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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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wig changebig changes. and firefighters rescue one person from this house fire. we're live on the scene with firefighters learning new information. first, though good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a little icy out there. we're get something school delays. loudoun county prince william county frederick county maryland warren county, fauquier county schools are on a two hour delay. >> so let's goat right to tom kierein. >> any untreated surface that is allege a little wet may be freezing up and causing patchy ice this morning. radar showing scattered sprinkles, drizzle, freezing drizzle this area in color across northern virginia that stretches from loudoun county fauquier county new orleans prince william, fairfax, a little flurry activity. a little bit of freezing drizzle. ing east into washington and our eastern suburbs eefrover the thegsnext hour
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or two. we have temperatures right now that are hovering right near freezing. we have some patchy dense fog, as well. these counties in gray. shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia and into washington county. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our hour by hour warming today. breaking news right now from the live desk. and the first 4 traffic office. this is affecting vre commuters in manassas. someone was struck by an amtrak train on the tracks there just off of cory road and liberia avenue. so the tracks in that area have been shut down as part of the investigation. we still are working to learn exactly how the victim is doing, if it that person was able to survive this accident. but it is leading to some delays this morning. so let's go to melissa mollet for more on the impact. >> so again, right now we know that manassas line is completely stopped there at manassas. your alternate of course will be
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metro. right now vre saying this is about a one hour delay. no word yet when i spoke with police they said it could be some time before the tracks are completely reopened. so again, if you take vre manassas, you may consider taking metro or driving. 95 in maryland bw parkway, 50 everything looking quite good in and out of town. beltway at central avenue also move along nicely. no issue there is. taking a look at 95 in virginia, you can see as we're head in to up to we're nice and clear. pretty much all the way up into dale city. dale city we start getting slow. south bound, you're fine. inbound 66 about 47 miles per hour. no problems there. 6:02. breaking news. a house fire in arlington, we know that one person was rescued from a home. zachary kiesch is live with more. >> reporter: that's right. i just got done talking with the cap continue of the arlington fire department. you can see the fire trucks behind mei want you to take a look
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over here. irene will zoom in on this house. this issis 2112 south randolph. firefighters now moving out of the is put out. but one person removed from the fire. still not knowing the condition of that person or what the source of the fire was. but we do know the fire is out at this point. we'll continue to give you updates all morning long as we have them. reporting live here if arlington, zachary kiesch news 4. 6:03. immediate changes on the way in response to the underground emergency on metro last week. metro will announce new changes to its protocol including allowing train operators to turn off systems without reaching out to central command in an emergency. you will also see new signage on trains that make emergency exits clearer and tell you what to do in a crisis. you can download the nbc washington app for a push alert about all the changes. right how the ntsb says it's
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working to figure out why an arcing problem started that caused the tunnel to fill up with smoke. lawmakers are a demanding answers. >> so we they doing now, the urgency of now to correct the problem. >> that was senator barbara mikulski in a conference last night. lawmakers also raised concerns about the communication or lack thereof between d.c. fire and ems. also today, we could learn whether metro will raise fares. the transit agency is considering adding 10 cents on ticketsets for bus and tens and also increasing wait times. it would allow metro to ask for less money from the counties that help fund it. today, we will find out whether a man accused in three high profile murders will be hospitalized to evaluate his mental competency. charles severance displayed a rude gesture when a judge ordered a mental competency exam
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to him last month. the findings of that report will be revealed this morning. a doctor says he's difficult to evaluate because he refuses to cooperate. prosecutors say that is no reason to find him mentally incompetent tent to stand trial p. severance is accused of killing nancy dunning, ronald kirby and ruth an la dad toe during a ten year period. today the man accused of plotting to bomb the u.s. capital will be arraigned in federal court. christopher cornell was indict order several charges including attempted to kill u.s. officials. list arrested hime arrested him after he bought two rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. cornell's father says his son was coerced by the fbi and could never have actually gone through with the plot. you can give your thoughts on the proposed bell time changes in montgomery county public schools. the schools are looking at adjusting school bell times allowing students to start later in the day. the superintendent recommending all stars start 20 minutes later. meetings will be held at the auditorium of the carver
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educational services building in rockville. scaling back. we'll tell you what wegmans is taking out of some of its store brand foods. a live look at the roads. we're getting a new look at when and where tolls could be showing up on i-66. and temperatures on their way up today. tom will be back with the hour by hour foreca. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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vdot is moving forward with a plan to add toll lanes among interstate 66 during the next 7 years. that's according to the "washington post". outside the beltway, vdot would add within one new lane from the beltway to haymarket and then converting existing hov lanes to a toll lane. they would also change thehov rules to require three or more passengers.
