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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 18, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EST

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we're getting ready for a soaker. storm team 4 radar tracking heavy rain in some areas. some of you woont see a drop until later. meteorologist chuck bell is timing out when you'll need the rain boots. new this morning, the printed apology to anyone who has ever taken a ride on metro. >> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. early this sunday we have clouds that have been lingering overnight. we're getting ready for the rain to return. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, angie and adam. a very cloudy start outside for most. rain has already moved into southern maryland. that's where we'll have northwest rain today, southern
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maryland northern neck and the bay. don't turn your back on a ravena rain chance. temperatures are just cold enough on the northwestern edge of this where we could get a sleek pellet or two, but the ground is relatively warm. so no winter weather advisories of any kind but you do need to be on the lookout for raindrops, southern calvert county into st. mary's county. temperatures as i mentioned, were generally above freezing. colder air towards manassas and ft. belvoir. no big deal expected. for today you'll need your rain jacket your hat and umbrella as temperatures climb from the 30s into the mid 40s later this afternoon. a little chance to dry out later today. more on that coming up as well as a mid-week snow chance perhaps. >> thanks chuck.
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this morning metro is ap pom jazzing to you, the riders for last week's deadly incident t. transit agency took out a full page ad in "the washington post," an apology to all riders and particularly the family of carol glover. her death connected to the smoke exposure after the train she was on filled with smoke last monday. the apology comes one day after mayor muriel bowser released her report in response to the accident. some of the major takeaways, the city said a first responder trying to reach the smoke filled train said radio communication was, quote, non-existent. >> also first responders were concerned about the trains on nearby tracks and currents on the third rail. despite the breakdown in communications firefighters and d.c.'s mayor defending their response. news 4's derrick ward has that part ofstory. >> reporter: with every bit of information released the intensity, the drama and tragedy are all compounded, and so is the selfless work of rescuers.
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>> they did what they could do everything they could do to save people. >> this was not an everyday run-of-the-mill house fire. >> ed smith of the firefighters union said the first units on scene got there about nine minutes into the scene. the pictures the first-hand accounts, as compelling as they are are just part of the story. >> this was a huge, huge rescue effort under ground 800 not down into the tunnel with zero visibility on a 22-inch walkway. we had to evacuate people single file. >> reporter: all that amid uncertainty about whether the third rail which powers the train was still carrying potentially lethal curr wait for official confirmation. >> the only verification they had was from metro transit police that were on the platform when they arrived on the platform that the power was down. >> communication was again an issue. >> what we know is our firefighters were communicating with each other despite conditions on walkie-talkie and
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also via cellular communications. they went in without hesitation to save lives. >> while that's what firefighters and emergency medical technicians do bowser said in the aftermath of that incident the city must address the issue of giving first responders the tools they need to minimize the risk as much as possible, getting the right equipment and protocols in place. >> whether on our went or the wamatta end, we know exactly what happened so it will never hatch again. >> we caught up with some of you to ask what you thought about metro's apology in today's "washington post." the feeling is mixed. >> i guess it's a step in the right direction. if it's -- >> the apology to me doesn't really mean much because stuff like this always happens. it takes them forever to finally fix the problems. >> mayor bowser is pledging that the communications incident from the incident will be addressed quickly. at last count, a dozen of the hundreds of riders affected by
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the incident on monday are continuing legal action. if you can't get your hands on "the washington post" but would like to check out the apology, the nbc washington app can be downloaded to your smart phone. the editor of "charlie hebdo" targeted by terrorists is speaking out. gerard biyard is defecting the depiction of the prophet muhammad. he said cartoon parodies of religious figures actually protect freedom of religion. >> translator: we declare god must not be political or public figure. he must be a private figure. religion should not be a political argument. >> you can watch that full interview coming up on "meet the press" at 10:30 this morning right here on nbc4. also we're going to talk with chuck about it coming up later this hour. new this morning, two teens wanted for a crime spree are waking up in a florida sdwral cell. investigators tracked
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18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend in a stolen truck outside a store in panama city florida. the two are accused of stealing a truck in kentucky and a pickup in georgia. investigators say they were sleepin one of the stolen trucks. they're also accused of using stolen checks in south carolina. the two were on the run for two weeks. place in howard county say a man is on the run wanted for arson and murder. they said timothy fuller killed his sister-in-law and tried to cover it up by setting their mobile home on fire. stacy fuller and her four dogs died. it's not clear where her husband who also lived in that home was. meanwhile, investigators believe fuller is armed, and they're looking for a 2005 white ford focus with maryland tags 9fem32. there's a $3 through award for information in this case. >> president obama will address congress tuesday night. we know a change to taxes could be a major part of the speech.
