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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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ay with us. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 achl. snow and rain showing up on radar. tom kierein says not to worry about it this morning, but if you have plans tonight or tomorrow you could run into some problems. >> let's get right to tom now. >> and you see on the radar that we do have some of that rain now arriving to our south and west. right now temperatures are a little below freezing. the leading edge of that rain now into the carolinas an tennessee. it's advancing to the north. and getting in to the metro area in a little over 13 hours or so. right around 6:00, 7:00 or so. so be prepared for a cold morning this morning. and then during the afternoon, we'll stay dry. but then rain arriving by around sunset. and then it changes over to a mix of some snow and sleet north and west of the metro area. rain south and east overnight tonight and into saturday
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morning. most of it will be done by saturday noontime. we are offer to a cold start now. we are just in the went from the bay west all across virginia maryland and into west virginia. we will have these temperatures stay below freezing here through much of the morning. and then by noontime in the upper 30s hitting mid fourth midafternoon with increasing clouds and then the rain snow arrives tonight. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:11 a look at your bus stop forecast for this friday. a right now a water main break in prince george's county is affecting a short cut that you may take to work. megan mcgrath is on old an napannapolis road with more. >> reporter: look at this hole. this was created by a broken water main. they have started the work of digging up the pipe, but they haven't started the repair yet. so this will be with us for a while. this is a popular cut through. a lot of people take to goat
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from 450 over to 197. but all lanes are blocked this morning. you are not going to be able to use this. so we're expecting this to be in place for several hours as they tip to dig continue to dig up the broken water main and make the repairs. also icy in the area. so be careful, there is a sheet of ice on areas where the water came up out of that hole and on to the sidewalks and parking lots. with more on traffic, we'll go over to melissa. >> megan and i have been talking about this situation. so again, old annapolis road where megan is at church road that cut through like she mentioned over to 197, you can't take that little corner this morning. just stay on annapolis to get to 197 and you'll be fine. route 1 here laurel at main street, we have two lanes blocked. one northbound and one southbound here for you this morning. that's also some emergency road work. 270 here at montgomery village avenue they're headed south no
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problems there. same thing as you look at 66 here 95 in virginia, everything moving along quite nicely. prince george's county overall looking good. lots of movement there. and headed a to the north here, 95 this general 55 in general looking good. same thing bw parkway. it's 5:03. search efforts are back on in the rubble of a multimillion-dollar mansion in annapolis annapolis. searchers found two more bodies yesterday. we're also getting the first look at the family members who likely died on monday. don and sandy pyle owned that 16,000 square foot house. their grandchildren were spending the night with them. lexie and katie were 8 and 7, charlotte was also 8 and wes was 6. atf agents hope to have a cause of that fire by monday. it is now 5:04. today a man accused of kidnapping a montgomery county judge heads back to court. he's accused of beating an kidnapping judge creighton in may last year. he was arrested just days after the reported kidnapping in
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florida. according to police reports, he was in a jealous rage when creighton returned to her germantown home. they say he grabbed her by her hair and forced her to drive him to gaithersburg threatening her life. it's not known whether the judge will be at today's hearing. prince george's county police trying to figure out who murdered a man in broad daylight in laurel. chopper 4 was over the scene on imperial drive yesterday afternoon. police say the man was found dead with a number of gunshot wounds. officers are still trying to figure out a motive. if you know anything call prince george's county police. there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a single bouquet of flowers was left at the saudi embassy in d.c.. it is a tribute to saudi king abdullah who died yesterday at the age of 90. king abdullah was a conservative ruler and powerful ally of the u.s.. he carried out slow but deliberate reforms aimed at modernizing the ultra conservative saudi arabia. president obama offered condolences yesterday. and praised the king for his,
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quote, bold steps in advancing peace in the region. his expected successor is his 79-year-old half brother prince salman. today president obama will host mayors from across the country at the white house. the mayors will spend the day interacting with cabinet members and white house officials. the goal is to expand partnerships between cities and the federal government. ladies and gentlemen, get ready to start those engines. we are just a few hours away from the start of the washington auto show. d.c.'s annual showcase of thefinest cars will be open for ten days will this year. you can take a close look at 700 cars. mayor bowser officially kicks it off at 11:00 this morning at the washington convention center. you'll also want to check out drive time auto show special this weekend. veronica johnson will take you inside for all the show's highlights. you can catch drive time saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. right here on nbc 4. parents say early school start times are putting their kids' health at risk. the solution in montgomery
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county schools pitting parents against eachers and studentteachers. and right now it is dry and calm as you head off to work. rain and snow could put a damper on the weekend.
