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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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waking up to a winter weather advisory in parts of the area. take a look at the radar. rain sleet and some pockets of snow. we have live team coverage plus we're tracking how much snow we'll get with a second weekend storm. also d.c. is pushing back against metro's explanation of communication issues during this month's underground emergency. what a new report says metro was warned about. p. >> but first, good saturday morning to you. >> welcome to "news 4 today". so this morning we want along that fauquier county and loudoun county schools have both
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canceled all events tadoo to the due to the weather. >> and frederick and carroll counties are under snow emergencies. let's get right to chuck bell tracking it all for most of us talking it's rain, but really where is the dividing line? >> the dividing line is just essentially the blue ridge mountains, along and to the west is a little bit more cold air and we have seen some steady reports of light snow. haven't seen any reportsoff an inch. so a tearfairly low impact for your saturday. but there are flakes in the high spots of western loudoun county shenandoah valley. anywhere to the west, just f the cold air to be mixing in. so light snow being reported from hagerstown east of martinsburg, near charles stountown. and late rain showers in and around the city of washington. temperatures are just above the
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freezing mark. and that's all that really makes any difference around here. 33 rockville, 35 at ft. belvoir. so today rain with wet snowflakes mixed in. this will all be gradually coming to an end. it might take lunchtime and later. temperatures today gradually climbing up to near 40. so nothing to worry about for later on today. dry overnight tonight, but yes indeed more snow likely for monday morning. this one could be a whole lot more impactful. we'll talk about that in a couple more minutes. >> thanks so much chuck. and, yes, storms are moving through our area bringing snow rain and ice. snow has fallen in parts of maryland. the state highway administration is asking people to delay or cancel travel today. trucks began plowing the highways after midnight. right now rain is falling in the district but d.c.'s snow team is fully deployed. keep in mind there may be black ice on the roads, so be careful. in virginia, vdot began treating
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roads yesterday with salt and 500 trucks are on standby to clear anything off the ground. >> we're staying on top of the winter weather for you. let's check in with molette green live in monday itgomery county look at conditions there. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are on frederick drive not too far from gaithersburg high school. our drive here was just a rain event. slippery sloppy roads, but you no major issues at all that we encountered. and we didn't see anybody else on the roads. of course it's a saturday morning, so not many people are out. we are here in this convenience store parking lot where a lot of people have been coming and going to getting their early morning coffee including a newspaper delivery man who has been all up and down these roads. >> delivering newspapers hasn't really been a problem. the roads are fine. farther south you go, the we are are. you go up into germantown a little bit icy and sidewalks and
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anything that is painted like painted curbs and stuff like that a little slippery. but other than that it's been fine. >> i'd rather have cold weather than snow. i don't like snow at all. >> reporter: well, no snow for him. lucky for him. he doesn't like the snow. gaithersburg still under an advisory a wintry weather advisory until about noontime. of course chuck can get into more detail there is. we'll try to go further north throughout the morning and see what we can find and bring that to you in more live reports throughout the day here on news 4. i'm molette green. back to you in the warm studio. >> all right, thanks. meantime we advise you to check with your airline before you head to the airline this morning. right now more than a dozen flights have been canceled in our region. we just checked with, it reports six flights out of reagan national six flights at bwi marshall and three at dulles have all been
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canceled. the forecast also available at our new nbc washington app. we're going through a recently released report on metro's underground emergency. this report once again highlights communication problems between d.c. first responders and metro. the district's department of homeland security says communication was sporadic. it also says rescuers at first went into the wrong tunnel at l'enfant plaza. the report says d.c. fire and ems tested its new radio encrypted channels and experienced problems just days before the deadly emergency. in one test d.c. fire says there were issues in the tunnels at stadium armory station. on thursday metro's general manager said the district did not alert them before making changes to the communication systems. the new report denies that though saying d.c. fire ems coordinated with the transit agency for two years on this