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with the oklahoma city thunder just leaving town, we're now hearing from nba star kevin durant about the prospects of playing in washington. durant is the most recent nba mvp. he is from our area and he will be a free agent next year. right now there is a push to get him to sign with the wizards when that happens. all he would say is that he enjoys coming home. >> to play at home in front of my family and friends is something that i really can't describe. you don't get this opportunity a lot. in this area. they showed me so much love. >> we love kd. kevin durant is such a terrific ambassador for the sport, for all sports. is he humble he gives back to the community. it would be so super duper if he
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came to washington. >> so you hope his people are listening and the wizards people are listening. >> and all the stars align. 6:11 your time. a live look over the district for you this morning as we saw a little bit of snow. just light snow earlier this morning. >> let's check in with tom kierein. weather and traffic on the 1s. we did see a little bit of that earlier, a little bit of a sprinkle and flurry activity. thousand radar tracking it into maryland and the they're bye suburbs in the district of columbia and inside the beltway.bye suburbs in the district of columbia and . temperatures at or below freezing so what is falling may be freezing up in addition to the moisture that we had from yesterday's snow. temperatures right near or a little above freezing. a little bit of fog here in northwest. hour by hour warming. welcome melting by later this afternoon. see our saturday snow and rain forecast that is coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21.
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melissa, what is happening now? still have breaking news we're talking about, the manassas line here this morning on vre, right now the line stopped in manassas because of a pedestrian truck earlier by an amtrak train. your alternate this morning is metro. no word exactly on when things will get started to move. so you want to take an alternate. into town 95 southbound a little slow here at the top of the beltway. bw parkway looking quite good. 270 and 495, no real problems there. slowest spot quantico to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with more. thousands take to the national mall for the annual march for life. we'll tell you where you can expect rolling road closures take. and the strange find in georgetown that brought out the bomb squad.
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watching as a luxury apartment building is smoldering right now in new jersey in edgewater. the smoke could be seen across the hudson river in new york
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city. but check out the flames. there were several floors that collapsed. you can see the building there crumbling on top of itself. it's a four story building. fortunately no one was hurt. there are no injuries reported. everyone inside the apartments was able to get out. many of the residents had to be evacuated to a nearby school. 175 units here, about 300 residents including john sterling, who is the announcer for the new york yankees. he was able to get a hotel room for the night. schools in the area are closed many roads re ss ss restricted. 15 years ago at that same site when the property was under construction there was another fire. we're still waiting to learn the cause of this fire here. that investigation is just getting under way. developing now, a u.s. navy shine is grounded right now off
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the coast of japan. 127 crew members are on board. they are okay. the navy says it's working with japan to figure out the best way to get the ship moving again. 6:17. as soon as the sun comes up crews will comb through debris of the massive mansion fire. they're looking for four missing people. two bodies have been found. megan mcgrath is live outside of the fire station with the latest in the search effort and investigation. >> reporter: they need some sunlight and then inv will resume their work this morning they're looking for the bodies of four victims presumed rubble. yesterday two bodies were recovered. but fire girls will not say whether those victims were adults or children. the medical gamner is working to make a positivei.d.. the 16,000 square foot mention belongs to don and sandy pyle. the couple and their four grandchildren were all believed
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to be in the home when it burst into flames early monday hork. the roof and all the floors collapsed. they had to shore up the structure before it was safe to go inside. so yesterday was the first day that they were able to safely venture inside and begin their search. the cause of the fire still unknown. fire officials say nothing indicates foul play but the standard procedure is to treat the scene as a crime scene because they don't know what happened. megan mcgrath, news 4. today the archdiocese of washington will host a march for life rally and mass. thousands of people expected to attend this annual event. it's taking place at the verizon center and d.c. armory beginning at 7:30 this morning. the march will start on 14th street and end at the u.s. capital. you could be affected by rolling road closures throughout the day. this is a look at the route so you you avoid any delays. republicans will not be
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debating a bill banning all late term abortions. republican leaders had planned to push the legislation through the house today. this was timed to company inside with with the annual march for life. instead, the house will debate legislation banning taxpayer funding for abortion. the u.s. department of justice is investigating the ferguson police department today. it is also considering a civil rights lawsuit against darren wil wilson the former officer who schottenstein michael brown. we could hear an official announcement today. 6:19. newtown voted to have the sandy hook house demolished. the area will be kept as an open space. adam lanza shot and killed his mother inside that home. he then killed 20 children and 6 educators at sandy hook elementary school before killing
