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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, metro under the microscope. federal investigators brief congress on what led to one woman's death on the line. >> what are they doing now to correct the problem? plus a memorial for a teenage murder victim turns into
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chaos. and a simple call about a strange find in georgetown brings out a military bomb squad. the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> tonight, the national transportation safety board said it's looking into communication problems between metro and d.c. fire. >> it's also looking at the ventilation systems in both metro tunnels and the trains themselves. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live at the plaza station. adam? >> reporter: that's right. doreen. a whole lot of new information coming out of the back-to-back meetings tonight and, yes, safety changes coming tomorrow with the metro system. >> so we wanted to know what were they doing now, the fierce
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urgency of now to correct the problem. >> reporter: fiery from our region's congressional leaders who are demanding answers so that riders can trust metro. >> when they get on metro tomorrow how confident are they going to be that they will be safe? >> reporter: tonight, news4 learned that metro will change some protocols at a board meeting tomorrow. train operators will now be allowed to turn off ventilation systems without first contacting central command if they see smoke. new signage will be posted that gives a clear picture which doors are emergency doors and which doors need special tools to open. but that still doesn't solve the issue of what caused this incident. >> one of the things we'll be looking at is aging infrastructure. they call it the state of good repair and we'll be looking at
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what extent it's a problem. >> reporter: and there's communication breakdowns. news4 looked at the inscription that could have stymied leaders tonight. that was a factor. >> so we need to understand what happened that day between metro and washington, d.c., fire and rescue. and within metro. and within d.c. fire and rescue. there were numerous communication failures. >> reporter: now, the ntsb says it has yet to interview a single firefighter about the episode last week. they said they have been scheduling conflicts. keep an eye on that one. adam tuss, news4. great work adam. new video that showed a bus stop in wheaton. a car hit a man waiting at the stop and then slammed into a pole. now, he's expected to survive. this happened around 7:00 at the corner of university boulevard and inwood avenue.
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we don't know whether weather played a role in this crash but, doug the streets that got snow earlier are starting to freeze up now? >> yes. that's why we have a pretty big concern out there tonight. it's not just the snow and the rain but areas to the west as well. we'll show what you is happening on the radar. one storm system moving out of here is the storm right there that came through earlier with the snow and rain around the region. now we turn our attention to this little system dumping snow back towards the west and will continue to work into our region. because of the snow and rain that's already fallen the cold temperatures and areas of fog, we have a winter weather advisory including freezing rain and freezing fog which we will talk about at 11:15. this advisory goes into effect at 8:00 a.m. however, something else just came down. dense fog advisory. not for d.c. but winchester back towards this area visibility is less than a quarter of a mile. it's going to be a tough night for driving.
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could be a tough morning. that could mean some delay. forecast in a minute. northern virginia is now opened again after a water main break shut it down for the evening rush hour. it closed route 7 in both directions. eight customers lost water service but the main is now fixed and the traffic lanes are now opened. there was a chaotic scene tonight in southeast washington. what started as a vejigil turned into a melee. shots fired just steps away from d.c. police officers. news4's shomari stone is live at the police headquarters. what is going on? >> reporter: right now police are searching for the shooter. we were in our truck when we heard five to seven shots fired outside. we saw teens running all over the place and here's what happened next. >> that's ridiculous man. a shooting at a vigil? come on. that's gone too far.
