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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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in hyattsville. he broke into a home on russell avenue last night and assaulted the victim at gunpoint. the robber was caught a short time later. as for the victim he was taken to the hospital and should be okay. a second woman accused in a fatal stabbing of two toddlers in germantown will appear in court today. a hearing will be held this morning. does not ford told investigators she along with avery believed they were performing an. today the rabbi accused of spying on women heads to court. he was arrested in october. prosecutors say he secretly recorded women in a ceremonial bath. he was reportedly discovered when a woman caught him plugging in the device. prosecutors who say the rabbi
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violated laws, quote, to the helps and down. he's plead guilty. it looked like we'll start the weekend off to a nice note. >> something folks need around here. 4:31. weatr and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. >> we'll be on the upswing later today, but right now, it is cold. we're in two the defense. mid to upper defense in much of montgomery county. prince william cy down to near 20. near 30 in washington near 30 by the bay under the clear sky this morning. you'll need to layer up a bit as we'll be staying colder between 7:00 and 8:00. boarding the buses it will be in the upper 20s to away 30. and between 8:00 and 9:00 freezing with bright sunshine. still rather cold. then our te ju as we get into the afternoon. there is union station there now. mostly dry pavement although there may be a little dampness
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on some of the pavement this morning with a little bit of moisture in the air that melted with all the salt. and by noontime low 40s, bit of a blustery wind. back down to mid-40s, low 40s by 5:00 p.m. and through the evening. plummeting down to just near 20 by dawn starting off saturday morning. melissa, how are the roads? right now overall we'g okay. we do have a couple of things happening. road work in alexandria queen street at columbia pike, road closed there because of road work happening. shoulde out of the way by 5:00 a.m.. and in stafford north 95 at 630, two left lanes are blocked this morning. that is because -- i'm just hearing one left line is blocked right now. so otherwise you can get by if you kind of stay to the right because of an overturned tractor trailer. taking a look at prince george's county indian head highway everything there looking quite good. and then 66 and 95 top of 95 at
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least looking quite good as well. live pictures of 270 coming up next. today we expect to learn more about the underground emergency when a metro train filled with smoke killing one woman this week. this morning d.c. mayor bowser will release a preliminary report showing how the district responded to the emergency situation. th l from that incident will also be filed in court today. malcolm rich is the first plaintiff. the 53-year-old says the transit agency was negligent in both operation and responding to the can deadly smoke incident. the family of the woman killed when that train filled with smoke is now planning her funeral. a memorial service for carol glover is set for monday morning. it will be held at capitol hill baptist church in northeast. an official cause of death is acute respiratory failure caused by smoke exposure. a total breakdown, that's what virginia's governor is calling week's deadly metro
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incident. gove mcauliffe sat down with julie carey. he says the transportation summit in virginia later this month will be all about metro. he'll meet with mayor bowser and incoming maryland governor larry hogan. >> it's not going to take us two years to figure out what happened. we need it know immediately how did it happen, what steps are we taking immediately to make sure this never occurs again. >> and ahead of the release of the metro review, you can get a breakdown on the emergency response time line. it's right on your smartphone in the nbc august app,in app. new this morning, new trade and travel rules between the u.s. and cuba are in effect. the new measures let miles per hours use credit cards in cuba. you can also take home up to $100 in cuban cigars. u.s. companies will be allowed to export communication secretary knowledges. general tourist travel is still banned but travel agents and doctors will no longer need special licenses to go cuba.
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today there will be a new push to eaayor haira laws in virginia. advocates are calling for support of 686. people caught with pot would only face a $100 fine. senator evans sponsored the bill. five people shot in less than 24 hours in one section of southeast d.c.. last night police were searching for a gunman from the air. on the street a map being wheeled in to an ambulance just one of three people shot last night on savannah street. a mother and her 4-year-old came home to that scene. she says they are living in fear. >> just watch the to get in the house and be safe. >> we're told all the victims fromsh on wednesday night, a 17-year-old was shot and killed you can a girl a girl shot in the wrist.
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joe biden and mayor bowser will tour the anacostia river tunnel project today. tom sap will also join them. yet another delay for the d.c. street car system. a source can direct knowledge of the program tells news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss the street cars won't start carrying passengers next week as mayor gray had announced. no word on what is causing the latest delay. and no new start date. a big break for students. how the snow got them out of some important tests. and wendy's trying to make their kids' menu a little healthier. e item not coming with hosethose be back
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welcome back. in honor of martin luther king jr. day, thousan of middle and high school students will be able to see the movie selma for free. all thanks to a fund raising effort led by the march on washington film festival. students in 8th through 12th grades can see the movie for free by showing a school i.d. or report card at amc lowes georgetown, amc imagine i go johnson capital center regal 14 regal gallery place 14.
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tickets are available on a first come first serve basis. there will be no midterms for students in loudoun county. loudoun county schools canceled the exams next week. snow days have affected the schedule. fast food chain wendy's is making a change a lot of you parents will love. even if your kids don't like it. they have taken soda off the kid's menu. still, you can of course choose to order soda for your kids. but those images will no longer be front and center on the menu boards. >> mcdonald's did this last year and they said that -- wendy's said they are trying to move forward with healthier options bupns or rolls. >> what did they give them to drink? >> milk juice but that has a lot of juice, too. and also taking the frosty off?
