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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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mmerer. >> you mentioned northwest, the areas that saw the most snow out of this event. this little clipper came in quickly and moved out just as fast. some areas picking up pretty good snow totals. this is a five-hour loop from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. that's it a five-hour period of snow right around d.c. take a look. by 3:00, it was out of here. but not before producing some pretty good snow totals in through parts of montgomery howard frederick and portions of loudoun counties. down to the south, this was not snow. this was rain for you folks into southern maryland toward the northern neck. enough nothing on the radar. the only thing we'll be watching now is the re-freeze moving into the overnight hours, temperatures already below freezing. that could be the issue as we make our way into earlier tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and plus there are two storms on the way. yeah we're talking more snow in the forecast. this is what it looked like earlier today in downtown annapolis near the maryland statehouse when the first wave of snow began to cover the region. our team coverage continues now with kristin wright live in
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germantown where some folks struggled to get around today. hi kristin. >> reporter: hi doreen. what's important to know is that major roads like 118 here are clear. they look really good. everybody is getting home pretty well. buit's the side streets and the neighborhoods that are problems. what we need to remember is that as it gets colder things are going to get icy. as it gets even colder in montgomery and frederick counties the wet snow and slush turns to ice. >> just a little precaution to take this afternoon, especially as the temperature drops and things get cooler this evening. >> reporter: no after-school activities at urbana high school the frederick county school system canceled them across the district. montgomery county schools also called off after-school programs as the temperature dropped and roads became slick. this afternoon parents like shayna callahan are mostly concerned about getting their children home safe. >> i do worry because some
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places aren't cleared, and the kids have gone to school so, you know the buses and things will be out later. just increased traffic on the roads. >> the roads so far, they've done a good job i think. >> reporter: a car caught fire on i-270 north of route 121 in the clarksburg area of montgomery county. the northbound lanes shut down causing traffic backups for miles during an already challenging drive home. >> i drove because i have to. not because i want to. i'm just going to go home and check on my kids. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was hurt in that car fire and also good news those northbound lanes on 270 are back open at this hour. live in montgomery county kristin wright news4. you've been tweeting us your snow photos all day. we sent out the latest in our nbc washington news app. remember to download it and turn on the push alert feature so you can be the first to know about the latest alerts and advisories. now to the developing story involving that massive mansion
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fire in annapolis. two bodies were found in the rubble today, and right now we're waiting to hear who they nd their four grandchildren are still unaccounted for. news4's darcy spencer is live with an update. >> reporter: chris, late this afternoon, anne arundel fire department wrapped up a news conference held here in the fire station. they're confirming that they have found bodies in that debris. sadly, that search is just getting started. >> good afternoon, everyone rnchs fire officials in anne arundel county make a grim announcement that they have recovered two bodies inside the waterfront mansion that burned to the ground early monday morning in annapolis and the search is not over. those bodies found with the help of cadaver dogs. >> a search with a cadaver canine resulted in positive alerts. as we started to process the scene, we located the bodies of two individuals. >> reporter: authorities are not saying if the victims were adults or children.
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they will have to wait for positive identification. >> the office of the chief medical examiner for the state of maryland took possession of the bodies and transported them to baltimore for autopsy and identification. >> reporter: the owners of the home are don and sandy pile relatives believe they were in the home with their four elementary school-aged grandchildren when the flames broke out. the children's school closed for a second day as grief counselors offer support to classmates and families. the discovery was made as atf investigators made entry into the ruins for the first time after shoring up the property to make sure it was safe to go in. they were assisted by relatives who told them what part of the 16,000 square foot home the victims were likely to be found in. >> there is still a lot of work to be done. this a massive effort and will take days to complete. >> reporter: agents are still looking for the cause. this once stunning home overlooking the south river is being treated as a crime scene. that's until questions
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surrounding this mystery can be answered. how did this fire start, and why did no one make it out alive? as you can see around us we've had a pretty heavy snow earlier this afternoon, but officials say searching is continuing despite the weather. reporting live in annapolis, darcy spencer news4. now to breaking news in the district where a military bomb team has closed off a side street in georgetown. this all started when a chimney sweep found a cannon ball inside someone's home. this was along cambridge place a couple of blocks off wisconsin avenue. we're told the homeowner was showing it off to neighbors and one of them said it looks like it's loaded. d.c. fire officials say a military bomb disposeal unit is evaluating the area. right now an in depth look at the response after metro's moke emergency is under way. lawmakers and transportation authorities are looking for answers in a private meeting.
