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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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galoshes raincoat any rain gear you can get. the rain is really coming down now. here it is on storm team 4 radar, a big push of moisture coming straight out of virginia into southern maryland, and it is coming down in buckets now across much of st. mary's county. it's going to continue to move across calvert county the lower parts of the bay here over the next little bit. rainfall amounts in and around washington are noticeably lighter. there is the back edge. it's not even raining in frederick county maryland right now. we have reports of iso roads from baltimore county northward. in ellicott city iciness there. sleet in fairfax station. right on the northwestern edge of this precipitation shield there is a chance for iciness. be real careful this morning. temperatures are mostly above freezing but not by much. so that northwestern edge could have a little iciness to deal with. otherwise, have your rain jacket your hat and umbrella ready to go on your way out the
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door first thing this morning, gradually. by about lunchtime today, a little clearing later the day. temperatures back in the mid and upper 40s. a little snow chance midweek.'ll talk about that in a few. right now metro is making a public apology to anyone who has ever taken a ride on their trains. the transit agency took out a full-page ad in "the washington post." >> meanwhile family and friends will say good-bye to the woman who lost her life because of what happened last week. news 4's darcy spencer live with more on metro's apology. hey, darcy. >> reporter: good morning. as you said that apology is in this morning's "washington post" right here in the metro section titled "a letter to our riders." it's not only an apology. it also expresses a commitment to investigate why this incident happened here at la fant plaza metro, but also to look at the emergency response. let's look close are at the ad. the letter also promises to take
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immediate action to address any interim recommendations that could be made by the ntsb. that's the lead investigative agency. it describes the incident as harrowing and a major service disruption to thousands of riders. it also includes an apology to the family of carol glover who died from respiratory failure as a result of this underground emergency. the apology comes a day after d.c. release add report confirming there were major communication problems here at la fant metro that day, not only at the station but in the tunnels. that hampered efforts to get to those victims. let's hear a little bit of the reaction from may your muriel bowser. >> what we know is our firefighters were communicating with each other despite adverse conditions on walkie-talkie and also via cellular communications. so they went in without hesitation to save lives. >> reporter: this is video of
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the woman who died as a result of this emergency. carol glover was 61 years old and the mother of two adult sons described by everyone who knew her as a lovely woman. there will be a memorial service for her tomorrow. it's going to happen at washington's capitol hill baptist church in northeast. that's going the happen 10:00 tomorrow morning. we are live this morning, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thanks dar seechlt more fallout from that underground emergency. >> i'll take it from there. yes from the underground emergency on metro last week. in the week ahead there will be a congressional briefing to discuss what happened inside la fant metro station. two reports have been issued on last monday's deadly incident one that came from the mayor's office on the firefighters' response and another from the ntsb about what caused the smoke. d.c.'s delegate eleanor holmes norton called for the briefing with the ntsb. it will happen on wednesday. if you can't get your hands on
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"the washington post" but you'd like to check it out, there is an apology in today's metro section. the nbc washington app can be downloaded right to your smart phone. police in howard county say right now a man is on the run wanted for arson and murder. they say timothy fuller killed his sister-in-law and tried to cover it up by setting their mobile home on fire. this happened in eldridge. stacy fuller and four dogs died. it's still not clear where her husband who also lived in the home was. investigators believe fuller is armed. now they're looking for this a 2005 white ford focus with maryland tags 9fem32. there is a $3,000 reward for information in this case. if you're planning to watch the state of the union address this week we learned a change to taxes could be a major part of the president's speech. president obama expected to propose raising capital gains taxes for couples making more than $500,000 a year. he would also eliminate the
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so-called trust fund loophole which amounts to a tax break on inheritances for the richest 1% of americans. the money from those moves would pay for tax credits that benefit the middle class including tripling the benefit for child care. we're following a developing story right now. greek police detained four suspected terrorists in athens. yemen police arrested two french citizens sus sperthed of being members of al qaeda. this comes following new anti terrorism efforts following the deadly attack at the french satirical magazine. this morning the white county virginia website is back to normal following the hack. this is what the site looked like on friday. you can see the "i love isis" message at the top of the page there with pictures scrolling underneath it. a county spokesman says he doesn't know why hackers would target their website. this happened just days after hackers attacked the u.s. military's central command twitter and youtube accounts. we're watching stories that