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the president is expected to propose raising capital gains taxes for couples making $500,000 a year. he would also eliminate a tax break on inheritances for the richest 1% of americans. the money for those moves would pay for tax credits for theclass. on wednesday larry hogan will be sworn in at maryland's governor. it will happen at the maryland statehouse. lieutenant governor rutherford will also be sworn in. it will happen at 8:00 at baltimore's convention center. little bugs wreaking havoc in the south have hitched a ride this way. we'll tell you the threat they pose to land and how to identify if you have a bug problem. a live look outside right now. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell timing out the rain coming our way. we'll tell you
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a new smelly bug like the stink bug has invaded our area. they are called kudzu bugs because they eat the kudzu vine in georgia. the bugs then devour soy beans so they're a threat to those types of crops. they even look like the stink bug, almost like a tick also. they also smell just as bad, by the way. scientists have seen them in d.c. maryland and virginia now. they say pesticides can kill them. if you step on them try to crunch them up or do whatever not only do they can stain whatever they're on. >> that's the wrong thing to do. you're not supposed to squish the kudzu bug. >> if you find them in your house, vacuum them up. >> or flush it down the toilet something like that? chuck's got the answer. what would you do? >> i leave the stink bugs alone. that's the first thing i do.
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if they're outside, sweep them right off the front porch. vacuum them up? then they're in the vacuum cleaner bag. tricky stuff. leave mother nature alone, maybe she'll leave you alone. outside this morning, clouds are rolled in overnight. though it isn't raining in northwest washington just yet, all the moisture outside has made the ground very very moist. the ground was already wet on my way in to work early this morning. temperatures are generally going to be in the 30s on your way out the door this morning as far as that is concerned. storm team 4 radar, we are looking for a pretty steady chance for rain today as we get down into parts of southern maryland. that's where the heaviest rain is likely to be and the best rain chances as well. there you can see it on storm team 4 radar, just a little pink. southern parts of prince william county towards culpepper, there could be a lonely sleet pellet, but ground is warm. other than a handrail or exposed staircase or off-ramp shouldn't
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have a big impact. if you see the temperature down near 32 if you hear that frozen sleet pellet out there, be careful. charles county st. mary's county calvert county from calvert beach to leonard town and st. george island getting on the rain. temperatures are generally in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. that will keep things a little better. rain chances today obviously highest down into the southeastern parts of maryland. still a low rain chance frederick county leesburg northern fauquier county that's the lowest chance for rain as we go through the remainder of the day. how much rain should we expect? just like yesterday, forecasters holding up pretty well a very steep gradient between nothing at all and maybe as much as an inch of rain. potentially an inch or more in st. mary's about .5 inch in waldorf or la plata. just from the difference between manassas and leesburg keep in mind today as you're making your plans to go outside, the farther
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west from the i-95 corridor you live or travel the drier your day will be. hughesville, 42 degrees with rain at 9:00 a.m. 46 with the rain mostly over but probably still cloudy at 3:00 temperatures climbing into the 40s. currently in the mid to upper 30s around town. there are 20s on the map, culpepper, that's the reason for and chance of a little ice here first thing this morning. by the time you get to the second half of the day dinnertime rain coming to an end, movie time things are clearing out. with so much going on around the area a big change depending on where you live. keep an eye on our storm team 4 weather app on your google map or itunes store. good news is we get sunshine back with the holiday tomorrow. tuesday looks good too. a little alberta clipper coming our way on wednesday. could be a rain-show challenge for us coming up wednesday before things dry out later in the week.
