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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> welcome to news 4 today for this tuesday january, 20th fwift. a chilly start to the tuesday. it is 37 degrees outside of our studio. let's to storm team 4 meteorologist and your forecast. >> we're at the warm spot here in northwest washington. we're into the 20s. here is a live view from the tower camera overlooking northwest washington and into southern montgomery county. a few clouds drifting over us. it will be a cold morning. your weather headlines as we get back to work and school this tuesday. another mild afternoon like yesterday. but then a change tomorrow. a snow chance looking more likely for wednesday. temperatures right now 20s nearb montgomery. much of fairfax in the low to mid 20s. prince william much of loudoun county in the mid to upper 20s as well. and later today our temperatures a steep climb.
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rapidly warming into the 40s by noontime. maybe even near 50 degrees by around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. with a partly sunny sky and drifting back into the mid 40s after sunset into this evening. a look at your drive time forecast for this back to work and school day on this tuesday. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:11. how is the commute? >> right now breaking news here. this is the bottom of the belt beltway outer loop of the beltway a you approach 95. the crash just popped up. you can see on the left lane now getting by. a big police response to the right. we'll get more information in the next ten minutes. blue and sillver line delays in both directions malfunction. report of a water main break eager road and hamilton street. 66 heading into town a little bit slow as you pass prince william parkway. it opens up as you head toward the beltway. take a look here everything looking pretty good inbound
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branch avenue is a tad slow this morning. this is what we keep our eye on here. outer loop near 59 virginia. that could create a big backup. >> thank you. 6:02 right now. and this morning there's no sign of six family members missing from since a massive fire destroyed a water front mansion. megan mcgrath outside the home. what is happening there now? >> reporter: a police officer has been here at the front gate all night long keeping an eye on things. we're expecting investigators to return to the scene to start looking for victims inside this burned out mansion when the sun comes up this morning. the home the mansion is located down this long driveway and there is nothing left. take a look at the chopper video here. you can see the amount of destruction that occurred. a 16000 square foot home reduced to ashes. we have a fire engine here on the scene, perhaps you can hear it off in the distance there.
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they're keeping an eye out for hot spots. they've had a few overnight. six people are missing all from the same family. they're feared to be victims of this massive fire. investigators will only say they are unaccounted for at this point because they have not been able to search through the ashes. it was the alarm system inside the home followed by a call from a neighborhood that alerted the fire department to the fact there was trouble here. but when they got on the scene the fire was very very large. the roof, the floors, they were collapsing. firefighters say it was just too dangerous for them to go in and start looking for victims. the house is owned by i.t. executive don pile and his wife sandra. it's nicknamed "the castle" to people familiar with the area. we're expecting to see investigators and n a little while once the sun comes up. reporting live megan mcgrath. thank you. breaking news now police in alexandria are investigating a stabbing. it happened about 3:00 this morning on south 28th street.
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we're learning a man was stabbed inside an apartment on the first floor of the building. the victim in critical condition. over night police released a picture of a man wanted for a shooting on a metro bus. this is the photograph. police are calling him a person of interest right now. two people were shot on a bus around 10:30 last night on h-street northwest. not far from massachusetts avenue. police say one person was shot in the hand. the other in the thigh. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. three men boarded the bus at galleria place and road about seven blocks before getting into an argument. at the live desk. another chilling video from isis just surfaced online. take a look. you're looking at two hostages believed to be japanese. and the militant who appeared to be jihad i did john. he's the guy we've seen in videoing western eers before. demanding a $200 million ransom to save their lives. and japan's prime minister vows to save them.