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project. the district began using the new encrypted radio channel pss in december. we still do not know why the new radios didn't work. go to to read the full report. emergency crews in arrest link ton took two people to the hospital after a townhouse fire. flames broke out the 2800 block of south wakefield street fridaytownhouse fire. flames broke out t the flames were kept to onet the smoke damaged several others. >> i have pets and at one point when i was looking for them, the last one, the whole basement was completely filled with black smoke and i was afraid i wouldn't find her. lick luckily she came upstairs and i grabbed her. >> still no word as to what caused the fire. despite today's weather, search crews will continue looking through the charred remains of a burned out
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annapolis mansion. firefighters found another body yesterday. so now that brings the total to five confirmed can dead after that fire last monday. one person is stillatf has brought in specially trained dogs. they haven't said whether the dogs have detected anything. their family is young children who were in that home. charlotte boone was 8 and loved making videos with her pet guinea pig. her brother, wes, wanted to build robots when he got older. lexie was also 8. she loved her dog and wanted to be a vet. her sister katie, was 7. she liked playing soccer and singing taylor swift songs. their grand parents don and is an sandra pyle were also in the home at the time of the fire. happening take, you can share your opinion about a proposal to build a new
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elementary school in arrestlington. some people who live near the 18 acre land don't want this to happen.arlington county board will hold a public meeting at the courthouse plaza at 8:30 this morning. time thousand 6:now 6:08. a former u.p.s. worker was also a serial killer. how he targeted women when they were their most vulnerable. and then helping families in needs. a local effort under way to put food on the tables. and how you can help. here is another look at storm team 4 radar this morning. you may see rain out your window for now but we're tracking another storm system before the weekend is over. chuck bell will have all of those deco
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happening today, you can help families in need b donating food in fairfax county. you can help stuff the bus campaign at two locations. the bus will be it the mclean giant and also at the shoppers food warehouse at mt. vernon plaza. you can drop off donations from 9:00 to 4:30. the campaign is a partnership between fairfax county, local grocery stores and nonprofits to fill food pantry shelves. so big story this morning is our weather. >> it sure is. and at the top of the show, we made mention of some of the schools in our area canceling weekend activities. even the s.a.t.s. but i heard from fairfax county schools, they are not canceling the s.a.t.s. they will proceed as scheduled. but let's check in now with meteorologist chuck bell who is tracking this winter storm. >> good morning. yeah it's been primarily a rain event inside the immediate metro area. but our friends and neighbors
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out west in the blue ridge northern maryland have seen some light snow this morning. a co-worker said it was snowing up in hagerstown. else west of the blue ridge into the shenandoah valley. if you're living or traveling up this way, thurmont hagerstown, charles town be extra careful as some of the wet snowflakes are mixing in. around town temperatures are in the upper 30s. we'll be back in a couple more minutes to give you another check of the radar and of course we're already talking about sunday night into monday. women putting their eggs on ice. the new tool in our area allowing women to wait on motherhood. and we're learning new information about the man serving time for the mother/daughter murders in prince george's county police say he did to his unsuspecting victims. and we have a crew driving to northern virginia to check on the roads for you. the latest forecast will be in
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our new nbc
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we're still tracking this winter storm this morning. darcy spencer is live with the storm team 4 byix 4 this morning. >> reporter: and we're on the hunt to snowflakes this morning. but so far, unfortunately, all
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we've seen is rain. let's take a look at our live camera here. we're on i-66 headed west. we're headed out toward the leesburg area where we're hopeful we might be able to see a little bit of snow this morning. virginia department of transportation is ramping up for pretty much a mixed bag of everything. rain sleet, freezing rain and snow. but right now as you can see, the roads are wet. we're not seeing any kind of precipitation beyond a little bit of rain hitting the windshield here this morning. but again, vdot pre-2r50e9edtreated the road last night, all the major interstates and heavily traveled roads. so hopefully there won't be any slick spots. so far this morning, the roads are simply wet. but again, we're headed out toward loudoun county and we'll bring you another live report in a bit. darcy spencer, news 4. turns out jason scott was as scary a peeping tom as investigators had ever seen. >> there is new video of a
