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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too. now at 11:00, a father forced to relive the loss of his teenaged daughter. why he says justice is not g served after a deadly crash. >> the law protects the criminals, and they don't protect the people. they destroyed my life.
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>> more violence tonight in an area of d.c. that's seen a rash of teen shootings. one mother says she's had enough. and delayed again. the ever-changing timeline for d.c.'s new street car. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. there's outreach from the father of a young girl who was killed while watching a soccer game. i'm chs l in for jim vance, she was killed six months ago when unlicensed driver lost control of the suv in silver spring. tonight we know the driver will only face traffic offenses. news 4's jackie bensen has more tonight from the victim's father. jackie? >> reporte doreen the girl's father says hearing of the driver's punishment is like losing his daughter all over again. wilbert reyes always believed that the person driving the suv that struck and killed his
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daughter his beloved deborah, would face murder charges. hbt he cradled the girl's lifeless body hadn't the driver been fou have no license when she hit a curb and lost control of the vehicle. he also points to the initial reluctance of esperanza vasquez that she and not another person in the car was behind the wheel. >> everybody can lie to the police and lie to everybody and there's no law for that? >> reporter: according to court records vasquez has paid a $280 fine for neglige. due in court for the second charge driving without a license. not enough says reyes, for taking deborah's life. >> she was born here. she was american she was right to the law protect her. but you know in these times the law protects the criminals and they don't protect the victim. i saw my daughter covered with
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her face and her body was -- it was sick what they want to do. >> reporter: they tell news 4 in a statement, the evidence led us to conclude that the events of that day did not rise to the level of criminal negligence. it goes on to say moving forward with a motor vehicle manslaughter prosecution would not have been the proper action in this case. our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's father and loved ones who have been deeply affected. mr. reyes says he and his family plan to be at the driver's court appearance next week. they plan to bring that big picture of deborah that we showed you. i told him that their appearance is unlikely to change the outcome of the punishment and he told me he said this is what a father must do. live in silver spring jackie bensen news 4. >> thank you. now to the tragedy on metro this week. we've learned that the woman who died monday was overwhelmed by
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the smoke. carol glover died of acute respiratory failure caused by smoke exposure. her death has been ruled an accident. dozens others got sick when smoke filled the tunnel at l'enfant plaza. the first lawsuit has been filed. the 53-year-old was released from the hospital today. he went straight to a news conference announcing the suit. he described the text messages he sent to family members as the train filled up with smoke. >> i told my mother that i loved being her son, and i told my kids i loved being their dad. >> the lawsuit will be filed in the morning accuseing metro of negligence mains, inspection and negligent response to an investigation. a timeline -- reveals first
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firefighters arrived at the l'enfant plaza station at 3:31 monday afternoon. it took 13 minutes to shut the power off so crews could enter the tunnel safely. 54 minutes before paramedics rushed the patient to the hospital. governor terry mcauliffe said that metro will be the focus of a transportation summit in virginia. he will meet with incoming governor larry hogan. he has used the words "total breakdown" to describe his initial reaction to what happened monday. >> first, i want to know it won't take us two years to figure out what happened. we need to know immediately how d this happen what steps are we taking to make sure this never occurse timeline go to and search metro timeline. we've included tweets from passengers who were inside the train and waiting to be rescued. new tonight, another shooting in washington adds to a
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rash of violence affecting teenagers. five people have been shot in less than 24 hours in one section of southwest d.c. one mother and her 4-year-old came home to the scene of a triple shooting in their neighborhood tonight. she spoke to news 4's shomari stone. >> reporter: police search for a gunman in the air with a bright spotlight shining on savannah street in southeast d.c. on the ground fire ems wheel a man suffering with a gunshot wound into an ambulance, one of three people shot. they're going to be okay but this neighborhood lives in fear. >> i just want to get in the house and be safe. >> reporter: shelly west walks her 4-year-old son jamar home from school surrounded by a web of yellow crime scene tape. as a mom, what's it like trying to raise a son in this environment? >> it's stressful because he sees this almost every day. >> reporter: tonight marks the fifth person shot in southwest d.c. this week. >> i just wish something would be done about it.