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back to the news. >> thanks chuck. next up we have "reporter's notebook," a look at stories affecting our community. >> we're back in 15 minutes with more top stories. good morning. welcome to "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. we begin this morning with the deadly metro train incident last week. there are still many unanswered questions about the yellow line train that stopped and was filled with smoke leaving a 61-year-old alexandria woman dead and 83 others injured, two of them critically. there are questions about response time whether there was a breakdown in communications among first responders inside and outside the tunnel how long it took metro to turn off power to the third rail and to get word to the firefighters. joe madden what does this say about the region's readiness for mass casualty emergency? >> all your questions are big ones. that need to be answered immediately. what disturbs me they're saying at metro, it might take a year
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for all this to be thrashed out. we can't wait a year. this is the nation's capital. we're constantly having to be vigilant when it comes to terrorist attacks. it's just the psychology. we've witnessed what's going on in paris and almost simultaneous to that when we heard this we didn't know what the situation was. we didn't know if it was an accident didn't know if it was a fire a terrorist attack. we cannot wait and every question that you have asked, pat, needs to be an serpd immediately. >> bre man they what does it say after metro safety five years after that deadly crash that left nine people dead? >> what we see coming out is it sounds like metro doesn't really have a formulated plan if there's an accident like this, what do passengers do? one of the biggest issues is you had passengers coming off the train, walking on that third line talking about whether or not there should be self-evacuation.
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reports are that metro had talked about this but nothing was put into place. i think it's unfortunate that someone has passed away metro should feel fortunate that there weren't more lives lost in that sipgs, especially when you're talking about trains filled up with smoke, it's in the nation's capital. we talked about a terrorist attack and the way folks can situations. i think anyone can really sort of understand people getting off of a train that's filled with smoke not knowing what has happened. >> dave the lawsuits have already started. >> absolutely. first of all, there's mutual condemnation from the congressional delegation into what happened. i talked to senator mechanical ski, congresswoman norton senator warner none of them want to wait for the evaluation. they want to know now. they're scheduling a debriefing within the next few days. they want metro to tell them the answers to all the questions you just raised. the concern is after all the
6:18 am
money, the new equipment that happened after 2009 what have they done? the answer seems to be i'm picking up from sources and other people not enough. people still don't know what they're supposed to do aren't doing it right, whether it's middle management the worker bees. i asked senator mechanical ski about that. she said i'm not making any accusations ability that i want to go to this debriefing. if she doesn't get good answers, there will be people in big trouble at metro. it doesn't bring anybody's life back. christopher berry under investigation. the son of the late marion barry is being investigated for allegedly threatening bang employee. according to a police report barry become upset after a pnc bank teller told him he had overdrawn his account. there are reports that barry use add derogatory term threatened the teller and threw a chair and.
6:19 am
how do you think this will impact his candidacy, bremante? >> any candidate running against him will probably bring this up. it depends on how they bring it up in what way do they bring it up. i think what this does is it calls into question his readiness for the position. he just announced. you would think he would know to handle himself differently knowing that now he steps into this possible public position -- any time you're running, you're really stepping yourself into a public position. any of the candidates out there obviously will call into question his readiness, his temperament, is he the right person now to succeed his father. >> just absolute immaturity. i've been upset with banks forof reasons, but you -- this is -- even if he wasn't running, pat, he is a public figure. he's had national exposure.
6:20 am
you just simply don't get upset because a bank teller says you're overdrawn and then destroy property that could very well be a felony. he's just -- he's lucky that the bank decided not to in essence, press charges, or at least they haven't yet. it's sad. it really is sad. i think if i were advising him, i think i would immediately apologize, i'm sorry, apologize to his potential constituency apologize to the bank and then see if he can put this behind him as fast as he can. >> dave. >> this is not the way to start a campaign. the question now, as joe says and as you inferred what does he do next? contrition? i'm sorry, it was a bad day, whatever it is. but then move on and try to have
6:21 am
a counter argument as to why, even though i did this bad thing, there are so many other things about me that you ought to think about. he's got to put a positive note on this now or else some people are going to tell him to just get out of the race. >> i don't know how you do it. i really don't. >> the other problem is folks are going to -- he has a track record of issues and run-ins with the law. this may only look like a continuation and has that person really changed to step into this type of position. >> and even having a bank overdraft in today's political scene, knowledge of that is bad, really bad. because it questions your 5b89 to handle finances. but then to get mad about it. >> i'll never be able to run for office. >> it happens. overdrafts can happen. but my god, to throw a trash can, to break a security to basically throw tantrum. >> do you think it speaks to his temperament? >> oh i think so sure. i think it does. it would speak to anybody. this isn't just him.