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convicted killer videotaping women in his neighborhood without their knowledge. this was part of a "dateline" story last might. prince george's county police believe jason scott is responsible for dozens of crimes from home invasion robberies to the murders of two different mother/daughter crimes. investigators say no one saw the former up.p.s. worker for the man he really was. >> and he was soft and mild mannered when he wasn't wearing the mask or brandishing the handgun. >> police still don't know the motive behind scott the's crimes. he has refused to speak to investigators. you will not see terrence cody in a baltimore ravens jersey. the team is releasing him. they didn't give a reason but you news 4 confirmed cody is under investigation for animal cruelty. he's not been arrested or charged. the case deals with the death of his dog an $8,000 bulls hasmastiff
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from spain. we're a week out from the super bowl but it's what happened during last week's game that has everyone's attention. the nfl has released its investigation plan into this so-called deflate-gate scandal. attorney ted wells is heading up the investigation alongside the nfl's executive vice president. he also led the league's inquiry into the bullying scandal last year. the nfl says it has interviewed 40 people so far, including patriots personnel game officials and third parties. patriots head coach bill belichick and tom brady say they have no idea how the game balls became deflatd before the afc championship game. and so bets ahead of next week's sprbl. one is how many times will deflated balls be mentioned during the game. another bet is how long will it take for idina menzel to sing
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the national anthem. she's the voice of queen elsa from "frozen". alicia keys took 2:35 two years ago. another bet is what color will katy perry's hair be when she begins the halftime show. don't forget nbc 4 is your super bowl station this year. next week we kick off super bowl week with jim hanley holding a fully inflated ball we believe, he'll be in arizona for full coverage leading up to the game between the seahawks and patriots on february 1. all week we'll have a find the football con zest on our nbc washington facebook page. so if you haven't yet go ahead there and like it. >> really looking forward to jim's report. but you before we get there, we have to get through today. mostly a rain event so far? >> getting through today won't be the hard part of the weekend. getting through tomorrow night into monday morning that could be a whole other issue, everybody. kids if you have a big math test on monday you may want to go ahead and study for it but there is a very good chance that
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you may get away with would be this monday as there is a very strong and increasing likelihood of accumulating snow coming our way sunday night into monday. for now we have rain and snow on storm team 4 radar on your saturday morning. outside, it's all clouds and rain drops here at national airport where the temperature is comfortably above the freezing mark. but that doesn't make it any too comfortable to be outside. temperatures will continue to stay on the chilly side here for the next i would say 1 to 2 hours. and then gradually warning their way up as we get later in the day. we'll take a check of max 1 here on the computer and temperatures are our computer here 37. sometimes you just -- i know it's saturday for you folks at home. it's monday morning for me and this is what happens on mondays. 37 with light rain and a north wind here in washington right now p winter weather advisories go until noon for montgomery
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county fair fox, lowdown, fauquier county and everywhere e includes. includes the panhandle of west virginia. this is mostly rain if not all rain in the metro. there are some wet snowflakes mixed in far north and west. all of this will be coming to an end probably before 3:00 this afternoon. so there is good it news. temperatures are well above freezing in the metro and even above freezing thousand into parts of northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. so the impact of this system is diminishing with each passing hour. the temperatures won't budge much today. mid to upper 30s now. climbing barely up over the 40 degree mark once the rain and snow stops. if you have a great snow picture about about, send to me @chuckbell4. here is radar over the last couple of hours. a lot of heavy rain late last night into the pre-early hours this morning. rain still mixing with snow out to our west. and you folks west of the blue ridge here this may he said as
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a little snow late this morning. there is the colder air coming in just as it turns off the precipitation. so there will probably be another chance of snow west of the blue ridge. the next weather system already taking shape over north todaydakota. so today rain and snow through lunchtime. major roads are all in great shape. tomorrow night into monday snow begins after about 8:00 tomorrow night. several inches are likely pretty much everywhere in the viewing area. so consolations will be very likely on monday morning. here is future weather that takes all the problems out of here. here is 1:00 today, there is the little hit of rain and snow and it comes to an end. snow likely as we get into sunday night and monday. i'll detail more about that coming up a little later in the show. here is your first check of the 7 day. 41 today with rain and snow mix this morning. snow and rain to start p tomorrow but change to go all snow sunday night into monday and then staying cold through the upcoming week ahead.
