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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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the woman who lost her life a smoke filled metro train get ready to remember her. and honestoring dr. king how many of us are using it as a day of service instead of a day off. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. that's right. we should call it a day on as opposed to a day off. outside it looks like we have liquoring sprinkles working their way out. it could be a good day for those of you headed out to par take in the martinluther king day of service. >> if you you live north of the metro area there could be patchy ice as we did have a few sprinkles quickly viping through. now they're pretty much dissipating on the eastern shore. freezing in virginia. just generally in the low to mid-30s 66 95, but around the beltway, it's just a little above freezing but 95 north interstate 70, 270 and the icc
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right or below freezing as is interstate 70 from frederick out to hagerstown with that moisture that did it come on through yesterday and some lingering wet pavement like this here in northwest that i took a couple hour ago. could be freezing up a bit so watch out for patchy ice for another couple of hours. areas mainly just to the north of the metro area, and then a chilly afternoon, your weather headlines for this dr. king day, a wintry mix may be moving in on wednesday. more on that coming up. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the hour by hour warming for this day ahead. now melissa has a new crash. new crash up north, 95 in maryland at route 100. we know that it is a vehicle off the side of the roadway. so police heading out for that response at this point this morning. 270 here at montrose road everything looking quite good. 66 at fairfax county parkway, also looking good. all of these folks headed inbound this morning.
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outbound your fine as well. of course we're talking about the slick roads. on the beltway i was fine this morning. when i got off on river road of course a little bit slick because of those ramps and bridges are always a little nasty before 95 in virginia northbound at dale city we have that crash off to the shoulder. prince george's county overall be looking quite good. i'm back at 5:11. today family and friends will honor the life of a woman killed during metro's underground emergency. a memorial service for carol glover will happen at 10:00 at capitol hill baptist church in northeast d.c.. the medical examiner says glover died of acute respiratory failure caused by smoke exposure. friends and strangers have stepped into help the glover family during this difficult time. to see how you can donate, you can download oig thethe nbc washington app. congress will hold a briefing with the ntsb on wednesday. eleanor holmes norton called for
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that briefing. the ntsb found that 45 minutes had passed before you power was cut to the third rail before first responders could reach passengers. d.c. fire and ems also released an initial report and found firefighters were having a tough time communicating with one another. you can read both reports on be and stay with news 4 for continuous coverage. breaking news into the live desk right now. d.c. police officers are trying to find a lost boy's parents. that child just between 2 and 3 years old, he was found very early this morning just before 1:00 on morris road and mount view place in southeast washington. this is not far from mlk avenue. someone saw the child wandering the streets all by himself, alerted police officers of what was going on. police say they still have not tracked and for now he's with child protective services. 5:04 just about now on this monday morning. a new group how coming out against the redskins flame.
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the fritz pollard allyianced created. they wrote a let are calling the name undignified. and we notice all of are you so excited about the super bowl but let's talk baseball. nationals are getting ready for suit up a brand new pitcher. say hello to max scherzer. he signed a 7 year deal to pitch through 2021. he was voted best pitcher in the american league two years ago and we don't know what this will mean for the nationals rotation except that he'll it. scherzer comes over from the tigers. he had been to the playoffs in each of the last four years. it is martin luther king jr. day. while you may not have to work, there are a lot of efrptss sfof events you can attend.
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megan mcgrath joining us from the mlk memorial. >> reporter: that's right, many schools and offices are closed today and there are a lot of events happening around the region to honor the lfr andife and legacy of dr. martin luther king skrr oig. this was taken at the peace walk parade in southeast last year. and that event is happening again this year along mrk avenue. it gets understand way at 11:0. if you're in the area there will be road closures as the parade makes its way along mlk avenue. mayor bowser will be on hand along the tidal bay sinsin ceremony at 8:00 a.m. and then a special event at the national cathedral, there will be music, poetry and dance. that event from 2:00 to 4:00. megan mcgrath, news 4. and metro just opened it's on a saturday schedule today.
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that means it closes at midnight like any other weekda however, you can expect a 12 minute wait between trains on any line. 5:06. a message is written on the property inside of a local church and it wasn't necessarily hateful. but still vandalism. we'll tell you whose side the pastor is taking. making flying easier. and we're not talking about for you. how one airport is catering to your pets. a horse in the airport? a live look outside. we're keeping an eye out for the ice. it will be warming up as the day goes on. tom has the hour by hour forecast at 5:11.