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himself. layer rerry hogan will present his budget to lawmakers. we're expecting big budget cuts with maryland facing a $750 million deficit. in our area that number is causing concern for leaders of montgomery county public schools. they sent a letter to the governor asking him to preserve the education budget. they say if he doesn't, they do have on cut as many as 500 teaching positions. alternatively, they may eliminate 800 assistants and aides. the changes would lead to an increase of about two students for every class your child is in. at least one parent/teacher association has asked to spare the teachers and cut something else. what started as a vigil for a teen killed in a recent shootings turned to panic as shots were fired. this video shows the police presence at the vigil in southeast washington as the crowds gathered to remember a friend. five or more shots were heard as the victimgil ended causing police
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to start the search for a shooter. the vigil was being held for philip jones who was shot two weeks ago. friends at the event were in disbelief. 6:21 is the time. and it already has it's own twitter handle. the georgetown cannon ba someone found it in theirareir chimney. a decades old cannon ball. yesterday the homeowner decided to call police and they determined it was in fact full of gunpowder. so they called the fire department who then called a military bomb team. we spoke to a neighbor who saw the whole thing. >> it's about this will big there diameter and had a solid metal exterior. and i thought it was just solid shot. >> it was packed in to a metal tube and taken to ft. belvoir in
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virginia for further animalalysis. so a happy ending. everyone safe. let's go to tom kierein now with a look at the forecast. >> here in the storm team 4 "weather center," reports of dense fog now in the shenandoah valley. we also have a little bit of flurry activity on the storm team 4 radar moving from the west to east across northern virginia. into fairfax county, montgomery county now just coming into washington. a few flurries maybe a brief light snow as it does move true. it's falling on ground that is a little below freezing. as a result we have the winter weather advisory. our eastern suburbs, the district southern suburbs, so you were maryland until 8:00 this morning. a little freezing drizzle, a few of these flurries may be causing patchy ice between now and around 8:00 this morning. after that we'll get above freezing. so make sure you slow down, use low beams as the fog will be around through mid-morning.
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temperatures right near freezing throughout most of the region in the low 30s. upper 30s in washington pe bus stop may have some icy spots on the sidewalks. we'll be in the low 30s. and then good 8:00 and the 9:00 starts to melt. keep up with all the changes with the weather app. this afternoon, welcome metallingmetal melting as we get a partly sunny sky. tomorrow low 40s and snow and rain moves in late friday night, maybe around midnight continues on saturday. right now it looks like that snow/rain mix changes over to all snow leaving a possible amount of about 2 to 4 inch accumulation by the time it all ends. sun back sunday. maybe more snow monday. cold next week. coming up a look at your drive time forecast. breaking news here. vr rchlt v vre manassas line completely stopped because a pedestrian was
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struck by an amtrak train. your alternate metro. we're not sure what kind of a delay we're talking about. you'll want to take your alternate because this will investigation could be out there for some time. now, taking a look here a little bit to the north, just got a report on twitter saying bw parkway north at 32 seeing a lot of police activity. not seeing any slow down, but still something good to know and think about perhaps if you're headed north. 270 southbound starting to look pretty slow. just seeing volume. father hurley boulevard, and again wanted to show you this camera because of all of the fog in that area this morning. 66 headed into town, about 45 miles per hour the entire way in. a live picture of 95 in virginia coming up. 6:24. you may have noticed a new feature if you checked out twitter this morning. there is now a top tweets recap that shows up at the top of your feed. twitter was not totally clear in how it chooses hose ss those tweets but how often they're seen is part of it. it works with an iphone and it
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is coming to android, mack made oigs and pcs soon. we go mangmans is reducing the a added sugar in its private labeled products. if you still have a sweet tooth wegmans is offering smaller portion sizes in the bakery department rather than decreasing the amount of sugar in the recipes. the super bowl is less than two week away and one of the teams will hold a news conference today. new england patriots coach bill belichick will likely face reporters for the first time since the so-called inflate-gate. yunlgd underinflated balls are easier to catch in the rain and cold. if the patriots did something wrong, they could be fined and lose draft picks. news 4 is your super bowl station. next week we kick off super bowl week. our jim hanley is heading to arizona for full coverage leading up to the big game between the seahawks and pats on
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february 1. join us. metro under the microscope. the immediate changes the agency plans to announce today as it looks to recover from the yupd underground emergency. and we're continuing to track breaking news, a big house fire in arlington. we have a reporter on the scene working to gather new information. a foggy and icy morning for some. tom kierein will let you know the conditions you'll see this morning, your commut.
