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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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it's 6:00 on news 4 today. this is the weekend to get out and get things done. temperatures low this morning. tracking big changes. >> today the clock is ticking on the second probe into what caused metro's under ground emergency. good morning. i'm angie goth. >> welcome to news 4 today. we will get the latest on the forecast in a minute but first let's get to our news new this mog. a violent crash involving a police cruiser. let's show you the scene. officers shine a flashlight into this squad car.
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you can see the cruiser landed on the side of the road at central avenue in hall road. we are going to find out if anyone was hurt in the crash. that officer was driveing it and why it happened. >> we have a cold start as we take a live look. we have a fun filled saturday. a fairly clear sky and temperatures are cold. typical for the middle of january. take a lock at it southbound towards the washington monument past the national cathedral. there is the jefferson memorial. clear skies early this morning and allowed for a cool down. 21 in gaithersburg and 29 in washington. 27 degrees now in springfield and 25 in rest on towne centre.
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you will need your warm jacket and hat and later on with your sunglasses as well. temperatures will stay in the 30s with a fair amount of sunshine. nothing to worry about there. going out plans on your saturday night as well. that changes for tomorrow. rain chances come back in as early as tomorrow morning. more on the timing and position coming up. >> thanks chuck. the clock is ticking for the mayor to release the report on the deadly metro incident. the government released its report and the national transportation safety board said they took 45 minutes after the smoke filled the your to shut off power to the third r5i8. they call that unacceptable. the ntsb preliminary report has images of what is severe electrical damage to a section of the third rail that was about 1100 feet in front of yellow line train 302 when it came to a
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stop at 3:15 p.m. monday after seeing heavy smoke about 400 feet south of the station. the report said at 3:06 a breaker at one end and ten minutes later metro operations had ventilation fans according to an internal investigation, when they responded to evacuate 40 minutes after the train stopped. after power had been shut off, they said there was so much smoke in the tunnel they could not see the tail lights until they were standing right next to it. >> that's a long time to face an electrical fire. >> they said metro must get to the bottom of what happened immediately and ensure it woint happen again. >> we saw last night, thursday night, traffic was like a
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snowstorm. the normal car falls apart. >> news 4 today. >> the report is just preliminary. the final report is going to take months to prepare and it will be longer and more comprehensive. >> we expect them to release a report on the emergency. news 4 caught up with the mayor last night. we top the get her thoughts on the ntsb report. they clarified how the report will be different from the government. >> the smoke and the incident and our focus will be on the response. # they have a surge in d.c. and
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they are consulting about those crimes. in the meantime we will have a breaking push alert to your phone as soon as that report is released. make sure you have the phone app downloaded. the nbc washington app. you will be the first to know. >> a cbs basketball analyst was arrested for soliciting a prostitute here in the district. greg anthony was arrested and charged yesterday. the 47-year-old was in the men's basketball game and still unclear if that's going to happen. anthony is facing misdemeanor solicitation charges and those charges carry 180 days in jail. we are working to learn more about this arrest. >> 6:05. a developing story this morning. we learned that today divers are planning to go into the fuselage at the crashed commercial jet air asia 8501. they want to search for bodies
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that they plan to lift eventually at the bottom of the sea. high waves and strong current are making it tough to reach the wreckage. all 162 passengers on the flight were killed. only 51 bodies have been recovered so far. >> happening today, you can join the investigation about violence in the district. members will meet at the public library on good hope road happening at noon. on wednesday night, the 17-year-old was shot and killed on martin luther king,jr. avenue and randall street in southeast. d.c. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction this this case. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and we choose to be self evident that all men are created equal. >> celebrating the legacy of dr. martin luther king,jr.
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100 fifth graders recited the i have a dream speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. this is in northeast several projects you can do. donate food to the manna food center and also be at the beautification project at the doctor martin luther king memorial and that starts at 9:00 this morning or help clean up rock creek park at 10:00 this morning. meet us at rodman and quebec place in northwest. >> the time is 6:07. the future is same-sex marriage is left in the court's hands. the two questions will resolve once and for all. >> chipotle wants to give you your favorite menu item for free. there is a catch. they want to you put your taste buds to a taste in return. >> temperatures are cold and they will warm up for the first half of the weekend. the second half is not so noise.