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new this morning, there is apparently some question about the game balls used in the afc championship. according to our sister station in indianapolis the nfl is now looking into whether the patriots deflated game balls during their 45-7 win over the colts. apparently one ball was taken out of action to be weighed. if there is proof of intent the patriots could lose some draft picks. animals of all types will get a chance to enjoy the luxury treatment at jfk airport. the airport is opening the world's first animal only terminal. the term naturalinal will feature a dog and cat resort and also a
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veterinarian hospital. we have pets horses livestock and birds, they should all pass through the facility by next year. they are going to have the luxury of climate controlled vehicles and aircrafts. it's such a huge effort to try to ship pets from point a to point bcht, so. and it will add another 110 jobs. >> that's allege a good thing. and they will call it the ark. >> i love that. live look outside for you right now. a fairly warm 40 degrees outside our studios at this early hour. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. we're starting off, we've had a few sprinkles and flurries quickly passing through from the north. they're heading off to the east and pretty much breaking up as they go across the bay on to the eastern shore. our temperatures have dipped below freezing in a few isolated spots, but generally low to mid-30s much of the region and through the day ahead, we will
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have maybe a little patchy ice on roadways through 9:00 it should be melting by then. quickly getting up to around 40 by 10:00, upper 40s by 2:00. partly cloudy during the afternoon. a look at how much longer this january thaw weather will last that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. how are the roads? overall looking pretty good. 66 east of compton road all these folks headed into town. a tiny bit of volume. hopefully you're off today. 270 at old hundred, that is looking good. taking a look at this earlier crash, 95 north bound at 100, report of a vehicle off the side of the road. went off of the roadway. so police out there looking for that. in prince george's county everything rolling along quite nicely there. and 95 north in virginia, dale city again tractor trailer crash off to the shoulder. the time is 5:11. an international beauty queen is
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under fire for taking a selfie. why who she took the photo with is adding to the war between two countries. and you might be stricter for your teen's bedtime. it could mean the can difference between good and risky behavior. and chuck bell is driving in the storm team 4 x 4 checking for slick spots.
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icytheast are creating harry conditions as you can see right here. an suv in yonkers, new york sliding you all the way down that slick road. what a scary road. narrowly missing that long line of parked cars at the end. it then smashes in to the curb. driver wasn't seriously hurt, but definitely a good reminder to drive carefully today. here at home we're keeping a close eye on the slick roads in our area. >> chuck bell is driving the icc right now. how is it looking out there?
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>> reporter: so far so good. it's a cold start out here. we are on the ick coming up towards the georgia avenue exit. we've seen plenty of chemical put down so no icing here. but pavement temperatures are at or just below the freezing mark. i-66 at 219, out across northern maryland respect road temperature there is in the mid-20s. p so the farther north you go the colder the pavement stipulates are. plenty of road chemical put down so the icc and 270 were this good shape. if you have any road reports, send them to me at chuck. this morning a pastor says he loves the vandals who wrote on the signs on church property. >> somebody painted over a sign
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that reads black lives matter to read all lives matter. reverend braddock brought the sign inside and it is pladisplayed. >> these small aggressions build up over time an i think they're deliberate and intentionally hurtful and our community is a place that welcomes and includes all people. >> braddock says the church is stig stick sticking to the message black lives matter. two people are suffering from severe injuries after an explosion at a building on k-street. it happened in the davis building around 3:00 p.m. yesterday sending people scrambling into the streets. witnesses say it was so powerful that it knocked several people off their feet. >> we saw two men who were apparently the engineers who
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were on the floor. >> the cause of the explosion is still in- under investigation. the u.s. reportedly infiltrated authority korea's computer networks before the sony hacking scandal. federal investigators are not releasing any details even though the u.s. was monitoring north korean computers, federal officials did not know about the sony hacking until the fbi released a report in november. pope francis left the philippines this morning after a five day visit with which drew millions. a record 6 million people celebrated his final mass. the vatican says that is the largest crowd ever for a papal visit. an this morning we're learning new details about pope francis' upcoming visit to the united states. the archbishop told the catholic news agency the pope is expected to arrive in washington the night of september 22. he's expected to visit the white house the following day and then celebrate mass at the national