6:22 am
anybody who would do that -- if a newscaster if one of us did that that's exactly what people would say. my goodness. >> again he allegedly threatened the teller also. we can't leave that out, someone will be waiting for you outside. there's a lot there to pick through. >> got to take a break. we'll be right back. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more.
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so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. welcome back. morrissey gets his seat back. a new cloud was hanging over the virginia general assembly on opening day. a virginia lawmaker who won a special election last week is still serving time. richmond area delegate joe morrissey resigned from his seat in december after he entered an alford plea to a misdemeanor charge of distributing to the delinquency of minor. he's accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old receptionist at his office. he was sworn in. both democrats and republicans are weighing whether to take some sort of disciplinary
6:24 am
action. dave what do you think about this? how did he win that seat? >> this has happened before and it happened here in d.c. with marion barry. his transgressions never kept him out of office. an old mayor of boston named curly who was in jail and got re-elected. people in the district sometimes take offense to what they call outsiders telling them what to do. ironically what i'm told by people who have covered it more closely than i have his political theories his politics are pretty acceptable. he's on the more liberal side on some issues i believe he's an anti gun advocate. politics aside is one thing, but this is an extraordinary situation. there are ways to remove members in the general assembly. obviously they're looking at him. they're hoping they can do
6:25 am
something. as long as he's there, people are going to think about this instead of thinking about what they've got to do in the general assembly. >> he won the seat joe. do you think he can serve? >> i guess he can. the question is should he. we keep talking about marion barry this. remember this guy pleaded -- he was facing a felony charge for child pornography. i don't think we've had anybody in the district that has had that situation, and that's a question of indecency. can he serve? technically he can, but i think you're right, dave. who wants to sign on to a bill with his name on it? how effective is he going to be for his constituents? and that's why they're trying to get him out because this is not just a misdemeanor. this is not just tax problems.
6:26 am
this is a question of indecency. >> bremante? >> your signature is all, your politics are local. the folks there know him. i think it helped that he ran in a three-way race ran as an independent, so he defeated a democrat and a republican. the issue i think we've all covered is how well can he govern? can they get him out of office? he may be the type of politician who may know the eyes will be on me, maybe i'll lay back for a little while. i don't know if that's the case. this is the same politician that brought an ak-47 to the general assembly to make a point about gun control. >> while we're in virginia what do you think about the judge's decision to not allow former governor bob mcdonnell to stay out of jail while his appeal is pending? >> the thinking is that's the proper way to go that the sentence is deserved. the issue here is the top of the local government -- the
6:27 am
governor a prominent figure has gone over the line and he needs to be punished. this is proper -- this is a proper part of the punishment. >> you have a squluj who is a no-nonsense judge who is sending a message, i think, dave, to others. if the governor does this and if you think you're going to get away with it, here is an example of what could happen to you. you're going to go to jail. if you're going to appeal do it while you're in the jail cell. >> crime rates down in prince george's county. crime has fallen for the fourth straight year. in a press conference this week local leaders said homicide is down 40% over four years, violent crime down 36%. how did they do that bremante? >> they said they've done it by working together the county the schaffer riff's office the county police and the community. that's the right way to go. they take the picture of community policing in so many respects. i think the interesting thing is they have an initiative where they have about eight towns in prince george's county that
6:28 am
they're also looking at. one of those is palmer park area where the police headquarters it. that's down the greatest. that's down 27%. this is a four-year span. it's down 40% from 2010 to 2014. obviously that's something that baker and county officials can push. i think what's important here is the imaging thing, very rich we know in terms of affluence. it's always had the perception that image that it's sort of crime ridden being right there on the district also among the other counties. >> you have to also look at the gateway communities, the problem may still exist there. but the reality, let's chalk it up to good community policing. i think that's what you're going to have elected officials say, this is how we do it. >> the first time there's real coordination between elected officials, police and the community. they really got together have been shamed by some of the stuff
6:29 am
happening in prince george's county and said let's do something. you always hear about people advocating. but this time they've really done it. >> dave joe and bremante thanks so much. that's "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues. good morning. in today's top stories this morning, metro apologizing to you, the riders for last week's deadly incident. the transit agency has taken out a full-page ad in "the washington post." in its apology to all riders and particularly the family of the woman who died on the train, met throw does say it is sorry. president obama expected to propose big tax reforms in his state of the union address this week. capital gains taxes could go up to pay for new tax breaks for the middle class. another big story as you're waking up the rain. storm team 4 radar is tracking a system moving into our area right now. depending which side of i-95