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welcome back. you will see big changes on tax
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forms this year. so don't be too quick to file. for example, if you purchased health care on one of the new exchanges, watch in the mail for a 1095 form. keep your receipts for charitable gifts, too. mortgage statement, bill property taxes, they could all mean deductions. the new tax rules meet wait times to meet with tax reppers could preparers could be longer. and irs could only get half of the 1 million phone calls or get to them. there is now a coffee that helps you fall asleep. sounds counter intuitive, but counting sheep coffee mixes sleep inducing herb with decaffeinated coffee. the herb is approved by the fda. experts don't know why that is such a potent sleep inducer, but it doesn't have any side effects. and since the herb is approved as a food product, you can buy the coffee in a grocery store. a map develop this had because his wife likes coffee but she cooperate drink it at night because it would k her up.
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and that's the same for me. i can't have any caffeine even after noon. i'm sensitive to caffeine. >> i've tried it just, and it worked for me. so why not put it in coffee. it's time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> amelia segal is live at the process rin roslyn metro station. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. a little bit chilly out here but not frigid. temperature here on the storm team 4 x 4 coming in right around 37 degrees. and then it will fall a little bit more as we head on into these early morning hours. roslyn metro station quiet andg. a little late opening. supposed to open at 5:00 a.m.. we're at 5:10 and they're pulling the gates across. as kids are getting on the school bus today definitely a warmer jacket. by the time recess rolls around you won't need the gloves. standing out at the bus stop mostly cloudy skies. and the good new, kids will be
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able to get home from school before any rain or any rain and snow mixture moves into the area. temperature getting off the school bus about 45 degrees. during the evening hours if they have after school activities, could you start to temperatures at that point should still be above freezing. so we should only be dealing with wet roads versus icy conditions. but we are looking at some snowfall to accumulate overnight tonight throughout the day tomorrow. tom will have those totals coming up in ten minutes. but for now, we'll send things over to melissa. opening the metro this morning. but i'm hoping no problems right? >> no problems at this point. just checked for you. supposed to have the 5:00 a.m. opening of course, but no issues that we're seeing as far as track problems at this point this morning. do have some accidents, though. 395 north at seminary, not seeing it here but two left lanes blocked from a crash that just happened. duke street at washington street, a new crash there, as well. 95 in maryland northbound
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approaching powder mill road, two right lanes blocked from some overnight road work. and then of course we have the situation in bowie, old annapolis road at church completely closed. your alternate is annapolis road. no major problems it you're taking a big look at the beltway. live picture of 66 coming up. developing now, a tense situation in japan for two hostages captured by isis. what we're learning about their fate now that a ransom deadline has passed. are you team iphone or team android? new research
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a quick look at storm team 4 radar at 5:15. the rain is still a little far out from us, but it is coming in with snow too. tom kierein will have your full forecast including snow totals at 5:21. i'm know let greenegreen. japan is still trying to get
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isis to free two of its citizens. japan's cabinet secretary says the situation remains insisted the government is still working to get the hostages freed. now, the deadline for the $200 million ransom demand passed hours ago. muslims have gathered at a prominent mosque today in tokyo to pray for the men's freedom. i'm molette green at the live desk. back to you. 5:16. we're hearing from many of you with children in montgomery county schools who are in favor of later school start times. people packed two hearings yesterday in rockville wanting the start times pushed back an hour or more for high school students. >> and he was dull teamed by the sleep problems related to early school start time as. his anxiety became so overwhelming he was physically harming himself and he was suicidal. >> a sleep expert who specializes in teenagers was on hand to testify about how sleep
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patterns for teens are different than for adults. and it may all come down to cost. montgomery county schools says it could cost tens of millions of dollars. joshua starr is recommending all school starts 20 minutes later in order to reduce the costs. a big change could be coming to school's cal levinendars in manassas park too. school leaders have a plan that includes breaking statewide tradition and starting the year two weeks before labor day. students would also have more vacation time and two intercessions. school days only for students who need extra help or enrichment. we're posting all the info about three meetings on the nbc washington facebook page. one of president obama's state of the union promises already getting push back from the republicans in congress. the president wants to scale back tax benefits on shallome college savings accounts. right now money in those accounts grows and can be taken out tax free.
