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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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and another report on metro's underground emergency due out tonight. transportation reporter adam tu working to get us new information. first tonight a storm team 4 weather alert. a mix of rain snow and sleet is moving into parts of our area. good evening. i'm chris lawrence in for jim. >> i'm doreen gentzler. it's already forcing after-school activities to be canceled. here is a live look at i 270 in clarksburg maryland, where the road are wet but traffic is just fi. doug what do we need to know going out tonight? >> take the umbrella whether it's sleet, snow, or rain need it. especially downtown. i think we'll see some areas of heavy rain across the region. if you're going out and about, no matter where you are, take the umbrella. some locations overnight picking up a half inch to an inch of rain. if this was all snow we'd be talking about a foot of snow in parts of the region but that's not going to happen. we have snow in montgomery county loudoun county even
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toward the south where it says or looks like rain it is snowing in this area too. that snow seeing some accumulating snow in parts of the region too. we've got a lot more moisture making its way in here. temperatures at the surface are o warm for that to stick on the roadways but aloft, that's why we're seeing some of that snow and sleet, that's why we have a winter weather advisory continuing until noon tomorrow. we'll see a changeover back to snow even in the d.c. metro area. much more about that coming up later. but take a look at this. the weather app, you know you can download it anytime. >> doug thank you. road crews are out across the region preparing for tonight's fist round of winter weather. about 100 trucks are already on d.c. streets pretreating. virginia has 500 trucks out treating road with more on standby and maryland has activated its 24-hour emergency operation center and has talks ready to salt and plow. this latest round of snow
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followed by the inevitable freezing and thaw willing create more problems on our roads. david culvert is live in arlington with where the potholes are already popping up, right, david? >> reporter: for sure, chris. in arlington don't expect to see any pretreating when it comes to this storm tonight. they say it's too wet. but the trucks are loaded up ready for what could come late this weekend. well before any snow or ice it takes a team to install these large salt and sand spreaders, the ones you should keep back from on the road. should snow start to mount, well, the plows are ready, too, but for arlington county road crew, tonight they'll only use a skeltoneton crew. >> 8 to 16 people to stand by and get ready for the worse conditions that we can expect. >> reporter: arlington county's harry wong says no pretreating for arlingtoning tonight given the mix. >> to pretreat it with brine would be a waste of material.
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>> reporter: they're still bidding up reserves anticipating to use much of the salt and sand sunday into monday. farther west vx dot has some 500 trucks pretreating the roads right now. our crew in loudoun county spotted this driver spraying the e mixture. this fluctuating weather could lead to more of these -- potholes. >> i've had a few of them that are feel like it's taken my front end out from underneath me. >> no problems at all and i drove in from new jersey. >> reporter: whether they bother you or not, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal says brace for a bumpy ride for the next few weeks. >> it will be a period of weather where we have a lot of freeze defrost, and freezing again so we're looking at a lot more potholes in the future. >> reporter: and some of you asking us why isn't arlington county repairing those potholes? we took that question to them. they said their road crews are focused on the snow preps tonight, plus the more permanent mixture they use to fill those craters really can't be used
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until the spring. live in arlington, david culvert, news4. >> thanks david. drivers who have been slogging through bethesda should find an easier time getting around tonight. crews have finally fixed a leaky water main on river road. they were doing repairs during the morning rush which only left one lane open between little falls parkway and western avenue. all lanes now open. work finished on another water main break in bowie. more than 200 customer who is lost service overnight will come home to running water again. wssc says the pipe connected to a fire hydrant at old annapolis road and church road was the source of that problem. in keeping with saudi arabia's strict religious tradition there is no official mourning period to mark the passing of king abdullah bin abdulaziz. his body was covered with a simple cloth and he was buried salman proceeds him as the monarch. before the funeral, king salman
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broadcast a message to saudi arabia promising to maintain the same policies as his predecessor pr >> king abdullah had been a strong u.s. ally in a part of the world that holds a lot of challenges for the u.s. >> that's right. the saudis have been partners against islamic extremism and have a lot of economic power because of their oil reserves. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us with more. how is this going to affect u.s. foreign policy? the saudis have been fairly disastrous keeping peace in that region. >> it's funny you say that. the saudi arabian/u.s. relationship is always described as tight and important, yet let's get down to brass tacks. it hasn't been as good. president obama has not been as friendly towards saudi arabia. i think there's been growing skepticism in washington and both parties about saudi arabia. they just simply exported their problems internally to the rest of the middle east. so there's been some friction on how to go after these sunni
