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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> developing right now at 6:00. a metro -- the transility authority saying sorry for monday's deadly accident. plus disturbing new details on the underground emergency. a new report reveals major communication problems. first responders franticly try to save riders. the former basketball star could face a different kind of court. tv analyst greg anthony busted in a d.c. hotel sting. what police say he did. developing right off the top, when you open the paper, metro takes out a full page ad to apologize for monday's deadly accident. good evening, everyone.
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i'm erica gonzalez in for chris lawrence. news has been breaking all day on that deadly metro evacuation. the mayor released the city report on the accident. in it the city says the first responder trying to reach the smoke-filled train and said radio communication was "nonexistent. off of the high voltage third rail. first responders were concerned about the soupd of trains on nearby tracks. a short time ago we got this. metro is taking out that full page ad in the washington post to apologize to all riders and specifically to the family of the woman killed. derek ward kicks off our team coverage at the plaza station. >> despite the relative speed with which we are getting information about this it was still a meticulous process. today we are hearing the information that was posted by d.c.'s mayor. especially as it pertains to fire and ems. we're learning about what happens and what needs to happen
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going forward. >> with every bit of information released the intensity, the drama, and the tragedy were all compounded. >> they did everything they could do to save people. >> this wasn't an everyday run of the mill house fire. >> the first units on scene got there about nine minutes into the incident. the pictures the firsthand accounts as compelling as they are, are just part of the story. >> this was a huge huge rescue effort under ground, 800 foot down in the tunnel with zero visibility on a 22 inch walkway. we had to evacuate people single file. >> all that amid uncertainty about whether or not the third rail which powers the train, was still carrying potentially lethal currents. squad one the first on the scene, couldn't wait for official confirmation.
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they went in without hesitation to save lives. >> and while that's what firefighters and emergency medical technicians do he said the aftermath of that incident the city must address the issue of giving first responders the tools they need to minimize the risk as much as possible. getting the right equipment and protocols in place. >> you can't forget a woman died and others were put in per ill in just a daily commute that make these findings much more
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than academic. quite literally they are matters of life and death. we are live derek ward news 4. >> let's pick up where derek left off. the ntsb releasing this statement about d.c.'s report saying it is "only one part of the emergency response and it will be examined with all the evidence in the cob text of the investigation. we are also getting an idea of just how frantic the situation was in that tunnel from 911 calls detailed in the report. one caller said "we need something to happen. they are not moving the train. people are having to get on the floor because -- they can't breathe." during another call an operator asked, "do you know how long you've been stuck down there?" the caller responds "for about 30 minutes." the operator asked on "how many people are stuck?" the caller responds a a whole train. a whole train." you can read the full report by d.c. fire including more 911 calls, and you can read metro's apology letter on our website. that's, and
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search metro. meanwhile, ae sunny day for most of you. don't get too used to it. rain is on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seagull joining us with what lies ahead. >> well erica, rain for some tomorrow but potentially not everybody. those of you use of i-95 will you definitely be dealing with rain. >> about a 50% chance of hours inside the beltway. leesburg may not see a drop. when does the rain arrive and leave sf i'll have the timing coming up in my full forecast in about ten minutes, erica. >> thanks amelia. tonight a sports analyst and former nba basketball player is facing charges for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in d.c.
