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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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burned a local mansion to the ground. now investigators want to know if anyone was inside. >> we have just learned that the atf has been called to the scene because of the size and scope of the scene. and investigators say there is no indication right now that the fire is suspicious. the blaze broke out around 3:30 this morning on childs point road in annapolis. at this hour crews are still on the scene. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in annapolis where a four-alarm fired has destroyed a multimillion million-dollar home on the water front. fire officials are still trying to determine if anyone died in this fire. firefighters in anne arundel county got the call about 3:30 this morning for a fire on childs point road on the waterfront near the south river. the fire and heat were so intense they were not able to go in and look for any victims. fire officials believe no one was in the house but that he ear not so sure. can you say there are people unaccounted for at this time? >> we have not been able to
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account for the occupants of the residents. >> reporter: how many people are unaccounted for? >> we don't have a determination. >> reporter: we'll have more on who own this property and you'll hear from neighbors who have lived here for decades. in annapolis, spence assault weapons -- darcy spencer news4. take a look at what the home looks like on google ith this video from chopper 4. even with the heavy smoke you can still see how much of that multimillion-dollar home has been destroyed. the governor of virginia is in the hospital because of an injury he suffered overseas. wendy rieger at the live desk for us. >> governor terry mcauliffe has beened a midded to virginia commonwealth medical center for aftereffects from over the holidays. he talked with julie carey and showed no signs of trouble.
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over the holidays he was vacationing with his family in africa and was thrown from a horse. mccauliffe broke seven ribs. a spokesman for the governor says the injury itself didn't impair mccauliffe from doing his job, but doctors expected the injury to heal on its own. today they discovered fluid was building up around his lungs and it required a procedure to remove it. state officials expect the governor to be back in action in about two or three days. fam afamily and friends are remembering carol glover today. mourners gathered this morning for a memorial service at capitol hill baptist church in northeast washington. that's the church she attended. as far as the investigation, congress plans to hold a meeting on wednesday to address questions about the emergency response. and we learned new concerns of communication between d.c. fire and metro. adam tuss has more on that. >> reporter: a week after the
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tragedy at l'enphant plaza, it appears some of the key players in this whole investigation are starting to point fingers at one another. now, behind the scenes behind all the question some bad blood could be brewing. just this saturday the pre preliminary d.c. fire report of what happened at l'enphant plaza released but quietly others in the investigation are questioning the rush of information that has been demand by local leaders in this investigation. we caught up with metro board member bill yule today and asked him if people could trust that the metro system is safe. >> the system is 30-plus years old and has, you know, a long positive record of safety and certainly, while there's been hiccups along the way, the commitment is there to continue to improve and enhance the safety of the system for all rider riders and accidents and incidents will happen but hopefully, you know, they will be far and few. >> reporter: coming up in my next report at 5:00, the d.c.
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fire department recently made a move to increase its radio channels meaning only agencies that knew how to tap into that encryption could listen to channels. did that play a role in the response here? at l'enphant plaza, adam tuss, news4. we have a complete story of what we now know about the metro accident posted in our nbc washington app. go there now and search metro smoke for everything about the investigation. first at 4, rude welcome for a family in our area. less than a week after they moved in someone spray-painted racial slurs on their garage door. this happened overnight along glen mor drive in chevy chase, maryland. neighbors helped the family clean off this graffiti earlier today. police say no one else in the neighborhood reported any cays of vandalism. a worker is recovering after falling off a building that's under construction. these are pictures of the construction site in the 1800 block of chapman 1/2 rockville.
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the worker fell from a roof onto a pal connie on the fifth floor. montgomery county fire and rescue got the construction worker and took him to the hospital. he's injured but he is expected to be okay. we are learning new information today about just how a toddler was found wandering by himself in the middle of the night just a few blocks away from the station. police tell us someone flagged an officer after they saw the child alone in the 1300 block of morris road in southeast. this was around 12:53 a.m. the child did not have on any shoes. the child has also been reunited now with his parents. we're told the boy walked out of the house when the babysitter fell asleep. developing right now, another person has died after some rough weather just to our north. a 13-year-old died from injuries this afternoon after being thrown from a car that overturned when it encountered an icy pileup on the pennsylvania interstate yesterday. four others died across the philadelphia area yesterday when freezing rain turned to ice.
