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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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derrick? >> repor gooeven let's be clear. this is a fact-finding report, a release of information. doesn't necessarily get too much into the why but we know what happened. the why as they say is in the details. ta a look at these pictures. what you're seeing is some of the severe damage from arcing done to the third rail and some cables. this happened about 1,100 feet ahead of train 302. now, the ntsb has also released a chronology of how things happen after that. now, they say at 3:06 a circuit breaker at one end of the sectio third rail tripped. it opened up. usually that happens when there a fluctuation in courage or voltage in the line. it a safety measure, so that wod cut a power to the section of a track. ten minutes later at 3:16 we are told that metro operations center turned on ventilation fans remotely in the tunnel because smo w building up. but at 3 chn 50 a breaker at the ot of third was opened remotely
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by metro operation center. so that means there was 46 minute the time that first breaker opened up until they opened up the second.d that meant there was possibly power from that section of rail that rescuers needed to get to and passeneing and trying to rescue themselves. it possibl als means you still had power going to whatever fault theret caused that first breaker to open up in the first place. again, these preliminary findings of fact doesn't necessy le get into the whys but it does narrow them to a certain extent. meanwhil while all this is going on you had two trains trapped that tunnel and hundreds of passengers also trapped smoke-filled cars. as we know, one pass died. her preliminary cause of death has been determined to be acute respiry failure. the city is conducting an informat study as well. we are told that the mayor will look at the 911 tapes and get the local response to this. and the lawsuits that have
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stemme this a growing. we understand there are now as many as ten plaintiffs involved that lawsuit and they are also seeking a subpoena of those 911 tapes and radio transmis mo on this as it becomes availabl li at l'enphant plaza, derrick ward news4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. well there we two other scares for metro riders today. this after riders at the twinbrook s in rockville w smoke on the above-ground tracks. that came from leaves that were telling elements on the track that's supposed to help snow. th at the boston stn riders saw smoke that turned out to be from trash on the track. firefigh reported to the scene just aft 11:00 a.m. there was no fire and service on the orange and silver lines is now back to normal tonight. now to an historic decision by the supreme court to take up the issue of gay marriage. the judgments will make a decisi by summer. they'll review an appeals court
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rulingt uphe babs in four states. the case will be argued in april and the decision is expected by late june. in the last 20 minutes u.s. attorn eric holder says the justice depart will file a friend of the court brief urging t justices to make marria equality a reality. now to that local rabbi accused of secretly recording n inside a ritual bath in a synagoe in washington. as he appeared in court today, a group of women gathered outside to demand justice. news4's chris gn was in the courtrm and spoke with one woman leading the demonstration outside. the rabbi walked out of court after a brief hearing today in his criminal case. prosecutor are asking for more time to review all of the video evidence the from computs police seized from the rabbi's georgetown home last october. former rabbi at israel congre in georgetown is charged with voyeurism for
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allegedly planting a hidden camera in a clock radio and secret taking video of six women who were undressed as they took sacramental baths. do you he anything to say about this case? >> during the pen dancy of the case i'll to the talking for him and i assume he's following himy advice. >> repor a group of demonss carried signs say safemikveh and #noplead >> it's crucial that everyone jewish or not, stand up and say these people need to be treated with respect and with dignity and i'm jewish and if you convert, i'm going to come after you. >> lawyers have filed
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civil lawsuits on behalf of women who want to find out if the rabbi took video of them. >> i can confirm that the women that we represent have been videotap. their space w invaded by the rabbi at the time that was partic solemn moment where they were communing with god. >> lawyers are not saying how mu money they are seeking for the women who they say are sufferg emotional, psycholo and spiritual damages. coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00 one woman who was conver under rabbi's supervisio now says because of him s to be ap orthodox jew. we'll hear from her at 6:00. don't hold your breath for streetn nor washingt won set arbitrary deadlis for the servie new line along h street northeast is still undergoing safety inspections by the state