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>> keep them on the adult menu. 4:41 your time. a live look outside for you. and we see that skies have cleared out across the district. and we're sitting at 31 degrees right now. >> tom aren't we looking for saturn or something? >> yes, a crescent moon and clear sky. and temperatures are pretty cold. we're down below freezing most of the region. so what to wear today. >> you'll need a warm jacket and hat and you'll need the sunglasses later on, as well, as we'll have bright sunshine through the morning. it is down in to the 20s most of maryland and virginia and around the bay near 30. a couple spots have dipped in to the teens. manassas down to 19. only near n warrington. shenandoah valley in the 20s to near freezing. in the mountains, variety of temperatures. petersburg is at 34. for the morning commute, we'll stay dry with bright spine. you'll need those sunglasses. it will be hovering right around the freezing mark for the morning commute.
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then for the afternoon commute, should be breezy with sunshine temperatures hovering in the mid-40s for the afternoon. a welcome january thaw. and a look at a milder trend into next week coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. now melissa will revisit the accident on 95. >> unfortunately, we'll revisit this a lot this morning because of the impact it could have on the morning commute. 95 north at 630, stafford they're alternates between having one and two of those left lanes blocked as they're trying to get the overturned tractor trailer out of the way. apparently some food stilled out. so they have debris along the roadway. looks like they will try to get everything out of the way before and then come back to continue cleanup. 66 headed in to town nice and clear. beltway at river road moving along nicely. 270 into and out of town also looking quite good. live picture of 95 in maryland coming up.
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>> well armed extremists and home grown wannabees have world leaders scrambling for new ways to fight terrorism. we'll layout the day for an international meeting at the white house. change of plans for prayer at duke university. why the school
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15 before the hour. president obama and british prime david cameron are meeting again today. topic number one, how to deal with this new round of terror threats. tracie potts live on capitol hill with more on the meeting between the two leaders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're just getting news in this morning that there have been more as they try to thwart those terror threats in paris and berlin. this all part of the conversation tha are
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likely to have as they talk about how the two can cooperate. one thing we know that they're planning are joint exercises between the u.s. and the uk to hit the financial industry. these are simulated attacks later this year to see how london banks al streetactreact. we're told cameron will press obama to allow more government surveillance as they try to team up and s intelligence to thwart these types of attacks. this is definitely resonating here in washington as we continue to watch for the latest developments on the foiled raid here -- or i should say attack here on the u.s. capitol, that pipe bombing that did not happen. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. and britain is staging cyber war games later this year. britain an america will join forces trying to improve the country's resistance to cyber attackse first will simulate an
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attack on the fin sector this london and new york. with the continued threat of cyber attacks, vice president biden announced a $25 million grant to support cyber security education. the vp spoke with norfolk university students yesterday on the importance of cyber security careers. norfolk is among 13 colleges and universities that w get some of that funding. controversial comments from a man who is considering running for president. dr. ben carson a retired neurosurgeon who gained popularity amo conservatives, appeared to compare american patriots to the terror group isis. carson told the group that isis has, quote, the wrong philosophy but they're willing to die for what they believe. afterward, carson said it's ridiculous to suggest that he was comparing the u.s. to isis. he made it at the republican national committee's winter meeting. new video in of secretary of ste john kerry in paris visiting some of the sites of
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last week's terror attacks. he laid a wreath at the grocery store where a week ago several people were held by gun than. he also visited the officers of "charlie hebdo" and a make shift memorial that has been set up for the murdered police officer after criticism that the obama administration did not send a representative last week for the unity march where 40 world leaders gathered hand-in-hand with millions of people demonstrating there. kerry says he's in paris today to express the condolences of the american people. that is the latest from the live desk. 12 before the hour. citing safety concern, duke univer canceled plans to start a weeklyl to prayer. the school had agreed to use the chapel bell tower for a weekly amplified chant for muslims. that sparked backlash and franklin gm urged d to withhold support from the university before thet originally degreed to the chant as a way to unify the campus. oklahoma executed its first
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prisoner since last year's execution. the state executed charles warner last night, he was convicted of raping and killing an 11 month old baby. last year they botched the ex lockett. new ham midknow ham mid second time know ham mid alnew ham to the hospital. he's suffer president parkin so that. he hopes to go home soon. >> mitt romney will return to the spotlight tonight. he's speaking at the republican national committee winter meeting in california. what makes it interesting is that the 2012 gop nominee for president said last week that he is considering another run for office. the former massachusetts
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t theedly said he was not interested in a third bid, but that could change. he also ran in 2008. a driver will not face murder charges after hitting and killing a 13-year-old maryland girl. debra reyes was killed six months ago. her father says the accident has destroyed his family. they say 33-year-old he isespea vasquez should be charged because she tried to lie to police about who was driving. >> it means everybody can lie to police and there is no law for that but this time the law protect the criminals and they don't protect the victim. >> according to court record, vasquez will appear in court for driving without a license next week. we reached out to the state's attorney's office about the charges. they sai events of that day did not rise to the level of criminal negligence.