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we're working to learn more about a house fire in arlington on south randolph street. we're told one person had to be rescued from that home. right now we do not know that person's condition. we're continuing to work on the story and we'll have another update just as soon as we get more information. taking a look outside, not ideal conditions for driving. it is foggy and icy in some spots. tom kierein will tell you when the temperatures will start to rise and the weather problems will go away for now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist.
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>> and i'm eun yang. there are a few school delays. loudoun county prince william county frederick county maryland warren county and fauquier county all on a two hour delay. >> we want to go right to tom kierein now with the latest on the forecast. >> those delay as good call because we do have temperatures at or a little below freezing especially in the rule rural areas. in addition we have getting some more moisture falling out of the sky in the form of a few scattered sprinkles and a few snow flurries where we see the area in gray here, a few flurries there. east of there, a few sprinkles in washington and prince william county. farther wests just a little bit of light freezing drizzle in fauquier county rappahannock all of this will sweeping east of us by 8:00 this morning. dress for a chilly morning. maybe need the umbrella briefly. later today, the sunglasses as we'll get the sunshine breaking out during the afternoon. drive time forecast watch out
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for icy spots and patchy fog this morning. then dry roads for the afternoon as we get into the 40s sunshine breaks out. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:41 a look at our up and down temperatures over the next 24 hours. breaking news, still talking about the problem on vre. if you take the manassas line the line stopped inbound and outbound. alter at some metro. no word on how long the delays will be after a pedestrian was struck. bw parkway, delays as you're approaching 32. seeing police activity there. into and out of town on 270, no major problems. again, remember we have a little bit of yellow up here because of an issue with fog here for us this morning. taking a wider look at things overall everything looking pretty good. a little slow inbound 395 right there just inside the beltway. 95 virginia at hoepohick road
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looking pretty good. beltway at landover no problem there is. travel times coming up. 6:32 now. president obama hits the road again today pushing his agenda to help the middle class. the question is whether his efforts will pay off since republicans are now in charge in congress. tracie potts is live with more on the battle ahead. >> reporter: good morning. republicans here certainly have a very different agenda to help the middle class than what president obama is talking about in the midwest today. we saw him in idaho yesterday and we'll hear the same themes in kansas. he's speaking to students at the university of kansas talking about things like paid sick leave and aistant with child care and tax reform evening out who pays what in order to help working families. but republicans on the hill stirl foe still focused on the keystone xl pipeline because they say it
6:33 am
will create jobs. also a hodge-podge of issues including abortion there is a vote on prohibiting federal funding for abortion today the 42th anniversary of roe versus wade. also using military force to fight isis. all being dealt with on capitol hill. very different from what we'll hear from the president in kansas. and he's campaigning for the second day in a road in a red state. >> racye tracie thank you. a top u.s. navy official in guantanamo bay has been reassigned. captain john nelgts son was reassigned to jacksonville. he was the commanding officer in guantanamo bay, but you now his supervisors saying that they have lost confidence in nelgts son nelgts son's ability to command. he had been in guantanamo for 2 1/2 years. during that time he was supporting the navy, the u.s. coast guard and other allied ships that were in the
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caribbean. 6:34. several american diplomats are in cuba for a second day of negotiations. you can see the group. is this the biggest delegation from the u.s. to go to that country in decades. they're expected to sdwu new embassies in both countries including one right here in the district. they will also talk about immigration. they could change the current u.s. policy to grand residency to most cuban immigrants. lawmakers are debating different measures to the keystone xl pipeline. they reserved one saying climate change is real and not a hoax. the president has said he will veto the bill if it passes. working smoke alarms and an escape plan helped save an arlington family from a house fire. you first saw this video yesterday morning on "news 4 today". two people had to climb on to the roof of their house after flames quickly englufled their edengulfed