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extremists because it is sunni extremism that is the cause of what's going on in syria, in iraq, and even in europe. there's been tension in that relationship for some time and saudi arabia now doesn't have the same economic power they did against us because we're producing more oil. but the united states is which is helping the drop in prices. so this has been a different type of relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia than in past presidential administrations. >> the other interesting relationship u.s. and benjamin netanyahu, and this planned visit here without kind of an end-around the white house. what do you make of this? >> well look, you have to remember all politics is local. you have to remember that when even in foreign affairs. he's got an election campaign going on. he is trying to get reelectricitied as prime minister essentially, in march. one of the issues he's been having to deal with is frayed relationships with the united states and is the relationship not as good as it used to be. it's very important to israelis. well what did his chief
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political aide also happens to be the israeli ambassador to the united states he orchestrated this invitation from the republican leadership in cong for him to speak on capitol hill. i think the goal frankly was to see if he would box the president in and force a photo-op but the white house has already said no thank you. they're upset because they thought this was a violation of protocol that congressional lead inviting a world leader without talking to the head of state. >> have you ever seen that before? >> never have seen it. look this relationship is complicated, shall we say. but this is about benjamin nettian hue's israeli politics more than ig else that's going op. >> chuck todd lots to talk got a lot on that mick huckabee presidential politics and kareem abdul-jabbar muslim in america. >> sunday morning on nbc 4. watch "meet the press" at 10:30 sunday morning. and tonight firefighters say they have found another body in the charred remains of a burned-out annapolis mansion.
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that brings the total to five confirmed dead after the house was gutted by fire earlier this week. we've also learned that specially trained dogs that can sniff out accelerant have been on the scene since atf agents have arrived. investigators won't say if the dogs have detected any accelerants. fun love sweet, thoughtful compassionate. those are just some of the words used to describe four young children who were in that home when it caught fire. charlotte boone was 8 years old, loved making videos for their pet guinea pig. she wanted to run an animal rescue business. her brother wes waunlted to build robots when he got older. lexi was also 8 years old, and she loved her dog and wanted to be a vet. and her sister katie was 7. she liked to play soccer sing taylor swift songs. their grandparents don and sandra pyle were also in the home at the time. crews will search through the weekend until they find the sixth body. a longtime montgomery county special education teacher is
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facing serious charges tonight of possessing and distributing child pornography. pe he's been off the job since september but parents are just learning act his arrest no the letter tonight. news4's derrick ward is outside bethesda chevy chase high school with more on why parents weren't notified sooner. derrick? >> reporter: what did they know when did they know when did they start to tell people about it? that's the question some parents are asking about the montgomery county school system in light of these new allegations against a teacher here at bethesda chevy chase. you have to put this into context. the system has been dealing with a couple of cases of untoward activity on the part of either a contractor or substitute teacher with students and they formed a task force to deal with issues of notification and vetting these candidates. as you said this case only deals with child pornography. but the school systems says that as soon as they found out something they did something about it and as soon as they did -- were able to t parents about it. 61-year-old peter flynn has been charged with one count of
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possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of child pornography. those are federal charges. flynn became the focus of a federal investigation in september. a search warrant was executed at his home. >> we don't think there's really any evidence of actual distribution. we think the government may well be able to show possession and mere possession of the items that are mentioned in the indictment. >> reporter: the montgomery county school system was made aware of the investigation and they say immediate action was taken. flynn was moved from his position as a special education teacher at bethesda chevy chase high school to an administrative post away from the school with no contact with students. today students and parents were made aware of the charges in a letter. the letter said that notification was held until now because of the ongoing investigation. the school superintendent just recently created a task force to address issues like this amid allegations of sex abuse against a substitute teacher and a school contractor. questions of parental
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notification arose out of those cases. meanwhile, flynn's attorney said his client tried to avoid arrest not by running but offering to turn himself in before being taken in by police. >> we wish they hadn't and we attempted to head that off because he's been cooperative in trying to contact them i've tried to contact in court as i said the maryland state police unit and the troopers involved and they simply refused to call us back. >> reporter: now, there's a mandatory minimum of five years and a maximum of 20 years on that distribution charge. flynn could get up to ten years on the possession of child pornography charge. that would also include a lifetime of supervised probation or parole. we don't have a date set for his next court appearance. live in montgomery county derrick ward news4. >> an extreme case of road rage ends with gunshots on a busy route during the lunch hour. drives telling us what they've seen in that area before. >> plus the ravens cut ties with a player amid allegations of
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animal cruelty. no criminal charges yet. we'll dig into why the team is cutting him loose. a revealing report expected tonight in the deadly metro smoke episode. technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule
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a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too.