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just as i have a dream, my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream! >> today the nation is honoring the life of dr. martin luther king jr. dr. king made that speech at the lincoln memorial in 1963. today some are marking his legacy with a day of service. president president obama, the first lady and malia lent a hand at the boys and girls club of greater washington today. they worked on projects to improve literacy. the president urged all americans to get involved. vice president joe biden spoke at the organization of minority women's annual martin luther king jr. breakfast. he spoke about tensions between police and minorities. the event comes just a day after shots were fired at his delaware
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home. we veal more on that story in our next half hour. it's now worse than anyone expected. the measles infection now spreading after an outbreak at a popular amument park. how faritis now it's spread and the risk it still poses to kids and adults. a little more than 24 hours to go to one of washington's biggest nights of the year. the local people invited to the state of the union and security plans that are already in the works. and weather-wise it's been a terrific day for us. take a look at the radar, quiet across the area now, but off to the west storm team 4 already tracking this storm. it is expected to bring some snow here. when we return we'll talk about who the storm system will be nor of a nuisance for.
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a maryland couple will be sitting with the first lady at the state of the union address tomorrow night. alan and judy gross are among 22 white house guests. alan gross was released from a cuban president last month after the historic announcement the u.s. is restoring diplomatic relations. others include dr. pranav shetty and kathy pham. the agency's mission is to improve and simplify public's online sprax interaction with the government. a lot of streets will be closed in and around the downtown area and capitol hill for the state of the union address tomorrow so you want to be on the lookout for that. we also have learned the potomac and anacostia rivers will be restricted. the coast guard says it's blocking off this big area in yellow beginning 59 p.m.
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tomorrow to maintain security during the state of the union address. we've also just posted all of the closures in our nbc washington app. search "state of the union." you can watch the president's speech right here as he head to the capitol tomorrow night. nbc news special coverage by ginns s begins tomorrow at 9:00. it's one of the world's biggest health concerns but could a farm in the midwest hold a key to ending the ebola crisis? caught on camera, the tricky rescue at sea that involved more than just people. sunny skies here but tracking the next storm system blowing our way. when you could see it.
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ten people died in a protest in west africa. many protesters condemned the decision by the magazine "charlie hebdo," to print cartoons showing a satirical version of the prophet muhammad on the cover. belgian authorities believe the head of the terror cell they disrupted last thursday night is still at large. that raid may have come just in time. the plot to attack police was supposed to be carried out the next day, on friday. belgian authorities tell nbc news their terror investigation is evolving hour by hour. they just requested the extradition of a man arrested in greece and two others who were
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stopped at the franco italian border. parents of those fugitive kentucky teenagers are anxiously waiting their return home. 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend were found in florida yesterday in a stolen car. they faced charges far go-week crime spree. the pair allegedly pilfered checks stole car, and escaped police across five southern states. hayes appeared in a florida courtroom there today. he waived his rights to an extradition hearing and will return to kentucky to face charges. his girlfriend will face charges in juvenile court. the measles outbreak that began in disneyland has spread to several states and infected dozens of people. >> nbc's erika edwards discovered the outbreak has doubled in size since last week. >> reporter: more than 50 people were diagnosed with the measles with an outbreak that began in disney land. >> we are very concerned. it's expanded more rapidly than we thought. >> reporter: cases have been reported in utah colorado and
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washington state. the airborne virus is so contagious it can stick around after an infected person has left the room. >> the virus can survive on dry surfaces for hours. >> reporter: measles causes fever, a cough, and runny nose and is marked by a signature rash that may not show up until after the patient has been contagious for days. >> it lead to blindness, to encephalitis encephalitis which is an infection of the brain. >> reporter: 13 people are also sick in a separate outbreak in south dakota. one clinic there offered booster shots for free. >> you're not just putting yourself at risk but other taos. if you get sick and pass it along. >> reporter: many patients in the outbreak that began in disneyland were not vaccinated either because they were too young or because parents decided against vaccinating their children. doctors say a decrease in vaccination rates is the main reason the nation has seen a marked increase in measles outbreaks in recent years. more than 600 people were infected in the u.s. in 2014. the worst year for please ls in