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more about the monday snow totals in a few. well, some could call it an insurance policy so that one day they're able to have a family. why egg freezing is becoming more popular in our area in particular. and today is the perfect day to download the
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. seems here in the district many of you starting families a little bit later in life. >> that's right. fertility experts say this is why egg freezing is growing faster here than in other parts of the country. the process involves taking a woman's eggs when she's in her reproductive years and preserving them for use later on. doreen gensler has one woman's story. >> reporter: she's 34 years old, lives in arlington. she's healthy, fit and she has a successful career. but she says there is still one thing missing. she hasn't met a husband yet. so that means having a family will have to wait. >> because time goes so fast. and i think it was i was approaching my 33rd birthday, i couldn't believe three years had gone by and i was like i really need to take this seriously. >> reporter: she's talking about her fertility. as women mature so do their eggs. and the older the eggs the tougher it is to have a child. >> they're born with all the eggs they're ever going to have. as their eggs age, they're not
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as functional they don't work as well. >> reporter: but now doctors have improved the process of freezing women's eggs allowing them to have children later in life. the co-founder of shady grow fertility has the largest clinic of its kind. >> people have been trying to freeze eggs for a number of years, but the success has not been very good prior to a few years ago. >> reporter: doctors had been using a slow freezing process called cryo preservation. but when the eggs were thawed they would look cloudy and crystallized and often the egg wasn't viable. but doctors say a new technique called vitt friday if i indication is preserves eggs that look more like this, smooth and clear. and that's the mark of a healthier egg. >> we've had around 90 patients i think actually over 100 patients now return to use their frozen eggs and success rates are really based on the age of the woman at the time that she
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froze. >> reporter: michelle is the director of the egg freezing program at shadedy grove. she says pregnancy success rates range from 35% to 55% with younger eggs being the most successful. >> if you think the statistics seem a little low, i think it's because average age for freezing is about 37 1/2. i think as it becomes more mainstream women are exploring careers and further education. i think we'll start to see that age decrease and with younger women, you'll see higher pregnancy rates. >> reporter: she says right now the clinic allows women between the ages of 32 and 38 to freeze their eggs. though they will make exceptions certa cases. eggs can be used up until the woman turns 51. radell says she froze her eggs in september. a tough decision, but one that makes her proud. >> it gives me a little bit more peace. and i'm not saying that it's the perfect solution for everyone.
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but for me, i feel excited that i did it and i took that risk for myself. >> doreen gensler reporting there. a father fed up with cyber bullying goes after his daughter's tormenters. how his rival message caught once party involved their job. a live look outside. a bit of a mess with the rain and near freezing temperatures. chuck says it's about to get worse before the weekend is over. when the next storm will dump o trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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taking a look at the top stories. district's department of homeland security released its report on the metro underground emergency and highlights communication problems. our digital team posted the entire report on for you to read. this weekend search crews will continue looking for remains inside a burned out mansion in annapolis. yesterday firefighters found another body so that brings the total to five confirmed dead after that fire monday. investigators are still trying to find out what started the massive fire. sbloo . a with the overnight weather, it's made some rain pockets and pockets of snow lighting up the radar. we do want to pass along also this morning fauquier county and loudoun county schools have canceled all events today due to the weather. i've checked in with fairfax county their spokesperson telling me this morning no
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cancellations. so if you have the s.a.t.s there, they're still a go. we have live storm team 4 this morning. molette green just moved to another location in gaithersburg. but we'll start with chuck, he's in the "weather center". >> good morning. yeah, plenty of cold rain and it's about as cold and nasty as it can be and tell be raining. temperatures are just barely above the freezing mark right now. but there are pockets of colder air out north and west and that's where winter weather advisories remain for the rest of this morning. rain and mostly snow now frederick county virginia shenandoah county, these are the places in virginia that have the best chance of seeing maybe a quick inch or two of snow. panhandle of west virginia, far northern maryland maybe as much of an inch. if you have the snow report feel free to send to me on twitter @chuckbell4 or you can e-mail to me as well. and there is the snow along i-81 right new. is this all just light rain in and around downtown washington. temperatures will gradually