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could impact you in the week ahead. on tuesday, 16 and 17-year-olds could receive the right to vote in hyattsville. the hyattsville city council approved lowering the voting age. if it passes hyattsville and takoma park would be the only districts in the country to lower the voting age. also this week you can share your opinion about a proposed change in school start times at montgomery county public schools. there are two public forums at the carverducational services center. the first hearing begins at 3:30. the second one starts at 6:30. superintendent joshua star wants to push back the start times for high school students from 7:25 to 8:15 in the morning. the move would also have middle school students in class ten minutes earlier. 9:06 on this sunday. coming up one-on-one with virginia governor terry mcauliffe rates his first year in office and talks about his top priorities in 2015. a pro golfer describes his
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account of a brutal robbery and attempted kidnapping. what we're learning about what he says happened to him. chuck bell has his eye on storm team 4 radar. we'll tell you where you want to
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new this morning, two teens wanted for a crime spree are waking up in a florida jail cell. investigators tracked 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend in a stolen truck outside a store in panama city florida. the two were accused of stealing a truck in kentucky and a pickup in georgia. investigators say they were sleeping in one of the stolen trucks. they're also accused of using stolen checks in south carolina. the two were on the hundred for two weeks. a florida mall will reopen today after a deadly shooting. police say a man walked into the food court at a mall in
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melbourne, florida, shot his wife and shot and killed a co-worker who tried to wrestle the gun away. the suspect then turned the gun on himself. his wife did survive the shooting. police say that the suspect's pockets were filled with ammunition. right now a pro golfer is recovering after he was apparently kidnapped and attacked. robert allenby took the picture of himself. you can see he has a bad gash right there on his forehead. his caddie told the golf channel this happened when allenby was kidnapped in honolulu and had his phone and wallet stolen. so far we have not heard from police in hawaii. nbc news is working to confirm the report right now. right now a dozen people recovering from a big pileup blamed on black ice. it happened in oregon yesterday. you're looking at new video we received overnight. take a loochblth you can see multiple tractor trailers involved and ripped ap past. state police say this happens in the winter but not like this. >> this is pretty extreme though. this is pretty rare.
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we don't normally see this much crash at one point. >> no one was killed in the crash miraculously including this man. take a look at this picture. you can see he's inside his car sandwiched between the tractor-trailer. amazingly he walked away from the crash with two band-aids and a pack of ice. ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> serve, protected and shake it off. the cruiser cam that's gone viral. that's coming up. what you got, chuck? >> rain and a lot of it in southern maryland right now. even a little freezing rain just off to our north. it's a busy morning. a picture is worth a thousand words. there goes the windshield wiper over the city camera right there. rain chances are high in southern maryland but not elsewhere. complete check of the forecast
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take a look at these little guys. do not squash them if you see them in your back yard. they're called kudzu bugs. scientists say they've been spotted in our area d.c. maryland and virginia. you can see they look like stink bugs and they smell like them as well. on wednesday republican larry hogan will be sworn in as maryland governor. the ceremony happens at noon at the maryland statehouse in
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annapolis. boyd rutherford will also be sworn in. the gala will happen at 8:00 at the baltimore convention center. tomorrow as many as 1,000 people will be at the virginia general assembly to lobby for gun rights. a bus leaves from the fairfax county government center at 6:00 a.m. tuesday at the general assembly lawmakers will discuss laws affected the lesbian and gay community including marriage equality and hate crimes. only on news 4, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey sat down with the man who just addressed the general assembly virginia governor terry mcauliffe. he held his state of the economy address earlier this week. here is what he said about his successes and one big deneat in office. >> i always say i got 95% of the things i wanted to get done. >> reporter: that was governor terry mcauliffe's answer when i asked him to assign a letter grade to his first year in office. his biggest achievement, attracting private sector
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business to offset the see questions questions trags cuts. >> it's double what any governor has done. >> reporter: one of his signature campaign promises to expand medicaid health coverage to more low income virginians, it won't be a priority in year two. >> i'm going to continue to fight for those 400,000 virginians desperately in need of health care. >> reporter: his pledge to make marriage available to same sex couples. >> i'm the third governor in the history of the united states of america to perform a gay marriage. >> reporter: in his state of the commonwealth address and in our interview there was little doubt about mcauliffe's ply or the in 2015. >> jobs jobs jobs. >> reporter: one of his first executive orders upon inauguration was to place a $100 gift cap on hiss office and family. he wants the general assembly to do the same with all public
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officials. he recognizes the damage done by former governor bob mcdonnell's con vision sends. >> i thought the two years was appropriate. i thought it was appropriate. >>ews 4. >> you can watch the full interview online on or the free news 4 app. being a police officer is a high stakes job. every once in a while officers have to shake the stress off. >> that's right. one delaware police officer was caught on camera doing just that. ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> if you haven't seen it yet, you will. this video of a dover police department officer grooving to taylor swift's "shake it off" has gone viral. the video was posted on the department's facebook page. master corporal jeff davis a 19-year veteran. his captain describes him as the class clown.