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transportation reporter adam tuss is on capitol hill right now where they will update their efforts to find out what happened. >> reporter: of course there are so many questions about what exactly happened last week at l'enfant plaza. tonight we should be getting some more answers. local lawmakers meeting on capitol hill. we should hear from them and the ntsb as well. sources tell news4 new information is expected tonight as local lawmakers and the chirman of the national championship safety board lay out more details. however, don't expect that this is all wrapped up. in fact an ntsb investigation can typically take up to a year to fully investigate. in the meantime, we're expecting to hear from the acting chair of the ntsb chris hart as he clue to the details that could be talked about, specifically what happened after smoke filled the station. >> there's always room for improvement but we'll be looking at the emergency response aspect the communication because that's a crucial part of the emergency response. >> reporter: stay with us here
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on news4. we'll update the situation on air, online and on social media as details become available. on capitol hill adam tuss news4. now to a developing story overseas in yemen where the president has been confined to his home in the capital of sanaa sanaa. as militants voupded the presidential palace. the government is tweeting details about an agreement it has brokered with the rebels. it basically gives more political power to the houthis. the rebels are shiite muslims, the country is mostly sunni. they've been fighting for more representation. president obama just wrapped up a speech on the road pushing the middle class tax cut plan that served as the centerpiece for his state of the union speech last night. but republicans are pushing back and today flex their muscle with the startling move on iran. news4's steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest on all of this. >> reporter: they like his hard-line views on iran so that's why republicans here have invited the prime minister of
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israel to speak. it will be the middle of next month. they've got the majority power up here. they know they can do that. they say president obama cannot win what he wants, which is a tax hike on the wealthy. to push a key proposal of his defiant state of the union speech president obama went to a republican state, idaho, to call for a tax cut for the middle class and a tax hike on the wealthy. >> we've got the super rich getting giveaways they don't need and middle class families not getting the breaks they do need. >> reporter: republican leaders said no way to the obama plan that's he laid out last night. >> more taxes. move government. more of the same approach that has failed the middle class for decades. >> reporter: and as mr. obama headed out to sell his plan to boost middle class take-home pay by cutting their taxes and hiking taxes on the rich the new senate republican leaders said no way. >> there's not a lot of serious
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lawmakers can do with talking points designed specifically not to pass. >> reporter: the obama focus on taxes did win praise from one key republican. >> we'll see if we can get a tax reform package done. i'm glad that he sort of held back on the partisanship and the demagoguery. >> reporter: but there is a firestorm on isis islamic terrorism and u.s. security. after mr. obama boasted that he got u.s. forces out of afghanistan and iraq. >> the shadow of crisis has passed. >> that news came as quite a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what has been happening around the world. >> reporter: isis is on the rise in iraq said john mccain. there's ukraine and iran. upset at what they see as a timid obama approach to iran's nuclear program, republicans invited hard-line israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to address congress. the white house called that a breach of protocol but it's also a show of power by republicans. even though house speaker boehner who invited netanyahu
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denied today that he did it to poke the president in the eye. i'm steve handelsman news4. max scherzer is officially a $210 million man. the washington nationals new pitcher is under contract for at least the next seven years. dianna russini is here to tell us why he picked the nats. i'm sure he said it wasn't all the money. >> he said a lot of winning is why max scherzer signed up to be a national. the 30-year-old will wear number 31. the nats welcomed scherzer to nats park with video and a sign that said welcome to d.c. max and erica, his wife. the right-hander said he had lots of offers from teams in the league but the nats were at the top of his list. >> a lot of talent. it makes it easy as a player to come here when you have a chance to win. at the end of the day, that's what it's about, winning. this gives me a great opportunity to win for the next several years. >> the big question who will start on opening day?