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the president is looking to tax that money and use the revenue to expand a different education tax credit. the gop says they won't support that tax increase. we now know what sparked this massive fire that destroyed a new jersey condo complex. this inferno burned for more than 15 hours. officials say the flames started during a plumbing repair job. a blow torch set the walls on fire and it spread from there. nobody was hurt though. tonight "dateline" tells the story of a largo man who listpolice say killed five women. jason scott will spend the rest of his life in jail. he was sentenced to 85 years as part of a plea deal if two of hose murs. i sat down with dennis murphy he says scott stalked his victims in his own backyard. >> his m.o. was to put on his gear the ski mask so only the eyes are showing, and crawl around the backyards of the neighborhoods where he lived. he would see the people during the day and at night, he had
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some secret life and he was out there. >> you can watch more on tonight's "dateline" starting at 10:00 here on nbc 4. it's now 5:19. as the patriots prepare for the super bowl they can't shake deflate-gate. tom brady says he has no idea how the game balls became deflated during the a fmt cchltafc championship. he picked the balls before the game and didn't see them again until he was on the field. >> i don't know anything. and i was in the locker room preparing for a game. i don't know what happened or the course of the process with the footballs. >> brady's take on the ball controversy is the same as coach bill belichick's. belichick says he wasn't enaware there was a problem with the balls until monday morning. the nfl is investigating but has yet to interview the other patriot players. as the nfl sorts out deflate deflate-gate deflat many of you are
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already preparing for your super bowl parties. americans will spend on average $77 getting ready for the big game. that's up from $68 last year. fans will splurge on everything from decorations, game day food of course, and tvs. when it comes to tvs, more americans are waiting until the super bowl to make the big purchase. shop adviser says 57% more people are buying new tvs for the super bowl than did for christmas. this morning gas is $1.25 cheaper than it was a year ago on average. so what are you doing with all that have a money? cnbc reports the gas savings gave you an extra $18 per month per person in 2014. but apparently we spent shopping online eating fast food and dining in restaurants whenever we could. >> i like to spend my money dining in restaurants whenever i can, too. it adds up. >> and it's a good thing. we're putting money into the economy how instead of just into our tanks. >> there you go. it's time now to check our
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forecast. time for weather at traffic on the 1s. 34 degrees out there. still very cold to me. >> let's check in with tom. >> #snow watch friday. because likely a wintry mix, a nasty mix of some snow some sleet, and some icing moving in tonight. between now and then though we'll stay dry here in the storm team 4 "weather center". all the weather observers reporting temperatures generally in the 20s now. we do have a winter weather advisory from 6:00 p.m. today until noon on saturday for the metro area. but all these counties in color include northern virginia, eastern west virginia, much of maryland around the metro area for that arrival of that wintry mix of snow and rain and some icing. that will be moving in here by this evening. now, the leading edge of this is rain. all this area in green, rain in the carolinas, now into tennessee. still about 12 hours or so away of getting here maybe around 5:00 to 6:00. here is the timing on the snow arrival. coming into the metro area into
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the evening hours this area in the lavender and pink, that's where the snow sleet and icing will be occurring. all rain farther south and east. that will continue through the rest of the night and into saturday morning. much of it will begin to taper off by midday saturday. by 9:00 in the morning, maybe lingering snow and a little bit of rain through noontime. but then most of it is gone by 3:00 p.m. on saturday. and then we'll clear out saturday night into sunday. we'll get welcome sunshine back. leaving about an inch or so away the metro area. rain farther south and east. 2 to 4 inches some of the higher ridges. including shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia loudoun, montgomery, howard frederick, washington counties. by the time it all tapers off by around noontime on saturday. then sunday, we'll get sunshine back with highs in the mid-40s. and then snow looking likely on monday when we could get another maybe inch or two, maybe up to 4 inches farther north and west.