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well, any minute now new details could be released about that deadly underground incident
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at l'enphant plaza and specifically the communications breakdown that led to a delayed response. transportation reporter adam joins us with what we might learn. adam? >> reporter: chris, communication mishaps were such a big part of what went wrong that day. this new report should spell out why it all happened. now, among the major issues what was going on in a control room at 1 judiciary square in northwest. it's in that room that metro says d.c. fire officials changed communication switches without telling metro. they say d.c. fire encrypted their codes and metro says it's quite certain that's why d.c. fire radios were not able to function inside metro's during the episode. we caught up with d.c. mayor muriel bowser today and asked her ab. >> we have no reason to believe that encryption had any role in the communications problems but i expect a report to lay that out. >> reporter: what about the fact
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metro says d.c. fire went ahead and changed -- >> i really don't know anything about that and ntsb hasn't said anything about that and i really couldn't say anything more about it. >> reporter: now again we are still waiting that the hour on a friday for this report to be releas details when they become available. live at the wilson building adam tuss news4. >> all right. looking forward to that. this is the latest video from the campaign to change the name redskins. the national congress of american indians released a new ad online today. it shows robert griffin iii scoring a touchdown without the team's logo on his helmet. a add's message is it's still washington football even without the name and the image that some consider offensive. again, dan snyder owns the team and has promised over in change the name. a member of the baltimore ravens will not be coming back next year. carol maloney is in the newsroom with details of allegations of animal cruelty. >> the ravens announced they are releasing terence cody, a backup
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nose tackle who was a second-round draft pick in 2010. the team did not gave reason but published reports have confirmed that cody number 62 is under investigation for animal cruelty. cody has not been arrested or charged, but according to the "baltimore sun" the case deals with the death of cody's dog. an $8,000 bullmastiff from spain. cody's contract was set to expire this off-season. we'll continue to follow this investigation. also today, new information about deflategate. coming up in sport, the league finally breaks its silent about how they're responding to this controversy. those details later in the show. from the live desk i'm carol maloney. >> thank you. nbc 4 is your super bowl station this year. next week we'll kick off super bowl week with jim handly live in arizona for full coverage leading up to the game between the seahawks and the patriots on february 1st. that's such a great picture of him. i think it's framed on his desk right now. >> it's like from his college football career.
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that's how you can tell he looks so comfortable with that ball. >> good call. >> i wet beth with the weather we'll have i bet a lot of folks are wishing they were getting on that flight to arizona. >> people are saying i have flights out during the day tomorrow are those flights going to be okay i think yes. could we see delays from those flights tomorrow? sure. but most of the flights should be a-okay tomorrow. what are we seeing today? take a look outside. storm team 4 radar showing what's going on. you can see what's happening here. notice the snow is starting to move out and what you do see is a lot of green and yellow and orange. the green, yellow and orange this is all ice in the atmosphere and some snow. as a matter of fact take a look right here in northwest d.c. this is where we are right around the d.c. metro area. take a look at our station here off nebraska avenue and you can see here we are dealing with a little bit in the way of some snow coming down but also some sleet mixed in from time to time. no accumulation in this area. but we have gotten reports, a couple reports on facebook and on my twitter page of some
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accumulation starting back towards the west. back to the radar and you really see that loudoun county montgomery county we've now gone over to a little bit of a mixture here instead of all snow earlier. it is a little bit of a mix and i expect that to continue tonight. it will eventually change to all rain as we see more warm air aloft start to move on in here. i'm not expecting much snow in this area from this first wave of storms but i am expecting a lot of moisture. some locations picking up upwards of a half an inch to an inch of rain including d.c. out towards the old post office look at that temperatures in the low 30s, upper 30s, rain and snow at 7:00 mixed with sleet then just plain rain and more rain. take the umbrellas with you tonight. 37 in martinsburg, 36 gaithersburg 34 manassas and leesburg. good news temperatures above freezing. so not too many problems tait anticipated on the roads. winter weather advisory in the pink winter storm warning to the west.