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>> reporter: in disbelief, tonight someone fired several rounds at a vigil for 17-year-old phillip jones. >> people started running everywhere. >> reporter: this all started around 7:45. our dash cam captured a group of teens standing in the middle of dr. martin luther king jr. and randall ended. the light is green. an suv goes around them and d.c. police disperse the crowd. around 15 minutes later, the shots are fired and teens run for cover. police drive off searching for the shooter. >> it's sad. shooting at a vigil? come on man. >> reporter: the mother? >> the mother was right beside him. >> reporter: the mother of phillip jones was at the vigil. jones was shot and killed on martin luther king jr. was at
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the basketball game and tonight's shooting was ironic. >> a man who died for peace, man. there's got to be more people to be part of the solution. >> reporter: now, there were no reports of injuries. if you know who is responsible for tonight's shooting or who is responsible for killing phillip jones, they want to hear from you. you can call d.c. police anonymously. i'm shomari stone news4. four people are still missing inside a burned out mansion. cadaver dogs discovered two bodies earlier today. don and sandy were missing after their home in annapolis burned on monday. fire officials are not saying whether the bodies are adults or children. the medical examiner's office in baltimore is working to identify them. >> there is still a lot of work to be done. this is a massive effort and will take days to complete. >> investigators were not able
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to enter the house until today. it had to be shored up properly after three stories collapsed into the basement. the son of the late marion barry is out on bail. he's accused of threatening a bank teller last week after he tried to withdraw $20,000 from an account that was already overdrawn. he threw a trash can and broke a surveillance camera. he tweeted an apology. the governor is having a little fun for his first night on the job. larry hogan is at the baltimore convention center to celebrate the start of his administration. but the party won't last long. tomorrow hogan will outline his budget proposal which deals with the $750 million shortfall. hogan didn't mention the budget in his inauguration address
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today. instead, he announced political cooperation in annapolis. county executives in attendance said they are considering how the shortfall will impact education and transportation projects but maryland's last republican governor is optimistic. >> it's also the creation of jobs in the county and in the state and i think that's critically important to expand the tax base. >> we get to the more nonideological issues such as transportation and education. you're going to have a lot more cooperation. >> new jersey governor chris christie introduced the new governor. terry mc mcauliffe's offsice is a hospital bed. he's getting a visit from the therapy dog. governor mcauliffe fell off a horse and broke several ribs. he had shortness of breath on monday and went to the hospital. another twitter photo shows him signing an official order
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yesterday and still not clear when he'll get out of the hospital. a disgraced virginia lawmaker re-elected while being jailed for a sex scandal is facing more trouble. delegate joe morrissey accused of having a 17-year-old girl in his office. he's working during the day and spending the night at jail. he tried to persuade the girl's mother that it was authentic. he says the accusations are false. tonight "the new york times" is reporting that there will be no civil rights charges filed against ferguson officer darren wilson. officials have not released their findings yet and the brown family attorney says they won't comment on speculation. there's a separate ongoing doj review looking into potential civil rights allegations by the
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entire ferguson police department. also new tonight, sandy hook shooter home will be demolished. the 2-acre property will be kept as open space. adam lanza shot and killed his mother and then 20 children at sandy hook elementary school and six teachers before killing himself. the house will be demolished in the spring. a massive apartment complex is burning right across the river fromht now. why some veteran firefighters are familiar with this spot. plus a virginia family pleaing for medical marijuana in the commonwealth. and called to a georgetown neighborhood how a cannonball ended up in someone's chimney. i'm diana. the patriots being accused of
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new video tonight at the luxury apartment complex in new jersey engulfed in flames. the complex across the hudson river in manhattan caught fire at 4:30 this afternoon causing people to evacuate. the blaze could be seen from rockefeller center. firefighters have not contained the fire. they don't know what caused it. the same building burned down when it was under construction in 2000 into leesburg police are issuing a new warning about synthetic marijuana. they are seeing a spike in the number of people who need medical help after smoking or
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inhaling what is often labeled as k2 or spice. it contains powerful chemicals that can cause paranoia or hallucinations. it's illegal to use it or sell it in virginia. last year leesburg investigated 40 incidents related to k2 and so far they already have 14. tonight, parents will meet with lawmakers about legalizing medical marijuana. jennifer has more than 300 seizures a day. her family spent five years trying to find a treatment that worked. last year, they tried cannibis oil. to get t. jennifer and her mother had to move to colorado. jennifer had seen a reduction in her seizures but splitting up the family has been difficult. >> it was -- excuse me -- very difficult. >> it's really hard for people
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to understand what we're fighting for if they don't witness it. >> opponents say there should be more trials to determine the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana. believe it or not, the georgetown cannonball already has its own twitter handle. somebody found it a couple weeks ago in their chimney and tonight it brought out a military bomb squad. jackie benson has more. >> reporter: this townhouse on cambridge place in georgetown led to an interesting discovery. the home's owner, who did not want to speak on camera says when a section of the old flute lining the chimney, down came debris and small rocks and what looked like a cannonball according to this neighbor who has seen it. >> it's about this big in diameter and it had a solid metal exterior and i thought it was just solid shut.