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starting monday morning ending monday afternoon and quickly moving out. cold after that highs only near freezing tuesday, wednesday. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the hour by hour forecast. we break it down here during the day ahead. now melissa has breaking news. this is in leesburg. right how 15 at rockland lane all lanes blocked because of a crash. police saying it could be about an hour before we reopen. alternate is charles town pike to berlin turnpike of course if you're headed north, the opposite. 395 north at seminary road, two left lanes blocked. got that on camera for you. other lanes are open. penn line delays from balt notice to thebaltimore to the city 15 minutes. and old annapolis road at church your alternate is annapolis. there is a water main break. wider look overall things looking pretty good. you can see the slow downs on 395. 95 in virginia looking good. live picture of 66 coming up.
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it's 5:24 now. a florida elementary school student in big trouble after bringing this to school. it's a hollowed out hand grenade. police were called after the student made inappropriate statements in class. >> yeah, this day and age, you might cause a scare if you don't know if it's a toy. well, a new study says if you have an iphone, are you smarter than your friends and family members who have an android phone. >> we're just the messengers. this is according to a study. online advertising network says this. and it says that states with more college graduates tend to also have higher iphone sales. alaska montana and vermont have the largest percentage of iphone users, about 50% of smartphone use aers ser users in marylandelaware had the lowest share of iphone sales per capita. >> earlier study also says i phone users are more vain
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thannen droid years. >> i really like my iphone. >> i had apandroid, switched to iphone, could i easily go back to android. whatever is cheaper. you can now nominate a 2015 super teacher. virginia lottery searching for eight virginia k through 12 public teachers who go the extra mine. they will win a cash prize and classroom supplies. a panel of distinguished educators and community leaders will select the winners. if you're 18 or older, you can nominate your favorite super teacher. while many of you are preparing for tax season, turbotax is saying sorry and giving customers their money back. the software mistake that might catch you off guard. a whooping cough warning in one area in maryland. why it's a bigger problem for your children than it has been this past years. prepare for rain and some snow at 5:31 tom rear con breaks down the next 24 hours. when you'll see t
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:29 crews are on the scene of a water main break in bowie, is this old route 450 near church road. time appears to be running out for two japanese hostages
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being held by isis militants in syria. the group posted and online warning that the, quote, countdown has begun. we're just a few hours away from the start of the auto show. should be a lot of fun. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news 4 today". we start with a live look outside. and we are seeing some cloudy skies anticipate something more rain coming into the area tonight. >> let's check in with tom kierein for a look at your forecast. good morning, tom. >> yeah, storm team 34 tower camera looking off to the north and west, that's where it will be a combination of sleet and snow and icing moving this. tonight this all rain on radar. you can see the leading edge in tennessee, extreme southwestern north carolina and western south carolina. still about 12 hours away of getting into the metro area. so around 5:30 this afternoon or so getting in to our western and southern suburbs. arriving initials rain.