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shrine of the imhack could you lat immaculate conception. he will make a speech before congress and then will address the united nations in new york. his last stop is in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. 5:19. it's a bit of a wet morning. >> some slick spots out there, but we're hoping the drier air will make its way back into the region. >> yeah we did have a few sprinkles and a little bit of flurry activity actually in the last hour. quickly moving off to the east and zipping away. right now it's partly to mostly cloudy over the net troh area, but you can see the radar history over the last three hours showing that a, few lingering sprinkles in the northern neck and southern st. mary's county and eastern shore. elsewhere, we're still a little bit wet and it's getting cold enough for frost. i took this picture of a frost covered car in northwest washington just a couple of hours ago. so you may be scraping frost off your windshield this morning. even though air temperatures
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most locations are a little above freezing but it has dipped right near the freezing mark parts of northern virginia and into maryland this morning. it's in the upper 30s around the bay. farther to our weather, shenandoah valley fairly mild, most locations there above freezing around 40 degrees. and out of the mountains, too, generally it's above freezing. we'll have good weather for all of the events today for dr. king today, afternoon highs climbing into the upper 40s much of the region. partly cloudy, a bit of a chilly northwest breeze. but not too bad. so dress accordingly. have a light jacket as you will be out and about later this afternoon. then overnight tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. should be down to the low 30s by dawn on tuesday. everybody back to work and school. on tuesday, good weather for that. partly sunny, but still the january thaw is with us. we'll be in the upper 40s tuesday afternoon. then wednesday, maybe a little bit of a wintry mix, 30s in the morning, it may start off as rain in the morning on wednesday. and then change over to perhaps some wet snow during the afternoon, maybe just a light
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dusting on grassy areas wednesday afternoon before it all ends quickly by wednesday evening. and then by dawn thursday down near 30. and then thursday again, january thaw still with us into the upper 40s. highs in the 40s again on friday saturday and again on sunday. looking good for outdoor activities with highs in the 40s and partly cloudy skies. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31 a look at our road impact forecast. now melissa, what is going on? another accident just in brandywine at gardner,parently a bad crash. we'll get more information for you. again, be very careful. no word obviously on what caused that crash, about we do have slick spots away up to so another reminder on that. beltway at central avenue everything there actually look good. no problems there. taking a look have a vat 95 at mine road all these folks
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headed into town. a tiny bit of volume. hopefully you don't have to go into work today or deal with the commute at all. 66 headed of town looking quite good. a lot of construction wasn't away today because of the holiday. some here and there. georgia avenue at 16th street, a little bit of volume. 270 in and out of up totown you're just fine. at the old hundred no backups at all. i'm back in ten minutes with more. >> oprah winfrey is celebrating the legacy of martin luther king jr.. she joined the casting crew of movie "selma" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the voting rights protest march. they marched in montgomery, alabama where the march began. >> you can mark this day in rockville. it will be at 10:00 at richard
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montgomery high school. organizers will recognize community members who are carrying on dwr kingr. king's legacy. that event is free. >> a seemingly good spirited selfie is causing a political stir. take a look at the picture here. miss lebanon is being criticized for being caught in a photo with miss israel along with two other women here. the two countries are technically still at war. she wrote on her facebook page she didn't intend to at that time take the picture, she just popped up in the picture. she says the entire situation makes her sad. you can watch the miss universe pageant next sunday 8:00 on nbc. >> that makes me sad. even though they are at war, i think a picture that shows unity at universal event -- >> #beauty queen problems i guess. >> so that note there is a new trend when it comes to taking a
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selfie. >> apparently selfie sticks are growing in popularity. they let you mount your phone and manipulate the angle to get the perfect shot. some have bluetooth built in. they will set you back anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on what features it has. and how fancy you want to get with your selfie stick. >> there is a hate/love relationship. some people love them saying it keeps me from intruding on other people and asking them to take our picture when we're out at an event or -- >> i've seen people walking through a crowd with the stick doing this. >> and then you can smack it out. some were referring it to the narcisi stick because it promoting self absorption. >> that's true. in new 4 your health teens who don't get enough sleep may be more likely to engage in risky behaviors. researchers followed 6500 teams
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for eight years. those with sleep problems were more likely to have alcohol related issues binge drink, use drugs apengage in risky sexual behaviors. in past sudden studies, that has suggested poor sleep could predict substance abuse in adults. ramped up security at the home of joe biden after somebody fired at his house. we'll tell you whether it could be connected it other security threats about sfloop threat > gas prices still at a record low, but it's taking money from the pockets of local countiesy scounties. and expect up and down temperatures. tom kierein tracking it all for you. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check
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at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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good morning. welcome back. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. >> take a live look at the district of columbia early this morning. 39nin tenleytown.