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over a decade. erika edwards, nbc news. could cattle hold the key for an ebola cure? on a farm in iowa, researchers have been using a herd of cloned genetically engineered cattle to produce ebola antibodies. the hope is that one day these antibodies can be used to treat people with the disease. this might be a good time to start planning a road trip. gas prices keep on falling. the average is now less than $2 a gallon in virginia $1.98, to be exact. that's according to aaa. and prices are expected to fall even further. in maryland the average price is $2.19 per gallon. it dropped ten cents over the last week. in west virginia, a gallon of regular will cost you $2.09. in the district it's $2.48. moving in the right direction. meanwhile, the mercury inched up on us today, which was nice. >> it did. it was nice and comfortable after a bit of a chill this past weekend and some icy conditions
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up to the north. so now we'll see the mild temperatures hold for yet another day. then some midweek snow that will be anywhere from a nuisance to more disruptive for some folks. we're going to detail that a little later in the newscast. runners impact forecast, if you are going to be hitting the road the asphalt temperatures in the mid-40s to low 40s. yes, it will be nice but getting a little chill bibby time you get to 8:00 9:00 if you're be out a late. as we take a look and advance on through the forecast your evening planner forecast 49 degrees right now. we drop down into the 30s late tonight. not too bad. future weather, well it will show some very pleasant day coming our way tomorrow a few high clouds running through the area mainly across northern maryland from cumberland to pair areas like gaithersburg and into d.c. but a nice day tomorrow. we'll see some clouds maybe later tomorrow, 46 to 52 but, again, mild throughout the area. then the cold air comes in for
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wednesday and when it does come in for wednesday, you can see it yeah it means with the next system coming in and moving from west to east it means the possibility of some snow. in fact for some areas north and west it's looking more and more likely. here we are at 10:00 a.m. on wednesday, 72 70 looking at areas of snow across the area. i think it's a mixture of snow and rain down around d.c. to manassas. then as the system makes its way out of here we'll start to see rain take over during the afternoon hours. but up here those counties that border pennsylvania those are the ones that could have some accumulating snowfall maybe more than an inch a little too early to tell right now, but this event hangs on up until 8:00 to 9:00. starts at 8:00 a.m. ends around 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on wednesday. here's the way it's look right now. these are the areas that will have this as more of a nuisance event for them. around warrenton, around d.c. around the areas like annapolis, more of a nuisance but maybe
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there is a delay or two, more disruptive weather here winchester hagerstown frederick, maryland over toward carroll county hartford county disruptive there but there could be one or two inches. same thing around frostberg, romney areas around peters burg where there might be a cancellation again. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on wednesday, mixture of snow and rain a little accumulation around d.c. so thinking we're going to be just fine here. especially with as high as temperatures will be tomorrow. going up to 50 degrees. we drop to 35 wednesday morning. some arias, though, will be around that critical mark of 32 33. the high on wednesday 38. for the remainder of the workweek mixture of clouds and sunshine getting close to average again. but we're going to talk more about that system on wednesday, where there could be some of the bigger road impacts coming up later. guys? >> v.j. thank you. the wounded weatherman is now back on set. meteorologist patrick crawford returned to work today at the nbc station down in waco texas.
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a month ago he was leaving work when a gunman approached him in the station parking lot and opened fire. crawford was hit three times. that gunman got away. police still don't know where he is. crawford says he doesn't know the man and has no idea why he was shot. feeling a little hungry about now? if you are, the mouth watering deals throughout the area that won't break the bank but will fill you up. they've already changed the way you shop. now amazon is branching out further and that could shake up the entertainment business. and then there were two. next week i'll be coming to you live from arizona and the site of super bowl xlix. so now that we know who's playing, tell us who do you think will win the big game? >> it's our nbc washington flash survey of the day. cast your vote. you can vote on the facebook and twitter pages.
