 2:35. another bet is what color will katy perry's hair be when she begins the halftime show. i know chuck bell has a lot of money riding on that last one. >> $100 on pink. >> one of the important questions to be asked. >> and super bowl predictions, i still think -- i'm pulling for the patriots. as a new englander born in worcester, i have to go with the patriots. but this deflate thing, this story has legs for days. for us we don't need to worry too much about winter weather in the problem part of our weekend. all that will chachk the second half of our weekend going into of all things brace yourself monday morning could be very, very dicey around here from accumulating snow perspective. for now it's just cloudy
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outside. and cold and wet. not a very pleasant day to be outside at all. there is our live you view from city camera this morning looking live over reagan national airport. no snow at downtown locations overnight. really the only places that even reported any snow were way up into parts ever northern maryland hagarstown. jeff sent us this picture this morning. had about 3 inches there. if you've got a great picture, send to me on twitter twitter @chuckbell4. and his wife lisa also got this picture of the front yard there in hagerstown. street is in pretty good shape, but the ground on the side of the road is definitely on the white side. so if you have a picture, picture, @chuckbell4, 4 cast4u and you can also e-mail it chuck.bell at nbc uni. winter weather advisory officially continues until noon for all areas north and west of i-95. again problems have been few and far between. so that's good new as. they may be able to drop the advisory early.
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all rain in the metro. sthi any sn is north and west. but again, snowfall amounts have been few and far between. so the overall impact from here going forward on your saturday relatively low. light rain maybe a few wet snowflakes slowly coming to an end late this morning into this afternoon. for now just cloudy and 37 degrees at reagan national. north winds at 8 miles per hour. temperatures 35 in martinsburg. 36 manassas and fredericks during. 36 in edgewater. so this afternoon slow improvements coming our way. light showers through about lunchtime. then cloudy and they break up late this afternoon into early this evening ahead of the next snow chance that come this is late tomorrow. we could still see a few more wet snowflakes late morning into early afternoon. but that's really just about it. the next weather clipper, that al better it clipper is the one that i'll really start to focus on as we head out of tomorrow
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and into monday morning. have our storm team 4 weather app ready to go on your smartphone or tablet. what to expect sunday night into monday? snow likely to begin after 11:00 sunday night. several inches likely even inside the capital beltway and may have an ifshlgnch or two in southern maryland. cancellations and delays likely monday morning. for the rest of today, just scouring out the clouds and the raindrops slowly but steadily. and again once we get the snow out of here monday it will stay cold all week. here is your 7 day. rain and snowflakes around here for the next couple of hours. no big deal. it will start as rain tomorrow evening. then change to snow sunday night into monday. monday snow for much of the day and temperatures staying well below average all through the upcoming parts of next week. i'll tell you how much snow for the mo evidentent coming up. helping families in need. a local effort under way to put food on tables and how you can help.
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and you'll want to download the news 4 app ahead of tomorrow's storm and make sure you like nbc washington facebook page because we'll b
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today thousands of volunteers will collect wreathes placed at graves in arlington national cemetery. in december, more than 50,000 volunteers placed the wreathes at 230,000 veterans graves. today wreathes across america is
9:25 am
asking volunteers to help collect them. volunteers started gadhafi iring ing gathering about 8:30 this morning. today you can help family this is in need by donating food. you can stuff the bus at two locations. mclean giant and shoppers food wa you can drop off donations from now until 4:30. it's a partnership between fairfax county, local grocery stores andonprofits. president obama making a national call for communityies to reach out to young men of color. zachky kiary kiesch shows us how this shs bridginge shs high school is bridging the. >> reporter: this group just one
9:26 am
of the partnerships. >> this is a collective movement. we need you. >> reporter: in the library of the new high school plans to make a $20 million investment to improve the droughtoutcomes of students who need it the most. >> we must be relentless. >> reporter: right now outcomes in the classroom are not good. the initiative is a three pronged approach to bridge the gap. across the board k through 12. mentoring and fostering the love of reading, targeted funding for schools, and a new you all-male high school. the school although still in the early planning stages will be located in southeast d.c. and remodeled after the urban prep academy out of chicago. founder tim king. >> urban prep not only has achieved a 100% college acceptance rate for all of our graduates, unheard of for nonselective public schools serving low income minority
9:27 am
males. >> reporter: the call is out specifically to men of color to step up. >> all of my students are black and latino and i have zero black and latino tutors here. >> reporter: if you'd like to volunteer, check out the nbc 4 app for all the info. zachary kiesch news 4. how this youtube video could catch the man police say targeted a disabled vietnam war veteran. one dad confronted his daughter's bullies and the video went viral. a live look outside. first part of your weekend, cod and wet. chuck bell said the second part could be a.