6:35 am
their home. they were rushed to the hospital. we're told they will both be okay. this north arlington home on 40th street has extensive damage though. no word yet on a cause. employers in virginia have now pledged 10,000 jobs for veterans. a big milestone for the virginia values veterans program. since june of 2012 programs have accepted 234 member companies. nearly 7,000 veterans have been hired. governor mcauliffe says he hopes to expand the program. and the governor is working despite being in the hospital. take a look at this picture. that is him with a therapy dog yesterday. a spokesman says he's holding meetings from the hospital as well. mcauliffe checked in mondayd fluid this his chest after breaking his ribs on vacation in africa. no word yet on when he will be released. jason alexander will be performing with the baltimore symphony. he know him from seinfeld. p he's performing with the
6:36 am
orchestra tonight at the music center at strathmore. and he'll be be in baltimore this weekend. >> he's playing an instrument. or will he be doing comedy? >> he sings. he has to do something. >> it will be fun. amazon pulls some of its diapers from its website. we'll tell you what led to that decision. plus new research on e-cigarettes. what could make them even more dangerous than regular cigarettes. nd and the temperatures are heading up and down. tom will take you through hour by hour.
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6:39. today the montgomery county council that would consider a bill that would ban electronic cigarettes everywhere regular smoking is already banned. the bill would also make it illegal for minors to use e-cigarettes and require child proof packaging. use of e-cigarettes or vaping has grown dramatically since the product hit the market in 2007. and new research shows
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e-cigarettes play not be a healthier alternative necessarily. according to a new report in the new england medicine journal, the exposure to formaldehyde could be 5 to 15 times hire thangher than smoking sgretds s get cigarettes wasted on the same use. it's hard to pinpoint whether formaldehyde is the problem in cigarettes. exposure has been linked to some can snerscers in humans. amazon is no longer selling its own brand of diapers. they introduced a new environmentally friendly diaper six weeks ago, but early speed back is pushing the company to make design improvements. amazon hopes a $25 credit are bring you back when it's released again. >> diapers cost a lot of money. >> a lot of people had signed up to have a regular shipment come in. so the hope is they will come
6:41 am
back. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're talking about an interesting mix of weather right now. here is a live look, there are people it looks like -- what are they doing? >> lacrost 6:00 in the morning. okay. >> they're dedicated. >> i think that was in arlington. or crystal city? i think so. tom, what do you have. >> yeah they're getting a few sprinkles right there too, as we're looking at storm team 4 radar. fast moving sprinkles across nort virginia a few flurries the area in gray. a few sprinkles trying to reach the ground in washington and prince george's county. quickly moving off to the east. a little bit of fog and iciness around this morning. by noontime upper 30s. by 5:00 p.m., low 40s. welcome melting, a little bit of sunshine going forward next 24 hours, by this time tomorrow morning, upper 20s. a look at our snow and rain chances for saturday and monday, that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51.
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melissa has breaking news. >> and we're talking about the manassas line vre completely stopped. trains 322, 324 and 326 waiting there, they can't go anywhere because of a pedestrian hits by a freight train, not the an amtrak train as they told us earlier. so your alternate is metro. save yourself the headache. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 35 minutes. 395 taking you 3 222 minutes. 270 south germantown to the beltway, 21 minutes. outer loop 95 to 270, 24 minutes. hearing in my area that we have a crash in prince george's county. we'll talk about that on branch avenue coming up. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now. a house fire in arlington. we're working to learn more about a person who was in that home. a live update next. plus the immediate chang
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6:45 am
15 before the hour. breaking news. a house fire in arlington. we know one person was re cued. zachary kiesch live with mell the smoke out here. i want you to take a peek at what else is going on. firefighters just behind me getting ready to get out of here. take a peek at this over here. residents on the front stoop woegen up this morning at about 4:30 5:00.