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>> and if you're thinking about doing s of the service projects projects don't cancel your plans. here to tell us more tom kierein. >> over the last couple of hour we've had a few sprinkles and a few scattered snow flurries quickly zipping through our sky. just a few flurries and sprinkles in the northern neck and southern st. mary's. over the metro area, we have wet pavement from the rain yesterday and overnight sprinkles. i took this picture in northwest washington. and with road temperatures down or near freezing you have to watch out for patchy ice if you're driving along and you see pavement that looks wet,of expect that to be maybe a little patchy iceoff the over the next couple of hours. air temperatures are generally above freezing. bowie at 34. closer to the beltway, upper 30s. a few places northern virginia,
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manassas near freezing mark. we'll have these temperatures holding steady here over the next couple of hours. a look at the hour by hour warming today, that is coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. still have a crash again accokeek road at gardner. they're sending a medevac, somebody trapped in that vehicle. no other word on any other possible injuries. beltway at kenilworth that is moving along nicely. same thing beltway at new hampshire. some people actually going to work here today. taking a look at 270 now into town and out of town everything looking quite good. nice and green. not expecting of course a lot of volume here this morning because of the holiday. 395 at the beltway mixing bowl everything looking good there as well. taking a look at 95 southbound moving nice and green. travel times in ten minutes. 5:31.
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in the day ahead, vice president joe biden will speak at a martin luther king jr. breakfast. this is happening as the secret service investigates shots fired toward his home in delaware. tracie potts live on capitol hill with what we know so far. >> reporter: not a lot. it happened over the weekend saturday night. secret service agents a neighbor heard those multiple gunshots and then one agent saw a car speed away. now they're trying to figure out who was behind it. the good news bidens weren't even home. no one was hurt in this. but obviously it is a security concern, so they're trying to track down likely looking at security cameras in the area to find out who may have been behind this. it comes after just last week delaware national guard base that the vice president often uses ramps up its security after five people in two days stopped by asking for directions. they thought that was suspicious. so the secret service is on top of this as the agency itself of
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course is already under scrutiny. just last week, they announced that four top managers were being replaced. aaron. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. tracie thank you. we have pictures just in from anne arundel county firefighters of a four alarm blaze burning right now in annapolis on childs point road. you can see all the smoke billowing throughout the neighborhood. takes large home that has been engulfed in flames. p no injuries reported. several firefighters are working to get the upper hand. you can see the damage the fire has already caused. the heavy flames and thick smoke conditions. chopper 4 on its way. as soon as it is in place and we can tap into the live camera, we'll show you what is going on right now. we'll be monitoring from the live desk. less than an hour from now a bus load of people leaving from the fairfax to lobby for
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gun rights. as many as 1,000 are expected at the virginia general assembly today. the event begins at 8:30. buses are leaving from fairfax in fredericks wurg ssburg at 6:00 and 7:00. you had to reserve a ticket to get a ride. at the same time gun regulation advocates will rally at the white house. the group wants new laws requiring universal back ground checks training and money for research. they're also calling for an assault weapons ban and ban on high capacity ammunition magazines. and on this martin luther king day, there are several ways you can give back to your community. prince george's county fire and ems teams will join members of the american red cross for a day of service. they will go door to door to hand out working smoke alarms to homeowners who don't have one. the ceremony begins at 9:15 this morning in oxon hill. and you can also volunteer in fairfax county at the jewish community center or the lutheran
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church in mclean. there are two shifts. this is the sixth year volunteer fairfax is inviting to you give back to your community in honor of dr. king. 5:34. and home openerowners are trying to find the drive who are crashed into their home. the crash happened early saturday morning at a home at the intersection of chapel nord road and chandler lane in bowie. sean moran was home with his kids. nobody was hurt. his wife was at the hospital with her sister who just gave birth. if you recognize the car in the video, call police in would you he i oig bowie. a man in a wheelchair was hit on the road and he was rushed to the hospital but we are told he should survthis area of rockville pike is