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jason pew is at the live desk with more. jason. >> erica, greg anthony is a sports analyst for cbs. he was in town -- anthony will not work the network again this season. anthony is accused of using a computer to solicit a prostitute. d.c. police arrested him just before 6:00 yesterday evening at the double tree by hilton hotel in downtown washington. booked and jailed and released later in the evening. if convicted, anthony could face up to 180 days in jail. now, anthony did issue an apology saying "with this last i have embarrassed many. i will work to regain the trust i lost." >> thanks jason. in howard county tonight police are investigating the suspicious death of a woman whose body was found burning in a trailer. firefighters responded to the call of a fire at the capital mobile park in elkridge this
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morning, and that's when they say they found stacy lynn fuller dead inside. the burning trailer was believed to be a gunshot wound. nobody else was home at the time and right now investigators have no motive or suspects in custody. meanwhile, this just in. a northwest hotspot won't be opening at stores tonight. d.c. police. >> they are getting reports of possible underage drinking. >> enough is enough. that was the message at a special meeting to discuss violence in ward eight. this comes just days after a double shooting in which a man died. community members say they want to come up with an action plan
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to address the issue. >> a cruiser ended up on the side in a drainage ditch with major damage to the front as you see there. pair midmedics took him to the hospital. the driver of the other car refused treatment. her 4-year-old daughter though had to be taken to a children's hospital just to be checked out. new at 6:00 panic spread through a packed mall after gunman opened fire. how that deadly rampage came to an end. >> i'm josie spencer at the capitol where police have organized a rally called sea of blue to support law enforcement. i'll have the story ahead. and we're still following all the new developments in the deadly metro accident. the transit authority saying sorry to its riders.
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>> witnesses say they dropped for cover inside a mall food court. the shooting happened this morning in melbourne, florida. investigators say a man walked into the food court where his wife worked shot her, and then killed her co-worker when they tried to wrestle the gun away from him. tonight we know the suspect turned the gun on himself and officers found his pockets full of ammunition. we have learned former governor bob mcdonnell landed a new job shortly after his
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conviction on corruption charges. bay mechanical incorporated based in virginia beach offered mcdonnell a job in september just a week after he was found guilty of taking gifts and loans. the virginia company says the ceo has known mcdonnell for about a the former governor has been working up to 30 hours a week since october making about $5,000 a month. still to come hundreds pound the pavement to support police. the message that they have for your community and the country. and after a chilly start to the weekend, milder air moving in. the question though how long is this going to last? amelia is
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a sea of blue the district in support of our local officers hundreds of people came out for the rally and as darcy spencer reports, their message was blue lives matter. >> i've had enough in december when we lost our nypd officers. >> it was three police wives who came up with the idea. a rally and march to support law enforcement. >> it's time for us to stand up and thank them. tloo it started at the national law enforcement officers memorial in northwest d.c. >> wake up, america. our nation's peace officers are
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the good guys. some see it as a counter to the black lives matter movement that many law enforcement officers say is anti-police. >> when the media just puts the message out there that everything is negative that the cops do and people pick up on that and they start telling the officers everything you do is negative that's hard. >> hundreds of people turned out for the rally. they marched to the capitol. >> they're saying it is a demonstration. it is not a protest. it's a rally, and it meant to show support to law enforcement to say thank you for what they do every day. they rallied again, and there were more speeches. one man came with his own sign protesting bad cops. it was all peaceful. home ward littlejohn is a detective with the police. it's not about criminals and bad guys all the time.
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it's everybody. working hard to make sure people are safe. we're not robots. >> darcy spencer, news 4. plenty of sunshine today. it was chilly but didn't feel as bad as it's been in the past couple of days. >> we will be tracking rain on storm team 4 radar. especially along i-9 a5 and areas off to the east. because of that the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. i do think those of you living inside of the beltway will be dealing with some rain during the morning hours. again, the heaviest rain is going to fall in areas of waldorf, leonardtown through annapolis, leesburg frederick. you could remain dry, but notice the heavy rain impacting easton