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safety office. city transportatio announce an offici start date till after that agency has done its regula review. last year mayor vincent gray promis servi would be up and running by this coming monday. the son of the late mayor marion says he will move ahead with his campaign for his father's d.c. council seat despite an incident at a d.c. bank this week. christopr barry posted a statemt on his facebook page saying real facts about that incident have not come out and t get bogged down in quote, sensationalism and the frivolous. in a police report barry is accused of threatening a bank teller throwing a trash can, and breaking a bank security camera on tuesday. he has not been charged. the man accused of a plot to attack the capitol will stay in jail for the foreseeable future. accordinto cou documents christopl planned to set off pipe bombs at the capitol the shoot people as they ran out of the building. he was arrested in ohio earlier
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this week after buying two assault-e rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. the magistrate refused to set bail during a hearing today. cornell's father told his son not to trust anyone and said his son was coerced into making those plans. crews are still working on a broken water m in alexandria.y this morning on park center drive between king street and park avenue. ce pictures show what looked like a geyser shooting into the air and pouring down king street. it turned into a sheet of ice, shutti town king street in the middle of the rush hour. there's also water damage to the fitness club and the lobby of park center. a loudoun county man is charged with first-degree murder. accused of gunning down his ex-wife's new husband. the shooting last evening jolted a normally quiet ashburn village townhouse community. northern v bureau chief julie y joins us live with details on this story. julie? >> rep well they are cleani up the murder scene right now, and a few minutes ago a smashed-up car that was part
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of the ordeal was towed away from that driveway behind the victim's. that curb where you see that bush that's where loudoun deputies took the suspect down last night and took him into custody. there is just a shred of crime scene tape left in front village townhouse where a newlywed husband was killed last night. but in the door a bullet hole the first shot allegedly fired by 28-year-old min win as he went after his ex-wife's new husband. behind the townhouse the wreckage of the tragedy still clear to see. the loudoun county sheriff says around 9:30 p.m. min win broke into his ex-wife's home and started shooting. his target 37-year-old corey mattison the man who married his ex-wife three months ago. th the did not d hea the shots. >> all of i heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.
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either five or six shots i heard. i looked out a window and saw a girl coming out the front door screamin call 911, call 911. >> repor inside the home, two children. it appears the victim ran out the back door to try to escape win. that's when his wife pulled in in this white suv, another child with her. >> as far as we know, the ex-wife was on her way home from an event with one of the childr and as she was coming home her ex-husband was simult breaking into the front door targeting the ex-wife's new husband, and that's when the violence erupted. >> rep the wife's suv smashe her dr t deck post then struck another vehicle thats parked in a neighbor's drive. arrived quickly and took win into custody. a neighbor says the tragedy comes after months of strife between the couple over child ku di and visitation issues. now, there was one other family member on the scene last night -- the suspect's mother.
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i'll tell you about her role in all this coming up new on news 4 6:00. reporting liv from loudoun county i'm julie carey, news4. a big development today in the penn state scandal. joe pateo wil once again be knowt coach in college footb history. as the university and the ncaa have agreed to a tentative deal regardin jerry sandusky investig joe paterno passed away in 2012 just months before the ncaa handed out heavy sanctions against penn state which includ wiping out 112 wins fr the progr. today the ncaa agreed to restore those victories. the settlement reached today restores wins from 1998 to 2011 and punts the late joe pa back at the top of the all-time list.pate record returns now to 409 wins. the deal also include penn state paying a $60 million fine which will be directed to fund
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progra to prevent child sexual abuse in the state of pennsylv. last year the ncaa reinstated the nittany lions scholarships and postseason play. guys? >> carol, thank you. turning now to storm team 4, a lot of sunshine out there y but part of our weekend will be a whole different story. doug has a first look. hi doug. >> hey, guys. we have some changes coming in. one change in the next 24 hours, the other in the next 48 hours. that first change actually startingo occur right now. we've got some cold air making its way in after a high today in the mid in most arias, now seeing windchills in the 20s, hagers town 29 in leesburg but mid-40s toward the south. tomorrow wil cold but then on sunday we're watching our storm system that's going to be making its way up the coast. it will be a strong storm system but it won't be affe everyo. fact i'll run this again for you and show you
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what i here. what we'll see is the potential for rain some very heavy, b hit everyone. who has the best chance to see some pretty good amounts of rn coming up. now at a story that shocked our region. the lives of two young children cut short because of an exorcismw o of the women accused is facing jail time. and don't let the cold weather fool you. scientists the heat is on and it's getting a lot of how a walk home from a neighbor park has sparked growing debite bathe over what's called free-range parenting.