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gm mike rizzo said he would be shocked if max didn't want that start. i spoke to scherzer one-on-one about the moment he was about to find out he was going to be very rich. i'll have that later. he's accused in three high-profile murders in our area. new at 6:00 the questions that could delay how soon charles severence faces justice after an outburst in court. cutbacks in the classroom. new details about a classroom crunch that could affect thousands of local students. and it's a big story this evening. snow falling across our area leaving behind some slick conditions. >> storm team 4 is back to explain why this may be just the beginning.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. the term of my acting as governor. >> with that republican larry hogan was sworn in as the 62nd governor of maryland. there were lots of snowflakes and pageantry outside the statehouse in annapolis today. hogan said his four main goals are fiscal responsibility economic growth, reform and fairness. when maryland's new governor gets to his desk he'll find a letter from montgomery county public schools. the school district today says it faces a bleak outlook if the new goofrnvernor chops its funding. fewer teachers, more clouded
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classrooms. scott mcfarland joins us. >> public officials speaking with news4 tonight say they're preparing for the possibility of a $35 million budget cut in 2016 and they say that could require the elimination of 500 teaching positions or 800 teaching assistants and paraeducators, resulting school officials tell us in a jump in class sizes of two students per classroom. the money in question is from an obscure maryland program called geographic cost of education index which gives tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to some of the largest school districts in the state, montgomery county being one of them. districts in which it's more expensive to run a school. the chair of the county's board of education has said governor hogan in this letter asking him to save that program and continue distributing the money. in recent days the governor's staff has declined to comment when asked what he'd do with the program. he did not address it today in his inaugural speech.
6:16 pm
one school official tells us that's why they're so nervous. they'll expect to know quite soon about the money either way, by february 10th. one parent teacher association leader in the county told me, we've heard concerns of budget cuts before. i think the district ought to cut something else and spare the 500 teachers if they can. chris and doreen. >> chris gordon spoke to the governor with the future of education in maryland. he'll have that part of the story in our next half hour. boy, a frightening night for two in arlington county. they had to climb onto the roof after their home was engulfed by fire. flames were shooting through the roof by the time firefighters got there and rescuers had to use ladders to get the people down. they had to be rushed to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation but we're told both of them should be okay. the north arlington home is on 40th street and chesterbrook road. it's got extensive damage and right now there's no word on a cause. a maryland family will need somewhere else to sleep tonight after their neighbor drove into their home.
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we're told that neighbor was trying to back into a driveway but wound up going forward instead. nobody was hurt but the crash caused significant damage to the house along locksford terrace in wheaton. at this point, police say the driver isn't facing charges. it's certainly been a busy day for storm team 4. a lot of us are now dusting off from this winter weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is out in the elements. how is it looking now? >> reporter: doreen outside of hutchison elementary in herndon, virginia it's cold and slushing. no freezing occurring and of course the snow was heavy here around the early afternoon hours. for the most part, though temperatures here stayed right around or just above that freezing point so commuting around the area early this afternoon wasn't too big of an issue. you can see the temperature here outside of the school reporting a temperature of 35 degrees, most likely right around 33 to 35 at that point. and the students had school today, but all after-school activities were canceled. now, as we work our way into the evening and overnight hours,
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this storm is gone but the concern will be the re-freeze overnight. area roads here are just fine but it's the sidewalks that could be an issue. as you can see here, we're looking at these kind of slushy conditions. overnight, as temperatures drop to below freezing this will become a sheet of ice. so students walking to school tomorrow morning will be worried about that. and i note doug from herndon, doug, did you walk to the bus or were you a rider? >> i was a bus rider. >> reporter: you would be just fine tomorrow morning. >> yes. and when i was riding the bus it took us about a half hour to get there. but now they've got wheelie avenue that goes right behind my old house. >> except for the traffic. >> you told me you walked to school. >> uphill both ways. >> see you in a second. i have told that story a few times, haven't i? they did get some snow, some locations in maryland, upper loudoun county anywhere between 2 and 3 inches, some even more
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than that. that will cause some issues as far as the re-freezing is concerned. you can still see the snow on the ground but the traffic is flowing good here on nebraska avenue. temperatures today were on the chilly side. look at reston. this is a great vaptntage point, 10:00 a.m. here comes the snow and watch the snow pile up. this was between 10:00 and 3:00 just a five-hour period. reston picking up right around the 2-inch mark, dulles just off in the distance picked up 2.2 inches. greenbelt 0.5, bowie 1.6, damascus 3.8 inches. notice the storm making its way between 10:00 and 5:00 through leesburg some of my friends out there talking about leesburg picking up a couple of inches of snow. down to the south it was mostly a rain event. that's what's going on right now. we have nothing down there, even towards parts of charles county.