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back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:05 and a d.c. woman in jail accused of leaving her 1-year-old son alone in her car. metro transit police found the car illegally parked along michigan avenue. the boy's mother returned a short time later and tried to drive away. she's charged with child neglect. the child is with his father. the son of the late marion barry may turn himself into police today. barry faces several misdemeanor charges after an outburst inside the pnc bank. he threatened a bank teller and threw a trash can over security glass smashing a camera. police say he was upset when he was told his account was overdrawn. barry is currently running for his father's seat on the d.c. council. all eyes on the capitol today for the state of the union address which begins at 9:00 p.m. the president's approval rating at the high nest two years. according to new nbc news wall
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street journal poll. according to the poll 49% of americans approve of how he's handling the economy. which will be a major part of the speech. the president is expected to introduce big tax reforms to benefit the middle class. he'll discuss the price of housing and college for your kids. during the speech and for a few hours before and after it you should avoid driving around the capitol if you can. take a look at your screen here. all the roads in red will be shut down. if you're home at 9:00 you can watch the whole address and the republican response right here on nbc 4. if you won't be near a tv you can also stream it live using the free news 4 app. one person is dead after an interstate suddenly collapses in ohio. we're tracking the new developments this morning from the live desk. >> out of control. a first-hand look how dangerous an icy highway can be. and a live look outside here this morning. we'll check the road conditions now and your drive time forecast. your weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:11.
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look at that. take a look it is a car hurling out of control into a taco stand and careening down a street. this is in fort meyers, florida. the driver 67-year-old woman said she fainted behind the wheel because of a medical condition. her boyfriend was also in the car. both were able to walk away with only minor injuries. then there's this terrifying close call on the new jersey turnpike. wow. can you imagine? this is a tractor trailer skidding toward a passenger car heading into the median and jackknifing. folks in the car remain calm enough to shoot the video the whole time. looks like they're shooting it from the backseat. >> it came right in front of the car. >> i would have to jump out of the car and start -- or gun it something. >> it was very close call. it's a good thing everyone is
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okay. no icing expected around here today. thank goodness. >> cluck bell outside on the weather deck with a look at the commuter forecast this morning. >> it won't be anything as icy and dicey as that. we may have our own problems tomorrow. we'll worry about that tomorrow. for today back to work and school. drive time forecast temperatures below freezing across most of the area this morning. mid to upper 20s in the western to northern suburbs to around 30s in the downtown. for the ride home temperatures mid to upper 40s. not a bad day. clouds on the increase and as we've been mentioning, a chance for accumulating snow tomorrow. more about that coming up with tom in 10 minutes. breaking news in springfield. the outer loop of the beltway as you're approaching 95 here in virginia. the left lanes right now getting by. this is not out of the way. it could pose quite a problem for folks traveling on the outer loop. keep an eye on that.
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silver and blue line delays. in virginia travel times 95 north quantitykwaun koe to the beltway. same thing when you look at maryland 270 and 495 looking good. back in ten. thank you. watch your valuables. a new warning from police about gas station theft. we have tips this morning. call him a true patriot. we'll show you how a football player helped save a woman's life.
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15 after the hour. police have a warning before you go to buy gas today. thieves are using the opportunity to walk away with your cash your phones, and whatever else they can get their hands on. it seems women are an easy target, too. richard jordan live in buoy with tips on how to keep your valuables safe. >> reporter: hi good morning. it might seem a little weird to have your bag with you while you're at the gas pump if it's your briefcase, backpack purse. whatever it is you carry with you. this is how police want to see
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you act at gas stationyou keep your stuff close by. here is why. take a look at video. this is surveillance video. a woman pumping gas on one side. on the passenger side there comes a thief. he creeps his way into the car and snatches her purse. they take off. very slick. very fast and just like that that purse those valuables were phone without a trace. the woman never even realized what happened. police say you should try to carry your valuables with you even if you're just going to be outside the car for a split second. if you do decide you want to keep your stuff in the car if it's too much to carry, then at least lock the car. police saying that thefts are down 30% this year. they want to see it go down even further. on cold mornings like today it's tempting to get the car started before you hit the road. police say don't do that. it's dangerous. your car could be gone before
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you get out the door. reporting live this morning. richard buoy. later today a chance to sound off on big changes that could be coming to the public schools. ceo kevin maxwell proposed changes to boundaries, grade structures, and programs al several schools. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at the board of education. 6:17 now. 17 and 16 year-olds could receive the right to vote at hyattsville. they approved it earlier this morning. today is the final vote. if it passes the change would take affect in may. hyattsville and tacoma park would be the only district in the entire country to lower the voting age so far. virginia governor terri mccullough is on the way to a speedy recovery after undergoing a serious medical procedure.