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generating worldwide debate about whether it's okay to let your kids walk home alone. >> it's called free-range parentg and it's being practid by a silver spring family but it's also landed them in some trouble. news4's molette g spoke with the family tonight and joins us live from silver spring. >> repor this family has had two run-ins with montgomery child protective services over this. when i talk to the mom, she tells me she has much more fear over t possibi of her kids being taken away over this than she has over the possibility of
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the danger of letting them walk home alone from a park like this one that's just a couple blocks fr their house. >> i saw your story on the news and i want to tell you that you guys are awesome parents. >> repor 10-year-old rafy and his mom, danielle are reading e-mails of support from across the country and around the globe over a parenting style called free ra >> your story is appalling. it's funny that we actually have a name like there's a movement for what used to be coy normal and that is, you kids can be trusted, they can go outside, they autonomy they n find a couple friends down the street to play with and, you know, come back when it's dinnertime. >> it all started when rafy and his 6-year-old sister devorah, walked home from a park close to their home without an adult. someone called police and now child protect tich services is investg the silver spring for neglect.
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>> i like the freedom. i think it's really fun to be independ and that we really are old enough to do it. >> and we're letting these unfounded fears really shape and actually our children' >> repor not so according to maryland law, which prevents a child under the age of 8 from being unattended unless a relin whos at least 13 years is with him or her. the silver spri family is getting backlash from critics who say it's not safe. safe shores is a d.c.-based children advocacy work that works prevent child abuse. >> whether you fall on the helicopt snowplow or free range end of the parenting spectrum to be aware of the risks. >> reporte one neighbor who lives right next to this park
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did not want to go on camera but claims this family has been allowi kids to will be alone by themselves for years now. those children are just 10 and 6. this tuesday is when the parents get to meet with montgomery child protective services and they will argue their side of the story. we are live this evening in silver spri m molette green. >> at what age should children be allowed to walk home alone? that's our nbc washington/sury of the day. vote by texting or calling. turning to storm team 4, doug joins us now. startingo wm up out there, doug. a timelyng in our weather. >> nasa saying 2014 was the warmest yea on record for the entire global. it w not for the united states. wee fairly cold here in united stat.e rest of the country
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and the rest of the world, as a matter fact very very warm. 2014 not eve an contest, t t year on record. nbc's amelia see gal was with nasa scientists talking to them about how warm this last year was. area the washingt area as we continue to track temperatures and notice that overall we're warming a little each year what kind of changes wil we see in this area with climate change? >> we know this area has very variab weather. we have extremely warm humid summers. it can get quite as we've seen recently. maybe if we focus on the summers a little bit, it's already hot and unbearable here in the sut little bit of extra global could push temper extremes higher and affect how comfortable we feel. >> something else seeing obviouy is sea level rise and we continue to see that. it been accelerating in the past couple decade
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we'll keep an eye on that as well. t now, 44 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour that wd kicking up because of a frontal boundy came through a little earlier and that has helped the cool our numbers down. we are up to 48 earlier in d.c. now at 44 only 36 in gaithers 3 in martinsburg, windchiln the upper 20s already a it will be a chilly night tonight. storm te radar not showing anythi in our area but notice up toward the north over the last few hour see all these snow s coming through? that's tt making its way down across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. it did bring some snow showers places like philadel won't see any of those. all we'll see is the colder air on the backside of this. take a look at the lows tonight, down to 25 in d.c. 19 in gaithers 21 culpepper, 19 back towards winchester so a cold start to your saturday. saturday after going to stay on the cold side. temperat about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than they were today with a high of about 39 in d.c. 38 in leesburg and 41 in frederic. we'll see some winds early.
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lit die off a little bit around midday then be back in the evening so, with some sunshine it will be chilly but not too bad out there as long as you dress for it. tomorrow should be a pretty nice day. th we move into sunday. take a look at this. overnight ton no problems. tomorrow just a few clouds from ti but some sunshine as well. then we get into sunday morning and we're talking about that area of rain. southern maryland i think is the big key here down around the northe neck. a lot of rain some of it heavy, a half an inch to an area but look at leesburg winchest front royal, frederico rn at all from this storm system. if this was snow this would be a big-time bull's-eye to the east nothing to the west but this will be all rain moving through the day on sunday. very ayn rainy day from d.c. off to the east. once again to the west not much at all out of this. that's some good news for some not so good news for some others. 46 for a high tomorrow. this will be different. temperatn t 30s the next couple days.