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36 degrees, winds out of the northeast at three miles per hour. 36 here, but notice what's going on back to the north and west. 30 degrees in gaithersburg 29 in baltimore, 34 in leesburg. many areas close to the freezing mark tonight. that's the only real concern overnight, not any more rain or snow. but we could see icy patches by early tomorrow morning with a temperature around 30 degrees inside the beltway. dry conditions tomorrow and melting conditions too. temperatures around 44 degrees. i think tomorrow will be a pretty nice day all in all as we will see sunshine and a mixture of clouds during the day thursday. future weather though taking us through friday. no problems friday during the day. friday will be another nice day, a little cool with some cloud cover. but watch what happens as we move in through 8:00 9:00 10:00. snow to the west, a mix around the d.c. metro area, then rain to the south and then this storm is the one that will become a coastal storm. talking about a potential nor'easter here. it does look like we're going to see pretty good amounts of snow north and west of the city
6:21 pm
again, south and east looks like mostly a rain event. still a lot to talk about with this storm, and we will continue to fine-tune that forecast. tomorrow's forecast? not bad. travel some ice early. we've got that yellow. but exercise better in the afternoon after we start to warm up. cool but not too bad. again, i think thursday will be pretty good. tomorrow could actually be the best day of the next seven unless you're a snow lover. rain and snow on saturday late snow on sunday night, and then on monday talking about more snowfall. i do think just about everybody will see snow on monday. how much? we'll continue to watch it for you. one thing we know for sure, it gets a lot colder as we make our way towards next week. >> thank you, doug. history in the making. the conversation is happening right now that could be a game-changer after so many years. >> the son ever theof the late marion barry in court today, the charges assault, threats of bodily harm and destruction of property. i'm pat collins, the story
6:22 pm
coming up news4. we're staying on top of developments on capitol hill. local lawmakers get ready to talk about last week's deadly metro accident. we'll stream the whole thing on and
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new at 6:00 justice may be delayed in three high-profile murder cases in alexandria.