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the 48-year-old says he knows the song so well because of his 10-year-old daughter. >> i don't think i've seen anybody enjoy the song more. >> at least he's fully committed. >> giving a friendly wave. >> that's a four-way stop. >> he waited for the car to pass. now he's back. >> he doesn't miss a beat. he did do an interview about this and said that he didn't expect it to go viral like this. but with all the negative publicity that police have gotten on a nationwide level, this shows a little lighter and more fun side of them. >> we were joking about it before. you have to remember that police officers 99% of the people they meet on their day are having their worst day ever. don't give me that ticket somebody banged my car. so give them a break. it's a tough job. >> a little fun right there. >> absolutely. the head jog, i like it. i got to work on mine a little bit. i'm a little stiffneck. >> outside we've got cloudy
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skies this morning and a whole lot of rain down across southern maryland. raindrops just keep on falling on our heads in southern maryland just off to our north, just barely to our north we have a freezing rain advisory now that duds include carroll county baltimore city up towards hartford in northeast maryland at the top of the bay. that's where the cold air is just hanging on long enough. that being said i have had weather watchers in ellicott city and in fairfax station both tell me they've seen a little iciness this morning. not looking for a big problem, but i couldn't rule out the light glazing mainly on untreated surfaces most dangerous places. not so much the big roads, but slippery sidewalks, stairs and railing. be sure you don't do the head dive down the front stairs first thing this morning. otherwise, the overall weather impact will be moderate on your plans for today, rain and a lot of it here this morning from washington eastbound down into the bay and down into southern
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maryland it's all still dry to the west. raindrops on the city camera lens this morning. temperatures are above freezing but not by much. most important of all, dew point temperatures three hours ago these numbers were in the mid 20s. once this number is 32 and higher that limits any real chance of icing out there. still be careful first thing this morning. freezing rain advisories for southern pennsylvania and new york and new jersey. for us this is all heavy, heavy rain southern charles county st. mary's and calvert county. it's coming down in buckets in leonard town all getting down on the heavy rain first thing this morning if you're driving along route 2, route 235, route 5, 301, a lot of ponding on the roads first thing this morning. the rain line hasn't made it farther west than about the leesburg area cloudy skies. but dry across much of the shenandoah valley. changing over to our high
9:21 am
resolution rapid refresh computer, this is the one that does a really good job for about the next 12 hours or so in forecast time. here is 10:00 a.m. heavy rain in southern maryland. by noon most of that rain is moving out. there still could be lingering showers in washington. 2:00 things starting to dry back out. a weather front coming our way may ring out the showers about 2:00 this afternoon. that little rain chance comes right through washington around 4:00 5:00. most of the rain is this morning. there will be another chance for rain later this afternoon. tomorrow sunshine is back for everybody's holiday on the three-day weekend. not a bad day on tuesday. a little rain and snow threat coming our way, a little alberta clipper on wednesday. likely to be somewhere in the news 4 viewing area. more on that later on. for now, back to the news. a well-known tv sports analyst busted in d.c. in a prostitution sting. how police were able to track
9:22 am