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high tems on cooler si for the next week still in the 40s so that ain't bad. guys? thank you, doug. getting worse. at 5:00 big new concerns for the spreading flu outbreak and how there could be a silver lining t the number of people . > a rising tensions toward police and a tragedy involving officer, nation's capital gets ready to roll out a big. and what's being ne
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back here at 5:00, trotz is on the visitors side for the first time. here's more on this hockey homecomi. >> down i-95 a big, big billbod with "thank you, barry trotz." says it all. thank you, nashvilled city, the people, the team he
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loved. >> i think barry's middle name is nashville. i think the city just embraced been there for such a long time. >> r last season t in another directior trotz to walk away from the place he leped to order carpets, hire peop so actually all the stuff you do starting a busine i was a big part of. >> now the new head coach of the washingt capitals returns to tennesse to face his former team for the first time. >> it will be a little strange walkin the visitors' dressi room for the first time. it will be a little different but i think it will be okay. >> repor while there's hockey to be played it's the time with his children in tennese tha will for sure be the highlight of this trip. >> the feeling i'm trying to describe is when your kids go off to college for the first time. mom and dad look at each other
5:27 pm
going i wis or maybe some don't, but in our case we were a pretty close family. but we left the kid at home and mom and dad went to college. >> trotz expects a lot of that family and friends and the fans out of respect for the predators he's asked all those guys to wear neutral colors tonight. big game at 8:00 p.m. on comcast sportsne ladies? thank you, carol. >>w at 5:00, a teen play-payr a prank. the police property he tried to destroy that many of u pr wish would go away. and outgoing but not out of the jobs a new gig for maryland governor that could one of two women accused in the brutal murders of two children in an exorcism in german town plead guilty but she will not be going to j
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two toddlers found dead two men charged in their murders. the women said it was an exorci but as kristin wright shows us from montgomery county one of them won't be going to prison. >> 2 years old and 18 months their own mother and her friend are accused of murdering them.
5:31 pm
an exorcism the women explained. prosecuts sayy killed the ch they all lived in inniermantown one year ago. montgomery co circuit cot rules that the friend and roommate monifa sanford, is not criminal responsible for the crimes. e court committed her to a psychic hospital. >> she was delusion nal to the extent that she believed that she had been initiated into this group of demon assassins and that she and miss avery, that it was their mission to rid the world but specifically their immedie sph of demons. >> repor today's hearing also provided more insight into the possible state of mind of sanford and the children's mother zakieya avery. the prosecutor told the judge avery said that the only way to stave baby's soul was to kill him and instructed sanford to retrie a knife. they attempted to pray the devil out of the girl's body but it
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work as part of the preliminhearing, sanford pleaded guilty. >> she is in a secure facility which is in fact, a gated prison facility but at the same she is receiving within that same institution psychiat. the children's mother is in a psychiatric hospit undergoing evaluation. she's charged with murder and has a trial date set for june. both women are also accused of trying to kill avery's two other children th children's grandmother was in the courtroom today. she says the two children who survived the attack are doing all right in spif everything they've gone through. monifa s could spend the rest of her life committed. in rockville, kristin wright news4. with europe on alert followe par attacks this weekend, the big raid in belgiu making dozens of arrests across the continen more suspects were arrested today in france with suspected connec the attack on
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"charl dozen more were arrested in belgium and germany. here in washington british prime david cameron anda vowed to further target homegrown terrorism. >> we can't just defeat it through weapons. >> poisonous, fanatical death cut of a narrative that is perverti religion of islam. >> prime min cameron actual said the u.s. should engage in more domes to uncover homegrown threats. dozens of people have settlea lawsuit from a deadly texas parade crash. in november of 2014 a freight train struck a veterans parade in midland. they have settled their suit c railroad. the lawyer refused to reveal the details of the settle families are very satisfie a young man who admits he set a speed cam rho ra on fire
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in maryland ed a will spend 40 hours jail and complete y service. he lit aa on fire in glen oak. officers stopped him near anotr camera where we had an axe, a bottle of gasoline and a lighter. at his sentencing he said his behavi was immature and reckless.> is an emotional day of jury selecti from the boston bombing trial. a potential juror broke down after being asked why she was surprid to get a summons to serve on the jury. she tearfully told the judge she's from the same neighborhood as martin richard, the 8-year-o killed in the bombing. she met the lit boil once and fe by his death. that bombing killed three people in 2013. outgoing maryland governor martin oy i taking on a new job next month joining johns hos universy as a visiting professo he'll focus on government business and urban issues.