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all this week the news 4 consumer watch has shown you how to get a fresh start on your finances. and you've responded with your money saving ideas too. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 we have a round up of the strategies our viewers use every day to stay out of the red. little tricks and ways to save money so we definitely are looking forward to pulling those today. >> so yesterday we said we didn't mind being average. and when it comes to the weather, not very interesting, but we cannot complain. >> are you ready for some before average? >> let's do it. >> a little bit above average by later today. average highs tameime of year is 43. over the next seven day, most except saturday will be above average. toy getting in to the low 40s. but saturday will be a cold day. and then we have this mild trend continuing into monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. each day should be at or a
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little above average temperatures. so we'll take this for a january that you oig. weekend outlook, saturday will be cold so caution for outdoor activities. only in the 30s. sunday could get rain activities for that but looking great to martin luther king jr. holiday on monday with quite a bit of sunshine around. temperatures rig now are in the 20s to just near 30 degrees. nearby suburbs and rural areas in northern virginia near 20. southern maryland now in the mid 20s to upper 20s. there is a thin film of moisture on the road, so watch out, there might be a little bit of patchy ice around this morning. right now here freezing shenandoah valley. mountains, most locations below freezing as well. nearby suburbs in montgomery prince george, fair income tax in the 20s. near 30 by the bay. this afternoon, lots of stheenf sunshine but a gusty wind as a cold front approaches from the north. befo then, ought to make it
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into the mid-40s. after that front goes by we go right back down to 20 degrees tomorrow morning. highs only in the 30s on saturday with a lighter wind. lots of sunshine. then here we go, right back above average into the upper 40s on sunday with increasing clouds. we have a chance of some rain on sunday mainly during the afternoon. so watch out for that. and then drying out sunday night, monday for the king holiday will be into the mid-40s and partly cloudy for the activities on monday. then on tuesday, back to work and school partly cloudy highs again in the 40s. highs again 40s on wednesday. height get a little bit of wet snow maybe far north and west of us along with rain around, but sdwpt look a big deal because temperatures sd be above freezing. and then on thursday sunshine back with highs reaching the mid-40s. melissa here now looking at traffic early on this friday. >> overall looking good. what you mentioned about the possible patches of ice is a really good reminder for people because a lot of police departments tweeting this g about various accidents and saying that black ice really
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is around and can be of course as wy dangerous. so it could be here or there. beltway at connecticut, 95 at cherry hill looking good. prince george's co lots of green. 95 in virginia at cardinal drive, that's looking good. southbound a problem in the northbound lanes. 95 at 630, left lane blocked. just a little bit of a slowdown as you're approaching that crash. an overturned tractor trailer that lost some food. so cleanup still under way. a tuition fight brewing in virginia. the move by the state legislature that blocks one group of students there getting a big financial break. >> and at 5:00 how much do you value your phone? staggering price many people say they are w
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this afternoon fifth graders at a local elementary school will recite the iconic "i have a dream" speech. this became an annual tradition at t lincoln memorial. along with the speech, the students from watkins elementary will sing a few songs. it all begins at 1:00 p.m.. still no word from investigators on what if anything they found during the cold case forensic dig this week. investigators searched taylor's mounta for four days looking for the remains of two
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youngsters who vanished nearly o. officials did say that they are pleased with the progress of the investigation. the girls disappeared this 1975 while visiting a shopping center in wheaton when they were only 10 and 12 years old. some immigrants in virginia could soon be barred from getting in-state college tuition. a at some panel voted yesterday to override a ruling made by attorney general mark herring. the ruling would have allowed immigrants who came to the united states illegally as children to qualify for instate tuition. students can remain in the country under a programaction. the students are considered lawfully present by federal government. schools in prince george's face $40 million in budget cuts. governor elect larry hogan is expected to present his first budget to the general assembly next week. county school ceo kevin mags well told the newspaper that potential budget cuts -- the
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potential budget cut is the equivalent of positions. the county has grown by almost 4 thourgs kids in the last two years. thine people were honored in our area. among those honored yesterday, prince geo executive and also arch campbell. katherine merrill williams says the magazine honors people from the metro poll tap area each year who does good work and jebrous supports to make washington a great place to live. ane doreen there, they tweeted out some pictures. art has done so much for the cultural community. and he started in the 7th grade when he started doing the announcements over the p.a. system. >> thas the beginning of his broadcast career. >> exactly. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m..
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thawing out. the temperature is headed up today, but we're not quite out of the deep freeze just yet. tom kierein will tak you through a temperature roller coaster. plus we're waiting for the first official report on what went wrong during monday's metro emergency. we're also learning more about how a woman died during that accident. good morning, every. i'm angie goff in for eun yang. >> and gilchrist. no snow to speak of. tom kierein has a look at your forecast. a clear sky how. there a thin film of moisture on many roads and sidewalks. some of it mixing with salt so it's wet. but some could be a little bit ice. so watch out for some patchy ice this morning on sidewalks and


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