6:30 am
you live on will determine when you need your umbrella and for how long. good sunday morning, everybody. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. we are in for a soaker today i think. >> yes, the rain and the showers return. for more let's go to the man tracking it all, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> beautiful weather out to the west but cloudy and soggy weather for i-95 and points out to the east. so what should you expect for your sunday? if you live along i-81 not a whole lot of anything just cloudy skies. in and around town periods of rain heaviest rain along and east of i-95 and almost nothing towards the shenandoah valley. colder later this afternoon and this eefrnlth as far as storm team 4 radar is concerned, plenty of rain a huge push of moisture acrossrn north carolina and southeastern virginia. this is all coming our direction. there's i-95 right there. all the highest rain chances are
6:31 am
along and east of the interstate today. charles county calvert county st. mary's county all getting in on the rain first thing this morning. temperatures in the 30s right now. could see a little sleet out there first thing this morning. it's going to become all rain nothing sticking the the ground. the good news is we should be getting the r everybody's back yard by mid to late afternoon today. better news for your monday. a lot of folks have the day off. temperatures in the 40s. a little chance for snow coming our weigh by the middle of the week. we'll talk about the wednesday clipper coming our way. developing this morning, someone was shot and killed in upper marlboro. police are look for his killer. prince george's county police say it happened at the bragg motel on crane highway around 3:00 a.m. we're working to learn the man's name. this morning a woman in new jersey is charged with murder after setting her newborn baby on fire. the 22-year-old is waking up in jail. on friday a witness called police after seeing a woman get out of her car and then light something on fire in the road.
6:32 am
he said the woman told him she was burning some dog waste. police arrived and found the baby badly burned and she died. investigators say the newborn was doused with an accelerant. tomorrow there will be a march against police violence right here in d.c. less than 48 hours after a march in support of police. news 4's darcy spencer shows us what organizers were saying there. >> i had enough in december when we lost our nypd officers. >> reporter: it was three police wives who came up with the idea a rally and march to support law enforcement. >> times have gotten tougher on our police officers. the lack of support that is out there, it's time for us to stand up and thank them. >> reporter: it started at the national law enforcement officers memorial in northwest d.c. >> wake up america. our nation's peace officers are the good guys. >> reporter: they held signs
6:33 am
supporting police many with the slogan blue lives matter. some see it as a counter to the black lives matter movement that many law enforcement view as anti police media just puts the message out there that everything is negative that the cops do and people pick up on that and they start telling the officers everything you do is negative, that's hard.eople turned out for the rally and they marched to the capital. they're saying it is not a demonstration, it is not a protest. it's a rally meant to show support for law enforcement to say thank you for what they do every day. once they got to the capitol, they rallied again and there were more speeches. one man came with his own sign protesting bad cops but it was all peaceful. homeer littlejohn is a detective with d.c. police. >> it's not all about criminals and bad guys all the time. everybody is working hard out here to make sure people are
6:34 am
safe. we or not robots. we're human. >> reporter: in northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> tomorrow demonstrators plan to wear the names of people killed by police when they march. the rally starts at noon. a cbs sports analyst has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute. greg anthony was arrested and charged friday in an undercover sting operation. police arrested him just before 6:00 at the double tree hotel on rhode island avenue where he was staying. anthony released a statement saying quote, i've embarrassed many including myself. i will work to regain the trust that i have lost and the first step is saying that i'm sorry, end quote. bob mcdonnell will head to prison about three weeks from now. we know the former virginia governor has been working in the meantime. according to the virginia pilot, mcdonnell was hired as a
6:35 am
consultant for a mechanical contractor. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years 234 prison. he's scheduled to begin his sentence february 9th. this morning ten people are dead following violent protests in niger, people were depicting a french cartoon's difficult picks of the prophet muhammad. they're demonstrating against the french magazine "charlie hebdo." it published a cartoon on the front page of the latest issue. two gunmen killed 12 people at the magazine's office. this weekend marks a turning point in changing the relationship between the united states and cuba. a group of congressional democrats is on the island working with cuban officials. the delegation arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow. during their trip they're working to normalize relations but also encourage cuban officials to address issues of corn certain to americans like communism.