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winter weather advisory all these counties in color, montgomery fairfax, arlington, the district north virginia maryland west virginia. 6:00 p.m. until moon. wintry mix of snow and sleet and icing. most of it ending by around noontime on saturday. hour by hour for the rest of the day, we'll be up they're 40 by noon. and then low to mid-40s midafternoon rain arriving by around 6:00 p.m.. and then we get that mix of the snow sleet and rain the rest of the evening into tomorrow morning. next weather and traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast. amelia ya seesegal will join us live with the 4 x 4. in leesburg injuries heard 15 at rockland lane southbound lanes now open there in leesburg. northbound still shut down. alternate is charles town pike over to berlin turnpike. 395 north at seminary, two left lanes blocked from an earlier crash. 66 no problems in or out of
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town. taking a look here at 95 in virginia through dale city a little slow at 26 miles per hour that's the the bend there. typically gets slow. ap pen penn line 15 minutes behind for track work. travel times coming up next. 5:31 now. and there is tension this morning between the pentagon and iraq. iraq's prime minister claims the u.s. and its allies are not doing enough to help fight isis. tracie potts live on capitol hill with more on what defense officials here are saying about this. >> reporter: good morning. defense secretary chuck hagel says that we've had a significant tangible and measurable impact on isis despite those from us trace trags frustrations from iraq's prime minister. and brand new this morning, video from northern iraq the kurds are launching a major new offensive against isis. they're trying to get them out of their country.
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it was the top i goic of a meeting with john kerry and our allies in london, secretary kerry says we are flushing them out albeit slower than the u.s. and its allies may lying.ike. european command stepping up patrols as a precaution because of the links of terror attacks there to isis militants. >> thank you, tracie. and today we will learn more about talks between the u.s. and cuba are going. a news conference will be held. the two countries are trying to establish full diplomatic relations. but sharp differences remain on the topic of human rights. more than 200 of you gathered at a ward 8 community center to discuss the recent state of violence. there have been six homicides from did december 22 last year until now. that is four more than the same time last year. you shared your thoughts along with police, priest and activists on what can be done. community leaders are concerned
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about the growing crime. >> i'm mostly upset to see our young black men killing each other. >> residents say recreational centers need to stay open longer they also want more police patrols and parental involvement to help stop the violence. new maryland governor larry hogan is promising a balanced budget. he introduced his proposal yesterday. key items include funding for the purple line and a 2% reduction in spending for all agencies. it also includes record education spending. you should know there will be cuts in some skrursjurisdictions like prince george's county wheret costs more to educate students. it would be the state's first balanced budget in a decade. >> our budget puts maryland on sound financial footing without raising taxes or fees and without eliminating agencies or did departments or services without laying off a single state employee and without any furloughs whatsoever. >> some lawmakers did express
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concerns saying they just don't have enough specifics about what the cuts will be. we've posted a link to the proposal on, just search hogan budget. 5:34. most virginians believe while bob mcdonnell was a good governor he deserves to be in jail. that's according to a new poll. 57% say mcdonnell was good in his job, but the same number also agree with the judge's sentence. last year a jury found mcdonnell and his wife maureen mcdonnell guilty of taking gifts and loans from a vitamin executive in exchange for promoting his products. bob mcdonnell is scheduled to begin his two year prison term february 9. the frederick county school board is trying to balance its budget and that could mean closing a school. according to the frederick news post an elementary school could be on the chopping block. one board member says talk of closure is premature. we have a whooping cough warning to tell you about.
5:35 am
anne arundel county health officials say it is affecting more school age children this year than in previous years. whooping cough has a contagious respiratory infection, symptoms include a low grade fever, runny nose and persistent cough. make sure ny of your children have it. virginia lawmakers split on how to protect students from sex assaults on campus. why some are concerned victims might not come forward. >> no more excuses. why you might actually live in the best place to stay in shape. and amelia segal is in the storm team 4 x 4, timing out when the snow and rain will impact your commute.