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today once we get the rain and snow to stop which would be early this afternoon, still a cloudy afternoon coming our way. temperatures will gradually climb into the upper 30s to around 40. so any little bit of snow should be melting off later came. going out for dinner and a movie on your saturday night, cloudedity but dry. temperatures mid to upper 30s. and then snow chances are coming back on us for sunday night into monday morning which could have a big impact on your monday morning plans. more about that in a few more minutes. right now storm team 4 is of course keeping an eye on the winter weather in montgomery county. we'll check in nowee live along 355 in gaithersburg. what's it look like? >> reporter: good morning, yes, a lot of people out early for their coffee have said i woke up thinking i was going to see snow but i have been seen much of anything. we found something here at 355. look on this grassy patch. you can see the iciness that has
6:35 am
formulated from the stuff that has come down that is the snow from last week piled up this this immediate kran here. and i want to talk to this gentleman who is driving his salt truck at the ready here in this parking lot. this is wayne nordburg. you have seen some ice out here. >> i've seen everything so far. started out with some snow then it turned to rarngs then it went to ice and then it went to rain and back to ice. and it's just loading all over. it's really hard to predict this storm. >> and so you're right now on standby waiting to put down more salt? >> correct. i'm waiting to put down salt. >> describe to our viewers who might want to venture out this morning how they should approach these conditions. because they are changing. and they're a little tricky. >> well, they really shouldn't. they should stay inside. right now conditions are
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changing left and right. it feels like it's getting colder. things are starting to ice up again. it will get slick. there will be black ice everywhere. just stay inside if you can. >> and thank you for doing your job. we appreciate you you this morning. >> reporter: that's this spot at 355. people are driving a little too fast i think because there is not a lot out on the roads. people are a little overconfident about how fast they should drive. but word to the wise, just be careful. if you don't have to go out, it's saturday morning, stay inside and watch news 4. i'm molette green live here in gaithersburg. back to you. >> you're right, we can't remind people enough to just be careful. thank you. and brace yourself for a rocky ride over the next few weeks. more and more of these, yeah, potholes popping up across our area. and it may an while before th filled. arrest link to thinkn county officials
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saying they won't repair them unless they're extreme. they can only use a temporary fix in the winter. complaint use the permanent mixturl the spring. a man is accused of trying to hire someone to kill hi. dallas brumback began plotting to are have his ex killed it 23406 and met with the person he wanted to do it. brumback was arrested peter flynn is accused of possessing child porn. parents found out last night that police arrested him on wednesday. school leaders at bethesda chevy chase high school removed him from the classroom back in september but they didn't notify parents because the investigation was still ongoing. a former american university department head pleaded guilty to
6:38 am
setting several fires near campus. david pitts also admitted to breaking in to a building to steal prescription medications. he faces up to 25 years in prison for burglary and identity theft. also he'll be sentenced in march. pitts was the chairman of au's department of public administration and policy. this dad confronted his daughter's attackers and the video went viral. wait until you hear what happened when he went after the bully's parents. plus robocalls linked to a medical device scam. new 4/is working to keep you safe and secure. >> and you might see rain out your window for now but we're tracking yet another storm before the weekend comes to an
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the father of who teens
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accused of the racial bullying has been fired from his job. the girl's father who is fighting back against the cyber bullies has gone viral. brad has a multiracial family including a black daughter he adopted years ago go. he says over the new year's holiday, bullies sent his daughter shall snap chat videos laced with racism. so he took his frustration to youtube. >> we've dealt with a little bit of racism stares things like that that when she called hisus mom or dad, but youshe didn't notice so we ploou it off. >> he felt like he had to share the video since so many young people have died by suicide because of bullying. but the dad's video has now been seen more than 2 million times and the school system is looking in to the original race igsist videos. this morning we're talking about all of the rain outside. >> and we mentioned a lot of the school systems while they don't