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back at 9:30 taking a look at this morning's top stories. one man hurt after a fire ripped through his condo complex. this was in prince george's county overnight. you can see smoke and flames. fire happened just before 5:00 this morning at a complex on greenbelt road. not far from the goddard space center. the district's department of homeland security released its report on metro's underground emergency. it highlights communication problems between firefighters new encrypted radio channels and metro.
9:31 am
you can see the full report on weekend weather the other big story this morning. while the rain is moving out as you can see on radar, we're timing out a possibly big winter wallop snowstorm for the second half of your weekend. we also want to pass along fauquier county and loudoun county schools have canceled all events today due to the weather. we do have live team coverage this morning. >> darcy spencer is in loudoun county on the roads. but we begin with chuck bell in the "weather center". >> good morning. it's a very cold start to be outside this morning with temperatures only in the mid-30s right now. areas of mist and drizzle and light rain and even a few wet snowflakes are still to be found across parts of the area. here's where the advisories continue. until noon winter storm warnings across the high spots of west virginia and southern pennsylvania. a winter weather advisory around northern maryland. in the metro. any additional snow will be
9:32 am
exceptionally light. it shows up on ray dwar and again temperatures are all above freezing. although just barely. on radar, you can see a little arrive vettrivet. but it should fall apart as it comes our way. by late this afternoon we might see a sliver or two of sunshine. but it won't be until after about 3:00 4:00. just mist and drizzle and ugliness outside this morning. hourly temperatures today gradually climbing up into the upper 30s and low 40s. and if you're going out to dinner and a movie tonight, dinnertime cloudy 38. movie time chilly and dry. temperature 37 degrees. sunshine tomorrow morning, collapse for rain moving in as the sun goes down tomorrow and then changing to snow probably before you wake up monday morning. how much snow possibly? we'll get into that in a few more minutes. back to you. tracking the storm this morning, northern maryland was the hardest hit as the storm
9:33 am
came through the region last night. for the most part here in the district we just saw rain. darcy spencer is live this morning in loudoun county. you're looking at a flooded road there we hear? >> reporter: good morning. we searched and we searched and we searched but we couldn't find a single snowflake out here in northern virginia. but news for people who need to get out and about. let's take a live look at what conditions are. this is the loudoun county parkway and you can see traffic is moving just fine here on a saturday morning. a little bit of traffic. roads are wet. we had some rain this morning as we were heading out here taking 66 and the dulles toll road. a little bit of freezing rain, but not that much about no slick spots that i can speak of. so things are good. vdot pre-treated the road last night. so no problems out here that i've seen. let's look at some video that we the not a little bit earlier today. this is freed mill road in loudoun county. it was flooded pretty badly this
9:34 am
morning. it's the only road we've gotten any reports about any flooding. we're not sure what caused it. this could anb be a road that floods a lot. but something to keep in mind if you travel on roads that typically flood. but it does look like the worst is yet to come. darcy spencer, news 4. download the storm team 4 weather app for the latest radarand conditions this your neighborhood. his job, to teach special education in montgomery county. but this morning, that teacher under arrest. peter flynn accused of possessing child porn. parents found out last night that police took him into custody on wednesday. school leaders removed him from the classroom back september. on why are were parts just told last evening in the school says it's because the investigation was still ongoin but they can
9:35 am
put flynn on administrationve leave. a man is accused of hiring someone to kill his esks wife. dallas brumback met with someone back in november and hired them to murder his ex. brumback was arrested yesterday. investigators say the woman was never actually in danger. brumback is being held without bond. a former american university department head has pleaded guilty to setting several fires. he also admitted to breaking if to a building near campus to steal prescription medications. david pitts faces up to 25 years. he'll be sentenced in march. chairman of the department of public administration and policy. two people were taken to the hospital after a fire at a townhouse in arelington on south wakefield street friday night. investigators tell us that the flames were confined to one
9:36 am
unit but several other units suffered smoke damage. one neighbor describes thick smoke. there is no word on the exact cause of the fire. those taken for medical treatment we're told will be okay. ♪ a gun carrying man frowns for the camera on youtube, but it's what police say he did before starring in this will video that could land him behind bars. police say the man you see in that video is responsible for a savage attack. he alledgedly shot a disabled vietnam vet during a robbery and carjacking. as jackie bensen explains video could be key to solving the crime. a story you'll see only on 4. ♪ >> reporter: the youtube video was posted a few weeks after the november 4 shooting. and it stars 22-year-old attempted murder suspect rakeem solomon. he's wearing a plaid shirt and jacket the same jacket he was
9:37 am
wearing the night of the shooting. and, yes, that is a gun in his right hand. detectives believe it is the same one used in the shooting. >> i started getting leery. >> reporter: the 65-year-old victim we're not identifying him described what happened that afternoon. he'd gone to the park lot of an apt the what he tho were two customers for the wholesale goods he brings down from new york and resells just before christmas so he can buy presents for his 13 grandchildren. the joy of his heart. >> and i noticed he had his hand -- left hand has never been out of his coat pocket. >> reporter: the victim says when the men grabbed him and demanded his keys and money, he resisted. then he says he thought of his family and the young returning vets he counsels. and he handed it all over. that he says is when he heard the words he will never forget. >> the guy in the driver's set bust him anyway. >> reporter: charlie earl heard the story as he sat by the victim's hospital bed. the bullet caused massive