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a new plus sized clothing brand is coming to target. the retailer is launching a new line of plus size clothing called ava and viv. target has been criticized for not offering larger sizes. the new line offers up to size 26 and 4 x. it will roll out? some stores next month and nationwide in march. there are a lot of places to work out in our area and you new research says if you live in the district you have more access to exercise facilities or parks than anywhere else in the country. results were also pretty good if
5:39 am
you live in maryland. in virginia, access to parks fluctuated. regionally people living in northeastern and western states have more exercise areas than those in southwest or southeast. the study was published in preventing chronic disease journal. >> one of the best things about living in d.c., we have so much green space. rock creek park you can run, bike jog. and they have the exercise stations set up if you want to do sit-ups pushup pullups. >> too far. we can walk it though p. it's cold out there. not the kind of day you want to go outside. but it is friday though. happy friday. >> amelia segal live with the 4 metro station. >> reporter: good morning. with glove it's not too bad outside. i've only seen one jogger, though. i will say that. temperature here at the storm team 4 x 4 coming in at 33
5:40 am
degrees. and this is the storm system that we're tracking. i'm tracking it this morning in the back of the storm truck. this moves in to our area this evening. it will impact overnight tonight throughout the morning and midday hours tomorrow. for the computer forecast this morning, mostly cloudy skies. heading home, that's the exact time when rain and potentially some rain and snow start to move into the area. notice the temperatures in the low 40s. so at least for that evening commute, as this inclement weather moves in road surfaces should be below freezing and that is something we can track. i'll be posting some of that information on facebook and twitter. tom will have the totals of the system in ten minutes. how rts theare the roads? a road repair river road at willard avenue just one outbound and one inbound lane open. they have been working in the area for quite some time. it looks like it may be a little more involved there this morning. so wanted to mention that.
5:41 am
270 southbound germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop 10 minute. on time also in virginia quantico to the beltway looking good. 66 east to the beltway 1rks 11 minutes. 5:41. turbotax is saying sorry. what the company failed to tell customers that could delay when you file your returns. 11 days after one person died we're learning the immediate changes metro is making to trains and why some say it's not enough.
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welcome back at it is 35 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. take a look at storm team 4 radar. that big blob of green and blue you see there, that is rain and snow moving into our area. tom kierein is closely watching the storm. he will tell you the timing for
5:45 am
when the rain will start and when the rain will start to turn over to snow. that's coming up at 5/:51. 11 day after one person died in the underground emergency, metro is taking steps to make sure the system is safer. the metro board says that from now on, train operators will be able to turn off ventilation systems to prevent smoke from being pulled into railcars. new signs will go up to help riders and first responders find emergency doors. still ahead of the in the troh employees union says it's not enough. >> one of the things that i'm most afraid of is that owe matt take hasn't grasped a true safety culture.matt take hasn't grasped a true safety cul. >> a metro transit officer says firefighters rejected his help. you can see a breakdown of the ten safety measures on, including what will they mean.
5:46 am
search metro. virginia lawmakers conditions agree on how to deal with sexual assaults on college and university campuses. yesterday a senate subcommittee considered ten bills but cooperate reach a conclusion on a single one. among them the most controversial was the concept of mandatory reporting. some of the measures would require university employees to report an assault to police within 48 hours. failure would be a misdemeanor. several witnesses said that would it is courage victims from reporting assaults at all. 73-year-old dennis lee was active at american legion post 85. firefighters pulled him out of his burning home early yesterday morning. he died from breathing in too much smoke. had lived in the house on south randolph street for 30 years. firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. anger and anguish morning for the family of a 13-year-old girl hit and killed by a woman learning to drive. a judge sentenced esperanza
5:47 am
vasquez to 60 days in jail and a small fine. the victim's appear spoke to news 4 last week upset that there wouldn't be a bigger punishment. vasquez vasquezapologized. anne arundel county could declare a public health emergency as soon as next week in response to a heroin epidemic. that's according to the capital gazette. county executive steve shaw says there is a death a week from heroin. a specific heroin task force was formed and it's now working on recommendations to combat the problem. i'm molette green at the live desk. just saw the first tweet from the new saudi king salman whose twitter handle is simply@king salma this. . he's saying he is asking god to serve the people and realize their dreams and god rest the soul of king abdullah who died
5:48 am