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not only are we raising little kids here it's not safe for the older people either. >> reporte a crowd became angry after a man shot and killed 17-year-old philip jones at the intersection of martin luther king avenue and randall place. a teenaged girl was also shot in the wrist. >> i'm wondering about our youth and why we can't come to a verbal agreement, why does everything result in violence. >> reportem if you have any information about this latest shoor information about the recent shootings here in southeast, d.c. shomari stone, news 4. the d.c. street car system is being delayed again. it won't start carrying passengers next week as former governor vince gray announced just before he left knowledge. a source with direct knowledge of the program told adam tuss they're delaying the opening again, and at this point there's no start date. no word what's causing the delay
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but the latest in a series of embarrassing setbacks. growing fears of terrorist attacks and president obama working overtime with britain's prime minister. david cameron is in d.c. for a two-day visit. tonight he and the president held a working dinner at the white house to discuss heightened fears of attacks in europe. they'll meet tomorrow and in the oval office to talk about economy, trade. one police officer says they thwarted a belgian "charlie hebdo" raid with raids on terror cells on thursday. now we're learning more about the far-reaching investigation that's already under way there. this may have been the tip of an iceberg. belgian authorities execute ten search warrants connected to terror cell ks and are still looking for more extremists in the country. on thursday police were closing in on several suspects in
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verviers when they at the height of rush hour. police shot and killed two suspects and wounded a third. intelligence officials looked through some of their phone records and say they were planning attacks in belgium. authorities say ag had been monitoring the suspects for several weeks before the incident in paris. some say the extremists wanted revenge for u.s. bombings of isis fighters and plan to retaliate inside belgium. while the attack in paris focused on a french magazine officials say the militants in belgium were going after hard targets like police. it's now friday morning in belgium where the investigation continues and the terror alert level has been raised to its second highest level. duke university will not go through with plans to use a chapel bell tower for an islamic call to prayer. agreed to use the be tower for a weekly
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amplified chant for muslims. but that sparked a backlash. the school said it originally agreed to the chant to unify the campus but it reversed course tonight because of safety and security concerns. new at 11:00, police want your help finding the arm thieves that targeted a northwest 7-eleven in less than 24 hours. this is between george town and dupont circle. masked men came into the store wednesday and friday and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. singer chris brown could go back to jail after a los angeles judge revoked his probation. five people were shot at a nightclub during his performance early sunday morning in san jose. a condition of his probation was not leaving los angeles county. brown's lawyer says his office gave brown wrong information about leaving the county. brown's also 200 hours short of community service that has to be finished by the end of the month. he's on probation for the 2009
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assault on singer rihanna who was his girlfriend at the time. muhammad ali is getting treated for a urinary tract infengd but he's been suffering from parkinson's disease for years. he's expected to go home tomorrow and celebrate his birthday. a motr forced to choose between work and home. >> women want to be both working parents and good workers. >> tonight that proposal that could help men and women in the workforce and why local businesses say it's not that simple. an oscar snub for "selma." the civil rights leader that says this goes way beyond any one movie. i'm watching one storm system passing just to our south. another one could affect your we.
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those that have gone before us say no more. >> no more. >> no more. an oscar snub is fuelling a social media debate on so-called debate on racial fairness. "selma" was nominated for best picture but the director ava did you varney was shut out. some say this year's crop of nominees is the least diverse in 20 years but the reverend al sharpton went even further. he called the lack of diversity appalling and called a meeting with studio leaders next week in hollywood. > the march in selma is just one of many things dr. king is remembered. tonight the city of alexandria
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honored at the first christian church on king street. today would have been dr. king's 86th birthday. investigators have wrapped up four days of forensic digging as they search for two young sisters who vanished nearly 40 years ago. officials say today they're pleased with their progress in the investigation but they would not say whether they found anything. the fbi and other agencies searched taylors mountain in virginia for the remains of katherine and sheila lyon. they visited while visiting a shopping center in wheaton. a mother from beltsville have strong feelings on paid family leave. today president obama changed the rules for federal workers. chris janzsing found out why some local businesses don't want the same rules imposed on . >> reporter: janel working at a nonpr
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maryland when she four years ago. >> i love my job. >> reporter: but a eight weeks early. mother and daughte her company didn't h leave and she lost >> women want to b parents and good wor and a paid leave w allowed me to cont that i loved. >> reporter: today obama signed a mem guaranteeing up to paid leave for fed who are new parent congress to requir companies to do th. the u.n. says only papua new guinea d mandatory paid tim moms. and 47 million pri workers aren't eli single sick day. the white house wa guarantee at least. but small business fighting it. this family-owned is a good example. some people have w more than 20 years. and, yes, good b them to get and re employees. so the owner says love to do more, h it. >> we're not ge.
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we're not apple. our margins are re. sometimes we mak sometimes we lose >> reporter: many agree, meaning an uphill so the white house encouraging states pass laws of their >> i just think th help so many strug families not havin between having a b to take care of a and their job. >> reporter: chris news, maryland. >> some maryland families are pushing for more time at the beach and less time in class. a petition called let summer be summer already has 13,000 signatures. the folks behind it want schools in maryland to reopen after labor day but still close in mid-june. maryland's incoming governor supports it. larry hogan says it will boost local business without costing taxpayers any money. but officials in montgomery and prince george's counties say it's a local decision and should stay that way. >> those kids count on snow days. no luck no luck in near future.