5:35 am
known for bad accidents. just two months ago, a rockville man was killed when a car hit him crossing street. some of your friends and neighbors may not be too happy about gas prices right now. counties with vre trains receive some of the gas tax virginia collects. according to the freelance star lower prices could mean a drop in $24 million in revenue to pay for transportation projects where you live. as of this morning, gas in our area is $2.49 a gallon on average. across the commonwealth it's just $1.99 right now. the university of virginia launching a new investigation, this time into the athletics department. the allegations prompting that probe. p temperatures are holding steady near freezing but tom kierein is tracking major changes over the next 24 hours. what to expect hour by hour. that's next. we're typically happier when we're on vacation, but we're finding out the lengths many of you are willing to go to for
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if you're uninsureded and haven't applied for an exemption, you could be one of millions paying more this tax season. the company behind turbotax says more than 20 million uninsured americans may be exempt from the obamacare tax penalty. but only a tiny percentage have actually applied for it. and that tax pep alnalty is not cheap. average will be about $300. vacations make us helpappier but a new study says 54% of us
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would give up junk food, 48% would sacrifice alcohol and 9% of us would stop showering for more time off. >> to get the time off or while we're off about. >> i know right? >> not to say -- >> a lot of people say the more time they have off, the better they feel when they come back to work and they're more productive and happier. so it in turn reflects on their productivity in the workplace. >> makes sense. but people would sacrifice alcohol to get more vacation time? >> doesn't make sense. >> more power to them. coming up on 5:40. this holiday monday. a live look at the district for us where we're still seeing just a few clouds out there for you. >> let's check in with tom. >> and after a three day weekend, everybody ought to be refreshed and relaxed on tuesday getting back to work and school. but for this dr. king day through the morning, we've had a few sprinkles passing through.
5:40 am
now in extreme southern st. mary's county. temperatures are above freezing most locations but there are a few places in maryland and virginia where we're right near the freedzing mark and so are the road temperatures. we still have damp pavement you can see that at union station. anywhere that looks a little damp could have patchy ice. we'll climb into the mid-40s by noon. upper 40s by midafternoon with a little bit of a chill in the air. it will be partly cloudy good weather for all the dr. king day events that are going on today including the parade in and then this evening, back come up to near 40 by 8:00 p.m. by 11:00 should be in the upper 30s and by this time back to work in school tomorrow morning, down near freezing with a cloudy sky. a look at our next chance of a wintry mix coming up at 5:51 next weather and traffic on the 1s. melissa has been talking about a couple accidents. >> yeah this one brandywine accokeek road at gardner.
5:41 am
a medevac sent so no down some lanes shut down. 95 in maryland and bw parkway looking good into and out of town. metro running on a saturday schedule. we have off peak fares and free parking. so if you need to ride metro, a good day for that. 270 southbound 118 to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop from 95 to 270, running 10 minutes. so again looking good. same thing virginia 66 east from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, and 95 north from quan i company to the beltway, 22 minutes at this point. i'm back in ten with more on this crash in brandywine. it is 5:41. a maryland paramedic and firefighter killed in the line of duty. the heartfelt good-bye. and chuck bell is keeping an eye out for any ice. ♪
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and the best video of the year so far by far, taylor swift now responding to this viral video. that's up next.
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right now watch out for icy conditions on the roadways. take a look at the deadly pileup. this is a crash outside of philadelphia. one man died and 30 people were hurt if a 56 car pileup this is on interstate 76. we brought you this story first yesterday morning. since then at least five people died from the treacherous driving conditions in the northeast over the weekend. dozens of spinouts and accidents were reported from new jersey to new hampshire. really icy and dicey out there. 5:46 here. we're keeping a close eye on roads in our area too.