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he leaves the governor's office wednesy a two four-year terms. d.c.'s new mayor hosted the vice p for an up-close look at a major water project along the anacostia river. muriel br joined joe biden for a tour of the anacostia river kennel project near rfk stadium. pt of a $2.6 billion effort to improve water quality. during hea rain storm water has been mixing with sewage and overflow the nearest body of water. the tunnels will store the overflow and send it to the blue plains water treatment plant. you thought the flu was everywhe. seems that way, doesn't i well guess what. you're right. the flu is now widespread in 46 states. chirp died of comply cays from the flu last week bril number of pediatric deathso 45 this season. however, the proportion of
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doctors vis related to the flu decreased ovee previs week. a baby born on the beltway before the morning rush hour today on the outer loop near the braddockd exit. the woman was headed to inova fairfax hospi when she called 911 and said she g into labor. respo and got her into the ambulance but before they cou get her to the hospital s gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the side of the highway. fire officials shay they were concerne abo the safety of the woman and the crew. >> they highway . but beca was not clothing >> fairf say the doing ju no more bellying up at the bar. the new way to get a cold one using your smartphone. that's only available here in our area. plus time's up.
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the fine that could be waiting for you on a major highway if you're not prepared. and one of the most popular stores i our area gets ready to open another location. we'll tell you if it's in your neighbor. is it a wegmans? >> i'm not telling, doug. >> my neighborhood? all right. fine. to coming up temperat on the cold side for sure. highs only in the 30s.
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if you use the new 95 express lanes and don't have a new ez pass flex you just missed the registration deadline. if you ride the lanes alone you must have a regular ez pass to pay the toll. if you car pool with three or more people you have to get that ez pass and switch the device to flex mode free. if you have signed up for the program, you are get charged or ticku use the lanes withoue fle device. the deadline was 5:00. a ban on the sale and posses of guns that can fire more than ten round without reload that's what an advisory commis formed in the wake of the tragedy of sandy hook will
5:41 pm
recommen mo than two dozen children and edge kay or thes were murdered when a lone gunman opened fire inside that connecticut elementa sch in 2012. that commission will release a final report next month with recomms for law enforcem school and mental systems. already dealing with sex abuse claims the catholic archdioc minneapo is filing for bankrupt t best way to get resources f victims of alleged clergy abuse. lawmakers minnesota created a three-ye window for potential victim file claims. the archdiocese hn sued nearly two dozen times. all of those lawsuits will be put on hold while the bankruptcpending. we've seen several rallies against pole violence in the district recently but tomorrow hundredsl mar in support of police officers. it's being called the sea of blue d.c. march. it will begin at the national law rc officers memori at noon. the people will march to the u.s. capitol for a rally.
