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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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is died last week in the parisian attacks. they say, though, that the investigation in belgium was under way before those terrible attacks in paris. here's cell phone video of what went down today, some of it. a series of explosions followed by gunfire then a real fire. this is in eastern belgium. place say they launched a raid in a building near the town's train station and says the suspect fired back with automatic weapons. the suspects were not only extremeryy well armed but combat veteran who is had returned from fighting with isis in syria. no police were reported hurt. the police did not detail what the two suspects allegedly planned but one belgian cop said he we averted another "charlie hebdo" massacre. earlier, where else in belgium with last friday's attack in paris in mind police said they arrested a man of supplying weapons to amedy coulibaly, the
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suspect who killed five hostages at the kosher market in paris before he was killed by police in support of the kouachi brother who is attacked the "charlie hebdo" newspaper. nation ace cross europe now say they're fanning out, they've got more police more intelligence and were trying to find individual terror and individual cells that may be active now connected with the paris attack. but belgium is particularly troubled by what happened in paris and now what just came down outside brussels because per capita belgium has more arab muslim immigrants living in that nation than any other european nation and the unemployment rate in some of the arab ghettos, is what they call them in belgium, is over 50%. and so more belgians are siding with isis and going over to fight and if today is any indication jim and doreen some are coming back and could be deadly trouble in the small european nation of belgium. back to you. >> steve handelsman reporting. thank you, steve.
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tonight we're hearing from the father of a terror suspect who authorities say was planning an attack at the u.s. coopapitol. 20-year-old christopher cornell of ohio is under arrest. authorities say he was planning to set off pipe bomb boms in the capitol then shoot people as they fled. he was caught while buying two assault-type rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition in cincinnati yesterday. his father says his arrest is out of character. >> he never showed any -- any signs of any kind of violence or anything. i mean quiet, shy, good kid. >> cornell had been under surveillance since last year after posting isis propaganda videos on social media. the first lawsuit regarding the metr filed tomorrow. one person died in that incident. more than 80 others remain sick as smoke filled a tunnel and subway cars leaving pas trapped inside those trains for
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nearly an hour. as more victims share their stories we're getting a better picture of t. our team coverage begins with adam tuss in l'enphant plaza with the legal action that's coming soon. adam? >> reporter: a lawsuit will be filed tomorrow mor and we're learning dozens of other riders could be ready to kind of legal action. >> it was sort of surreal. it was sort of surreal. >> reporter: this 53-year-old resident was on that smoke-filled train and today he came straight from the hospital to this news conference. he talked about the text messages he was sending as the railcar he was riding on filled to the brim with smoke. >> i told my mother that i loved being her son, told my kid i loved being their dad.
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>> reporter: cohen & cohen is representing the suit. she wants to know what happened. >> the complaint which will be filed in the morning is going to allege negligent maintenance, negligent inspection and a negligent response. to an emergent situation. >> reporter: many wonder if this incident has had an effect on ridership. hard to tell but we know ridership has not declined sharply this week. on monday the incident day, over 583,000 trips, on tuesday, over 662,000 trips, and on wednesday ov 653,000 trips. as the investigation continues, there are many unanswered questions about emergency response. multiple metro sources with direct knowledge of the metro system tell news4 there are so-called dead spots throughout the system where communication devices do not work. at this point in the
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investigation, everything with this points to a massive electrical situatit pr overwhelming amount of smoke. live at l'enphant plaza, adam tuss news4. so what took so long on monday? thatn riders were asking as they came up for air. and it's still the question for . 2 hours later. the chief concern is something the city's time line can't explain. news4's kristen wright joins us to explain how communication problems may have contributed to the th >> reporter: two major take-aways from mayor bowser's press conference this afternoon. the first, still many questions about the emergency response to thised on monday. the second being communication. recorded radio transmissions or lack thereof may at 3:24 metro calls 911 for a second time requesting medics and fire units at l'enphant