6:42 am
have school, they have saturday activities. some don't have s.a.t.s this morning. but we're tracking yet another system and to get more on that let's head over to chuck bell. how is it looking? >> it sure doesn't look very pretty outside. low clouds and low visibility. temperatures in the mid and upper 30s. so about as cold as it can be and still be rain. the only places we've had any reports of any significant snow accumulations, 2 or 3 inches hagerstown into the blue ridge and more snow now in shenandoah county page county frederick county. so be careful i-81 first thing this morning. all the major roads are just fine. so that's not the problem. the rain and snow should begin to taper off along about noontime or shortly thereafter. another chance for snow comes in late tomorrow. more about that with your 7 day in a few minutes. well, it can make the
6:43 am
difference between life and death. but medical alert products are being used to target some of the most vulnerable patients. our consumer reporter erika gonzalez tells us what to look out for. >> and make sure you download the weather app. chuck bell is updating it througho
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back at 6:45. the "today" show up next right
6:46 am
here on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> erica hill and lester holt join us live from new york. >> coming up on saturday morning on "today," we're looking at travel headaches up and down much of the northeast. dylan will have the latest as the nor'easter makes for some tough going in a lot of places. >> also ahead this morning, we'll have the latest for you on you deflate-gate and the impact on tom brady's rep pew pace andu on tom b and also the nfl. plus jennifer aniston out with a new film. we'll talk about that and reveal a few of the questions she hopes she's never asked again. plus you may remember the review of the olive garden. the food critic is back at it. 88-year-old this time setting her sights on the four mcdonald's this her townin her town. >> all that when we get started here on "today". >> looking forward to her take on mickey d's.
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thanks. the supreme court will take on the issf ll injection executions this term. the justices will review the use because there is concern it does not produce a comalike unconsciousness that prevents the prisoner from feeling pain. the appeal was filed by death row inmates in oklahoma. it's one of three drugs used during executions. you've likely seen the tv commercials for medical alert product. they serve as a safety line often for the elderly. but claims to give you or a loved one a free one would be a phone scam. erika gonzalez has a warning about criminals targeting those most vulnerable. >> this is john from the shipping department. >> probably got these calls for six, maybe eight month. >> reporter: john is talking about phone calls pitching a free medical alert system.
6:48 am
it's product often marketed to senior citizens. it serves as a lifeline in case of an emergency. a way to call for help when alone. >> i never signed up for anything. i'm really too young for that sort of thing. >> reporter: he says the caller sounded like a real person. >> i was calling to schedule the delivery of your medical alert system. >> it didn't sound like telemarketing call it sounded like somebody calling up with some sort of shipping error. >> reporter: but instead, it was an illegal robo call. and after months of annoying phone calls, he filed a complaint with the federal trade commission. his was one of more than 15,000 complains the ftc says it received last year. all robocalls pitching free medical alert devices. >> they claim that a friend or family member has already pud thi a divide for the senior citizen in question. that is almost always not true. >> reporter: the head of the national do not call registry program at the ftc says it shut
6:49 am
down a florida based company that made horn $20 million off consumers from calls like the one he got. in addition the caller tells the consumer the twice is endorsed by hospitals when it's not. >> also says here that the shipping has already been paid for. so to schedule delivery of your emergency medical alert system, press one. >> reporter: and when the consumer pressed the button, it verified the company reached a, wog number. >> and then says we need to get your credit card information. >> reporter: the credit card information was used to pay for a monitoring system associated with the device. >> and that service usually costs a fee and that is not disclosed in the initial robo call. >> reporter: so how can you protect yourself? for starters, do what john did, just hang up. never interact with the caller. if you haven't already, register your phone number on the do not call registry at do not and finally, know that telemarketing robocalls are illegal. and file a complaint.