6:25 pm
tomorrow prosecutors will ask a judge to hospitalize charles severance to better evaluate his mental competency. last month he displayed a rude gesture when a judge ordered a mental competency exam. he refuses to cooperate. prosecutors say that's no reason to find him mentally incompetent to stand trial. severance is accused of killing three people during a ten-year period. a man will be arraigned in federal court tomorrow plotting to b . today a federal grand jury indicted christopher cornell on several charges. police arrested cornell at an ohio gun shop last week just after he bought two rifles and 600 rounds of ammo. cornell's father says he could never have carried out an attack and claims his son was coerced by an fbi snitch. a developing story tonight with one of the zrongstrongest signs
6:26 pm
of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. the highest level american delegation to visit cuba in 35 years is in havana. they're holding talks on immigration and restoring diplomacy. in just about a half hour "nightly news with brian williams" will be live from havana with a closer look at this historic change. the home of the man who killed 26 first graders and educators at sandy hook elementary could be torn down. officials in newtown, connecticut, are considering a plan to demolish adam lanza's house and give any proceeds from the land to the victims' families. lanza killed his mother at the home before his rampage at the school in 2012 and took his own life as police were closing in. the bank that owned the lanza home turned the property over to newtown officials last month. >> announcer: next an allegeded tantrum in a bank landed him in jail. what the future holds for the son of the late marion barry after facing a judge. a virginia mother's desperate plea to relieve her
6:27 pm
daughter's constant pain. how she's bringing her fight to the top to legalize medical marijuana. plus see the plan in our area to see
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wintry weather now at 6:30. after today's snowfall, another hidden danger on the way. and storm team 4 is already tracking when more snow could arrive and how it could disrupt
6:30 pm
your plans. the inauguration of maryland governor larry hogan. the celebration and next the work begins. and what it may mean to montgomery and prince george's county. lawmakers about to debate a local girl's future. >> because of other kids that have the medication that could possibly change their lives. >> how her health and so many others could be in the hands of a controversial treatment. first at 6:30 brushing off from another winter blast, the snowflakes fell quickly and really cut down on visibility if you were on the roads. >> let's get an update from doug kammerer. doug are we out of the woods? >> we are as far as tonight is concerned. it's a good thing it didn't occur during rush hours today. that's why most schools were in today. storm team 4 all clear around the region. the factor tonight is temperatures will drop below freezing as they normally do
6:31 pm
this time of year and we'll see re-freezing on roads. 28 in culpeper 27 in leesburg. give yourself a little bit of extra time tomorrow. i think we'll see a pretty nice day, temperatures in the 40s for most locations, 39 in fed rick, 43 in manassas, a mixture of sun and clouds. it's what comes in on friday night into saturday our next storm. it's one of two in the forecast. there is a news conference under way with ntsb officials about -- actually there's maryland senator barbara m mccullski. let's listen in. >> the district of columbia where it happened virginia where a woman passed away from the accident. what was the purpose of the meeting? we wanted to talk to both the metro executive and the metro board, along with the leadership
6:32 pm
of the national transportation safety board to find out what happened what we it and how it would never happen again. what we were very clear about was that we could not go into the details of that particular incident while the investigation is pending. but there were a lot of things that we could go into. every member here will speak to what their view of the meeting was and what came out of the meeting. but we focused on communication response time. how could people know what was happening in the car in which they were? were they trapped? were they in danger? what could they do to save themselves? and what we can do to help themselves. we left the meeting with a lot of answers. the only two reassuring things that came out of the meeting was that the interoperatability between the district of columbia and the metro first responders
6:33 pm
is now working and, second a ventilation system that brought actually smoke into the car is now being reversed. peak to that. as the ranking member on the senate appropriations committee, i said that we would work in terms of what we needed to do for funds in the federal checkbook. but we have talented people here who sit on the authorizing committee and on the appropriations committee. we are united that we are not going to let this issue go. we want safety. we want safety for our passengers. we want people that when you get on the metro you know you're going to be able to get to your destination, get there on time and that you're going to be safe while you're on it. and that if anything goes wrong people will respond to you in a timely way to make sure that
6:34 pm
your needs are being met. so i'm going to turn this over to congresswoman norton who this horrific incident occurred in her committee. then we'll go in the order as we call each other out. congresswoman? >> you just heard from -- that was maryland senator barbara mikulski talking about what lawmakers are learning as they ask questions of metro officials and ntsb officials about that deadly metro tunnel incident of last week in which the tunnel filled with smoke and a woman was killed. >> i think one of the things that stood out was the that she said the ventilation system is being fixed because it actually sent smoke into the train, which obviously it is not supposed to do. >> she also talked about the lack of communication between the fire department and metro, that she says they're learning that that problem is being addressed as well. >> we'll probably get more answers from adam tuss as well. we've got breaking news in
6:35 pm
the shooting investigation into the michael brown case in ferguson. wendy rieger? >> this information is coming from the "new york times." the paper is reporting that the justice department investigation into that michael brown shooting will not result in civil rights charges against officer darren wilson. wilson was already cleared of local charges by a local grand jury in november. the civil rights case was a federal investigation that was promised by attorney general eric holder after he visited ferguson last year. the "times" says that while there will be no charges against officer wilson a broader civil rights investigation into the practices of that mostly white ferguson police department is still open. and that could lead to significant changes. the attorney for the michael brown family issued a statement about the report that essentially was almost no comment, saying they will not be addressing any speculation. wendy rieger back to you. not guilty.