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plaza station. metro tells 911 there is smoke in the station and people having trouble breathing. 3:28 a box alarm is dispatched a call for more fire trucks and help. at 3:31 the first firefighters arrive to l'enphant station. metropolitan police are dispatched. one minute later, someone at the entrance to l'enphan 9 11 requesting an ambulance. at 3:33 the first passenger calls 911 and says the train is filled with smoke. several more passengers called 911 in the minutes that follow and say the train is filling with smoke. they repeatedly ask if help is on the way. 13 minutes after firefighters first arrive, the battalion fire chief advises that metro confirms power is shut down to the tracks critical to allowing firefighters to enter the tunnel where people were trapped on the train. but today, district officials said they are not certain when
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firefighters reached the train. >> there have been a lot of discussion about if the firefighter s had equipment and i expect we'll have answers to those questions. >> repor 4:09 a battalion chief advises a passenger is having a seizure, a woman is undergoing c at 4:25 an ambulance transports a patient to hospital 54 minutes after firefighters first arrive at l'enphant station. >> we have almost six hours of radio transmission across five channels totalling 30 hours of radio communications to review. >> reporter: so here is what we expect. fire and emergency medical services will release an initial report we're told within the next day or so. after that we're told homeland security and emergency
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manage will do a broader review of all of the entities involved in the response on monday and we expect to hear the findings of that next week. live at the wilson building kristen wright news4. some new trade rules are set to take effect tomorrow between the u.s. and cuba. president obama is defying even some in his own party in announcing the changes. they include permission for americans to use credit cards in cuba increasing the amount of money americans can send there, and allowing telecommunication firms to cell phone and web access. the plan also would allow americans to buy and bring back to the states cigars. still no vacation travel yet, but certain americans will be able to visit america under the relaxed rules. only congress can end that 50-year-old trade embargo. friends call it senseless. a 17-year-old boy gunned down just minutes after leaving a high school basketball game. 14-year-old girl was also hit in
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the shooting last night along martin luther king jr. avenue in southeas. news4's pat collins spoke with those who knew the teen and joins us from the scene. pat? >> reporter: doreen it happened sunday in northeast. it happened again last night here in southeast. and the last four days two teenagers shot and killed in the streets of our city. >> a lot of violence here? >> i won't say violence. just the young guys just -- as far as i know they do it to themselves. >> reporter: sad, huh? >> yeah. very. >> reporter: sunday. 17-year-old andrew newman shot and killed in a barrage of gunfire as he left a party on t street northeast he was peaceful. he never got in any kind of trul. never at all. >> reporter: wednesday night, 17-year-old phillip jones shot
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and killed at the intersection of martin luther king avenue and randle place in southeast. >> i've known him far long time. good young man, no one is perfect but he wasn't on a bad path stayed out of trouble, kind of stayed on his own path. >> reporter: that's trayon white. he was with phillip jones at a basketball game just minutes before it happened. you see last night ballou hosted a game with southeast rival anacostia. phillip jones was at that game. they say he left early and then minutes later at the intersection of randle place and mlk, shots fired. phillip jones ended up dead on the sidewalk. phillip jones attended anacostia high school last year. his friends said this year he was getting ready to join the job corps. trayon white is a candidate for the ward eight council seat. he was a friend of phillip jones. he's still trying to make sense out of what happened here. do you have any idea what the
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motive for the shooting was? >> i don't. i don't. and i know it's senseless. anytime you take a young man's life years old after a basketball game over nothing. >> reporter: police say a 14-year-old teenage girl was shot and wounded in that inci here last night. she was hit in the hand. she's expected to be okay. live in southeast, i'm pat . coming up new court documents reveal exactly how police tracked down the suspects who robbed a woman of the money she won in a i'm scott mcfarland in rockville. coming up what county liquor inspectors found inside this rockville restaurant and why. a little bit of a storm system making it
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a prince george's county sc principal accuse of bully bu her staff is no longer on the job. her name is angelique simpson marcus. she's been principal at largo high school since 2007.
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three year s years later, teachers and counselor begoon filing complaints against her. in september, the ncaa and several county officials called for simpson marcus to be fire. the school district will not say whether she was let go or if she has resign. a longer summer break with more time for vacation. maryland students like the idea. so does the incoming governor. but not everybody's on board. chris gordon joins us live from silver spring with the new call to change the school calendar to start after labor day. chris? >> reporter: well labor day comes late this year september 7th. montgomery county public schools like key middle school here in silver spring will begin at the end of august. this is the story about a petition that would require all maryland schools to start after labor day.
