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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the president spent weeks preparing with speeches across the country. tracy pots will be live with a few preview for us at 4:45. for those planning to drive in the district tonight, you might want to stay away from the streets around the capitol. everything in red will be shut down at 7:00 p.m. including part of pennsylvania, independence, and constitution avenues. parking will be restricted. new this morning police in prince george es county are warning you to watch your valuables while pumping gas. police say especially women with handbags. police released the video showing you what can happen. thieves are opening car doors and snatching valuable items in plain sight. thieves are targeting cars left unattended as drives leave them to warm up in the colder months while theft from cars is down
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30%, country wide county wide this year they want that number to be even lower. a lot of times you're pumping gas you put your handbag in the passenger seat. >> you have to assume you will be a victim. go into it thinking that. >> which is too bad but -- >> 4:31 our time now. here is a look at the weather headline. >> starting off with a mostly clear sky. it's pretty cold. down into the 20s everywhere from the mountains to the bay to the shore. into the mid 20s much of southern maryland. low and mid 20s inoun fairfax. most of the valley upper 20s and mountains most locations there in the 20s. oakland is a bit milder at 32. quite a steep climb in our temperature graph today. in the 20s between now and 7:00 or 8:00 and jump into 30s around
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9:00 10:00 and 40s by noontime and soaring to near 50 by around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. quite a dramatic warming. sunrise at 7:23. sunset at 5:16. and the storm team had 4 radar looking in the upper midwest and the data koe teas. there's a disturbance coming our way tomorrow. perhaps a little bit of snow. i'll have an update on that in the half hour. let's look at the traffic. >> good morning. right now looking quite good. not as much construction as we typically see on a weekday morning. taking a look at 270 heading south no problems. no issues north either. taking a look at 66 into and out of town. we heard about a potential crash on west ox. we're not seeing that pop up this morning. and 95 here in virginia headed into and out of town looking quite good as well. branch avenue pennsylvania
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avenue, indian head highway nice and green and moving this morning. little bit to the north 95 in maryland looking good. no issues there. back in 10 minutes with some of the construction around town. not much this morning but we have some. >> good morning. new video into our live desk of the a a bridge collapses in cincinnati. take a look. workers going through a lot of debris here at the scene. after that overpass broke apart over a major interstate, we know one person is dead a construction worker. the driver of a tractor trailer also hurt. officials saying crews were trying to take down the bridge when the accident happened. early reports saying 100 tons of concrete fell. thank you. 4:33 and today christopher barry the son of the late marion barry could turn himself into police. barry faces several misdemeanor charges after an outburst inside the pnc bank in d.c.
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he threatened a bank teller there. threw a trash can over the security glass and smashed a camera. police say he was upset when he was told his account is overdrawn. he's running for his father's seat on d.c. council. >> moments before he was shot a husband lead the shooter outside away from his family. the man is accused in the fatal shooting. cory mattison his ex-wife's husband. he broke into his ex-wife's home and started shooting. two children were at the home at the time of the shooting. family members say that mattison may have saved their lives. >> he's not only in my opinion, saved this family but they saved him, too. >> charged with first-degree murder. he's expected to appear in court this morning at 8:30. >> beginning today the virginia fbi agent charged with his
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wife's murder stands trial for a second time. arthur gonzalez is accused of killing his estranged wife in 2013. prosecutors say he staged the crime scene and faked his grief. gonzalez testified he shot his wife in self-defense after she attacked him. jurors failed to reach a verdict in the first trial. a man will be on trial for sexual assaulting as many as ten other men in our area. prosecutors say joey met the men at beer pong tournaments and lured them to his home on plum creek drive. at least three people reported attacks to police who found pictures of more point deductioner's phone. metro facing more backlash from the underground emergency on the yellow line last week. a law firm says at least 30 people are suing metro over what happened. more than 80 people were put in the hospital that day. one woman died. news 4 learned that radio encryption may have slowed down
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rescue teams. sources told transportation reporter that the encryption may have kept d.c. firefighters and metro officials from talking to each other. congress and representatives from metro and ntsb will meet tomorrow. big changes coming to the schools. chief executive officer has changes to boundaries, grade structures, and programs at several schools. you can let the board know what you think about the changes tonight at 7:00. today 16 and 17-year-olds could receive the right to vote. they approved lowering the voting age earlier this month. the change will take effect in may. if it passes hyattsville will be the only districts in the entire country to lower the voting age. we have a dog poisoning alert. what you need to look out for in northern virginia so your furry friend won't get sick. >> the new service that could have you getting your packages sooner in the mail. we'll take a look at proposed
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changes of the postal service. >> meteorologist tom has your walk to work forecast and weather and traffic on the 1's.