5:46 am
>> storm team 4's chuck bell is driving along i-95 south in prince george's county county. chuck, what are you seeing? >> reporter: so far so good. we had just enough right lane overnight to get some of the roads wet and some locations the pavement temperature at or below freezing. the inner county connector near georgia avenue, pavement temperatures in the upper 20s and then i-270 at 370, road temperature there right at 32. so it's a very mar beginginal temperature. they have put chemical down on the main roads, so every though i-95 and 495 where we are near college park has been treated, it looks wet it is not icy. pavement temperatures just above the freezing mark. all across northern virginia, road pavement temperatures also above freezing. so haven't seen anywhere near as much potential for ice as we did
5:47 am
yesterday. let's go to breaking news just into the live desk right now. a large fire at a large house in annapolis. we have chopper 4 in position. you can see a lot of smoke billowing in the area. you can see some of the flames that are broken out here. this is at eaton landings drive. this is a large home near the water. you can see the fire still burning there. fire trucks have ladders up in the air trying to get this from every angle. it looks like the damage is extensive. when all is said and done, there may not be too much left of this home. but no injuries to report. anne arundel firefighters are there and say so far they haven't found nip hurt hereanyone hurt. again a lot of fire, thick smoke in the area. we're working to find out exactly what was behind this. and you can see a lot of damage caused there. we'll stay on top of it.
5:48 am
hundreds of people honor are a fallen paramedic and firefighter over the weekend. eric stepiak died in the line of duty. he was a paid pair medicramedic and also with the howard volunteer fire department. yesterday nearly 900 of his colleagues stood in salute and paid their respects. some came from as far away as new york city and canada. they say eric had a passion for menning people ing helping people. >> he took time to help others learn this trait, a trait of helping others. >> he was a volunteer firefighter when he was just 14 so he literally grew up doing what he loved. an anne arundel county police are investigating how a group of pit
5:49 am
bulls were abandoned chained up out in the cold with no food or water. sadly one of those dogs had already died and was frozen to the ground. the five remaining dogs are receiving care now. they have been named hurricane, blizzard whirl wind, suewindhirlwind, sue snam tsunami and tornado. a howard county man accused of killing his sister in law is now in jail. timothy polar was arrested in florida. he shot his sister-in-law in their mobile home in he willelkin. he's been charged with murder and arson because police say he set the home on fire to cover up stacy's death. police in prince george's county are hunting a motel murderer this morning. 31-year-old james birch was found shot to death early sunday morning in croom. investigators do not think will was a random shooting however there is no word yet on a suspect. police are offering a reward of
5:50 am
up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest. you can call the number on your screen 1 gsh 866-41-866-44 1 1-tips. >> the university of virginia will be reviewing its athletic programs to look into exam -- look and examine practices and procedures. . members will focusing on mentoring, advising student athletes and enrollment in classes. the chairman says the group's goal is to ensure the student athletes are receiving an education that is up to skoomchool standards. p. this morning one of the bigs pop stars in the world is reacting to a tribute video. >> you've probably already seen it. in case you haven't, here is another look. ♪ ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> absolutely love this. is this a
5:51 am
this is a delaware police officer releasing his inner taylor swift. the dash cam video recorded him to shake it off earlier this month. the video has been watched more than 8 million times on youtube. taylor swift saw it and enjoyed the sass as you see from her tweet. you know you don't get to see that side of cops very often. >> that's what he said there is so much negativity surrounding the police force, and this shows a lighter side. just checked, though. overnight, it went from 8 million up to 13 million. >> and he's rocking out the whole time and somebody passes his car and he's like -- and then back to it. >> i love it. >> awesome. so tom, talking about today's weather, eventually it will be probably one of the nicer days that we've seen. >> we'll keep the january thaw pattern going with milder afternoons. we'll do that today for this dr. king day, but this morning we've
5:52 am
had a few sprinkles and a few flurries coming through. they're pretty much just about all gone. we did have a few lingering near ocean city but that's dissipating. and behind that we still have temperatures that are a little bit above freezing in the nearby oig suburbs, but a few isolated thoughts where it's at or below freegz freezing including lorton ap-ft. meade. send shenandoah valley they're around 40 degrees. 38 now at reagan national. and i took this photo of frost covered car in northwest washington a couple hours ago. so watch out, you'll be running into maybe some frost streets or maybe a little patchy ice as we get into the next couple of hours. by mid-morning, should bs, much of the region. by noontime and early afternoon, should be climbing in to the mid-40s. and then upper 40s by mid to late afternoon across much of northern virginia the metro area for the events today with the parade in southeast, should