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the negs teem you visit thomas jefferson's monticello home you will soon be able to tour parts of the mansion that have been hidden for decades. it's part of a multimillion-dollar restoration of the historic site. 11 spaces on the second floor are being re-created including the family's bedrooms and a
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nursery. outside spaces are also being refurbished. the entire idea is to give you a more intimate look at both the architecture and jefferson's personal life. the restoration should be wrapped up by march. tonight at 6:00 natalie cole will perform at a flee freeh concert for martin luther king day. the "let freedom ring" concert is at the kennedy center. tickets will be given out on a first come first served basis starting at 5:00. during the concert, georgetown university will present its annual legacy of a dream award to the ceo of bread for the city. the coast guard and marines rescue two people and a dog from a grounded sailboat off the coast of north carolina. a marine helicopter was first on the scene yesterday afternoon and hoisted a man who was suffering from a heart condition to safety. then a coast guard chopper lowered a rescue diver to the water to strap the woman and her dog to a rescue board. the two were lifted to safety and both are said to be in good condition today. fresh off of its multigolden
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globe win for the original television series "transparent," amazon todaystudios has plans to start making movies. the company announced today it's planning to introduce and acquire close to a dozen full-length films per year for release in theaters. the films will then be available to amazon prime subscribers about 30 60 days following their three atry ritheatrical debut. production is planned for later this year. it is winter restaurant week in d.c. to celebrate 2015, a three-course lunch will cost you $20.15 and a three-course dinner will be $35.15. more than 200 restaurants are participating this year. we have a guide to restaurant week on our home page. visit breaking news first at 4, new details just coming in about the pope's visit here in the nation's capital. we'll tell you about the plans just announced including where
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the pontiff is planning to visit. camping out for a good cause. why some people are getting ready to sleep among the homeless tonight.
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again? give them something special. gather around the world's best chicken le sides for a dinner everyone will get excited about. kfc.
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right now at 4:30 just in from anne arundel county firefighters we can confirm that six people are unaccounted for following this massive fire that burned a mansion to the ground. flames ripped through the home around 3:30 this morning on childs point road in annapolis. the 16,000-square-foot house is destroyed. news4's darcy spencer is working this story right now. she'll bring you the latest coming up in a live report at 5:00. and breaking right now at 4:30, the vatican releasing new information about the pope's
4:30 pm
visit to the u.s. >> wendy rieger is at the live desk. we know for sure the pope is coming to washington. >> that's right. tom sherwood reported this last week, but the vatican is confirming it and there's a lot of excitement among catholics in our area as pope francis plans to stop in d.c. this september. he confirmed the news today on his way back from the philippines. while here he will be celebrating mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he will canonize american missionary junipero serra. and an official says there would likely be a welcoming ceremony. the pontiff will also visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families and is expected to hold mass at madison square garden. as we learn more about the timing of this trip we will bring you the details on the air and on back to you. >> thank you, wendy. the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king is being honored with events across our region. >> one of the many events was a
4:31 pm
parade that took place here in washington. news4's megan mcgrath reports from the mlk memorial on what dr. king's dream means to some who came to celebrate his life. ♪ >> reporter: a day to remember through song. ♪ and with ceremony. a wreath laid at the martin luther king memorial this morning. although dead for more than 40 year king's message of -- >> hope prosperity liberation. >> reporter: -- remains relevant today. >> ferguson was a wake-up call for this country. again, it just shows that some things are changed and some things haven't changed on a fundamental level. >> i'm in australia, so we also have racial issues with our own indigenous people. so for us to be here on a day like today reminds us of the imperative to treat people
4:32 pm
equally. >> reporter: many who came kaim to the memorial this morning brought their children so they too, can carry king's message. >> the next generation has to keep whereupon he left off because if it doesn't we'll be basically back to square one and that would be a terrible thing. >> to be honest it's a little overwhelming. you grow up learning a lot about dr. king and what he stood for and what it means for my race what it means for the world in general. >> he's a guy that would help people. >> reporter: megan mcgrath news4. >> many of you along with your friends and neighbors spent this holiday participating in a day of service, and mclean volunteers preparing snack bags for the ronald mcdonald house, preparing craft bags for children at area hospitals and shelters and putting together emergency preparation bags. >> i think it's one of the best things you can do on a weekend. it's not like playing video
4:33 pm
games or going to sports games. i think if you're giving back to the community you're doing what's right. >> i want to be able to help people connect on a different kind of level because i, myself had help from other people in my life and i want to be able to do the same for people who need my help. >> volunteer fairfax has been working for 40 years with groups trying to build better communities. let's find out more about their work visit and search "volunteer." 25 years ago today history was made in virginia. doug waller was sworn into office becoming the nation's first african-american governor since reconstruction. wilder went on to be mayor of richmond ten years after his governorship ended. more recently wilder has served as a professor at virginia commonwealth university and founded the national slavery museum. a maryland fitness mod sell dead after a mysterious incident in california.