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d.c. has been taken out of that as it's too warm to see accumulating snowfall in our area. i think most of the area to the west may be taken out as well because of warmer air. coatsing to an inch of snow including parts of d.c. leesburg parts of montgomery county right toward the luray area and possibly 2 to 4 winchester to hagerstown. this only if they stay snow longer. towards our area, the metro region, this will come from tomorrow as the snow changes -- or rain changes back to snow. 8:00 tonight just about everybody seeing just plain rain. it will mix at times but mostly just plain rain. tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. a little bit of a break and then the colder air starts to come in and we do get a little bit of a mixture of rain and snow moving back across the area so don't be surprised if you see accumulating snow tomorrow. mostly once again on the grassy surfaces. then we get to sunday. sunday looks okay early but then sunday night, look what's
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coming. i think everybody has a good chance to see some snow and we will see some good accumulating snow i think north of i-95 and -- rather north of 50 and 66 so some areas could pick um a couple inches. i expect to see school cancellations on monday as it sittings right now. highs monday only at 36 so i think we will see roads on the slick side too. then it's just plain cold tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday all temperatures well below average in the low to mid-30s. >> thanks, doug. a nine-year journey to the outer reaches of our solar system is getting closer to its destination. nasa's new horizon spacecraft is still 100 million mpluto but starting this weekend it will start taking pictures of pluto. scientists will use those pictures to help guide new horizons in for an up-close view in july. this mission launched back in 2006. new horizons has been hibernating most of that time. nasa just woke it up last no. >> incredible to even think about seeing pictures from that. >> can't wait.
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new fallout from a news4 i-team investigation. local government officialscut l up taxpayer-funded credit cards because of what we found they were buying on your dime. he's suspected in a fairfax county rape and murder of uva student heather graham. tonight the one crime prosecutors are ruling out. and your chance to improve one of the m
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a record number of guns have made their way into airports across the country according to the transportation security administration. tsa officers confiscated more than 2,200 firearms at checkpoints last year dozens at our local airports. 14 each at reagan national and bwi marshall nine at dulles. tsa says the vast majority of passengers stopped with firearms at the airport said they forgot they had them in their bags. local officials are about to give you the chance to weigh in on one of the biggest traffic headaches in our area. next week they'll hold the first of four public meetings on a planned expansion of i-66. the fist will be monday night in at oakland high school. transportation planners want to make changes along 25 miles of the highway between the beltway and route 15 in haymarket. that could include adding lanes for buses, building express lanes or even light rail. a local judge is preparing to sit on the other side of the bench in a kidnapping case against her former lover. while aud cree creighton presided over other cases today
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a hearing was under way for her ex-boyfriend. they started living together after creighton was his public defender in 2008. he's charged with kidnapping and assaulting creighton last may. today his lawyers attacked the judge's credibility claiming she lied and had drugs in her home. prince george's county or case. >> charges of kidnapping assault, stolen vehicle so, certainly from our point of view she is is the victim in this case. >> creighton was elected to a new term as judge in november. she'll be the key witness for the prosecution when the trial starts next month. next a dead lie crime spree in maryland. one man behind the murders. tonight "dateline" puts the case in the national spotlight. see what police uncovered about the killer. juror i'm julie carey in loudoun county where police are looking for a suspect in a road range incident yesterday. it happened in broad daylight around lunchtime and came to a head when shots were fired. patriots players, staff, and
6:27 pm
game officials questioned by the nfl. what the league is revealing about the investigation into deflated footballs as t
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now at 6:30 road rage gone way too far. drivers react to one man's story. he says he found bullet holes in his car after a confrontation on the road. >> and the news4 i-team
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recovering charges on taxpayer-funded credit cards once again leading to changes at a local school district. our big story again this half hour the winter weather already coming into our area. mix of snow sleet, rain expected all throughout the night and it's just the start of a busy weekend. >> let's go back to doug with the latest. >> it will be a busy weather weekend here kind of bookend. this storm will end early tomorrow and the next moves in on late one everybody has a chance to see accumulated snowfall. already seeing that in parts of loudoun county montgomery county, right through parts of d.c. stick ong at least the cars but the roads have seemed okay. to the south changing to all rain in places like fredericksburg but waldorf still seeing ice. yellow and orange is ice, sleet, and snow. d.c. still seeing snow here. loudoun county a mixture of rain sleet, and snow. this will continue all night.