at the age of 90. king salman went on saudi television vowing to continue the policies of his predecessors. back to you. national smutinstitutes of health is starting to test an ebola vaccine. doctors hope to enlist as many as 20,000 liberians for the study. they're not sure if they can conduct such precise studies during an outbreak. they say another challenge is using people not used to taking part in controlled medical trials. it's back to business as usual for virginia governor terry mcauliffe today. after being released from the hospital a spokesman says the governor has resumed his schedule of meetings and prifd event private events. the governor posted these pictures. mcauliffe broke several ribs while on vacation over the holidays. earlier this week, he was hospitalized for shortness of breath and had fluid removed from his lungs. there is a new effort in this virginia this morning to
5:49 am
combat animal abuse and cruelty. the attorney general has created a special animal law unit. the first of its kind in the nation. the unit will include designated attorneys within the general attorney's office to help police and welfare groups in prosecuting serious cases of abuse and cruelty. this video shows puppies rescued from a puppy mill in virginia. shall had broken legs and one had gone blind. but not all are rescued. policing cruelty they say is more about protecting animals. those who harm animals are often connected to drug dealing or illegal gambling. giving up a pet can be a pretty difficult experience but for those who train service dog, it's a matter of routine. sara lee is being trained at mark and michelle masters' home. the dog will be part of the family for about a year and a half and then placed in service possibly with someone with special needs. >> we don't consider it giving them up. we consider it giving them to. so it's a gift from us to the
5:50 am
recipient. they always thank you and tell you how happy they are that you are doing this for them. >> home trainers like the masters family are needed. if you're thinking about it and would like advice go to and search service dog. hey're so wonderful. >> and a lifeline for so many people who need them to get around and to do things at home even. >> and our hats off to the trainers who to all that work before happened. all right. tom, we are so highly anticipating this weather, tom. >> i was afraid where you were going to go. >> i know. i just need to watch closely because more snow is coming. >> control yourself. >> we care so much tom. >> i know. well there will be enough for some sledding. how about that? >> all right. good for the kids. >> have some fun. it will be a saturday everybody will be off. so good timing for that. it will be a arriving would i later tonight. as you look behind me, there is the storm team 4 radar. it is showing a pretty big area of a lot of rain.
5:51 am
now, coming up our way, but coming in to colder air so we have a big area of winter weather advisory that is in effect from 6:00 p.m. today until noontime on saturday for the metro area. and it's a little bit later for the mountains. and this includes all these counties in color. eastern west virginia northern virginia, most of maryland, immediate metro area. and the eastern shore, as well as this system arrives bringing in a wintry mix of snow and sleet and some icing. so it will be kind of a nasty mix. anything not in color will be rain south and east of the metro area. radar showing the rain now arriving in the carolinas and tennessee, it's all rain there now. the timing on the arrival of rain coming into the metro area by around 6:00 p.m. northern virginia and to our north and west it will be snow after that from 6:00 p.m. through much of the evening, in, maybe a little bit of icing. and then all rain south and east of the metro area. and we'll get it all tapering off and ending by around noontime on saturday.
5:52 am
quickly exits after that. maybe some lingering rain on the eastern shore. rest of the afternoon. then we'll clear out on saturday night. so 1 to 2 inches right around the metro area northern virginia nearby suburbs in maryland. farther north and west extreme northern virginia shenandoah valley could get a couple inches. some higher elevations could get up to 4 inches as this system quickly moves on through. right now we are cold just in the 20s. most of the region. reagan national down to 33. later today, into the low to mid-40s. it will play a role on the initial accumulation on roads because road temperatures likely will be above freezing because of this warmer afternoon in the mid-40s. then eventually those road temperatures will get below freezing and they will start to stick by later in the evening as we drop back down to near freezing by midnight. below freezing by dawn on saturday. and then it tapers off and ends midday on saturday. and then sunday partly cloudy. could get some more snow on monday. and unfortunately, the timing not good for the monday morning commute coming in, and then accumulations likely later in
5:53 am
the day, could get 1 to 4 inches. after that, cold weather will be in place on tuesday, wednesday highs only mere 30 with sunshine. melissa here now with deteriorating conditions on the roads. >> and we're talking about water main breaks. we've seen a couple around time this morning. right now chopper 4 over bowie, old annapolis road totally shut down at church road. take a look at that hole in the roadway. looks like it could be quite some time before we reopen here. you can't take the cut through. instead take annapolis road to avoid that mess. 395 north at seminary, two lanes blocked. river road at willard avenue, one outbound one inbound lane open there from road work. taking a wide look at things overall you can see we look pretty good when you're talking about the beltway. and then you look right here, 395, this is our problem that i just show the you on the camera. so as you're approaching seminary we are completely jammed. and this is a little too early for that to be happening here.