6:36 am
this is the first congressional visit since last month's historical policy shift between the two countries. today millions of people braved the rain to attend pope francis's final mass in the philippines. the pontiff has been in the country on a six-day tour. 6 million attended sunday's mass and lined the motorcade route. pope france dedicated the homily to the young and urged protection from the devil. 6:36 right now. actress jane fonda not welcomed in maryland. why she's drawing a lot of controversy with veterans. take a look at your tv screen before leaving the house this morning. storm team 4 radar tracking rain coming down in some areas. chuck bell timing out hour by hour when the storm will be out of your neighborhood. babies and laughter the research that shows they may be trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment.
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this week police in europe arrested dozens of terror suspects following the deadly shooting in paris. >> the violence was triggered by the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo's" controversial cartoon depiction of the prophet muhammad. we're joined by "meet the press" mod ralter chuck todd. you'll speak exclusively with the editor and chief of "charlie hebdo." what did you talk about? >> we talked about why they do what they do essentially and what it is, how to respond to the pope's criticism. the basic argument he makes is they are not attacking people's religious beliefs. they argue they only attack religious figures when the figures get used for political purposes. that was the line and the distinction he was trying to argue and trying to articulate. of course the other part of this is one thing you have to understand the french culture and the american culture are very different when it comes to the issue of freedom of religion in that france is a secular
6:41 am
society. this country was founded on the idea that you could practice different religions here. in france the idea of religion is supposed to be a private matter a personal matter. it's not supposed to be in the public space. there is sometimes a little culture i guess lost in translation aspect. >> he was very unapologetic. >> unapologetic completely and very defensive of what they do. >> with a string of terror plots we've seen foiled in this past week what can we say the u.s. government is doing especially with all their surveillance programs being under such scrutiny. what are they doing to avoid these near misses? do they have a strategy is the big question? >> or is this strategy working. it's the same strategy we've been doing for 10 or 12 years. the question is we've killed this enemy many times. number two, number three, different organizations. but they haven't defeated the enemy. they pop up in different places and it has this feel that we're
6:42 am
still trying to feed an ideology not winning the hearts and minds issue. obviously there's problems more acute in the west. i think the west is -- i think all the leaders are going, is this working? what else can we do? >> big day for the president coming up on tuesday, the state of the union. what are you expecting from the president? >> obviously we finally found out how he plans to pay for some of his big ideas including free community college and paid sick leave. it goes to something that i have to say i'm pretty skeptical that has any chance of getting through this congress. hees calling for some tax hikes on the wealthy to pay for some of these other programs and tax consults for the middle class. some of these tax proposals he has in there are some of the same ones he's been pitching for six years. this time he has a more republican congress h dealing with. before he had a democratic senator before he had democratic house and senate and the tax proposals couldn't make it through. this has the feel he's almost sketching out a campaign
6:43 am
platform for the democratic party making it the party of the middle class, trying to put the republicans as the party of the rich and it's more about that than it is about trying to get something done. we'll see. >> we know 2015 is going to be about 2016 for sure. >> i guess so but not even in politics. >> okay. you'll be talking about 2016 as well on the show. >> oh, mitt romney. mitt romney 3.0. >> reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday right after "news 4 today." people living in southeast d.c. say they need help to deal with violent crimes. democrats in ward 8 held a special meeting following a double shooting that killed one man and hurt a teenager. the man happened at the anacostia library in southeast. >> we're asking the city council to step up u. this is your community as well as our community. we e need help to help these kids. >> they're crying out for help and no one is helping them. >> community members say they want to come up with an action plan to address the issue. right now a d.c. club is closed after a fight there created a really big scene.