4:34 pm
37-year-old george plit was hit and killed by a train over the weekend in burbank. he was filming on the tracks at the time. investigators are trying to figure out why he didn't hear the blaring train horn. plit grew up in baltimore county. he appeared on more than 200 magazine covers. we now know the name of the man found shot to death at a motel in prince george's county james birch, who was killed at the bragg motel on crane highway in croom. police were called to the scene around 3:00 sunday morning. birch lived in heartwood, maryland. police don't think the shooting was random. no word of an arrest or motive. the 2015 homeless and hungry campout begins in about 30 minutes. participants will meet at the shining star free will baptist church in seat pleasant. organizers hope to highlight the flight of the disenfranchised. they are asking everyone to wear something yellow as a symbol of hope. the secret service is still trying to figure out who fired
4:35 pm
gunshots near the vice president's delaware home. >> it happened around 8:30 saturday night. the bidens were not home at the time and no one was hurt but authorities are anxious to know who's behind it. multiple shots were fired from a vehicle that drove by the entrance to the home. the secret service said it heard the shots, so did a neighbor and one agent saw a car speed away. the bidens and president obama have been briefed about the incident. new answers tonight in an embarrassing cyberattack on sony. how the u.s. was able to trace it back to north korea. not getting enough deep sleep? why you might be able to blame it on your light bulbs. and storm team 4 tracking some above-normal temps. >> that's for a while. looking at the possibility of a wintry wednesday. some of you might not see any snow at all the, while others might see an inch or two.
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in honor of martin luther king day, we quantity to hear from you about what race means in your life. mtv took color out of its programming today to encourage a discussion about that. logon to my facebook page and join the discussion. nbc news has confirmed a "new york times" report about the destructive cyberattack on sony. u.s. cyber spies apparently broke into north korea's computer system four years ago
4:39 pm
and that's how the u.s. knew north korea was behind the sony breach. but national cyber intelligence agents were unaware of the attack as it happened. they did not know until sony contacted the fbi in november. with thecfl and l.e.d. light bulb, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to home lighting. but which bulbs offer the best value? erika gonzalez joins us in the studio with the results of some testing. >> it's always about getting the most for your money, right? many of today's light bulbs have the potential to do more than just turn on and off. consumer reports checks out sthaefrl claim to improve your mood. the lab is full of light bulbs. this one keeps you awake and alert. and this one the definitely digital good night l.e.d. for $ 0 says improves your natural sleep because it emits less blue light than other l.e.d.s.
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using this machine, "consumer reports" measured the amount of blue light and found it has lower levels than other l.e.d.s. but is it worth $70? >> cfl costs a lot less than an l.e.d. and gives off a lot less blue light. >> reporter: "consumer reports" recommends walmart's 60 watt replacement cfl at just over a dollar per bulb. as for the $70 definitely digital awake alert it claims more blue light for impruched alertness. "consumer reports" tests find it delivers higher blue light levels. here's a look at the light cast by the alert and awake bulb compared to the more natural light from this l.e.d. bulb. finally the l.e.d. bulbs connects to your wi-fi and can be controlled using your smartphone. it changes color and even has a strobe light setting opinion of course if you just want to light a room the $99 price tag is a long way to go.
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"consumer reports" said this cree soft light dimmable l.e.d. does just that for $8.50 per bulb. if you have trouble sleeping "consumer reports" health experts recommend turning off all sources of blue light, smartphones, computer tablet screens, and tvs several hours before you turn in. i'm sure that is a hard fight for a lot of people. if you have an idea, let us know. >> never turn off news4 at 11:00. >> of course not. please wait until after the show is over. of course. >> good tips. >> thank you. the super bowl matchup is now set. but is a supersized controversy also brewing? why the nfl is looking into whether the patriots skirted league rules to get to the big game. a police department under
4:42 pm
fire for what it's firing bullets at during target practice. plus why tiger woods' front tooth is now missing.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
thousands are sharing the story of an arizona mother who died before she ever got to hold her newborn quadruplets. erica morales wanted to become a mother. after years of disappointment