6:50 am
>> they stopped if they put one bad guy away i hope they put some more. it shows complaining does something.ica gonzalez news 4. track the storm this morning. another round of winter weather blew you through the night. darcy spencer is braving the cold. how are the roads? >> reporter: well, good morning. we're not exactly braving the elements. we're inside the live truck showing you live pictures where we are right now. let's go to that camera. we are in loudoun county now. we just got off on route 15. the business district. so that's what you're seeing is the business district here in leesburg. not too far from the circle. the roads are simply wet. we haven't encountered any ice. we came out via route 66 and then dulles toll road. that's mostly what we're seeing is rain this morning. very small amount of freezing
6:51 am
rain. reporting live from leesburg darcy spencer, news 4. you could still see there is a little snow on some of the grassy areas along the side of the road, but good news to hear that the roads are not having much trouble first thing this morning. the farther north and west you travel, you may run into a little bit more trouble. but temperatures are just above the freezing mark across the entire viewing area now. so most of the news 4 nation waking up to just cold and nasty outside. it's a hot soup kind of a day today. french onion, chicken noodle doesn't matter as long as it's a nice hot bowl. you'll need it. 37 right now in washington with light rain continuing to fall. so it's nasty outside. winter weather advisory goes until 12 noon for everywhere west of the immediate metro area. heavier snow still possible well out to the west into the mountains of west virginia right now. but most snow is going to stay away from us about so that just rain in the metro. snow in the areas well north and west. and all of this should be out of
6:52 am
here before about 3:00 this afternoon. temperatures as i mentioned, we're all above freezing now. 33 hagerstown 34 manassas, 36 fredericksburg, 33 charlottesville. even out here where it's snowing, temperature just above the freezing mark right now. so not expecting big impacts but nonetheless kind of a slow start on your saturday. by later on this afternoon, slow improvements coming our way. rain showers with some snowflakes at the tail end here at about noontime cloudy and chilly through the resy with temperatu in the upper 30s to near 40. there is the last waiverve of rain in southern maryland. snow across the shenandoah valley. that's the weather front. as comes through here with just enough cold air behind it might bring out a couple more snowflakes especially in the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. next weather maker is already moving in to the the northern now. this will be an alberta clipper. so it won't be a crippling blizzard but 3 to 6 inches of snow by early monday morning could really mess things up
6:53 am
quite a bit. take you through today. rain coming to an end first thing this morning. could still have a couple of rain or snow showers through about 2:00 or 3:00 today. but really that's it. chilly tonight with a little bit of clearing. a few breaks of sunshine early tomorrow. but clouds come back in during the day tomorrow. 3:00 just cloudy. chances for some rain showers moving in about dark tomorrow. by 10:00 tomorrow night, snow moving in and lasting into the morning commute on monday morning. potential snowfall now we could get a couple of inches of sn very, very carefully. delays are likely on monday morning. so be ready for that. 41 today. 45 tomorrow. temperatures dropping to below freezing. it will be an all snow event on monday. then cold and kind of nasty around here for tuesday, wednesday, thursday on into the later parts of next week. so a whole lot more winter before we finally start to
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the 2015 washington auto show officially under way. before you go to the show though veronica johnson will take you you behindu uyou behind the scenes this morning at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. it will be right after "news 4 today". the washington automatic though show runs now through february 1. we have news for you. soon you may not be able to reach for the latest sky mall
6:57 am
catalog on your next flight. the company that owns it has filed for bankruptcy. so that means you can't buy that serenity pod for your kitty cat. you won't be able to get a live size king tut cabinet either. yes, sorry to say. the company has had a hard time keeping up with electronic devices to entertain yourself during flights. we'll be back in 25 minute wills with a local news up.
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good morning. snow bound. a fast moving nor'easter making its way up the east coast. the biggest snowstorm of the season. we are live on the roads as drivers battle the elements. delay of game. the nfl breaks its silence nfirming the new england patriots used deflated footballs during the playoff game against the colts. the league hiring a powerful new york attorney to lead the investigation. how much of a shadow will this cast over the nfl and impact tom brady's image? and republican hopefuls gathering in iowa this morning to mark the


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