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they had to drain fluid from around his lungs. he broke seven ribs. he was thrown from a horse while vacationing in africa. doctors thought the injury would heal itsf t dsn hp h rhtow. he delivered the statee common wealth address last week. he expects to be back at work within days. metro now facing even more backlash from the deadly emergency on the yellow line last week. a law firm says at least 30 people are now suing metro over what happened. more than 80 people were put in the hospital that day. one woman died. metro will meet with representatives from the ntsb and congress tomorrow. on the west coast it will adopt any urgent recommendations issued by the ntsb in the wake of last week's metro rail incident. bait area system which features rail cars and tunnels which staged new smoke and fire training exercises for the train operators in recent days. this tragedy serves as a reminder to treat seriously any report of smoke or brake smell.
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what a scene out of cincinnati. right now where the clean up continues following a big bridge collapse. you're looking at video we got into the news room of what was left behind after the overpass broke apart sending several tons of concrete crashing down. one construction worker died. the driver of a tractor trailer on the bridge was hurt. we're told crews were trying to take the overpass down when it collapsed. >> at the live desk. it's 6:19 now. screening begins for 9,000 potential jurors in colorado. jurors selected will decide the fate of james holmes the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 overs at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. one of the largest jury pools ever partially because finding impartial jurors could be difficult if they find holmes guilty jurors will have to decide whether he should receive the death penalty. >> jurors have to be death
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qualified. what it means is you have to be open to both a potential sentence of life in prison or a sentence of execution. >> the selection process could take months. holmes plead not guilty by reason of insanity. a measles outbreak is spreading on the west coast fast. it started last month in disney land in california. there have been at least 50 cases reported in california, colorado, utah, and washi sta the airbor vuss nt icastk ou after annfpeef the room. doctors say a decrease in vaccination rates is the main reason the country is seeing measles outbreaks in recent years. time to check the forecast. y morning but i think it's going to be changing soon. >> tom is here to confirm that for us. what do you think? >> it's cold to start this morning. we're sub freezing. early on this tuesday morning. a few clouds are drifting over us now. reporting temperatures around the region into the 20s. i'm closely watching a fast
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moving area of low pressure over the dakotas. i circled this on the storm team 4 radar map. it's moving quickly to the south and east. we'll be tracking into our region here during the day on wednesday. before that, just a few clouds out ahead that producing a few sprinkle os are maybe a little bit of sleet here in west virginia east of there just high clouds are drifting over the rest of virginia, maryland and the district for this morning. during the day tomorrow, starting at 9:00 in the morning until about 3:00 in the afternoon, some light snow moving through. the system dips through. and the highest amount in the darker blue zone may be centered in the metro area. 1 to 2 inches mainly on grassy areas. east as well maybe around part of the eastern shore may get an inch or two. mainly grassy areas. today we'll be getting so warm a coating to an inch a little bit
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farther south. southern maryland to near fredericksburg in the central shenandoah valley. it's below freezing in the loudoun and stafford. low to mid 20s there. later this afternoon up around 50 degrees. that will heat the pavement up. heat the ground up. any snow that falls tomorrow -- a lot will be melting initially on pavement and likely only accumulating on grassy areas during the day on wednesday. between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. looks like the timing will be in the low to mid 30s throughout day the. some refreezing of whatever is lift of that. and during the day on thursday into the mid 40s with sunshine. sunny friday mid-morning. january thaw continues into the weekend. upper 40s. may get a few flurries on monday. next weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:31. your bus stop forecast for this tuesday morning. how are the roads now? >> right now once again we have
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breaking news. we're talking about the outer loop of the beltway. this is near 95 in springfield. take a look with chopper over the scene. two left lanes getting by. and the crash off to the right and the right shoulder. still about a one mile back up approaching the scene. you can see from another camera here some of the backups approaching outer loop near virginia 95 this morning. metro delays blue and silver line delays in both directions. we'll keep you updated on twitter as well. looking pretty typical slow here on the top of the beltway and 295 headed into town. 95 virginia slowest here through dale city. pretty nasty there this morning at 12 miles per hour. and 270 that is not -- that is the outer loop as you're approaching virginia at 95 here. this crash we're going to be keeping an eye on. more pictures coming up from chopper 4 in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. it's 6:24 now.