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organize say they want to counter a rising anti-police climate. a local woman receives injection her backside and end up dead. darcy spexplains the strange circumstancesn a live repo coming up. all week long we've been giving ide on how to save money. w it's your turn. see what you and your friend and your neighbors have come up with. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has compiled the best tweet, e-mails and phone calls. she'll s
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a prince georgey man is facing a murder charge accuse of injecting a woman's buttocks which killed her. darcy spr is more in capitol s with more on this story tonight. darcy? >> repor this was a scary trend. i got a hold ofg cob document this case late this afternoon and they show that the suspect allegedly injected this woman with silicone right here at the comfort inn hotel in capitoheights. now, i spoke to a woman this afternn who got a legal butt enhanct proced she tells me why this is so attracve christina costa recently got butt enhancement surgery to make her body more proportional. >> i'm very top heavy so i want to ha that balance and i definitel noticed that i have a lot more self-esteem ap p- >> repor she works for a plastic surgeon at national harbor where they're seeing more and more women like her who have
5:46 pm
fat transferred fm their stomachs the buttocks. it's considere safe and it's perfecy legal. >> i think whole kardashian complex has kind of taken over and so a lot of people do, you want that look of, you just a big behind. >> repor but some women are getting seriously hurt or even losing their lives to get that look. that's because they're getting pumped with liquid silicone or some other chemical like fix-a-fl in motel rooms by people looking to make a buck. this man, vinnie taylor has be arrested in the death of a woman he allegedly injected with silicone in a room at the comfort inn in capitol heigh to make her behind bigger. charlene who an exotic dancer began feeling sick after getting e injection. it happened last march. she went to the hospital where she died four days later. authorits just caught up to taylor who's from philadelphia last month. and that was in st. louis. he's been brought back to prince
5:47 pm
y to face a second-de murder charge. cosmetics are seeing an increase in women who want the procedur it typically costs several save up for it. it's worth it. you can't cheap out on this one. ite your health and your body. >> repor goo advice there. charging documents also say that the defenda would come out here to hotels in the d.c. maryland virginia area and set up shop and do these illegal procedur. also allegedly doing them out of state. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 i'll tell you how police were able to ultimately connect him to this crime. we're reporting live in capitol height darcy spencer, news4. unfortunately, this is not the first time there have be proble with the kinds of injectio. read more about their dangerou history, go to our nbc washingt app. the manhattan clinic that treated joan rivers just before her death will have an extra month to fix problems so it can
5:48 pm
and federal funding. health department officials cited a number of issues with the center. among them medical record left in plain view and a staff member allegedly taking pictures of rivers while she was dese dated. joan rivers died of the brain f oxygen. a new wegmans could be comingo chantilly. the store has signed a lease to build a store at the common center near route 28 and westfield boulevard. wegmans says it will be similar to the other stores it already operatesn fairf and sterling. commonwe center currently houses two office buildings. the county will have to rezone the land to accommodatw wegmans. wegmans store is schedud to open in the alexandr area of fairfax late they are year. doug was asking about a wegmans store. all you he to do is move the chantill doug and you'll be all set. >> i have to pick up and move? >> yeah. >> that might be worth it for a
5:49 pm
wegmans. m goi to talk to my wife but, you it a wegmans. k and show you what's happening out there. maryland northern virginia the district it's on the cool side but not too cold just yet. 44 degrees the temperature, but we will continu the night. 37 by 9:1: around 34. that's in the city but notice where some of you already are. gaithers only 36. 38 in reston 41 warrenton and 39bowie. cold fro made its way through the area earlier and it will continue to cool overnight. a fairly chilly evening. it will also be breezy. windchil wil a factor. storm te rada nothing to show. no rain over the next 24 hours. tomorrow mostly sunny and cold a little breezy late temperat 36 to 41. not a bad day, though. you can sti get outside and enjoy the after a little bit. just watch out downtown you d get that wind. this is where i'm talking about. feels-li temperat feels like 21 tomorrow morning in d.c. 18 in leesburg 14 in
5:50 pm
frederic 23 in manassas. even by noon we're in the low 20s so we'll have a bit of a windchill tomorrow. just know that and realize it will be a fairly chilly day. sunday the big issue is going to be rain but who gets it? well here it is. the rain all down to the south and east west almost nothing. winchest martinsburg, ha leesburg could see a snow shower late in day but no accumula rainfa. down to the south, a half an inch in d.c. two inches over towards pawtuxet river. that grat is tight, so somls giving a tenth of an inch others an inch. all about where the system sets up. east of 95 will be the area that sees the most rain. 39 for tomorrow for a high 45 on sunday 41 degrees coming up on monday. then next week temperatures above average until thursday. that's when we go back down into the 30s. ladies? thanks doug. it will be a while longer before you'll be able to buy google
5:51 pm