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its slogan says "let summer be summer." it began in ocean city wherebies want schools to start after labor day so families stay more and spend more. it would mean a lot more income. peter francho began the petition for schools to start after labor day and collected more than 13,000 signatures. today governor elect larry hogan added his name and support to the effort. >> it's a great thing for family a great economic thing for our state and i'm happy to be able to support this cause and sipe thi. >> reporter: what maryland students are required to turn to school before labor day they quit their summer jobs early and families end vacations. >> as a small business owner, one holiday weekend can save a business owner over the winter months and there's thousands of me out there in maryland. >> reporter: but county school systems including montgomery and prince say
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setting the schedule of starting school is local and should stay that way. >> there are so many things in consideration. >> reporte but the comptroller wants the state to start all maryland schools after labor day. >> ultimately it's going to happen because it's a great idea and 70% or more of marylanders want it to happen. >> reporter: we asked some parents and studen. school should start after labor day because then parents and kids have a longer break. >> i think after labor day because students should be more with their parents. >> i think it should start after labor day because it would give the kids more time to get ready and go back to school. >> reporter: new legislation is being proposed to e maryland general assembly to start schools after labor day and if it passes the new governor, y hogan, indicates he is likely to sign it into law. that's the latest live in montgomery county. chris gordon news4. >> thank you, chris. there's a new poll that shows strong support for laws that would require universities to report sexual assaults to
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police. 800 people were surveyed by virginia commonwealth university. 92% of them think that schools should report crimes to police within 48 hours. 61% of those polled in colleges and universities can make moves that significantly reduce the number of sex assaults on campus. overall, 66% of the people polled believe that campuses in the state of virginia are safe. doug is here with more about our weather and he's ready to sign tn for starting school after labor day. >> can i sign that with both hands? wouldn't that be nice? >> summer vacation seems like a long way off when it's this cold. >> a lot of people already thinking about spring break but mother nature not quite there yet. temperatures will be warmer during the day tomorrow. we saw a pretty nice thursday. i think friday is looking really nice. out there right now not too cold. 37 degrees. wind out of the southwest at
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about under some cloudy skies. at least partl temp of 32 in gaithersburg manassas and 35 in huntingtown but no 20s just yet and we see all that many through t overnight hours. nothing on our radar at least through our area. all down to the south. we're watching s system move to our south. few showers around fredericksburg and spotsylvania county but those are very light and very minor. the wider view showing the bigger part of the storm is down toward atlanta, jacksonville snow towards kentucky and tennessee and the mountains will get some nice snows out of this down towards north carolina and southern portions of virginia. high temperatures tomorw as i mentioned nice 46 in d.c. 45 in leesburg 43 in martinsburg, 48 towards fredericksburg. it will be a little breezy at times so that'll make it feel cooler but with plenty of sunshine temperatures i think friday will be a fantastic day. get out and ride bike tomorrow. 46 3:00. doreen you love those guys
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don't you? 44 at 5:00 42 at 7:00. vance would rather be on a harley. anyway going to be on the low side. breezy but mild. again, mild wi temperature average by about 35 degrees. get out and enjoy the tay because you know it won't last long. right back down to 3 saturday. plenty of sunshine on saturday but it will be a little cooler. then we have a chance for rain on sunday. not everybody's going to see the rain. lit most likely be from i-95 to the east. we're talking act areas of southern maryland northern virgin and the district. to the we much less of a chance, especially back toward the blue ridge and i-81. something we'll be watching though. 44 degrees if it's strong enough. maybe light snow on the backside but not there just yet. 41 degrees for monday martin luther king day, then 43 on tuesday and another storm making its way during the day on wednesday. right now we've got it as a chance for a mh i am leaning closer to some snowfall. not a very big storm at all.