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an update from montgomery county fire. initial results of the home safety check program found more than 90% of smoke alarms checked were not working. the most common problems there wasn't one in the home the alarms need fresh batteries or the smoke alarm was older than the usual lifespan of ten years. >> tax season officially starts. most refound will be delivered in 21 days if filed electronically. due to budget cuts the irs warned of delays in paper filings of at least one week. the average refund this year is expected to be about $2800. you may be one of the lucky few facebook users today who will see a sleek new messenger app featured. a tiny test group will be able to tap a button and facebook messenger will transcribe your voice messages. the rest of us will be stuck in
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the stone age listening to our voice messages. i don't think i have gotten a voice message on facebook. >> i haven't either. >> i know it does but i don't care to hear it. the seahawks are apologizing for a tweet they sent. the seahawks posted the apology saying, quote we did not intend to compare football to the civil rights legacy of dr. king. a patriot can call himself hero after winning the championship. defensive tackle helped rescue a woman fhe car there. he said it was no big deal. >> i was just luck yy. i don't want anything from it. i would do it many times no matter the situation. >> he was on his way home from
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the game when he saw the crash. modest hero he is didn't tell his teammates what happened. >> the patriots face off with the seahawks in less than two weeks. jim is heading to phoenix, arizona for us to bring you live coverage breading up to the big game next week. super bowl airs here on northbound r -- nbc 4. >> we'll hold it against jim he's heading to warmer weather. >> i know. maybe he can bring some back. calling for action today. virginia lawmaker outlines his plan to stop a surge in teen heroin deaths. a warning for pet owners. somebody may be trying to poison your dog. >> we know weather and photographictraffic are important to you. chopper 4 is live over an accidentally on the outer loop
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welcome back. right now there are still no sign of six family members missing since a massive fire destroyed a water front mansion in annapolis. the damage to the home is so bad that the firefighters are struggling to search through the
6:30 am
debris. president obama preparing to give the state of the union address in front of a joint session of congress. we'll talk to peter alexander about what to expect from the speech tonight at 6:45. tom is here with a check on the forecast. >> good morning. starting off early this morning we are cold with temperatures down into the 20s and our nearby suburbs. head to the bus stop this morning we'll have remaining colds as well through 8:00 this morning. address accordingly waiting for the bus. mid 20s between now and 8:00. between 8:00 and 9:00 partly cloudy and hovering around freezing. after that we'll see our temperatures taking a nice jump. right now most of the suburbs in the mid to upper 20s to near 30 around the bay. and in downtown washington. there's the capitol under a partly cloudy sky. by noontime mid 40s and all the way up to 50 by 2:00 or 3:00. back down to mid 40s.
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a look at the walk to work forecast. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:41. breaking news on the road. >> still have the problem breaking news in springfield. talking about the outer loop of the beltway as you approach 95 here in virginia. two left lanes are getting by. hov express lanes are not having a problem. you can see the block on the right side of the roadway taking up the right lane as well as the shoulder. 1 1/2 mile back up at this point. can only get worse if it much longer. here is a look at the backup. hyattsville we have this issue. it's a water main break. eager road and hamilton. we have blue and silver line delays in both directions this morning. 66 headed into town about 45 miles per hour. same thing asn virginia. and 95 in maryland no problems. bw parkway inbound. thank you. virginia's attorney general will urge the state's general assembly to adopt a new bill to
6:32 am
prevent drug overdose deaths. kevin flattery is one victim in a surge of recent overdose deaths in the commonwealth. he abused heroin. he lives in fairfax county and was 26 years old. attorney general said flattery's story is becoming more and more common. >> it's happening in the suburban areas and urban areas and rural areas. in northern virginia alone we've seen 150% increase in deaths attributed to heroin overdoses. >> it would allow you to call police without fear of arrest if you are with someone who is overdosing. >> a second trial begins todañ for virginia fbi agent accused of murder. arthur gonzalez is accused of killing his estranged wife in their home in stafford county in april of 2013. he said he shot his wife in self-defense after she attacked him during an argument. but prosecutors say he staged the crime scene and faked his grief. jurors failed to reach a verdict
6:33 am
in the first trial. it is 6:33. a man from gathers burg will be in court for trial for sexual assaulting as many as ten men in our area. he met the men at beer pong tournaments and lured them to his home on plum creek drive. at least three people reported attacks to police. police say they found pictures of more victims on his phone. lawyers will start the trial with jury selection later this morning. the lowest paid workers in northern virginia will not get a raise. an effort was killed to raise it to $10.10 an hour yesterday. maryland and the district raised their minimum wage last year. d.c. is now $9.50 ah the nim $onheayo $10.10 in 2018 in maryland. get ready to stroke a bigger check for college in maryland.