6:46 am
why? will is why right here. check out this yellow house. this is where there was a house fire this morning. we now know that one victim was pulled out of this house. we don't know exactly at this point what the complain of that person is. but we do know it was a 2 alarm fire that fire started on the first floor and quickly got upstairs and that's why all of this action is here on south randolph street this morning. just got done talking to the captain and he says there are still a couple hot spot. you can still maybe see some steam coming out of the roof. so firefighters will still be here for a little bit longer. we will be as well. getting you you updates on exactly what happened here as we find out. reporting live, zachary kiesch news 4. 6:47. today we'll learn about new immediate changes to metro following the underground emergency last week. follow news 4 transportation reportered a democrat tuss on twitter. he'll be in the meeting that metro leaders will start will this just a few hours.
6:47 am
among the changes we're expecting,n trains make it clearer where you need to go in an emergency and new rules for train operators and what they're allowed to do to protect you in awry sis. one woman died and more than 80 people were hurt when smoke filled a tunnel near l'enfant plaza station. lawmakers are demanding answers after we learn metro and dwooes fire ems could not properly communicate at the at the time of the emergency. >> we need to understand what happened that day between metro and washington, d.c. fire and rescue. and within metro and within d.c. fire and rescue. there were numerous communication failures. >> metro could face even more issues once the ntsb completes its investigation into why the problem happened. and metro will also discuss today the possibility of another fare hike. metro is considering adding 10 cents to your bus and train ride. also considering increasing the wait time for trains at rush hour. metro says the changes would allow it to ask for less money from counties that provide
6:48 am
funding. today we'll find out whether a man accused in three high profile murders will be sent to a hospital to evaluate his mental competency. charles the findings of the record will be revealed morning. a doctor says he's difficult to evaluate because severance refuses to cooperate. prosecutors say that is no reason to find him mentally incompetent to stand trial. today the man accused of plot to go bomb the u.s. capitol will be arraigned in federal court. christopher cornell was indicted on several charges including attempting to kill u.s. officials. police arrested him at an ohio gun shop last week after he bought two rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. cornell's father says his son was coerced by the fbi and could never have actually gone through with the plot. it is now 6:49. today you can give your thoughts on the proposed school start changes for montgomery public
6:49 am
schools. the superintendent is recommending that all schools start 20 minutes later to let your kids sleep in a bit longer. the meetings will be held today at the auditorium of the carver educational services center from 3:30 to 5 being:30 and then 6:30 to 9:30. now may be a good time to refinance your mortgage. there is a surge in applications, up 63% from this time last year. low interest rates are one reason more people are looking for own a home. a year ago, a 30 year mortgage loan averaged 4.5%. today it's down to 3.81%. and even lower for a 15 year mortgage. 6:49 your time. you are already -- you already know google for its an sdwroid operating system. now the tech giant is getting toward help you make your phone calls. landon dowdy has more 4 your money. google is getting set to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers.
6:50 am
reports say google will buy access to sprint and t-mobile wireless network so it can manage customers' calls and data. the service code named nova is expected to be launched later this year but no word on how much it will cost yet. google is just doing it all. >> that is the way to do it. landon dowdy, thanks. it's now time to look at the forecast. we were talking about some rain and snow this morning. some icy conditions. hoping that clears out soon. >> kind of lingering from yesterday's snow whatever melted a bit is refreezing. in addition we're getting a little bit of a sprinkle activity a little bit of flurry activity coming through the northern virginia and maryland suburbs. right now quickly zipping off to the east on storm team 4 radar. the area in green, a few sprinkles trying to reach the ground. the area in gray has a few flurries here in fairfax county southern montgomery county, right around the beltway there. and on the beltway in prince george's county, down to alexandria a few sprinkle there
6:51 am
is. so untreated surface will be freezing up just a little bit this morning. so watch out for ice and patchy dense fog especially shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia western maryland. chilly afternoon, we'll have well comeko welcome melting and then snow and rain likely for saturday. temperatures right now low 30s. much of montgomery county much of prince george's county right near freezing. a little bit above freezing in fairfax county. mid-30s now in loudoun county and later today, between 7:00 and 8:00 over the next hour, we'll still be hovering near freezing. so watch out for icy spots on the sidewalks waiting fo that will be pleltsing asmelting. keep up with all the changes storm team 4 weather app. get it at the app store. we have a lot of changes on the way over the next several days. this afternoon, reaching the low to welcome melting with a partly sunny sky. still a bit of a chill in the air. love our winter wonderland
6:52 am
yesterday. that snow was like glue sticking to all the trees. that photo in germantown. and you can post yours on facebook and twitter. there is how you can connect with me. posted as well on instragram. and then tomorrow morning, below freezing again. afternoon highs low 40s on friday. and then friday night, here comes another snowstorm coming in. rain mixing with the snow. then changing to all snow by saturday afternoon. low to mid-30s. as this comes through, with that wet snow saturday afternoon, may leave an accumulation of around 2 to 4 inches in the metro area. lighter amounts around the shenandoah valley and points west. sun back sunday. another chance of snow monday. another maybe 2 to 4 inches on monday. and then cold after that. staying below freezing most of tuesday and wednesday. but we'll get some sunshine back. breaking news on the roads. breaking news still talking about this problem that we've been tweeting about all morning.