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i think the roads will be okay but give yourself extra time. if you're heading out tonight, take the umbrella. we'll talk about who gets what from this storm and the next storm on the list. veronica johnson in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. a rolling feud between two drivers ended with gunfire in loudoun county. >> northern virginia bureau chief juy reports on what looks like an extreme case of road rage. >> reporter: just a glance at melissa's suv will tell you a few things. she is a mom and she wants aggressive drivers to keep back. >> try to give everybody their space and, you know, i like to have the same courtesies you know respect my space and i'll respect yours. >> reporter: along with other drivers today she's shocked to hear about a tailgating incident near dulles town center thursday that ended with gunfire happening in broad daylight just before noon. it was shortly after the cars pulled on to route 7 westbound the trouble started. the victim noticed somebody tail
6:32 pm
fwaeting and soon that same car pulled to his passenger side. the driver in the other car was yelling at him. the two exchanged gestures and shortly after that the victim heard some loud sounds. sounds like gunshots. the suspect vehicle exited onto the loudoun county parkway. the victim discovered bullet holes in his rear passenger door and called the sheriff's office. >> i'm in utter shock. i just can't believe in the middle of the day somebody's going to pull out a gun and shoot just because they didn't let him over they, you know were tailgating. that's insane. that's insane. >> reporter: tom keselowski the behind the wheel a lot. he's a u.p.s. driver. he's never witnessed road rage gunshot busses a lot of aggressive driving. his advice? >> i kind of let it like just roll off my shoulder doesn't bother me one way or the other. i'm used to people swerving in front of me and what have you. i laugh at people sometimes. all you can do. >> reporter: investigators tell us the suspect's car is believed to be an older model, green in color, similar to a honda civic.
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any witnesses are asked to call the sheriff's office. in loudoun county, julie carey, tonight prosecutors have ruled out any connection between jesse matthew and another high-profile disappearance in virginia. they say there is no credible evidence to link him to the disappearance of alexis murphy in 2013. a man named randy taylor has been convicted of murder in that case and matthew is in fairfax awaiting trial for the rape of a woman in 2005. forensic evidence has linked him to the murders of uva student hannah graham and virginia tech student morgan harrington. prince george's county school board members are cutting up their credit cards, at least the ones that are taxpayer funded. it's coming after a news4 i-team investigation revealed some board members spent thousands of dollars on pricey meals at hotel rooms within minutes of home and work. scott mcfarlane reports the school board expects to save money and save face by dumping
6:34 pm
those cards. >> reporter: we found some board members swiped their cards for dozens of seafood dinners including the famed crab bomb not far from district headquarters and some using the card for overnight stays in hotel rooms at national harbor attending meetings or conferences. all expenses were ed under school policy. in the wake of our story and kickback from some of the community, the member of the prince george's county school bo have voted to strip themselves of their taxpayer-funded credit cards unanimously. the board's chairman tells the i-team a second vote to formalize this and finalize a new system for expenses will come in february. >> we think it's incredibly important to deliver a message to our constituents and to the public that we're going to take every step necessary to make sure that we have as much integrity with spending public dollars as possible. >> reporter: eubanks says the new policy will likely require members spend their own cash for meals or other expenses then seem reimbursement.