down greg anthony. >> our effort to help you get a fresh start on your consumer finances started. consumer reporter erika gonzalez focuses on your credit score, and what you don't know can hurt you. welcome, i'm nbc's carrie dan. >> i'm mark murray. >> president obama's state of the union address is tuesday night. his topicings include free community college for call stid fooid student, expanded ak receives to broadband and paid sick leave. >> while some are big eyes they're almost guaranteed to be stonewalled in congress. there are sweeping proposals that president obama talked about in previous addresses. >> in 2009 he used his state of the union address to call for health care and wall street reforms. in 2011 he promised to beat osama bin laden. those goals were met. but immigration reform remains unfinished business. >> the republican who will serve as the voice of opposition after president obama's address is joni ernst, a brand new senator
9:23 am
from iowa she's delivering the republican response. be sure to watch nbc's state of the union tuesday night. see you then.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ ♪ deep inside... ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see e good. welcome back. a new government report shows most people have trouble putting food on the table. the food and nutrition service
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reports as of september 2014 46.5 million people were on food stamps. d.c. has the most people on food stamps in the country. 144,000 people receive food stamps in the district about 21% of the population. food and nutrition service costs d.c. $18 million. your credit report is super important. but you often don't know how good or bad it is until you have to. >> that not knowing can actually hurt especially if you're accused of something you're not responsible for. news 4 consumer reporter erika gonzalez tells us how you can keep that from happening and get a fresh start in 2015. >> reporter: sandra is a single mom. she works hard to provide for her family and thought she was paying all her bills on time. imagine her surprise when she gets a notice in the mail she's about to lose her home. >> i was like foreclosure? why am i being foreclosed on? i am not behind on my mortgage.
9:27 am
>> reporter: sandra looked into her credit report and found she was falsely being reported as delinquent on her payments. >> it affects every part of her lives. >> reporter: ira ryne gold is with the national association of consumer advocates. >> your ability to rent an apartment, buy a house, rent a car, get a job, buy insurance, all affected by your credit report. >> reporter: let's say you're shopping for a car, you ask for finances and are given a high interest. you know your credit score is healthy. he says don't settle. >> your knowledge of your credit score and report gives you power. you know you qualify for good credit. that gives you an opportunity to shop wisely. >> reporter: contrary to popular belief ignorance is not bliss. and what you don't know can harm you. just ask sandra. >> i have been embarrassed in the past. i purchased something, oh you have been declined. >> reporter: sandra wasn't a about to let a false report ruin her future. she eventually got that false hit on her mortgage removed.
9:28 am
>> there's a lot that protects consumers called the fair credit reporting act. that law requires you, if you want its protections, to file dispute with the credit bureau. filing dispute along with the company that's put the bad information on your credit report does that trigger that law and does not trigger your legal rights. >> reporter: now sandra is vigilant. >> i check my credit report every year. i like to do it every year. >> reporter: but would you believe it happened -- >> again. i was in shock. i was like what? again? >> reporter: this time she says her report shows false debts with credit card companies. she is once again fighting to get these removed. >> people need to check their credit report. if they don't understand it find someone who does. >> reporter: erika gonzalez news 4. coming up we saw it first with gas prices and now the price of one item inside your fridge is going down. developing news what police are telling us now about a motel murder in prince george's
9:29 am
county. right now storm team 4 radar lit up with yellow orange and green, some heavy rain coming down. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell timing out when it will all end and what n
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in today's top stories, metro is apologizing to you, the riders for last week's deadly incident.