6:44 am
police say it started at the clubhouse on georgia avenue in hamilton street northwest when the fight went outside, more than 200 people followed it out to watch. police had to shut down georgia avenue for a little bit. after reports of possible under age drinking. a picture taken 43 years ago is still getting actress jane fonda grief. in 1972 she visited north vietnam and criticized america's tactics during the war. >> this week veterans protested her appearance. fonda has apologized. here is nbc's mallory. >> jane fonda is a woman known for many things fitness expert best-selling author accomplished actress. among the veteran community she's remembered for a picture take wen the north vietnamese military in traitor, she was
6:45 am
treasonous during her conduct during the vietnam war and detrimental to the war cause. >> we're not trying to interfere with anybody. we're not trying to interfere with anybody that wants to come in and spend their money. our option is to let them know we have a problem with her being here. >> she was invited to present at the frederick speaker series a program to try to bring diversity and communication to the greater frederick area. she was select pd by a committee that believed she could do just that. >> e we just thought this is a woman who is a very strong woman that would be able to present something, show frederick that she is an accomplished actress, but i think she has accomplished much more than that. >> reporter: among the protesters there was also a supporter. >> she's a motivational speaker. she has a lot of great aspects ability her. you can't take someone solely based on a choice they made when they were younger. >> reporter: for the veterans who can't forget what was sacrificed for their country,
6:46 am
they also won't forget where jane fonda was when they were fighting. in the week ahead, you can head over to the annual martin luther king, junior day parade tomorrow. hundreds of people are expected to march for peace in southeast d.c. it's one of the first corridors in the nation named after the late civil rights leader. car lovers you have less than a week until the washington auto show. it begins friday january 23rd it will last until february 1st. this is video from last year's show. at this year's show you can see 700 new makes and models from over 4200 manufacturers. it's happening at the convention center in downtown d.c. no word if chuck bell will put his cars on display. >> that's one of my regular things. i go every year sit in every seat just to see am i missing something over here. >> you never knew cars could be that shiny. it's amazing. >> i still like the '50s cars better. i like all the big chrome bumpers and stuff.
6:47 am
>> it's a big, big event for families as you know. they have interactive things for the kids. i think this year something that's new is they have a tennis serving cage. you can go there and play late game of tennis. >> when i was a kid, power windows were coming into fad. i remember going in and pushing every button in the car. i still do it. still get in the new cars and push every button in there and see what will happen next. i don't blame you. outside today, here is the button you need to push the windshield wiper button as raindrops are coming everybody, especially in and around the metro and down to the east and to the south. for now it is cloudy outside. light rain starting to move right into the city of washington right now. no drops. i just peered out the window here at the parking lot. still our parking lot, the grond is wet, but only because of the moisture riding over the top. nothing is falling out of the sky just yet. 37 degrees our current temperature, and a very interesting situation this
6:48 am
morning. dew point temperatures are in the upper 20s. as raindrops fall down through that layer of cold dry air, some of them may be able to freeze up into sleep pellets ever so briefly, not looking forney big problems. no winter weather advisories of any kind. but where you see the pink on the radar here, could be a lonely sleet pellet or two. this is moderate to heavy rain in southeastern gentleman gentleman, that's going to cross southern maryland and the lower parts of the eastern shore. rainfall amounts will increase dramatically the farther south and east you live or travel today. charles county about half an inch. st. mary's maybe over an inch. calvert county maybe over an inch. here it is rain along 301 right now. rain crossing montrose and colonial beach over the northern neck into parts of st. mary's county. leonard town chesapeake beach all getting in on the rain this morning. here is route 2, loud 5 right down through the heart of st. mary's county from leonard town toward california island.