4:45 pm
she and her husband were overjoyed last fall when they finally discovered she was pregnant. morales was hospitalized last week with high blood pressure. it's not clear what went wrong after that but the babies were born by emergency c-section and morales died a few hours later. her family held a vigil last night. a go fund me page as raised more than $100 in two days. nearly a month later searchers recover two more bodies from that airasia plane that went down off the coast of indonesia. 162 people died back on december 28th. 53 bodies have been found so far. bad weather is still hindering efforts. this afternoon a pro golfer is talk about how he survived a kidnapping beating, and robbery
4:46 pm
in hawaii. robert allenby says he was attacked outside a honolulu bar on friday. allenby told the golf channel he is thankful to be alive. >> 2 1/2 hours later i woke up on the street being thrown out of the trunk of a car. the only reason why i know that part is because a homeless lady told me and she said she saw it. >> honolulu police are reviewing security video from that night as part of their investigation. the picture of a toothless tiger woods is getting lots of attention on nbc washington's facebook page today. take a look at these pictures from the golf channel's website. woods was in italy today to watch his girlfriend lindsey vonn at the skiing world cup and lost one of his perly whites. his agent says a cameraman actually hit tiger while surging the awards podium. he didn't say when woods would have that tooth replaced. tiger woods plans to return to competition next week in
4:47 pm
phoenix. hey, it's a look. and speaking of the matchup for super bowl xlix is set, folks. a chris palone reports both teams took different paths to get to arizona and there's a little controversy thrown in too. >> the flag is flying high atop the space needle in seattle today telling the world the defending champions are heading back to the super bowl. it wasn't easy nor likely. down 19-14 they recovered an onside cook with a little more than two minutes left and took their first lead with 86 seconds left in regulation. >> seattle oes going to the super bowl! >> we're going to the super bowl!
4:48 pm
the patriots whipped the indianapolis colts 45-7 but the nfl is investigating allegations the patriots let some air out of their game ball making them easier to throw and catch, a charge the team denies. regardless of the nfl's findings into deflate gate, the patriots are on their way to their sixth championship in 13 years making tom brady the first quarterback ever to start six super bowls. >> number one all the way. >> reporter: now the focus turns to phoenix, home of super bowl xlix where fans hope to see their teams hoist the lombardi trophy one more time. chris palone nbc news boston. >> the place to watch the super bowl is right here on nbc 4. i'll be headed to glendale arizona, for the big game so like me on facebook and i'll take you behind the scenes sunday february 1st, kickoff at 6:30. we say glendale but it's right outside of phoenix. and we know it's going to be warmer than here.
4:49 pm
>> yeah, and generally sunny there. >> and we're not in it but still good to watch. >> we're excited about our weather here today but we won't be excited for much longer will we? >> not for much longer. we squeak through tomorrow with another great day, but then on wednesday some folks get just rain. others will have to deal with a little bit of snow. let me show you what's going on across the area right now. we're pretty quiet at 49 degrees with that northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. meanwhile, if you are going to be headed lout outdoors throughout the day tomorrow to take advantage of the great weather, we start out in the low and mid-30s in and around d.c. 34 at 7:00 a.m. then quickly by the time we get to 10:00 a.m. we'll be around 40 degrees, going for a high around 50 tomorrow 2:00 3:00. right on up there again. mild with just a few clouds. that's all we're expecting area wide. some locations right down i-95 301, should get to 52 degrees. fredericksburg stafford even waldorf will be around 51. d.c. at 50. some slightly cooler
4:50 pm
temperatures. clouds coming our way north for the afternoon. light snow coming into the area. temperatures again very critical as to what's going to be unfolding across the area. not look like a big storm system at all but a system that could be producing some delays i think across our northern most counties of maryland. light snow a mixture of rain and snow for the afternoon, late afternoon, and evening hours, and that really is the time period we're going to be watching very critically during the evening hours. so nuisance here luray, warrenton, into d.c. more disruptive weather, winchester up to hagerstown frederick, leesburg so again, there might be some dlas up here but as we move into the next couple of days the end of this week, the weekend, and especially next week we'll start to see a pattern change.