9:32 am
the transit agency has taken out a full-page ad in "the washington post." it's an apology to all riders and particularly the family of the woman who died from last week's incident. the state of the union address is this tuesday and president obama is expected to propose big tax reforms if his speech. capital gains taxes could go to pay for tax breaks for the middle class. rain is the other big story this morning. coming down in some of your neighborhoods. depending on where you live, you can either get drenched now or later. we want to check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. some people aren't even seeing anything right now while others are dealing with really slick spots out there. >> you bet. it's quite the potpourri of weather problems this morning. heavy, heavy rain across southern maryland. a lot of ponding on roadways. be really careful out there. those roads will be very slippery with so much water around. slow down leave yourself some extra time to get places. that's where the real weather
9:33 am
problems are. there's a very weak weather front out to our west which may be able to ring out a couple more showers as it crosses the i-95 corridor later this afternoon. won't be as much moisture as this though heavy rain on the charles county st. mary's county charlotte hall getting in on the heavy rain. prince frederick, pouring down there, pouring down in leonard town. it's dry in lease berg winchester hagerstown martinsburg. cloudy but dry for now. temperatures mid to upper 30s around town near 40 in southern maryland. colder this in hagerstown where it's only 28. heavy rain in southern maryland the next couple hours. rain easing off a bunch. a passing shower later this afternoon. everyone should be dry not long after the sun goes down. tomorrow perfect weather for the martin luther king holiday tomorrow. snow later in the week more on that coming up. developing this morning, someone was shot and killed in
9:34 am
upper marlboro. police are looking for the killer. prince george's county plig say it happened at the bragg motel about 3:00 this morning. we're working to learn the man's name. this morning a woman in new jersey is charged with murder after setting her newborn baby on fire. the 22-year-old is waking up in jail. on friday a witness called police after seeing a won man get out of her car and light something on fire in the middle of the roadway. he said the woman told him she was burning dog waste. when police arrived and found the baby badly burned the babe bib died. investigatives say the new borne was doused with an accelerant. today millions of people are braving the rain to attend pope francis's final mass in the philippines. the pontiff has been in the country for a six-day tour. it lined the pope's motorcade group. pope francis dedicated the homily to the young and urged protection for children tempted by the devil. the pope will return to the
9:35 am
vatican tomorrow. georgetown university will host a special telecast of the mass in manila at 12:00 p.m. at gaston hall. after the mass the panel will discuss what makes pope francis unique compared to other popes. a cbs sports analyst has been indefinitely suspended after d.c. police arrested him for soliciting a prostitute. greg anthony was one of several people arrested and charged friday in an undercover sting operation. police arrested him just before 6:00 at the double tree hotel on rhode island avenue where he was staying. according to a police report anthony used a computer to solicit a prostitute. anthony released a statement saying he made a mistake. he said i'm embarrassed and i've embarrassed many including my trust. ly work to regain the trust that i have lost and the first step is saying i am sorry. at least ten people are dead following violent protests in niger. violent protests also broke out
9:36 am
in pakistan and yemen. protesters set the french flag on fire. they're demonstrating against the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." two gunmen killed 12 people at the magazine's paris office. al qaeda and yemen claimed responsibility for that attack. the new editor for the magazine is speaking out. gerard biard is defending the paper. through an interpreter he told nbc's chuck todd that cartoon parodies of religious figures protect fee dom of religion. >> translator: we declare god must not be a political or public figure. he must be a private figure. religion should not be a political argument. >> you can watch the full interview coming up on "meet the press" at 10:30 this morning right here on nbc4. some customers were overserved others were under age. news 4 has pictures from inside
9:37 am
a local bar that gets busted for letting custers in get out of control. hundreds march with a similar message, police lives matter. d.c.'s mayor has a message of her own. take a look at your television steam before leaving the house today. storm team 4 tracking rain coming down in some areas. chuck bell is timing out hour
9:38 am
9:39 am
lots of places around the country now holding blue lives matter rallies. d.c. is no exception. three police wives organized a pro police rally toward the capitol yesterday. you can see hundreds of people showed up. they marched from the national law enforcement mem officer's memorial. >> when the media just puts the message out there that