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and cambridge tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. by noon we start to see this area of rain pushing off to the east. any rain in washington is out of here and maybe some limited sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours, and then through the evening hours, a cold front actually moves through. with that we could be dealing with an isolated shower. here are the rainfall totals potentially for tomorrow. notice annapolis may be getting over an inch of rain. gaithersburg only a few showers in the forecast. martinsburg and winchester it could remain dry tomorrow. here's the latest satellite and radar. it's dry and quiet across the area. we're dry overnight tonight. we're going out. you don't need to grab that umbrella. this area of cloudiness right here just off of south carolina it's going to move up toward our area and then this cold front back in the west is going to try to push in and as we see the systems kind of combining, that's where weee our showers form between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. now, our temperatures right now
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in the 30s. 32 in washington, and we actually hit our low tonight around 8:00 a.m. of 33 degrees. then after that temperatures are going to slowly warm. contain at 7:00 a.m. and for most of us the afternoon will be dry and warmer. that high of 48. martin luther king jr. day on monday a high of 44. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. a little breezy. the weather is cooperating for whatever your plans are going to be. tuesday notice the temperatures. about five degrees above average. a high on tuesday of 47. partly sunny skies. maybe some light rainshowers on wednesday. only about a 30% chance. that may be wet snow mix is in. if it does happen it would have a good impact on your day. 46 on wednesday, and then temperatures remain in the 40s through next saturday. >> we'll take it. thank you, amelia. maryland puts their number
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good day to be a maryland fan or even a maryland bandwagon fan. >> great thing to be a fan. it was a great game down at the xfinity center. maryland opened up in compressive fashion this season. a hard fought win on the road at michigan state. today it was the second meeting between these two teams, and this time they had the home court advantage. the xfinity center was rocking in college park from start to finish. tom izzo and the spartans looking for revenge against the terps. first half action. maryland up by two. jake is averaging more than 14 points a game. nice move there. he had 23 today. terps up by four. later in the half, maryland, their super star freshman knocking down the bucket. that's mellow. leader by 11. under ten seconds to go before halftime. mellow out there breaking
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ankles. watch this one again. he had 21 points in the first half from trimble. more of the same from the freshman. he was feeling himself today. the fade-away three-pointer. 24 points. terps take the series from the spartans. 75-59. second ranked virginia. visiting boston college. boston college did not make this game easy. second half. they're down by two. less than a minute later. justin anderson to gill for the slam.
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anderson a great game for him. he did play some great defense. gill 11 points ten rebounds. virginia leads by three. later in the half the cavaliers start to pull away. knocking down the three. virginia goes on to beat boston college. 66-51. they're now 17-0 on the season. let's head down to the verizon center next. georgetown hosting butler. first half action. butler is up four with the ball. aaron bowen comes up with the steal. he hits the jets down the court, and dunks it. another look for sure. georgetown is up two. seconds left in the half. it's devonte smith. nice drive. nice pass. hopkins, he dunked it home. right now georgetown is on top 41-38. george versus george. george mason visiting george washington down in foggy bottom.
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first half mason's isiah jackson on the base line. he feeds thompson for the big-time jam. mason trails 14-9 at this point. end of the first half. joe mcdonald, he would knock down corner three-pointer. g.w. 26-20 halftime lead. second half. here comes mason charging back. edwards, nice screen. drops the three. mason's first lead of the game 29-28. how about that? nice spin move there off the glass. 38-31. colonials up right now in the second half. 52-42. >> 17th ranked bcu. visiting due contain. lewis, oh he had a game coming off the bench. 16 points for lewis. bcu up 13. later in the half due contain,
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back in. a little over a minute left. rams to melvin johnson. he can shoot it. three ball here. knocks it down. 14 points for him. bcu. they beat ducayne 70-64. american defeated lafayette. and catholic they beat scranton 71-65. the place he calls home for 17 years. unfortunately, it was not the homecoming he had planned. the game tied 3-3 in the third.
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>> the coach brutally honest about trying not to cry during that tribute. >> i knew if i started leaking i wasn't going stop so i really thought about how i could not. after watching it i thought i would go down and look down and i don't know if i had a water bottle but i felt like i was going to have a little bit of a leak. luckily i was -- a little later in the year. >> good game last night. really wished they would have got the win, though. >> that is the news for thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online
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on this saturday night, day of rage. the violent move publish over prophet muhammad new editor of that french satirical newspaper defends its work. on the run. the manhunt in several states for a teenage couple who authorities say has been on a crime spree for two weeks and may be armed. "american sniper" immortalized the oscar-nominated film how the navy s.e.a.l. saved countless american lives on the battlefield still has their backs. and born comedians. why there may be a lot more to how babies make us laugh.


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