6:36 pm
that's the plea from marion barry's son accused of making a threatening outburst in a local bank. tonight he is apologizing to the residents of ward 8 and pushing ahead with a plan to try to get elected to his late father's council seat. news4's pat collins is live at d.c.'s superior court with the latest. >> reporter: chris, this is how the story goes. they say he wanted to withdraw $20,000 from his bank account. the problem is he didn't have any money in the bank. so when he didn't get any cash they say marion christopher barry went on a tirade. marion c. barry formally known as christopher barry officially charged in superior court with assault, threatens to do bodily harm and destruction of property. this comes as a result of an outburst last week at this pnc bank in chinatown. records
6:37 pm
obtained by news4, barry tried to withdraw $20,000 from an account. it was denied because he was already carrying a negative balance of barry got upset, began to curse, and told a bank employee i'm going to have someone meet you when you get off. better yet, i'm going around the corner and coming back. barry then picked up a metal trash can and threw it over a plexiglass window near a teller and broke a security camera. the entire encounter was recorded by bank security cameras. marion christopher barry formally known as christopher barry, is the son of the late ward 8 council member and mayor marion barry. he died last november. marion christopher barry spoke at his father's funeral and his since announced intentions to run for the ward 8 council seat.
6:38 pm
in a tweet today, marion christopher bearry said i apologize to my ward 8 community and my supporters for the incident that took place last week. week. i'm meteo this just in a winter weather advisory in effect overnight tonight. take a look at the area involved here manufacture they of the areas saw rain and snow even a little more light snow overnight tonight. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with the
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
signs with maryland's new governor's name on them governor larry hogan. we caught up with crews in oxon hill near the maryland/d.c.
6:41 pm
line. >> they work fast. >> yes, they do. cheering crowds watched thetion from a snowy front lawn at the statehouse in annapolis. >> tomorrow he'll unveil his plan to handle the state's $750 million deficit. news4's chris gordon has more on what a hogan administration could mean for education, transmission and hospital projects in the state. >> reporter: maryland's new governor larry hogan surprised political pundits by winning as a republican in a heavily democratic state. >> during the term as my acting as governor. >> reporter: the oath of office was followed by a 19-gun salute and the governor's pledge to put partisan politics aside. >> it's only when the partisan shouting stops that we can hear each other's voices and concerns. i am prepared to create an environment of trust and cooperation where the best ideas rise to the top based upon their merit regardless of which side of the political debate they
6:42 pm
come from. >> reporter: montgomery county executive ike leggit and rashurn baker are asking for state funding for education and the purple line. how important is it for you to have the purple line built? >> i think it's very important to us. as i've stressed to the governor and his staff, that's economic development. those are not just transportation dollars which we supported, but it's also the creation of jobs in the county and in the state. i think that's critically important to expand the tax base. >> reporter: maryland's last republican governor robert ehrlich, spoke at the inauguration and later told me he believes hogan will not cut funds to montgomery and prince george's counties. >> when you get to the more non-ideological issues transportation education you'll have a lot more cooperation. when it comes to tax and spending there will be >> reporter: tomorrow the real work begins. governor hoken will unveil his baath budget which will reveal his priorities, where money will be spent and where it will be cut. reporting from annapolis chris
6:43 pm
gordon news4. the collins family packing their bags heading to richmond. i'm david culver in fairfax. coming up their fight to make medical marijua
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a fairfax family wants their daughter cured of her debilitating seizures. they say medical marijuana will do just that. >> but virginia law is keeping them from using it. as david culver shows us they're taking their case to
6:46 pm