6:35 pm
they'd need to show a receipt and give a reason for the expense. earlier this month state legislators in annapolis saw some reaction to our investigation formally drafted legislation to ban credit cards for the prince george's county school board, but it appears that legislation, even if passed into law, will now have limited if any impact because eubanks expects the board to discard their own card within weeks. david williams of the taxpayers protection alliance says there's little need for school board members, even in major districts, to carry taxpayer-funded credit. >> taxpayers should not be funding the lunch, the dinner breakfasts of any officials. they should pay for this on their own. >> reporter: montgomery county school board also recently cut up its government credit cards after a similar i-team investigation found some of those board pricey meals on the taxpayers' dime. see what was on their plate and in prince george's county by watching our original reports, and click on . >> school board members not doing a whole lot of traveling
6:36 pm
where credit cards are a necessity. >> when they do now it's coming out of their own wallets first. >> great work scott. >> thank you, scott. virginia's disgraced former governor will also be a formerly licensed lawyer as he head to prison. the virginia state bar disciplinary bar has suspended bob mcdonyell's l practice law. it cites his felony convictions on public corruption which got him two years in prison. he's due to report to prison on february 9th. while a majority of virginians polled approve of the job mcdonnell did as governor the same percentage 57%, still believe his prison sentence was justified. that's according to a new roanoke college poll. 34% of those surveyed said community service would have been enough. two mothers and their daughters killed in prince george's county. tonight "dateline" is digging deeper into the high-profile case but new at 6:00 we've got an inside look at what the killer did at the crime scenes to cover his tracks. and an outbreak of measles spreading to two more states
6:37 pm
now. how local doctors are
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6:39 pm
eric smith was sen tepsed to two life sen tens today. he rob and shot and killed gregory holly as the former atf agent was walking hissing to. >> a security guard is recovering after a shooting at a maryland goodwill store. police say somebody opened fire on the guard four times at the store along woodsborrow pike. a spoex perp says they're willing to address safety concerns for employees. no possible motive. investigators are still look beinger the person to who pulled the trigger. the heroin epidemic in maryland is prompting a public health emergency in anne arundel county.
6:40 pm
county executive steve xue says the drug is everywhere and it will only get worse if nothing is done. there were 26-related heroin deaths reported in the first half of last year and a similar statewide declaratio is expected from maryland governor larry hogan. a measles outbreak that started at disneyland in california has reached several other states and it has the attention of parents in our area. cases have been reported in six states and mexico. more than 50 people have been diagnosed. measles has returned to the u.s. in recent years because of people travel eight broad and not getting vaccinations. the mmr immunization is recommended for children at age 1 and again between age 4 and 6. adults who haven't had the vaccine should also get it. a mother in fairfax county tells us she was skeptical about vaccines but is now confident they're safe for her children. >> i vaccinated both my children and i think it's something you need to do to protect the other people around you who aren't protected. so for the baby, the pregnant
6:41 pm
mothers, it's a responsible thing to do. >> 99% of people who have had two mmr shots are immune to the measles virus. we've posted ten facts you should know about measles on our nbc washington facebook page. coming up new at 6:00 a judge leaves his bench in a local courtroom. how he managed to save someone's life in an emergen. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer. we are learning new information about the man the mother/daughter murders in pr.