6:49 am
northern prince william county central fauquier county could get a lonesome sleet pellet or two. if you see that, tweet me, handle. 27 in frederick, but dry there, 27 in martinsburg and dry there as well. highs today way above freezing. mid to upper 40s, and a little chance for some sunshine even out towards the shenandoah valley. the week ahead, sunshine for everybody tomorrow. all eyes are on wednesday now. a little clipper coming our way, chance for both rain and/or snow. we'll watch this carefully for wednesday. for today here comes the big plume of moisture up here. 10:00 this morning. lunchtime, the heavy rain shifting on to the lower pay and the eastern shore. by early afternoon, most of that heavy rain pushing away. the little weather front sneaking through this afternoon could ring out one or two lonesome isolated showers later
6:50 am
this avenue. by and large, once we get past 123:00 1:00 most of us should be done with most of our rain. a little chilly overnight. here comes the sunshine back in as we get into monday. again, we're watching this next little chance for and alberta clipper as it comes in on wednesday. that could mean some snow around here. we'll watch this closely. 47 today with the showers in the metro. sunshine for everybody tomorrow. the rain-snow chance wednesday. after that typical january stuff, highs in the 40s, lows near 30. all right, chuck. thanks. baby comedians are out there. how your little one may be making you laugh on purpose and the research to back it up. we'll have that research coming up. it's 6:50 on
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good sunday morning everyone. just four teams left in the nfl play-offs. after today we'll find out who heads to arizona for the super
6:54 am
bowl. the green bay packers, one of the teams looking for a chance to raise the lombardi trophy. their hopes rest largely on their quarterback aaron rodgers this afternoon as they take on the seahawks. last week against dallas rodgers played through a left calf strain. while he didn't look 100% he threw three touchdowns and led the packers to victory. green bay, with their biggest game since the super bowl run in 2010 fans in wisconsin doing everything they can to make sure their quarterback is a-okay. >> i know people have the best intentions when they're sernding stuff in whether it's a phone call which i have heard some of your messages thank you. or an e-mail which sometimes gets passed along to me. so they want me to get back on the field and this time of year when there's an injury there's a lot of experts out there. >> championship sunday starts with the packers visiting the seahawks at 3:05. on the afc side the colts head to new england for a date with the patriots. that game kicks off at 6:40.
6:55 am
talking hoops now, maryland men impressing in the big ten conference. look out for the women. hosting illinois today the terps sit atop their new conference with a 5 koovr 0 record. head coach brenda freeze loving life in the big ten. >> the competition is through the roof. it makes you better any given night. there's no days off. you can't win a game by 30 40 points. it's making us better. we love the competition. every match-up has been a battle. >> terps and i'm know tip-off at 2:00 from the xfinity center. that was a look at your morning sports. hope your sunday is a good one. if you have a baby or remember when your kids were small, they probably have made you laugh at one point. >> just a couple times. it turns out that laughter is an important part of how babies bond with us and learn. nbc's stephanie gosk tells us why. >> reporter: comedians eat your hearts out. the truly funny are the smallest among us. effortlessly hilariously,
6:56 am
surprisingly funny. >> can you sit on the rainbow mat with me. >> she's our corn stand source of entertainment. she can entertain herself and any adult. she's really fun. >> reporter: beyond making our lives brighter researchers now believe humor is an important part of a baby's cognitive development. some say we have underestimated how serious being silly can be. >> infant humor can tell us a lot about what infants know and about what they know about us. the play starts with parents being the clowns. babies as young as three and four months old begin to appreciate the ridiculous. and then a switch flipped. as early as 9 months old, the realization they can make us laugh, too. >> he's definitely performing for me trirg to make me smile. when i smile, he smiles right back. >> reporter: the high chair is the classic stage.
6:57 am
peekaboo the ally funny gag. and then there is the tease, which my daughter has mastered to perfection. >> sneaky monkey you sneaky monkey. >> when an infant knows how to get another social partner to laugh, it suggests they know something about that person's mind. >> well harper two can play at that game. the research suggests learning to laugh may just be one of life's earliest and most important lessons. >> i think if you can't laugh at yourself or at what's going on in the world, then life just gets kind of boring. >> reporter: anyone who needs a reminder can spend some more time with a baby. stephanie gosk nbc news, new york. my little one like to tell me no. she thinks it's funny. >> it is this forgotten language or hidden language that brings us closer.
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