9:40 am
everything is negative that the cops do and people pick up on that and they start telling the officers everything you do is negative that's hard. >> we spoke to d.c. mayor muriel bowser about that police rally. this is what she said. >> peaceful protest is certainly part of the american tradition. so it's important to me that our city can support people protesting. >> there is another peaceful protest scheduled for tomorrow against police violence and its victims. that one will begin outside the white house at noon. this week's wednesday's child is a teenager who in just a few short years will age out of the foster care system. her name is adrianna. >> she is a happy and engaging teen who loves school but even more lovgs being with people. here is hattie's story. >> hattie loves art and also
9:41 am
heard there might be a surprise for her here. >> i'm like i can't wait. >> reporter: as a birthday treat, hattie got to come to all fired up where owner and pottery maker liz helped her choose a hello kitty box to paint her favorite color purple. she's been in the foster care system for much of her life. her social worker says little kindnesses and surprises always brings smiles to hattie's face. >> she looks forward to joy in her heart for her birthdays, for christmas. she fully enjoys the company of people people. >> reporter: hattie buzz excited about today and was assured that something was on the way. >> i hear somebody's got a birthday. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: hattie was thrilled. >> i've known her for about four years. every person i meet who comes in touch with her feels the same
9:42 am
way. >> reporter: she's hoping the find a family for hattie that will encourage her to continue in her special school. >> i love math and science and social studies. >> do you have a favorite subject at school? rned how to cook? >> i learned how to cook cookies and stuff. >> reporter: her wish she said -- i want to go home for my birthday. >> reporter: home a place for hugs and many, many happy birthdays. >> that was barbara harrison reporting. what a sweet girl. if you have room in your home or heart for hattie or perhaps another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on one of the area's most popular and prominent restaurants busted. nothing wu raindrops outside this morning from washington into parts of southern maryland
9:43 am
where the rain is coming down hard. how long is all this going to last and what about your big day off tomorrow? will mother nature be
9:44 am
9:45 am
a popular local restaurant will keep its liquor license but it paid a $15,000 fine for what happened last year. county liquor investigators found some of the customers were
9:46 am
overserved and some were under age. scott macfarlane has the story you'll see only on news 4. one of the customers was drinking his beer out after a pitcher, another drinking wine out of a bottle. county liquor officials describe it as an out of control evening at collide's and it was a monday evening when county police and investigators walked in they found at least four under age people drinking at a table together, at least one fake i.d. being used. drinkers including one employee were well beyond the legal limit for intoxication overserved. in one case a customer are blew a .23 on the breathalyzer. >> for crying out loud you're not serving coca-cola, you're serving a beverage that can alter someone's behavior. the larger the container of alcohol, what's going to happen? of course people are going to get intoxicated. >> reporter: the county's formal
9:47 am
investigation, a copy of which was obtained by the i team says a half-prized wine bottle special likely attracted the young people to the restaurant that night. we asked collidelyde's management for an interview and they declined. they say they have provided additional alcohol compliance training for staff and are a lot more aware of over serving. though they were in danger of having the liquor license revoked, the county instead issued $15,000 in fines. they said they did so in fairness because these violations were first offenses for clyde's. lewis william says the penalty against clyde's isn't large enough to scare other restaurants into following all the rules all the time. >> $15,000 to clyde's, that's just the cost of doing business to a huge restaurant chain like that. >> reporter: we've learned county liquor inspectors have
9:48 am
since checked clyde's again after those infractions of 2014 they say they've passed all the follow-up inspections without flaw. in rockville, scott macfarlane, news 4. it may be january, but now may be one of the best times all year to buy mark. farmers started buying more cows and pumping more milk in response to higher demand around the world. now that demand is dwindling and all that supply is out there, that's leading to much lower prices than usual. you can buy a gallon of skim milk for less than three bucks in some places. take a look at this. the snow bucket challenge in china. the winner had 100 buckets of snow poured on him in less than two hours. organizers say the contest promoted the importance of exercise. my question what about the threat of hypothermia. >> he did not look happy. >> what you don't see is right after that they had a hot dog eating competition.