glass. the tech giant will stop selling e wearable computers to indivis aft next monday. companies a developers will still be able to buy it for work purposes. the glasses let you record every second of your life. some critics have worried it could an invasion of privacy. google plans to release a new version of google glass sometime this year. all this week the news4 consum watch has been showing us ways to get a fresh start on our finances in 2015. now you've let us know some of the ways you're saving money. consumer reporter erika gonzalez ha sorting through them all. sh joins us now with the best of the best. hi erika. >> hi doreen. today it's your turn to chime in. we've heard from you on facebook e-mail twitter, instagra are some of our favorites. victoria in montgomeryville sent us an e-mail with a great money-sa idea. every week she takes $20 and splimts it into three savings,
5:52 pm
accounts one for long-term savings, one for emergency, and savings f upcoming trips. and her strategy has paid off. victoria lost her job in october, unfortunately, but she's been able to make ends meet with help from her savings. two different viewers shared this next tip with us. dalisa and heather both have created quite the pile of money simply saving their change. by rounding up on purchases and setting the extra money aside, they each put away hundreds of dollars every year. here's another way to pad your wallet. a 52-week money challenge. joan shared her idea on our facebo page. each week for an entire year she settles aside a certain dollar amount.e first week of january she put in a dollar the second week two dollar and so forth. doesn't seem like much but at the end of the year she'll have nearly $1,400 saved. >> viewer named erica chimed in on instagram. her idea call up your credit ca compa and simply ask if
5:53 pm
it will lower your interest rate. erica's surprise she got an even lower rate than expected and it still stand today. >> wow. >> whatever helps you save right? i' going to let you in on my little trick. i use this expanding file folder okay so normally you can put coupons in here. th i use to sort ay money in order to keep me in check. i'll label these groceries, gas, dining out,clothing personal care if you want to put one in there for latte, whatever it is you spend on. if you budget like every two weeks, every month you put in money in the slot where they go how you think you're going to spend so you know exactly i put $100 in the grocery bunch so i know a spent $100 there, i put $30 on lattes. for me it's more of the guilt trip is taken out because if i spend $30 on lattes i alloit i know it was in here. >> that was the plan. >>. once that money is out it's out or if there's left over i can keep it there or add it to another little folder. do you carry that around with
5:54 pm
you? >> you don't want to carry this much money on your person not a great idea but this is someth keep somewhe in your house maybe. >> thanks erika. a mother accused of the unthinka y her children had to be rushed t the hospital and why police say what they had in their sippe cups almost cost them. a protest against rabbi barry at the d.c. courth where he appeared today on charges of videotaping women. chris gordon. we'll hear from a w convertio orthodox judaism under the rabbi's supervision but has now
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
a look at what's trending online. budweiser is making it easier to drink its beer. they've launched a bud light button app. you can order a 12-pack or case of 24 and you get dy within an hour. it's only available to android users and you have to take delivery in the district. children in arizona now have to brush r civ knowlee in or to graduate from high school. the state has just signed a new bill into law requiring hig students to pass the same test that immigrants ta citizens. there are 100 questions ranging from how many members serve in the u.s. house and senate to who wrote the federalist papers.
5:58 pm
even the police chief calls it tragic. a chicago area mother charged with attempted murder acued of forcing her children to drink poison apple juice. and police say the children tested positive for antide drugs that the mother may hav taking. e martiz has more. >> repor neighbors in chiller pare saddened to hear the allegations tonight. the mother of two accused of poisong her own two children. >> obviously angry with me because i'm a mother myself a mother is supposed to protect her child and not even think abt hurting them. >> repor t 27-year-old is accuser -year-d son and 4-year-old daught putting antidepressant d anxiety pills in their apple juice monday. >> she took these pills and crushed them into a powder substae and put it into the juice and made the kids drink the juice. >> repor pills herself.
5:59 pm
>> the son texted his father that they were trying to wake the mother up and she was not respondi. also indicated that he was sick. the father picked up the kid from their mother's apartmen taking them straight to the hospital and the mother was later transported as wells making cryptic statement to health that she brought them into the world and she can take them out of the world. ipts a it's a tragedy. the children will always this. >> both children were treated and released and they are now with their father. their mother is being held on $1.5 m now at 6:00 45 minutes, that's how long current was flowing through the third rail mond after the tunnel started fillin smoke. tonight, w complicated e rescue. the u.s. supreme court will hear another monumental case about gay marriage. new reaction from the obama administ.> a a rabbi accused of
6:00 pm
secret videotaping nude women in a ritual bath. why there we p this is damage from the undergrod tunnel on monday. >> an electrical problem burned a rail and sent heavy smoke billowin int two tulanes at the l'enphant pla station. is live where it all happened. derrick, what's the new informn in this first report from the ntsb? >> repor a prelim and is a finding of fact. what it comes down to it's about emergen equipment. electric and mechanical. whether or tt equipment worked as it s supposed to. this is a


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