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however, this is the storm that i'll be watching. this is the big storm too. if you're watching any of the football games, happening up towards new england, really affect the patriots game this weekend. just to let you know. >> thank you, doug. a lot of people didn't think it was possible but they did it. after 19 brutal days two when reached the top of el captain. they were still celebrating tonight after reaching the summit, a view no free climber has ever had before after a journey no one had ever completed till now. one of the men explained the fascination with their histor. >> i've been thinking a lot about what is it as climb that's capturing everyone's attention. and i think the opportunity is for everyone to find their own don wall, if you will. we had our project we sought through to the end. what's y? >> that was kevin gheorgheson. the other climber, tommy
6:22 pm
caldwell couldn't talk during today's interviews. he lost his voice during the climb. next he was watching tv. moments later he was dead. what police are revealing to news4 about a virginia man's murder and the accused killer he once called son. and a local place to put your life in your own hands.
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hands up don't shoot! >> they call it a day of action but the demonstration created some problems this morning during the commute. dozens of protesters in the vernon square area carrying sign stepping into the seats, stopping traffic, to get attention. it's all in reference to the deadly police shooting of a man named michael brown in ferguson missouri a couple months ago. those protesters were angry about racial profiling. they say it's a way to get people talking. >> a little inconvenient but thin get done because things don't come easy. >> i think it's important they're out here. i wish it was a little earlier or after rush hour. >> i need to get to work. >> protests wrapped up around 8:30 and traffic along pennsylvania returned to normal. after four days of digging the fbi and other agencies have wrapped up their search on
6:26 pm
taylor's mountain in bedford county virginia. they've been doing forensic digs in connection with the nearly 40-year-old mystery concerning the lye yons sisters. investigators say they're pleased with the progress of the search but did not say whether they actually thin found anything. sheila and katherine lyon young sister vanished from wheaton back in 1975. some commuters are upset over the dulles green way complaining tact growing cost of using that road. now the private anoth toll hike. according to the newspaper "leesburg today," former virginia delegate joe may says the state should simply buy the road so it would have more control over the road and tolls. tolls for the entire 14 miles would go up from $4.25 to $4.30 and tolls at the peak hours would rise from $5.10 to $5.25.
6:27 pm
one lawmaker from leesburg says tolls are so high drives are avoiding that road. some customers were overserved and others were underaged. news4 has pictures from inside as a local bar gets busted for letting some customers get out of control. a woman robbed after winning a lot of money at a local casino the big mistake the suspects made.
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>> reporter: right now, special security measures helped a local casino identify two suspects who allegedly stole a thousand dollars from woman who'd just won the money. the penalty paid by a local business busted for serving to underage customers and overserving others. i'm julie carey in richmond maryland where governor terry mcauliffe gr and in an exclusive interview tells us what the driving force will be in year two. >> and the oscar nominations are out, but they're grabbing headlines for all th first at 6:30 a winning night at a casino turned into a frightening experience. >> a couple followed the woman who won more than 30 miles from the casino to her home in
6:31 pm
charles county then robbed her at gunpor has more on what led to the arrest. >> reporter: two suspects charged with robbing a woman who wit haith jackpot were arrested after returning to the casino a couple days later. casino security was ready for them. security had already gotten their license plate from a tag reader and one of the suspects had his driver's license scanned when he entered the casino which is routine. security camera footage showed the couple following the woman inside and following her out of the parking lot in their chevy camaro. >> it's scary. nowadays you can't go anywhere. >> reporter: after getting her cash the victim was followed by two suspects from the casino to her home in waldorf. that's 36 miles away. that's when she was robbed at gunpoint. according to the charging documents, the armed suspect ran up to the woman right here as she got out of her car in her own driveway. he yelled give me the money,
6:32 pm
give me the money. she handed over her car keys and he got in her car, got her purse with a thousand bucks inside. the charles county sheriff's office working with skeen owe security identified this cup from hyattsville as the suspects in the holdup mark west and maria wheeler. they're facinging multiple charges including assault and robbery. >> i think it's awful because you have a lot of good citizen who is work hard for their money. they come over to there to enjoy themselves and you have predators like that. >> reporter: both suspects were detained after they showed back up at the casino a couple days later. security officers believe they were tracking yet another victim and hanging out in an area where winners cash out. in ann aren dull county darcy spencer, news4. the house where there was a deadly fire last year burned up again this morning. it happened in anne arunde county. investigators b a leaking propane heating system caused the explosion today and then the
6:33 pm