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>> no especially next week or so. after that things get a little interesting. but that's a long way away. i do have one system i'm watching during the day on sunday. first off, let's show you what's happening. that's actually the next storm that i'm talking about coming up from the south. we're looking at some cold air with that storm, too, on the back side. so maybe switching to a little bit in the way of some snow on the backside. but talk about that as i mentioned. 34 the current temperature. winds are calm and we're looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. we're not talking about too cold as far as the air is concerned. man nass aous one of the cold spots. 28 in luray. a cool morning when you wake up. the radar has been a little bit more colorful down toward the south. we've got clear skies over us
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now. a storm system that brought some snow back towards kentucky and portions of tennessee, that storm moving out into the atlantic. you can see how we've cleared out here. they'll continue to do so. behind that storm we're in for a very nice friday. high temperatures friday a little bit above average. 46 degrees in d.c. 43 in gaithersburg and 47 down towards culpepper, charlottesville coming in at 48 degrees. we'll call it a fantastic friday. a little bit breezy at times, but kind of cool. that impact forecast still on the low side. no worries as far as weather is concerned for the next day or so. then on saturday we're back to the cold. high of 39. that puts most of you in the suburbs into the middle 30s. still quite chilly but with sunshine not all that bad. sunday is the day, 43 degrees on sunday. but that chance of rain is really only from around the d.c. metro area off to the east.
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periods of rain mainly east and nothing too heavy. it will be turning colder and it may actually end as a little bit of light snow. but that's really about it. should not affect your mlk day at all. 41 degrees on monday. pretty good day there. 43 on tuesday, then on wednesday watching another storm system. that will move in during the day on wednesday. a clipper-like system. could bring us the chance for rain or snow. i'm actually leaning closer to the snow side of things. however, it's a very weak system. we won't see much there either. i don't think we'll have any kind of snow days next week. >> enjoy tomorrow while we can. >> it's going to be nice. >> thank you. coming up double overtime thriller in
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breaking news in hyattsville, maryland tonight. one person is in the hospital after a violent home invasion that happened on russell avenue just before 9:00 tonight. prince george's county pole say a suspect entered the home and assaulted a person at gunpoint. the suspect took some things from the home and ran before getting caught by police a short time later. we don't know how badly the victim this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your hom. well if you're going to make the tournament sometimes you got to gut out a game like this. >> yes, i'm sure head coach mike lonergan wasn't happy that it lasted so long but they got the win and that's all that matters. we told you how tough it is for visiting teams to walk out of the smith center with a victory. tonight richmond tribe snapping
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the n streak. the key word -- tried. they got their money's worth. the follow-up slam. very next richmond possession alonzo nelson said anything yuta can do i can do better. spiders down three. kendall anthony hooevs one up. he's fouled on the play. he would make all three free throws. kethan savage his shot is off the mark. actually two overtimes to declare a winner. the second o.t. colonials. joe mcdonal with a three pointer. the colonials win 73-70. a perfect 7-0 at home this
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season. lexie brown and the maryland terps at rutgers. terps got off to a good start thanks in part to brown. next possessiom brown. make it 10-0. why not shoot it again? 25-7 terps at that point. maryland did lead by 4 points at halftime but at the second half just more from lexie brown, the steal, the finish. maryland wins easy. 71-59. they improve to 5-0. let's move to the ice now. the capitals the fellas on the road in nashville. barry trotz is making his return to the place he spent 17 years. he was the only head coach in predators team history. >> it will be a little bit strange walking into the visitors dressing room for the first time. >> tomorrow on news 4 at 5:00
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an interview with trotz about what's sure to be an emotional return to nashville. check it out. it's going to be a very very emotional trip for barry trotz, the head coach. let's go over to the nfl now for a second. the redskins making noise. they hired bill callahan as their offensive line coach. he was the most recently offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for the dallas cowboys and many consider the cowboys one of the best offensive line units in the nfl this season. the skins gave up 58 sacks this year. that was second most in the entire league. before we let you go this next story is extremely petty, but more importantly, it's also pretty funny. seemt see hawks fans getting ready for their matchup against green bay this weekend and city hall manager on bane democrat bridge island a small town close to seattle has banned cheese and all cheese-flavored
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food on the premises of city hall leading up to the game. now, in retaliation to this and ban on cheese in wisconsin radio stations are refusing to play music from any band from seattle, that means pearl jam, no nirvana, nothing. macklemore did some research sir mixalot is from seattle. >> how did you know that? >> possibly baby got back. >> and no cheese.
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washingtonian magazine honored nine people from our
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area as wash tonians of the year. prince george's county executive as well as former nbc 4 movie critic arch campbell. the magazine honors people from the metropolitan area each year
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart. jay baruchel.


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