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if you are a dog owner in arlington, beware someone may be trying to poison your pet. these signs were put up yesterday. apparently someone left sausages stuffed with pills along lee highway. at least two dogs ate them and
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became test. they're now testing the sausage sausages. >> you can join a conversation about the relationship between law enforcement officers and the community in alexandria. the mayor is hosting a community forum today. the city's sheriff and police chief will be on the panel. they can discuss how their agency interact with the public. it will take place tonight between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. >> time to check the weather and traffic. it feels cold to me. i'll say that. >> it is cold. weather and traffic on the 1's. >> back to work and school after the holiday on this tuesday morning. your walk to weather is looking good. dry pavement around the region this morning but cold through much of the morning. we will stay below freezing between now through around 8:00 or so hovering upper 20s to near 30s degrees. and mostly cloudy for the afternoon when you're walking
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back home from work. leaving the metro bus stop. upper 40s a fairly pleasant afternoon and partly cloudy. not much of a wind either. a nice break as this january thaw continues. what to wear today? you won't need the super warm winter gear. maybe a couple of layers this morning but overall comfortable with the jacket. have the sunglasses ready as you get off this morning. we'll have the bright sun through the morning. a look at the snow chance for tomorrow. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's at 4:51. melissa, good morning. >> brand new accident at pacific boulevard. we heard something about a crash on old ox there it is. it popped up. construction at bethesda, wisconsin avenue. you can see we have the left side of the roadway blocked you can get by on the right. should be out of the way in a little bit. 270 northbound the lanes here report of debris in the roadway there this morning. a little action for you. a wider look at things no major
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look at things. live look at 66 coming up. new information about a measles outbreak. president obama delivers his state of the union tonight. we'll get a look what he will say and who his guest will be. we'll have a live report from capitol hill. >> and a patriot to the rescue.
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brand new this morning. police currently going through 13 apartments. now this is connected with a man to be believed to be supporting and recruiting syrian fighters. no arrests were made. they're trying to collect more evidence. >> thank you. it is 16 before the hour right now. all eyes on capitol hill tonight for president obama's state of the union address. this is the first time he'll speak to congress where both chambers are controlled by
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republicans. tracy pots live on capitol hill now with a preview for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we already got a bit of a preview in the last few weeks the president has been going around the country talking about free community college education and making mortgages cheaper for families. those are some of the things we expect he'll talk about when he enters the chamber tonight as he did one year ago. however, he's also going to be pitching some tax changes that republicans are already saying they don't like. upping the capital gains rate for wealthy americans ending what may they call the trust fund loophole that allows people with millions of dollars not to pay taxes on the money. and in exchange expanding things like child care tax credits for the middle class. the way the president wants to do republicans are saying will not work for them. it's a hallmark of his speech tonight. in just a few hours. >> all right. thank you. we've learned that d.c. mayor will be at tonight's
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address. she is congresswoman eleanor holmes norton's against. there are a few others that will get a close up view. alan gross will be in the first lady's box. his wife judy will join him there. a global emergency health coordinator working to fight ebola in west africa, and maryland's state senator state senate majority leader will be there as well. we will, of course, carry the address live right here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 p.m. you can stream it using our nbc washington app. today jury selection begins in the trial of a man accused much massacreing movie goers in colorado. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. 9,000 potential jurors will be screened.
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it is one of the largest pools ever. it jurors find him guilty they have to decide whether or not he should be executed. >> these jurors have to be death qualified. what that means is you have to be open both a potential sentence of life in prison or a sentence of execution. >> legal analysts say the process could take months. holmes plead not guilty by reason of insanity. 13 before the hour. news for your health now. a measles outbreak is spreading fast. it started last month in disney land in california. there have been at least 50 cases reported in california, colorado, utah and washington state. the airborne virus is so contagious it can stick around after an infected person left the room. >> the virus can survive on dry surfaces for hours. that's most concerning. >> it can lead to blindness it can lead to an infection of the brain. >> doctors say a decrease in vaccination rates is the main
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reason the country has seen an increase in measles outbreak. >> virginia governor is on the way to a speedy recovery after undergoing a serious medical procedures. they had to drain fluid from around his lungs. he broke seven ribs. he was thrown from a horse while vacationing in africa. doctors thought the injury would heal itself but it doesn't help he's busy right now. he delivered the state of the common wealth address last week. he expects to be back at work within days. we'll get an update from montgomery fire. more than 90% of smoke alarms checked were not working. the most common problems, there wasn't one in the home, or it was older than the usual lifespan of ten years. >> changes coming to the local postal service.
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u.s. passenger's side usps will test out same-day delivery. delivery guaranteed for just a few hours later. the postal service is also proposing a price increase of a penny to 5 cents on postcards and international mail. the increases would go into effect in late april. right now there's no plan to increase for the price of a forever stamp. >> app the new england patriots can call themselves a hero. he helped rescue a woman from an overturned suv. he said no big deal. >> i was just there. no matter the situation i would do it. >> he was on his way home from the game when he saw the crash. it seems the modest hero, as modest as he is he didn't tell his teammates what happened. >> good for him. >> a super bowl.