fire. it happened off marshall after-in diehl, maryland. there were no injuries today. the damage is estimated at $175,000. that house was being built to replace the one that was destroyed by a fe las march. one person died in that fire. officials believe the original fire was consistent. hs s ong the couch watching tv. that's when police say a woodbridge man was stabbed to h by his stepson. brian hernandez is the accused killer. mitts political analy say the 29-year-old walked into the home last night and headed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and starts red pacing. at some point he attacked mauro rodriguez, his stepfather on a living room sofa. hernd's mother trieded to keep her son from stabbing her husband but investigators say he overred her. neighbor and friend denise green remembers him as a family man. >> very hard working. i would see him constantly on his way to work every single day. he pretty much worked seven days a week and i knew that he just
6:34 pm
took care of his family. >> hernandez is behind bars now charged with murder. neighbors say rodriguez leaves behind his wife and their two teenaged children. virginia's governor terry mcauliffe is taking stock of his firs. his successes and one large defeat have helped shape his agenda for 2015. julie carey sat down with the governor and has i always say i got 95% things of the things i wanted to get tone. >> reporter: that was the answer when i asked him to assign a letter grade to his first year. his biggest achievement, attracting new private sector business to offset the damaging sequestration cuts. >> we have as you know the 267 now, jobs nouned $5.6 billion investment double what any other governor has done in the first year. >> reporter: in the failure
6:35 pm
category a campaign promise to expand medicaid health coverage to more residents. >> i'm going to continue to fight for those 400,000 virginians who need health care. >> he's pledged to make virginia more open to same-sex couples may have exceeded a reality. >> i'm the first southern governor third governor in the history of the united states of america to perform a gay marriage. >> repor last night in his state of the commonwealth address and in our interview today, there was little doubt about his priorities in 2015. >> jobs jobs jobs. >> reporter: one of his first executive orders upon inauguration last year was to place a $100 gift cap on his office and his family. now he wants the general assembly to do the same with all public officials. he recognizes the damage done by former governor bob mcdonnell's conviction because says the two-year sentence sends a message. >> i thought the two years was appropriate and meaningful. >> reporter: but yesterday's session opened with another scandal, newly elected delegate
6:36 pm
joe morrissey is serving a jail sentence at night, legislating by day. >> none of this is helpful. the chief job creator trying to convince businesses to move. >> reporter: as for setting into the governor's mansion, mccauliffe's wife is and the youngest of the two five children still at home stayed in northern virginia until the end of the last school year. now that they've moved in in richmond the mansion lawn features a basketball h and a la cross net, something i've ne in my many years of covering the governors. see the full interview using our app. julie carey, thank you. coming up supposed to be your best from the flu, but there are problems with this year's vaccine. it's now forcing doctors to deliver a new recommendation. and a battle over assisted suicide we saw a pretty nice day today, high temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 tomorrow, those nu.
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another delay in the streetcar syst they were supposeding passengers next week but but a source with direct the problem tells adam tuss the streetcar service will not b next week. still no start date for the program. unclear what's causing the delay bhu there is the late nest a series of delays. a new recommendation for fighting if flu this season. the cds cd cds estimates the flu eing the risk of illness by about 23%. so the cds cd is urging doctors to treat high-risk patients with anti-ls with tamiflu even while waiting for a flu test. the drug can reduce the severity
6:40 pm
of the flu. there are shortages in some areas but no national shortage. the d.c. council will soon decide whether the terminally ill should have the option of terminating their own lives. the issue made national headlines when brittany maynard moved from california to oregon where it's easier to end your own life. oregon is one of five states with laws that allow assisted suicide. some lawmakers believe the di >> reporter: in oregon media reports say more than 750 people have chon physician-assisted suicide since the 1997 law there. now the controversial issue is coming to the district. >> it's the choice that we ought to make available to people. >> reporter: council member mary shay has introduced a death with dignity bill that would allow
6:41 pm
terminally ill parenttientsh six mont or less to live to take their own lives. many may consider it but never car rit out. >> what they said is they wanted the choice be able to say what the circumstances or the time and the place of their death should be. >> reporter: but she knows the issue is controversial wit and religious concerns among many peopl and against like these pedestrians in clevela park. >> it's a time that we allow some of us to depart when we need to earlier than doctors would otherwise allow us to. >> reporter: for or against suicide. >> i'm against it. >> why? >> i don't believe in it anyway. so just simple as that. >> reporter: this man described himself as an old baptist torn over the issue. >> i believe only lord has that power or should have that power. but iand people when they strongly consider it. >> reporter: shay e said public hearings would be scheduled on her bill. she said no doctor or anyone
6:42 pm
else would be forced to participate. >> people who have philosophical or religious objections no one's being forced to do anything. a choice. >> reporter: next and only on news4, one of the most popular restaurants busted. tonight see pictures from the wild night and what happened nextr nominations are out but not without controversy.