richmond. >> reporter: when we caught up with the collins family they were packing, heading down to virginia's capital. >> i'm hopeful, but i'm worried. >> reporter: the trip deeply personal. since 2008 beth's 15-year-old daughter jennifer has been battling seizures. >> it's really hard for people to understand what we're fighting for if they don't witness it. >> reporter: we witnessed it a few times during our interview. you'll notice jennifer's eyes fluttering. you have how many seizures a day roughly? >> well my eeg said around 300 seizures a day, but my neurologist stopped counting then. >> reporter: they spent five years trying to find something that worked. >> we went through 15 different pharmaceuticals. >> reporter: last year they decided to try cannabis oil, a liquid medical marijuana without the so-called high. but to do so, jennifer and her mom had to move to colorado where it's legal. opponents argue it needs more
6:47 pm
testing to determine its effectiveness and safety. but for jennifer it was life changing. >> it worked really well. i had a 90% decrease in my seizures which are the eye flutters and i just felt better. >> reporter: but it was too tough to live away from home so they decided to move back to fairfax and fight to change virginia's laws, which brings us back to their trip down to richmond. it's there they'll ask lawmakers to make medical marijuana more accessible. are you hopeful? >> yeah. very hopeful. >> reporter: in fairfax, david culver news4. >> the family says they're going to consider moving to d.c. or maryland if virginia lawmakers won't budge. in d.c., there's a big new push to improve education for boys and young men of color. school leaders announced a $20 million initiative to help black and latino male students. they make up more than 40% of the student body in d.c. and
6:48 pm
compared to their peers they have the lowest graduation rates and reading scores. that's according to education officials. a focus of the new program will be mentoring. educators say getting more mentors of color involved will also be key. this effort being done in partnership with president obama's my brother's keeper initiative. so winter weather advisory. we talked about this a little earlier, about the potential of big-time problems on the roadways. it is about ice. now the weather service is looking at another system i mentioned earlier, the clipper to the west. we had one today. there's another one to the west that now looks like it may actually try to move into our region. but it's because of what we've already seen on those roads fog that is out there right now. you can take a look. not much on the radar, but there's the one system moving out. notice back toward west virginia the next system moving in. now, this is not a very big system at all. i'm not too worried about the system itself. but we do have that winter weather advisory in effect, and
6:49 pm
it includes frederick county, loudoun county and really east of the mountains here. and the reason it's east of the mountains is because this is where we still have moisture in place at the surface. what that means is we could see freezing fog and even some freezing drizzle out of that. and as that storm system moves in we may even see a little bit more light snow. that's the concern on the roadways between now and midnight. and the big concern is all about the temperatures once again. those numbers already below freezing 31 in bowie, 34 in dulles reporting some pretty good fog toward dulles less than two mile visibility. it will continue to thicken in parts of the region. 33 in reston and 32 in rockville. at that freezing mark we can start to see the bridges and overpasses freeze up. so heads-up there. one of the other areas of concern tonight portions west virginia around martinsburg, 27 overnight, 27 in frederick, 27 in columbia. this is the area that saw the most snow from this storm, and i really think there will be some problems on some secondary roadways here as the melted snow
6:50 pm
from today does in fact freeze overnight tonight. then we get into a stormy pattern. the cold air is going to be in place as we move into the day on saturday. one storm system moves off the coast. a little bit of a nor'easter here. then the next system moves up on monday. both of these storms have potential for snow. i think the saturday storm could bring heavyier snow to parts of the area. i think the monday storm could bring snow to all parts of the area. so we've got a lot going on here. just take a look at the seven-day forecast. a little bist of something friday saturday, sunday and monday. we'll keep you posted on it the big news a couple of storms and it stays on the cold side. >> thank you, doug. here's what's coming up next in sports. >> the nats made it official. get used to the name mazz scherzer because today he was officially introduced as the new nat. we talked to him one-on-one. plus jason pough live down at the verizon center before they face oklahoma 70city. that's kevin durant, baby. stay here.