6:34 am
the hike takes effect for the spring semester which starts january 29th. the board is trying to make up $40 million in buet t atsten wl y ou $75 more peye out of a sdes llay another $270. police in montgomery county are searching for the person who spray painted a racist message on a home. this is what the african-american woke up to yesterday. the message uses the n-word and says go home. it was spray painted on the garage door. the family has been living in this glen more drive community for just five days. a neighbor who helped the victims clean up the message said the timing of the act is sickening. >> it's horrifying. we've never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. luther king's birthday is just gross. >> montgomery county police are treating this as a hate crime. today you can join a conversation about the relationship between law enforcement and the community in
6:35 am
alexandria. the city's sheriff and police chief will be on the panel. they can discuss how their agency interact with the public. it will take place tonight between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. if you're a dog owner in arlington. beware. someone may be trying to poison your pet. these signs were put up yesterday. apparently someone left sausages stuffed with pills along lee highway. at least two dogs ate them and became test. they're now testing the sausages. we posted the warning on nbc washington facebook page so you can share and help spread the word. military aircraft taking to the skies starting tonight for a training exercise. they will test the pilot intercept and identification skills. they'll fly between midnight and
6:36 am
5:30 in the morning. since september 11th 2001 norad responded to more than 5,000 possible threats nationwide. right now president obama is getting ready to give his state of the union address tonight. >> could the secret to better hearing in your mouth? we'll check in with tom to see what you can expect when you walk to work this morning. look at the gorgeous view right now. this is a live picture. a peek at the sun. weather and traffic on the 1's coming up at 6:41.
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welcome back. your children's letter grades could be going away soon if you live in virginia. there's a bipartisan effort in state to leave a, b, c, d, f off report cards and tested. it passed a hurdle in the state senate. critics say f-grades stigmatize. >> scientists are testing a new device to help the hearing impaired in a new way. it let use process sound through your tongue.
6:40 am
you'll feel a series of electrical impulses and it will process it as sound. they hope it will be cheaper and more easily assessable than a cochlear implant. >> cochlear implants can be upwards as more scientists want the final design to fit in the mouth easily and look like a retainer. it could still be two years before it's ready for the public. great strides made in figuring out ways to help the hearing impaired. chilly start today but expecting to get a little warmer. >> yeah. gorgeous picture behind us to kick things off this morning. chuck bell out on the weather deck with a look at the walk to school and walk to work forecast this morning. >> you bet. the camera behind you that's facing east. here in northwest washington all
6:41 am
dark from every point of eye view anyway. temperatures below freezing and almost every neighborhood. you can see your breath this morning for sure. you need to bundle up on the wayz out the door. temperatures mid 20s in the suburbs to around 30 in town for the walk to work and school or the dog walk first thing this morning. coming home later today even with increasing clouds warmer than average. temperatures today getting in the mid and upper 40s. you'll need your jacket for the morning and sunglasses for later on today. the industrial cold is not coming back any time soon. there will be a chance for accumulating snow tomorrow. tom has more on that. for that now melissa. >> good morning. breaking news here. talking about springfield. the outer loop near 95 in virginia. we have the right lane and right shoulder blocked morning. 1 1/2 of a back up. metro the silver blue line delay now back to normal service. 95 and maryland bw parkway a tad
6:42 am
slow. nothing major. take a look at travel times. slowest right here 39 minutes. 15 minutes behind this morning. 66 east from fairfax county parkway to the beltway takes you 15 minutes. taking a look at maryland 270 southbound to german town to the beltway. i'm back in ten. >> thank you. searching for six family members after fire rips through a mansion in annapolis. this morning the challenges firefighting are facing as they continue their investigation. >> plus the big item jp penny is bringing back in hopes of boosting sales. >> weather and traffic are all always on news 4 today. you can check out the temperatures. dhop
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breaking news. police in alexandria are investigating a stabbing. we were there as police arrived on the scene on south 28th street just off king street. we're learning a man was stabbed inside the apartment on the first floor of the building. the victim in critical condition. police on the scene of a multimillion dollar home in
6:46 am