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the super bowl. no a super bowl. there's only one. the patriots face off with the seattle seahawks in less than two weeks at the super bowl. jim will be heading to phoenix ads arizona to bring you live coverage. the super bowl airs here on nbc 4 on sunday february 1st at 6:30 p.m. >> it's going to be nice and warm in arizona. >> right. we won't be bitter toward him at all. no of course not. >> we have extra cold coming in next week. let's talk about today. >> we'll be inside watching the game anyway. here this morning it's cold. we're off to a cold start. welcome back. good to have you back. >> thank you. >> getting a few sprinkles maybe a little freezing rain or sleet. the pink patches you see in northern and western virginia. it will not make it to the metro area. there is a disturbance in the
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upper plains in the dadakotas. that's zipping down our way during the day tomorrow. bringing us a chance for some snow. here is my preliminary forecast and how much snow we may get. maybe an inch. maybe a couple of inches northern and western suburbs. mainly on grassy areas. the pavement will be above freezing. a light coating and maybe an ichlg. farther to the north there may not be as much. one narrow band here from the eastern shore through the metro area. maryland into northern virginia. eastern pan handle of virginia where there may be one to two inches. look how cold it is now. we're in the mid 20s nearby suburbs to low 20s parts of northern virginia. front royal down to 32. it's near 30s by the bay waters. before the afternoon a nice warming. a little bit of cloudiness.
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a little sunshine but temperatures should make it up to near 50s for a brief time by 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. overnight the clouds close in. look at the gorgeous rainbow. this was over the shenandoah valley. sunday rain around sunset when we had the light showers around. beautiful double rainbow. you can see the second one there. that was posted by laura ellen on my twitter page. here is how you connect with me on twitter and facebook. i love seeing your photographs. i'll postit on instagram. as we get into tomorrow morning we might have a little bit of light snow around dawn. not into the metro area until around k9d or so in the morning and ending by 2:00 or 4:003:00 in the afternoon. temperatures in the low to mid 30s throughout the time. it's going to be a wet snow. quickly ending. maybe about an inch or so mostly on grassy areas. then on thursday partly cloudy.
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back into the 40s again. as well as on friday with sunshine. over the weekend looking nice. upper 40s saturday and sunday with sunshine. maybe a few flurries on monday with highs in the 30s as we get colder next week. now a look at our tuesday commute. back to work and school. >> looking pretty good. i'm not crazy about the snow potential that i see. not crazy about it. unless there's enough for a snowman. everything coming into town and out of town fine. taking look at 95 here in virginia. no problems there. heading north or south beltway central is moving along nicely. a little bit to the north we're taking a look at 95 in maryland and bw parkway. everything nicely there. 270 coming out of frederick. they're completely fine. same out of the german town area north. construction coming up at 5:01.
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thank you. a family moved into a new home and is targeted by vandals in montgomery county. why police are calling it a hate crime. for the first time in more than ten years, you'll have to pay more to attend the university of maryland in the middle of the sc
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right now police in
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montgomery county are searching for a person who spray painted a racist message on a home. this is what the african-american woke up to yesterday. the message uses the n-word and says go home. it was spray painted on the garage door. the family has been living in this glen more drive community for just five days. a neighbor who helped the victims clean up the message said the timing of the act is sickening. >> it's horrifying. we've never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. to have it happen on martin luther king's birthday is just ce are treating this as a hate crime. get ready to write a bigger check for the college. the hike takes effect for the spring semester which starts january 29th. the board is trying to make up $40 million in budget cuts. in-state students will pay about $75 more per year.
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out of state students will pay another $270. the lowest paid workers in virginia won't get a raise. an effort was killed to raise it to $10.10 an hour yesterday. maryland and the district raised their minimum wage last year. d.c. is now $9.50 an hour. the minimum is $8 on the way to $10.10 in 2018 in maryland. happening today learning more about the impact the arts is having on teaching. fairfax county schools will present the result of a four-year study. they used a million dollar federal grant to develop the program and study pre-k and kirnd gartners. if you wondered how much you can make just by adding up all the change in your house we now have an answer. a man in texas saved pennies since the '1950s and decided to cash out this week.
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he took 500 pounds of pen kwlis to the bank. it took tellers to an hour to count them all. he walked away with $810 and change when the tellers finished counting the pennies. they all add up. every single penny. we have breaking news this morning. al soond ree ya police are on the scene of a stabbing. >> richard jordan just arrived. >> reporter: this is where police officers are starting to get to the scene as well. this is an apartment building. the address is 3200 south 28th street in alexandria. not far from king street and 395, but this is the going to be impacting anyone's morning commute. the investigation seems to be fine-tuned here at the apartment building on the first floor. we know a man was stabbed. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. at this point police have not released any information as to who that man was. why he was here, and what may have lead up to the stabbing.
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the investigation in the early stages. reporting live this morning in alexandria. >> all right. jordan live for us there. it is 5:00 a.m. now. good morning. >> welcome to news 4 today for this tuesday january 20th 2015. let's go storm team 4 meteorologist for a look at your hour by hour forecast. tom good morning. >> good morning. off to a clear start. we get back to work and school on this tuesday morning. i'm happy to report we have dry pavement. there is nebraska avenue and northwest washington. there is friendship heights, bethesda bethesda, off in the distance in southern montgomery county. we have a cold morning. a milder afternoon. then tomorrow we have a likelihood of some wet snow moving in. right now cold, sub freezing temperatures. 20 shen done with a valley. montgomery fairfax, and parts of northern vi


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