9:38 am
internal injuries. in his doinged pursuit of justice no a man who had been disabled serving his country the detective learned one suspect went by a nickname killa. and that led eventually to the video and the identity of rakeem solomon, who has managed to stay just steps ahead of the law. >> he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the victim says he's profoundly grateful for the detective's ifrtefforts. >> i come closer to death than i did in vietnam. >> reporter: there is a substantial reward for information leading to the ar sole low honest. it's its rakeem solomon. you and you don't have to give your name even to collects the money. jackie bensen news 4. and that video that he made after the alleged shooting has been taken offline. also new this morning, president obama on his way to india. the president and first lady michelle obama left last night. he will meet with the prime
9:39 am
minister of india. leaders from the u.s. and india say president obama canceled a trip to the taj mahal to fly to sawed decide a bus ride on the fairfax connector is more likely to be on time. changes to the bus service could help buses stay on schedule. fairfax county also hopes to reduce crowding and add extra time for buses to serve the new springfield town center bus station. there will also be additional weekday service between fair objection and reston. still ahead, a virginia woman decided to make a very personal decision very public. coming up why she's sharing her story about freezing her eggs with the world. it's not something you don't think about about when signing you up for health care the privacy concerns connected to health care signups. and you might see rain out your window for now but we're tracking yet another how can i avoid
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privacy advocates say the government's health insurance isn't protecting your personal information enough. the associated press reported that consumers income and tobacco use were being distributed to private companies with a commercial interest in the data. yesterday the administration scaled back the release of personal information from lawmakers say they want an examination as to why information is being released. the father of two teen boys accused of bullying a minnesota girl over her race has been fired from his job. meantime the girl's dad has gone viral with this video confronting the accused bullies. >> we've dealt with a little bit of racism ares, but she's never noticed it. so we just blew it off because it was directed towards us.
9:43 am
>> brad there has a multi racial family including a black daughter he adopted years ago. he says over the new year's holiday, bullies sent his daughter snap chat videos laced with racism. he took his frustration to youtube. the dad's video has now been seen more than 2 million times and the school system is looking into the original racist videos. it is a tough decision for many local women. we're talking about planning for their future family. doreen gensler explains why women are at odds over freezing their eggs. but first, chuck has a look at this pretty active weather weekend. >> a little rain, a little snow out there first thing this morning. and a chance for a little more a lot more snow. and sooner than you might
9:44 am
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we want to check in with out the roads are looking this morning. we had a mixture of snow and rain from last night but as you see it's all clear. aside from at least oned had toed street,flooded street, it's bcommut bu could change tomorrow into monday. more and are more women are now freezing their eggs in hopes ever extending their reproductive years. but it can be expensive and it's a difficult decision. doreen gensler has the story of a local woman who has decided to
9:47 am
share the personal process. >> reporter: she'd never thought about freezing her eggs until her sister brought it up about four years ago. >> i had just gotten out of a long relationship so she felt like by the time i get into one, like what it takes to really get to know someone, like you don't want to rush that. >> reporter: she brushed her sister off thinking she had plenty of time to start a family but when four years had passed and mr. right still wasn't in the picture, she reconsidered. >> it just felt so -- such a personal and intimate thing to say yes to and i felt that you know whatever your religious views are, there is for me there was an aspect of like is this right. >> reporter: as women age, so do their eggs making it more difficult to conceive as the years go by. but new improvements in the egg freezing process called
9:48 am
vitrification allow women to save their young eggs so they can be used up until the woman turns 51. right now pregnancy success rates with this method range from 35% to 55%. >> there is a little aspect of leak i feel like a failure because i'm now you know in my 30s and i have to resort to egg freezing. >> reporter: last fall, she went you through the process which she says was easy injections for eight days to stimulate her ovaries and then the removal process which took about half an hour. when she was done 19 eggs were frozen in liquid nitrogen where they will remain you beenuntil she's ready. >> i outlet so i started writing. >> reporter: she documented the e p and eventually put it online which she hopes will help other women. >> and i do feel like everyone's
9:49 am
reasons will be different and unique. i did it really because i was really scared ofretting not doing it. >> the process of freezing eggs has gotten much better over rear years, but the pregnanl relaty low. it is also expensive, about $7,000 just to retrieve the egg. soon you may not be able to reach for the latest sky mall catalog on your next flight. the company that opens it filed for bankruptcy. so you may not be able to buy that serenity poppednd or the booze belt. also compl a life size king tut cabinet either. too bad. company had a hard time keeping up with other in-flight entertainment. >> no king tut? what about the $600 chair? >> i always get a kick out of flipping through those.