annapolis destroyed by flames. at least six family members are unaccounted for this morning. megan mcgrath joins us live with the latest developments. >> reporter: well this was a massive fire. a 16,000 square foot mansion and 24 hours later we're still seeing smoke rising. if you zoom in you can see the plume of smoke coming up into the air this morning. a short time ago fire investigators arrived on the scene. we're expecting to see activity as soon as the sun comes up. looking for people who may have been trapped inside this home. in fact, six people are missing. they're all from the same family and they're feared to be victims of the fire. investigators will only say at this point they're accounted for. that is because they have not been able to search through the ashes. take a look at the chopper video here. you can see the tremendous amount of damage that was done. the alampl system followed by a call from a neighbor alerted the
6:47 am
fire department there was trouble here when they arrive order the scene the roar roof and the floors were collapsing. it was too dangerous to go inside. the home is owned by i.t. executive don pile and his wife sandra. it is nicknamed "the castle" because of the architect. it's unclear what started the fire. i should mention that the atf national response team has been brought in. they have a lot of resources available to them given the scale and the damage done here. they're hoping they can help them if i think your out what happened. reporting live in naps. megan mg megan mcgrath. the state of the union is tonight and all eyes on the capitol for the president's speech. you can watch it live on your phone with the free nbc 4 app or here with analysis from meet the press moderator chuck todd. the president is heading into tonight with the highest approval rating in two years. peter alexander is live at the white house now with more.
6:48 am
petter good morning. >> good morning. just hours away from president obama's sixth state of the union address. this is his last one. it will be difficult because it's the first before a republican-controlled house and senate. president obama vowed to play what he calls offense with showdowns looming over the keystone pipeline and immigration reform. republicans are expected to oppose president obama's tax reform plan. that includes credits for middle class families and college students. but it would also increase taxes on the wealthy and big banks. the president previewed his speech with a video. he said the economy is ready to turn the page. our new nbc news wall street poll is reinforcing that. it shows more americans are satisfied with the economy than at any time during the last decade. >> peter alexander live at the white house for us. thank you. we learned d.c. mayor will be at the address tonight. she's d.c. delegate eleanor
6:49 am
norton norton norton-holmes guest. alan gross who returned to montgomery county after he was im imprisoned in cuba will be in the first lady's box along with his wife. a global emergency health coordinator to fight ebola in west africa, and maryland state senate majority leader will be there. for those planning to drive in the district tonight you might want to stay away from the streets around the capitol. everything in red will be shut down starting at 7:00 p.m. it including part of pennsylvania, independence and constitution avenues. if you will be at home once again, you can watch the whole speech and the republican response here on news 4 and nbc w5 h over night police released the picture of a man wanted for a shooting on a metro bus. two people recoveri after they were shot on the metro bus northwest. it happened about 10:30 last night on h street.
6:50 am
one person shot in the hand. the other in the thigh. both taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. three men boarded the bus of galleria place and road about seven blocks before getting into an argument. police are looking for the shooter. 6:50 the time now. the death toll is rising after general motors massive ignition switch recall. >> good morning. the number of deaths tied to gm's faulty ignition switches is up to 49. victims or their families have until january 31st to submit claims for compensation. because the switches can fail killing power to the engine and air bags. the recall numbers were initially higher but gm termed some cars are no longer on the road. amazon is moving from the small to the big screen. the company plans to acquire and produce about a dozen original movies a year starting this year. amazon released the film first in theaters an demand on amazon
6:51 am
prime about a month or two later. amazon recently won the golden globe for the best tv series for the original show "transparent." >> thank you. jc penny is bringing back the big book. five years after ditching it to focus on online sales. that's according to the wall street journal. the newspaper said more -- the move suggests many of the online sales were driven by what shoppers saw in print first. the new 1020-page book will be sent out in march. they want to touch it feel it see it. >> you can go in stores and look at things and go online to buy them. 6:51 your time. and beautiful picture behind us here this morning. the clouds start to break up a little bit. >> yeah. i have another view of this from our tower cam. i call this a bruised banana sunrise. the live look from our tower cam. there it is. isn't it awesome?