5:53 am
be in the mid-40s for that. and a partly cloudy sky and low to mid-40s aurnround the bay as well as sheb doughnandoah valley. a chill in the air with some blustery winds, so dress with a light jacket. but you won't need your winter gear really. have some sunglasses handy, as well as we will have some bright sun coming and going. keep up with all the weather when you're out and about today with the storm team 4 weather app. as we get back to work and school tomorrow, should be near freezing and partly sunny and still january thaw continues tomorrow and on wednesday a bit chillier getting maybe rain in the morning. change over to a little bit of wet snow during the afternoon and perhaps leaving a dusting on grassy areas mainly north and west of the metro area. thursday friday saturday sunday each day we'll get sunshine highs 40s. morning lows near 30. melissa is looking at everything
5:54 am
rolling pretty well. >> pretty good except of course we have to remember all the ice we're seeing in spots. i've seen a couple of crashes that of course could be attributed to that. 66 west of fairfax county parkway, looking quite good. no problems eastbound or westbound headed in or out of town. 95 in virginia hopping on in the stafford area you're looking pretty good headed north. same thing headed south. lots of green all the way. not the what we typically seat 6:00 a.m.. but 6:00 a.m. on a holiday morning is a different story of course. still have a crash in n. brandywine being a came keek road at gardner. probably at least one lane shut down because the road is just two lanes. beltway at landover looking quite good. and looking a little bit to the north, 95 5in maryland, looking good. metro running on a saturday schedule. off peak fares and free parking. just got information about a delay on the red line to
5:55 am
glenmont because of an issue at gallery place. 5:55. this morning a kentucky sheriff says the teens who staged a multistate crime spree are scared and just want to go home. police in florida arrested 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend. the couple is accused of stealing cars and checks. authorities plan to extradite them to kentucky to face several felony charges. and we are now hearing from the pro golfer who says he was kidnapped and beaten and robbed this weekend. robert allenby put out this picture. you can see he has a pretty bad gash on his forehead. he was if hawaii for a golf tournament. he told the golf channel what happened. >> just being hit, thrown in a trunk, dumped 6 1/2 miles away from where i was in the middle of nowhere with nothing. nothing. >> well, police are working to confirm allenby's report.
5:56 am
you can hear more coming up on the "today" show right after news 4. a rally to coincide with martin luther king jr. day. they're calling it the 4 mile march to honor people they say were victims of unjust police violence. the event is also a food drive and there will be mrk day volunteer opportunities, as well. today a lot of people will reach out to support the homeless population. you matter too d.c. will deliver care packages and give haircuts homeless. in dueat 10:00 a.m. and is:00. pictures out of annapolis, chopper 4 over the scene of what was a huge house fire in this area. we're working to learn more about any injuries that may have happened here. we're trying to figure out what may have started this fire as
5:57 am
well. we'll get latest from the live desk next. and we're waking up to some clouds and some slick spots. tom kierein will join us next with an hour by hour when you can expect everything to clear out.
5:58 am
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wet roads and temperatures close to the freezing mark could be a recipe for ice. we're keeping an eye out for any trouble spots as you head out the door. and crews are battling a huge fire in annapolis. check out these shots from chopper 4. we're monitoring new developments right now from the live desk. and new overnight, a blockbuster deal. we're introduce you to the newest member of the nationals starting rotation. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we have some icy concerns out there. >> want to get right to tom kierein for the first check on that forecast. >> good morning. yeah most of the air temperatures are above freezing but it's the road temperatures themselves that are at or a little below freezing. so we do have patchy ice.
6:00 am
we did get a few sprinkles racing through over the last couple hours. but much of the pavement around the region looks like this. this is taken right in front of our building here at nbc 4 where it's still a little damp. so watch out for patchy ice over the next couple of hours. even though your thermometer may say 34 35 degrees, it's that pavement temperature that will be critical. if it looks wet, that could be ice. so watch out for that for another couple of hours. then to be followed by a chill in the air this afternoon. but certainly above average temperatures. and next chance of a wintry mix looks to be on wednesday. we'll be keeping an eye on that. as we take a look at temperatures around the metro area it's in the low to mid-30s in montgomery


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