5:54 am
taking a look now at 66 95 in virginia 66 here is completely fine into town and out of town. flowing just fine. taking a look at 95 northbound here at dale city quite slow. you're going about 15 miles per hour. so that's nasty here this morning. more on the wearater main situation coming up. megan mcgrath will be live on the scene for us. 5:54. it's tax season and some of you are getting a different kind of refund from turbotax and it's because of a mistake. cnbc's landon dowdy has more on this. >> turbotax is apologizing to customers who were forced to upgrade to a more expensive version of its software this tax season. many people learned of the price changes after they had already bought the 2014 version and started working on their taxes. and turbotax will give a $25 rebate to customers who used the deluxe software last year and had to upgrade to turbotax premiere this year. t-mobile says if you have bad credit it's not a problem.
5:55 am
the wireless provider is launching a program this weekend called smartphone equality. it's for customers who have less than stellar credit but have made ontime pavements for the last pavements the past year. it's only available to current customers. back to you. landon dowdy thanks. have a great weekend. the district is helping to lead the way on traffic safety. d.c. gets a green rating this year from the advocates for highway and auto safety. only ten other states received that rating which is based on a low number of traffic deaths and implementing safety laws. the group gave maryland and virginia a yellow rating and recommended the states strengthen some laws. nationwide car crashes killed about 33,000 people in 2013. the group says it underscores the need to improve driving safety programs. a minnesota couple could face jail time for using american girl dolls to rip off stores. the scam involved buying the dolls from a discount website and returning them to the store
5:56 am
for a full price refund. the retailers say the scam cost them nearly $6,000. the couple could see a hefty fine and ten years in prison if found guilty. today is a special one for the men lawmakers, staff and visitors every day on capitol hill. the latest group of capitol police academy came deads graduates this morning. that ceremony starts at 11:00. it includes presentations of awards for marks man ship driving, academics and physical fitness. so while aaron and i are shaving and putting our heat on high some people will be doing this. running in to freezing cold water in annapolis. you know where we're going. the maryland state police polar bear plunge begins at 11:00 a.m. in sandy point state park. they actually look like they're having fun, right? >> if you say so. >> video from last year. lots of smiles over there. different groups will take the
5:57 am
plug. and remember plunge. this is for a good cause. over the years, the polar bear plunge has raised more than $20 million for special olympics. a great cause. right now, we're keeping an eye on a big water main break for you. >> repairs being made at the break on old annapolis road in you bowie. is this a popular cut through spot. megan mcgrath is at the scene. she'll have an update on when these repairs should be finished. and a live look outside. dry out there right now but rain and snow are on the way. tom has the latest on the timing and how much to expect ahead o
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now radar showing a big storm heading our way. tom is timing out the rain and snow getting ready to move in later today. developing right now deadline has passed but still no word on the condition of two japanese hostages captured by isis. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're in the middle of a stormy pattern. there are a few chances for rain and snow over the next few days. >> we want to get right to tom kierein with a look at what you can expect for today. >> that radar showing a big area of rain, the carolinas, georgia,
6:00 am
tennessee, down to alabama, mississippi, florida, this is all advancing off to the north and east. still about 11 1/2 hours away getting into the metro area. so it may be away 5:5:30 6:00 it will be arriving here. all these counties in color, a winter weather advisory. 6:00 p.m. until noon on saturday. a wintry mix of some snow and sleet. maybe even get some icing, as well. and farther south and east, going to be mostly rain. cold morning this morning, your weather headlines on this friday morning, rain likely by sunset


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