4:51 pm
doug? yeah and that change means we'll be on the colder side of things and our chances for snow are going up in the next couple weeks. we'll show you what we're talking act as those temperatures get close to that 40-degree range. we'll be averaging right around 40 and be in the 40s for most of this week. temperatures next week as we get to see that arctic air move into the corner the picture, those temperatures back into the 30s for next week and numerous storms could bring us chances for snow. we'll be all oifrt in the storm center. >> tomorrow 50 manage to eke out another great mild day, 38. that's it far high temperature on wednesday, then the end of the week into the 40s, low and mid-40s with a chance of some rain maybe a little bit of something mixing in on saturday and of course next week as you heard doug say, more about the colder pattern. jim, pat? now to some story weers working on in our newsroom. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has been hospitalized. he broke his ribs in a horseback riding accident? africa over the holidays but
4:52 pm
the injury hasn't healed as expected. ahead at 5:00, the new concern about the governor's lungs and when officials expect him to be back on the job. the university of maryland and several other colleges in the state are raising tuition effective immediately. chris gordon is working to find out what's driving the rare midyear hike and he'll have an explanation from officials coming up. six people, all members of a family, are unaccounted for in this massive four-alarm fire we've been reporting in the indianapolis area. firefighters have been on the scene at childs point road on the south river for well over 13 hours now. that mansion is gutted. firefighters say the fire was so hot, so intense they could not go in to look for victims. now the atsfshgs sending its national response team. coming up on news 4 at 5:00
4:53 pm
darcy spencer has details on who owns the home and reaction from neighbors. back to you. lawmakers in virginia set to take on a problem of epidemic proportions. death from heroin overdoses. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has a preview. >> reporter: from the courthouses to the emergency room the impact of a crisis is evident. the number of overdose deaths from heroin and other opioids has reached epidemic levels. tomorrow in richmond a plan of attack will be revealed. virginia attorney general mark harry will present several bills he believes can both save lives of overdose victims and crack down on dealer who is sell deadly drugs. the measures of the first proposals from a statewide task noors began meeting in november. >> too many virginians are losing loved ones and i don't want another parent to have to bury a child or another parent -- or another child to drugs. >> reporter: coming up on news 4
4:54 pm
at 5:00 you will neat p fairfax county father who lost his son just five months ago and has become a powerful voice in this effort to save lives. in fairfax, virginia julie carey, news4. communities up in arms over target practice. >> when i saw it i was, like wait a second, that's my brother. >> the police department says it's common practice to pump bullets into booking photos.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
imagine learning your local police department is using your picture for target practice. a police department in south florida is under fire for using old mug shots for sniper training. our sister station in miami broke the story. here's nbc's willard shepherd. >> reporter: which did you recognize as your brother? >> this one. >> reporter: today vanessa williams pointed to this photo of her brother, one of six used in december by north miami beach police department sniper teams. here at the medley weapons range. the photos are riddled with bullets. the department says actual photos are used only during sniper training because the officers must learn to recognize a suspect from a photo in the event they need to incapacitate him or her. williams says she's not buying it. >> the first time when i saw it i was, like wait a second, that's my broth per, like why are they doing that? they going to use him as a target? it doesn't make no sense.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: police chief defends the practice saying it's an effective way to train snipers. while he says no police training or department rules were broken he said the policy is being revised. >> our policies were not violated. there is no discipline that's forth coming for the individuals regarding this. >> reporter: woody dion and his sister were the first to ask why his mug shot was being used. valerie dion who is in the national guard, discovered the targets when she went to the range for military duty last month. >> and it was my brother. so i was, like why is he on a target? >> it's not fair for me to be displayed in that sense because not that i -- that's jeopardy. at 5:00, a message of hate followed by an outpouring of love. the reaction from one community tonight to a new neighbor targeted in a hate crime. new concerns tonight about the deadly metro smoke incident.
4:59 pm
why a change the fire department made may be at the center of this investigation. and a new plan of action tonight to save lives as drug overdose deaths in the commonwealth are now surging. but first at 5:00 tonight, was there anyone inside the critical question as the firefighters battle a four-alarm blaze are searching through what is left of a massive home searching for members of the family. this is what the home looked like yesterday. 16,000 square feet. it's a mansion in annapolis built to investmentable a castle. but in the overnight hours that fire spread quickly. the floor collapsed. the roof was fall do you think by the time firefighters got there. and this afternoon the house is in ruins. firefighters now say six people members of one family are unaccounted for. news4's darcy spencer is on the scene and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the anne arundel county fire department confirmed late this afternoon what we've
5:00 pm
been hearing out here on the scene all day, that six family members are unaccounted for in this family tragedy here. the ected to take over the investigation because it is so big and they probably won't start going ing side looking for bodies until sometime wednesday morning. it's known by neighbors as a castle. this 16,000-square-foot home near the south river burned to the ground this morning. a quick-moving fire consumed the home on childs point road in annapolis. fire officials say six people are unaccounted for. >> they reported fire on the first and second floor and through the roof already upon their arrival.
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