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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too. turns out jason scott was as scary a peeping tom as
6:44 pm
investigators had ever seen. >> video of someone walking through the woods videotaping people through their homes in various states of dress and undress, getting ready for work or the getting ready to go to bed. >> deeply creepy stuff. >> absolutely. >> that a clip from tonight's "dateline." the man they're talking about is suspected of murdering two mothers and their daughters in prince george's county. darcy spencer reveals what police think jason scott did to cover his tracks. >> reporter: detectives believe jason scott not only killed five women, he committed dozens of burglaries and home invasion robberies. victims told police he would literally clean his tracks. >> we were told that he would get down on hands and knees with a rag and wipe up his footprints. >> reporter: scott is the man police believe is responsible for the two mother/daughter murders in prince george's county sev years ago. >> he was your modern-day boogeyman. >> reporter: when detectives searched his home they found a
6:45 pm
small camcorder and when they watched videos they realized he had been stalking other women. never before seen video shows scott secretly recorded a dozen women in his own neighborhood as they were getting dressed or undressed in the privacy of their home. >> none of the women had any suspicions they were being recorded. >> reporter: what jason scott was able to commit dozens of crimes without being detectived. home invasion robberies, break analysts and mur worker for the man he really was. >> he was soft and mild-mannered. he wasn't wearing a mask or brandishing a handgun. >> reporter: despite hundreds of police hours being put into the case detectives still don't know what the motive was for the crimes. scott refuses to talk. >> the way he killed the victims was almost like an overkill. like he had some type of anger behind what he was doing.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: scott has been found guilty on numerous charges. he's expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. >> whether it be five years or ten years from now, our goal is to at some point talk to him. >> reporter: at prince george's police headquarters darcy spencer, news4. >> "dateline" is airing a full hour on the mother/daughter murders tonight called "the unusual suspect" and airs at 10:00. it looked like a miracle at the arlington county courthouse when a judge saved the life of a witness by performing cpr. a man had just stepped down from the witness stand when he went into cardiac arrest. judge thomas kelley jr. came down from the bench to help perform cpr along with a deputy. two other deputies also helped keep the man alive. the victim was in and out of consciousness until paramedics arrived. >> wow. that's a great reason for a lot of people to learn cpr. >> i know. i know. we've said it before we'll say it again. so we're waiting to find out the
6:47 pm
details how much we're going to get and where. >> i'll tell you, most of us won't see much snow at all from this storm system. it will be mostly rain but sunday's storm system just about everybody has a chance to see some pretty good snowfall. let's show you how things are developing. mixture of sleet and snow. most of you can hear the sleet bouncing on your roof hear it bouncing on your car. sleet will bounce. freezing rain will not. that's how you know the difference between sleet and freezing rain. right now we have a lot of sleet around the area a lot of snow around the area. you can still see what we have and again we are looking at some of that snow through montgomery county loudoun county fairfax county even the d.c. metro area even though it's not picking it up as snow we are seeing snow in those regions. we'll continue to see warm air move from the south. that's where the whole storm is coming from. as the warm air continues to move in more of that snow changes to sleet and eventually all changes to rain.
6:48 pm
we will see some accumulating snow back to the west. that's why we have a winter storm warning there. the advisory extend from baltimore down through fairfax county down through warrenton, the winter weather advisory the mixture of sleet and snow we have. right now we still think the roads will be okay but we could see icing and we are getting reports of some accumulating snoi in parts of the region. give yourself extra time. through the rest of the evening, 37 degrees, temperatures dropping slowly but as the temperatures drop at the surface, they rise aloft, so that's why we switch over the all rain by later tonight and we will be seeing that rain move in some heavy at times around that 11:00 hour. tomorrow i do expect it to come back in as a mixture of rain and snow even in the d.c. metro area so i don't think we're out of the woods just yet. that's why we think we could get a coating of snow. then the big storm comes in. when i'm talking about big storm, we're talking about pretty good snow totals in some areas. >> that's right. this system fighting the warm air, trying to get the cold air,
6:49 pm
system number two, there will be plenty of cold air, in fact arctic air, that means not only a greater chance of us seeing snow but that snow could head into the southern county southern maryland areas like central virginia. this is a snapshot of 7:00 p.m. sunday where you can see snow and a mixture of like we're getting this evening, sleet mix mixing in with the rain and snow. system number two by 10:00 p.m. the colder air starts to come in areas across northern counties there of maryland and border pennsylvania greater chance of snow. by think it's all snow coming morning rush we could have some serious issues on area roads. there's 6:00 a.m. down to southern maryland and that system could continue for a couple hours into monday several inches we could see throughout the area and some real issues. >> we are expecting some cancellations, maybe school closures too, so keep it here on nbc 4. next couple day, there's that snow on monday and then just cold. we stay in the 30s.