9:50 am
>> i just wonder the old process of filling out a catalog, i don't think anybody does that for anything anymore. >> not too much at all. in the weather office we're filling out our wish list for snow and i put a big check on monday morning. i think we have a very substantial changes. no such thing as a guarantee, but a substantial chance of getting a getting aa cancellable level of snow sunday night into monday morning. right now cloudy skies this washington. that's the view of reagan national airport right there. temperatures are still stuck in the 30s. winter weather advisories still go until noon for everywhere shaded in the purple here. that's mostly just out of an abundance of caution. temperatures are comfortably above the freezing mark. 39 in washington, north wind averaging 6. winds will come back around to the west later on this afternoon. it will be breezy at times, that
9:51 am
wind will help scour some of the clouds out. still temperatures in the 30s all across the area. mid-30s shenandoah valley mid-30s northern maryland. hourly temperatures today, briefly climbing up into the low 40s about 4:00 5:00 this afternoon with a sun trying its hardest to break out. but on your way out the door this morning, you'll need your warm coat hat and may need the umbrella here for first thing this morning. but most of the rain and snow chances are over with at this point except for far southern maryland parts of the eastern shore. next little chance for snowflakes is this band across the area. again, i don't expect any trouble from that. alberta clipper number three is now forming across montana and the dakotas. that will be racing in our direction bringing the chance for rain showers changing to snow monday morning. future weather through today,
9:52 am
cloudy skies through 1:00. maybe an isolated shower in southern maryland. this all comes to an end by 3:00 4:00. we should have a fair amount of sunshine early on tomorrow. but clouds come back by early afternoon tomorrow and then shear 3:00 tomorrow, light rain showers a possibility. 6:00 still cry in thedry in the metro. but after midnight rain changing over to snow and likely to be a chance for snow throughout the course of the day on monday. nice are not my forecasts. these are computer estimates of how much snow. the american model says 2 to 4 or 5. european model says 1 to 3 or 4. we'll keep you posted on that. but it should be enough to cause real troubles for cancellations and delays on monday morning. so near 40 today. near 45 tomorrow with rain late tomorrow changing to snow monday. and staying cold all through the
9:53 am
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we're following this developing story this morning. a massive fire at a condo complex in prince george's county. >> let's get straight to molette green with more. >> reporter: good morning. yeah we're on the back side of the property. let me step out of the way. you can really get a good idea of just the devastation that happened here early we still don't know what caused this blaze. the fire that forced so many of the residents to run from the
9:56 am
smoke and flames that broke out just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. residents believe this fire may have started in a lower level and then spread. there was an elderly man in one of the lower level condo units who was able to climb out of a window to escape. he was barefoot, so he suffered a cut on his foot and possible smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital. the community manager says 6 to 8 units are impacted. >> it was a devastating fire. fortunately no one was seriously injured. one resident was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but that's been it. >> reporter: no cause of the get an update the for you in time for news 4 at 6:00. i'm molette green in greenbelt. back to you. the 2015 washington auto show officiall veronica johnson
9:57 am
take you behind the scenes. catch our special at 10:00 right after this show. the auto show runs now through february 1. >> awesome thing to do so o.on a cold nasty day. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> keep to the storm team 4 weather app. chuck is updating it r. narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house
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and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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the 2015 washington auto show, a place to see the newest technology, the hottest rides, stylish sedans, even the toughest trucks all under one roof. this year the washington convention center is packed with hundreds of new makes and models. the much anticipated event is now underway. drive time for the washington auto show. here now is nbc 4s veronica johnson. >> hello and welcome to the washington convention center. the washington auto show is one of -- c east biggest events, something car lovers dream about all yearlong whether you're in the


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