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he will
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>> another choice for your grocery shopping in northern virginia. a wegman's is slated to come to chan tilly. the common wealth center near route 28 and west hill plfd. it will be similar to other store that is it operates in fairfax and sterling. common wealth center has two office buildings and they want to rezone the property. another is scheduled to open in alexandria part of fairfax county later this year. >> try to get that in. starting monday speaking of eating delicious meals at a fraction of the price during washington restaurant week. many restaurants will participate. you can try a three-course lunch
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or dinner for a three-course meal for $35.15. that will last through next sunday. >> we are on a food theme here. chipotle said if you try the tofu burrito, you will come back. the new protein option so frittas, you will get a free entree during the next visit. save the receipt. go back for a free burrito, salad, bowl or talk owes. they began rolling out the tofu last february. >> snow from earlier this week forced closures and the students are paying for it through college admissionsful we will tell you more about that coming up. first let's check in with chuck. there raindrops in the forecast. it will be 50-50
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this week police launched new raids, targeting terror cells. the new crack down was triggered boy last week's massacres in france. german and french police arrested 14 suspected extremists. 13 others in belgium. they are trying to prevent more attacks from militants from the
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extremist groups like isis and al qaeda. this year -- >> first pope francis cut short his visit to the philippines because of severe weather. it was four hours early as severe weather loomed over the area. there was damage caused by the typhoon over a year ago. they celebrated a mass and comforting the survivors of the typhoon. it was the strongest storm to make landfall on record. one million people remain homeless. >> the supreme court will decide if gay couples have the right to marry. here's nbc's pete williams. >> did does the constitution require states to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples and do states have the right to recognize them?
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>> there not that many. >> what discrimination and what is fairness and what is equality and how much are we going to reloi on tradition? >> among the challenges each adopted two special needs children. they want to be married so both can be parents of all the children. >> we saw something wrong and we needed to make it right. to anybody else what else they do stand up for what they believe in. that's what we are doing. >> 36 states permit couples to get matter covering 70% of the population. the courts the other way upheld bans a split the supreme court will now resolve. groups say the big question is who gets to decide? >> is it a judges that get to decide this important question of marriage or the american people at the
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office through our democratic institution? >> that was pete williams reporting. 36 states including maryland virginia west virginia and the district of columbia recognize same-sex marriage. >> if you are a high schooler slamming to meet the deadline breathe ason university is extending the dead loin for admissions. they said the school heart from students parents and counsellors and think that many couldn't complete applications on trial. they delayed many students. they are now accepting applications through february 2nd. >> groundhog day. >> george mason is a great school. i'm not biased or anything. >> you don't owe student loans though do you? >> that's another story. my father told me no one can take your education away. okay. to talk about this weather.
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it might be one of those where it looks nice but it's not as good as it looks. >> as long as you are moving around. you need to be in the sun and moving around. a little body motion will ease the chill, but otherwise it's going to look and feel like winter time. temperatures struggle to get to the 30s and maybe 40 in a few spots down to the south and west. all things change and we will have a quick chance of rain first thing tomorrow especially low for the friends and neighbors. for today, the overall impact on the day nice and low. plenty of sunshine but it will be cold winter sunshine. you need to bundle up for sure. during the 20s now. mostly staying in the 30s for high temperatures today and near 40 down to the south and west. 29 degrees in washington. 8 miles per hour. that will be a south wind overnight and that's why we will have rain and not snow.
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temperatures 21 and 25 in frederick and new market, maryland. factoring in that brose and upper teens and low 20s. feels like winter. hourly temperatures, it's slow but steady are 39 and 40 by about 3:00 or 4:00. full sunshine for everybody. there is the warmer air down to the south. that warmer air will start to come in overnight and los will occur just at midnight and temperatures will rise between midnight and sunrise. go ahead and download the weather app to see if the rain will impact your neighborhood. just sunshine a plenty. clouds move in late and temperatures again will be about midnight. they will rise between then and sunrise. here comes the moisture as early as 4:00 in the morning. cloudy skies in washington and rain chances starting to ramp up and southern prince georges down to charles and st. mary's.