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a popular local restaurant will keep its liquor license but it has to pay there 15,000 in fines for what happened on a wild night near their . investigators found some of the customers at tha overserved some were underage. scwi >> up with drinking wine out of a bottle. county officials describe it as an out of control evening last year. and it was a monday evening when county police and liquor investigators walked in they say they found at least four underaged people drinking together at a table, at least one fake i.d. being used by two of those people and drinker, including one employee investigators say, were well beyond the legal limit for intoxication, over. one case the customer blew a
6:46 pm
0.23 on the beth lieser. >> i mean, f out loud you're not serving coca-cola. you're serving a beverage that can alter somebody's behavior and the larger the container of alcohol what's going to happen? of course people are going to get intoxicated. >> reporter: the county's formal investigation, a copy of which was obtained by the ifshgs team through a public records request says a half priced wine bottle special likely attracted young people to the restaurant that night. we asked for an on camera interview. they declined. but they told us they've eliminated all drink specials at the restaurant andt they're, quote, a lot more aware of overserving of customers. though clyde's is at risk of having its license permanently revoked, the board issued $15,000 in fines. the county said it did so out of fairness because these violations were first offenses. a longtime montgomery county community activist says the penalty against clyde's isn't
6:47 pm
large enough to care other restau following all the rules altime. >> $15,000 to clyde's, i don't know how much their total revenue is each day or each year but that's just a cost of doing business to a huge restaurant chain like that. >> reporter:y lick or the inspectors have checked clyde's again after those infractions in 2014. they say clyde's has passed all of those follow-up inspections . in rockville, scott mcfarla to read the investigative report of that night at clyde's for yourself, go t os kor snubs are raising questions. while "selma" got a best picture nomination, the bla female director was shut out and even more shocking to fa dav
6:48 pm
oyelowo, who plays martin luther king was also snubbed for best actor. more abo os at our nbc washington app. go to the entertainment section. doug is back with more about our weather. tomorrow good. >> tomorrow a pretty nice day. i like to call it fantastic friday. >> all right. >> that's what we're in for tomorrow temperatures in the sunshine that's a pretty fantastic day in the month of january. don't see too many of those. tomorrow is looking good. tonight on the night side, the sun goes down 5:10 about an hour and a half ago, 37 degrees the current number with those temperatures dropping through in the next couple hours but they're staying fairly steady. it won't be that cold of a night kind of like what we saw last night. 28 in warrenton, 34 in camp springs and 36 in annapolis. temperatures above most locations. storm team 4 radar, not showing anything in our region but to the south watching this little storm system pass to the south, rain to atlanta, more rain to
6:49 pm
rale snow back towards kentucky and tennessee. that storm making its way out towards the atlantic ocean. for us that means clearing skies behind it and mostly sunny skies tomorrow on our friday. breezy and a little on the mild side. 43 to 48 degrees. our average high is 43 and i think we'll be a little that so above average tomorrow even with the breeze. winds upwards of 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon will make it feel a little cooler. tomorrow not the heavy coats. e from this little girl. a warm jacket maybe a half beautiful scarf that matches. sun xwlaszs too. i don't have that combo. the next four day, 39 degrees on your sat with sunshine. saturday will be colder. then the rain on sunday. not a washout at all. don't anticipate that. most of the rain will be east of i-95. it does include the d.c. area 43 degrees there. 41 on monday and next week temperatures in the low to mid-40s. another chance for rain or snow. right now leaning more towards the snow on wednesday but only a slight chance and this is not a
6:50 pm
very big storm. guys? >> forecasted the weather and giving fashion advice now. thanks doug. he's real good at weather. something new going down at the park huh? >> that's right. bill callahan in chaj of improving the redskins' offensive line. why he's the right guy for the job. and g.w. with a big game tonight. how this video might inspire. sp when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing,