9:49 am
>> was the black widow there, joe e chestnut? >> exactly. >> they're probably smiling because they can't feel anything just numb. >> maybe a little snow for us midweek? >> maybe. i wouldn't start picking out snou men names just yet. remember the first alberta clipper two weeks ago put down two to four inches of snow and put down widespread trouble. another clipper coming our way that could produce one to three inches of snow not for everybody, but probably somewhere in the news 4 nation we'll be facing snow chances on wednesday. obviously details to follow. tom and i will have more on it tomorrow morning. by the time we're all done we should have a pretty good feel on what's going to come. for now, 37 in washington. east wind at 6 miles per hour. rain is continuing to fall. humidity at 81%. dew point temperatures finally getting above freezing. the freezing rain threat will
9:50 am
end as soon as we get that number up higher. do you have freezing rain reports, instagram, forecast for you or on twitter, you can go to our storm team 4 facebook page and leave a weather report there. >> all this rain really heavy rain and strong thunderstorms moving towards the outer banks of north carolina. it's going to be a rough couple hours down there on the coast of north carolina and southeastern virginia. for ufs it's going to be rough heavy rain here for at least the next hour to hour and a half. this first batch of really heavy rain should be ending around noontime or so but more shower chances sneaking in later on. for now, these reds and yellows, these are heavy pockets of rain waldorf, st. george island leonard town all getting rained on. route 5, 2, 235, 301 all getting covered up in the rain first thing this morning. over the bay also stuck in the
9:51 am
slop this morning. northwestern virginia panhandle of eastern west virginia and northern maryland rainfall amount .2 inch at reagan national. three times that down at pa tucks et. our computer forecast going forward for how much more rain we may get. potentially another half inch to an inch or more the farther south you live or travel today. a shot of rain possible later this afternoon as you get a little weather front to come through. again, there's our computer model. heavy rain pushing out. here is noontime today. there's 2:00 that first batch of heavy rain moving out. a weather front coming through the area could bridge a scattered shower or two along about 3:00 4:00 in the metro. don't turn your back on the rain chances after lunchtime today. seven-day forecast it's indeed going to be a nice day tomorrow. tuesday looks good as well. keeping a very close eye on wednesday as there will be an opportunity for a little alberta clipper coming our way. again, not everyone is going to get snow but i wouldn't be
9:52 am
surprised to see one to three inches somewhere in our viewing area as we get towards wednesday afternoon and drying back out later in the week. >> thanks, chuck. we'll keem an eye on it. coming up baby comedians, how your little
9:53 am
9:54 am
so if you have a baby or remember back when your kids were small, probably at some point they made you laugh. >> they're r is an
9:55 am
important part of how babies bond with us and learn. nbc's stephanie gosk tells us why. >> reporter: comedians eat your hearts out. the truly funny are the smallest among us. effortlessly, hilariously, surprisingly funny. >> can you sit on the rainbow mat with me. >> she's our constant source of entertainment. she can entertain herself and any adult. she's really fun. >> reporter: beyond making our lives brighter, researchers now believe humor is an important part of a baby's cognitive development. some say we have underestimated how serious being silly can be. >> infant humor can tell us a lot about what infants know and about what they know about us. the play starts with parents being the clowns. babies as young as three and four months old begin to appreciate the ridiculous.
9:56 am
and then a switch flips. as early as 9 months old, the realization they can make us laugh, too. >> he's definitely performing for me, trying to make me smile. when i smile, he smiles right back. >> reporter: the high chair is the classic stage. peekaboo the universally funny gag. and then there is the tease, which my daughter has mastered to perfection. >> sneaky monkey, you sneaky monkey. >> when an infant knows how to get another social partner to laugh, it suggests they know something about that person's mind. >> well, harper, two can play at that game. the research suggests learning to laugh may just be one of life's earliest and most important lessons. >> i think if you can't laugh at yourself or at what's going on in the world, then life just gets kind of boring. >> reporter: anyone who needs a reminder can spend some more
9:57 am
time with a baby. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. want to turn our attention to a serious story. this is why authorities are asking drivers to be careful on the road. bad weather caused a major pileup on i-76 around philadelphia. we're learning it's turned tragic. tracking the system making travel tricky. rain freezing rain and thunderstorms reported in some parts. meteorologist chuck bell has hour by hour how much longer you're going to have to deal with the rain. darcy? >> reporter: when you open your paper they are morning, you're going to see this a letter of apology from metro about the disaster that happened at the la fant plaza
9:58 am
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metro is saying sorry this morning. the agency's public message to riders who were trapped on a smokey train, plus what they're saying to all riders this morning. new this morning, at least one person is dead in this 60-car pileup in pennsylvania. we'll give you pictures right now. rescuers are on the scene. this happening on inter just north of philadelphia. the crash began around


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