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that's where the bulk will be. a quick shot up the coast. notice how the computer models don't bring anything back out west of blue rinl into the shenandoah value. that pulls out early in the day, but a reinforcing shot of cooler air and that may be just enough moisture to bring out one or two showers in the afternoon. most of the rain strm front half of the day, two in the late afternoon as the colder air starts to spill in. here's your seven-day forecast. today is the half of your weekend that you can enjoy for sure. sunshine and near 40. it's actual low 100% chance of rain if you live along chesapeake day and 0% in the valley. a lot of folks have the day off on monday. sunshine and a good day there. otherwise looking and feeling like january all week long. back to the news.
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>> it killed a woman almost a year ago. the illegal cosmetic procedure that has one man behind bars. >> first, it's the new year and for some that means it's time for the fresh start and giving your savings a work out as well. we have the top tips to help you
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. >> a new year a new you.
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focusing on health and fitness, how healthy are your finances. >> most of us like to keep more money in our wallet. we will help you get started on the road to better financial health. >> amy has a good job, but her husband works part-time at night and watching their 15-month-old son monty while pursuing a graduate degree online and find themselves putting off one thing to pay for another. >> i am diabetic. i am supposed to wear insulin pumps. i don't take my medicine because we don't always have the money and make sacrifices for diapers and so that there is food in the kitchen. >> we try to help people like amy by consulting with the financial industry regulatory authority. >> the new year is a great time to put you on a path. >> we started with one of the
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biggest hurtles. her $80,000 student loan debt. amy has options with federally guaranteed student loans. she should start by talking about a workable payment plan and may be granted a degree of loan forgiveness that happens on income and ability to pay. in other cases, loan consolidation may make sense, but if it doesn't work first pay the loan that charges the highest interest rate. next turn to family or a bank for a small interest loan instead of credit cards. if you already have them and you have to pay them down -- >> order your credit cards by the amount of interest you pay and pay off the with the highest interest first. >> also creating a habit of using cash will make you think twice about your purchases. >> studies have shown people who pay cash for something purchase less than if they have the
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option of putting it on a credit card. they will pay more for a concert ticket for credit than cold hard cash. >> put away a few dollars for emergencies like home and auto repairs. >> you have three to six months of expenses for a rainy day fund. if you don't have that much don't fret. you can start small to build a fund. if you start with $20 a week by next year this time you have a long way to cover unexpected cost. >> i am hoping for getting ourselves in a better position. >> the greatest hurdle in finances is admitting you need help but amy has done that. >> thank you for that report. if you go to the app right now and search fresh start, you will find the number for credit counseling.
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you can find more financial help. >> it's a local story that has parents taking a 10 and 6-year-old too young to walk a mile alone. we get a lot of shares on our facebook page. >> deadly cosmetics injections. >> a live look outside your weekend forecast. it's split 50-50. sun and cold today. we will explain what's on the
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>> taking a look at the top stories, investigators are looking into a crash involving a police cruiser. you can see that the crews landed on the side of the road. this is near hall road. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt in the crash. >> today we expect the mayor to release her own report on this week's deadly metro incident. they released the report yesterday and the details from that is on our nbc washington app. >> divers are hoping to enter the fuselage of that fated air asia flight 8501 today. they will continue to search for bodies as they plan to lift the wreckage from the bottom of the sea. >> welcome to news 4 today. >> you are headed out the door, you want to grab the jacket and a scarf. this is why. the temperatures are starting
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off below freezing. >> that's right. you might want to take your sunglasses too. why? the man with the answer is chuck bell. why? >> hi david and angie. off to a cold start and a clear sky that allowed for temperatures to drop down into the 20s. that sky will also aid in the warm up later on this morning as they get the sunshine back out. temperatures will respond and we should be able to climb up to near 40 degrees for later on today. the view from the tower looking off to the northeast. wisconsin and nebraska here in northwest washington. a quiet start early this morning. temperatures at 29 degrees. 23 in rockville and 23 at dulles andliesburg powered by temperatures for today. 20 or 30 by 8:00 this morning. upper 30s and plenty of sunshine lunchtime and near 40. clouds come in later.