6:52 am
>> it is. and bruised banana is great for making banana bread. >> i don't believe you. you should make some banana bread. >> it is the best for making banana bread. you want something hot this morning as we're off to a cold start. getting up few sprinkles maybe a little bit of sleet here. the patches of pink in west virginia. that's drying as it heads east. i'm watching this zone here of low pressure over the dakotas it's a fast moving swirl in the atmosphere that is going to be diving down into our region by tomorrow morning. if it moves in between 9:00 a.m. until around 3:00 p.m. may give us enough snow to pile up on grassy areas in the dark blue zone. northern virginia, the district our nearby suburbs and the eastern shore. this is the zone that may get one to two inches or so. maybe somewhat higher amounts along the blue ridge. today is going to be so warm a lot of the ground temperatures and the pavement will be above freezing overnight and by the time the snow begins to move in
6:53 am
tomorrow. a lot will be melting on pavement. but accumulating a bit on grassy areas is the way it looks now. maybe a coating to as much as an inch in southern maryland toward fredericksburg. temperatures right now are sub freezing. we're in the mid to upper 20s. prince william, stafford loudoun loudoun, and fairfax in the low to mid 20s. and for the afternoon, nice up near 50 degrees by mid afternoon. that will warm that pavement up. partly sunny sky and look at the gorgeous rainbow over the shenandoah valley. this was taken sunday around sunset posted by laura. you can post yours on twitter and facebook. then tomorrow after we get through the snow it will be in the low to mid 30s. a lot melting but what is left will refreeze on thursday morning. high 40s on thursday, friday. right now saturday looks like we might get a witbit of a wintery mix.
6:54 am
stay tuned. we'll keep you up to date on that. sunday maybe flurries. >> out of loop near virginia 95 have this one mile back up there. a little slow as you're headed pretty much through dale city. that is a slowest spot of the area. and 66 west no problems there. 278 looking good. typical volume. >> thank you. it's 6:54 right now. we need to make a correction this morning. earlier we reported kevin flattery of fairfax county died from a heroin overdose. that was not correct. it was following an overdose. the the son of the late marion barry may turn himself into police. police. barry faces several misdemeanor charges after an outburst inside the pnc bank. he threatened a bank teller and threw a trash can over security glass smashing a camera. police say he was upset when he
6:55 am
s ldisccntas overdrawn. barry is currently running for his father's seat on the d.c. council. a man accused of shooting an ex-wife's husband heads to court. moments before cory mattison was shot he lead the man outside away from the family. police say he broke into his ex-wife's home and began shooting. two children were at the home at the time of the shooting. family members say mattison may have safed their lives. >> he not only, in my opinion saved this family, but my -- they saved him too. >> charged with first-degree murder is expected to appear in court this morning at 8:30. here are four things you need to know. police in are investigating a stabbing. a man was stabbed in a first floor apartment on south 28th street around 3:00 a.m. the man was taken to the hospital. he's in critical condition. police are asking residents
6:56 am
to keep their valuables safe while pumping gas. they say women are particularly an easy target for theft of bags from inside vehicles. >> in a few hours federal fire investigators will arrive to search the charred remains of this mansion for any possible victims. six family members are still unaccounted for. the state of the union address is tonight. the president's speech comes with his highest approval rating in two years. but this will be his first address with republicans. sunrise in about a half hour. coming up on partly cloudy sky. live view. stone cold start. we're in the 20s now. but later today upper 40s and partly sunny. some -- a little bit of wet snow tomorrow may give us a couple of inches. >> have a still back up here. outer loop near virginia 95 as you approach 95 because of the crash. wider look of things top of the beltway is slow and 395 inbound. we have this issue in hyattsville. eager road and hamilton street.
6:57 am
one road getting by each away. >> that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you getting up with us. the "today" show is
6:58 am
6:59 am
. good morning.
7:00 am
breaking overnight. threat to kill. isis releases a chilling video. two japanese hostages held at knife point. the ransom demand is $200 million and 72 hours to get it done. terror tuition and taxes. president obama set to unveil an ambitious agenda including a plan to raise taxes on the rich. with republicans newly in power, is that plan dead-on arrival. we'll ask the president's chief of staph. >> four-alarm tragedy. a couple and their four fire in a sprawling maryland home. officials are now searching for the cause.


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