6:53 am
vre manassas line completely stopped into town and out of town. your alternate is metro. rains 322, 324 and 326 are waiting at broad run because a freight train struck a pe ped earlier this morning. branch avenue crash moved out of the way, but still slow headed northbound there. wider look at things pretty typical. outer loop approaching georgia avenue, a little slow. 395 slow, as well. 270, a lot of fog at clarksburg. all the way from frederick down to the top of rockville here this morning. 66 west of nutley moving along nicely. beltway at kenilworth, no problems there. beltway at the 32 a little sloi as well. families of children suffering from epilepsy head to the virginia statehouse to plead for lawmakers to legalize cannabis oil. 15-year-old jennifer collins and her mother will be there. collins has horn 300 seizure as
6:54 am
day. her fairfax county family spent five years trying to find a treatment that worked. last year they tried can that business oil, a form of medical mayor hair mayor without being separated was -- excuse me -- very difficult. >> three bills that would allow use of cannabis oil are up for consideration. opponents say more trials are still needed to determine the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana. leesburg police are issuing a new warning about synthetic marijuana. they're seeing a spike in the number of people who need medical help using what is often labeled k-2 or spice. synthetic marijuana is actually a type of incense and it contains powerful chemicals that can cause paranoia or hallucinations. and it's illegal to use or sell it in virginia. last year leesburg listpolice investigated 40 incidents and so far this year they have already
6:55 am
had 14. today the arch tie ceaseverage diocese will host a march and rally for life. it begins at 7:30 this morning. after the rallies it is the march for life which will cause rolling road closures. here is the march route so you can avoid any delays. the march starts on 14th street northwest and ends at the u.s. capitol. republicans will not debate a bill banning all late term abortions. objections from gop women and other lawmakers have left republicans short on votes. leaders had planned to push legislation through the house today timed to coincide with the annual march for life rally. instead the house will debate legislation banning taxpayer funding for abortions. it is now 6:56. here are four things you need to know. crews will comb through the debris of the massive mansion fire in annapolis looking for four missing people. two bodies were found yesterday. a navy captain has been
6:56 am
reassigned. this comes after an alleged affair with a woman on the base and a the recent death of her husband. bill belichick will face reporters for the first time since the so-called deflate-gate scandal. an nfl source tells nbc sports that the footballs during the game were underinflated. immediate changes expected today to protect you when you ride metro trains. transit agency correct informations are meeting for a push alert about what they said. here is the storm team 4 today low to mid-40s after the morning fog and ice melt off. a little sun back in the afternoon. then that snow moves in friday night. off and on snow and rain on saturday. maybe 2 to 4 inches. and another round of snow on monday. not looking forward to that. taking a look manassas line completely stopped in manassas. this is vre trains 322, 324 and 326. waiting at broad run. a person was struck by a rain earlier this morning, a freight train. so take metro.
6:57 am
take an alternate route. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, inferno. a massive fire rips through a
7:00 am
luxury apartment complex in new jersey. the flames and smoke so intense they could be seen for miles. hundreds forced to evacuate amount state of mortgages now in place. major storm. nearly a foot of snow i part of texas this morning. that system moving east washington new york boston all in its path. clearing the air, new england patriots coach bill belichick meets the media for the first time after his team is accused of an under-inflated football and what should happen if it's determined the patriots cheated. not


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