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temperatures in the mid 30s. for tomorrow we will face serious chances east of i-95. we will detail that and return to colder weather in time for next week. for now back to you. rally and rearching with several demonstrations happening across the country. they will begin at noon at the law enforcement memorial. there will be rolling street closures. the rally is to counter what they view as an anti-police violence. >> new rules for all fraternity asks sororities. kegs are banned by a security guard. all greek organizations at the school had to sign a new
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agreement. they eventually complied. they pushed ahead after rolling stone reported about a gang rape on campus. much of the report has been called into question. there could be more victims in the case involving a d.c. rabbi charged with watching women ungress. they will review videotapes at the d.c. home that show more. they show the videotape as they ungress at the national capital at georgetown. he was rabbi for 25 years. >> an ashburg, virginia man charged with shooting and killing his ex-wife's new husband. they arrested him in the ash burn village community. he married cory mattison with
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two children inside the house at the time. his wife and another child also was there at the time of the shooting. >> a popular nightclub without a liquor license. the alcoholic beverage control said they will continue to defend the bar's liquor license. even if that suspend is lifted. the foggy bottom restaurant and lounge must provide an enhanced plan as well. this stems from a stack earlier this month. >> it is a dangerous, but bad injection. a man performed an illegal procedure and how police connected him to the victim. >> they were being held on a murder charge. a man fuel-injected liquid sill
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into her lip to make it larger. a plastic surgeon said it's a dangerous and illegal procedure. >> that can get into the blood stream that can result in a series of complications and many of them can be life-threatening. >> the document shows he fuel-injected the woman several times here at the comfort inn and they connected him to the could have through cell phone calls. the company who did this are hard to track down. >> no one knows who it is or the credentials of that person. and more importantly what they are injecting. >> they just caught up to tailor last month in st. louis. he has been brought back to prince georges county to face a second-degree murder charge. chris tina got butt enhancement
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surgery to make her more proportional. they see an increase in women interested in butt enhancement. it typically costs several thousand dollars. >> you can't cheap out on this with your health and body. this is not the first time there have been problems with this injection. to read more go to the app on your phone and search deadly injections. >> today you can still sign up for the city-wide town hall meeting. they are looking for people from ward 3. residents come and discuss priorities and the meeting begins at 9:30 and is being held at the convention center downtown. >> the archdiocese will honor an annual concert. it will take place today where
6:37 am
the concert starts at 3:00 this afternoon followed by mass at 4:30 in southeast d.c. the washington mass choir will perform a special musical program. >> how long of a walk home by local children is fueling a national debate about free-range parenting and why they left their 6-year-old alone. >> mitt romney. is he on the precampaign trail? his comments raising speculations about a presidential run and what he said he will do different should he decide to run. >> the time will be out, but it may not be much from t gold. chuck is tracking the cold weather hour by hour trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪
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>> welcome back. the former republican nominee is kbifing serious consideration to the future. he spoke at the republican national committee winter meeting happening in san diego. he spoke on the uss midway andilate odd what he thought the message should be for the republican nominee. >> we have to make the world safer. second we have to make sure and provide opportunity for all americans regardless of the neighborhood they live in. and finally, we have to lift people out of poverty. if we communicate those three things effectively, the american people will be with us and with our nominee across the country. >> romney told them he was rethinking his plan. previously he said he would not run again. >> maryland governor martin o'malley is seriously considering a run for the white house in his last days in office. o'malley said he will join john
6:41 am
hopkins as a visiting professor to focus on government and business issues. o'malley finishes his second term on wednesday. he said he is working on a vote that includes his blog. also on wednesday, larry hogan will be nominated. >> you can help student families in need in fairfax county and drop off donations at two locations, the wal-mart in fairfax and the fox mill giant. it will go to the james mot community and helping hungry kids. >> a family is championing what is being called free change parenting. see which side you are on when you find out what they are allowing their children to do on their own. >> it's free range forecasting. i can say anything i want but
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will it be accurate? which half is looking more suitable to outdoor activities. see you in a m
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the money was donated by a person from hong kong who wanted to remain anonymous. his widow said becoming a police officer was her husband's lifelong dream. a lone gunman shot the two officers at the patrol car. they were targeted for being police officers. a silver spring parent is under arrest for allowing a child walk home alone. several of you have gotten into that debate. kristin welker reports on the free-range lifestyle. >> danielle said part of growing up is learning how to do things on your own. she and her husband allow their 10-year-old and 6-year-old to walk short distance around their suburban neighborhood by themselves. >>. >> they need to learn that
6:47 am
intangible things -- >> it's a theory called free-range parenting, a rejection of the helicopter parent. >> i feel safe because i know my parents have confidence in us. >> this family is being investigated by child protective services because last month they found them walking home from a park a mile away from their home. >> some of the roads they walk along are dangerous. >> if my children didn't know how to cross streets, i would be concerned. but they know. >> cps didn't comment on this case but they said a child under 8 should not be left in a building enclosure and motor vehicle. the kids were walking outside. >> i don't know. i would be more concerned about safety. >> the founder of the free-range kids. >> our parents did it and the
6:48 am
crime rate was higher when we were growing up. >> more than 58,000 kids were abducted by non-relatives in know one year. park are what they have to do is ta uk to their children and talk about safety. nbc news, silver springs, maryland. >> a baby girl was born on the outer loop of the beltway yesterday afternoon near the exit. the woman was headed to a fairfax report when she called 911 and said he was going into labor. paramedics responded and they were able to get her to the ambulance, but the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl right there on the side of the highway.