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>> reporter: a physicist friend said that the desk may not be the safest place to keep it. there could be explosive power inside and perhaps the authorities should be contacted. the homeowners did just that. some weeks after they got back vacation evacuated the homeowners and called for a military ordinance disposal unit, a bomb squad. when x-ray equipment showed it was taken to police escort in virginia. all of which the neighbors found fascinating. >> it's pretty cool. interesting. there's a ton of history. >> the houses here date back forever and even though the house may have been reconstructed, the chimneys might have remained. >> reporter: now, the ordinance disposal officers will take that
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cannonball and will try and determine exactly what history it's from. jackie benson, news4. so a little bit of snow. a little bit of drama but more on the way. >> right now the big issue is going to be some freezing issues as we make our way through the overnight hours. we're not just talking about the roadways but freezing fog, too. we'll talk about that in a second. let's show what you is going on. look at the radar. not much but just off towards the west another system moving our way has snow, has a little bit in the way of rain associated with it and it's moving towards the east. it's a very little system. it's not going to bring us much. so this is not why we have the winter weather advisory in effect. it's part of the reason. the other reason take a look at where it is. the areas that saw the rain and snow earlier today. parts of southern maryland most of northern virginia and back towards west virginia. the reason here possible freezing drizzle. we have that fog out there which
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means freezing fog. what is freezing fog? it's not actually fog that's frozen and it's fog that once it hits something below 32 a car or a tree or roadway, it becomes frozen. that's why we have freezing fog. and then maybe even some light snow with that system that moves on through the area. so watch out across the region. we're already at 29 in baltimore and 32 in gaithersburg and so temperatures are at or below freezing in some areas and it will lead to some problems on the roadways i think. look at the overnight low temperatures. most everybody into the upper 20s by around 4:00 5:00 6:00 tomorrow heading out, just know there will be areas of ice and i would expect to see some delays. give yourself a little bit of time on those roads. we all know how bad it can be around here and there's ice or snow on the roadways. once again, leave early. something else to note. dense fog in advisory in effect for washington county winchester down towards page
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county and then back towards the west. dense fog not just here but even over towards the east. leesburg right now, coming in with fog about a third of a mile visibility. we'll continue to watch out for that. same deal goes for areas around kul culpepper. tomorrow morning, you could see dense fog. we've got a lot of travel issues early in the morning and that's why i think you should leave early. tomorrow is fine. thursday is good. friday most of the day is going to be okay. we'll see cloud cover around the area. here comes our storm on friday night. and i do think it will start off as rain for most of the area but also a mix back to the north and west. take the umbrella if you have a hot date on friday night. down to the south, there's the rain. look at the mixture on saturday morning. snow to the west and a mix around the d.c. metro area. this will be some accumulating snowfall and parts of the region most likely to the north and west of d.c. but i still think d.c. will see
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accumulating snowfall during the day on saturday and then again late sunday into monday as we have yet another storm system that comes in. that brings in the arctic air again and we see highs only in the 30s monday tuesday and wednesday. we've got a lot going on. turning to my 24-hour channel on youtube for the latest on that. >> freezing fog. that's a new one. thank you, doug. >> thanks doug. kevin durant showing the wizard fans what they hope to see more of in the future in the final seconds of overtime. hey, guys bill gates is here plus jennifer
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>> is epic epic, epic. >> you guys missed it. you were on the air. if i told you kevin durant stole the show tonight, would you be surprised? if you're curious as to why everybody wants k.d. to sign with the wizards in 2016 let's show you some of his magic. they have made it clear they would love to see kevin durant in red, white and blue. show a little love for this. wizards up by 5. bradley off target with the rebound. makes a nice pass. finishing with a big slam.
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wizards lead by 14. third quarter, thunder begin a comeback. first it's kevin durant for three. late fourth quarter, thunder up by one. paul pierce here he goes the truth. a big times three for him. tied at 92. now in o.t. finally slams it home. he does not miss. game time at 98. thunderbolt lays it in. thunder gets the first win in d.c. since 2011. they win it 105-103. all right. the 30-year-old was formally
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introduced and while he took questions about his baseball philosophy and technique, we just really want to know, what did he say when he was told he was going to make $210 million? >> it was jaw-dropping. you can't fathom it. you work so hard to put yourself in this position and for me like i said, it's all about winning. i don't play this game for money but when you have an offer like that it makes you go wild. >> all right. the latest now on the deflate-gate controversy involving the new england patriots. the matter under investigation. it's been reported that 11 of the 12 footballs used in the afc championship game were underinflated. the balls were checked four hours before kickoff and all were in regulation. there are reports that the colts
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raised concerns about this back in november. they gave them a heads up. meanwhile, at least one player is speaking out. the quarterback with a tweet reminding fans -- >> i don't think anybody is saying this influenced the outcome of the game. >> yeah. they destroyed them, but -- >> but -- >> the patriots --
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happy day in northern norway. they saw the son for the first time in two months. until today, the sun's orbit was
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entirely below the horizon. that makes for one long, dark winter. sunset occurs at something 30 in the afternoon. mid-may through
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer aniston bill gates


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