6:50 pm
arctic air moving back in. >> here we go. >> a lot of news still ahead on nightly news with brian williams. >> here's what they're working on tonight. >> good evening. i know you're dealing with weather. so are we. we'll look at not one but two storms coming up and over the east coast in the coming days to make a mess out of things. fair question with this big football story, why hasn't the nfl questioned tom brady yet? and we'll say farewell to a famous american name a company that took advantage of a captive audience and forced us all to buy things we didn't want or . that and more when we see you tonight at 7:00. >> that could be a lot of people. >> a lot of things. >> carol maloney is here with a preview of what's coming up in sports. carol? >> hey, guys. the wait is over. the nfl has finally responded to deflategate. but the scandal is still going strong. we'll have the latest. plus alex ovechkin from the all-star game, a new look to go with the new message. sp
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
doreen may have just summed up how most of the people in our area feel. she said we're getting a little sick of deflategate now. >> i'm not. i love it. outrage! i love it! give me work! >> the seahawks. >> nobody's complaining when you
6:54 pm
don't work. >> outrage continues, investigation continues. keep up the story, people. all the important stories going on in the world but this one getting so many people riled up. and the nfl did nothing today to take the air out of its sails when it released -- that was an intended pun, i should have sold that better -- >> thank you. >> thank you. it released a lengthy statement. i think it's a boring statement today. the league's first response to the scandal and they basically told us nothing, just the investigation is ongoing. you guys are the best. here's one excerpt. "the goals of the investigation will be to determine the" -- this is from them. we're supposed to have a board with these words on it. do you have do you guys have it? "the goals of the investigation are to determine the explanation for why the footballs were not in compliance with playing rules and specifically whether any noncompliance was the result of deliberate action." wake up. >> who did this? >> we did learn today that the league has interviewed at least
6:55 pm
40 people. no word yet if tom brady is one of them. we can also confirm the league has modified rules for the super bowl and the game balls for the championship between the patriots and the seahawks will be under strict control by the officials. nhl all-star media day. alex ovechkin, the lone capitals player in the game. this is his sixth selection, fifth appearance. so the event is old hat to o.v. knows the tock is tibing on his career and he hates he's by himself. he's all about the team. >> i don't think a guy has to prove something. it's kind of situation when you have to play well to get success like not individual team success. so if you're going to put everything on yourself, you're not going to get success. you have to put everything for team and for group of guys. >> he sounds so mature right now. i mean he looks younger because i think he must be dyeing his hair. he's been so gray right?
6:56 pm
but no sorry, doug. i didn't mean to say that out loud. >> i know. >> the nhl all-star game is on sunday. the skills competition is tomorrow night. o.v. a three-time win over the breakaway event. basketball the georgetown team coming off one of their biggest year maybe still celebrating the win over villanova, but the team faces marquette tomorrow. the team wants to prove this past game wasn't a fluke and they're the best team in the big east. >> it was really good, you know to see the team effort we put out there and, you know, knowing that we can go out against any team in our conference, you know any team in the country knowing that we play defense the way we did, a chance to win the game and, you know, everybody's feeling good, the morale on campus and everybody's fired up on top of their game, but it's not a one-game season. we have to get ready for a good marquette team on the road which has been a little harder for us to win games on the road but we have to get ready for them.
6:57 pm
>> a rivalry game. hoyas tip tomorrow 2:00 p.m. most stunning sports upset of this week came probably while you were sleeping at the maybe you heard the gasps throughout the tennis world. roger federer out down under. not that he lost but who sent him packing. federer upset in the third round by 30-year-old andrea seppi. >> he's awesome. >> before this match he had a record of 0-10 in matches against roger. roger did not look by himself. seppi beating federer in tour sets. i guess after 11 years of making the semis, that's over. >> still has those 15 grand slam titles to fall back on. >> i can't hear you. >> love roger federer. thanks carol. thank you for
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
on our broadcast tonight, double threat. not one but two winter storms bearing down on some big population centers from west to east with over 60 million
7:00 pm
americans bracing for a mess. solving the mystery that continues to overshadow the super bowl. what nfl investigators have revealed tonight. packing heat, a record number of firearms being found in carry-on luggage. thousands of them, most of them loaded. and the feds don't like what they're seeing. and skyfall, our farewell to the people who convinced captive audiences to buy a whole lot of stuff we didn't want or need. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening.


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