6:49 am
that was a concern. and she was not wearing a great deal. >> hats off to the medics who responded to the call of judy. you never know what you are going to get. >> you have kids. when they are ready to come out, that's it. >> the hospital was minutes away. i covered a similar story last year. >> we love the story with a happy ending and a healthy baby. day number one for baby in the world will be a cold one for sure. you will need that baby bundler if you spend time outside. temperatures are below freezing. plenty of sunshine and outside we go. early morning color.
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sunrise and now we are adding daylight at both ends of the day. we had been adding late in the day, but the sunrise times are starring to improve as well. it will feel like winter today. 29 at the airport and 21 also in northern montgomery and 21 in frederick and west virginia with a little hint of a breeze. wind chills in the upper teens and low 20s. what about your hometown forecast? about 32 degrees with sunshine at 9:00 a.m. 39 degrees the high. full sunshine through most of this afternoon. clouds start to come in during the late night hours and that will lead to a rain chance tomorrow morning. it will be looking and feeling like winter. you will need a warm jacket and hat and sun glasses.
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a rain chance and most of the rain will be along to the east of i-95. you may want to go to the weather ap and dun load that. some folks won't get a drop. here is the sunday rain chances. low rain chances. high rain chances here east of i-95. we are 100% chance of rain and about a 50% chance here and barely a 30% chance out to the west. that remains low. how much rain tomorrow? again, the way the storm is striking up the coastline, notice on the computer model, no rain towards the blue ridge. between a tenth and a half inch into the city but a half inch to an inch or more along the western shore of the chesapeake bay. annapolis could get an inch and a third, but barely an inch in waldorf and a half inch here in
6:52 am
town. here's the future weather. after a sunny and dry day, clouds will come in and rain chances as early as 3 or 4:00 in the morning. most of it is lunchtime or before. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures spike up and cooler air for mlk day on monday and a chance of rain on wednesday. no outbreaks coming any time this week.
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. >> for the terps success this year a tight knit group and reporting they made a connection of permenance. >> they have more than spoken words for three of maryland's freshmen. it's written in ink. >> and this represents the bond you have and not how close you
6:56 am
are. >> i can't even take it. >> it's like going around. the meaning is the same. and that stands for my brother's keeper. we are going to call up and he told me in it would be great. >> that's the spirit of not just this group, but the sboir team. they hope that it's a sign of great things to come. >> that's the final footage here because of the bond. everyone works hard in places. i think that's the final four
6:57 am
things. >> the terps and spartans tip off at 4:00. three more years after this. >> they will have national titles after that. >> that will do it for news 4 today. thank you very much for joining us. we will be back in 25 minutes for an update. >> join us at
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p good morning. third time's the charm? mitt romney makes a high profile speech that sounds like he's launching another run for president. >> the results of the hillary clinton, barack obama foreign policy have been devastating. >> but why is he facing skepticism inside his own party ? history in the making. the u.s. supreme court will decide one of the biggest issues of our time -- whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. this morning a look ahead to a landmark case. will the face of harnl in this country be changed? the teenager bonnie & clyde? the search for a 13-year-old girl and 18-year-old boy on the run, spotted in florida. police saying


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