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. you're going to need a program to tell us who's who next year. >> a lot of new faces. the redskins defensive coordinar seah ce bus today the team did make a very impressive hire. bill callahan has been named the offensive line coach signing a three-year contract. the skins gave up 58 sacks this season second most in the entire league. callahan entering his 17th nfl season. he was most recently the offensive coordir and offensive line coach in dallas. the cowboys had what many considered the best offensive line in the nfl callahan was part of jon gruden's staff, the oakland raiders. he became the head coach when
6:54 pm
gruden was traded to tampa bay. callahan coached the raiders to the super bowl where they lost to gruden's buccaneers. one more football note for you. ohio state quarterback cardale jones, he will return to the buckeyes next season. remember he made only three starts this season including winning the national championship game. a lot of people thought that he was possibly going to forgo that last year, go to the nfl, three starts but he wants to come back play a little college ball. >> sound like a real wise decision. >> good for him, yeah. can't go wrong staying in school. >> absolutely. three good quarterbacks on the team next year. let's move to basketball now for a second. the wid currently the best team in the eastern conference the wizards. after getting te mollished by atlant on sunday they responded in a huge way winning in back-to-back nights home against the spurs and at chicago. the windy city turned into a favorite for the wizards. last night's win made it four straight victories in chi-town including three in the playoffs
6:55 pm
last year. bulls fans have definitely taken notice. heat on twitter from those same bitter fans. one fan twitting gortat you don't deserve that mohawk. >> what? >> harsh word on twitter. the polish hammer responding cry to your mama! best response. why after every game versus the bulls do we see so many messages from crying people! i probably block 100 dudes again. why? >> my man. >> that usually happens when you're a really good basketball team. you know what everyone just wants to hate on you. >> coming after you. >> that's right. >> gone with the wind. we'll take it. over in college basketball tonight, the eighth ranked maryland women are on the road visiting rutgers. meanwhile, on the men's side george washington hosting richmond. colonials doing their best work at home. g.w. undefeated at the smith
6:56 pm
center thit 6-0, not just win bug winning big. those six victories at by an average of 23 points. they've gone from the hunted to the - hunters to the hunted something their players are ware of. >> we have to get everybody's best shot be our 100% effort play hard and be prepared because everybody want to be where we are right now. >> we're not going to back down everyb we feel we can play with anybody e country. we're confident and will give everybody our best shot. >> the college basketball teams locally just rolling, george washington georgetown maryland lot of good players. >> good place to be right about now. >> partially if you love basketball, love spor if we can just get the redskins -- >> everybody else is doing okay. >> give it a couple months. >> speaking of focusing on college basketball let's stick with the colonials right now. the best win of their season so
6:57 pm
far came against 11th ranked wichita state in hawaii. what a lot of people may not know is the night before that game head coach mike lonergan did the unthinkable. i don't know if it inspired his team but it certainly ha ♪ en as soon as i saw him walk out in this outfit, i ran straight to the front. >> he was in competition. he actually won the competition of best hula dancer him against two other guy, he actually won. >> but it was nice just to see him so relaxed before a final. i think it was -- it was fantastic. i don't know. i know he wants to burn this video, but i love it. >> it looked better live than it does on camera. it definitely looks be >> never seen a hula with that hip movement at all. >> was he wearing coconuts?
6:58 pm
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on our broadcast tonight, an imminent attack foiled overseas. authorities say a terrorist cell was about to execute a major operation like the one we just saw in paris. and just tonight police were met by a big fire fight as they moved in. change in the air, from the u.s. to cuba hours from now it's about to get much easier for americans to travel there. paid days off for new moms and dads, and the millions of americans who get sick and can't afford to stay home from work. a big debate erupts over an issue that really hits home. 20 minutes a day, the new research about the one thing doctors say you should be doing to add years to your life. and the controversy at the oscars, beyond the usual. this time it's about what's missing from the list of nominees. "nightly news" begins now.


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