6:51 pm
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your homee most live sports. a lot of baseball fans still shaking their heads and reeling over the nats latest move, man. >> exciting. >> so much money! >> during commercial we sat there thinking, what would that be like? >> that is amazing. >> you're would look the way max
6:54 pm
scherzer did today. he was formally introduced by the nats, a 2013 cy young winner introduced at nats park. a lot of the reporters were asking were curious about where he was offered what other teams? and scott burris his agent had the best answer. he said at a wedding you don't talk about who the groom has dated. we're not talking about that. max scherzer's the biggest in washington's history. he's the highest paid right-handed pitcher in baseball history. max scherzer said after hearing $210 million was his, it was jaw dropping and he couldn't fathom it. here's how he described waiting for the deal to come together. what was it like going through the process? was it nerve-racking? >> for me it was an easy process. obviously washington jumped out as a team iefinitely wanted to be a part of. obviously, as it went down i said this is it.
6:55 pm
>> the pitching staff is loaded with so much talent. is that an area that you thought was needed to upgrade? >> well, no. that's not what it's about. for us it's about the fact that max wanted to be here. as we've talked about, there were other options out there for him. and he chose us. >> he certainly is very happy about that. basketball. if there has been any game on the wizards calendar circled not once but twice is the oklahoma city thunder game. kevin durant is back home. jason pugh joins us. is it true there are wizards jerseys with durant's name on them already? >> reporter: that is exactly true dianna. i ordered mine online. i'm waiting for it. i have to find out what happened to that jersey. this is a big game. the prince george's county native kevin durant a hometown favorite. the fans love him here. they can't wait for the summer of 2016.
6:56 pm
i want to show you some video right now. this is k.d. coming into the verizon center. he's going to have plenty of family members and friends at this game. they can't wait to see him lace them up and play. now, a few hours ago he was the first thunder player on the court warming up. the last time these two teams played in oklahoma city, durant took over in the fourth quarter, he scored 34 points for the game. he's averaging nearly 30 points a game whenever he faces the wizards. so how do the wiz kids plan to slow down the reigning mvp kevin durant tonight? >> i think we did a great job, you pull up 30 feet with two people on you, you give credit. that's all you can say. >> you've got to make it difficult, make him take difficult, contest shots. got to give him different looks. you're not going to stop him, though. >> he can put the ball on the floor, shoot threes from deep range, and he's a competitor.
6:57 pm
i would say he's definitely somebody who is a winner and he can score the ball in a variety of ways. >> reporter: the summer of 2016 can't get here soon enough. wizards fans will get to see him up close and in person tonight, though. from the verizon center dianna back to you. >> jason, thank you. the shirt i think we all want is k.d. come home. we'll start there and then when we get the real thing, we'll sport the jersey. finally, guys we are a little over a week out from the super bowl. all anybody is talking about is deflate gate. 11 of the 12 footballs used in the afc football game were allegedly deflated by the patriots. but they were checked four hours before the game. the patriots say they're focused on the game and the nfl is investigating. we'll wait and see. >> game will be right here on nbc 4. keep an eye on it. >> thanks for joining us everybody. "nbc nightly news" is
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
on our broadcast tonight, live from cuba, the turning point here in havana.
7:00 pm
a new era begins as the highest level u.s. delegation in four decades has arrived. we are along for the trip on a history-making day that could forever change u.s.-cuba relations. growing scandal involving the number one sport in our nation. and new developments in the investigation that threatens to tarnish the super bowl. questions about cheating and the new england patriots and the nfl investigation into those footballs. and hitting home. the news tonight that affects every person who owns a home or is thinking about buying one. what experts are recommending that you should do now that could save you a lot of money. also tonight, the secret millions of americans are keeping from their spouses. "nightly news" from havana begins now.


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